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Happy 15 Million BOSSES to our Little Irish Potato! , the community is getting bigger and more stronger than ever and even more fun! this is just a community its also a one big happy Family :^). I do apologize ( i don’t know why) haven’t watched your videos for almost 2 months since we were too busy for our clearance in our school. But now! since today is our summer vacation I have a lot of free time to catch up with your videos! yay! Keep up the good work Jack and always be yourself no matter what. PUNCH THOSE HATERS IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS! because on what they interpret doesn’t reflect for who you are. We love you Jack/Sean/Potato <3


jacksonwang852g7: Today is my birthday and I’m glad.
Not just because it’s my birthday, but a special day with special people. They are my parents and every single one of you.
It’s been a long time since the last time me and my family spending birthday together. No matter if it’s my parents birthday or mine, we were always not together. I’m really grateful that we could finally spend my 23rd birthday together this time. Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me this precious life 23 years ago, and thank you for raising me up. And And now, all I want is mom and dad, taking a break from everything, do whatever you guys want, whenever. That’s my biggest wish. Love.

My birds, thank you for all the birthday wishes, birthday events, I saw everything and I appreciate everything ! I’m going to take good care of myself. at the same time, work hard to continue surprising you guys. Thank you so much, LOVE.
And thank you so much for all my friends, Who sent me birthday wishes even though you guys are really busy. Thank you so much.


The 100 Tarot for @storyskein

part 1 * part 2 * part 3

The way kids talk to each other tends to give me a pretty good idea of how the adults in their lives talk to them.

Sometimes this is really sad. Like I’ve seen kids parroting overly-critical and harsh language that they definitely didn’t learn on their own and I want to go over and be like “kiddo, that’s inappropriate no matter how old you are. You shouldn’t be talked to like that.”

Sometimes it’s just bizarre. I’ve heard a few kids who either watch the Simpsons or their parents literally talk like Ned Flanders.

Sometimes it’s really sweet and encouraging, like the little boy who’s friend built a block tower and he squealed, “You did it! Good for you, I’m so proud of you!”

Sometimes though, sometimes it’s hilarious.
One time I was babysitting a seven year old and his three year old twin siblings. I was helping the girl twin dress her doll when I noticed the boy twin making a mess. The older brother looks at him, sighs, and goes:

“Buddy. Buddy just…buddy don’t do that. Look, see? You’re making a mess, you’re just gonna…buddy, that’s not gonna work, it’s….*sigh* well, alright then.”


So I was just scrolling through tumblr like normal, and I was trying to look at some pictures in a post: 

 But each time I clicked one of the download buttons (didn’t matter which one), THIS FREAKING POPPED UP INSTEAD: 

 It didn’t matter which button I clicked, the same freaking thing popped up each time!! @ask-psychoanti I reblogged something from you today….is this you??

A confession, not a request. If you have time, please read it.

Request: hey, i just read your rules and i was thinking, in support of you and your recovery a BTS reaction(or anything you prefer) to Y/N being a past rape victim and starting a charity or something that helps victims of it to come forward (: if not its totally fine! obviously, under your circumstances. if you do thank you, i love you ❤❤

Rather than doing a reaction, I will tell you a story. I’m sorry darling, but I really take those matters seriously and I just couldn’t bring myself to write it. Every time I started, my eyes teared up and I just couldn’t. But for you I’ll tell a story that’s very close to my heart and that will make you guys understand why I protect the kpop fandom so eagerly.

I was 14 when I was raped. Also it was January 2014. Until August 2014 no one and I really mean no one could talk normally to me, without my hands to shake or my voice.If they were able to talk to me at all. My connection to the world was stopped, I didn’t go to school, I took my exams,of course and went in the next class. However, until August, I was almost uncommunicating. I was suicidial and depressed. So, I was almost always thinking about just ending it all.

My mother knew that since I was 5 *my cousin was a first genaration kpoper* kpop made me move to the rythym and love the world. She gave me her phone and shepressed the play button of the video. And a melody started. “Sometimes you’ve gotta be bold, just rock the world. BUUYA!” It was Red Velvet’s Happines. Unlike all the other attempts to make me feel something, this one just hit home. I watched the music video in awe, amazed by the fact how beautiful they were and how happy they looked. I wanted to be happy too, but how could I? I was dirty, a whore, a no one. And after the music video ended I looked up to my mother and asked her if she’ll give me her phone tomorrow to watch the live performance. She couldn’t believe that I first talked to her after such a long period of time and of course she gladly agreed. And so on, day after day I watched Red Velvet evolving as I myself started being a new person. They introduced Yeri in the group, I went to a new school. Ice cream cake and Automatic thought me that family is all I have and I shouldn’t lose it. Dumb Dumb made me want to dance again. One of these nights made me remember the pain, but also come to terms with it. Russian Roulette made me confident and feel good about myself again. And Rookie helped me find the people I belong with.

I am very greatful to them. Those girls made me who I am today. The five hearts of the Kpop community. The underrated queens wiht music I always hear people calling childish, but let me tell you. Thanks to them I am alive. I am alive thanks to the power they gave, the fact that they told me that everyday I should be happier than yesterday, because something good will happen. 

So, don’t be afraid or ashamed to listen to kpop, because this “Chin Chong” as people call them, save and inspire people lives. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, to tell your story.

My biggest dream is to have five minutes in my whole life in which I’ll be able to meet the girls. To tell them how grateful I am, what they did for me, how they are for me. I want them to know that they saved my life and that they are precious. And that girl groups can also be a big influence in someone’s life.

Red Velvet 언니들이, 고마워. 너때무네 나 한국어 공부해요. 너무 너무 감사합니다. 사랑해요. <3 

Irene, I write this for you. Happy birthday darling.

Love, Li.


            “Wang Family SNS Updates | 170328”

(IG)@jacksonwang852g7: Today is my birthday and I’m glad.
Not just because it’s my birthday, but a special day with special people. They are my parents and every single one of you.
It’s been along time since the last time me and my family spending birthday together. no matter if it’s my parents birthday or mine, we were always not together. I’m really grateful that we could finally spend my 23 rd birthday together this time. Mom and dad, thank you for giving me this precious life 23 years ago, and thank you for raising me up. And And now, all I want is mom and dad, taking a break from everything, do whatever you guys want, whenever. That’s my biggest wish. Love.
My birds, thank you for all the birthday wishes, birthday events, I saw everything and I appreciate everything ! I’m going to take good care of myself. at the same time, work hard to continue surprising you guys. Thank you so much, LOVE.
And thank you so much for all my friends, Who sent me birthday wishes even though you guys are really busy. Thank you so much
#jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #23rdbirthday #thankyoumom&dad #thankyou #healthybodyandmind #미안해요자리없어서두개로나눠서올렸어요 #對不起沒有位子所以發了兩個 #sorrytherewerentanyspacesoiuploadedtwoinstead
#새들항상고마워요 #슨이더잘할게 #슨이안아플게

(IG)@jacksonwang852g7: It’s been a long time! Time flies and here today my birthday and I’m already 23 years old. It’s been a while since I meet you guys。I’m really sorry for not letting you guys know a head of time about what was going on. I’m also really sorry for not being able to take care of myself, while I was the one who kept telling you guys to be healthy. When I was taking a break from everything, once again I realized, without a healthy body, and a healthy mind, nothing can be accomplished.

(IG) @sophiawang328: This moment that I’ve been dreaming of for 6 years… Happy birthday to my dearest, sweetheart and warm heart son-Jackson! Your health and happiness is the mother’s greatest wish! 


Zegnautus Keep - Radios 4/4

Imperial Soldier: Calling all frequencies—hey. Hey! Is anybody out there? …Anybody who hasn’t turned yet? Anybody? This is—no, forget it. What does it matter? Only a matter of time until I turn just like everyone else did.

He was right, “Ain’t long until the empire falls—and when she does, it’ll hit like a ton of bricks.” Should’ve taken his advice and got out when I had the chance. Y’hear that, Callux? You were right. Go on—tell me, “I told you so.” Sorry I won’t be able to pick up my tab.

Gladio: Think anyone else heard that?

Ignis: If they did, I suspect they’re no longer human enough to sympathize.

Gladio: Whole place has gone to hell…

Gladio: All the rest is probably just fake news.

Ignis: Assuming all of what we heard is true.

All this talk (like, a week ago, which is.. forever ago on tumblr) of how much Anakin would like a little BDSM has gotten me thinking.

I propose – an Obi-Wan who indulges one of Anakin’s tantrums and is startled to find that he, ah, doesn’t quite mind letting Anakin tie him up and dote on him; and an Anakin who is over the moon at being allowed to do so.

(Warning: Features an unreliable Drama Queen as a narrator and poor Obi-Wan failing to avoid eating Anakin’s cooking)

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“Little” Red Riding Hood and the (not so) Big Bad Wolf part 1

On the run from your past, you find yourself in a little town on the edge of the Enchanted Forest. On the other side, your freedom awaits–but getting there might be more complicated than it seems. Between bandits, thieves, warlocks, werewolves and angry swordsmen, you might just die trying.

Reader x Yoongi x Jimin (but not in a poly way, in a love triangle way if that makes sense)

To be somewhere that no one knew you name, face, or what you had done, with no “WANTED” posters with unflattering pictures scrawled on them with unrealistic rewards was refreshing for a change–even if it was just a matter of time before it all caught up with you. 

You could walk around freely in the daytime, something you hadn’t been able to do for months. You were still a little more than paranoid, but you couldn’t afford to look suspicious–not when you were so close to escaping for good. All you needed now was a way through the Forest.

It wasn’t impossible, you knew that much. Just… Improbable. At least, if you went alone. But with a guide? Someone who knew the Forest could make their way through, undead and fairies or not.  

All you had to do now was find someone who could (and would) help you. But first, you decided to stop in a little bakery that the most heavenly smells were wafting out of. There was a group of young girls outside the window, looking in, giggling and blushing, and then looking in again. 

“I think he’s a prince, left here for safe keeping until the time is right.” One girl said dreamily. 

“Or maybe he’s here to find a bride?” Another giggled.

“I’d marry him even if he isn’t a prince.” This girl was actually drooling a bit, and you silently judged her from afar as you made your way to the entrance of the small building. “He can just be a handsome, broke baker, and I’d still marry him in an instant.” 

“Who?” You asked, not sure if you wanted an answer. But curiosity got the better of you, and you were speaking before you knew what you were doing. 

“Seokjin.” The three girls all sighed in unison. 

“He’s beautiful.” The first said helpfully. 

“But can you imagine? Being sister in law to…” The second girls voice trailed off as she saw something over your shoulder. 

Beatrice.” A male voice said from behind you, and you turned to see a young man about your height wearing a bright red cloak glaring at the second girl. 

“Jimin.” She replied curtly. You looked between them, the two of them obviously had some history together. 

“You’re looking particularly annoying today.” Jimin sniffed. 

“It isn’t possible to look annoying, you imbecile.” Beatrice shot back. 

Jimin narrowed his eyes at the girl. “I don’t know, seeing your face always puts me in a bad mood.” Jimin turned to you. “You’re new here. I’m going to do you a favor and tell you not to talk to Beatrice. She uses fancy words in a desperate attempt to sound smart, and her waist is not that small, she wears a corset.” Jimin thumbed his nose at the girl before walking into the bakery.

“How rude of him to absquatulate like that.” Beatrice huffed. You weren’t entirely sure what that word meant, but you didn’t particularly want to ask. 

“Uh, right. That.” You agreed. “I’m just… Going to go…” You followed Jimin into the bakery, away from the strange girls outside. The smells of bread and fresh food overwhelmed your senses, and you took a deep appreciative breath. 

“Hello! What can I get for you today?” The man behind the counter was indeed stunning, and greeted you with a bright smile. His hands were covered in flour, and there was a streek of it across his face, yet somehow it looked good on him. Jimin was sitting on the counter to one side, happily munching on a muffin. You couldn’t remember the last time you had fresh food, and you looked around at it all in wonder. 

“I don’t know…” You said distractedly. “What can I buy with five gold pieces?”

“You have how much?!” Jimin said, his mouth still full of food.

“Leave the customer alone, Jimin.” The man behind the counter warned. 

“I’m not bothering her, Seokjin. We’re friends, right?” He aimed the last remark to you, and you raised your eyebrows. 

“Are we?” You asked, and Jimin hopped off the counter and made his way over to you. 

“Of course we are.” He smiled at you, mischief in his eyes. 

“I apologize for my brother.” Seokjin said, dusting his hands off on his apron. “He’s just a bit…” He glanced at Jimin, seeing that he was eating another muffin. “Quit eating the merchandise!” He snapped. “I swear he’s going to drive me insane.” He muttered, and the air felt colder suddenly. There must be a draft you decided, though it wasn’t particularly cold outside either. 

“Calm down.” Jimin waved a hand dismissively at his brother. “It’s just a muffin and we’re not making a very good impression by bickering like this.” 

“Jimin, go in the back and check that the bread isn’t burning.” Seokjin said. When Jimin whined and didn’t move, you could have sworn it got even colder. “Now, Jimin, or–”

“I know, I know.” Jimin grumbled, taking his time walking around the counter. “Or you’ll turn me into a raccoon. Again.” 

“Raccoon?” You looked between the two confused. 

“Figure of speech.” Seokjin smiled. You had never heard it, but you were a long way from where you grew up–maybe he was telling the truth. “Now what can I get you?” 

You didn’t bother leaving the bakery to eat, too hungry and impatient. There was a small table to one corner where you sat, and Seokjin watched you curiously.  “How long do you plan to stay in town?” He asked. He had cleaned the flour from his face, and several other customers had come and gone while you were there.

“Not long, just until I find what I need.” 

“Do you have a place to stay?” He asked, leaning against the counter. You could still see the group of girls through the window, and you wondered if they always had so little else to do.

“Not as yet, but I’ll find somewhere.” You said around a mouth full of food.

“There’s a spare room upstairs, Jimin and I rent it to people passing through. It’s currently empty if you’d like to use it.” You eyed Seokjin for a moment, assessing him. Not only was he handsome, he was kind and polite as well. Something was definitely off about him, there had to be. No one was that perfect. 

“What is it that you’re looking for?” Jimin asked, emerging from the back where Seokjin had banished him. “Maybe I can help?” 

“Probably not, Jimin.” Seokjin sighed. 

“I’m looking for a guide to get me through the Forest.” You said to Jimin. “Do you know anyone?” 

“As a matter of fact, I do.” Jimin grinned at you. “Park Jimin, at your service–for the right price, of course.” 

A/N This is ridiculous but I’m not even sorry. Can you guess who the big bad wolf is? –Boo

anonymous asked:

Did you know they are making a Friday the 13th game? What do you think about it?

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with both Tom Savini and Kane Hodder about it. I’m completely in this game’s corner. I know people are mad that it keeps getting delayed, but it’s an independent company, they don’t have a huge studio backing them and that means they can really take the time to get it right. That’s what matters. They’ve really bent over backwards to make it the best experience for the fans. 

The gameplay mechanics might not be new, but they are the best thing for a Friday the 13th game. I’m just as excited to play as counselors as I am to play as Jason because of how scary that gameplay experience looks. The amount of work they put into this, just for the fans, is insane. 

You get to play as almost every version of Jason and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each counselor has their own unique strengths too, which is a nice nod to the NES game. 

We get Kane Hodder back playing Jason. We get Thom Matthews back as Tommy Jarvis. A new Jason designed by Tom Savini. A new score by Harry Manfredini. Iconic locations from the movies. It’s unreal. I couldn’t be happier.

And the best part was seeing how excited by Savini and Kane Hodder were about it. Their eyes lit up talking about it. I can’t even begin to express how cool it is to see both of them so excited to be creating new Friday the 13th content.

Hey guys!!

I just wanna say in spite of everything that’s been going on. In my eyes this fandom is still one of the best, and the kindest, fandoms that anyone can be welcomed into. I’ve met some of the most amazing people here and I can go on for hours about the amazing talent that y’all have shared with us! I hope everyone here just looks past all the cruel things that have been said as just another unfortunate thing that happens at times. Saying that, Anon person, If you see this, I hope no matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter the things that you’ve said, let this be an example of what it means to be kind. Have a good night/day where ever you are!!♥♥

honestly when i think about the hoops im gonna have to jump through to have kids in the future it makes me so angry i want to cry bc it just feels like one of those really unfair decisions by the universe

pretty much no matter what route i decide to take, i have to pay to have kids. pay for the POSSIBILITY of having kids. everything costs money. and straight couples get that for free and i just. shouldn’t get so upset about it when i don’t even want a family for a long time but i AM.

short Alpha!Atsumu + Omega!Reader (SFW)

surprisingly SFW lmao

Ever since you found an alpha that you can trust, he’s been helping you ween off your suppressants. “A regular cycle is a healthy one,” he’d said, his finger tracing a tempting trail down your jaw.  Something so natural shouldn’t be dictated by man-made hormones if one’s schedule could help it.

“But,” Atsumu amends, “no harm in staying on birth control.” He waggles his dark eyebrows at you then, simultaneously ridiculous and erotically promising.

You laugh, then, because it’s one thing for an alpha to “go with the flow” of their rut, but it’s a completely different matter for an omega to be swept away by the crashing tide of their heat.

So, suffice to say, you don’t recognize the beginnings of your heat just yet. Before work, Atsumu spends an indecently long time with his nose buried against your neck and his lips sucking tiny marks just below your neckline. Your whole body tingles, but that isn’t exactly new when it comes to him

When you finally pry yourself away from his wandering hands, that tingle becomes just an itch that won’t go away, steadily growing more bothersome the more you try to alleviate it. When you’re out to lunch with your friend and coworker Motoya, you’re uncomfortable enough that he takes notice.

“Hey, ______, is everything–”

“Yeah,” you interrupt. You shift in your seat and cross your legs, trying to find a comfortable position. When you rub at the back of your neck, you find it covered with fine beads of sweat. 

You don’t catch Motoya tilting his head upward as he subtly sniffs the air. 

“Maybe you should go home early. I can help you out–”

He reaches for your wrist, but before his fingers completely close around it, you jolt away.

“No!” Your knees bump the table, clattering the dishes and silverware embarrassingly. “No, it’s okay.”

You give him a smile that convinces him to stop his line of questioning, but the rest of lunch still manages a slight awkwardness.

It isn’t until your finally seated back at your desk after lunch that it really hits you, in full force.

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Can I request a Shinee scenario? Where Key neglect his girlfriend? Also I want a happy end, thank you so much 💛

This Love

He didn’t mean to forget, you knew that. But, it hurt, nonetheless. You knew he was busy, being an idol, having to appeal to the public. But you just wished that you could spend a day with him, all to yourself. But you knew that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

 How many times has it been now? Christmas. New Years. Your birthday. And now, your one-year anniversary. No matter how you reasoned it, it wasn’t right. This day was special. It marked that your love had endured through the hardships for a whole year. You had let go of all the pettiness, knowing what his life was like. But, now you sit here thinking … Is all of this really worth it?

 You sighed, leaning back into the couch and glancing at the clock.

 10:10 p.m.

You had waited all day for him. You had your phone within reach at all times, just in case. You got up early to get ready today, to look nice for him in case he showed up. But, not once did he text or call. Not once did he show up at your door to see you, even if only for a few minutes.

 Angrily, you got up and put on your shoes, slamming the front door on your way out. If he wasn’t going to come see you, then you were going to go to him, despite the fact that his manager had told you specifically not to go to his dorm because Dispatch might catch you. You didn’t care though.

Your thoughts ran wild. Were you even important to him? What were you to him? Where did you stand in his life?

You rang the doorbell twice. No answer.

You rang it again. This time, someone opened it. The manager.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Is Kibum-oppa here? I need to talk to him.”

The manager felt the anger radiating off of you. He knew better than to say no to you right now.

“He and the other members are at the practice room. You can wait for him in his room.” He stepped aside and let you in.

You headed straight to Key’s room, throwing yourself face fist onto his bed and letting out a muffled scream of aggravation. You sat up and looked around. The room was a mess. His clothes were all over the floor. Music sheets were strewn everywhere. You guessed that with his schedule, he didn’t even have time to tidy up.

With nothing better to do while you waited, you cleaned his room for him. You gathered the clothes on the ground and brought them to the laundry room. After putting them in the washer, you headed back to his room to clean up all the papers.

Most of the room was clean now. Then, you saw an open book poking out from under his bed. You reached for it, wondering what it was. What you saw made you stop, your eyes widening.

Journal Entry Date: March 22, 2017
Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary. I wish I could go see her. But the company says we need to practice for comeback. Maybe, if we finish practice early, I can go to her house and spend some time with her?
But what can I do if I don’t have time to see her? I haven’t seen her for a few weeks now. And I keep missing all the important dates. Will she be mad at me? Will she leave me?
Aigoo, I miss her. Every day that I can’t hear her voice or see her, I feel lonelier.
Being an idol and dating at the same time is hard, but I want to make it work. Doing what I love most while being with the person I love most. I don’t care about anything else, but I need her to stay by my side.

 Tears fell from your eyes. You knew he kept a journal, but you didn’t expect that he would write about you in it. Wiping your eyes, you closed the book and put it in the drawer in the nightstand.

You lied back on the bed, hoping that he would come home soon. You weren’t mad anymore. You just missed him.

Key came home around 3:00 a.m. Exhausted and tired, he sleepily walked into his room… to see you sleeping in his bed. Surprised was not enough to describe what he was feeling. How did you get here? Who had let you in? Did you fall asleep waiting for him?

 Making as little noise as possible, he changed out of his practice clothes and into his pajamas. Then, he slipped into the bed and pulled you toward him.

It was the best night of sleep the both of you had ever gotten.


Hi there! I’m one of the new admins, hyerin-incaratland. It’s a pleasure to be working with btstextsnmore. 
My main groups are SEVENTEEN (bias: Jeonghan … bias wrecker: Joshua) and INFINITE (bias: Woohyun); but, I also love EXO (bias: Suho), SHINee (bias: Key), BTS (bias: Jin), and many other groups. 
I hope you enjoy this scenario! :)

our tendency to do something despite knowing the outcome (like building a house of cards with your friends just knowing that one of those idiots is going to blow it down) and not even being that surprised at the result like honestly??? i knew at some point that book was going to fall of the pile after i put it there it was just a matter of time. what do you mean move the book before it falls or put it in a position where it wont tip over? what kind of organised human being does that???????

so now imagine your standard multi-species deep-space exploration voyage. humans were the last species to join the federation, and not much is generally known about them. there are countless studies documenting their weird tendency to pack bond and attempt to socialise with nearly every lifeform; some you have witnessed first hand, like your human Darren trying to communicate with a sylophod, a nasty, potent little ball of coarse fur with a bite that could stun even the largest of earth’s land-based mammals by attempting to stroke it while crooning “tribbles….cute blue tribbles in space”, others you have only heard of through transmission chatter and rumour, like the story of a human in an expedition party of 12 different species discorvering sentient life on a new planet and having war declared on the federation in the space of a few cronents. the studies detailing the humans wide emotional and psychological ranges always fascinate you the most, despite the engaging reports of their social aspects, you’ve always found the individual experiences more interesting. especially the ones about odd behaviours.

such as humans repeating actions with the same consequences. objects in the mess hall tend to fall over quite frequently due to their proximity to the Garln’s sleeping quarters, so every other lifeform knows that anything precariously placed will certainly not stay that way–except for the humans on the crew–it appears they are the only ones ignorant of this. you observed human Darren rush into the mess hall once, a large stack of papers in his arms, and hurriedly place them onto the corner of the nearest table, and despite picking several pieces from the floor and slapping them back on top of the pile, he did not move the stack as he began logging data. over the course of five cronents, the vibrations from the sleeping quarters began shuffling the papers closer and closer to the edge of the table until half the stack slid to the floor–the human Darren simply picked the papers back up and continued logging–several times. any other species would have moved the stack away from the edge of the table, rather than continuously have their work interrupted.

other times you have witnessed the humans performing tasks that are…extremely absurd, and yet they know the outcome. once you walked onto the communications deck to find the human Elizabeth constructing a triangular configuration out of thin segments of paper, stacking them impossibly higher and wider whilst the humans Darren and Alex watched on, both quietly uttering in their earth tongue of english “stay….staaaaay…” and proceeding to cheer when human Elizabeth was successful. human Elizabeth then stood and, without noticing her own actions, placed an appendage the humans refer to as a ‘hand’ too close to the construction, destroying the entire thing. none of the three humans appeared to be upset by this; it was as if human Elizabeth had scattered segments of paper across the floor. when you approach her some time later and ask her about why none of them had been upset by the destruction of her creation she replied “it was always going to fall over, but i like to make a house of cards every now and then.”

humans do the weirdest shit, even when they know the outcome.

Take a minute to read this

I usually don’t like to do this, giving attention to haters who absolutely don’t deserve it, but I have to get this off my chest. I see really rude people trying to bring down my friends who don’t deserve this kind of treatment at all. I see them hiding behind a computer, writing disgusting, mean comments on ANON
First of all, why would you spread hate and bad vibes when you could very well be spreading love and just good vibes? 
No one is perfect, NO ONE. We all make mistakes, we all have different things we have to deal with and I’m pretty sure we don’t come on Tumblr to see hateful comments about us, about our work, in which by the way we DO PUT IN A LOT OF EFFORT AND TIME.
What I learned is that no matter how good or kind you are, there will still be people who find it annoying. Even kindness can be annoying to some. If you are confident then some say that you’re full of yourself, if you are sociable they say you’re seeking for attention. This is society.

I think it’s really simple. If you don’t like something on my or my friends’ blogs then just block us, don’t visit our blogs, IGNORE US. I’m pretty sure most of these haters never ever talked to us to know what kind of people we truly are, what is OUR story, what kind of things we are dealing with, so they have no right to judge us in any way. You are frustrated? There are better ways to deal with it than coming on the internet and spreading hate. This just proves your immaturity and pure meanness.
Going on anon and sending a hateful comment is time consuming for you. Why don’t you just keep that nasty comment you’re going to send to someone to yourself? And just move on with your day. And not ruining others with your frustration. 
Do you think it’s cool to be mean to others? Nope it’s not. Does the hateful comments say something bad about us or you? I’m pretty sure the answer is you. It says all about you: You have no life so you’d rather bring other people down so you could be more content with your pitiful life. Am I right? YES I AM.

But how about you all come off of anon and write the same hateful messages? But this time we would know who wrote them. Would you dare doing that? Would you take responsibility for your choice of words? Because words can hurt just as much as actions do (or even more). 

I don’t want to see my friends or anyone else being targeted by these lifeless people who try to bring them down with hateful comments. 

Criticism is alright. But only if it’s constructive. Do you have suggestions on how to improve some stuff? Sure go ahead, let us know. BUT CAREFUL IN WHAT MANNER. What your choice of words is, what your “tone” is.

We are our own worst critics. We can be hard on ourselves most of the time. And we all know that we could get hundreds or thousands of compliments and still one or two hateful comments would make us feel bad. This is human nature. But please be considerate and think twice before writing something that you know would hurt that person.

Ask yourself these questions:

“Do I make that person feel bad if I comment this?”

“Do I feel happier if I make that mean comment?”

“Would I be okay with it if others would make that same comment on me?”

Here’s a golden rule for y’all struggling with spreading hate:

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”

p.s: did I make grammar mistakes? probably. Does it bother you? maybe yes, maybe not. If yes, was that the purpose of my post? NO. So if you still don’t see the point of what I’m saying then read it as many times as you need to understand what the problem with people like you is.
Hunk Leads Voltron (For An Hour)

Anon: What about Shiro getting dragged into an eating competition with Hunk and poor dad gets super sick after? Like, not even vomiting at first, just that bubbling full pain you get when you eat too much, but then Allura forces them to train and it all just becomes too much and he gets sick in his lion?

Anon: Can you write a whump fic about a sick, burpy, pukey Shiro?

A/N: Shiro, I have been there more times than I’d like to admit. You have my sympathies. This one didn’t feel as good as my other fics, but sometimes you just gotta 乁(ツ)ㄏ

They just wanted to go home.

The paladins were accustomed to there being some sort of celebration after they saved people. Sometimes there were gifts, sometimes there were parties, sometimes there were strange interpretive dances. But no matter what, the paladins were always especially careful to respect the wishes of the aliens. Shiro made a very compelling speech about making a good impression for humankind and Voltron alike.

But sometimes, these celebrations lasted for days, and while the paladins still wanted to remain respectful, some of the traditions were getting a bit…unorthodox.

“Your leader and your champion must battle for control over the metal savior!”

Shiro blinked a few times at the small alien, “Um…excuse me?”

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TalesFromRetail: Bloody pillow

I work for a home furnishings company and we have a generous returns policy. Generally in Australia hardly anywhere will accept bed linen, mattresses and pillows as an exchange/return for hygiene purposes, however we do offer an exchange for these items once. We write them off and dispose of them anyway it’s just something extra we do for the customers.

Anyway. Today I had a gentleman try to return a pillow, he had his receipt, was within the return period so normally we’d be able to offer him a store credit to exchange it for another pillow. Problem is, the one he was returning had stains that looked suspiciously like blood. I explained to him due to the stains we would not be able to return due to hygiene purposes. No matter how many times and different ways I explained it he wouldn’t accept that we wouldn’t exchange a stained pillow. Eventually the manager got involved and he backed me up and explained that we wouldn’t be accepting the stained pillow for exchange. This guy just wouldn’t get it. He started yelling about writing complaints and that he didn’t know what was on the pillow or where it came from etc. Until he eventually left, pillow in hand.

By: CatBec

Just wanted to address this:

Actually, I have only had sexual intimancy once in all of our arrangement. Yet I have made thousands of dollars off of him. If that is what prostitution is…Then okay, count me in! 

Also I think our arrangement has always shifted far from what would be considered prostitution, given sex isn’t expected and there is not even a set PPM. I trust him enough to give me around a certain amount each time as ~support. Also, we text all of the time too. Would you text your prostitute?

Now, why in the name of Lord Jesus Christ would I get out of an arrangement where I am getting money while not having sex just because a man may have viewed me as a “prostitute” or “Escort”? Just because he might have been willing to give me more if I had sex with him? I know that I am not one.  He can view me as whatever he wants for all I care. Identifiers do not matter.