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Long-ass SB/ho tips outline and I don’t even care

I’m on a roll today haha.  Been typing these out as I think of them all week, so here is a list of things in order of what I perceive to be least to most talked about:

1. Be able to leave at any time. You never know when you’re going to have to make a run for it or if you feel unsafe and need to bounce.  This includes:

  • Know your exits.  Not all places have the exit the same as the entrance.  Figure out where the exit is either before you walk in or as soon as you do.
  • Keep all your things as close together as possible.  Pretty easy if you’re in a public place, but if you are at a hotel or his house or something, try to either keep everything packed or all your things in one place.  This makes you look neat and organized too, or at least you can claim that if he calls you on it.
  • When you’re done brushing your teeth, pack away your toothbrush again.  This goes for everything.  When you use it, put it back.
  • Keep your dirty clothes folded next to your suitcase, if not in it.
  • Keep your purse on your person or with your things.  I usually put it on the nightstand so it’s easy to remember, and my clothes/rest of my things usually end up next to the bed anyway.  Take your bag to the bathroom, especially if there are things inside that reveal your identity if you don’t want him to see.
  • If you take off your clothes, leave them right-side-out.  If you don’t do it as you take your clothes off, just fix them as soon as they’re off.  Leave all your clothes in one place.  If you’re naked and need to run, this speeds up the process and you don’t look a complete mess when you get outside.
    • For your shirt, grab the bottom hem and pull it over your head.  Once the neck clears your head, take the hem of one sleeve and pull your arm out of it.  Then use that arm to hold both sleeves as you remove your other arm.  This leaves you holding both sleeves by the ends as the shirt hangs down and your shirt stays ready to be put on quickly.
    • For your pants, step on the hem with one foot to slide the other leg out.  Might be a little tough with skinny jeans or leggings, but try to pull from the bottoms and slide out instead of peeling them off your body.
  • Have the number for a local taxi service saved in your phone.  Or Uber, or a friend nearby, or whatever you feel like.  Don’t rely on him to get you home.
  • Pack a pair of flats if you can because running in heels is way too hard.
  • If you do need to leave, put on your underwear, then pants.  Don’t need to wear the bra.  Put on your shirt, grab your things and leave.  Run to the staircase–don’t risk the elevator in case a bunch of people with luggage hold it up long enough for him to find you there.  Go barefoot down the stairs, then put on your shoes after you’ve reached the bottom.  At this point you should be holding your purse and bra, maybe socks, jacket, heels if you packed flats, and jewelry.  As you walk to the door, put your jewelry and bra in your purse if you can.  Put socks in the heels, or hold them if you’re wearing the heels.  Get into the taxi.  Put your bra on around your stomach, then pull it up under your shirt so you’re wearing it like a strapless bra (you can fix this later if you want).  Put on your socks if you have them.  Double check that you grabbed everything.  Get home safe.

2. Have a safe place to go to if needed.  This is anywhere very public and preferably somewhere you cannot be followed.  Know how to get there from wherever you are.

  • If you have a membership at a gym, they usually check membership cards at the door. 
  • If you are military/dependent, go on base. 
  • Go to your place of work and hide in the break room.  If your coworkers ask, say it was a Tinder date gone wrong and this creepy old guy is following you.
  • Worst case scenario, go to the bathroom in a public place.  Enlist the help of other women in there/call the hostess of the restaurant or a nearby store and explain the situation.

3. Put your phone on airplane mode.  Turn WiFi and location off.  I’ve seen it mentioned before where people pop up as Facebook suggestions.  If you spend a lot of time in the same area as someone, Facebook knows.  Even with location off, it can tell your location via WiFi access point and which cell your phone is connected to.  Turning off location and WiFi will help, but you need to disconnect your phone from service to block that avenue too.  I would say turn your phone off entirely, but my phone takes 6 million years to power on, so that could be dangerous in an emergency.  Turning off airplane mode can allow you to reconnect quickly to service.  (This is also useful because then your phone won’t be buzzing and stuff.  No distractions.)

4. Tell a friend where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.  Keep them updated with changes.  Even if they don’t respond, having it in writing somewhere can keep you safe if anything happens.  Message me where you’re going if you don’t have anyone else idgaf.

5. Ask for everything upfront.  Whatever you agreed on (cash, gifts, dinner, whatever), make sure you get it first.  I feel like everyone on Tumblr already knows this, but maybe one person will read this who hadn’t read it elsewhere and it’ll help.

6. Keep these things in your bag.

As always, add stuff I didn’t think of if you have anything!  Stay safe and may the sugar gods bless you all.


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any suggestions/cool pictures for diy snake hides? I have an old flowerpot in there atm, but she's outgrown her other cork hide and I want to make her something new :)

Just about anything can be used as a hide! Turning cheap tupperware containers into hides is super easy and can be really neat too. You can get them at the dollar store and buy a bag of landscaping or fish tank gravel and use silicone to decorate the container.



Foamboard and grout can make some great ones, too! You make them the same way you’d make a custom background. ( @wheremyscalesslither has an easy tutorial here. She also has one that fits as a base and holds the snake’s water bowl, conserving space by creating a hide under the bowl, but I can’t seem to find the link)




You can usually find some really neat ones on etsy, too. And then, of course, things like boxes, baskets, flower pots, PVC pipe and lots more can also be used. Anything that’s safe and lets the snake feel secure is a good hide :)


wonder woman: warbringer by leigh bardugo


Reader insert
WC 1263

Warning: Angst, swear words, sounds like a major depressive episode, reader not taking care of herself. May trigger some.
AN Sorry. Clearly my head isn’t in a great place. Heed the warnings and triggers. Feel free to message me if you need more warnings.

You stared blankly out the window, willing yourself to calm down. You were shaking and you knew it was only a matter of time before you were reprimanded. Panicking at the thought, you imagined the worse case scenario when your door flew open.

“Dammit Y/N! What the fuck were you thinking?”

You avoided eye contact, knowing he was right.

“Fifteen minutes, conference room,” and he stormed out.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. It wasn’t enough time to shower and clean up and yet it was the longest amount of time.

You went to wash your face, avoiding looking at the mirror. You were angry, ashamed, hurt, and scared. You didn’t know what the repercussions of your actions would be but you knew this time it would be severe. It wasn’t the first time you acted impulsively and you had already been warned about your behaviour in the field. This time was different.

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For my cleancore homies….Consumer Reports put out an issue all about cleaning, every page is WONDERFUL, it’s available for sale now so I highly recommend getting it if you have $8 to spare!!


Who hogs the blankets?
▪️Ethan. Totally. Tyler would wake up and Ethan would be rolled into a burrito with all the blankets, so Tyler would just give up and go to the couch.

Which one cuts the others hair?
▪️Ethan cuts Tyler’s hair, seeing how his haircuts are really simple, but the first time Ethan cut his hair Tyler was so nervous.

Which one makes coffee in the morning for the other?
▪️Tyler will get up and make Ethan’s coffee, 3 packets of sugar and about 2 tbsp of creamer. He’ll have it sitting on the desk in a thermos waiting for Ethan with a cute little note or something.

Which one picks up the food/pizza?
▪️They argue about this a lot. So they usually just get delivery. But if someone has to, it would be Tyler because Tyler likes to be the bigger man.

Who likes their music at full volume?
▪️Ethan. Ethan likes to tune out the world at times. But Tyler does like his music, but without headphones.

Who complains about the crumbs on the bed?
▪️Oh my god Tyler. Tyler will get mad about the house being messy and stuff too. Tyler is a neat freak.

Which one is ticklish?
▪️Ethan. No brainer. Tyler likes to tickle Ethan when he doesn’t get his way. Ty will pin Ethan against the wall and just tickle him with his breath.

Which one sings, who plays the music?
▪️Ethan plays ukulele, and Tyler would hum or sing little songs. But sometimes Ethan tries to teach Tyler ukulele and Tyler will sing “I can’t help falling in love with you” and make Ethan’s heart melt.

Which one proposes?
▪️Tyler! Tyler would set up a nice date night and stuff. Then take Ethan to the place they first met, and have a little speech and proposes. Ethan obviously says yes and they live happily ever after.

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Rfa + minor trio's reaction to me being around 13-14 (Ps I love your headcannons and I hope this one is okay ahha. I hope you have a lovely day ^~^)

Thank you, nonnie! You too! sorry for any typos!!!!!


  • “Oh! MC is young? Me too!”
  • Trying to comprehend how a lil youngin such as yourself ended up in the RFA because woah??
  • You guys both need to focus on work, he’ll help however he can
  • Don’t ask for help with math because Yoosung can’t do it
  • Or riddles, if for some odd reason, you have some riddles to solve on a worksheet, don’t ask him
  • the second youngest so he soooorrrttt of clicks with you?
  • Staying up late? He knows. Lots of schoolwork? He knows
  • but he’s also so confused, he asks questions all the time
  • “MC why were you alone?” “Why did you talk to a stranger?” “You’re so little, aren’t people searching for you?” 


  • Called you “jagiya” a few times before he found out your age and he feels terrible about the fact that he did it because
  • 13 ½ IS SO YOUNG???? AND ZEN IS 23/24 (depending on whether you’re going by International or Korean age)
  • Always talks like he’s an old man, like you guys could be talking about textbooks and Zen might throw some comment like:
  • “Oh, hey, MC might not really know what those are-” “Zen I’m not five I know what the hell a textbook is”
  • “Well, when I was younger, things were a lot different than they are now-” like okay yeah they’re different but Zen you didn’t fight in the cold war tone it down


  • “I’m not sure that someone as young as MC is capable of doing Rika’s work”
  • She’s not exactly wrong, 13-14 is a really young age to be living alone at an apartment and dealing with a fundraising event and aren’t your caretakers worried like woah?
  • Jaehee is extremely worried when finding out your age because of literally so many things
  • Are they gonna get charged with some sort of kidnapping? Where is your family, aren’t they looking for you?? How are you living in Rika’s apartment by yourself, what is going on-
  • Depending on your maturity level, Jaehee will either really get along with you (and also find it impressive that you’re so mature for your age) or she’ll think of you as a nuisance and not much of a help to the organization (if you’re extremely immature)
  • *threatens to call your mother if you don’t stop flirting with these grown ass men*


  • Jumin’s like fourteen years older than you, you’re literally like half his age
  • “Absolutely not. Luciel, find this young boy/girl’s parents.”
  • If you flirt with him, shit gets real awkward
  • If you’re mature, he might become fond of you. Not in a romantic way, of course, but he’ll do his best to warn you about the ways of the world-
  • zen comes in and ruins that with “what would you know, jerk, you were born with a silver spoon” 
  • Frequently asks Seven not to ruin you with his jokes, pranks, and lolololing 


  • He had a rough childhood so if you’re having one too then he’ll try to help?
  • He knows what it’s like to feel unloved, so he would prefer you or any other kids your age not having to feel the same way
  • “lolol s/he can’t visit any of us or it’ll be weird lolololol”
  • Always teases about your age
  • “LOLOL such a baby, look how young”
  • Seven won’t make too many comments on it because if he gets along with you then he just gets along with you
  • Gives you “stranger danger education” over the phone because you know, just in case


  • the fuck
  • “uh……..okay…..” 
  • “Don’t you have letters…to trace…or something..”
  • Saeran isn’t exactly sure how to handle someone that young? 16-17 is kinda the youngest he can handle before it gets awkward
  • “Ya, I got you those gerber things, I dunno if you like em”
  • S A E R A N I AM NOT A T O D D L E R
  • Usually goes to his brother for advice on how to entertain a child
  • If you’re one of the innocent youngins then he’ll likely pat your head and sort of take you under his wing in his own special way like “I like fidget spinners” “oh that’s cool. Yeah I have one too, they’re sort of neat” 
  • If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you’re disrespecting your family for no reason, drinking underage, doing drugs, and talking about all the genitals you want in your face he’s gonna bEAT YOUR ASS *maybe not beat your ass but:
  • “I’m not babysitting some little fucking hellion, you better straighten the fuck up, kid”


  • A little taken aback…..?
  • Only at first though
  • Will want to indirectly/directly help care for you *depending on the situation* *He’ll help however he can*
  • Probably the only one that fully processes the fact that, though 13 is young, it isn’t like you’re 8 years old
  • Really worried since you’re young, though
  • He always wants to monitor and make sure everything is going alright. 
  • No family problems? Are you getting your schoolwork done? Do you need help? Is the RFA work getting overwhelming
  • You can literally ask for help if you need it, he will absolutely assist if he can
  • V doesn’t want something to happen to you so he doesn’t exactly like if you go anywhere alone? (Seriously though no matter what age you are, if you don’t have a proper defense then please either don’t go out or at least have a few people with you)
  • You aren’t a baby, but you are still a child so…just…” careful, okay?”


  • “Excuse me?”
  • If you’re gonna be a second Seven then DON’T COME NEAR MARION VANDERWOOD THE 3RD.
  • Vanderwood is generally annoyed by the current generation of people who are below the age of eighteen
  • “haha you sound old-” “hahaha you sound old- how about I come over there and demonstrate how a taser feels against your bare skin you little shit-
  • If you’re very polite and mature and you do something like help him clean then-
  • what the hell is going on did Luciel put you up to this shit
  • He nags Seven to do his agency work so if you think he’s not gonna nag you to do your schoolwork then boy oh boy are you w r o n g
  • Vanderwood can be very awkward about this because you aren’t like..5 or 6, you’re not gonna ask for a juice and some cartoons and be fine but you also aren’t 17 or 18 so you aren’t exactly old enough to have an understanding of how to take care of yourself in the real world
  • he tries though, you have to give him credit because he tries his best to….properly…tend to this child

I have this one question @blur fandom…. WHY DO YALL IGNORE ALEX’S BASS IN MUSIC IS MY RADAR?

or more like


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Thanks for answering my RBA question! There are 3 or 4 variations on "what is RBA?" that auto fill in google, so a shit ton of people are asking that and not getting any answers. Someone who cares should make an entry into the AoT wiki. I'm actually not a fan(sorry), the show was too hyped for me to enjoy. I'm not that much of an anime fan at all. But internet hyped OPM, too, and lived up to the hype. Don't ask me how I found your blog. I'm secretly a dog on the internet.

Oh you must be part of 

I see the “Sport and Robbie adopt and raise Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, Stingy, Trixie, &sometimes Rottenella”

and the “Ithro and Glanni raise Sport and/or Robbie (together/separately)” domestic set ups

BUT where’s my fic of Sport and/or Robbie telling Ithro and/or Glanni they’ve practically adopted a bunch of kids and not expecting them to be like “neat, we got one of those too!” And introducing them to this preteen/teen named jives who loves to garden with Ithro and drives Glanni insane with his fashion sense and dirt while also being quite fond of him for some reason.

(And maybe they’re in the process of picking up another stray named Penny who is a cunningly charming girl that has Glanni more wrapped around her finger than not and who Ithro has proudly watched Glanni teach to actively pursue her wants rather than just beg and whine, even if that means Ithro now has to fondly keep their get rich schemes from getting out of hand)

Also acceptable would be if It’s Glanni and/or Ithro who decides to tell Robbie and/or Sport about the kid(s) they’ve found themselves parenting and Robbie and/or Sport are like “You should try raising this many” *gestures to the group of kids actively getting into mischief* and “Oh yeah, that reminds me, did I ever remember to tell you that I have my own kids now? No? Oops, well, to start with there’s 5 of them…”

Also imagine Sportarobbie and Glannithro comparing parenting stories, exchanging advice, and silently competing at who can be the “better dad.”

Robbie and Glanni are totally the dads who find ways to place bets on their kids against each other. Sport and Ithro are the type to find out, act disappointed and reprimand them while secretly also putting bets on their partners and on their kids.

MOSTLY I just want Jives (&penny) included and raised by the glannithro (the forgotten play children for the play versions of sportarobbie)