this one was so fun to make hehehe

Happy Easter~! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

♥Shu: How annoying… Happy Easter. Can I go back to sleep now? What is this? An egg? -Shu grabbed your clothes, not letting go of you- Heh, did you want something from me? Is that why you gave me a present?

♥Reiji: Happy Easter. Don’t eat too much chocolate, yes? I don’t want you complaining about stomach ache later…

♥Ayato: Happy Easter, Chichinashi! Eh~? No, I don’t want chocolate, for now. I want your blood! We can eat the egg later!

♥Kanato: Aggh… Happy Easter. Now, where are my easter eggs? You didn’t forget them, right? Nee, Teddy… She forgot the chocolate egg. What should we do with her?

♥Laito: Where is my Bitch-chaan?~ Ahh~ I have something really sweet for you, to celebrate Easter~ And no, it’s not an easter egg, nfufu~

♥Subaru:… Happy Easter, dumbass. Here.-He gave you a big easter egg- Damn, it’s not what you think! One of the guys gave it to me, a-and I don’t want it! Yeah, that’s why!

♥Ruki: Happy Easter, Livestock. Usually we don’t celebrate this human festivity, but Kou was really getting on my nerves this time wanting to celebrate it.

♥Kou: But Rukiii~… It’s fun! Can’t you see all these easter eggs I got from my fans? I guess I can give one to you, M Neko-chan… Buuuut~! I want to bite you in exchange, heheh~

♥Yuma: Happy birth-SHIT-Happy Easter, Sow! Tch, I was distracted! AHH, stop making fun of me!

♥Azusa: Eve… I got something… For you…-he handed you a homemade easter egg. But when you tasted the first bit, your tongue burned so hard, tears started filling up your eyes- It’s spicy… Just the way you like it… Fufufu~… Happy Easter, My Eve…

♥Carla: Happy Easter, woman. -sighs- There, I said it. Now you, Shin.

♥Shin: This is so stup- -Carla hits him- Ah! Okay, okay! Stop it, Nii-san! Happy Easter!!

“Live now at Sayazagi Academy! We at SDS News have recieved a tip that a group of students here are planning to open up not only an idol group but a host club as well!! A daunting task indeed~ Look I believe here’s one of their member’s now!!

“Hello there! You’re a member of the new idol hostclub group here correct? Could you tell us what your name is?”

My name is Euphony Stellar Score…  uh but just calling me Euphony for short is fine…

“Wonderful! So why exactly did you want to join the club?”

It seemed like fun and a great way to exercise my music writing skills! 

“Is there something special you personally hope to accomplish in the group this year?”

I want to write songs that’ll bring ponies together and make my parents proud! 

“I see. So final question, what would you like to tell your fans?”

Fans? Hehehe well I don’t think we have any since its a new club and all but let’s make this year a memorable one!



SNS week day three: sns family

It’s meeeeee (and my uncontrollable duckbutt hair). Hahah well anyway y'all know how much I love this fam so guess you call this a appreciation post for all ya guys 😘 Anyways let’s get started 🌈

First off can I just say that EVERYONE in our fam is so hella gorgeous??? Like I can’t stress how pretty y'all are like you were 👏MADE👏TO👏SLAY👏 xoxo I also love how culturally diverse we all are like the fact that we all are so different yet we all love the exact same thing really makes me glad to be with all of you 😊

Secondly, I fucking L O V E how good we all are at defending our ship! I absolutely love it when I see peeps trying to invalidate our ship when BAM! Then we come and absolutely just defend our ship like aaaaaah!!! I mean if our fandom was a debate team, then we would just wreck the competition 😂😂😂.

Thirdly I absolutely adore all the amazing content that y'all being out! Art, edits, text posts, cosplay, fanfiction…Everything you guys produce is just wonderful and im always happy to like/reblog sns content 😇

Finally admire how accepting our fam is 😊 When I first started shipping SNS I was afraid that I would look like a dweeb and get unnoticed and such. But you guys are just such nice people and I’m glad that I could be apart of this fandom ✨

Heheh in the end it’s all for our sons, Sunshine Boy and Edgelord 🐸🌞 x 🌙🐍 Also huge shout out to @bahare-uzuchiha for making sns week possible!!! This is my first one and I’ve been having hell of a lot of fun watching livestreams, looking at all your rad posts, it’s been really fun my dude so thank you for this!!! xoxo

yoi-yoi-senpai  asked:

Hey there girl! How ya doing? I hope things are going alright for ya~ So, here's the scenario: Sonic has to work as a spy for GUN to save the world and this gets Amy pretty swoony and giggly lol. Sonic notices and teases her, making it a bit fun with some British mannerism here and there (here we go down that AU route! Vroom vroom! XD) I can't wait to see what make of this x'D sorry if it's confusing! (Ily hehehe)

(x)I hope you don’t mind, I’m going SO AU with this XD

British mannerisms, omg, I got this on standby, let me just pull it out real quick and-


“Sonic, you’re the only one that billionaire will trust inside his deluxe super suite. Since you’re famous, and an animal, he’ll be more likely to trust you than a normal human. We’ve equipped you with-”

“A dapper lookin’ suit.”

“….Ehem, with specialized gadgets and a microphone in your ear. This way, we’ll have constant communications-”

“You can have constant communication with your eyes alone~”

“…W-who is that?” The woman turned to a man behind her, who briefed her on who Amy Rose was, and why she was in the crowd.

“She’s his escort into the party, where were hoping only Sonic gets the invitation to go to the targets floor…”

“R-right…” she turned back to Sonic, seeing him standing and looking pretty sharp, a confident, egoistical look on his face, as one eye was drooped and the other looked ready to hear more briefing, but getting bored of just standing around with his hands behind his back.

“Well, Sonic. You’ll be entilted to all the rights of a spy, meaning all the dangers too.”

“Ehem, s’cuse me? I heard a rumor of espionage and I’m pretty sure my badge is fake. Could you have your new recruit search me for concealed weapons?”

The woman twitched an eyebrow up, having it quiver for a moment before anger marks flared on her forehead, and the man behind her sweat dropped.

“We need you to feed us direct link while alone with him, get as much data as you can-”

“You can be a fly on my wall~”


“You can track my every move, so long as you promise to take me out quietly~”

“OKAY, THAT’S IT!” she pulled out a gun as the men swarmed her, trying to keep her calm as Amy giggled.

Sonic rolled his eyes, “I got this.” he puffed up his suit jacket’s collar a bit and walked over to Amy in the crowd, leaning on the rail.

“Miss Rose, you’re making my mission rather difficult. I would highly advise you to keep your facts to yourself.” he winked to her, giving her the best british voice he could as she swooned, before jumping over it and taking her arm, waving to the people with another wink.

“Got it! Dangerous, super stealthy, and keep Amy under control. I’ve got this.” he shrugged, and then took off for the mission.

Walking into the party, Sonic kept up the act of ‘super spy’ as he talked in his headset.

“Amy, do you copy?”

“That melodious british accent is starting to take it’s toil on my delicate nature~” Amy placed a hand to her heart, before sipping a bit of her drink and looking around, distant from him.

“Heh. You’re far more bold than I would suppose a proper lady to be~” Sonic dropped his voice a bit, melting her even more with his deep, suave tone.

“Emm… Has anyone ever told you you’re quite the charmer.” Amy did her impression of a british woman, as he had to cover his chuckle and place his hands together and lean on the bar, closing his eyes as his smile was perfectly hidden behind his hands.

He opened his eyes, “Have you spotted him yet?”

“Not yet, love. But patience always kept the bird’s up before morning break.”

“What? Do they queue all day for that nasty little worm?” His british was spot on then, and Amy had to hold in a squee, even hearing the british word for ‘waiting in a line’ made her think Sonic knew more accents than she did.

“How did you do that so well?” she chimed, walking around now and pretending to socialize, as she suddenly spotted the man.

She flipped her beautifully dress to the side, walking away from him but acting like she was high aristocratic, dragging her trail around.

“You look positively radiant.” Sonic saw her at the corner of his eye as he was also searching, but hadn’t spotted her yet.

“You saw that little flare, did ya?” she went back to her american accent, before smirking and tilting her head to the side, “He’s that way.”

“Bbbzzz, Sonic? Do you read us? The party’s almost over!”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

Sonic maneuvered himself through the crowd, getting to the man.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, pardon me.”

“Ah! Are you..?”

Sonic smiled, waiting for it.

“Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“The one and only.” he bowed, politely as Amy listened in on their conversation, turning her back to them and ordering another drink of water.

“Wow! I would have never thought my invitation would reach you! Well, considering you don’t truly own an address.” he gestured out, before turning to his friends. “I had to send it to each of his friends, for good measure.”

They chuckled like gentlemen, before he pulled Sonic in under his arm a moment, “I have an exciting proposition for you! But before I get to that, you must show me your moves with women!”

“W…Women?” Sonic sweat dropped under his arm-lock a bit, speaking through a gritted smile that looked completely faked and forced.

“Why yes! Someone as dashing and charming as the one known as the ‘hero’ of the whole planet must have some good pick-up lines!” The man patted his back, as the G.U.N soldier spoke again in his ear.

“Bbbzz-Sonic? This is clearly a trap. He’s trying to determine whether to use you or get rid of you. You have to prove some form of loyalty, go ahead and impress him! bttzzz…”

“Ehem.” Sonic cleared his throat, before looking nervous, that’s when Amy’s voice also cleared on the microphone.

He looked over her way, as she stuck out her leg with her high heels, and positioned herself to look very appealing.

Sonic smiled, and turned confidentially to the men.

“Do you see that pink delight? Sitting up near that table over there?”

Sonic flicked his head her way as the men stared, before their eyes caught her leg and stared a moment.

“I’ll have her madly in love with me by the end of this dance.” he took a waiter’s drink, drank it, turned around and spat it out quietly as he hated the taste and put it back on the tray, before walking through the crowd to her.

“I hate to intrude~” Sonic sat by her, letting her leg stay up on the chair next to her.

She grinned to him, motioning her drink in a swirling motion.

“Are you going to have me in love by one dance alone, Sonic?” She dipped the cup over her face to make her look alluring, before drinking it and letting the mystery carry over for the onwatchers, knowing they were looking.

She moved her upright leg down and moved to the seat it was once on, closer to Sonic, and put an arm around him.

“Is this too fast?” she seemed to worry a moment, but Sonic just wrapped an arm around her waist, making her lose her feminine touch of british grandeur and blush.


“I am fast.” 

Getting up, the two walked to the dance floor.

After almost forgetting the mission from how much fun they were having dancing, Amy having to same him from some bad footwork that she then made look fancy, Sonic brought her over to the man.

“Gentlemen, meet my new friend.” he looked down to her, as she shook out her quills and laughed, hanging off of Sonic like her usual love-sick doting.

The men were amazed, she was fawning like normal, but they didn’t know that.

“He’s quite the man, Mister.” she lowered her voice to be more mature, suddenly putting Sonic’s mind in a bit of bafflement.

He stared down at her as she performed her little illusion.

“He’s quite the treat for a party. Tell me, are you planning to keep him around?” she looked back up at his eyes, enchanting the men at how dearly in love she looked.

Sonic smiled, genuinely this time, because he knew that look was pure Amy, and not some act.

“You are a sight.” he shook his head, speaking in a lower whisper, but seeming slightly touched at her honesty in how she was swooning for him.

“Hee.” she giggled, before leaning closer and being just loud enough for the men to hear her. “That’s not the only sight I can offer…~” she then moved closer, letting him know the implied meaning before whisking herself away, hearing the G.U.N soldier applaud her before telling her to get out of there.

Sonic was frozen a moment, before the Soldier shouted out for him to speak and get a grip.

“Ehem, quite the woman.” Sonic tried to continue, but his mind was racing on how Amy had never acted that way before. He put his hands in his pockets after scratching his head a moment, looking off after her as the men actually opened their mouths in amazement.

She was dolled up alright, but the fact that her usual ‘innocent’ nature could so easily be twisted by her made his brain almost stutter at the new.

If she wanted to be… she could be quite…

“Splendid, Mr. Hedgehog.” the man, almost looking slightly jealous at how well that went, drank his drink to avoid the slight frustration in his voice. “I won’t lie, I was hoping for some form of struggle from her.”

“Most do try, but as always, they fail at truly hiding their… excited… feelings.” Sonic nodded, before stepping closer to the men. “Forgive me for intruding on the topic with another of my own, but… Wasn’t there something you’d like to discuss with me?” he was trying to be smooth with the transition, even going for an overall appeal, but his abruptness made the men stare a moment, as the man he was targeting put his glass down on the bar.

“My, they weren’t kidding when they said you were restless. Zipping from one thing to another and unable to remain quaint and still.” The man was leaning on the bar before getting up, motioning his finger in a zig-zag to show how Sonic lept around so much.

“Manners, Hedgehog! bbtttz…”

“You’ll have to forgive my quick nature, I’m not one to queue around for an answer.” he kid, as his charm got the men back on his side.

The target laughed, “Alright, Mr. Hedgehog. Then we’ll move straight to business! I wouldn’t want to keep you from your … charming new conquest, now do I?”

The men put an arm around him and led him up to the target’s floor… just what G.U.N wanted.

“Be safe… Sonic.”

Amy’s voice was in his microphone, going back to her usual self, as Sonic thought about her a moment but couldn’t talk back to her right now, not in the mist of danger…

“I’ll be waiting for you… like I always do.”

He closed his eyes as he walked into the elevator.

Thank you… Amy.

Henry/Peri C-S Support

Written by  tct-psychoticnekomata

[TRIGGER WARNING: Blood, death, and mutilation, along with casual talk of it.]


Peri: HYAH!

Emblian Soldier: GHK!

Peri: Hehehe! So much blood! Huh? Where did all these bodies come from?

Henry: Oh hey! You’re that cavalier who likes killing people, right? Me too! Like what I’ve done with the bodies? I like to take a few souveners here and there.

Peri: Wow! You really did a number on them! But Lord Xander says I’m not allowed to loot the bodies.

Henry: Oh, so you don’t get to take an ear or two?

Peri: Ewwww! What would I do with an ear?!

Henry: Oh, you know, put it in a jar, use it in a spell, those sorts of things.

Peri: Well I guess it makes sense since you’re a mage. But I don’t have use for those things. I just like seeing the enemies bleed.

Henry: Oh yeah. Isn’t blood the greatest?

Peri: It is! Finally, someone who makes sense! I like you. We should talk more.

Henry: Sure thing. I wanna hear about your first victim.

[Henry and Peri have reached support rank C.]


Peri: So many soldiers, so much killing, hehehe… Oh. Is that a wolf close to the castle? Well where one wolf is, there’s sure to be many, so I better get to work!

[Fade away.]

Henry: Hmmm, now where should I put this Risen arm?

Peri: Hey Henry! Look what I found outside!

Henry: Oh hey, Peri! Where’s the fi-?

Henry: ?!?!?!

Peri: Won’t these wolves just make the warmest, fuzziest coats ever?! And they bled so much, you should’ve been-

Peri: WHOA!


Peri: Hey! What was that for?!

Henry: Get out.

Peri: Henry?

Henry: I said leave. Or this time I won’t miss.

[Henry leaves.]

Peri: What in the heck was that about?!

[Henry and Peri have reached support rank B.]


Henry: Hey Peri, could we talk a bit?

Peri: Are you ok Henry? You were really frowney and broody for days after that… thing I did.

Henry: Sorry about reacting like that. Normally dead animals don’t bug me that much, but one of those wolves… looked like a really close friend of mine.

Peri: Oh…

Henry: My parents ignored me a lot when I was a child, so she was closer to me then my actual family. She loved me so much she tried to visit. But some hunters came and killed her on the spot.

Peri: What?! Why?! That’s so mean! I could go and kill them myself!

Henry: I already beat you to it. There’s not even anything left for anyone to dig up. But it still hurt. I tried using magic to bring her back, but that didn’t work. Of course now I know that even if it did, it wouldn’t be the same anyways.

Peri: Oh, I’m sorry, Henry… I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.

Henry: Ahh, don’t worry about it. It’ll be really unfun if you end up getting all frowney and broody too, you know. Tell you what… why don’t you come with me to find some Emblian soldiers to kill? We could make a puppet show with their heads~.

Peri: … Hehehe. That sounds like fun. Sure, let’s do it!

[Henry and Peri have reached support rank A.]


Peri: That was amazing how you just made that guy fly right off the cliff!

Henry: Awww, thanks. But hey, it wouldn’t have worked if you hadn’t speared that jerk at just the right moment!

Peri: Oh yeah. What a coward, trying to sneak up on you from behind! If he’d killed you, I’d just… I’d just be so upset.

Henry: Yeah. I’d feel the same way if one of them killed you.

Peri: Really?

Henry: Oh yeah. I’d rampage all across Emblia and take Veronica’s head myself. Unless they killed me first, but I’d make sure lots of them joined me as pieces on the floor.

Peri: And I’d get stabby with them and thrust her onto my spear! But… I’d still rather not have you die.

Henry: Yeah. So how about instead of one of us getting ourselves killed, we stay alive together?

Peri: Like husband and wife?

Henry: Yeah! That way we’ll be even more motivated to protect each other! If you feel the same way I do anyways. I think you’re the greatest, Peri, and I want to go with you back to your world so both of us will have someone we can be ourselves around.

Peri: Mmmmnh… That sounds wonderful. But Henry, there is one thing, ok?

Henry: Yeah?

Peri: I know I like blood a lot, but… if we ever have a child, I don’t want them to be like either of us, ok? I want them to be loved by everyone, not just us.

Henry: I was actually thinking the same thing. Besides, I love you a lot more than blood.

Peri: You’re so sweet.

[Henry and Peri have reached support rank S.]


HAPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAY @skamforfaen​ 💝💝💝 

marti i know this is a v cheesy post but i know you love cheese i just wanted to tell you that i’m so happy you and i are friends, you’re one of the very first people i’ve talked to in this fandom and i love each of our conversations, whether we cry about skam or our common love for pop hits (remember when we came up with that alternative soundtrack?? honestly…that was amazing) and synthpoo (i haven’t forgotten hehehe) or dogs or food or anything really :)) you are so much fun to talk to, and i always feel like i can be myself when i talk to you? and it’s one of the nicest feelings in the world. you’re always laughing at my lame jokes and that makes me so happy each time :) you are such a good and caring person and you’re mature and wise and even smarter and more brilliant than you realize 💝💝  i have so so much faith in you and truly believe that you have such a bright future ahead of you. and thank you for the work you do for this fandom, we all appreciate it so much, and thank you for being such a wonderful human being, ily 💝 

theundertalefanposts  asked:

U mm, what about Imaginary Boyfriend Birdtale Sans? Flower and Bird is a ship I made so it would be a bit funny if Flower met him. I think the heart would be on one of the wings but you do you. Thank you.

hey there, babe. k’s given me the nickname gull. sorry for not being here initially. can’t help but flock around.. heheh come talk to me babe. ((As much fun as that would be, this is focused more on people talking to their boyfriends. I’m not super comfortable doing that kind of thing for this blog but you can always make your own content! And if you want to talk to him you’re more than welcome to! -Mod K))

((I drew you an IB Birdtale Sans, though! ^^ He does have the heart on his chest, but he could have hearts on back of his wings as well if you want. 

Mod J))

anonymous asked:

Idk if you are accepting these but can you do an unromanced, but wanting to romance, companion reacting to making Sole laugh so hard that they snort for the first time in their presence.

I THINK I MESSED UP THE ROMANCE PART I’M SO SORRY! Oh well, at least I’m back in the reaction swing! Thanks so much for the idea sweetums! Hope you guys enjoy!

By the way, Maxson’s reaction was inspired by a little comic I found while bumbling about on tumblr, and I have searched through hell and highwater to find it again but I can’t. So, if someone has the link to it please let me know so I can edit this post and give the artist due credit. Thanks!

MacCready:MacCready hated being cursed with the inability to censor himself. He felt the stupidity of the words as they spewed out of his mouth.


And everything was quiet, except for the intermittent and comical dripping of a wet stalactite. Oh no, now Sole was looking at him, and that face! “Uh, I uh…” MacCready felt his face begin to burn something fierce, then he heard… it. “BAHahahahah! Ahahahhhaahaa! Ahahaha SNORT! OH NO!” Both hands flew to Sole’s mouth, and they blushed. Now it was MacCready’s turn to laugh. “HAHA! Oh gosh Sole! Ahaha! Ah…” He wiped at the corners of his eyes for dramatic effect. Sole huffed and walked away. “Aw, Sole, don’t be that way!” MacCready caught up to them and slung an arm around their shoulder. “If I’m being completely honest, it was kinda cute.” He said cooly. Sole stopped to look at him, and the mercenary realized what he just said. “Ehrm, so yeah!” He quickly snapped his arm back to his side and coughed nervously into his  other fist. Both nerds were now flushed to the tips of their ears. Gah, you’re such a dingus Joseph, MacCready thought to himself, but when he saw Sole absentmindedly grinning that cute smile of theirs, he figured a little embarrassment was worth it.

Cait: “Hey lover, is that a beer in yer pocket, or are ya just happy ta see me?” Cait playfully nudged Sole’s arm with their elbow. Sole, in all honesty, laughed a little more than the pick-up line had really warranted. “Ahahaha!” “C’mon Sole, it wasn’t that funny.” Cait furrowed her eyebrows at Sole, honestly a little put off by the excessive laughter, but then…”

“Hahaaha SNORT!” Cait’s eyes widened at her friend. Her lips began to purse, and it was too late now. She tried so hard to reign it in, she really did. “Mmmhmm… Mhhaahhh, AHahahahahah SNORT ahahaha SNORT ergh! Sole! ahahaha SNORT.” Sole burst out in laughter again at Cait’s uncontrollable snorting, and their combined guffawing sounded like a thriving pig farm. Cait had gotten progressively redder in the face the longer they both laughed; it was so embarrassing! And it never seemed to end because as soon as one of them snorted the laughter was renewed. “Ahaha! SNORT! Ah-I fuckin- ahaha! Hate me- ahahah SNORT! Laugh Sole! SNORT! I’m gonna kill you!” Sole took off before Cait could do anything, and their laughter eventually faded into the distance.

X6-88: X6 had preferences. He preferred the clinical lighting of the Institute to the uncomfortable heat of the sun, he preferred the Institute’s penchant for organization over the garbage heaps that littered the Commonwealth, and he most definitely preferred the Institute’s meticulously squeaky tiles to the dog feces he just stepped in. “Aw, shit.” He muttered calmly, but inside he could feel irritation boil inside stomach.

“Heh, heheh,” It started out soft and breathy, as if Sole was trying to hide their amusement from him. X6 turned his gaze to give them a scathing look, but instead of getting Sole to shut up, they lost it completely. “AHAHAHA!!!! OH-AHAHahah SNORT Ahaha SNORT, oh no! SNORT!” Sole crinkled their brows and cupped their hands over their offensive nose, trying to contain their stupidly loud snorting. X6 couldn’t really stay angry with them now; instead, he offered to help them. Making a pinching motion with his thumb and forefinger, X6 prowled towards Sole, “Here, let me help you with that.”

Preston: Here it was, the moment Sole and Preston waded through fifty laser tripwires for: the treasure of Jamaica Plain. The minutemen practically shivered with the anticipation of finding bedazzling mountains of gold and silver and jewels and… Is that “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” playing? Sole thought. “Ha ha HA!” Preston buckled at his waist with guffaws. “Oh man! This is the treasure! That’s great! Ahahaha!” That laugh.

That laugh. So. Precious. Sole smiled like a dork at Preston who quieted down when he noticed them staring. “Uh, do I have something on my face?” That face! Too sweet! Sole felt giddy laughter bubble up the back of their throat. “Heeeheheheheee! Hehehe SNORT! Woah!” Preston flashed his teeth, grinning widely at Sole’s snort. “General, I think the real treasure here is your laugh!”

Danse: Sole saw it coming from a mile away. Danse had seemed preoccupied for most of the afternoon with whatever was rolling around in his brain, accidentally kicking some debris across the street here and there with the hulking foot of his power armor, but now, “Danse watch out there’s a-“ FWOMP! “log…” Danse’s foot had caught the underside of a log and sent him falling like a plank of wood straight into the dirt. For a minute Danse could only feel hot, searing shame steam roll his soul as his face pressed into the grit of the road. Ugh, how could he make such a fool of himself in front of Sole?

“Pfffftttt- HAHAHAhahaha!” Great, now they’re laughing at him. If only Danse could actually move from this prone position. “Oh my gosh! D-Danse! Aaaaahhhahahaha SNORT!” The paladin jerked his head off the ground. “Was that a snort soldier?” He asked smugly. Embarrassed and irritated, Sole stomped away from the fallen paladin, red-faced and steaming. As Sole’s footsteps faded away however, Danse realized his mistake. “SOLE! Get back here! You can’t just leave me on the ground to suffer! Sole! Come back here! I CANNOT GET UP! SOLE!”

Deacon: Deacon thought she was his informant. He really did. And he guesses it would freak any little kid out if some creepy bald guy with sunglasses sidled up to them to ask, “What’s goin’ on little sister?” The poor kid screamed in Deacon’s face right in the middle of Diamond City market. Where was Sole when he needed them? They were typically better at diffusing the DC guards who were beginning to gather.

“Ahahaha!” Across the market, offering absolutely no help at all, stood Sole with armfuls of clothes and ammo, laughing their butt off. Deacon kept his cool, but felt his facial muscles twitch a bit underneath his skin. “Hey there now, no need to get upset. See, I was just leavi-.” Slap! Deacon’s jaw went slack. The kid- That kid just smacked him!


Later that day, when things get really quiet, Deacon leaned up next to Sole’s ear, close enough to touch their pinna with his lips, “SNORRRRRRT!” Smack! “Hey, haven’t I been beaten enough already today?”

Piper: “Oh Blue look! Is that a motorcycle?” Piper’s eyes shone with excitement. “It… was.” Sole admitted, looking at the crusty old skeleton of what was once indeed a motorcycle. “Hey, Blue, check it out. Do I look like one of those old world posters when I do this?” Piper hopped onto the seat side-saddle and crossed her legs. “Hot, right? I make this look easy. Eh, Sole? W-Woah!” The motocycle tipped backwards as Piper switched poses, and sent her and the hunk of metal crashing down onto the street.

Sole pressed their lips together, but ultimately could not escape the inevitable, “Bahahahaha! Hahahah SNORT! Hahah SNORT! Haha!” “Yeah yeah, Blue. Laugh it up, but just so you know, the headline of Publick Occurrences next issue will be ‘Valut-Dweller. Part Human, Part Pig.’”

Curie: Oh, it was juvenile. So juvenile. But Sole couldn’t help themselves as they painted some of Piper’s borrowed *cough*stolen*cough* printer ink onto the rims of Curie’s microscope lenses. Then, they waited. Curie eventually wandered back into her make-shift lab after collecting the ingredients she’d wanted. Ah, there she goes, putting down the beaker, turning to the microscope, mounting a slide, three, two, one… “Zhe bacteria in zhis sample are quite remarkable, wouldn’t you agree Sole?” Curie glanced up, two inky black rings framing her blithely innocent eyes.

“Hehehe! Hahaha SNORT! Ahahaehehe SNORT!” “Sole, what is so funny? Microbiology is fun, yes, but perhaps not so hilarious? I am confused.” Despite her questioning tone, Curie found her smile growing in increments with each of Sole’s snorts until, “Heehee! Hehehee! Oh Sole, I cannot keep from laughing when you are carrying on like zhis!” Soon Sole was doubled over, holding onto Curie’s shoulder for support. Curie placed her hand on top of theirs, and they stayed that way for a good while until Hancock came around asking them for the recipe of whatever chem they just took.

Hancock: “Are you sure that’s a good idea Hancock?” “C’mon pal, I’m experienced with this kinda thing y’know. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing.” Sole still harbored some lingering doubt as Hancock pressed the end of a jet canister into his nasal cavity. Suddenly Sole felt the overpowering urge to jerk the inhaler away from Hancock. Too late! He’d already triggered the puff. “AGH! Ugh! Oh man!” The jet canister clattered to the floor before even fully ejecting the chem. “Are you okay Hancock?” Sole worried over the suffering ghoul. “Yeah, yeah. Ugh. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

“No kidding.” Sole agreed. Welp, now that they knew he was okay, “Ahahahahaha! Hahahaha SNORT!” “Heh, you take a puff too?” Hancock teased. Sole covered their nose with their hands and glared over their knuckles at Hancock. “Aw, don’t hide it doll face. It was charming, really.” Sole blushed, but refused to uncover their nose to laugh again.

Nick: Sole and Nick enjoyed flipping through the pages of a case Nick had been working on lately as Nick’s cigarette slowly filled the stuffy office with a warm smoke. Then Ellie happened. The door flung open- BANG! “NICK! I’M GETTING MARRIED! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” “WHAT-ACK!” Nick shouted, forgetting he had a cigarette in his mouth, well, now it was more in his throat. Ellie apparently hadn’t noticed yet, still jumping up and down, screaming, and flailing her hands around excitedly while Nick choked on his cig.

It all happened so suddenly that Sole’s first instinct demanded them not to help poor Nick fish the burning stick out of his throat, but to laugh. “HAhahaha! Oh m-my- Ahahaha SNORT! Ahahah SNORT SNORT!” The outrageousness of Sole’s snorting provoked Nick to laugh too, and the cigarette lodged itself deeper into his circuits. “Ahaha, dammit Sole! Ahahaha! Help me!”

And so Sole did, but Nick had to admit, having Sole’s fingers down his throat certainly made him feel a certain kind of way.

Maxson: CHC-CH! “GAH!” Maxson glared at the toaster that yanked him from his thoughts, and with one swift punch he launched it into the side of the Prydwen. Usually Maxson doesn’t care who witnesses him assert his superiority, heck he hopes people see it, saves him some time, but usually his displays of dominance are directed towards more… sentient things. Now everyone in the small cafeteria was quiet as they focused their eyes on him, Sole included. The elder felt the horror of what he just did rake down his spine, and no, please, no: Please don’t let that be Sole laughing.”

“AHAHAhahahahahahahahaha-SNORT!” Another wave of silence washed over the diners as Sole stole the limelight of embarrassment away from Maxson. Both Sole and the elder caught each other’s stares and shared knowing looks. The two stood up from their spots in matched rhythm and stalked out of the dining area. On the way out Maxson turned to Sole, placing a heavy hand on their shoulder, “Well done soldier.”

Matchmaking Beagles (Kyungsoo One Shot)

Originally posted by dodyo

Car rides with the Beagle line are never quiet. If Sehun and Suho hadn’t barricaded the door to their van, you and Kyungsoo would be enjoying the soft lull of Lay’s voice, rather than Baekhyun’s pterodactyl screeching.

“We should’ve walked.” You nudge Kyungsoo, half-annoyed half-entertained, as Chen fights Baekhyun for a few more sips of the Bubble tea.

“I swear– they couldn’t just get two of each.” Kyungsoo mutters.

Eventually, they spill half the cup over the van’s floor. As the van pulls over to a gas station’s parking lot, you sigh– tired– and lean your head on Kyungsoo’s shoulder. Your eyes are drooping as the commotion continues and Kyungsoo’s hand is steady on your knee, rubbing mindless circles over the fabric of your jeans.

You fall asleep to what looks like the beginning of an endless game of rock, paper, scissors that Chanyeol somehow gets roped into. The loser, you assume, has to clean up the mess. Time fades away as your mind is enveloped in sleep, comfortable with the warmth radiating off of Kyungsoo’s body. You’re toying the line of consciousness, so close to reaching the spot where your mind stops processing its surroundings.

The van jolts however, and you stir– barely. You keep your eyes closed, trying to go back to the tranquility of sleep, but Baekhyun’s laughter, although musical, is teasing. You pretend you’re sleeping still, preferring to remain invisible and unbothered by all parties in attendance, and you can’t help but listen to their conversation.

“Seriously- you’ve confessed plenty of times in dramas, Kyungsoo.” Chanyeol’s voice carries from the front seat.

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pastababah  asked:

Hello I know I have asked before but I have another question. ;3; sowwy. But again I have to say how AMAZING your blog and how much I love it~! X3 and I love your profile pic as well! :D My question is how would the 2p's react to being turned into children? thanks!

((you’ve asked something before? i don’t remember u v u ))

2P: *poof, suddenly gets turned into a child*


2P!China: *face drains of all color* w-why would you do this nOOOOO– *quickly turns around, looks down his pants* hOW AM I SUPPOSED TO IMPRESS GIRLS WHEN MY BALLS HAVEN’T EVEN DROPPED YET AJDHSKSDJFA I WANT MY BODY BACK–

2P!England: *curiously inspects hands and arms, then glances over the rest of his body* I… am adorable again! Wheeee, look at me!~ *prances around like an innocent child* let’s play ballerina, yes?! ; 7 ;

2P!France: *looks into mirror, glares, furiously slams fist into it, probably shattering the glass and cutting his hand but he doesn’t care* change me back you asshole

2P!Russia: *stares down at the heap of coat + scarf surrounding him because now they’re fifty times too big* i would like a change of clothes as well as an explanation please

2P!Italy: *discreet maniacal laughing* this body may be unattractive but now, no one would suspect anything if i were to, say, ‘find’ their wallet…hehehe~

2P!Germany: wait how am i supposed to get into bars while looking like this– !!?!

2P!Japan: *glowers* alright you’ve had your fun, now change me back into an adult. now.

2P!Canada: yeah i’m gonna go climb that tree over there brb

2P!Romano: ooooh, this brings back so many memories!~ let’s go play hopscotch and then make some flower crowns in the backyard later okay?! :D

2P!Austria: *admires younger self in mirror* i must say, i made an unbelievably handsome man but i sure do make the most adorable child as well~

2P!Prussia: mm… i strangely feel comfortable with this… h-hey, do you think you can hold me? please? ; w ; *looks up at you and holds up tiny arms*

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Entj (guy) and intj (girl) detective duo !

Oh, this one should be interesting!

ENTJ calls INTJ while she’s looking through the file of a case she’s been investigating for a few days. She picks up the phone without even looking at it.

INTJ: Hello.

ENTJ: We’ve got another one.

INTJ: Are you kidding.


INTJ: Why did we get it?

ENTJ: Because we’re good at what we do.

INTJ: Are we the only ones that are good?

ENTJ: The only ones good enough for this one, evidently.

INTJ: Why can’t INTP and INFP handle it?

ENTJ: Because they accidentally started playing hide and seek on their last assignment.

INTJ: *Pinches the bridge of her nose*


ENTJ: Hello?

INTJ: *Irritated* Yeah, where is it.

ENTJ: Four-forty-one. Madison.

INTJ: I know it. I’ll be there.

ENTJ: I can pick you up.

INTJ: I’m already driving. *Gets up from her desk, grabs her keys and sets out for her car*

ENTJ: Okay.

INTJ: Can you give me a summary of what we’re going there for?

ENTJ: A murder.

INTJ: Figures.

INTJ: I’m so tired of murders.

ENTJ: Well, it’s murder season.


INTJ: That’s actually partially true.

ENTJ: This was three, though. Apparently there was a scuffle, too.

INTJ: Great. Let met guess, everything is in disarray.

ENTJ: What kind of murders have you seen where everything wasn’t entirely fucked up?

INTJ: The murders I wish I could be solving in my dreams.

ENTJ: A.) You dream about murders? My god, INTJ! You need some friends, or something.

INTJ: I have all my own reasons and am perfectly content with my current number of friends.

ENTJ: Which is–

INTJ: None of your business.

ENTJ: Ha. That’s what I thought.

ENTJ: And B.) You have some high standards for being a detective.

INTJ: I never said it was logical.

ENTJ: Don’t you pride yourself in being that way, though?

INTJ: Humans have inconsistencies and I am no exception.

ENTJ: At least you’re honest.

INTJ: Do we have a suspect? Or a murder weapon, at least?

ENTJ: I’m not there yet.

INTJ: So slow, ENTJ.

ENTJ: I’m on the other side of town, so you might get there before me.

ENTJ: Also, I had to ditch my sandwich for this.

INTJ: That’s very sad.

ENTJ: When you get there, if I’m still driving, just talk to forensics and get the whole scoop from them.

INTJ: You usually talk to forensics, though.

ENTJ: I also usually get time for a full lunch.

ENTJ: And anyway, you wouldn’t want to sit around doing nothing, waiting for me to show up, would you?

INTJ: *Sighs* Fine, I’ll do it.

ENTJ: Good.

INTJ has just finished talking to forensics at the site of the crime. ENTJ pulls up in his car and forensics flees from his sight. ENTJ walks under the caution tape.






ENTJ: *Reaches INTJ*


ENTJ: Where’s the main scene.

INTJ: Over this way. I’ve not seen it myself, yet. I just got done with forensics.

ENTJ: And?

INTJ: Like you said, three people dead. Two shot, the last one bludgeoned with something. They aren’t entirely sure yet, but I doubt the weapon will be hard to find.

ENTJ: At least narrow it down to all the blunt objects with blood on their ends.

INTJ: Precisely.

ENTJ: Any potential witnesses?

INTJ: Maybe. The lady who called us, obviously. I’ll get to her in a few moments.

ENTJ: You don’t want me to do it?

ENTJ: You always said I’m more of the “people person”.

ENTJ: Why don’t you work on all of this and I’ll talk to her? It’ll be easier.

INTJ: Well, you’re not exactly the most nurturing presence.

ENTJ: *Raises eyebrow*

INTJ: I’m not really one to talk, of course. But you have a much larger stature. If I do the interviewing, she might be a bit more relaxed.

INTJ: I’m not holding my breath, but it’s worth a shot, at least.

ENTJ: Whatever gets the job done.

INTJ: Exactly.

They come to the true scene of the crime and look around for a few moments, taking notes, making observations and listing potential leads and places to expand on for further investigation. Another officer enters and calls for INTJ.

Officer: Did you want to interview the first witness right now, or get to her later?

INTJ: I’ll get a little bit of info now, just so we have something from her, but I’ll need to get back to her, anyway – she’ll probably remember more, in time.

Officer: Follow me.

ENTJ: Hey, good luck, INTJ. Let me know what happens, when you’re done, okay?

INTJ: Sure. And same to you. We’ll have a lot to go over tonight.

ENTJ: We got this.

INTJ: Yeah, we do.

Both: *Fist-bump*

INTJ: *Leaves*

ENTJ: Okay… now…



INFP: You know, I heard ENTJ and INTJ fist-bumped each other, earlier. ESFJ from forensics was making fun of them for it.

INTP: Why?

INFP: Because they were mean to her.

INTP: Oh, right.

INTP: Wow, they fist-bumped?

INFP: Yeah!

INTP: Pfft. What nerds!

INFP: Hehehe, I know.

Both: *Takes sip out of juice box*

I really didn’t even plan all of this one out, so hopefully it came out well enough. I think it did, for the most part. Honestly, ENTJ-INTJ duos in “work mode” would be, like, hella productive. Oh, also, mbtipartyblog, apparently I decided to make it in the same universe as your INTP-INFP cops. 

Thorki Author Appreciation

I decided to kick off the fanfic author appreciation early because well, why not!

In alphabetical order, here are all the writers in the thorki fandom (separate post for other fandoms) I appreciate and why.

1. @angrymadsygin aka sigynthefaithful on ao3. I love her stories for the vivid reality they paint, there is nothing holding her vision back. I love and adore all of her works, but that isn’t all I appreciate about her. She is incredibly kind, a true thorki goddess who I adore and hold dear to my heart. Never stop being amazing Siggy!

2. @curds-writes
aka curds-and-wheyface on ao3. Her storytelling has some of the best pacing I have ever read in fic, with each moment, each scene gripping me and refusing to let go until I’ve read the next page. Very few works strike me as heavily as her works have - I am so lucky I discovered her works over the holidays or I’d probably be in so much trouble. Also, have you ever talked to her? She melts me away with her precious love and *huggles* I wish I had the eloquence to truly describe how great she is.  Not only that she has amazing analytical ability when it comes to people, I have noticed her insight on multiple occasions and it always leaves me in awe. You’re the best <3

3. @emilybailey6 aka emybaily on ao3 - She was my secret Santa! I loved the fic Emily wrote for me, thank you so much! It was heart wrenching and captured their characters so perfectly I couldn’t ask for anything better.

4. @fourletterwordsstartingwithl aka hiddleston_loki_lover_au - Sonia writes the BEST AUs I have read and that is saying something. I don’t normally read AUs because I do not trust them to carry over the characters well, or the situations etc. Sonia proves me wrong.

5. @full-of-hiddles aka Cassy27, whose epic thorki fics are all PLOT, PLOT, PLOT. It’s amazing. I love the stories and detail, they are inspiring and beyond entertaining. I love them!

6. @half-ancient aka furiedheart on ao3 - more towards Hiddlesworth than anything else, these works are incredible and I highly recommend them! The stories I have read I have loved, and you can tell the amount of effort put into them.

7. @kadorienne aka Kadorienne on ao3 - her Born to be King’s holds a special place in my heart. It is a thorki epic and one of the greatest works EVER written. Please, please do yourself a favor and go read it. Oh and Eve is easily one of the most incredibly talented, kindest and compassionate individuals I have ever had the luck to speak to. Gosh Eve, you’re the light in this dark world <3

8. @lokincest aka Lokincest on ao3 - just wow. She reached several of my kinks that literally ~no one~ else shares. Not to mention her writing is INCREDIBLE, so well written, I highly recommend her writing, especially if you’re kinky as hell. Read the tags.

9. @mia-a03 aka mia-a03 on ao3 - her works ARE SO CUTE, so incredibly creative and incredibly well written. Also she’s so nice *hugs*

10. @pohjanneito aka Umakoo on ao3, gosh her thorki works are AMAZING, so incredibly detailed and well written I could go on about them for hours. Not to mention she is one of the few authors to be into some of my weirder kinks like lactation kink *cough*. Also she’s an incredible person. Read her works :D

11. @pro-antagonist
aka proantagonist on ao3 - geez okay. I cried. Her fic “Bargaining” hit so close to home I didn’t even know what to do, I’m still lost sometimes as I envision the very perfection of it. It is a true masterpiece. And when you’re done crying over that, there is a wonderfully smutty piece to get your mind off things. Easily one of my favorite authors! Another incredibly nice person too :)

12. @radiatorfromspace aka radiatorfromspace on ao3 - DO I NEED TO SAY IT?! This bunny is one master of writing I can’t even. Her dragon! Thor work still holds a place in my heart and her daddy kink *dies*. She is a precious bunny marshmellow who can write thorki fic like a boss. Highly recommend everything she ever wrote. And highly recommend going to send this author a big HUG because she deserves a billion. But get in line because I’m first. *squish*

13. @sexualthorientation aka sexyscholar on ao3 - well, the queen of daddy kink herself, her works are the bestttt! I love her writing, it blows me away. I will never be over it, though her Roman AU holds a special place in my heart. Another author whose every work I highly recommend reading. She’s also the loveliest most creative human ever *huggles*

14. @teresa-dances-in-sequins aka cunninglingus on ao3 - Black is the Color is one of the greatest thorki works I have ever read, such incredible writing, with such well thought out plot twists and characterizations, it’s genius. I also love the filthy smutt and degrading scenes, Gah, work straight out of my heart. Also she’s adorable.

15. @thor666  aka FILTH on ao3 - THIS IS RINA. Have you read Rina’s works? Yes? No? Well too bad because you NEED to. Her works are delicious, have my mouth watering and other parts well, let’s not go there ;) heheh. Ahem. Anyway, her works are FILTHY yup, accurate username! No shame, we are going to hell reading it but we are gonna love the ride so let’s do it! Besides Rina is so much FUN she’s the one who makes you wanna log into tumblr every day :) precious human being too good for this universe <3

16. @thorduna aka missnefer on ao3 - whoo, I could GO ON about Diana’s works just wow. Her epic, IMO, is Lights Out, one of the earliest and best fics I ever read. Lights Out is one of the reasons I’m into thorki now. It is a beautiful work, and so are her daddy kink shorts and her current WIP Arenas Temporis which I am in LOVE with. Her writing style and brilliance will never cease to amaze me. Also, she’s really nice if you ever talk to her! All the hugs for Diana :)

17. @thorki-goddess aka vahisa1975 on ao3 - GREATEST HUMAN TO WALK THIS PLANET. Wait I should talk about her works first *ahem*. Her works have inspired me more than any other, I spent a LONG time on ao3’s search function trying to find EXACTLY what she wrote. I will never forget how it tugged at my heart and soul. Her writing is so beautiful, the words so well placed together that I just… Sigh. I wish I could tell you, I truly do, but let me just recommend that you please go read the works instead.

18. @thorki-trash - amazing tumblr author with smutty, filthy goodness. Highly recommend giving these works a try.

There are some authors who I feel I should mention because they have a reputation but I have never truly gotten around to reading their works, or they don’t have a tumblr so I don’t really know them. Or maybe they do but I don’t know it (I am relatively new to the thorki fandom! There are plenty of people in the fandom I don’t know yet so this is very likely).

These authors are:

1. Hermaline75 - may or may not have a tumblr, I don’t know of it. But I have read their works and love all that I’ve read! I love their works.

2. @incredifishface - I swear I will read your works ;-; they are praised so much! I love your presence in the thorki fandom.

3.  Dorkylokifan - does not use tumblr but they write great works that I have enjoyed so much! They contribute A LOT to the thorki fandom and that must be love n___n!

4. Thisdorkyficthing - I see their name everywhere, will read them one day. I just appreciate that they write for thorki!

5. Lies_d - some of the best thorki works I read! I loved them so much I purchased her original fiction which was not a disappointment, I highly recommend it!!! It’s basically a thorki AU!


Thank you to all of the above, amazing authors. You’re what keep this fandom going and I am so happy I met you all. To those I didn’t list, I love you too! I love and appreciate everyone who loves and contributes to thorki. This is an amazing fandom with many amazing people. *hugs you all*

yixing sketches from ep1 of go fighting \( ˃́ᴗ˂̀ )/

[Feel free to delete the following, but please keep source :) ]
Finally got around to editing these, hehehe. I’ve only just watched the first ep. and I thought it was hilarious. The faces he makes are priceless. It was SO cute to see how innocent yixing is. \(≧∀≦)/ ♡♡♡!  I really liked it so far, and not just because he’s is in it. :P I found the other members to be really funny! LOL Honglei being one of them XD. Maybe I will keep doing this for the following episodes. (?) Found this to be fun practice drawing different expressions, since I mostly only do blank faces ahaha :) 

I found a few photos from an article in… I believe it was Otomedia Vol. 3, August 2011. In it, they “interview” the Xillia characters over what they do during the summer and the answers are pretty great. So I thought I’d share my rough translations.

Q: What do you do when it’s hot out?

Jude’s Summer

For me, before I even realized it, I was in charge of all the meals. So of course, everyone wants something cold. And Alvin, he’ll purposefully be really clingy, saying “Juuuude, isn’t it hot out~?” Isn’t that kind of cruel? I don’t really mind preparing food, though. Usually, if anyone asks anything of me, I try to do what I can. Jeez!

Milla’s Summer

When it’s hot, usually I read books about humans and history. Recently, Leia and Elize said they wanted to go to the beach with me and made such a fuss until I agreed to go… oh yes, it was that time! Jude stealthily followed us after. If he wanted to come with us, he should have just said so. Humans can be so difficult to understand, sometimes. It would appear I still have much to learn.

Leia’s Summer

Back at home, I used to head out near the mountain and catch kabuto beetles that were thiiiiiis big! Oh, speaking of kabuto beetles, my childhood friend Jude… he’s a boy and yet he’s terrible with bugs. A long time ago, I put a buuuunch of kabuto beetles in his desk and he ended up crying…. huh? That could have been why he doesn’t like them? Yeah, I guess so~ …ah… yeah…. sorry, Jude.

Alvin’s Summer

Gotta be the beach. Open women and fun things to do when you’ve partnered up with one, right? If not that, I guess maybe leaning on Jude. If I do it enough, eventually he’ll sigh and make me something cold when we stop to rest, hehehe. But… when I do that, even if I’m just joking around, one glance from Rowen and I can’t take it. It’s like he sees right through me, and every time he looks I can feel the disapproval…

Elize’s Summer

I… stay in the basement. It’s dark, but it’s pleasantly cool, so it feels good? But… Leia said I should come play outside. Jude and Rowen asked me to play together too. I-it’s not that I don’t want to… but, being together with Milla is best, definitely! What about Alvin? Alvin’s… a liar, so I hate him.

Rowen’s Summer

If you are too careless, you could die, so you must possess great strength of spirit. Everyone, when you get to be my age, the heat of summer is suddenly… it can sometimes be a bit much. *cough*…… it’s okay to laugh there. However, even as summer threatens my life, all the women give me confidence, so I do not feel bad. But as far as I’m concerned, summer is detestable and I hate it.

H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N ! !

I present to you all BIGBANG in Halloween costumes <3 

Initially I was going to give them all respective animal costumes because of our maknae being a panda and all, but I decided to be more creative this time. I asked a question also whether I should do pumpkin Seungri or vampire Seungri. I got lots of both, so I just decided to do both in one :) 

Jiyongie as a ‘witch’ 

Bae as a werewolf (was seriously going to strip him and all but decided not to, hehehe~)

T.O.P as a ghost, duuuur

Seungri as the pumpkin prince

and finally,

Daesung as our angel, I couldn’t think of anything more suitable than an angel for our Daesung. 

I almost want to sell these as stickers or something like cards ~ but I’ll keep these for future! Anyways, as usual please do not edit anything and make sure to credit me back if you share. Since these are drawn for free and fun, please do not use it for any commercial usage and if you find people not crediting or using my artwork in inappropriate manners, please report them for me, thank you <333

anonymous asked:

To admin Raye~ can Namjoon stop plz. He is killing me inside. He is ultimate bias jfc. He's adorable one minute, then I scroll and he's sexy. I can't I can't I can't. I came here to have fun and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now.


He is wrecking every single bias list I’ve ever had AND I HATE HIS TWO FINGER COVERING EYE THING BUT I CAN’T EVEN PROPERLY HATE HIM BECAUSE HE MAKES ME WANT TO WRITE WHEN I FEEL LIKE I CAN’T. I don’t know why but your ask made me feel like writing this, so i did hehehe *^^* I’m not sorry

the difference of heat and warmth


Imagine you are by the creek somewhere deep in a forest, a spot people hardly visit. 

Now let’s go sense by sense. 

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anonymous asked:

Hellooo can I request a gif reaction for something like you forget your towel for a shower so you have do to a quick naked run to the closet, but exo accidentally sees you?

This is gonna be interesting( ̄ー ̄)


1.Xiumin: *peeks a little**looks away when you look at him**pretends he’s innocent*

2.Luhan: *totally approves your body*

3.Kris: Ooooooh…


5.Lay: This isn’t right, I shouldn’t be seeing you like this *walks away*

6.Baekhyun: *yum*

7.Chen: Can’t you stay like this for a little longer? *pouts*

8.Chanyeol: Hell yeah *likes what he saw*

9.D.O:  So glad I hid the towels today *evil smirk*

10.Tao: *looks away*

11.Kai: Uhmm…Me gusta…*licks lips*

12.Sehun: *naughty grin*

Hope you liked it, cutie <3 I had loads of fun making this one ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ 

~Admin N


What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / Sin City 2 | WARNING: Major Spoilers, plus Violence/a little bit of Dub-con! (Bigger pics here) | For Litfiva! <3

+ Music: Skin City by Robert Rodriguez ft. Steven Tyler (Sin City 2 OST), Like a Criminal by District 78, Cells by The Servant, The Beginning of the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins, Ava by Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel (Sin City OST) and Came Back Haunted by NIN

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narumitsuistheway  asked:

Okkey, sorry for the bad English. Can you do a reaction of Lay becoming a real unicorn? Thanks a lot!

Girl, your English is fine! Pretty much perfect.

And this is going to be SOOOO much fun, hehehe.

Xiumin: No caption needed.

Luhan (feat. Sehun): “What?…..”

Kris: “WHAT?! How come he gets to become a unicorn and I don’t get to become a dragon?! Not fairrrrr….”

Suho: “Alright… which one of you idiots gave him drugs… making him hallucinate like that… huh, which one?”

Lay: “Wait… w-what’s going on? W-what’s happening?!”

Baekhyun: “Oh my god, kkaebsong! He’s So Fluuffy!”

Chen: “….haha…haha… we are so high right now….”

Chanyeol: “Hyung… your butt is so… fat!”

D.O: “So does this mean, he actually has healing powers? …this means I can beat up everyone and he can just heal them… YASSS… who shall be my first victim?”

Tao: “Ya! Why didn’t you turn into a panda?!”

Kai: “Hyung, you’re pink! And sparkly! You look like a girl!”

Sehun: “…. what is this….”

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