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Stranger Things Seven Day Challenge:

Day Four - Favorite Song(s) from the Soundtrack

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Hey Kaz, I was wondering if you could not make a top 10 of Yuuri Katsuki's hidden talents that left Victor on the floor (Like playing the piano you mentioned earlier)

10) Yuuri is strong. Viktor knew this already since Yuuri is a professional athlete but he didn’t realised just quiet how strong Yuuri was until he saw Yuuri casually lift up one end of the couch without breaking a sweat to find something he had dropped. Viktor needed the couch to swoon on after that one

9) Yuuri has a natural affinity with animals. He’s that guy who can sit on a park bench and get birds to eat out of his hand while Viktor is attacked by seagulls

8) Yuuri is good at picking up other languages, partly through natural talent but mostly because he just works really really hard at it. Once he’s committed to learning he wont stop until he’s perfect. This meant that when Viktor started teaching him Russian he got bowled over by his beautiful fiancé spouting full conversational sentences with and already writing in shaky Cyrillic barely weeks after they started

7) Yuuri has an amazing head for random facts and pieces of information. It comes from growing up in an onsen when tourist used to ask random questions about specific parts of the town and the history and Yuuri ended up picking up a lot of random facts as he grew up. His talent for memorising these random facts carried over even when he left Hasetsu which means when he and Viktor are watching game shows, he’s the one answering some of the most obscure questions before the contestants while Viktor looks at him in awe.

6) Yuuri is a master of video games (he and Phichit’s Mario cart tournaments were legendary back in Detroit). Every time he and Viktor play he absolutely crushes Viktor into the dirt

5) Yuuri is a really good cook. It came from years of being expected to help out at the onsen, he picked up cooking naturally and kept doing it in Detroit (Phichit once commented he would quiet literally kill a man for Yuuri’s cooking. Yuuri wasn’t entirely sure that he was joking). Viktor never had anyone to teach him how to cook and never really learned because he could just order food in or buy premade. As soon as he got together with Yuuri however he started to learn because he wanted to be able to make the amazing meals for Yuuri that Yuuri made for him. This resulted in Yuuri cooking twice a week (with results that left Viktor crying in happiness and the Russian team ‘randomly’ dropping by for dinner every time they knew it was happening), Viktor cooking twice a week (with results of varying success. He got better over time) and them cooking together the other three days, mainly involving Viktor doing all the chopping and preparing and Yuuri doing the more delicate, skilled parts.

4) Yuuri can play piano. Viktor didn’t know this until they moved in together and he walked in one day to Yuuri playing his keyboard softly and singing to himself. Viktor begged that he play at their wedding once he found out

3) On the same vein as no.4, Yuuri can sing. Yuuri can sing really really well. The combination of piano playing singing Yuuri left Viktor sobbing on the floor like ‘I’m marrying an angel’

2) Yuuri is really really flexible. It comes from doing ballet for so many years and also the yoga classes he took for relaxation but it means he’s basically like a rubber band, he can casually contort himself into the craziest positions. Viktor enjoys this for many different reasons

1) Yuuri’s degree in Detroit was sports science which means he has a really good knowledge of physiology and anatomy. On an academic level Viktor loves how smart he is but on a personal level it means that Yuuri gives the best back massages. He knows exactly where to press to work all the tension out of Viktor’s shoulders and Viktor thanks any deity that might exist on a regular basis for Yuuri’s magic hands. He also reciprocates by being able to give Yuuri the best foot massages in history and so it all balances out well for both of them

Penguin Teen Interns Recommend!!!

Summer is almost over, and sadly, it is time to say goodbye to our Summer 2017 Penguin Teen interns. They have been hard at work reading manuscripts, posting online Penguin Teen content, creating eBooks, planning author tours, attending lots of fun meetings and of course, doing lots and lots of reading! Before they left, we asked them for a few of their MUST READS you don’t want to miss out on!    

An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir

Oona Ryle (Publicity Intern)
“An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir could not have been more aptly named –  it won’t burn you, but the story will draw you closer with the warmth she creates in the character relationships. I’m reading the sequel, A Torch Against the Night, right now, and somehow, it’s even better than the first book!”

Perfect Ten by L. Philips 

Dan Denning (Retail Marketing & Advertising Intern) 
“They say to never judge a book by its cover, but I fell in love with this book the instant I saw the cover… whoops. Still, the vibrancy, romanticism, and humor you see on that cover is exactly what is inside the book too! Sam’s journey to find his perfect boyfriend in a town where he is one of the only gay boys kept me 100 percent invested throughout all 352 pages. Read it for the captivating story, the adorable characters, the juicy romantic drama, and because you REALLY want to know which of Sam’s four crushes ends up being the final boy behind that unicorn mask on the cover.” 

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Florida Supercon RWBY Q&A summary

I watched the Q&A with Lindsay Jones (Ruby), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang), Vic Mignogna (Qrow) and Josh Grelle (Tyrian) here. This is a summary of the bits I thought could be interesting for those who like to analyse the show. They talked a lot about voice acting and Rooster Teeth again and usually I don’t write those bits down.

  • Josh didn’t realise it was such a big deal to be the first one to curse on RWBY but many peopel asked him about it.
  • Lindsay listens to the Lucky Star theme song and Red like Roses pt. II to get into character for Ruby. 
  • Josh really loves that Tyrian is “his” in the way that he has no predetermined mouth movements and no one has ever voiced the character before which gives him creative freedom. It was really lovely to see how much he loves the character and working on RWBY. 
  • Monty considered Lindsay for Ruby or Blake, but picked her for Ruby because Lindsay is socially awkward, just like Ruby.
  • Barbara was involved in developing Yang’s character because Monty had her in mind for the role very early on, so Yang is based on her a lot. 
  • They talked about stories of people who said RWBY helped them through a hard time and Barbara said she feels honored to be part of someone’s healing, but those fans are actually the strong ones here. 
  • Vic loves RWBY Chibi. 
  • They were asked about their “this is the coolest thing I have ever done” scene and for Lindsay it was Ruby decapitating the Nevermore in volume 1, for Barbara the scene where Yang meets Adam, for Josh the breakdown at the end of volume 4, and for Vic it was recording his lines for volume 5 with the directors at RT in Austin after RTX, working with the actual people and getting feedback, because he usually records all his lines at home in LA, doing three versions of his lines without direction and letting the directors chose the one they will use. I’m curious if there will be a difference in volume 5, because now they were able to direct Qrow more. 
  • Jen Taylor nailed the opening monologue in volume 1 in one take. (That has been known for a while, but they mentioned it again.)
  • Question about their favourite parts about their RWBY characters: Josh said that with psychopathic villains there are no rules and he loved exploring the character. Barbara said she loves the insane amount of love Yang has for the people in her life and how far she would go for them, that she’d risk everything to protect them. And her tits. Vic said he loves the character design (when he started to record lines for Qrow he didn’t even know what he looked like), he also likes using he voice he gets to use because his real voice is unlike Qrow’s voice and often plays a lot of younger characters. He also loves Qrow cosplayers and he retweets every Qrow cosplayer he sees. Lindsay said she loves forgetting about who she is when she records Ruby or any other character. 
  • They didn’t know which World of Remnant episodes were planned, but Barbara said she’s sure there will be more because it’s such a big universe. 

A few Q&A with Geno, transcribed and translated from this video. Thanks so much to @atsomnambulist 😇 for the help with translation!

- The fan asks what it means to be the best player on the planet, the fan is sure that you are the best, and if not then who is the best from your point of view?  (34:25)

- Oh, in fact, hockey is changing so fast, so like, one year someone is the best, next year someone else will be the best. But if you look at it from my point of view, when I came to NHL, and if you take a look at the period of the last 10-11 years, I played with Sidney Crosby in one team and watched his game and watched the game of many other NHL players and also followed Russia, of course,  therefore I have several candidates at number one - it’s and Pasha Datsyuk and, of course, Sidney and now there’s also a young McDavid, who, well, I’ll be honest, I admire his game.

- His speed?

- And speed and decision making and vision. He has all the hockey qualities and they’re at some new level already. Last season when I watched his game I was delighted.

- How are you finding fatherhood? It’s a bit early to talk, the baby is still so young, but would you like to have a Malkin dynasty? And in general, who do you see your son as in the future? Can you already see some of your features, your character?  (37:23)

- In fact, thank God that he doesn’t look like me (laughs), he is much better looking than me.  It’s hard to describe in words what I feel when I’m next to him every day, of course these are the most wonderful feelings in the world. And, in general, I think next to this even hockey is not comparable, nor the Stanley Cup.

I wouldn’t like to get far ahead, but probably every hockey father dreams about putting his son on the ice, and I’m not an exception. I will try. Will I be a bad or a good teacher - time will tell, but I will try and then he will decide for himself.

- What are the chances for Pittsburgh to take the third Cup in a row? Fans ask about Phil Kessel, he is a bit of a strange man, you were arguing in the playoffs, what was happening?  (45:01)

- (Smiles and laughs while answering) Well, you know, I would not want to tell you about it because in fact there is a completely different story.  I have never quarreled with him anywhere, we are the best friends in the team.
We were talking with our Dmen, but on TV they showed it like I was arguing with him and the media picked it up. You know how it goes, when one person says something and it becomes such a wave that it’s hard to stop. But in fact, in that game, when this whole hype started, we were unhappy with a couple of our Dmen, who didn’t want to give us the puck for two periods and we just yelled a bit in their direction and on TV  it  seemed that we were yelling at each other.

About the third Cup in a row, I’ll say this  - no one believed, or few believed that we would win the second one and now very few people believe that we will win the third, but we will go out there and we will try to prove.

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can you do a top ten times victuuri were caught being adorable in public?

10) After they got their new puppy to keep the other two company they started taking her out for short walks but she was still young and got tired quite easily. This has resulted in many times of Viktor and Yuuri holding hands as they walk down the street while on of them cradles a sleep puppy on their shoulder

9) When they were practicing to do the Stammi Vicino pair skate it initially involved a lot mistakes and falling over and giggling helplessly every time they landed in a heap on top of each other. There was one particular incident when Yuuri made a joke just as Viktor tried to pick him up for a lift and Viktor ended up laughing so hard he slipped and dropped Yuuri on top of him. Neither of them managed to get back up for quite a while after that one because they couldn’t stop laughing

8) Once they were eating in a small café and Yuuri had a plate of French fries that Viktor kept stealing off him. Yuuri kept good naturedly swatting him away and pushed his plate to the other side of the table out of Viktor’s reach. The next time he picked one up to eat it, Viktor swooped in and nabbed it from his hand instead. After Yuuri had stopped looking affronted by the unexpected theft and Viktor had stopped laughing at the expression on his face, Yuuri ended up feeding Viktor the occasional fry by hand to keep him at bay

7) During one training session, they were at the gym and Yuuri was doing crunches. As motivation Viktor was sitting by his feet and giving him kisses every time he sat up during one

6) Once they were out sitting in a park together during one of their language lessons. The day consisted of Viktor looking adorably confused as he tried to copy what Yuuri was saying and Yuuri with a look of intense concentration on his face as he frowned at the Cyrillic in the book that Viktor was reading to him

5) Viktor was once really exhausted and fell asleep at the rink instead of going home. Yuuri didn’t want to wake him because he had been so tired so he ended up picking him up bridal style and carrying him to the car and then to bed

4) During the winter they once went to a public outdoor ice rink just for the fun of it. They spent half the time skating together and holding hands and cuddling up to each other and the other half having friendly jumping competitions and awing the watching public

3) When they’re both competing they sometimes have to spend time apart due to being at different competition. This means they have many airport reunions where they end up running to each other and jumping into each other’s arms

2) During the aftermath of their big kiss on ice they were pretty much inseperable, Viktor was stuck to Yuuri’s side and constantly touching him in some way, a hand on his arm, brushing his hair out of his eyes, holding hands etc. They were also beaming at each other and generally acting really affectionate and happy just by being near each other

1) They danced together at their wedding and two people have never looked more in love


August 16, 2017 (Part 1 of 2)
- Shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Kyoto
- Tanuki udon set with warabi mochi and green tea for lunch at the Porta mall near Kyoto Station
- Earliest Airbnb check-in at 12PM. I strategically picked one where I didn’t need to use public transportation much today.
- I think Kyoto doesn’t have elevators / escalators going down to the metro. That, or they are hard to find.
- Walked around the Shirakawa-minami Dori street, Gion, Yasaka Shrine, Heian shrine, and headed up to the Philosopher’s Path
- Found a matcha parfait along Shijo dori

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2 ethan :)

2. “eyes on me.”

As the epitome of a klutz, the idea of skateboarding never appealed to you. You struggled to do everyday things such as even walk without ending up flat on your face or with a lovely, large bruise on some part of your body. Your terrible balance wouldn’t come in handy either.

Standing on a wheeled board was not a safe idea at all, but your boyfriend, Ethan, insisted on teaching you after all the praise and jealousy you’d expressed as a result of him showing off all of his kickflips and other impressive tricks.

Somehow, with a lot of bribing, Ethan had managed to persuade you to allow him to teach you to ride a skateboard. That was how you found yourself in the middle of a quiet, flat street in a random Los Angeles neighbourhood.

The first obstacle was standing on the board. It was much more unstable than you had even imagined, and with every time you wobbled, it moved along with you. 

Ethan’s warm hands were comfortably laying on your waist. He was your lifeline, the only thing that was stopping you from toppling over and breaking a limb.

“You’re doing great, baby,” Ethan chuckled, watching your features swim in much more fear than was necessary. “Now put one foot on the ground and push. I have you.”

Slowly, you did as he instructed and lowered one of your feet to the ground and put your weight on it until you glided along the cement road ever so slightly forward. 

Eyes on me, baby, you need to learn how to look up and watch where you’re going.”

After a moment of hesitation, you raised your head until your eyes met his soft ones and all of your fear seemed to fade away. You felt your speed pick up as you pushed and pushed with your foot until Ethan almost found it hard to keep up with you.

At this point, you hadn’t even felt his hands leave your hips. You were flying down the street without a care in the world– skateboarding was so easy, and you never even knew.

While you were caught up in the moment, enjoying your new found skill, you failed to notice that you were turning, and a curb was approaching.

It all happened so fast: one second you heard Ethan roar out your name, the next second you were airborne, and then you were on the hard pavement with pain shooting up your elbow.

So, you had been right all along. Skateboarding was not your piece of cake, and it was far from easy.

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Hey Party, I was wonderin, has the girl picked up any bad habits from one of the others or you? It has to be hard helping raise a kid in the zones, I can barely care for myself

She likes to pick up on our habits, some ain’t good but some are okay. We try to avoid our bad habits when she’s around but hey, nobody’s perfect.

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Maybe you and H have been talking about wanting to try a collar on you for awhile. He wants one that has his name on it tho, one made for you. So it goes out and buys one with "daddy's girl" on it and it's a soft baby pink. He also picked you up some kitten ears and a plug with a fluffy tail attached to it. And he showed it to you and u gasped, giving him a look. "Put it on now" he commands, and you wait for the plug so he can stretch you. And he does, that night he fucks u hard, filling u up.




(I may be dead but pLEASE I need MORE)

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Today my sister & I went to PetCo but we got stuck in a long line. This guy was sitting by the groomers station with a panting chubby shiba & when it burps he says "you see you fat fuck, this is what happens when you eat a whole rotisserie chicken by yourself". Then his girlfriend came by to pick them up & she kneeled down to compliment the shiba's new haircut. As they leave he says "we're putting our fat fuck son on a diet". It reminded me of your Shiro fics! I was laughing so hard (ಥ﹏ಥ)

omg that’s hilarious oh man. ok chubby doggos are precious. my dog nephew is a total fatty. one time i was eating a piece of cake while sitting at the table on my laptop. he was having a hyper moment and all of sudden jumped up so his head was on the table and just snatched my slice of cake away IN A SINGLE BITE. i love him.

consider ss coming home from a mission at which point they left shiro with sakura’s parents and like…kizashi has no chill. he always wanted a son, he tells them when they pick up their significantly chubbier pupper. he’ll settle for a grandson though. kizashi would feed shiro whatever he wanted and just coddle him and when shiro decided he didn’t want to walk anymore and just plopped down on the road, kizashi would pick him up and cradle him like a baby. 

so then sakura is just mad at him for not following shiro’s normal routine and they have to put their baby on a diet. but like shiro got used to being constantly fed so he’s always begging for food. like one time sasuke goes to the kitchen just to like get a glass of water and shiro runs over to him as if he’s about to drop something that he can eat. 

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Hello. I'm an INTP and I'm feeling really down and lonely lately (more than ever). Do you have any tips how to deal with loneliness?

Theoretically people are supposed to help with not feeling lonely. Particularly close friends. 

But sometimes I think we can feel utterly alone due to our own carelessness. I mean we hole ourselves up in our rooms, watch a bajillion YouTube video beginnings (because we’re too bored to sit through all three minutes of ‘em), and don’t talk to anyone, and then we wonder why we’re so lonely. And when we can’t pick ourselves up and walk out the door, we really have no one to blame but ourselves.

I know it’s hard. I know that we don’t feel like going out. Hey, that’s pretty much me all the time. But it’s good for me to do things I don’t feel like doing, and most of the time when I’m lonely, it’s my own fault. I have no problem admitting that. It’s doing something about it that’s so hard.

And while I know that part of the reason, or perhaps much of the reason, that it’s so hard to go out and interact with people is because we really have a tough time connecting with them when we are around them, I still think that we need to at least try now and then. I have found that it does help the overwhelming lonesome feeling that sometimes comes up.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

You’ve got Yellow (G!Sans)! You’re The Queen!

Yellow’s going to be attracted to your cool composure in public and in initial meetings, having self control is one of the hottest things a lover could have in his opinion. After finding out your creative and energetic when with your close friends only makes him find you more interesting! He’ll probably throw a couple jokes around with puns and dark humour if you toss some at him, picking up to a sarcastic banter between the two of you! It’s hard to get him flustered, but your flirtations will be reciprocated with his own if you ever get in a relationship. But, if you really want to get him flustered, express your pride in your looks. Nothing is more attractive than confidence, and you’ll see that in his bright yellow complexion!

Running up are the Runner’s Up!

1. Sans is your second place! He’ll be drawn to your creativity and will relate to your insomnia! If you’re willing to have intellectual conversations with him, he’s yours!

2. Red is your third place! He’d be attracted to your confidence and would find your dark humour hilarious! If you’re willing to bit back at him, he’d be yours!

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stydia / "touch one hair on her head and I'll make you regret it"

“Touch one hair on her head and I’ll make you regret it.”

Stiles placed his hands on her shoulders, pulling Lydia back from the stylist. “Babe, you’re the one who said Claud needed a haircut.”

“I know that,” she gritted her teeth, as she hissed at him. “But I’m allowed to change my mind.”

He couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled to the surface at his wife’s face. 

“And now you’re laughing at me?!”

“No I’m not laughing at you,” he said, but the grin was hard to hide. “I’m laughing at the fact that yesterday she picked out her first backpack, and today is her first haircut. And between the two of us we’re gonna give our kid a complex about going back to school.”

“It’s just,” Lydia sighed glancing over at their four year old. “It’s her first haircut. And you’re right, yesterday we bought her a bag for pre-k. And before we know it she’ll be graduating Harvard with her PhD.”

“Okay well I think we have at least ten years on that part, I know what you mean.”

“When did she grow up so fast?”

“I have no idea,” he mused shaking his head. “But I do know that this is not the last first day of school. This is the first, first. So we have many more years of this emotional roller coaster to get through.”

“You’re right,” she turned back around and smiled at the stylist. “Sorry minor freak out. Continue.”

send me a line and I’ll write six (or more) more…

Answer the following questions using song titles from only one artist/band. Try not to repeat song titles.

I was tagged by @gipsyspirits, thanks!

Pick your artist/band: The Beatles

Are you male or female?: I Am The Walrus
Describe yourself:
I’m A Loser
How do you feel?:
I Feel Fine
Describe where you are currently living:
Across The Universe
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?:
Strawberry Fields
What is your favourite form of transportation?:
Yellow Submarine
Your best friend?:
Two Of Us
You and your best friend are?:
Getting Better
Favourite time of day?:
A Hard Day’s Night
If your life was a TV show what would the title be?:
I’m So Tired
What is life to you?:
In My Life
Describe your relationship:
It’s Only Love

I’ll tag: @xochitl-metal, @misshammett, @wolves-of-the-flame, @hereticpoltergeistphenomena, @walk-among-us, @cactiflowergirl, @orthar-the-tooth-collector, @shakespeare-was-a-metalhead, and @cnatab

16.08. Fantasy AU - Twilight AU

Digimon OTP Week part 3

Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Taichi/Sora
Words: 2284

In which Sora is a witch and makes a trip to Seattle with Taichi.

Evelyn Hewett was on her way to the airport to pick up her sisters. Well, directly related to her by blood was only one of them, but who cared about that? The others were her witch sisters; if you wanted to strain a relation, then it was that created by magic, spanning the continents and connecting them in a distant yet also close way. It was rather hard to explain, actually. But she didn’t need explanations, to her it all made sense and that was all that mattered.

She reached the airport just on time, fecking traffic keeping her up. Eve cursed under her breath; she always preferred to be earlier. Pushing people a little rudely out of her way, she reached the arrival gate where a cluster of tourists clogged the gates. Another curse escaped her lips. Slow humans were not the group of people she liked to surround herself with, to put it mildly. She shoved a few more folks to the side, when she suddenly collided with someone in her hurry. Before she could utter yet another swear word, she was embraced in a strong hug. You wouldn’t assume that the red-haired girl who held Eve so tightly bore so much strength. Eve gasped a little, then wriggled out of the enfold and smiled widely.

  “Sora! I finally found you! Or well, you found me. Anyway, welcome to Washington! You know that I’m not thinking too highly of national states, so I leave it at that.”

Eve looked Sora up and down, then something behind her guest caught her attention. A rather towering boy stood there, his most prominent feature was a mane of brown hair that looked as if he had just reached for the socket. His gleaming smile was almost blinding her, but she was immune against such approaches. She eyed him suspiciously.

  “Do you want to introduce me to your companion?” she asked Sora, glancing between her and the boy.

  “Yes, of course! Sorry that I forgot. This is Taichi.” She didn’t give any more explanations but Eve had been around enough couples by now that she could tell that both of them were hopelessly in love with each other. Finally, she gave up her defensive behaviour and extended her hand. She didn’t flinch when Taichi shook it with ferocity.

  “It is very nice to meet you, Taichi. But one question is bothering me. Can you speak?” The question seemed legitimate as he hadn’t said a single word up to now. It nearly appeared as if he was solely communicating by his broad smile and the mass of his hair. Eve even suspected, grabbed by one of her silly moods, that it might also lead a life of its own.

He burst into a boisterous laugh as if he had read her ridiculous thoughts. “I like you, Eve. Yeah, I can talk but I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

“Ha!” Sora exclaimed and pointed at him. “You and not interrupting people! You’re the first to do and once you started talking you can hardly stop.”

He made a fake-frown, then smiled his 1000-Watt-smile again and said “Should we get going? I’m pretty hungry to be honest.”

Sora’s lips curled into a smile again and she leaned into Eve. “It’s not like he hadn’t something to eat only an hour ago. But bear with him, that’s just his nature.”

  Eve smiled in return. “Never mind, I know this one. Embry’s just the same.” She stood upright and looked apologetically to Taichi. “I’m sorry, but we have to wait for another sister of ours and one of myself. They’re both on a plane from Boston that is supposed to land-“ she glanced over to the arrival table “-in twenty minutes and it looks as if they’re even making it earlier than planned. So if you can keep your hunger at bay just a little longer, I will take you all for lunch. You okay with that?”

  He nodded. “That sounds like a plan. But what I can’t keep at bay is my bladder.”

Sora giggled and Eve rolled her eyes. “The toilets are this way” she said and indicated the direction. He bowed and rushed off. Sora couldn’t stop giggling.

  “He seems like a good-natured lad to me. I’d say you made an agreeable choice.” Eve remarked.

  Sora nodded. “Oh, yeah, I’m really lucky to have him. He’s sometimes hell-bent on getting his way but usually the plans he makes work out in his favour.”

 Eve nodded solemnly, but before she could respond, an announcement resounded through the hall, pronouncing the arrival of the flight from Boston.

  “Oh! Here we go! I can’t wait for you to meet Brittany. She’s just as weird as I am, but in a totally different way.”

Sora raised an eyebrow. She wasn’t sure if she could deal with two Evelyns at the same time. But thankfully there was also Constanze to help her out if things went really frantic.

They both turned expectantly towards the gates, where slowly new travellers trickled in, many of them looking confused and disorientated around. Only two people seemed to be perfectly familiar with the surroundings at the Seattle airport; they walked briskly through the crowd, both having a cheery smile on their faces.

  “ConCon!” Eve cried out and fell around the neck of a dark-haired, average-heighted curvy girl. She winced when she was addressed like that, and Sora made a sympathetic face. This was truly a cringy nickname.
As soon as Eve had unstuck herself from her German witch sister, she approached the young woman behind Constanze with a little more calm, but was delighted nonetheless. 

  “I’m very thankful that you don’t try to strangle me like you did with Constanze” Brittany remarked, her hair a jolly bubble-gum pink and her clothing a wild mix of every possible style.

“You’re just my sister-in-blood, not in magic, you know. I’m still very happy to see you, though.”

Eve turned to Constanze. “Please excuse my outburst. I can never fully restrain myself when I see you.”

She chuckled, then looked around their little club. “We appear to be complete. Why don’t we go and get some lunch? I’m starving, there was just a light ‘snack’ on this flight, consisting of two crackers and some crumbly cheese.” She furrowed her brows when Eve and Sora shook their heads in unison.

  “We’re not complete yet” Sora explained. “We’re still missing my boyfriend. He just wanted to go to the toilet but he seems to be lost. He went there like twenty minutes ago.”

Just then a familiar energetic laughter rang over to them.

  “Well, I think we found him” Eve said with an unmoved face whereas Sora dissolved into hearty laughter. The two newcomers were nearly startled to death as they were pushed to the sides when someone shoved between them and laid his arms around them.

  “You’re the two laggards, I suppose? Nice to meet you, I’m Taichi.”
They craned their necks up to his lofty height and were not really sure what to make of him.

Brittany was the first to regain her composure. As the oldest of the group, she wouldn’t be intimidated by someone who was still a teenager. She ducked out from under his arm and extended a hand instead. “The pleasure is all mine, I’m Brittany, Eve’s ‘real’ sister.”

  “And I’m Constanze, another witch sister. Just one thing: don’t you dare call me ConCon! If you keep that in mind, we can become good friends.”

Taichi nodded, the smile still glued on his face. “Now, I’d say: Off for lunch!”

Eve raised her arm pretending to hold a flag used to lead tourist groups around, and marched off to the exit.

Eve drove on and on, first leaving the inner city and then its suburbs behind. Taichi’s glare grew gloomier and gloomier, his stomach rattled impatiently. Sora took his hand and stroked it, trying to calm him. Constanze radiated unease and irritation as well. Brittany sensed the general tense atmosphere. She turned to her sister.

“Hermione, where are you going? People are hungry, you know.”

Eve’s face stayed unmoved. “Just a few more minutes.”

Taichi groaned in response and was about to say something agitated, but a tiny nod from Sora stopped him. But she really hoped that they would reach their destination soon, wherever this was going to be.
Just then, Eve took a sudden right turn at the next junction and plunged into the woods. Constanze jumped at the sudden change of surroundings. Eve just smiled.
After another mile, she stopped at a gate that forbade the entrance but for pedestrians. She cut the engine and got out of the car, walking to the back. Confused, her guests followed her to the now open trunk.

“Ta-da!” She spread her arms wide and presented them several baskets and coolers full of food. “We’re going to have a picnic!”

Taichi let out a relieved laughter and Constanze sighed thankfully.

“Eve, don’t do this ever again. Food is serious business” she accused her semi-seriously while taking one of the baskets.

Eve smirked and grabbed the last cooler, then shut the trunk door. She led the way to a small clearing where wild flowers stood in full bloom.

It was one of those days when the sun had hidden behind big-bellied clouds that threatened rain, but it was never obvious when this was going to happen.

“Now, blankets are in your basket, Sora, and cups, cutlery and tableware in yours, ConCon. The sausages and pickled vegetables along with dips and sauces are in yours, Taichi, and-“ she frowned and gave Britanny’s cooler a thorough look, “-ah, yes, of course, the drinks are in yours. And I have the cake. Boy, therefore that vampires don’t eat human food, they are excellent bakers. Honestly, I could kill for one of Esme’s marble cakes” Eve explained.

Sora put down the blankets and knelt on them, helping Constanze laying out the dishes and cutlery. Taichi stood a little forlorn at the side, looking confused at the contents of his cooler.

“Erm, Eve?”


“These are raw sausages.”

“I know. And?”

“Well, we need fire to fry them, don’t we?”

“Yes, I know. It’s not the first time I’m preparing a barbecue.”

“But…where is the brazier?”

Eve’s face lit up. “How long have you and Sora been together now? You don’t seem to be very familiar with witches. Sora, would you be so kind and gather some firewood?”

Instead of getting up and walking over to the edge of the clearing, as Taichi expected, Sora just fixed her gaze on a couple of trees. Low clattering could be heard, then a bundle of twigs rose out of the bushes and levitated lazily over to them. It landed right at Taichi’s feet who was too startled to say something. Sora, however, was not done yet. First she set some sticks aside, then added to his bewilderment when she conjured a small flame around her right hand and held it against the twigs, setting them ablaze instantaneously despite them being quite moist.

“See, no need for a brazier or some such rubbish. Saves us extra weight and waste. Now, Sora, have you never practised around him?” Eve wanted to know as this seemed rather odd to her.

“ I actually do, but only really small things. He’s probably just never noticed before.”

Eve shot Taichi an indecipherable look, then handed him a little bowl with a yoghurt dip and a baguette. “The sausages and vegetables will take a while over the fire. So here you have something to satisfy your hunger.” She turned to ConCon and gave her some, too. When she offered Sora and Brittany pieces of bread, they politely declined.

After a few bites, ConCon started skewering up sausages and vegetable pieces on the remaining twigs and stuck them around the fire.

A heavy drop of rain splattered right into one of the dip bowls, leaving a crater in the yoghurt. Soon more followed.

Taichi grunted. “And I have not even had my lunch yet.”

ConCon chuckled. “You are really not acquainted with magic, are you?” With a simple flip of her fingers, the rain immediately stopped.

Taichi’s eyes went as large as saucers. “You can even control the weather? Sora, why did you never tell me? That is so cool!”

Sora smiled. “Well, I’ll try to remember that for the future. But we’re not controlling the weather. Constanze has merely erected a shield dome above us.”

Taichi nodded appreciatively. Then he pulled Sora in his lap and nuzzled his face in the bend of her neck. She giggled but soon a breathy moan slipped from her lips. He kissed a line from her collarbone up to her earlobe. Her moans grew louder.

ConCon and Brittany exchanged amused glances, but Eve looked a little annoyed. She coughed. “Ehem, I’m sorry to interrupt your couple time but you’re going to have much more time, and privacy I may say, when we are back home. The Cullens were so kind to offer you accommodation. Brit and ConCon will stay in our house, but there is just not enough space for all of you.”

Taichi and Sora looked at each other, then it dawned to her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that you are asexual.”

Eve sighed. “That doesn’t mean I’m a killjoy to all things sexual. I just don’t understand it, so if you wouldn’t mind delaying your affection for each other, you’ll later have the opportunity to fool around as long as you like. The beds in the Cullens’s mansion are exquisite for such activities, or so people say.”

She winked, Sora blushed and Taichi chuckled.


anonymous asked:

i used to never use my locker and i carried everything in my backpack or arms and one day i was minding my own business and a kid bumps into and my binder falls out of my hands. So, being the dumbass that i am, i bend over at the waist to pick it up and my gravity works its black magic and my backpack just fucking nails me so hard upside the head i completely fall to the ground but my backpack is so heavy im just upside down flailing with my head bent so far into the ground i could see hell

Lmao see that’s why u need a messenger bag , very indie, very hip