this one was just a matter of time


“No, sorry Lance I can’t hang. I’m out of town for the week. Sorry dude.” Pidge sounded far away on the phone. That was alright, she was always busy anyway. He’d called Shiro then.

“Nope. Sorry Lance. Keith and I are out of town.”

“For how long?”

“About a week?” That was cool. They were probably sucking face anyway, he didn’t need to be there for that.

“Allura do you wanna go to-”

“Lance, stop calling everyone. They told you, we’re out of town.” She cut him off rather harshly. Lance could hear someone say her name in the background to which she responded with a “what?”

“Wait, where are you guys?”

Allura came back to the phone and answered him as if he should have already known. “On a cruise. We’ll be back in a week. Lance we’ve been planning this for a month so if you could–”

“WAIT YOU LEFT ME OUT OF A CRUISE?! WHAT THE HELL ALLURA?!” Lance yelled into his phone. “Put me on speaker.” His mind ran in circles over all the reasons they left him out of a trip.

“Lance, can you chill? We didn’t think you’d want to come.” He could practically hear Keith roll his eyes.

“What gave you that impression?” Lance caught his voice wavering with each word he spoke. He was upset they left him out of a cruise and didn’t even tell him they were going in the first place. They purposely did this to him.

“Well we’re going to Cuba and we know how much you complain about the heat and bugs so we just thought you wouldn’t want to go.” Keith answered.

Lance nearly dropped the phone. He was in complete and utter shock.

He put the phone back to his ear and started cursing them out in Spanish feeling his fingers cramp from clutching the phone so hard now.

“Woah- Lance slow down what are you saying?!” Shiro’s voice was clear.

“I WAS BORN IN CUBA YOU DICKS.” He finally said with the tears choking him. He wheezed and coughed. “I have family in Cuba! And you’re going on a fucking cruise?! You didn’t ask me!”

“Lance we didn’t know-”

“BECAUSE YOU NEVER ASKED. Hunk knew– Wait where’s Hunk?” Lance had realized Hunk was the only one who hadn’t spoken to him.

“I’m right here Lance. I asked them why you weren’t coming and they told me you didn’t want to. It was odd but I didn’t call you. I’m sorry.” Hunk tried to explain but everyone knew he was just as guilty as the rest of them.

“Some fucking friends you are.” He almost hung up before he heard Keith one last time.

“Why the fuck are you so upset? Look, we’re sorry, we didn’t know. You can’t blame us–.” Lance never hung up the phone so fast before in his life.

He was angry, he was sad, and most of all he felt abandoned. They didn’t know where he was from despite him always talking about it, they didn’t think he’d want to come because he’d complain?

It doesn’t matter. He’s got other friends he doesn’t need them anyway. He doesn’t…

Do you want to know a secret? Come closer, but not too close or you will get weird ideas. Because that’s what I am to you, right? A pair of legs who will spread according to your will. A pair of knees who will bend to pray in the morning and will satisfy your pleasures in the evening. I’m sorry if I’m being too blunt but my mouth can talk, among other things. And we’re the same, you and I. We share the same wishes, the same sins, the same thoughts but only I will be blamed for it.

I bleed in red valleys ending at the maturity of your thoughts. You bleed into paintings strung across the same notes that bind our shoes, and while I’m restricted to interpreting lips for wants I don’t desire, I still crave understanding that surpasses the skin I’m greeted in. You raised a person when you held her shoulders down and loved in self-conscious, yet wonder why she trusts people like a voice to text to get thoughts right the first time.

Is an apology for privilege a welcome one? Should a win not matter because someone lost? Do I have to spell out the words I AM SORRY every time someone treats you unfairly for reasons that can’t be explained with clothes on? If I was sure it would help you lead a life better than the goddesses we came from. I would. I have always known you were no different from me. I just wondered if you knew it, too. Because that’s a start.

—  Collab between the three musketeers, better known as @giulswrites  @teacup13 , @writingbykawelwa

Being Sirius’ daughter would include…

- Lets be honest, at first the thought of having to take care of a child would frighten Sirius a lot

- He wouldn’t know how to correctly behave, how to be a good role model and his worst fear would be that you’d grow up in a family like his

- Which is why he started sorting things out and came to the conclusion, that his most important ‘mission’ would be to make you feel loved and safe

- At the exact moment he held you in his arms for the first time, he would know that his previous decision wouldn’t be a ‘mission’ at all

- Loving you with all his heart would just come naturally, and no matter how old you’d be, you would always be his little princess

- He would always tell you stories about his years in Hogwarts, even though he would probably leave out some more ‘questionable’ details

- No one has ever looked as proud as Sirius before you’d go to Hoogwarts for the first time

- Even though he had the best time of his life at Hogwarts, he would miss you incredibly much and would always scratch out the dates on his calendar until the next vacations would start

- Sirius would shamelessly make use of his ability to make dad jokes now

- Sirius would be absolutely overprotective over you. Not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he can’t endure the thought of something happening to you

- Literally, at every date you would have, at some point you’d see a big black dog at the other side of the street

- When you two would get into fights at some point, they would never last longer than one day

- Sirius would calm down in the evening at the latest, because he would never want to sleep while you’re mad at each other

- He would remember how he felt when he was younger, while you would know that he only behaves the way he does because he loves you and wants to protect his little girl

- Uncle Remus would come and visit every week to see his goddaughter, always bringing new books for you, along with some chocolate

- Even if your little family might be anything but ordinary, you would always know that you are loved and cared for, which is everything Sirius wants
you to be

attention all yoi graphic makers!

would you be interested in a discord server where you could exchange ideas and tips with others and curse photoshop together? me and @vyctornikiforov were just talking about how writers and artists (i think?) have servers to talk about their stuff and decided that we should have one as well! it doesn’t matter whether you edit pics, make gifs or any other kind of graphics nor if you’ve been doing them for a long time or are just starting ♥

please like/reblog/comment is this sounds like something you’d enjoy! ♥

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Why you love Eren so much???

This is hard to answer because I honestly don’t know where to start! Sorry it took me a while to answer, I wanted to write this down so :) Sorry if it’s messy and repetitive. Eren is so so important to me in so many different ways and he makes everything so much better. I genuinely care a lot about him and he has changed me in positive ways. It’s hard to explain but to me he’s just wonderful and amazing and he’s always there for me.

Eren is a truly fantastic and genuine character and he brings out the best in people (including me) and is able to inspire everyone around him. He is a genuine kid who stays true to himself no matter what, who speaks up for what he thinks is right. He has a ridiculously huge heart even though people ignore that and his core is brave and determined, he moves people just by being himself. Eren is passionate, ardent, desirous, strong willed and those are things I deeply admire about him. He is unique and so so so amazing, he makes me value stuff around me a lot more and he makes me feel passionate and loving, he inspires me and gives me something to look forward to, he gives me a reason, something to be happy about and I will never regret loving such a delightful character. I’m unconditionally proud of him and I feel like every day I find a new reason to admire him. I could just sit all day and stare at him and I would never get bored.

Eren is a great friend, the best friend anyone could possibly have and he is always there for his friends no matter what, even when it means protecting them with his own life. He cares a lot about his dear ones and would never hesitate when it comes to them. Although his childhood was taken away from him, Eren remains loving and caring and would do anything to get that happiness and freedom back. Eren works harder than everyone else to achieve his goals and never gives up, he trains so ridiculously much because he believes he can achieve greater things, he overworks himself to prove his worth and to feel like he is needed and that he can help everyone. Eren is the type of person who overworks himself to the point of being physically exhausted and getting nosebleeds just so that he can be useful and because he wants to use his abilities to use others. He wants people to approve him, he wants to feel needed, he wants to know he can be more than just a burden, he wants to help and he wants people to understand how much he values his cause and how much he would sacrifice for it. Eren bluffs because he himself wants to believe he’s strong and a “good weapon” for humanity. He wants to believe in himself, he needs reassurance just like a normal kid would and that’s because he treasures people’s lives and is tired of seeing everyone around him suffering because of him.

Eren has begged to die, he has been tortured, he has seen his friends die, he has seen his mom being eaten, he was forced to grow up way too fast, he has to live with the fact he has his goddamn father, he knows when he’s going to die, he has been hurt countless times, people have tried to kill him, he has lost all his hope, he has seen awful stuff, he struggles a lot with all the mixed memories he gets, he feels betrayed by his own dad and by people he looked up to, he has self harmed himself so so so many times, he is exhausted, he is feared and not trusted by most people, he has lost limbs, he even has been eaten by a titan, he has been treated like a monster with no feelings, he blames himself for the deaths of so many people, he blames himself for his dad’s acts, his dreams have been crushed… but this kid remains strong and true to himself, Eren keeps his head up for the sake of what is right. Eren wants to help people without expecting anything in return from them, and that’s something very important he has taught me. He keeps fighting no matter what and dedicates his heart and soul to what he thinks is the right thing to do. He spreads strength and hope, he makes people understand their true value and gives them a reason to always keep fighting.

Eren has been through so much development and that proves how amazing his character really is. He is aware of his surrounding and learns with his mistakes. He has doubted himself so many times and he has learnt that he can’t do everything alone, he has learnt how to value team work. He’s way more than his “anger issues”, he’s honest, emotional, courageous, compassionate, and there’s this huge mix of emotions inside him. He’s reckless and stubborn but he always takes action and has learnt to control his emotions. He has a great morality and wants the world to be fair and real. He has a striving spirit and a kind and generous heart. His sheer determination and his hard work were enough to take him to the place he is now, and he should be proud of himself. He has learnt so much and he has a huge huge huge potential. He can do anything he sets his mind to. Eren admires and respects his comrades with his entire heart, he looks up to people and follows their examples because he wants to be a great soldier.

Eren made it to the top 5 in his trainee squad even after being told he wouldn’t be able to make it, he didn’t hesitate to fight the colossal titan when it appeared in Trost despite being a new soldier with no fighting experience, he sacrificed his life for Armin and saved him with only one leg, he saved Mikasa form her kidnappers giving her a new family, he punched a titan with his bare hands and saved everyone, he was ready to sacrifice his life just so that Historia could eat him. Eren is badass and wonderful even without relying on his titan powers and fights even though he knows he has low chances of actually winning. He closed both holes in wall Rose and wall Maria and provided humanity their first victory against titans, he fought the female, armoured and colossal titans alone, he mastered his hardening ability and used it to save everyone once again, he gives people a reason to remain hopeful. He carries the burden of “not being a hindrance to humanity” and deals with a lot of stress, uncertainty and pressure, yet he’s still ready to go no matter what. This kid never gets time to properly rest and just be a kid, and was forced to embrace powers he never asked for.

In spite of everything, this is just a little boy who probably misses his mom probably a lot and who doesn’t want anyone to go through the same as him. Eren is my happiness, he is always full of life and lights up my world just by being his unique and amazing self. He really does inspire me a lot and really do care a lot about him, so I hope one day he gets the opportunity to be happy and surrounded by his loved ones. I am very grateful that I found something so worth of love as Eren and I’m always here for him :)

The Hundred Times Castiel Killed Dean Winchester, and the One Time He Didn't.

The first time, he flat out refused to do it. “Kill Dean Winchester” Naomi screeched, but he wouldn’t do it. He would never hurt Dean again. So they brought out the angel blades, and dug into his skin. He could feel his blood boil, his grace struggling to escape, every instinct yelling at him to stop, and just give in, but he won’t do that. He would not hurt Dean. So they continue to carve him, and slice into him. After what feels like an eternity, they stop. Gingerly, he raised his head, and he sees green. “What’s the matter, Cas?” Dean stresses over the syllables, like a taunt. Castiel hates it.
“This ain’t anything new you know. You’ve fucked up so many times. We’re so much better off without you.“ Castiel begs him to stop, but he continues “Do it, kill me angel, everybody knows you’ll do it anyway. Nobody cares. Because here’s the bottom line - We don’t need you.”
So Castiel does it, he picks up the blade and stabs that - that abomination, just to get him to stop. It tears his insides out, he feels pain, and his eyes glaze over as he struggles to stay on his feet.

The thirtieth time, Castiel cries. He cries like he never has. He just wants it to stop. He considers plunging the blade into his own chest, but Naomi having forseen it, had charmed the blade to not hurt Castiel. The gross mimicry of Dean continues to make its comments, goading Castiel to kill him. She continues to have the angel blade dug into his shoulders, it hurts and Cas just wants it to stop. He wants everything to stop.

By the sixty second time, his senses have started to numb. He remembers green eyes, a warm smile, and distant thoughts at the back of his head, but he just can’t connect the pieces together. He mechanically continues to stab the figure lying in front of him. A voice in his head is screaming at him, telling him to stop, but he pays no heed to it.

The Eighty fourth time around, Castiel is sure of his mission. He will kill the pathetic human lying in front of him, he has his mission, his mission to serve God, and he will see it through.

Hundred is dead before he hits the ground. Castiel is heaven’s most feared weapon again.

The one hundred and first time, Castiel does not stop, not even when he hears the sickening crunch of bones breaking underneath his fists. He has his mission, and he will complete it. He reaches for his blade, to deliver the death blow, showing no sign of relenting even when an arm reaches for him. “Cas, I need you”.
And suddenly, all at once, Castiel starts to feel. He feels longing, he feels pain, he feels green eyes over his own, comforting him when he was lost. But most of all, he feels Dean Winchester. And just like that, he drops the blade. He will not hurt Dean.

i like sleeping in my skeleton clique tank top, the one with the bone hands making the |-/ thing, because it always smells faintly of a bonfire no matter how many times i wash it and it’s soft and makes me feel like the clique is always here for me to help me when my thoughts get bad, especially at night

thanks, clique, for making me feel safe enough at night to sleep soundly

just a girl with severe anxiety


This is my entry for @d-s-winchester and her 4k bon jovi celebration challenge! I choose the awesome song wanted dead or alive :)

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Cas (mentioned), a monster or two

Word count: 2,048 (italics are reader’s thoughts and the line of the song I used is bolded)

“I can’t Sam”.

Shock. Confusion. Disbelief. All those and more showed on Sam’s face. I wasn’t surprised; after all the number of times I had said no to the Winchesters before today was exactly 0. But what he was asking of me? I just couldn’t.

“Y/N, what do you mean you can’t?” Sam’s voice was steady even if his mind was working overtime “I know you don’t do many hunts but either me or Dean will be with you at all times”. Of course I knew that even before he said it, the entire time I’d known them they’d protected me.

Dropping the box on the floor I took a couple of deep breathes cursing that the elevator had been broken. I had finally saved enough to get my own place and today I had moved the last of my stuff in. Sure the wiring was dodgy and the A/C kept dropping on and off but it was all mine…a home. 3 weeks later however and I was ready to snap. I had spent money I barely had just to be told that there was nothing wrong with the wiring or the A/C but that didn’t change the fact that they still kept having a mind of their own.  

A knock on the door pulled me from my murderous thoughts. Opening it I almost did a double take at the 2 ridiculously good looking men stood there. “Y/N Y/L/N?” asked the one nearest me, bright green eyes glancing past me into my apartment.
“Yes that’s me.”  
“Agent Bonham and this is Agent Page from the FBI. Wondered if we could ask you a couple of questions about the deaths that happened a few days ago”. The deaths in question had been my upstairs neighbours.
“Oh I’m not sure how much I’d be able to help I was at work at the time”  
“Well this is more general questioning, background on the couple that sort of thing” said the taller man.

40 minutes later and I was showing the two agents out, the taller one giving me his card and telling me to call if I needed. Pulling my hair up into a ponytail my mind went over the conversation I’d just had. Having never spoken to the FBI or any sort of police for that matter I wasn’t sure just what kind of answers they’d been looking for. They’d seemed almost disappointed at the news that the couple had been the perfect example of loves young dream and that I didn’t know much about the buildings history. And the noise the green eyed one had made when I mentioned about my wiring. Surely the FBI had no interest in that sort of thing.

A couple of days later and my world turned upside down. This figure had just appeared in my home and tried to kill me. Locking myself in the bathroom I scrambled for my purse and hoped that I wasn’t about to sound too crazy. “Agent Page speaking.”
“Um, hi, my names Y/N, you and your partner came round a few days ago?” I shakily got out.
“Yes I remember.  Is everything Ok?” Everything was not ok. The man was stood right in front of me. How the hell had he got past the locked door? Which was still locked?
“Please agent come quick someone’s trying to kill me!” I couldn’t say anymore then that as the man’s cold hands wrapped round my throat and threw me through the door. I gasped, trying desperately to find someway of getting him off me. My fingers curled round my fire poker and I swung wildly, disbelief and fear setting in as the man flickered and then disappeared.  

That was how I found out that everything you were scared of as a kid you should be scared of as an adult. Sam and Dean burned the painting the ghost was tethered to and saved me. And I’ve been in the hunting life ever since. Not really the active side of things, more as a researcher/alibi provider type of thing. Sam said to me once that only an old friend of theirs was better at remembering lore and legends. Dean was a bit more crass with it, telling Cas that I could bullshit my way through anything. And that’s how the Winchesters became my best friends, friends that I would do anything for because without them I’d have been dead a long time ago.

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You need to be on a special level of fucking asshole to inbox me asking for nudes after I just made it perfectly clear that I do NOT want to be asked for nudes 40 times a day anymore. I get that it’s a part of Tumblr. I get that plenty of girls get asked for nudes on the daily. But for real people?!!! There are SO MANY pics of naked girls on Tumblr… You have nothing better to do than to annoy me? Get a fucking life. If I have one singular complaint about this website, it’s that guys talk to girls however they want, no matter the wishes of the female and that’s just not ok. This is a place to express ourselves absolutely, but be respectful of other’s wishes.

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just say ur a pedophile and just want to fuck little girls u disgusting piece of shit, modern anime is trash because i haven't seen a single one that doesn't oversexualizes kid you sick fuck KYS AND ALL OF YOUR SUPPORTERS

you know sometimes when i get depressed i feel like i don’t matter, but you just took time out of your day to tell me how you feel about me.


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this, her complexion seems a little too mature for it; this one has enough mischief in her, but galko.....-_-'

Galko is plenty deserving of a fang. She is one who is always happy and innocent. 

I mean just look at this beautiful smile, what’s not to love about it. Body type or appearance shouldn’t matter when it comes to a beautiful and wholesome smile.
Most characters with fangs are energetic, innocent and playful people, with some exceptions but those are usually non-human beings, and these types of characters tend to be lolis that’s just the fact of the matter.
Galko is the most innocent out of the 3 main characters, she loves spending time with her friends and even takes up Otako on her book and anime suggestions. So who cares how she looks she is a beauty in her on right and deserve of fangs just as much as the rest.

Just a little sneak peek at a fic im writing

It’s always been the two of them against the world. 

Being seven making paper eye patches to wear during their sword fights, sharing chicken pox miserably at nine but it was okay because wearing mittens as lobster claws was cool, the race at eleven for whose voice would crack and who’d get their first armpit hair, turning fifteen and competing for the higher amount of goals in football for a dumb trophy or being seventeen doing Russ together while throwing what they thought were groundbreaking parties. The time at nineteen fates finally deemed goodbye for a while was necessary. 

“Promise me that no matter how far we’re separated this isn’t a permanent goodbye.” Chris muttered quickly because feelings sucked. Change was scary. He was smart enough to know that this would happen one day. He just never wanted it too. “You’re my best friend.”

Always the dramatics. He was going to miss it. 

William expected this to go much easier. Everyone found it so easy to leave him so why was it so hard to just pick himself for once. Chris had never left him. It was that simple. Instead, William felt terrible like he was losing a limb from his body, but he’d never dare show it. “When Noora and I have kids, I need proof that I was cooler.”

“Fuck you, Magnusson.”  Chris cursed sticking both middle fingers in his face. 

“You wish.”

One pill after another to swallow. 

“I think I’m in love with Eva.” That statement didn’t throw William. It’s been four years  leading up to this moment. Two spent where Chris only had eyes for Eva. Anyone involved with either of them could see it. For Christ sake, they’ve been attached at the hip. He’s more surprised that its taken him this long to admit he has feelings.

Speaking of Strike Commander Reyes

I personally love me some strike commander Reyes AUs from time to time (though everything is perfect because Reyes is in charge AUs irritate the crap outta me) and I just had a Headcanon/thought about it that I wanted to share.

Whenever Reyes is acting in an official capacity, which is most of the time, he has to dress the part. As Strike Commander he doesn’t have the freedom to dress like he wants. He doesn’t get to wear his beanie or anything that he prefers. Jack has to help keep him groomed because the entire world scrutinizes his appearance.

He has to wear the blue because he represents Overwatch’s ideals and appearances matter even if he thinks it’s stupid. It’s just one of a million little things that wear him down overtime. So basically, strike commander Reyes = no beanie and no hoodie. I mean there are tons of other things he hates, but that one is particularly personal.

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Hey! I really love your art! And I hope you keep doing what you love! Even if you quit tumblr or leave on hiatus without us knowing- just remember we will still support you! I really hope your smiling and having a great time- even without posting anything here, since the one thing I want for everyone is to be happy with themselves and to make sure that everyone knows they matter even if they think they don't. I see your posts and they make me smile & others probably think so too- stay strong! -A

I would like to see you smile, It really cheers me up. And thank you I really super appreciate it⭐️ no matter how hard & much it punches me down, it’ll take time for me to get back up. And it show that I haven’t giving it up. I want to turn things around and I would like to show the positive side. It’s my turn, and I want to show of all the thing. Sure it’s was a bad, sad & sorrow, but it show us we can do it better. If someone goes down, I’m going down too. I wouldn’t leave someone that is still special to me. So, I hope we can fun once more⭐️🌟✨ I will still remain strong.✨🌟⭐️-B

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That anon getting on you for being angry at people being awful to esther and matt is probably one of the ones that see nothing wrong with the grossness that is this fandom a lot of the time. especially towards the cast. it's not just alec that gets held to impossible standards in the show but matt outside. he can never win no matter what he does. i have a very real fear people are going to start leaving the show b/c of how awful this fandom is to them. anyway you're awesome and always positive!!

Thanks, I got a similar message from this anon a few weeks ago and idk why they decided to stick around if they don’t like what I post. I try not get involved in the drama but i’m also not going to stay silent if I see someone I admire and genuinely care for is being mistreated.

What happened today with Matt and Esther really hurt me because I can’t believe our fandom has come to this point. A fandom that just a year ago was celebrated as one of the most amazing fandoms out there, where everyone got along, there were no fights and barely any drama. I don’t know what happened in the meantime and how we ended up here, but I know we still have an amazing show, and the most amazing cast and it would hurt me immensely to lose either of those, so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Character Creation - Where The Hell Do I Start?

How do I create characters is one of those questions in the writing world that no matter how many times it’s answered, and no matter how much content is out there we still see it over and over and over, so today I’m going to break down one of the reasons I think this question never feels answered for some writers.

I often see this question answered in two polar opposite ways.

The first way is to say just make up as much as you need to for the character in question, and while that’s true and helpful, it’s only helpful for those that already have a character idea particularly set out.

It doesn’t help someone who’s just trying to create character from scratch.

The other way I see this answered is with long character sheets or questionnaires.

These come in the forms of roleplaying style forms to fill out, or a hundred questions, or a list of traits and favorites.

These are great to flesh out a character that you already have a good solid idea on, but the problem with this answer is if you are just starting to build a character this is overwhelming.

So what we’re going to talk about today is a niche I think is being missed when a lot of writers ask How do I create a character by breaking down just a few specific things every character needs.

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Would you recommend a leopard gecko or a bearded dragon to a first time reptile owner?

Definitely! They’re both great beginner lizards.

If you’re asking which one is better, it’s mostly a matter of preference. For a quick comparison:

Leopard geckos:

  • don’t get very big
  • relatively cheap and simple setup
  • nocturnal, might hide most of the day
  • eat live insects
  • docile and easy to handle, but fragile
  • soft and squishy

Bearded dragons:

  • bigger, need a lot of space
  • absolutely MUST have a good quality uvb light
  • diurnal, bask most of the day
  • eat vegetables, fruit, and insects
  • very interactive, many seem to enjoy being handled
  • hard and spiky

i was tagged by @mianarazta and @andavs, so, here i am.  doing the thing.  like a doer of things would do.

A - Age: 28.  wow.  i had to do math to figure that out.  that is so sad for me.  it’s not a nifty enough number to remember off the top of my head, in my defense.  ask me who all the members of nsync are though.

B - Biggest fear: any kind of brain trauma that results in not being able to trust what your mind is telling you.  did i casual-forget where i put my keys or ARE CHUNKS OF GRAY MATTER JUST FALLING OUT OF MY HEAD?  I’M PRETTY SURE I NEED THOSE.

C - Current time: 8:08pm… is when i started.  things have gone.  awry.

D - Drink you had last: coffee.

E - Every day starts with: two alarms i ignore and one i have to fall out of bed to reach.

F - Favorite song: erm, there’s not enough commitment in my veins to have a favorite song but i’m ping-ponging between three at the moment.  the killers have a new song out, finally, the man.  i’m finally getting around to listening to the new bleachers cd i pre-ordered and everybody lost somebody is pretty great (as is the whole cd) and você partiu meu coração by nego do borel recently dragged me back so i could re-murder it.

G - Ghosts, are they real: can’t be.  i’m a homebody no matter where i go.  i’d have at least one weird ghost friend by now simply by virtue of being around all the time.

H - Hometown: st. petersburg, fl

I - In love with: coffee, master storytelling, sleeping.

J - Jealous of: anyone who has their shit together even slightly better than i do, aka, everyone else.  YOU WANNA GO, MAN?  ‘CAUSE I SURE DON’T.

K - Killed someone: not that i know of but i definitely knock a lot of stuff over, i could’ve final destinationed someone else’s demise without realizing it.

L - Last time you cried: wonder woman, no man’s land.  if not for movies, i would never cry.  because of movies, i’m pretty much a certified weeper.  i’m still mad at sisterhood of the traveling pants for making me bawl my eyes out in front of people.

M - Middle name: kelsey.  my dad, he just… sometimes you gotta let him have things even if no one’s happy about it.

N - Number of siblings: uno.

O - One wish: to be better at, and confident in the knowledge that i am better at, absolutely everything.  that’s one, that counts.

P - Person you last called/texted: my sister.  she texted me a picture of a greeting card with a bird on it about a half hour ago with the caption PUT A BIRD ON IT because she knows how to make me love her. 

Q - Question you’re always asked: “did you get any of that?” (in the sense of: were you paying even the slightest bit of attention?  guess what the answer almost always is????)

R - Reason to smile: was writing out an answer to this then it started thundering and now i’m typing sideways with my computer on the couch next to me because this wandered into my lap and is now snoring:

S - Song last sang: brand new, seventy times 7.  if there’s a way to get to the bridge and not shout it at the top of your lungs, i haven’t figured it out yet.  IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL A GETAWAY, TELL ME WHAT YOU GOT AWAY WITH, ‘CAUSE I’VE SEEN MORE SPINE IN JELLYFISH, I’VE SEEN MORE GUTS IN ELEVEN-YEAR-OLDS KIDS

T - Time you woke up: 8:30am.  every day we try for 8.  every day we fail.

U - Underwear color: blue.  and it has an all over tina belcher print thinking the word BUTTS on it.  i’m an adult.

V - Vacation destination: australia, 10/10 would return.

W - Worst habit: ditto leda’s: crippling procrastination.  also, uh, i do nothing to help curb my insomnia.  like, at all. 

X - Xrays you’ve had: i broke my wrist when i was a kid?  also dental ones.

Y - Your favorite food: my dad makes these salmon tacos that i would final destination murder all kinds of people for.

Z - Zodiac sign: pisces.

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It took us a few hours to get to Granite Falls. Two days seemed far too short for what I had planned, but it would have to do since Kyle refused to stay gone for more than that. It didn’t matter how many times I told him his boss was happy to give him a few days off. He’s called the studio at least five times since we left. He seriously needs to have more faith in me.

“This is it, huh?” he questioned as he stared at the cabin with that skeptical look of his.

“What, did you want a fancier one?”

“No,” he said quickly. “I mean, how expensive is this one?”

“About $500 simoleons a day.” He just hummed and looked away. I wasn’t sure how to take that reaction, so I gave him my signature smile. “Come on, Sweetheart. It’ll be a great time. It’s just you and me, alone in the woods. Think of all the things we could do.”

“I’m thinking of things that aren’t too wholesome.”

“And you say I’m a pervert,” I said with a chuckle. “Let’s just get our stuff inside. We’ll figure it out as we go.”

anonymous asked:

Headcanon of how Luke would handle a long distance relationship? Pretty please

Thanks for the request! I hope you like these headcanons :)

Headcanons of how Luke would handle a long distance relationship:

  • It’s something that would come naturally to him. Due to his work in the military and the Fugitive Task Force, he always knew long distance relationships were the only viable option for him.
  • He’s always been fairly independent so it wouldn’t bother him having lots of space. He liked that you were independent too - it was something he admired.
  • He also had complete trust and faith in you and your relationship - it was the one thing he held onto when he was miles away in a different city.
  • For him, it would just matter that when the two of you did interact whether that be in person or using technology that you both valued that special time.
  • He didn’t usually text a lot (he’d always preferred talking to people) but, if he was away, he make an effort to send you short texts to let you know he was thinking about you.
  • It was the small things like this that you’d both treasure. Waking up to a sweet message wishing you a good morning would never fail to make you smile. Luke loved receiving a good night text from you, letting him know you were safe and thinking of him.
  • He’d also make an effort to bring you pack small presents from his travels. You’d particularly enjoy the sweets he’d brought back from New York from his favourite shop.
  • To be honest, the main issue that would arise would be that you’d both worry about the other’s safety. You knew all too well about Luke’s tendency to rush into action and put himself in dangerous situations. He’d worry about leaving you alone in the apartment - after all how many cases had he seen of women being attacked in their home.
  • For this reason, sometimes he’d ask you to look after Roxy. You both adored each other anyway and it reassured him to know you had some protection.
  • He’d also take it upon himself to ensure your burglar alarms were constantly upgraded and the locks on your door were in perfect working condition. You thought it was sweet that he was so concerned about your safety, but you could do without home security lectures every time he had to leave for a case.
  • Your long distance relationship also had its perks - longing texts and steamy phone calls were always fun, the passionate kisses you’d greet each other with when he returned home were the highlight of your week and, if Luke came home absolutely exhausted, you both loved collapsing on the sofa together, holding each other close as he pressed a tender kiss on your forehead.
  • If it had been a particularly tough case, you’d hold his head on your lap as you stroked his hair soothingly…he’d never be able to express how grateful he was to return home to your comfort.