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SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 7 - Favourite Fire Type: Turtonator  

I didn’t want to be boring and pick someone from the Litten family since I already did Incineroar so I chose Turtonator! I gotta say that despite being a little odd I kinda like this fellow! Mata mata turtles are cool so I was happy to see a Pokemon based on one. And with a neat typing, too! About time to get some different dragons in this game.


In august 2016, we went to Argentina to explore two parts of the country: the north part, Salta’s region and its incredible desertic landscapes, and the south part, El Calafate, its glaciers, and beautiful mountains.
Entirely filmed on sony A7SI, little tripod, 3 lenses (24-70, 14mm, 70-300), and goprohero3+black for a few shots (hyperlapses car shot on roads).
Music from premiumBeat

The editing on this one is pretty neat too.


SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 14 - Favourite Steel Type: Alolan Sandslash

The best steel type is appointed elsewhere so I chose Sandslash for this slot. Its typing was definitely a surprise but a neat one. I quite like the concept of frozen spikes, too. I thought that since the dex entry specifically says “its steel spikes are covered in ice” I’d make the spikes appear more like frozen clumps of porcupine-like spikes rather than pangolin scales. It somehow felt better.

It’s gonna be a while before she shows up, but I wanted to figure out Undyne’s Disney-Princess hair. I actually tried a lot of different styles, but ALL the other ones I tried were far too neat and “pretty” for my tastes and just didn’t fit. So I ended up erasing them all in a fit of rage.

As much as I like the headcanon that the Fish Queen has hilariously pretty hair, I’m not gonna make her look like a model. Because that’s… just wrong?

It may still be too pretty for some people’s taste X’D I’m sorry about that. I just think it’s hilarious to give butch characters something that’s super girly and out of their control. Because a: I’m kinda cruel and B: it’s really funny to me.

I totally didn’t mean to spend my last 30-45 minutes before bed watching Drifters MMD videos but that’s what I just did and now the feeling of wanting to cosplay Yoichi and do some dances has returned

genji banzai

They’ve fallen from the core, And see the story clear.
Each day, more and more, Of all possibilities we fear.
They’ll serenade with stories, and join in all tricks.
They are the embodiment of sight, and your friend amongst the pricks.

I really did try to make a serious poem, but then I didn’t. 

One of my most fav AUs, core!Frisk is kick-ass and also by @dokudoki <3 I just HAD to do something, anything, for this sweet story. 


Finished my drawing of Starscream sipping Energon! I also did one with my pencil lines turned back on, because that looked kinda neat too.

I really like how I was able to make the Energon look translucent but also glowing, and it was fun figuring out where all the light and shadow needed to go. I’m getting the hang of this program, and I can do crisp things like this as well as soft, painterly things. Now to learn how to do it faster XD

The quiet one

Xiumin/Minsoek I Fluff I 1,154 Words                                               

When you took the job as Secretary of the CEO of one of the biggest companies in South Korea you expected him to be serious, unfriendly, strict and maybe even a bit arrogant, you didn’t expect him to be quiet, caring, friendly, compassionate, down to earth and at times even a bit of a dork.

Hesitantly you stepped out of the elevator, taking your time to observe your surroundings. Everything was extremely tidy and neat, the kind of neat that made one uncomfortable, because everything was just too organized, too perfect. You probably couldn’t find a tiny bit of dirt anywhere even if you used the equipment of a murder investigator and that was exactly what made you so nervous. 

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glad to hear it! You had pretty good timing coming in when you did, Poppy, so now that we know Shotty is going to be alright, mind telling us a bit about yourself? All we know is your name and that you're close to Shotty

“If you’d like to know anything else, however, you can visit my blog! I have one too, isn’t that neat?”

“I’ll be taking my leave now, because Shotty told me he’s feeling a lil better. So yay! Goodbye, dollface!”

We agreed not to room together for fear of destroying the tentative friendship we’d formed last semester. Nothing ruins a friendship faster than rooming together too soon and discovering one person’s a neat freak and the other’s a slob. We still lived in the same building, though, on the same floor. Visiting was easy, then. Your room or mine? We joked about that.

Your roommate was constantly studying and mine bought fruit that he didn’t eat and left it to rot on top of the microwave, though, so we hung out in the little lounge on that floor with the huge windows that looked out over the parking lots and puddled rooftops, with the furniture that smelled like generations of piss and regrettable fucks. I had an off-white afghan my gran crocheted for some other family member but somehow I got stuck with it, so we huddled under that permanently cedar-scented thing and watched Vines and John Cena memes and made fun of your brother’s porn site.

On one occasion we fell asleep in that room on the filthy blue couch and when we woke up your phone was sticking to your face and our arms and legs were all twined together. It was awkward because you didn’t say anything or make a move to disentangle yourself, but it was also comfortable because you didn’t say anything or make a move to disentangle yourself.

We forgot to close the window and a frigid fall breeze wandered through. I thought about that fable I learned when I was little, the one about the sun and the wind competing to get the kids to take their jackets off, and how when the wind tried to blow them away the kids only clung tighter, but when the sun shone hotter they took them off by themselves, and the moral of the story is when you’re trying to get someone to take their jacket off, the best strategy is to be the sun and give them heat stroke. The wind never had a chance.

I don’t know why, but that’s what I thought of as I held you tighter that morning while the rising sun spilled and dripped through the leaves, and when you held me back, I had to wonder if the shiver I got was from the chill of the wind or the warmth of the sun.

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Or what if you could did a magic UF AU it in which everything gem related is the same, BUT they live on a planet full of wizards and witches (that don't have to hide in fear like in Harry Potter).So of course, Dipper and Mable would be magic users along with other GF and Su characters. Gideon could be an actual psychic, Waddles could be Mabel Familiar (a magic user animal companion), heck, maybe even Connie could be a witch! Shoot this is making me so excited I may type some plot points of this

Yeah this one sounds neat too. I mean its a long way off, so we’ll have to see but the idea of a magic UF AU sounds pretty neat imo.

Mmm…My brother really liked the idea that Jacket from Hotline Miami uses a tape recorder to communicate in Pay Day 2…. and I thought…that’d be pretty neat if Pyro had one too.

Like they would have nursery rhymes, kids songs or even “learn a language” informational bits pre - recorded on it. Just little snippets and bits so that they can get their message across.


“Yeah, my roommate dropped out and went back home to Cleveland a couple months ago, so I’ve got a spare bedroom,” Gail said, as she and Maddie rode the elevator up to the sixth floor, where Gail lived. “Only one bathroom, but I’m pretty neat so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.”