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Truth Or Dare

“Truth or dare?” Connor asked his best friend. They were on they’re way home from the park btw.. 

“Truth! Duh.” She replied. Connor smugly smiled. 

“Who’s your favorite person?” He asked, also knowing the answer very well. 

“Hmm. That’s a hard one.. I don’t know?” She said, playfully. Connor shoved her, which she got revenge for by shoving back. The two ended it in laughter. “Duh. Obviously you If I’m not counting family.” She said, smiling. Connor coughed. 

“Yeah yeah. You’re turn.” Connor quickly said. 

“Okayyy. Truth or dare?” She said, smiling. She had the perfect plan for both. 

“Hmm. Truth. Only because you have that creepy smile that means you have an evil plan.” Connor grinned. Nova rubbed her hands together. 

“Perfect..” She said in a low voice. “Okay! Do I look adorable in these cat ears?” She asked. Connor looked slightly confused. 

“Cat ears…?” He asked. Nova held her wand to her head, cat ears replacing devil horns. Connor coughed. 

“THESE Cat ears. So how do they look?” She questioned, grinning ear to ear. Connor looked away, afraid she would notice him blushing.

“Yeah.. Uh.. They look amazin- I mean! Adorable..on you..?” He said, nervously smiling. Nova giggled. 

“Okay! You’re turn.” She said, still laughing. Connor nodded. 

“Ahumm. Truth or dare?” Connor asked. Nova thought for a moment. And she smiled.

“You say I’m so wimpy when we play this, so DARE!” She said. Connor smugly grinned. 

“Kiss me.” He replied, not a hint of nervousness in his voice. The entire world froze. Nova couldn’t move. Not until Connor burst into tears and laughing so hard. “THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE OH MY GOD.” Nova blinked. “I’M SORRY! I WAS JOKING. Oh man this must be AWKWARD..” Connor said quickly. He looked at Nova who was only staring. 

“Er.. Nova?” He asked. He leaned closer. He touched her shoulder slightly, but she moved away. “N-Nova.. I was only joking..” He said softly. Nova ran forward, running into Connors chest. “AH! NOVA!?” He shouted. 

She looked up into his eyes, grabbed his cheeks, and leaned in for his lips. Connor didn’t move. He didn’t want to move either. His lips were almost touching his crushes lips. Finally, they touched. Nova literally crashed into his own, wanting to glue this memory in her mind.She wanted to savor his taste. Though, it could not last long. It was still her first kiss. She leaned back, smugly smiling.

“Dare fulfilled?” She laughed. Connor stood there. He didn’t speak, didn’t move. Didn’t do ANYTHING. Nova began walking foward. But Connor didn’t take it that easy. He grabbed her arm and pulled her foward.

““Here’s some revenge for your surprise attack.” He said, grinning evilly. He passionately kissed her soft lips. Nova took this by surprise, but soon melted into the kiss. She pushed away slightly, laughing in between. Connor laughed. 

“You’re so stupid.” Nova smiled, and begun walking along the side walk once again. 

“You’re stupider.” He replied calmly, yet he was just kissed by his best friend. 

“Oh yeah? You’re so stupid, If it hit you in the head, you would be too stupid to notice!” Nova playfully shouted. Connor chuckled. 

“Learn from experience?” He asked. Nova growled. 

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3, 20, 48, 67, 87, 93 (very important question for a writer)!

3: Do you have a favorite clothing style?

To me, comfort is always number one. Right now I’m literally wearing a hoodie and pajama bottoms as I read through my most recent beta review. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up–I have a weakness for bad ass jackets and jewelry. But even then I almost always wear sneakers and jeans.

20: Do you like space or the ocean more?

Hmm. That’s a hard one… The ocean has a deeper childhood connection for me. There’s something about sinking your toes in the sand while listening to the waves. Plus, I’m obsessed with collecting rocks and that seems significantly more dangerous in space.

48: A sound you really love?

Rain. Been having a lot of it in CA right now and as an Oregonian, it makes me feel at home.

67: Favorite meme?

Not my all time favorite probably, but evil kermit has probably made me laugh the most in recent memory.

87: Do your socks always match?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

93: How many cups of coffee can you drink in one day?

A sip is my max. Hot drinks are the devil’s drinks. That being said, occasionally I’ll have cocoa or tea when I’m in the mood. If we’re talking caffeine, that shit destroys me. I feel like the most hyperactive and obnoxious nuclear reactor when I have it, which is very rarely and always a mistake. 

I have a headcanon that it’s actually tradition for the Ravenclaw prefect to ‘not know’ the answer to the riddle when they bring up the first years for the first time. Because it makes the first years nervous so when the door asks a riddle (and the door makes sure not to ask such a hard one) the prefect turns around and says hmm, I’m not sure, and they all work on it together and it’s a lesson for the first years on teamwork and it also calms their nerves because they see that even the prefect doesn’t always know the answer

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You are a darling for sending me asks, so allow me to return the favor!! Winn Schott for the OTP, BroTP, and NoTP ships. Also just what do you think of him in general (personally he is my absolute fav in Supergirl! Like why can't guys like him exist in real life??)? <3

Aw, thank you. ^_^ I love doing asks, I just need to do them more often.

As for Winn. Wow. Okay. Get ready. :D :D :D

OTP: This is the hard one, since there is nothing canon for the moment. Hmm. Well, I believe there is a universe in which Kara loves Winn the way he loves her, but I don’t know if that is a universe we will ever see. Right now I just ship Winn with happiness and life and they had better give him a lot of both, especially since the former has been pretty lacking of late. (And if they ever take the latter I…literally do not know what I will do. o.o)

NOTP: There are a few the fandom lowkey ships but I am going to go with the the one that actually happened: Siobhan. Wow. I just… I wanted her gone. For forever. The way she just…completely used him to suit whatever need she had at the time. I really hate her, okay. I usually don’t even bother spelling her name right. But gosh does he care about her. I think part of Winn’s trouble comes because he simply cares too much about everything. I have rarely seen a male character with so much love, trust, and complete empathy. Slgbdhrban manipulated and hurt Winn in ways I will never forgive, but I am fairly certain he already has. :’)

BROTP: Everyone. Winn is everyone’s bestie, as it should be, and I freaking love his interactions with them XD At one point I might have said James. But James has been as much of a manipulator as Shogiuban so I’m still mad at him. And since I mentioned Kara as a possible OTP…. Yeah, I’m going with J'onn. Idk if this counts as a BROTP but I need more Winn and J'onn in my life. I need more of Winn looking up to J'onn, more of J'onn encouraging him and telling him he’s doing the right thing, basically I need J'onn J'onzz to adopt Winn and be his dad and take care of him ok. XD (Also I want to see Winn and Cisco together.)

And if all that was not enough to give you a clue I LOVE WINN. He is quite honestly the only reason I started watching the show and remains the reason I continue watching. I’m pretty sure Jeremy Jordan is one of the best actors on that cast, but I may be biased. ;) I love the best friend characters in general, better if they’re nerds, and did I mention he is also pretty cute? XD I actually cried when the whole Toyman thing went down (though all those freakin close-ups are a little annoying. Like, yes, we love his face, and he is doing Very Good acting, but back off, he can probably smell our breath). And my stomach does flips whenever he is hurt or in peril soooo. And yeah, if more guys like him actually existed irl I bet I would be happily married by now. XD


I hope that covers everything! Thank you for the ask!

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unpredictable-firecracker  asked:

Bucky Barnes and/or Jack Benjamin 😘😍

Bucky Barnes: What is one of your favourite memories? 

Hmm this is always hard for me to answer because any time with my family and friends usually has memories. I remember and this is going to sound dumb but I swear we were safe. In an abandoned street in the middle of the night in a car full of my best friends we went around the roundabout about 50 times in a continuous circle and I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so damn hard with everyone 

Jack Benjamin: Describe your crown if you were a princess

Something with blue and black on it I think. Pretty jewels, maybe the crown would be black or silver and it would look like vines or flowers and it’d be nice. 

Sebastian Stan character asks

anonymous asked:

Rose quarz, sodalite, hematite and ametrine?

Rose Quartz: What is your favourite spell?

This one is super hard because I have so many favorites. Hmm. I love working with my pendulum and spirit communication so I guess that counts. I love my anti-anxiety tea made of lavender, rose petals, and chamomile (honey too if I need a little sweetness). And I really like my study motivation pasta: rosemary, dill, cinnamon, basil, meyer lemon olive oil in a pasta with meatballs. 10/10 would recommend.

Sodalite: Do you have any witchy friends?

Most of my witchy friends are on here on tumblr (I love you all (T▽T) ), but I have a couple witchy friends irl, mainly my teacher and a couple friends I made at college.

Hematite: What is your favourite witch-themed movie?

Little Witch Academia is my jam tbh

Ametrine: Do you believe in fantasy/mythological animals? (unicorns, fairies, ghosts etc)

I’ve talked to ghosts, faeries, plant spirits, shadows etc. so I do believe in most of them. (^ω^) I’ve yet to see a unicorn, though. I want to find one. 

I may have answered the first one too much but thank you for the asks!! (^v^)/

rules: copy this into a new text post, replace my answers with yours and tag 10 people

A - age: 24
B - biggest fear: losing my mom
C - current time: 12:32 am
D - drink you last had: water, and I have to go to bathroom as I’m doing this lol
E - every day starts with: waking up in the morning and send “Good morning” and “I love you” texts to my sweet boyfriend
F - favorite song: Hmm this one’s hard but I say Careless Whisper by Seether
G - ghosts, are they real? I am not sure I have never seen them for myself
H - hometown: Florida
I - in love with: My boyfriend CJ, he has a Tumblr if you guys want to follow him @hervengefulone
J - jealous of: My boyfriend’s family, because they get to see his lovely face everyday (ฅ´ω`ฅ)
K - killed someone: only in video games
L - last time you cried: two nights ago, because i missed my precious boyfriend
M - middle name: none
N - number of siblings: four siblings
O - one wish: to be with my boyfriend in person
P - person you last texted: my bf (yam had this so I left it as is hehe)
Q - questions you’re always asked: “how tall are you?”
R - reasons to smile: my bf makes me happy
S - song last sang: it was a song from Kryary Pamyu Pamyu I forgot the name dang
T - time you woke up: 8-9am
U - underwear color: pastel pink
V - vacation destination: Japan with my boyfriend and future daughter
W - worst habit: forgetting things and being absent minded
X - x-rays you’ve ever had: ultra sound
Y - your favourite food: Italian sub
Z - zodiac sign: cusp

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39 Companies Who Donate to Planned Parenthood

1. Adobe ~ use Polaris 5 on your phone if so inclined, this is a hard one.
2. American Cancer Society ~ hmm what about “Twelve Out of Twelve Recent Studies Show Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer”
3. American Express ~ not surprised
4. AT&T ~ not surprised either
5. Avon ~ 😨 this is not your mother’s Avon
6. Bank of America ~ no comment
7. Bath & Body Works ~ well they are owned by Victoria’s Secret, who is conspicuously not on the list…LOL wuss
8. Ben & Jerry’s ~ duh
9. Clorox ~ because PP uses bleach to clean up after? And they own Burt’s Bees and Scoop Away cat liter!
10. Coca-Cola ~ new ad…Abortion, because it’s unifying, lofty and ideals-based!
11. Converse ~ 🙈🙉🙊
12. Deutsche Bank ~ I have nothing
13. Dockers ~ owned by Levi 😢
14. Energizer ~ batteries suck, so….
15. Expedia ~ a division of MicroSoft, owns all the online travel sights.
16. ExxonMobil ~ I’ve always wondered why they aren’t sold in OK!!!
17. Fannie Mae ~ really? Because PP might need a loan to expand their abortion clinics? You think I’m kidding?
18. Groupon ~ a Groupon for an abortion? Gross
19. Intuit ~ can you write off an abortion on your taxes?
20. Johnson & Johnson ~ hahaha this isn’t even
21. La Senza ~ not gonna lie, had to Google it. Is a Canadian fashion retailer based in Dorval, Quebec that sells lingerie and intimate stuff, owned by Victoria’s Secret, who once again proves what wusses they are. They can’t even donate in their own name!
22. Levi Strauss ~ against guns because they kill people, but supports PP because they kill people….nice
23. Liberty Mutual ~ sells life insurance (give it a minute)
24. Macy’s ~ no more money from Macy’s next year 😂
25. March of Dimes ~ so what is the message? Abort the baby who has MD? This is a very troubling one due to the huge donations they beg for.
26. Microsoft ~ 😕 they should funnel this money into more vaccine clinic grants.
27. Morgan Stanley ~ supporting aborting away future investors, riiiiiight
28. Nike ~ Not. Surprised. At. All.
29. Oracle ~ owner is third richest man in America. Gives a lot of money away to a lot of good causes, but also a lot of money to very liberal causes. You read, you decide.
30. PepsiCo ~ Drink Dr. Pepper because pepsi and Coke will eat battery acid off your battery anyway LOL
31. Pfizer ~ they dump all their drugs on PP, in return PP gets kickbacks, just like your GP, who pushes “samples” on you.
32. Progressive ~ worst insurance ever, so no problem there
33. Starbucks - most progressive, liberal company out there, and I’m gonna cry next time I drive by and wave…..
34. Susan G. Komen ~ reference above article on #2, so much politics on this subject it’s ridiculous.
35. Tostitos ~ really, Tostitos? Who owns them? Ooooh Frito Lay owns Tostitos? Who owns Frito Lay? Oooooooh Pepsi. Bingo.
36. Unilever ~ based in Netherlands and London, owns a lot of brands in the US I don’t use or eat. Dove, V05, Tresemme, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, I can’t believe it’s not Butter, etc. Junk food and chemicals
37. United Way ~ Isn’t it nice to know when you give to the United Way they donate your money to Planned Parenthood?
38. Verizon ~ well shit, I guess I gotta check into Sprint now…..
39. Wells Fargo ~ head quarters in San Fran where no one takes responsibility!


Take away is most products offered by companies above are junk food and chemically laden shit we should all stay away from anyway. Some will be hard to not use like Adobe and anything MicroSoft owns.

Also, of the 1000’s of companies out there only 39 give to PP, so there’s that.

And I find it very troubling that businesses like Susan G. Komen, March of Dimes and United Way take donations and give your money to Planned Parenthood. Think next time before you write that check!

Matter of fact, before you write any check, check out who they donate to, because where their treasure is, there their heart will be.

ankahikoibaat  asked:

3, 7, 11, 26 xD

3.  What is the rarest rare pair (that you ship)?
- Hmm…most likely Pietro x Lady Sif in Marvel/MCU-verse. I may or may not be the only one who ships them haha.

7.  A non-canon ship that should be canon?
- Damon x Bonnie from Vampire Diaries damnit! They just. I don’t know why they aren’t canon already.

11. What is a character you can only imagine in one particular ship?
- Hmm…this is actually pretty hard. I don’t know if I have one…I’m too much of a multishipper. OH! Wait, Jason Dilaurentis from Pretty Little Liars. I only ship him with Aria and I can’t imagine with anyone else. 

26. Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.
- Aidan x Sally, I was really happy with how they ended up together in Being Human. 

Fandom Meme

I was tagged by the fantastic Cassidy @the-nerdy-obsessions! Thank you so much hon!

Your main fandom of the year? Star Wars

Your favorite film watched this year? The Book of Life

Your favorite book read this year? The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Your favorite TV show of the year? A Series of Unfortunate Events

Your favorite online fandom community of the year? Hmm, this one’s hard to pick, I guess Star Wars/Rogue One fandom

Your best new fandom discovery of the year? Harry Potter

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Hmm, not sure, since I kinda stay away from any drama/negative stuff fandom wise.

Your TV boyfriend of the year? So far? Billy Bones from Black Sails

Your TV girlfriend of the year? Lena Luther from Supergirl, Morgana Pendragon from Merlin, Eleanor Guthrie from Black Sails, Max from Black Sails, or Jacquelyn from A Series of Unfortunate Events

Your biggest squee moment of the year? The end episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events, I’m still shook.

The fandom you haven’t tried yet, but want to? Shadowhunters or Gossip Girl

Your biggest fan anticipations for 2017? Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, Game of Thrones Season 7, and probably a few more things.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but feel free to do this if you want!

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G and W :)

G. Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write scenes out of order?

I tend to write start to finish. Writing scenes out of order has never worked for me :/

W. Do you like more general prompts, or more specific ones? 

Oh, hmm, hard to choose. So, I’ll say, I like both. They each challenge me in different ways, and I like a challenge. xD

Thank you for the ask! 


q--uileutes  asked:

30, 10, 16, 6!! (it was so hard to find interesting questions u didnt answer lmao)

6. books in order from favorite to least favorite
new moon
breaking dawn
10. opinions/ thoughts on life and death?
i have the book and started reading it but tbh i didn’t bother finishing it i just wasn’t feeling it at all
16. which character would you want to be?
bella. i’ve explained this before but it’s basically because nothing bad really happens to her, she got everything she wanted (edward) and more (renesmee). she got to choose her life, unlike everyone else and she was happy with it.
30. would you rather live in forks or on the reservation?
hmm this is a hard one. they’re both beautiful places but i feel like i’d get along with people on the reservation more than in forks so i’d probably wanna live there. plus it’s more safe there because of the wolves