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Mr. Andrews - Riverdale Imagine

Archie x Reader

A/N:  my first once upon a time imagine is coming up next

Requested by: @pissheadofficial
“Prompts 30,32,39,97 with Archie Andrews please?”

30. “You’re probably the hottest stranger i’ve ever seen.”
32. “My clothes look good on you.”
39. “Those short’s look really good on you.”
97. “Take off your shirt.”

Warnings: none

Word Count:



The first day at a new school is always nerve-wracking, no matter how many “first days” you have. Personally, I’ve had plenty. My family bounced around a lot, never staying in one place too long. There wasn’t a particular reason, really, my parents just wanted to see as much of the world as they could. I did too, until I started high school. Now I just want to settle down and finish school- in one school- and stop being “the new girl” every year.

My parents understood where I was coming from- why I wanted to finish high school in one place. So we made a deal. I would spend my freshman year in California- which is the last place we’d lived in- and then my parents would pick a place for us to settle down for a while so I could finish school. The catch? Because I got to choose where I spent my freshman year, they got to pick where we lived for the next three. Unfortunately for me, that place was Riverdale.

The town seems cute enough, but it’s so quaint compared to what I’m used to. I love the big cities, with bright lights and noisy cars. In Riverdale, the brightest light you’ll find is the neon sign outside “Pop’s Chock-Lit Diner,” whatever that is.

It was the first day of school. I was a stressed mess, desperate to get through the day. After struggling for a full five minutes to open my locker, I put my bag away and wandered around until I found the main office. I met the principal, who seems like a nice enough guy, and he volunteered to escort me to class. My first instinct was to politely turn him down, but I knew that I’d never find this classroom on my own.

He leads me down a few hallways until we reach a room- the chemistry lab- already full of people listening intently to the teacher. The principal clears his throat, causing every head in the room to turn around and face us. My eyes scan around the room, glancing over all of the faces of my new peers. My gaze settles on a particular red-haired boy, wearing a bright blue varsity jacket. When he meets my eyes, my stomach flutters, and I look away. The principal introduces me, and tells the teacher I’ll be in this class from now on. When he leaves, the teacher has me stand in front of the room to tell the class about myself. Nothing I haven’t done a thousand times before.

“My name is Y/N  Y/L/N and I moved here from Cali. I’ve lived in 36 of the 50 states, and my family plans on staying here until I graduate,” I say.

“Cali?” a boy asks, sitting in between a blonde haired girl and a raven haired girl.

“California,” I reply with a smile.

“I know what it’s short for,” he says, rolling his eyes and laughing. “But how do you end up going from California to our small town of Riverdale?”

“I didn’t pick this place,” I say, and I find myself looking again at the red haired boy. “My parents did. We haven’t lived in this state yet, so… here we are.” I trail off, and an awkward silence fills the room.

“Well then, Ms. Y/L/N, why don’t you take a seat next to Mr. Andrews,” the teacher instructs me. He points the the boy I was looking at earlier, and I beg myself not to blush.

I walk over put my books on the table, sitting down next to him. Once the teacher turns back around and continues talking, he turns to me and says, “36, huh?”

I laugh. “Yep, a whopping 36.”

“Which was your favorite?” he asks me smiling.

“Hmm, that’s a hard one. I’d probably have to say either California or Louisiana.”

He laughs. “Louisiana?”

I feel myself start to blush. “They have the best food,” I tell him. “And Mardi Gras is incredible.”

“Good to know,” he replies. “My name is Archie, by the way.”

“I’ve gotta tell you, Archie,” I start. *** “You’re probably the hottest stranger I’ve ever seen.” ***

He laughs at that- a real, hearty laugh- and I find myself laughing too. “I’m hardly a stranger,” he says when he’s finished laughing. “We’ve known each other for a full seven minutes now.”

Before I can respond, a girl with long red hair sitting in front of me turns around, and says, “Y/N, is it?”

“Yes,” I tell her slowly.

“I’m Cheryl,” she introduces with an obviously fake smile. “You missed cheerleading tryouts, but I have a feeling you’d look good in a River Vixen uniform. What do you say?”

Before I can convince myself to look for a way out of this situation, I nod say, “Yeah, sure.”

“Great,” she says, turning back around.

Archie laughs. “You’re a cheerleader?”

“Definitely not,” I tell him. “But she doesn’t know that.”


That night, after a grueling cheerleading practice, I’m heading to the girl’s locker room when the football team comes in. As many of the girls stop to chat, I spot a familiar face in the sea of boys. “Archie!” I call.

When he finds me, he grins and walks over, bag slung over his shoulder. “Hey,” he smiles. “How was practice?”

“Let’s just say I’m going to be very sore tomorrow,” I say, and he laughs. “How about you? Was football practice as disgusting as I imagine it to be?”

“I don’t know,why don’t you tell me?” he says, stepping toward me in his dirty, smelly practice jersey.

“No thanks!” I squeal, taking a step back. “I prefer to admire from afar.”

He just laughs and shakes his head. “Cheryl was right,” he says, referring to the brief conversation I’d had with the red-haired girl earlier that day. *** “Those shorts look really good on you,” *** he tells me.

I feel myself blush. “Why thank you,” I say, smiling at the ground. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge person crashes into me, spilling some type of red energy juice all over me. I gasp as the cold liquid soaks through my shirt.

“Oh, um, I’m really sorry,” some kid says, hardly containing his laughter.

I just sigh, looking down at my shirt and hoping that somehow the stain will come out. The next thing I know, Archie is grabbing my hand and leading me towards a bathroom, where he drags me in after him and closes the door.

“What are you-”

*** “Take off your shirt.” ***

“What?” I practically squeal.

“No, not like that,” he corrects himself, digging around in his bag. He pulls out a blue football jersey and offers it to me. “I just meant put this on instead, so you’re not covered in juice,” he says smiling.

I roll my eyes and laugh at him. I gratefully take the shirt from him, and hold it between my legs as I peel off my sticky shirt. I notice his eyes get slightly wider at the sight of me in my bra before he looks away. I have to suppress my giggles.

I slide the much-too-big shirt over my head, and smile at him. “Well?” I ask. “How do I look?” The shirt is longer than my shorts, making them practically invisible.

“Um, good, I- I mean it looks- I-” he just stops talking and I can’t help but laugh at him. *** “My clothes look good on you,” *** he finishes.

“Thanks, Andrews,” I say with a grin.

Maybe living in Riverdale won’t be so bad after all.

I have a headcanon that it’s actually tradition for the Ravenclaw prefect to ‘not know’ the answer to the riddle when they bring up the first years for the first time. Because it makes the first years nervous so when the door asks a riddle (and the door makes sure not to ask such a hard one) the prefect turns around and says hmm, I’m not sure, and they all work on it together and it’s a lesson for the first years on teamwork and it also calms their nerves because they see that even the prefect doesn’t always know the answer

one thing that i’ve noticed in the voltron fandom is how trans boy headcanons are often represented by depicting the boys in binders and i think that people who aren’t trans masculine need to be careful that it doesnt come off as fetishizing. like, there’s more to being a trans boy than standing around in a binder 

bogoshipdae  asked:

why do you ship vhope? Coz I can't really explain why I ship my ship.

hmm….that’s a bit of hard one for me too haha.

I think it’s because of their chemistry together and how they are just so touchy and happy when together haha. I also love how tae admires and is such a hoseok fanboy haha, and how hoseok adores tae. They’re two sunshines ^_^

Now here are some gifs of vhope cause you can never have too much vhope in your life~

Originally posted by kingsobi

Originally posted by rapgodv

Originally posted by namjinkiss

(here’s a prime example of how much hobi adores tae hehe)

Originally posted by ktaejin

(another, though more recent example of hobi’s adoration for him~)

Originally posted by tvehyungs

before this gets too long, i shall wrap this ask up with one of my favorite gifs of them ^_^ my love for vhope is never ending~

therealmythical  asked:

Do you have song your most proud of. (my favorite one by you is Alone)

Hmm… that’s actually really hard. I always try to better my work with every project I release. I’m really happy with all of the work I’ve made on my new album :)

askyuurianxiety  asked:

Top 5 favorites fanfictions ?

Hmm… That’s a hard one. I’m just gonna go with recents: 

1. “Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches” GOD it’s just so good. If anyone didn’t see my earlier post, it’s a Victuuri rival’s AU. I don’t wanna spoil anything so that’s all I’m gonna say. (It’s probably rated mature cause there is smut) 

2. “Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts” This is the sequel to the first one I mentioned and god I actually sobbed over this. I’m not done but it’s super good! It’s from Viktor’s POV. 

3. “Under the Cover of Eros” This is one of the tops of my list because Holy. FUCK. This one’s a masked thief AU where Viktor’s a deceive trying to discover who a thief named “Eros” really is. There’s so much fluff in this and I love it. (Also I think there’s a little smut in this one) 

4. “Masquerade” AHHHHHH anyway you can probably tell what type of AU this is from the title but I’ve just started reading it and it’s so well written and so amazing just AH. 

5. And, of course, my two favorite fics written by Braveten. “The Fundamentals of Caring” and “Easy Now with My Heart” from the “In Sickness and in Health” series. These are both so fluffy and cute sickfics and Maddie’s a really good writer so you should check these out if you like domestic victuuri. 

I hope you enjoyed this list y’all! 







souddude  asked:

what is the most redeeming quality of your intp friend?.

Hmm this is a hard one…

I guess her understanding? She’s really smart and I live for intelligent conversation with her because everything she says is fascinating and well thought out.

Also shes really fun to be around? She will not hesitate to quote her fandoms in public and i think thats beautiful.

jeneelestrange  asked:

Silim! Is there a way to say in Sumerian the command, "Trip over your own feet"? Thank you for all your hard work!

Hmm! This is a tricky one, let me see what I can do.

The verb for “to trip” in Sumerian is the set phrase ngiri zeer, literally meaning “to remove (the) feet” (which I know sounds unpleasant!) The present-tense root of this verb is ngiri zeze.

Commands and bare imperatives are used extremely infrequently in Sumerian; much more common is what is called the precative mood, meaning “may you” or “let it (happen that)”. This is done by conjugating the verb and adding the precative prefix he-, in this instance forming ngiri hebzezen “may you trip.”

To say “over your own feet”, I’d probably use ngiri “feet” in the terminative case. Normally meaning “to” or “towards”, the terminative -sh(e) also means “because of, caused by” in situations like this. “Because of your own feet” would be ngiri-zu-sh “feet + your + terminative case”.

So the final sentence would be Ngirizush ngiri hebzezen! “(May you) trip because of your feet!” Here it is in cuneiform:

Thanks so much for your question!

pick a side;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff

words- 805

summary- A is a Marvel fan and B is a DC fan, C doesn’t care either way and always mixes them up (taken from this list) polyamorous!au

a/n- d;aklghasf just a short and sweet poly!au. this was so fun to write tbh. also, i’m dedicating this scenario to april aka  @ohmyhoseok because i know she loves taekook & superheroes ;) 

Originally posted by btswendy

Even though your relationship has lasted nearly a year, you three are still constantly finding new things about each other- big or small. For instance, last week Jungkook found out Taehyung cried everytime he watched a movie involving a dog. Or just yesterday you learned that Jungkook absolutely will not go swimming after he eats for at least thirty minutes, like the old myth. Whatever it happened to be, it was always interesting. Well, almost always. 

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anonymous asked:

What would their favourite movies be?

Hmm, that’s gonna be a hard one lolol.

Modern AU!Stanfou headcanons are my fav tbh

Lefou: I think he’d definitely be into romcoms. Like, anything involving romance and comedy is something that he’d definitely like (‘The Zookeeper’ is one of his favorites, if only because there were talking animals). No horror. NEVER HORROR. The last time he watched a horror movie, he didn’t sleep for weeks.

Stanley: Action/Animated movies. When you’ve got a mix of the two, you’ll sure as hell see Stanley obsess over it for a month. And BOY, is he a Disney fanatic. He sings Disney almost literally 24/7. Lefou’d be annoyed, if he didn’t always sing along because let’s be honest, these two won’t ever stop their smol duets.

Both: They are both sci-fi/fantasy/superhero nerds. Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Harry Potter… these two nerds will fight you if you ever say anything bad about those movies (They have their wands and lightsabers ready and they WILL cut you). They also like cuddling up and crying in eachother’s arms over Drama movies. (IMAGINE THESE TWO WATCHING THE TITANIC! THEY’D BE A MESS!)

ugh. such beans.

volpina!!!! i can’t wait for her debut!

conniecool  asked:

Why haven't more people asked you to draw Anti-Cosmo? He is an amazing character and looks remarkable in your style. Instant heart eyes!

Thanks. hmm well, I don’t know. Maybe because he never show his face in new episodes? Or just no one watching the show now?? hmm I do find him hard to draw actually, cause he supposed to looks exactly like Cosmo, but I always draw him more…ummm “handsome anime devil guy like"?? 

It’s tag tiiiime o/

Rules: pick 9 characters (from any media) you relate to and tag 9 people

Thanks @fairies-hideout and @moonlightmcl for the tag *-* you guys are amazing and I loved it! 

Hmm, this one will be hard, but let me think… 

~ Koisumi Risa:

The reason she’s one of my favorite characters is that I can actually see myself a lot in her romantic behavior. I always end up falling in love with people who initially don’t like me. Especially because I also don’t know what to do most of the time (just like her), so I end up being a bit clumsy when I express myself. I’m also pretty straight forward when it comes to my feelings, which also ends up spooking the other part xD kkk besides, I really feel myself just like her in the most of her expressions and experiences.

~ Onodera Ritsu:

Originally posted by ari-chan05

Because of past bad romantic experiences, I can identify myself with Ritsu’s disbelief in real relationships and his pessimistic view. Also I have a Tsudere side just like him xD

~ Fai D. Flowright:

I’m so much like him G-G kkk I have trouble asking for help like him. I like teasing the people who are important to me too, I am the type of mother-friend who detest seeing the people he likes to go through difficult times. Like him, I try not to think about the things I’ve lost in the past and move on (putting on a mask of happiness or not). For a long time I run away from my problems too…

~ Serinuma Kae:

Originally posted by bubblegum-exorcist

Just like her I love yaoi. Yeah, just it. And I’m a trash otaku (otome). Just it. 

~ Hoshitani Yuuta:

Originally posted by animeismybestfriend104

He is the “embodiment” of my dreamy part. Just like him I have dreams that seem so far away, people I admire and friends who share the same dreams as me. Because of this I can continue to pursue my dreams and seek my own way. Not to mention that sometimes I’m stupidly optimistic like him.

~ Higurashi Kagome:

Originally posted by sankontesu

And again, I know what it’s like to like someone and not be reciprocated (I think everyone knows how it is). But I see myself a lot in the moments when she chooses to do the right thing when she could have done something wrong. In the way she cares too much about the people important to her, the courage she has to fight for what she believes.

~ Kamiya Tai:

Originally posted by moonlight-cutie

He is my impulsive and irresponsible side. Especially when he was younger. When he grew up he became my insecure side too, still being quite impulsive.

~ Chiaki Yoshino:

Originally posted by netuns

I’m a walking mess like Chiakie. I am unable to keep my life organized, I am not a good cook, I need someone to check if I am feeding myself properly and things like that. Plus I never realize when someone is after me until a situation makes that clear.

~ Kiyokazu Fujimoto:

Originally posted by yuzuriiha

He is my asshole side kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I can be insensitive, arrogant and hostile like him when someone pick on me in some wrong way. \o/ 

I will tag: @eldaryanna, @sweet-pendragon, @kahasan, @rosalyas, @fayrelynn-trinity, @americanbeauty-americanpsycho, @docetedesequilibrada, @inkydreamer, @moonlightcandy

EXO react to you catching you touching yourself

It’s been a while since I did a smutty request. Thanks for your request!

*As always gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due.

Just to be safe…


Xiumin: Completely caught off guard, it would take him a second to completely register what is ensuing before him. You probably wouldn’t even catch notice of him just standing in the door way to your bedroom as you continue trace your most erogenous areas with your digits. He would toy with you a little, continuing to just stand there and relish in the sight of you pleasuring yourself. Eventually, he’ll speak up if you don’t notice him. “Don’t mind me jagi…I’m just here to enjoy the show.” As you’re exclaiming your surprise to him, highly abashed, he would chuckle, cutting you off in the process. “I don’t mind watching you…but if you want, I can help you out there. What do you say?” And just to make an emphasis on his offer, he would stroke the side of your face, just to entice you. 

Originally posted by senpai-sisters

Luhan: He would be most surprised when walking in to this sight. Announcing his presence, Luhan would trail off upon catching glimpse of you masturbating. “Baobei I’m hom–” and he would just stop and stare, as if someone pressed “pause” and this is the faze he’s stuck in. Luhan would be slightly abashed upon seeing you in such a state, clearly a very confidential state. Eventually settling into this scene, he would smirk wryly, now enticed upon seeing this. “Baobaei…so impatient, aren’t you?” he would coo lowly, as he approaches you, leaning in for a brief kiss. He’s still retains a ‘traditional’ mindset if you will, so with this in mind, I think he would interject himself into this scene, rather than just sit and watch you. “The wait’s over babe. You want me? You got me.” 

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Kris: Ahh, the return of our sex god. He is really not going to take kindly to this. I see Kris as a very dominant partner, who wants control of pretty much any intimate sessions. And when he sees you already initiating your own libido, without him involved, he’s not going to allow this to transpire. Kris will know exactly what’s going on once he sees you, still reeling from your euphoria. Even while you try to explain your case, it still wouldn’t suffice for Yifan. Already, he’ll have you laying on your stomach, completely undressed as he lands a couple well rounded spanks to your ass. “What do I always tell you baobei? Never start without me.” He’d keep doing this until his words a wholly engrained into your mind, he proceeds to disrobe himself, hovering atop of you. “You’re in for it now babe.” Kris would be absolutely merciless and rough with you, afterwards. But it would all be worth it in the end. 

Originally posted by jayspage12

Suho: He would get so embarrassed! He wouldn’t know what to think or do upon catching you in an enraptured trance with each thrust you permit yourself. He always knocks, but when a response fails to come from the room, Suho will enter himself, only to be completely thrown off guard at this side. “Jagi! Ah! I see…y-you’re…um…enjoying yourself there haha,” As much as Suho is trying to not make this completely awkward, his attempts are proving to be futile. This scenario can play out either one of two way: Joonmyun will end up excusing himself, allowing you your time, or he’ll intervene himself. But, as I’ve said before, that can only transpire if you were to seduce him in the process. Such as beckoning and imploring for him to continue what you started or how much you want him. Suho will then approach you with a subtle smirk, as his hands proceed to run all over your body, gradually disrobing you of your clothes.  

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Lay: Yixing would react similarly to Suho. He would be incredibly flustered upon catching you in the act, not really knowing how to proceed in this instance. I’m not completely sure if Yixing would interject himself so brashly. I think he would just sit back and behold this scene unraveling before him. Once the initial shock recedes, he would just watch you set to work, with a lustful glimmer dancing in his gaze. “So lovely baobei,” he would murmur, in a reverent trance. If he gets to a certain state of aphrodisia, Yixing will subtly intervene into this, by taking a spot next to you, hands exploring all erogenous areas of your body. While your hands work on your lower half, his would work on your upper half, cupping your breasts softly while trace the sensitive perimeter, eliciting soft mewls from you. Or vice versa, where he’ll stimulate your lower half and you work on your upper half, where his digits would deftly trace the outlines of your dampened folds, all while he murmurs soft praises and compliments to you amorously. 

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Baekhyun: Oh he would love this, without a doubt. Baekhyun would be most playful in this scenario, teasing and jesting you the moment he catches you in the act. I think he would act the least shocked of all the members, almost as if he was expecting this to unfold. It would all be a pleasant surprise for Baek. “Oh what’s this~? Are you starting without me? That’s no fun babe~” he would whine teasingly, “I know, I’ll help you out there. It’ll be fun~” With that, Baek would stride casually towards you, aligning himself between your legs. “You can’t just start playing without me jagi. I’ll show you why,” in no time, he’ll set those pretty fingers of his to work on your core, leaving you in a writhing and moaning state, as he enters his digits within you gradually. Thrusting at a moderate speed, he would love watching your face contort with palpable registration of the pleasure. He may go down on you briefly, granting you brief sucks and kisses to your clit. He won’t let you climax so easily, as he wants something in return. “My turn baby~” As I always say, expect some 69. 

Originally posted by katherine80595

Chen: For a brief moment, he would be caught off guard and slightly flustered the moment he sets his gaze upon you in such a state. But, Jongdae would be quick to conceal his surprise in place of his lust for you. “Oh I see how it is babe,” he would pout playfully, becoming amused at your shocked expression, knowing that you failed to notice his presence in the room. He’ll chuckle smugly at this. “Oh no, don’t mind me. I don’t mind watching at all,” and he is true to his word. This scenario can play out one of two ways with Jongdae, depending on how you want to go about this. You may be satisfied with handling “things” by yourself, to which he’ll just watch, maybe even film it just to save it for his own needs or to possibly blackmail you if need be. “Keep going babe, those sounds you make are amazing~” Or, he’ll put himself into the mix, wanting to give you some assistance. “Okay okay, I get it. You want me to help huh? That’s why you can’t keep your hands to yourself. No worries babe, I got this~” And with that, his hands would be all over you, from gently opening you up to lightly stroking your core, from your clit to your entrance. 

Originally posted by whereisexo

Chanyeol: “Hey jagi, I just got–” and in an instant, he would stop mid sentence, mouth agape, eyes widened past their expanse as he just stares at you, hands underneath your covers, eyes still glazed with desire. Chanyeol would easily be one of the most abashed members of them all. He would just stand there as if time has been halted and just wouldn’t know what to say or how to react. He would be conflicted as to whether he should leave or if he should make a move. Honestly, it would be you who would have to get him out of his suspension of activity. For Chanyeol, everything would be happening in slow motion, which is why his decision making would be delayed. Depending on how flustered he is, he may opt to walk away and perhaps bring it up again just to make you both laugh, or he may become slightly enticed with what he was presented with before. “You know…what you were doing there, I didn’t mind it. Maybe you could do it again?” 

Originally posted by jungkooktouchbutts

D.O: Hmm, this one is actually a bit hard for me to imagine. Kyungsoo wouldn’t be flustered, so much as he feels he is being an intrusion(?) Once he catches glimpse of you, he would just bow respectfully, murmuring his apologies for being discourtesy and not knocking. It’s almost intuitive for Kyungsoo to act in such a way during this sort of scenario. However, once you clarify to him that you were simply needy for him and that the thought of him prompted you to take action, he would softly smirk at this, now tempted. “Is that…so?” he would query, now taking your chin into his grasp gently. “Naughty girl, you couldn’t have waited for me could you?” Now, full on sex may not transpire after this, but definitely a rapturous make-out session would occur after this, now increasing both your libidos. In fact, perhaps just to get back at you for starting without him, he wouldn’t permit you sex. “You’re going to have to be patient for that love,” he would murmur teasingly as he places a light pat to your butt. 

Originally posted by overdyosed

Tao: At first, Tao would get startled upon catching glimpse of you. This is something he definitely wouldn’t have expected to walk in to, and he would make that lucid with the widened eyes and agape mouth combo. “Baobei! What are you…” he would trail off as you explain yourself as if you committed a dire indiscretion. As you’re talking, he would just stare at you, becoming lost in your words and entranced at how you look with just a plain tank top and reveling undergarments. He would eventually smirk once realization washes over him as he comments lustfully, “you don’t have to wait anymore baobei…let me do all the work.” You would watch intently as he begins to disrobe himself with dark lust. The only time he’d be rather giving towards you, you would find yourself breathing heavily with desire as he looms above, eyeing you rapturously, hands already making way to your core, lightly tapping your most erogenous areas. Tao would absolutely relish in the way you whimper his name amorously. 

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai: I am aware that a lot of people in the fandom interpret Kai to be this sex beast with a cupidity for sex, but honestly, I see Jongin being quite possibly the most abashed member of them all in this scenario. It’s not that he’s averse to seeing you touching yourself or just being naked in general, it’s just that he wouldn’t expect to return home to this sight! He wouldn’t be able to keep his composure in this situation. “J-jagi! I…I-I…” all the inconvenient symptoms of being timid would be fully displayed on his features: the redness, the incoherent sentences, and the heat being increased around you. More than likely, he will end up excusing himself to give you some time to yourself, but upon further contemplation, he would think about just how attractive you were while you were in a state of rapture with your own touches. Briefly, he would mention this to you as you’re walking out of the room. “I…really liked what you were doing back there. Maybe…I mean…maybe, if you want to, you could do it all again for me?” he would request lowly, with a mixture of lust and modesty. 

Originally posted by blondejongin

Sehun: Sehun is going to react similarly to Kris in this scenario. He wouldn’t be upset with you per say, but more so amused with you. So, he’ll take his amusement to the next level when doling out “punishments” to you. “My baby is playing already? Without me? Tsk tsk, babe. Should’ve waited.” He’ll smirk wryly as you’re attempting to explain yourself, his idea already in full motion. He’ll lie you down prostrated somehow keeping you down with makeshift binds, as he eyes your body fervidly. Sehun wants to make sure that he is still the one you desire most and that you still yearn for each of his touches. Slyly, he’ll snake his hand to your core, picking up where you left off. “I’m sure you love that, don’t you?” He won’t continue unless you answer each of his inquiries. With each answer, he’ll increase the stimulation, sliding his digits within your core’s slick entrance or thumbing at your clit. “I know you still want me. I better not catch you again like that. You don’t start without me. I know you like it better when I’m the one in control. Not you.” 

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

*Lotta black and white gifs. >>

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most to least likely to like someone that’s cold but soft-hearted

Most to least likely to like someone who’s kind of cold and keeps mostly to themselves, but is secretly soft-hearted once they get to know them:

  1. Woozi, Wonwoo, Vernon
  2. S.Coups, Jeonghan, The8, Mingyu
  3. Joshua, Dino, Seungkwan
  4. Soonyoung, Seokmin, Jun

Of course, this is just an opinion, and I’m sure all of the boys would love someone like this on their own terms!