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Easy Winter Witch Tips 🌬✨❄️

With Winter quickly arriving, there is a certain spark in the air that only seems to come during the holiday season. For us Witches, this spark can be incredibly inspiring for a certain sort of magic, one which involves the twinkling promise of a new state of mind… One that holds inspiration in the coming of the newest year, one that beckons us; an empty canvas within a blanket of fresh snow. Alas, sometimes things can become busy around this time, and it is during this period in which many of us must practice our magic in the easiest ways possible. Here are some simple tips for doing just that! ~

♡ When you are outside in the cold, breathe out deeply and visualize your visible breath as negativity being exhaled from your system.

While wearing gloves or mittens, rub your hands together to manifest a warm (both physically and emotionally!) sort of energy, letting this energy be your driving force. Each time you feel unsure or stressed, just use this technique, and imagine it as a positive, invisible encouragement being “sparked” to life.

Carry with you a special little positivity pouch, one that invokes the wisdom brought with Winter. It can be as simple (a tiny plastic bag with a small crystal and a note of encouragement), or as elaborate (a small velvet satchel filled with pine needles and gold ribbon) as you wish. remember, all that really matters is your intent, and the energy you build while creating your on-the-go charm bag!

Gather fallen nature that you come across while out and about. Pinecones, fallen sticks, and even collected snow can be the little objects you place within your home to easily bring the season into your indoor life.

♡ Give yourself a “boost” by anointing your winter wardrobe with seasonal oils - rubbing a little peppermint or cinnamon essential oil on your boots, scarves, or a special piece of jewelry to promote a happy and lucky state of mind can be quick and effective!

Be inspired by your surroundings. View the fresh snow as a fresh start. Rejoice in the positive essence that the holidays bring out in others (or, if everybody is seeming stressed, *be* that cheer to bring others to life). Think of all that you have accomplished this year, and be proud of yourself for making it. 😌♡

steve harrington x reader • tell her a story

Summary: You’re going to study. Seriously. You’re going to study, no matter what Steve might have in mind.

Word Count: 1100+

Requested By: Anonymous -  Hey I love your stuffs, can you do another imagine with Steve that’s maybe something to do with studying that’s fluffy a lil bit smut but not smut ya know what I’m saying? Anyways, love your work, thank you: )

Warnings:  Fluff, language, very minor smut.

Notes: Honestly I hate writing kisses and smut scenes normally but this one was so fun to write!! So thanks to the anon for requesting it :) 


Studying with Steve around was almost impossible. You loved your boyfriend, honestly you did, but sometimes being around him just wasn’t good for your grades. He was - distracting. Being alone with him in your bedroom just didn’t exactly produce a good environment for studying. Or, well, for studying books.

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EXO’s Reaction to Their S/O and a Member Fighting


It would frustrate Xiumin to see that you and Chen weren’t getting along, and he’d speak to both of you together, treating you like children.

“You’re both important parts of my life. And I’m not getting rid of either of you, so you two had better learn to get along. Got it?”


Honestly, Chen would be surprised that Xiumin had lost his temper with you like that, and would speak to him first about the matter.

“Listen, I know you’re upset, but they’re the love of my life. Can you please try harder? For me?”


Disappointed in how the two of you had acted, Baekhyun would pull you both aside one at a time to ask about what had happened. After he understood the situation, he’d only say one thing:

“Let it go.”


Although upset that you and D.O weren’t hitting it off like he had hoped, he wouldn’t put all the blame on his friend, and would talk to you about it as well.

“He’s a great guy, I promise. It’s just hard to break his wall sometime, alright? I know it’s not your fault, but could you try again, for me?”


Shocked to see how infuriated you had gotten while talking to Sehun, Lay would quickly pull Sehun aside, immediately placing the blame on him.

“I’ll admit they’re not super friendly, but come on. Breathe, then give it another shot.”


Handling the situation maturely, D.O would pull both you and Chanyeol aside together to talk to you and figure out what had happened.

“You two don’t have to be friends, okay? But at least keep it on good terms.”


Legitimately upset that Kai seemed to have gotten pissed off by something you had said, Suho would awkwardly bring it up once you two were separate from the group.

“I get that he’s a little rowdy sometimes, but don’t take everything he says to heart. He’s a great kid- trust me.”


When Kai saw that you had become upset after talking to Suho, he’d approach his leader and blatantly asked about what had happened.

“Hyung, I’m not saying it’s your fault, but can you at least put a little effort into getting along with them?”


Completely dumbfounded by the fact that you and Lay hadn’t gotten along, he wouldn’t hesitate in asking the member about the incident.

“I don’t know what happened, and I don’t want to. Just try harder, please?”

Attached (Part 1)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: Originally posted on my old writing blog ‘brighterlights’. With the holiday season coming up, I won’t be able to write anything new for a while. So, I decided to bring back one of my old series. Enjoy :)

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

Well…I’m screwed.

Though you closed out all of the windows on your computer screen, they knew someone overlooked their chat session, and you invaded their privacy.

You sighed to yourself, burying your face in your hands.

Yup, I’m really screwed.

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Take Me Home

Summary: Eddie Kaspbrak knows his old friend is on his way, he can feel it but as the day becomes long his faith is put to the test.

A/N: I have nothing to say, only that this is the most fluffy piece I have ever written.

Word Count: 1888


The man’s fingers bit into the scotch, swirling it tenderly in its glass. Classical rock played softly in the background but it was so forgiving that an untrained ear may have missed it completely. The clock on the wall read well past midnight, the minutes crawling around him.

He knew this was the end, the cancer had progressed too far to be treated. What the doctors were doing wasn’t fair to him, he didn’t want to prolong his life, the suffering had become too great. So away went the endless rounds of chemotherapy, no more were the days consumed among the sick and dying. If this was truly his final day then he would spend it the best way he knew how.

With a strong drink and even stronger music.

The grandfather clock chimed, singing out the hour. He looked up at its face and smiled, noticing his withered reflection. It had been some time since he had allowed himself to look in a mirror, terrified of what would look back at him but now there was no fear. Only acceptance.

He could feel the room becoming colder, the light slowly fading around him. It was time, and he knew this but as he slipped further and farther towards the end a memory flashed through his mind. A memory of sunshine, of children’s laughter and of a small boy with a fanny pack. As the life left his body he whispered a name that he had not thought of in years, a name that once held so much power over him but he had forgotten none the less. His name.


Eddie awoke from his sleep with a quiet gasp and a slight startle. His body bolted upright in his bed, taking notice of the sunlight that had begun to spill in form his window. He knew that it was still early, that he should just roll over and fall back asleep but the pull in his chest told him to hurry, that today was going to be momentous.

“Stan?” He whispered, nudging the lump on his floor. There was a groan but nothing else, so Eddie shoved harder. “Stan, wake up. It’s important.”

“What in the hell is so fucking important that you have to wake me up at six in the morning?” The curly haired boy hissed, covering his face with his blanket. “Did you wet the bed or something?”

The smaller boy scoffed, “No, what kind of question is that.”

“A valid one.”

“I had a dream.” Eddie explained excitably, feeling his stomach twist in anticipation. “Richie is coming today.”

“Richie? What makes you think that?” Stan asked, sitting from his make shift bed and rubbing the sleep from his eye. “You dream about him all the time, why is this any different?”

“Because I saw him Stan. I saw him coming.” He pressed, jumping from the bed. “Just like Ben did with Beverly, I fucking saw it!”

“Alright, alright, calm your horses there cowboy. Even if you did see him, it could be hours before he gets here. So relax for a second and think about it. Are you sure he is coming?”

The thirteen year old scoffed from his closet, pulling on whatever he could get his hands on. “I’m positive! Why are you questioning me?”

“Because I thought Bill was coming two months ago remember? I had that dream and I got all wound up for nothing. I just want to make sure that-“

“Hurry up and get dressed, I’m going to go get the others.” Eddie squealed, running though the threshold. He could hear Stan’s protests behind him but they fell on deaf ears as the small hypochondriac burst through the front door and onto the lush green lawn. Quickly he grabbed his bike and peddling faster than he ever believed possible.

Ben’s house was first, because it was closest. As he burst through the doors a red haired beauty screeched, falling off the couch in surprise. Laughter began to admit from her as she rolled over onto her back. “No Eddie, come right on in!” She joked, pulling herself back onto the couch.

“Sorry Beverly, I can’t help it. I have some exciting news!” He replied, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Riche is coming today!”

“What?” Ben muttered, rising form the opposite end of the couch. “Richie? Are you sure?”

“I saw him Haystack, just like you saw her.” Eddie replied brutally, “He’s coming. Today.”

“But you two weren’t-um-like us. This could be the same thing Stan went through with Bill, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up for nothing sweetie.” Beverly replied softly, her words floating up into the air before lightly washing over the small boy.

Eddie sighed, rubbing his own arm for comfort. “I saw it. I know we never had the opportunity to be like you two but I just know it’s today. You have to believe me.”

Beverly and Ben look at one another, shrugging in defeat. The both hopped onto their feet, frantically rushing upstairs to change. Once they were done the three of them rode to Mike’s farm on the outskirts of Derry. When they arrived the young farmhand was tending to the sheep, singling happily as he went about his daily chores.

“Mike!” All three kids yelled, rolling down his dirt road in a cloud of dust. “Mike! Mike! Mike!”

The kind boy smiled, dropping his bucket and meeting them at the fences edge. He looked at all three of them, raising an eyebrow at their eager faces. “What up losers?” He asked, whipping his dirty hands on his overalls. “You are all up awfully early.”

“Richie! He’s coming today!” Eddie explained, grinning brightly. “I saw it.”

Mike looked over to the others, who only shrugged. “Okay.” He replied, not questioning his friend like the rest, only nodding with a caring smile. “Let me grab my bike.”

Stan eventually met up with them, bringing a breakfast consisting of muffins and scones that he had gotten from the bakery down the street. Five of The Losers Club sat a top of the hill near the barrens, in the same place they all had arrived at. A comfortable silence had consumed them as the all thought over their old friend, wondering when he would come.

“Do you guys think he will remember?” Beverly asked, breaking the peace while devouring her scone. “I mean, I know he forgot just like all of us did.”  

“He will remember, it came back when we all arrived. Sometimes it just takes a couple of minutes.” Stan replied, touching his food neatly.

“Man, Richie Motherfucking Tozier.” Mike cooed, leaning against lush grass, soaking up the rising sun. “That’ll be a sight for sore eyes.”

“Tell me about it.” Ben replied, handing Beverly a much needed napkin. “I haven’t heard a dick joke in so long, it’ll be nice for a change.”

“Yeah you say that now, give it a week and I bet you ten bucks you’ll want him to go back from where he came from.” Stan joked, smirking at something unseen.

“I just hope he shows.” Beverly muttered, her voice partially consumed by the food in her mouth.

Eddie remained silent, his attention strictly on the space in front of him. He could feel the pull of his body, the magnetic force that kept him here, telling him this is where he needed to be. Richie was coming today and he was going to be the first person he saw when he arrived. It had to be him, it always was.

The day dragged on around them, hours passing with no sign of an arrival. Eventually the Losers grew bored, straying away from the barrens at their own rate until only Eddie remained. The sun was lowering in the sky, threatening to end the day but still he sat, unmoving.

There was a light tap on his shoulder, causing him to startle. Looking up he saw Stan, a bag in his hand and a pitiful smile on his face. “I brought you dinner, I know you skipped lunch.” He muttered, gesturing to his hands. “We can eat together if you want.”

The small boy only shrugged, gesturing his permission. The curly haired boy sat down beside him, pulling out homemade sandwiches and chips. He handed Eddie his before taking a bite from his own. That sat there quietly, conversation lagging. Once their food was gone, the night progressed quickly, the sun setting without their permission.

“I guess you were right.” Eddie confessed, his head hung shamefully. “I guess it was just a stupid dream.”

“It’s okay Eddie. It happens.” Stan cooed, rubbing his back for support. “He will come eventually, just like Bill and when he does you will be here.”

“I just thought we had a connection, you know like Ben and Bev.” He whispered, silent tears falling from his eyes as the sky painted beautiful colors above them. If circumstances were different the pair would have enjoyed the sunset, admiring the way it turned the sky into a masterpiece but today it was an indication of failure, of heartache.

“Who says you don’t?” The taller boy replied, “This doesn’t mean anything, it’s just another day in paradise. We can’t rush them, no matter how much we want to.”

Eddie sniffled, leaning into his friends touch. “I just miss him so much.”

“I know. We all do.”

They stayed like this until the sun was just over the horizon, holding onto one another until it was time to head back to their shared home. Eddie sighed, allowing his friend to pull him to his feet and offering a smile in response. “Come on,” Stan murmured, “let’s go home. Tomorrow is a new day.”

Just as they turned heel a blinding light illuminated around them, forcing both of them to recoil in surprise. Once the brightness subsided, there standing in the middle of the grass, wearing his horrendous Hawaiian shirt and thick rimmed glasses was the trashmouth himself. Eddie let out a cry of happiness, barreling down the hill. Stan stood there dumb founded, “Well, I’ll be damned.” He whispered, shaking his head before following close behind.

“Richie!” The small boy cried, jumping into the lanky kids unrespecting arms. “I knew you were coming! I told them, I told them that I saw it.”

“E-Eddie?” Richie whimpered, pulling his friend from his shoulders, “Is that really you?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“But you died, I remember it now. Y-your arm it was ripped off and you bled out down there. Oh my god-“He choked, his voice breaking “I left you. I left you with It, I’m so sorry Eds. I’m so fucking sorry I should have got you out there, should have given you a proper burial, I remember everything now. I did you so wrong, I-“

“It’s fine.” Eddie soothed, rubbing the boys arm fondly. “It’s all okay now. You are right where we are meant to be.”

“And where is that?” He asked, looking up at Stan who had offered him a small smile. His name began echoing in the distance, he could just make out three Losers as they rushed over to where he was, all following the light that had brought him. “Where am I?”

“You’re home Richie.”

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tbfh i think like…..every person in the wc fandom no matter what can just sorta mutually agree that firestar/graystripe is real, that they love each other, that they were at least at one time or still are bfs. like even if u dont ship it w/ ur whole heart, even if u think they broke up….they were bfs. they love each other. they’re always gonna be in love. 

Karaoke Night

“…But I can’t help…Falling in love…with…you…” Logan sang, looking over the lyrics on his phone another time. Why was this so hard? It was just one song, one hundred and twelve words, twenty one lines. And Thomas was a singer, and he was a part of Thomas, so this shouldn’t be so hard. But his voice sounded robotic, his syllables ran together, and he was so nervous he kept fumbling with his phone. This was going to take a lot of time to learn, and he only had until tomorrow night.

They were holding a karaoke night in the Mind Palace tomorrow evening, and everyone was required to sing at least one song. Roman would probably take over the night in a matter of minutes once everyone else was done, but Logan supposed he didn’t mind. What he did mind was that the one song he wanted to sing to dedicate to the person he was crushing on hard for a couple months now and reveal his feelings to, was so difficult.

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Synopsis: Harry and you have your first thanksgiving dinner together and things are GRATE(ful). 

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“Can we read this one?” Max asks, thrusting the book into Alec’s grip.

“Oh, well.” Alec’s hesitancy is evident in his voice, no matter how he tries to hold it back. “Are you sure you don’t want Hansel and Gretel?”

Max shakes his head.

“What about the Princess and the Pea?”

This only earns him a silent glare.

“Or Beauty and the Beast? I know that’s your favourite.”

Max pouts in an obvious sulk and Alec can sense the beginning of a headache just behind his eyes.

“Why won’t you ever read me this one?” There’s a shimmer of tears in his eyes now. “Everyone else gets to hear it. James says it’s the best one.”

Alec should have known. Max and James had become fast friends over the past few weeks and whatever James does Max will copy, whatever James likes Max now likes too. Sighing he settles down onto the bed beside Max, resting the book on the sheets between them.

“Once upon a time there were hunters blessed by angels that protected the world from monsters.” Alec begins.

Max is terrible listener, but for Alec it’s the best part of telling him a story. He’s always been this way, constantly interrupting and asking questions.

“Like Dad?” He asks when Alec introduces a warlock.

“Why doesn’t he marry the Warlock?” He demands when Alec tells him the Hunter has proposed to the new leader.

“This story is dumb.” He complains, arms crossed in frustration, when Alec begins to describe the wedding ceremony.

“What happened to them?” Max queries, as Alec finishes the last page.

“They lived happily ever after.” A voice from the doorway has both their heads turning, and there stands Magnus, leaning against the doorjamb a wistful look on his face.

“Forever?” Max yawns as Alec shifts off the bed to tuck him.

“Forever and ever.” Alec whispers, smoothing the hair from his forehead and placing a kiss there, he’s asleep before Alec finishes the words.

He walks over to Magnus, into the arm that’s outstretched and waiting for him. With one final glance back at Max he switches the light off.

“That’s my favourite fairy tale.” Magnus tells him.

“Mine too.”

For @asexualalexanderlightwood 

anonymous asked:

Perhaps the effort gone in towards cain stepping up to be a dad at exactly the same time as Robert becoming an insta dad is whats so jarring. the audience can see the amount of effort going towards it so we invest more towards that story. Emmerdale tied so much of Seb towards Roberts scheming that now all the emotions surrounding Robs relationship with 'his boy' just feel cheap.I dont mind if Seb is Roberts but i just don't get Emmerdales narrative behind it if he is his.

And therein the problem. It’s cheap and lazy to have the instalove thing when they spent MONTHS having Robert put Rebecca in danger and give no actual fucks about the kid. No conflict. Nothing. They even had Aaron call him out on that crap back in August. It’s lazy storytelling and then on top of it all you rush it. You don’t let it breathe. You make it so it’s so heavy-handed everyone feels it cheap. 

I’m not saying I couldn’t get behind Robert is the dad but then I wish the story hadn’t been so messy. Don’t involve Ross at all.  Do a DNA test. Don’t have Aaron self-harm because of the baby. Don’t have Liv be so against it all. Don’t have Robert do such extreme schemes to the point where giving him access to his kid as some reward for his redemption will feel high key gross. 

Maybe don’t frame the baby as a super negative thing for what is the endgame couple and keep doing it post birth. Maybe just maybe you give the mother some POV so people can actually figure out her motivations and not feel like she’s doing this for the wrong reasons because the character is so flimsy to start with. And maybe just maybe take your time and do this story right. Don’t rush the bits that actually matter. Talk about Jack. Don’t just do one graveyard scene and call it a day. Have Robert come clean to Diane or Vic. I don’t know, just try a bit harder. 

Thanksgiving Tips

Smile and nod. Try to be nice even if you have to strain it through it tight, artificial face. No one ever remembers cranky people as having had a good point on Thanksgiving. They’ll just say you were an asshole.

Compliment the chef. Be sincere. Point out what was great to you and tell them they did a great job. Be early with your compliments and do not stop. Space them out, distribute them throughout the meal. Don’t be afraid to thank your chef or host with hugs. You may zoom to the top of the favorites list of even the crankier curmudgeons out there. Chefs and curmudgeons are people, too!

Find a way to connect. Asshole grandma? Find a way. Racist uncle? Navigate around it, keep it brief if you have to. Build bridges, folks. You will regret it someday if you don’t. You’re going to remember this as both a memory and as another layer of iridescent memorystuff lacquered over your idea of Thanksgiving, holidays, and family. Make no mistake: I’m not asking you to be a subservient altruist here, this is for your benefit.

Help clean up. If you’re young, you will elicit pride and the possible perks that go along with that pride. If you are older, you should know better anyway. If you are old, you will help set a good example and, besides, younger people will quickly shoo you out of the way.

Find something in your life to be thankful for. Express your gratitude. That’s why you’re getting together in the first place.

With family? Compromise more than you have to. You’ll look great. With friends? Do the same. Life is negotiation and relationships. Take that idea, get proactive with it, and you will benefit just from the experience of having tried it.

If you’re with a large group, mingle a bit before you retreat to one part of the crowd. Even if you’re shy or introverted or unsure how to pull this off, it’s part social obligation and part strategy. Mingling can buy you time alone or with a smaller, less stressful subgroup.

Smile, wink, nudge, and high five any small children that are about. Let them know you see them and like them even though they are short and live under totalitarian rule. Take whatever utterances they make, no matter how boring or unintelligible, for what they are: their attempts to connect to someone. Just by paying them attention, you’ll be the world’s coolest superhero.

If you’re an atheist (like me), join in on saying grace. Think of it as saying peace instead of you have to. Show respect and involvement. If you are asked to say something, step up and do it. Be grateful, avoid soapboxing, and try to include everyone’s sensibilities. You’ll look nice. If you’re a devotee of any particular faith, try to reach out. Be inclusive. Show how warm and loving you can be. Who wouldn’t like that?

Have fun. I mean actual sincere fun. You are in charge of your own fun. If you think for a moment that you can add to someone else’s fun, do it. Act in the moment, be spontaneous.

Drive safely. Don’t drink and drive. Never mix overindulgence with bravado. There are plenty of cabs in this world. Bum a ride. Don’t die.

Be good. Do well. Be well, do good.

I wrote this a few years back.  I’m just going to reblog it every year.  I think it’s still solid advice.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I wish you all the best.  

What Matters | Billy Hargrove

Request: 57 with billy???? Please!! (Anon)

Prompt: “No one, and nothing, can take me away from you.”

Word Count: 1573

A/N: Hope you enjoy! Bit of a time jump (any excuse to change Billy’s hair). I know the ending kind of sucked but I didn’t know how to finish it. I’m not american so I don’t really know how collage works particually collage in the 80′s so if anything is wrong just pretend. I probably won’t be able to fill any prompts tomorrow but will hopefully get a few down the day after 

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anonymous asked:

Do you do Transformers Animated? If not sorry to send in the ask and you can toss this out, but if you do could I get a headcannon for yandere waspinaror with a human who is willing to be with them?

thank you no one requests this boy enough also I wasn’t sure if you meant pre or post transformation so I did both

Wasp / Waspinator 

- It does not take much to get this boy to fall deeply in love with you. In this case, all it took was you yelling at the Autobots to give him a chance. Then you turned to him and promised to help him get back on his feet after all he’s been through, and just like that his spark was yours. You spoke to him so sweetly and held his hand so very gently. Maybe Primus was trying to do something nice to him for once? Regardless, he is not about to let this slip through his fingers. He’s sure you’re the one for him, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re his. 

- You can see the red flags almost immediately, but choose to ignore them. He’s been through so much, the clinginess is understandable. You’re his only real friend, so it’s expected for him to be a little… territorial shall we say? You really don’t mind, he’s always so sweet to you. You can feel yourself starting to fall for him as well, but you don’t want to do anything about it because it would feel like you’re taking advantage of him. Besides, you’re plenty happy being friends with him. You haven’t had to worry about ever being alone again since he’s always with you. He loves movie nights with you in particular since he can stare at you all he wants and you won’t even notice. He enjoys playing with your hair too, there’s nothing like it back on Cybertron and he likes that. Honestly, he just loves that you’re not cybertronian. Cybertronians have done nothing but hurt him, they can’t be trusted. He makes excuses for you not to go visit the Autobots so often you hardly even see them anymore.

- But then he disappears for a long time. You never stop looking, but you lose more and more hope with every passing day. Months go by and you fear for the worst. He’s either dead or has been taken back to Cybertron by the Elite Guard. You’re asleep in your bed one night after a long day of looking when you hear someone knock on your window. You strain your ears, listening for it again. Sure enough, you hear it again but it’s followed by a familiar voice saying your name. You all but fly out of your bed and practically throw yourself out the window. It’s such an emotional reunion that you’re in tears, and you let it out that you love him. Now that you’re both officially together he takes you away from everything and everyone. He’ll keep you safe, and in return your presence will keep him sane. 

every so often, i’m reminded of just why, exactly, i play this game

i was invited to help a few friends on another server with shinryu and we picked up another tank from party finder, and they turned out to be one of the nicest, friendliest people i’ve met in this game so far. it was a few people’s very first time in there, too, and we still managed to see dark matter & add phase. we all enjoyed ourselves so much that we spontaneously took our new tank friend to get his first O1S clear and just generally had a really good time ;; more of this, please! 

it’s sometimes really easy to get caught up in all the salt and then cool things like this happen and it’s just so nice, dang

Tfw you get a comment on one of your fics and you’re not sure if they’re insulting the fic or not.

*squints at it again*

Alright, peeps, voting time. Is this comment insulting or do I just require proper snooze time:

“No. No. Bad Teldy. You shouldn’t start reading another Star Wars fic. No. I don’t care if it’s Obi-Wan. No, it doesn’t matter if Obi-Wan is a Sith, you read three of those yesterday. I don’t care that it’s only one chapter for now.
…. Wait. Qui-Gon is alive… Hmm… It’s QuiObi? … Fine.
-pouts- Apparently it’s a silver fox thing.”

One Call Away

No matter what she knew she could always count on him to be there, no matter the time of day or what he was doing at that moment if she called he would come to her as fast as he could - even right then in her current situation as her feet pounded down the crowded sidewalk running away from her pursuers she knew he was coming to her aid

He was coming if she could just hold out a little longer

The teenager ran for the open street once more making the men chase her, she had thought by now they would have given up but they seemed to be a little more butt hurt over her taunting them to leave the woman they had grabbed alone laughing at one guy as he hit a light post when she spun around it, she had called for help since they had outnumbered her ten to one and she had tried to wait for him but they had forced her to intervene once the first one made his move.  

She had been coming home from April’s apartment when she had seen some of the purple dragons men grab a woman off the sidewalk so fast she hadn’t had the time to scream for help, the girl had casually jogged across the street putting in a call to the massive turtle who was out riding his motorcycle with Casey only a few blocks away from what he had said last he had checked in on her and hour ago as she had headed out

She had been in the shadows when the leader of the small group had pinned the franticly sobbing woman to the wall unable to just stand there while they were working up to hurting her

She slipped out of the shadows lifting a broken broom handle her fingers brushed over moving until she was close enough taking out the two men right behind him before knocking the man groping the woman away grabbing her arm as she moved towards the front of the alley pushing the older woman behind her protectively yelling for her to run for it once she saw the exit was clear as she held them off

The guys were going to kill her for this but she held her ground until she was sure the lady was long gone before deciding she needed to level the playing field and right now she wasn’t on the winning side, that became no more truer as she caught a bat to her side knocking the wind out of her before getting ganged up on all at once already feeling like she had been hit by a truck fighting for air as she swung her weapon forcing them back before she was gone

Their angry yells followed her as she bolted looking back to see they were ten feet back and gaining turning the next corner the second she got around it for once wishing there were more people out so she could pull a vanishing trick on the men halfway down the next block when a massive human stepped into the center of her way making her skid to a halt seeing Hun and six more men she didn’t wait for them to move upon seeing her looking behind her in a quick glance between the two groups before bolting into the street without thinking

She dodged cars looking to the roofs for her back up not seeing him yet running in front of a car instinctively flipping over the hood as the men stopped to not get hit giving her thirty seconds to get a bit further down the street away from them looking over her shoulder to see them finally hit the sidewalk racing after her again before her eyes caught sight of a familiar black bike speeding past her seeing Casey’s head whip around as he caught sight of the young woman grabbing the radio attached to his chest before she was grabbed from behind thrown into a side alley bouncing off the side of a dumpster

“So the freaks little human girl wanted to play– you seem to like getting into our business a little too much”

The teenager scrambled to her feet spinning around as Hun cornered her holding her ground as he slowly closed the space between them going to grab her making the same first mistake she was starting to notice he never learned from, she shifted her weight round housing him in the side whipping the stick she was still carrying around popping him in the jaw hard enough to make him move back as one of his men grabbed her from behind somehow slipping around them without her ever knowing knocking the air out of her before he reached out grabbing her shirt pulling her away from his man and throwing her into the back wall laughing as she got back to her feet spitting out a stream of blood onto the concrete shaking off her dizziness  realizing she had bit her tongue and lip on the impact

“What are you not going to fight back?”

A sound drew her attention overhead making her glance up before a heavy fist landed a blow to her right cheek sending her stumbling backwards never fully recovering as he hit her three more times but she stayed on her feet swinging the broken handle out hoping he would do as he did and back off to dodge it backing herself closer to the wall as he took another step towards her not to worried about her weapon of opportunity seeming stunned as her smile widened further as a huge shadow passed overhead “I don’t have to fight you lard ass - just waiting until Superman gets here”

He laughed as her back hit the wall looking up at him as his men started towards her “Oh, and why is that princess” he grinned as she shot him a glare pressing further against the wall praying she hadn’t been imagining the dark blob that had just been there out of the corner of her eye “You’re waiting on a fake hero to fly in to save you” he paused in his approach as a large figure landed in front of her in his true superhero pose flaunting a set of sais in both hands as he got to his feet growling in such a threatening way that had the man stopping cold in his tracks

“Last I checked - kid don’t need anyone to save ‘er ass from a bunch of punks like ya” she sighed in relief her body easing as she grinned up at her hero upon hearing Raphael snarling menacingly at the men pushing the small woman behind his cracked shell keeping his body protectively in front of hers “But since ‘m here ya ain’t gonna touch ‘er again” the smaller gang members backed down heading for the street before they came flying back hitting the ground

“Now that was just dumb… you guys should really watch where you’re going I mean running from him, you’re just going to hurt his feelings – he’s a teddy bear if he kills you just means you looked at him funny or you pissed him off – you know what scratch that he ain’t got laid in forever he’s always pissed off” the girl giggled tiredly seeing Raph shaking his head as Casey came out of the shadows into the alley entrance looking a little bruised up nursing a bloodied nose from his little side fight out on the streets while taking care of the other men who had fallen behind in the chase laughing before he saw the small female leaning on the wall “Ay Red – she’s looking a little rough over there”

Raphael didn’t take his eyes off the man growling having just arrived right after he had hit her seeing she was trying to hold him off hating it had taken him so long to get to her

“Ay kid, ya okay?” the massive turtle quickly glanced over his shoulder checked on her keeping the gasping teen behind him as she caught her breath holding her bruised up side before his hand was on her cheek “Sorry it took so long – GPS went down had to find ya the old fashion way”

Her face slowly came up giving him a reassuring smile even though she felt like hell “I am now Superman” he rolled his eyes at her stupid nickname for him unwrapping his wrist wraps before looking her over seeing she was going to have one hell of a shiner and her lip was busted open oozing blood as she smiled at him reopening it again as he handed her the wadded up cloth before his eye were locked on the man who had hurt her hearing her soft laugh “Now you’ve gone a done it… Told you my Superman was coming”

He flew forward a smirk on his lips

The girl didn’t move until the massive human was tied up with the few men that had still been out cold looking up as the turtle in red scooped her up off the ground into his arms poking fun at her while scanning over the injuries to be sure nothing was broken or life threatening before he had nuzzled against her making sure to tell her how good she had done while promising all in the same sentence not to tell the others she had gone solo

Wouldn’t help coming from the one turtle who did it too often in front of her

“Ay Red!” Casey didn’t even have to say anything more; they were gone as the police sirens got closer heading off to a safer location probably wherever he had left his bike before they would head back to the lair together hearing his deep chuckle as she curled up against his chest resting for a bit longer.

They may not have always gotten along and sometimes he might have found her to be annoying when she wanted him to spend time with her – but when it counted and the chips were on the line she knew he would always be just one call away

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Fic: Her First Time

Oliver is not too happy to hear what Felicity’s been up to at college, and it’s all Tommy can do to control him.

This fic is set within the My Home Universe found here

Tommy lays on Oliver’s couch as he watches the twins dance together in front of him. Oliver passes him the joint as he leans over close, “Which one do you want?” he asks.

Tommy tilts his head and studies the girls. They are nearly identical. The only way to tell them apart is that Bethany has a birthmark just above her hip that Bridget doesn’t have. He shrugs. He’s already been with both girls separately on different occasions and had no complaints about either. He knows, no matter who he ends up with, he’s in for a good night.

“Let’s let them choose,” he says.

“Last time we did that, they suggested a foursome,” Oliver says with a laugh.

Tommy eyes Oliver up and down suggestively, trying to get a rise out of his friend.

“You wish, Merlyn,” Oliver says with a blush. “I need to have a threesome before I even think about a foursome.”

It’s probably the joint talking, but Tommy is pretty sure Oliver just implied he’d be down for a foursome at some point. Interesting. Tommy’s never considered having sex with a man before, let alone Oliver. He didn’t think Oliver would have either.

He’s tempted to push the line and see if he can get a confession out of his friend, but Oliver’s cellphone rings and Tommy rolls his eyes knowing exactly who it is.


The only girl who could ever get Oliver Queen to leave his bedroom when there are two women dancing in lingerie standing in front of them.

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