this one winston line was the funniest thing of the night to me

Confused Night Out-Newt Imagine

“Alright I’m heading to bed.” Newt stated, getting up from the table everyone was sitting at. Everyone sighed and so did you. It had been a great night with then group: you, Newt, Alby, Minho, Winston, Ben and Frypan. Although Newt leaving wasn’t the end of the night, it was for you. You had a giant crush on Newt. And to everyone’s amusement you two had been flirting all night and at one point he even felt you up under the table.
“Don’t go,” you sighed, grabbing his arm. He smiled down at you, you lingered, enjoying each others eye contact.
“Why don’t you join him?” Minho joked. Newt laughed modestly but you stood. You didn’t know what you were expecting. All you knew was that you wanted to be with Newt for longer. The other boys whooped and cheering, Frypan clapped loudly. With fists pumping in the air and wolf whistles, you and Newt left the room.

Once you left you wanted to press Newt against the wall and kiss him passionately as he finished what he had started under the table. “Bloody hell what are they expecting? Us to start making out?” Newt laughed as if he had read your mind. You suddenly felt bad about your dirty thoughts as Newt’s innocent face smiled down at you. He clearly had other plans for the evening but you didn’t care; as long as you were with him. “Do you want to go sit on the grass somewhere?” Newt asked. You nodded a little too eagerly and the both of you began walking across the moonlit grass. You talked: small talk and jokes.

Finally you found a patch of long cut grass along the west wall. Like a 5 year old Newt suddenly vanished from your side and he was running amongst the tall grass. Usually Newt was the strong headed second in command so as you watched him you couldn’t help but giggle at his adorable, childlike behaviour. “Come on Y/N!” Newt beckons from deep with in the grass. You looked around to see if anyone was watching before you ran after Newt. In the darkness, Newt disappeared.
“Newt, stop hiding!” You laughed. To you left you heard a quick rustle in the grass. You snapped your head to the noise. “Newt, you’ve got to be kinding me.” You said. As you realised there was nothing to your left your heart began racing. But it wasn’t the same heart race as when Newt’s hand would brush yours in the lunch line. You were scared. “Newt seriously.” You called out. You couldn’t tell if it was a trick of the light but a black blob started getting closer and closer. Before you could scream a pair of warm lips were pressed to yours and two large hands pulled your lips closer to theirs. Pushing him off, you could help but grin as you saw Newt standing there with a cheeky smirk on his face. “That freaked me out.” You said trying to be angry.
“What? My awful kissing?” Newt joked. You shook your head and looked down, making sure he couldn’t see your chuckles. “Because I haven’t had much practice, or at least I don’t think I have.” Newt continued, bending over to try and catch your smiles. You gave up and looked up into his big blue eyes, laughing. His white teeth shone in the darkness as he laughed at his own joke. If anyone else did this it would be arrogant, but with Newt it was so cute.
“Your kissing was great.” You confirmed after the laughing had died down.
“Thank you.” He beamed. You desperately wanted to kiss him again but instead Newt grabbed your hand and whisked you out of the field.
“You should’ve seen what happened to Gally!” Newt exclaimed, already beginning to chuckle at his untold story.
“Oh yeah?” You mumbled, slightly surprised by the sudden change to subject.
“So the Greenie, I think his name’s Chuck had just got his food. I was a few people behind him and bloody hell it was the funniest thing ever! He trips over a floorboard and his plate goes flying right onto Gally’s chest,” at this point Newt was laughing a lot and you thought the situation was funny but it was hard to laugh when you were concentrating so hard on trying not the kiss him. You managed to force out some sort of fake squeak thing and Newt continued with the story, “of course Gally was livid, shouting at the poor kid. Never seen such a red face, on both of them actually.” Newt picked up on the fact you weren’t laughing nearly as much as him. “What’s wrong? Sorry, this story is kind of klunk.” Newt sighed.
“No, no it’s not that,” you said “I’m just confused.”
“Yeah, I mean one minute you’re feeling me up under the table, making me horny as shuck, then we’re running around in the grass, then your kissing me. What do you want?” You said firmly. Newt’s head dropped and you automatically felt guilty.
“I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t want you to think I just wanted you as someone night stand or a hook up so I thought we could have a little fun but I guess I couldn’t control myself in the field.” Newt explained genuinely.
“Really? You didn’t have to do all that. I know your not that kind of guy.” You smiled. Your were touched about how much he cared about your relationship.
Newt’s eyes lit up. “That’s good because I really don’t want to mess us up.” He chimed.
“You couldn’t do that.” You smiled cheekly.
“Can I kiss you again then?” Newt asked sweetly. Without an answer you went onto you tip toes and kissed his tender lips. As he leaned over and held your waist you were able to drop to flat feet without parting your lips. Pulling you hips closer to his you felt his smile as he brushed across your lips. Your eyelids fluttered as you fell deeply and truly in love with him.

Best Birthday Ever

The New Girl cast and crew are on a winning streak now, and I am hoping more than anything that it lasts through the end of the season. Gotta write about this one, too, because it was so, so perfect. Like Nick. Yeah, I had to go there. But there’s more to what I saw in this episode, and here’s why I think the writers nailed it:


Jess knows she has high expectations for her birthday. Unfortunately, that’s not something that she can really change. I think that part of that is that although she knows Nick Miller is the king of underachievers, he hasn’t really been that way with her (The Box aside; I’m not going there because I’ve tried very hard to block that episode out of my memory). And even when he has, she accepts him for who he is because that’s who she fell for. She knew going in, better than anyone, exactly what she was getting into in a relationship with him.

And that’s why it hurt so much when she came to her conclusion, at the park, that there was no plan for her birthday. Because suddenly her unreasonable expectations put Nick in a poor light, and she couldn’t handle thinking of him in that way. She was disappointed in him, but she was also disappointed in herself

Winston and Coach

The writers have been focusing on this overconfident older brother/inferior-feeling younger brother dynamic with Coach and Winston a lot lately, and on the one hand, while I’ve thought that it had a lot of comic promise, it’s been bugging me how downtrodden it’s made Winston out to be. I want to see him come into his own and succeed. My favorite scene with Winston was when he was calming Nick down. It’s those moments – the ones where he is grounded and sympathetic, and maybe even a little exasperated (like at the end of The Captain – which to date is my favorite Winston moment of all time) – that I like him best. I’m hoping that his upcoming career storyline helps move that forward.

That said, the “Behind you!” bake-off was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV in a while. I’m a self-confessed foodie wannabe. I watch a lot of cooking shows and food-related TV, and the entire kitchen scene was a perfect send-up of all of them. 

And the cake! THE CAKE! The first cake, which could not have been more horrifying in context (and, really, out of context, too). And the end result: As soon as I saw the merged cakes, I could see the head and body outline and I could tell where they were going. But the cartoony version made of icing was perfect and adorable and hilarious: Bangs, long hair, GIANT blue eyes, big happy face smile. Props to the, well, the props people, ‘cause they got it just right.

Schmidt and Cece

I’m beginning to like them together again. I’m not shipping Cece with anyone just yet, but that’s exactly it. I like the friendship she’s rebuilt with Schmidt in this episode, and much of that was due to Schmidt.

I don’t think anything can excuse what he did to Cece (and Elizabeth) at the beginning of the season, but this is the first time I’m seeing Schmidt behaving in a way that didn’t make me cringe. He was exasperated, condescending, snobby, and inappropriate. All perfectly normal. And he was also sweet, helpful, funny, and kind. And that’s the Schmidt I’ve missed seeing. I know he was funny in the last couple of episodes, but this is the first time all season that I started loving him as a character again. I hope this approach to writing him continues. My favorite moment with him was his little pick-up speech to Cece when she felt completely hopeless. He wasn’t just waxing poetic about some construct of her he’d built in his mind, and he wasn’t giving her meaningless platitudes about how she’d be okay and she’d pick up the bar-tending or find something else. He told her, “You are strong, and you are confident. Those are skills. Use them.” Constructive advice, and real compliments. Ones that mattered. Also, I loved that he was telling her that she needed to play up her cleavage and her insults – not just because I am sure that’s what attracted him to her in the first place, but also because that basically puts her right there in the trope of the sassy barmaid – and I love the idea of Cece as that character, I really do.


Tonight we got to meet the Nick Miller that Jess fell for. He was the same Nick Miller we met in Chicago, and in Quick Hardening Caulk, and at the end of Clavado en un Bar and the end of Basketsball. This Nick Miller is confident, smart, and knows how to get things done. He’s the Nick that Jess has always seen and has always been attracted to. He’s the guy who can build dressers, pass the bar exam, and plan funerals. And if you think about it, this is the biggest thing he’s had to put together ever since the funeral, and he does it, and does it well. He chases down her friends, stalks Sadie’s waiting room, contacts her father (who he KNOWS doesn’t like him), rents out a theater, all to put together a gift that will mean something to her. He delegates tasks, and does that well, too. (And believe me, knowing how to delegate is a skill.) 

The only thing he doesn’t account for, which is understandable, are Jess’s unrealistic expectations for her birthday. And not only do they do Jess in, but they also are the only thing that really get him to fall apart. He’s been thinking on his feet all day, desperate to come up with ways to fill up twelve hours, and it’s only when she is disappointed in him that he starts to crack.

“She doesn’t think I can do anything or plan anything and it feels like crap. I think I’m having a heart attack.”

The reason Nick Miller ever does anything is Jess. If there was anything this episode was meant to show us, it was this. And unlike other previous episodes that shall remain nameless, this time, Nick Miller’s self-improvement journey doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. Because this time, the entire purpose of what he does is supposed to be for her, and his character development only happens incidentally. But it happens, and I loved that.

And then, there was…

The Movie: New Girl Gets Meta

In some ways, the movie felt like a celebration of all things New Girl. Almost every character we’ve grown to love was in it  And in all of two lines, every one of them defined exactly who they were as characters and what they were to Jess. I was simultaneously laughing and crying by the end of it. And Schmdit’s CGI car explosion and dinosaur chase was the perfect cap to it all. 

But it was Nick’s moment of showing her the coin he’d had in his pocket when they first kissed (and again, great job, New Girl writers, of referring back to what happened one year ago) that touched me most. Because it was this that showed exactly why Nick is the right guy for Jess, and why not only does he need her, but why she needs him. Nick Miller, for all his oddities and problems, is a romantic at heart, and I don’t think he and Jess could ever have made it this long if they hadn’t first connected on that level. And it’s that romantic attitude combined with his practicality – he had a coin in his pocket; it was a tangible object; he noticed it was there at some point that night and must have taken it out and turned it over in his palm reliving that kiss over and over again – that perfectly complement Jess’s romantic attitude and dreamer-girl perspective. If there’s anything that New Girl has shown us over and over, it’s that Jess has a tendency to dream big – too big – and needs grounding, and that Nick is so grounded that he needs someone to pull him up and get him to look at the sky. That they do this for one another is wonderful and lovely and amazing in itself. But they do this because of how much they care for one another, and that’s what that coin represents to me.

The episode had everything I’ve loved about New Girl in it. It was sweet, and sentimental, and funny, and was consistent in its character development. It referenced earlier episodes and punchlines (“Winston is about to do some…”). Maybe it wasn’t over the top sexy or funny like Basketsball, and maybe it didn’t move the plot forward like Clavado en un Bar, but it did what it was supposed to do. It made me love New Girl and reminded me exactly why I fell in love with this show almost one year ago after being really good friends with it for a year and a half. 

Happy birthday, roomfriends. <3