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harrison’s accent is one of the cutest things about him ok

I have a headcanon that it’s actually tradition for the Ravenclaw prefect to ‘not know’ the answer to the riddle when they bring up the first years for the first time. Because it makes the first years nervous so when the door asks a riddle (and the door makes sure not to ask such a hard one) the prefect turns around and says hmm, I’m not sure, and they all work on it together and it’s a lesson for the first years on teamwork and it also calms their nerves because they see that even the prefect doesn’t always know the answer

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Request: I love your work so much omg you have no idea!!! Can you please do one where the reader has a date and is about to leave or is already with the guy and Jasper calls her pretending to need her help with something or that there is an emergency because he likes her and is v. jealous/protective/possessive and wants to get her away from the other guy? Maybe they argue but it ends happy? Thanks!

Warnings: Angst to fluff

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Mr. Andrews - Riverdale Imagine

Archie x Reader

A/N:  my first once upon a time imagine is coming up next

Requested by: @pissheadofficial
“Prompts 30,32,39,97 with Archie Andrews please?”

30. “You’re probably the hottest stranger i’ve ever seen.”
32. “My clothes look good on you.”
39. “Those short’s look really good on you.”
97. “Take off your shirt.”

Warnings: none

Word Count:



The first day at a new school is always nerve-wracking, no matter how many “first days” you have. Personally, I’ve had plenty. My family bounced around a lot, never staying in one place too long. There wasn’t a particular reason, really, my parents just wanted to see as much of the world as they could. I did too, until I started high school. Now I just want to settle down and finish school- in one school- and stop being “the new girl” every year.

My parents understood where I was coming from- why I wanted to finish high school in one place. So we made a deal. I would spend my freshman year in California- which is the last place we’d lived in- and then my parents would pick a place for us to settle down for a while so I could finish school. The catch? Because I got to choose where I spent my freshman year, they got to pick where we lived for the next three. Unfortunately for me, that place was Riverdale.

The town seems cute enough, but it’s so quaint compared to what I’m used to. I love the big cities, with bright lights and noisy cars. In Riverdale, the brightest light you’ll find is the neon sign outside “Pop’s Chock-Lit Diner,” whatever that is.

It was the first day of school. I was a stressed mess, desperate to get through the day. After struggling for a full five minutes to open my locker, I put my bag away and wandered around until I found the main office. I met the principal, who seems like a nice enough guy, and he volunteered to escort me to class. My first instinct was to politely turn him down, but I knew that I’d never find this classroom on my own.

He leads me down a few hallways until we reach a room- the chemistry lab- already full of people listening intently to the teacher. The principal clears his throat, causing every head in the room to turn around and face us. My eyes scan around the room, glancing over all of the faces of my new peers. My gaze settles on a particular red-haired boy, wearing a bright blue varsity jacket. When he meets my eyes, my stomach flutters, and I look away. The principal introduces me, and tells the teacher I’ll be in this class from now on. When he leaves, the teacher has me stand in front of the room to tell the class about myself. Nothing I haven’t done a thousand times before.

“My name is Y/N  Y/L/N and I moved here from Cali. I’ve lived in 36 of the 50 states, and my family plans on staying here until I graduate,” I say.

“Cali?” a boy asks, sitting in between a blonde haired girl and a raven haired girl.

“California,” I reply with a smile.

“I know what it’s short for,” he says, rolling his eyes and laughing. “But how do you end up going from California to our small town of Riverdale?”

“I didn’t pick this place,” I say, and I find myself looking again at the red haired boy. “My parents did. We haven’t lived in this state yet, so… here we are.” I trail off, and an awkward silence fills the room.

“Well then, Ms. Y/L/N, why don’t you take a seat next to Mr. Andrews,” the teacher instructs me. He points the the boy I was looking at earlier, and I beg myself not to blush.

I walk over put my books on the table, sitting down next to him. Once the teacher turns back around and continues talking, he turns to me and says, “36, huh?”

I laugh. “Yep, a whopping 36.”

“Which was your favorite?” he asks me smiling.

“Hmm, that’s a hard one. I’d probably have to say either California or Louisiana.”

He laughs. “Louisiana?”

I feel myself start to blush. “They have the best food,” I tell him. “And Mardi Gras is incredible.”

“Good to know,” he replies. “My name is Archie, by the way.”

“I’ve gotta tell you, Archie,” I start. *** “You’re probably the hottest stranger I’ve ever seen.” ***

He laughs at that- a real, hearty laugh- and I find myself laughing too. “I’m hardly a stranger,” he says when he’s finished laughing. “We’ve known each other for a full seven minutes now.”

Before I can respond, a girl with long red hair sitting in front of me turns around, and says, “Y/N, is it?”

“Yes,” I tell her slowly.

“I’m Cheryl,” she introduces with an obviously fake smile. “You missed cheerleading tryouts, but I have a feeling you’d look good in a River Vixen uniform. What do you say?”

Before I can convince myself to look for a way out of this situation, I nod say, “Yeah, sure.”

“Great,” she says, turning back around.

Archie laughs. “You’re a cheerleader?”

“Definitely not,” I tell him. “But she doesn’t know that.”


That night, after a grueling cheerleading practice, I’m heading to the girl’s locker room when the football team comes in. As many of the girls stop to chat, I spot a familiar face in the sea of boys. “Archie!” I call.

When he finds me, he grins and walks over, bag slung over his shoulder. “Hey,” he smiles. “How was practice?”

“Let’s just say I’m going to be very sore tomorrow,” I say, and he laughs. “How about you? Was football practice as disgusting as I imagine it to be?”

“I don’t know,why don’t you tell me?” he says, stepping toward me in his dirty, smelly practice jersey.

“No thanks!” I squeal, taking a step back. “I prefer to admire from afar.”

He just laughs and shakes his head. “Cheryl was right,” he says, referring to the brief conversation I’d had with the red-haired girl earlier that day. *** “Those shorts look really good on you,” *** he tells me.

I feel myself blush. “Why thank you,” I say, smiling at the ground. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge person crashes into me, spilling some type of red energy juice all over me. I gasp as the cold liquid soaks through my shirt.

“Oh, um, I’m really sorry,” some kid says, hardly containing his laughter.

I just sigh, looking down at my shirt and hoping that somehow the stain will come out. The next thing I know, Archie is grabbing my hand and leading me towards a bathroom, where he drags me in after him and closes the door.

“What are you-”

*** “Take off your shirt.” ***

“What?” I practically squeal.

“No, not like that,” he corrects himself, digging around in his bag. He pulls out a blue football jersey and offers it to me. “I just meant put this on instead, so you’re not covered in juice,” he says smiling.

I roll my eyes and laugh at him. I gratefully take the shirt from him, and hold it between my legs as I peel off my sticky shirt. I notice his eyes get slightly wider at the sight of me in my bra before he looks away. I have to suppress my giggles.

I slide the much-too-big shirt over my head, and smile at him. “Well?” I ask. “How do I look?” The shirt is longer than my shorts, making them practically invisible.

“Um, good, I- I mean it looks- I-” he just stops talking and I can’t help but laugh at him. *** “My clothes look good on you,” *** he finishes.

“Thanks, Andrews,” I say with a grin.

Maybe living in Riverdale won’t be so bad after all.

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Favorite EricxDonna moment/scene?

Hmm, that’s a hard one. I really like Donna and Eric, The Early Years. So it’s down to three moments.

I really love when he tells her he likes her

and then they dance after because it was freaking adorable

I also really like when Donna mouths the vows she wrote for her parents to Eric

and then afterwards they have sex for the first time

and of course their first kiss

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Hmmm, how about 18 for Lup, Barry, and Taako? (If you haven't gotten those already)

oh SHIT this one is very hard. hmm. hmmm. i think you’re getting multiples because idk. i got them ideas.

  • Favorite possession headcanon


joke answer: his jeans. boy l o v e s his denim. but seriously, you know when you find the PERFECT pair of pants that fits PERFECTLY and thats just. thats just the best thing? yeah, like that.

non-joke answer: his wedding ring. er, rings. both him and lup have lost theirs multiple times over the stolen century, but, you know. the sentiment of his wedding ring, rather than the actual physical object.


- the first time taako got paid for cooking he was like “holy shit” and immediately went on a shopping spree with lup cause they were young and irresponsible and yeah, he probs should have saved it, but, you know. teens being stupid. taako bought lup a necklace and it was a piece of cheap junk, but she still wears it and loves it. she hangs her wedding ring from it cause doing fire magic with a piece of metal on your fingers is a dumb idea.

- until the whole canon debacle re: her getting trapped, she was SUPER PSYCHED about her vorebrella. it was just. so cool. tbh she kind of misses it even after everything, but every time she brings up making it again taako is like “NO! NO WAY! YOU STOP THAT!” and i mean, she’d probably do it anyway but it seems to be making him and barry actually upset.


- Angus brings him back a handmade friendship bracelet after going to summer camp in seventh grade and Taako tells him its ugly as hell and never takes it off, ever. i forget where i saw a tumblr post about this, but i saw one kinda along these lines like, a month ago.

- lup bought him earrings with her first paycheck, and he never takes em off. they’re horribly gaudy, they’re great.

- he’s REALLY PROUD of the book of philosophy re: quotes that arent his, that he makes on the voidfish planet (im blankin on the name right now). he considers it his magnum opus.

“you didnt write any of it,” lucretia says.

“whats your point,” taako replies.

Something that’s really strange in just trying to come up with a concept for an Irish character is how difficult it is to strike the balance between having them embody a culture (since they’re likely to be the only representation of that culture in game) and not resort to stereotypes. I’m Irish and I’m finding it hard to make the character distinctly Irish while not being a self parody.

pick a side;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff

words- 805

summary- A is a Marvel fan and B is a DC fan, C doesn’t care either way and always mixes them up (taken from this list) polyamorous!au

a/n- d;aklghasf just a short and sweet poly!au. this was so fun to write tbh. also, i’m dedicating this scenario to april aka  @ohmyhoseok because i know she loves taekook & superheroes ;) 

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Even though your relationship has lasted nearly a year, you three are still constantly finding new things about each other- big or small. For instance, last week Jungkook found out Taehyung cried everytime he watched a movie involving a dog. Or just yesterday you learned that Jungkook absolutely will not go swimming after he eats for at least thirty minutes, like the old myth. Whatever it happened to be, it was always interesting. Well, almost always. 

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Give me Asahi being loving sweet to his s/o. Being love making or pampering her when she feels down or stressed out of her mind.

This post was heavily inspired by @nekokat42 and their incredible art of a (very very beefy) Asahi. I do recommend you check it out: Soft Asahi is my aesthetic!!
~Admin Emma

You woke to the soft sounds of acoustic guitar music and the sizzle of something in a skillet. At first, you were sort of confused–it was a day off for you, but you knew Asahi had to be at his bar at some point to accept deliveries and do some prep for that night.

“Wonder what time it is,” you murmured to yourself. You rolled over, checking your phone and groaning when you noted how fucking early it was. You weren’t surprised Asahi’s side of the bed had gone mostly cold–freak always was an early riser. “So much for sleeping in… damn internal alarm clock.”

You figured if you were going to be up and miserable, you could at least be up and miserable and caffeinated. You’d had a rough week, and you’d hoped that maybe you would feel better on a day off. No such luck, unfortunately. Honestly, you really just wanted to go back to bed with your boyfriend, but you figured he was up for good after taking the dog out.

The smell you were greeted with when you came into the kitchen was second only to the sight. The entire kitchen smelled like fresh pancakes, chocolate, and very strong coffee. Asahi was standing at the counter, fussing with something on the stove. At his elbow was a tray of the fluffiest chocolate chip pancakes you had ever seen, a bowl of perfect strawberries, and a French press full of strong, dark coffee–just how you liked it. Asahi’s dog, Hime, was snoozing at his feet, and he had clearly just stepped out of the shower. His hair was still damp, thrown back into a sloppy twist at the base of his neck. He was still wearing his sweats and a loose-fitting tank top that hung from his deliciously broad shoulders. You were granted a tantalizing peek at the dimples on his lower back when he reached back to scratch absently at a spot on his spine. He looked so… soft, and he was humming along to the song playing on his phone. Bathed in the warm sunlight of the early morning, he looked almost golden. He was so beautiful… and you couldn’t resist wrapping your arms around his middle.

He startled a bit when he felt your face nuzzle into his broad, chiseled shoulders. You chuckled, pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades; “Morning, handsome. This all for me?”

“It was supposed to be a surprise,” he said, holding one of your hands and moving it to his chest. You could feel his strong, steady heartbeat under your palm, and his skin was still warm from his shower. “I know you’ve had a rough week and I wanted to… I don’t know, treat you to something nice. Hence the tray.”

“Awww, babe. You made me breakfast in bed,” you cooed playfully. You rested your cheek against his back, letting your other hand migrate under his shirt. You felt the muscles jump under your fingers as you dragged your nails through the small trail of dark hair under his belly button.

“Well, you’re out of bed, so it’s more breakfast-on-tray now.” You could almost hear the precious pout in his voice. He sounded so petulant… it was actually pretty cute.

“I mean… I don’t have to stay up,” you said, plucking a strawberry from the tray and popping it in your mouth. It burst with juice and flavor; the moan you let out was borderline obscene. “This is the best strawberry I’ve ever had, by the way. Positively sinful.”

Asahi turned towards you, a smirk playing on his lips; “Come here, you.”

He gently grasped your chin, tilting your face up to meet his. You let your eyes slide closed as he dragged his tongue along the seam of your mouth, licking the stray strawberry juice that had smeared there. You parted your lips, and he gladly accepted the invitation. He pressed his lips against yours; like always, he was infinitely gentle but there was the edge of something more there, like this barely-contained power that always strained just under the surface. You had to rub your legs together when he sank his hands into your hair, his thumbs caressing just under your cheekbone. You felt breathless, and you could feel the impatient edge to the small nibbles against your lower lip.

“What do you say to breakfast and… going back to bed?” Asahi purred against your mouth, curling his body around yours to hold you closer.

“The bar?” You were practically gasping for air, between his proximity and his heat and the smell of his soap and aftershave… Despite his gentle nature, he was completely overwhelming.

“Tanaka can accept the delivery, and Noya knows that stockroom better than I do… the place will survive without me for one day.”

“Hmm… hard to resist such an appealing offer,” you teased, tapping your lip as if in thought.

Asahi pulled you closer to him, cradling the back of your head as he bent to kiss you once more; “So don’t.”

I feel sorry for any sheith fan that decides to go to the keith/shiro section of ao3 and puts it in order by kudos bc only 6 out of 20 of the entries on the first page are exclusively sheith…

I’m wanting to read some sheith and seeing lance poke his ass in all the time (figuratively and literally) is kind of annoying.

Tho it can be said the same about keith or shiro with shance and klance - but not so much with klance bc jesus there is too many klance fics as it is.

still, it’s annoying

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why do you ship vhope? Coz I can't really explain why I ship my ship.

hmm….that’s a bit of hard one for me too haha.

I think it’s because of their chemistry together and how they are just so touchy and happy when together haha. I also love how tae admires and is such a hoseok fanboy haha, and how hoseok adores tae. They’re two sunshines ^_^

Now here are some gifs of vhope cause you can never have too much vhope in your life~

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Originally posted by rapgodv

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(here’s a prime example of how much hobi adores tae hehe)

Originally posted by ktaejin

(another, though more recent example of hobi’s adoration for him~)

Originally posted by tvehyungs

before this gets too long, i shall wrap this ask up with one of my favorite gifs of them ^_^ my love for vhope is never ending~

volpina!!!! i can’t wait for her debut!

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what is the most redeeming quality of your intp friend?.

Hmm this is a hard one…

I guess her understanding? She’s really smart and I live for intelligent conversation with her because everything she says is fascinating and well thought out.

Also shes really fun to be around? She will not hesitate to quote her fandoms in public and i think thats beautiful.

elleap  asked:

Hi! 8 and 14 for ask meme? :3

Sup Elle!

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?

Hmm that’s a hard one. I have a few favorites. But If I had to pic, I’d say this one.

Noizia in an open field.

14. What do you like drawing the most?

Ah man another hard one lol. 

I really like drawing transhumanism.

Transforming the human form through synthetic augmentations or extreme mutation. Though I don’t post much of it on here heheheh. *sweats*

Oh! And I like drawing Blizzard Gaster when I have free time! 

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How I feel about this character: From the beginning, I actually really liked Dazai, but as we learned more about his character, I felt I could relate to him in some aspects. 

All the people I ship romantically with this character: My main ship with him is kunikidazai, but I also ship romantic/platonic odazai, and occasionally dazpo. I’m open to other ships though.

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Odazai oddly enough, because like I said, I ship it romantically and in a platonic fashion. Their friendship is one that holds a lot of trust and respect for one another, and one thing I find amusing about their interactions that you get more in the Japanese is that they refer to each other in a “dude/bro” fashion. They also show some of the most genuine feelings to each other, so romantic or not you get this sense that they deeply care for one another.

My unpopular opinion about this character: Hmm… It’s hard to say, because while Dazai is one of my favorites, I can also see some things about him that aren’t so great. Does this make me like him any less? No, but this doesn’t mean I’m not aware of all the things he’s done, and honestly there are definitely things he’s done in the past that have made me go, “Really?” 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: This may seem weird, but when I talked to my friend, we both agreed that we kind of want Dazai to cry, like openly in front of others, because that would be an interesting way to finally break down his facade. I also hope that Dazai will actually talk about Oda at some point.