this one was really fun to draw for some reason

Have some Luke x Nate.

I changed Luke’s color scheme a little. His general style is based off of the original sketch when they were drawing up the storyboard for the episode “One Of The Boys”, and I just played with the colors until I found a design that really stuck with me for some reason. I guess it just seems more realistic to me.

Original lineart done by @studiokarkats/@laugh-out-loud-house because they’re awesome! Seriously, thank you so much! I had fun coloring this, I can’t wait to do more of your stuff!


well, you guys, today i ran my one shot and i am officially a dungeon master! i spent the last 6 months or so working off and on on this game i called “the green light.” i spent roughly 4 months on the basic writing/mechanics, drawing the map, etc., and 2 months getting player character info and incorporating it into the game and then doing some limited pre-game RP via one-on-one text RP and voice call to get people prepped for the game. the game itself was about 6 hours long including a little epilogue and Q&A we did after the climax of the game.

the basic premise was roughly inspired by the Clue movie; for whatever reason, each character had been invited to an intimate dinner gathering with a wealthy widower, Adagio Vanguish.

above is some of the PC and NPC art i did for the game. it was a really terrifying, exhilarating and fun experience. i may run it again and i may concoct another one shot some day! i don’t think i could do a whole campaign but over all this was such a fulfilling experience and i got to experiment a lot as a storyteller in ways i don’t usually get to.


I’ve been itching to play around with the idea after seeing really good arts of body!swap, and the prompt was a perfect chance for me to do just that. /u\ 

For some reason, I wanted to see Sans suffer on a date with Mettaton, haha!


First post is my recent drawing, which features Ouma-kun! (a really interesting character hmmm)

he’s the reason I’m stuck in DR hell now ;;;

Fun fact: he shares the same voice as Alba

I think the sketch’s better than the finished one for some reason?? Like somehow the expression is better.


Since the video is finally done, guess I’ll post these up for saves!

147 images in total were used for this video and I stayed up two nights! I realized my devotion for this ship is pretty high 0v0;; I had a lot fun actually//! I consider myself pretty weak at drawing poses so this was good practice and now I have myself a pv for one of my fav songs I’m going to watch it when I feel sad or bored

The part that I like the most is where the guy goes “that’s works for me” and goes “okay okay” (he actually sounds a bit scared in that part, there’s emotions in the song) I don’t know why but I find that… really cute for some reason? Like a little bird or a kitten type of cute

Rest of the images in the read more:

it might be easier to just read these through since the images fly by really fast in the video.

saihara will save you from your sins

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I’m stepping away from this blog.

Hey, y’all, mod speaking here. Not too long ago, I made a fairly negative post. I have been thinking on it a bit since then, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be taking an indefinite hiatus.

I’m sorry, I really am, especially to all those requests and asks I never got to (I feel especially bad about the pokemon ones). But I do have my reasons. 

As that first post mentioned, I wanted to start this blog in order to help gain some of my artistic confidence back. That’s been largely unsuccessful. It has nothing to do with being part of this community, though! They’re issues of my own. But I can’t draw for this blog if I hate myself and everything I create. It removes all the fun of it, and I haven’t been able to draw for personal enjoyment in a while and have been close to just calling it quits altogether… 

leading into the second factor of my decision, which is just that mentally I’m a little bit of a mess right now. Even when I started this blog, it was hard to have the energy to keep up with this blog. Energy, inspiration and time management have been recurring issues that are further sapped by school stress among other things. This has not been a good year for me altogether, and my lack of confidence and self loathing have gotten worse. I feel like while I’m like this, I’m going to continue frustrating myself trying to hold myself to a standard for this blog. That said, I don’t know if I’ll ever stop feeling like this. This blog also contributes to a feeling of guilt because of how much I’ve left hanging that just keeps getting worse.

I had fun while I was here, and I appreciate getting over 100 followers! That was something I never anticipated, despite the fact that I was never the most active. And maybe I’ll come back some time, so I won’t delete the blog. If I do, it will most likely be over the summer. But for now, I’m out and don’t know when or if I’ll be returning.

If you want to keep up with me, feel free to hit me up on my main blog @snowquills. And thank you all.

welcome to niko draws characters he knows nothing about!: a fun exercise for no damn reason. first up, kaneki. thanks to the anonny that requested him! im actually kinda cheating on this one cause i have read some of the TG manga. but i only got up to chp 60 something so. not really. we good. 

u know me, i like glitchy gifs. (i will, however, post up the png version too)

I don’t know why I keep writing these, but it seems every time I visit a new town I see a postcard that makes me think of you

unsent postcards - @martin-du-creff fun fact for you, this is the first time I’ve drawn someone with glasses in my sketchbook. I don’t know why, for some reason I just have not been drawing glasses on people. Not even that picture I did of my sister, who wears glasses. 

Sorry this one is kind of plain, but also it kind of feels like it was supposed to be? idk. I wish I’d done more on the tunic though. I’ve gotta start putting more effort into the clothing I’m drawing. 


Even if it’s a miracle that we met, or something else,
                         –I just want to say ‘thank you’.”

I was unoccupied for the day so I drew some cheebs for fun. Somehow ending up with my MU trash ships. Featuring Mumu, Reylinda and AmeFroy. ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊

※ -- Please ask for permission, and credit, 
if you wanna use the Robins one!

DONE! Oh my god, I made this a few days ago an just finished the entire process! sketch, ink and color! pheww…oh GODDD!! my wrist!!…It feels like i’m wearing a glove full of rocks!!

sigh, anyway I drew this when I saw similarities between the Gloom Brothers and The Original Pines Twins Stan and Ford. A simple mistake, and an accident at that broke the bond between two brothers for years all the way into adult hood. Wallis is Stan for obvious reasons, he is the more outspoken and fun one (plus a total Charlton) and Harold is Ford, the more introverted brother who might have made some bad choices and unsavory friends (Notice little Lemon head Bill?

This was really fun and exhausting to draw but I am proud with how it came out…

Also LOP (loverofpiggies) I LOVE GLOOMVERSE! I am so glad you are continuing it! I am like so intrigued now!! just another Fandom to add to the ever-growing list!! hope you like it!

Decided to do abother style emulation and this time I chose @kittenpawprints ~~ ♥ ~~ I absolutely adore her style, she works magic with flat colours ! I have to admit it may seem really easy job to colour with just few tones but seriously it takes lot of planning, especially when making partly lineless piece ! This one actually took me way longer to finish than the previous piece, but it’s okay as I really enjoyed my time and again learnt so much !

I’m not personally really much fond of the ponies in Friendship is Magic series but for some reason I really got urge to draw Luna ~~ Not sure if I did any justice to her but I really had fun working with her mane and tail ~~ Sparkles kinda got me into Disney mood, maybe I shall watch some princess movies later !

NSFW version can be found from here -> click ! ~~ ♥

anyway here’s the haikyuu roller derby au no one asked for 


sorry for how late this is! i had to take a break in the middle of doing this, it didn’ actually take me six hours lol

drawing mike is fun but for some reason i had a really hard time with making this look not dumb [i had to change the pupils bc i couldn’t get the sparkle-irises to look good] & i’m still ehh on it

shelfofawesome-deactivated20161  asked:

Oooohwah, if you're still taking prompts I'd love lil tall Sam working out with Alex and them just being shirtless buds together. <3

Did you say shirtless buds? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Originally I wasn’t going to add color to this…but, why not? I’m glad this prompt was in my box, considering it’s the simplest one I have atm and, for some reason I’ve been mentally exhausted all day. It was a lot of fun to draw these two! It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted my attempt at drawing shirtless men, so~ enjoy.

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after a lot of goofing around i finally got the screen cap i wanted

some bonus screen caps 

he really oes make the best faces haha

i hope no one pats you on the back  ever when you are making faces like that marineete

that is some MASTERFULLY flippy hair ok?? so flippy. 

anyway probs the most USEFUL screencap of Chat Noir ever….

you can see the details for EVERYTHING. what a useful drawing reference. so useful. 


Some small part of @mothmckrakken ’s fanfiction “13” –> Here’s the link for the fic at AO3!

First of all, I’m so sorry this took so long!! Since I read that fanfiction I wanted to do an illustration for it, but the main problem I had was that I simply couldn’t decide on which scene I wanted to draw. I started with several version of different scenes but I never had the feeling that I could catch the atmosphere in one single drawing. That’s whyyyyy I decided to draw a little doujinshi instead ^^;;; I really hope it’s okay, mothmckrakken, I made some slight modifications so it would fit better in the panels and I hope you like it although it’s a bit messy and quickly done ;; But I didn’t want to make you wait longer. (please tell me that the barkeeper was hot? because i imagined him being hot lmao)

Anyways, dear others, the main reason for this douji is- please take your time and go and read that fanfiction, because if you’re looking for a good RenRuki fic, this is one you should read. I really liked the characterization of both Rukia and Renji and it has very good scenes. Besides, it’s nicely and fluently written and fun to read!

The douji is 8 pages in total and the rest is under the cut. My drawing skills stop at backgrounds and hands, i’m sorry 8D I have some anons with prompts in my askbox as well, I’m working on them now, thank you so much!

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Just some silly AU I thought of while driving. >v<;;

Gabe told Lucio he was a target for some reason that he needed to change his appearance. Lucio disagreed at first, told the other he will if Gabe would do too. For fun! Gabe agreed, secretly keeping that he was hiding away from Talon, the one who was targeting Lucio.

Gabe doesn’t know the reason why the higher ups from Talon ordered to capture the smaller man, but whatever it is, he’ll keep him safe. ( ‘coz I dunno what really the reason is HAH! |||orz I just wanna draw them like this. ;u; )