this one was hard enough to colour

Art Un-Tips

Here are some ways to see improvements in your drawing quality and productivity through inaction, not action. They’ve worked for me and may help you too.

  • use less colours. It forces you to carefully consider your colour choices, not draw things just because you see them as a certain colour
  • use less layers. Don’t waste time flipping between layers, just separate the essentials (line, colour, shadow…)
  • don’t be pedantic about lineart. Most people don’t notice small blips in lineart, and unless you’re doing vector or professional art, the time trade-off isn’t worth it
  • lower your stabilizer. Low levels are enough to assist with curves. Higher levels make sharp turns hard. Adjust to your comfort, but see how low you can go
  • quit sooner. Spending excessive time on one drawing can be a bad habit. If you’re learning, you want to draw many different things, so quitting and moving on helps

While we would live separated into Sun signs, everyone is welcome to come and go, to pass by, to be welcomed, to stay over, to visit. If I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream that life would be peaceful at least, joyful at most.

Aries: Rocky and volcanic, a heaviness to the air. Everyone moves with urgency, with energy, with inspiration. There are dragons, friendly but fierce, creatures straight from the pages of fantasy novels. Competition is encouraged, but so is being protective, the merging of strength with something warm.

Taurus: Green, forests, streams, flowers, trees that seem to communicate and break away, that move should you look away for too long. People live in cottages, sweet smelling cakes filling the air in the days, amber and musk at night. Everyone who passes through is well fed and looked after. Leisure is considered a virtue here.

Gemini: Bright and colourful paths to follow, interweaving routes that lead to places undiscovered. The weather changes as they do. Shows are put on, laughter and giggles the soundtrack, and no day is the same. Everyone greets those that pass through, a conversation the key to affection. Libraries fill rooms Beauty and the beast style.

Cancer: Lagoons, beaches, caves to hide out in, pretty with glistening gems and rocks, places to reflect, to see the water move where the mermaids swim. There is time out for every emotion, every sensation to be realised, to be validated, and sitting and dreaming is the perfect way to pass time. Loved ones are kept close. There is power to the sound of the ocean.

Leo: Glamorous and built up, high buildings and fashionable aesthetics, modern, like a city but with quiet corners. Shows and films flash all day, free entry of course, and comfort and luxury is abundant. No one is considered too loud or enthusiastic, the more the merrier, shame is forbidden. If you are quiet enough however you can hear the bellowing lions roar in the distance, protective.

Virgo: Modest towns, green, but practical, everything you need at least once over is accessible. Little critters hop around. People greet each other with a slight nod of the head, a smile, then on their way to learn, to lend a hand, yet at the end of the day they meet each other, even if not much is said. At night, there is quiet to fall into fantasy, to create, to show a touch of genius.

Libra: Open spaces and airy, mountainous, a place to breathe, to balance, to think. The wind makes their hair dance. Houses seem balanced on the edges, views to envy. There are rooms like studios, a place for controlled messiness, for the creativity of Venus to express, yet the rest of the housing is immaculately designed. Most live in pairs, yet the wider community is also cherished.

Scorpio: Beautiful Gothic designs, castles and ruins, yet light seems to dance. Privacy is respected, but so is connection, and inauthenticity sticks out like a sore thumb here. There are creatures that you cannot quite tell if they are ugly or cute, a duality. Devotion and loyalty are held up as virtues. There is a dark humour here, but also great wisdom.

Sagittarius: Green and open, places to run and tumble, but also places to sit and ponder. A natural prettiness, but not heavily designed, natural, placed by the hands of something higher. Sport and competition is encouraged though not valued more than the mental and spiritual talents that their inhabitants gift to the world. There is a warmth in the air, a free spiritedness, a place to visit for anyone that feels blue.

Capricorn: Built up buildings, a big city, classy and simplistic design. Everyone progresses here, advances, creates personal ambitions along with shared ones. Hard work is a virtue, but so is being supportive and stable, extending a hand to those that need advice and solid method. Everyone walks with an air if dignity, but followed closely by a sarcastic grin and shining smile should someone break the poised pace.

Aquarius: A place of technology, pointing to the future, like a cross between a built up city and a science lab. If cars will one day fly, here will be the place to have them first. Can be overwhelming on a first visit, not knowing how anything works, but the fascination is more than enough compensation. The people here are odd and eccentric, but also speak with such interest and offbeat passion that it is infectious.

Pisces: Misty, iridescent, reflective, one colour seems to blend into another, can be confusing for the senses upon first visiting, but there is a point where it becomes easier to acclimatise. The floor doesn’t feel solid, like you could fall right through, but if you concentrate hard enough, you see the streams pass through, pretty rainbow lights dancing on the water. Everyone walks with a sleepiness here, takes time to gather how they feel.


A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Are you celebrating tonight?! This Imagine is based on a request from @reebgirl13. Also, it is free from spoilers.

31st October: Halloween. 🎃 | feat. Loki

Words: 3856
Warnings: shameless smut

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[in spongebob] you know, there’s this overwhelming optimism. and i’ve been lucky enough to have that become a part of my life. i like to think that it’s influenced me. i definitely feel it.

hey @ og homestucks if you’re giving hiveswap fans advice about sealing body paint maybe don’t be aggressive about? i’ve seen a lot of posts where people are swearing at people about sealing body paint and yeah that’s important but you don’t need to be an asshole to get your point across.

on that note, sealing body paint is important, for people who don’t know the ins and outs of paint, because the worst thing that can happen is getting grey on people’s hard worked on costumes! you’ll probably feel guilty if it happens and it’s the kind of thing that is enough to dampen your experience of a convention - worse still, they’ll be stuck walking around with grey paint on that careful armor they spent fifteen hours sculpting and painting or the shirt that they had to find in the right colour, etc etc. 
seal your paint with lots of baby powder or translucent powder! ben nye is a good brand of paint (for my skin tone which is like, white as heck, i mix one of their white and grey together) if you can afford it because it’s waterproof and long lasting. you’ll need alcohol based remover to get it off - otherwise, snazaroo is cheap, although it’s not waterproof and will probably come off way faster. there is also kryolan which i’ve never tried but heard good things about! it pays to look around at tutorials and the like, there are a load on youtube about how to do it as safely as possible so as to avoid dampening someones con experience!
some people make arm socks, but i cant sew at all so i paint my hands. i’d recommend covering them extra well, and if you think you’ve covered them enough…well, cover them a few times, juuuuuust to be sure! i also never paint the palm of my hands or underside of my fingers because i like to grab stuff to look at in cons and it’s just overall safer for me not to! 

tldr; homestucks be nice, and there;s some actual help instead of a !!!Sea L Yo ur B o D y P AI nt !! rant in the big blurb. have fun i guess and i hope i get to take photos with people cosplaying hiveswap at my next con! 

anonymous asked:

Hili :) Can you write andreil 81 for the prompts please? Thank you <3

81: “You’re too good for this world.” okay…. I technically didn’t do this exact prompt, I took off the last word, I hope this suffices my friend, bc it’s actually:

“You’re too good for this.”

The problem with living in a fortress of knives and anonymity is that Neil can’t find him in it. And the problem with that is that a treacherous part of Andrew wants to be found, and touched, and dismantled blade by blade.

The problem with knives is that they won’t stop terrifying Neil, but they won’t stop feeling sure and righteous in Andrew’s palm.

The problem is Neil, a taste Andrew can’t completely swallow.

He puts Renee’s knives in Neil’s safe and Neil says all sorts of sticky emotional things like they’re taking part in some sort of ceremony. Andrew clicks the lock and climbs on top of Neil so he’ll stop thinking, pocketing his ‘yes’ as he goes.

It’s not just that he does what Neil asks, anymore. He tries to do things for him before he can ask for them. He tries to make things happen that he knows Neil doesn’t have words for.

He keeps one knife for himself, and he knows Neil knows about it, because he hands Andrew his armbands some mornings, and the weight is there in his palms.

Sometimes, that weight is the only way to get through the day without his head and throat pounding.

Sometimes Neil jerks awake and thrusts his hand under the pillow, and Andrew has to pry his wrists away. Neil knows protection, so he understands the slim line of a blade at his forearm is to Andrew what Andrew is to Neil.

But Andrew can tell that it bothers him, to have a knife buried in something that matters to him. He sees wintery metal in the shade of Neil’s eyes, and Andrew knows he’s condemning him to a future that looks like his past.

Still, the knife is just a talisman. Andrew is the weapon.

Before an afternoon practice sometime in the middle of the rush towards winter, Jack is the target.

They get to the court early because Neil only has morning classes. He’s always antsy by the time Andrew gets back to the dorm, insufferable and single-minded.

Andrew parks, Neil enters the code to the side door, their runners squeak against the sleek hall floors, and they split up at the locker room. Rinse and repeat. So many times a week that Andrew would feel the monotony in his teeth if it weren’t for Neil darting into side rooms or slipping on floor wax or doubling back to run in the rain, unpredictable as a lightning bolt.

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≫ malec appreciation week:  day one — favourite magnus moments

“When I was a boy discovering my powers I had no one. I had to figure out the Downworld all on my own. It was awful. So, I vowed to myself that if I ever found someone in a similar situation I’d try to make sure they didn’t have to go at it alone.”

fic: Smile Even Though You’re Sad

title: smile even though you’re sad

genre: au/romance

word count: 2700

description: dan is the son of a rich man, unwillingly studying business in London who wanders into a gallery looking for some quiet, and instead finds the happy-go-lucky owner with a camera around his neck, the nicest smile he’s ever seen and a knack for knowing exactly what to say.

a/n: thought i’d post a little mid-week fic to perk you up if you need some, erm, perking…?

read on ao3 here if you prefer.

“They gave me the designer clothes, the trust fund and the private education and they told me to be happy.”

“And are you?”

The steel of Dan’s gaze softens. He ruffles his hair a little and a single curl still manages to dangle across his forehead.

“You know, Phil, you’re the first person to ask me that.”

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I love designing outfit, but i hate when I colour it, because it’s going to be hard to choose which one is fit enough for my upcoming story.

With the help of your choice,

Which uniform is fit for students taking armies but the story takes place in SUPER advanced technologies (sci-fi)

Vote will be close on the next 24 hours from now

[march study challenge] • 14/03/17

Day 14: Blue or black ink?

I’m a recent convert actually - after maybe seven years of using blue pens, I realised that they were nice but they just weren’t cutting it (may I add that blue pens only look nice with other blue stationery and this led to considerable neglect of my pink highlighters, purple textas etc.) and so with much reluctance I brought myself over to the black-ink side. I try not to think about my brief (maybe not so brief) dabble in writing with blue pens because my notes are thriving now that I’ve switched to black! It was only a matter of time, everything else I own is black (or white or grey - neutral colours are fantastic for matching!). If you don’t believe me, when I first started my tombow collection (something I am adding to gradually, as I am sadly not rich enough to buy every shade in one go), I bought all the grayscale tombows first and have only just started collecting the different colours. This picture marks the rare appearance of my purple tombow, although it’s worth noting that basically the rest of the page is written in black ink. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Unwanted (Dick Grayson X Reader)

Request: Can you do a Dick Grayson x reader with a soul mate AU where you have your left eye the eye color of your soul mate and your right eye your own eye color

Prompt: Heterochromia - you have one eye of your soulmates eye colour and when you meet you get your own eye colour instead of having two different eye colours. (+ when your eye colour changes it burns like hell so you know it’s changing)

A/N: I added a little bit more to the prompt for convenience sake HAHA. Hope y'all don’t mind

‘This night cannot get any worse,’ you thought wrongly as you found yourself pinned against a brick wall by a homeless man. You could feel your heart pounding rapidly as your attacker pressed a rusty blade against your neck; not hard enough to make you bleed but enough to keep you from moving.

“Lady, just give me your crap!” He yelled at you, his eyes were those of a lunatic.

“I don’t have anything on me!” You responded truthfully, your voice quivered slightly though you tried to maintain your cool. The man growled at you and you shrunk further back into the wall. 'Oh God this is how I die’, you thought before wincing as he pushed the blade harder against your neck.

Before the man could threaten you any more, you felt a blinding pain in your left eye; the agony sharpened as a figure leapt out from the shadows and attacked your assailant. The torture you felt in your eye made your knees buckle before you fell to the ground, tears pouring down your face.

Soon, you could hear the scuffle between your saviour and your attacker end. You stayed kneeling on the ground, even as the pain in your eye faded away, afraid to meet the person who saved you; your soulmate.

Light footsteps approached you as you stayed still, watching as a tear dropped from your face and onto the ground beneath your feet. The shadowed figure of your soulmate stood before you, silently making their presence known.

Shakily, you looked up, finding yourself face-to-face with Gotham’s very own Nightwing. Behind the man’s domino mask, you could tell he was staring intensely into your eyes. You felt an intimidating aura emitted off of him as he stared you down.

“Go.” He said simply, gesturing towards a random direction, away from here.

“But-” you protested, your heart felt heavy. Your knees started to feel numb from your prolonged kneeling but you couldn’t care about anything other than the utter rejection you felt at the moment.

As a little girl you’d dreamed of meeting your soulmate; you’d spent nights fantasising about your one true love. You were always nervous and afraid, just a little bit, of the fateful moment but you knew that no matter what, they’d love and accept you because they were your soulmate.

But now as you knelt helplessly at the feet of the man who was supposed to love you, you felt crushed. The masked vigilante didn’t even seem to care at all about you; weren’t you his soulmate?

“Didn’t you…” you spoke, voice shaking from your overwhelming nerves, “feel your eye… change?”

He stared at you for a second, his jaw firmly clenched. “I did.”

You felt a small sense of hope well up in your chest as you unsteadily stood up; leaning against the brick wall you were pinned against just moments ago for support. “Aren’t we soulmates?”

“I don’t need a soulmate.”

You never knew how badly words could hurt you until that very moment. You felt fresh tears escape your eyes once more as you looked away from him; wanting to erase him from your memory as soon as possible. After all, you were unwanted by your stranger of a soulmate.

The Wayne family was honestly very surprised when the eldest son returned home with matching eyes but a distressed face.

Alfred was the first to notice.

“Young Master Dick,” he said as he handed Dick a cup of water, “have you met your soulmate tonight?”

“Yes,” he took a sip, eyes pinned to the ground, “I did.”

“But you seem rather… unhappy. May I ask why?” The butler inquired, extremely worried as to why he looked so utterly crushed. Shouldn’t he be happy? He’d found the person he was destined to be with for the rest of his life.

“I told her I didn’t need her,” the man admitted, shame dripped from his voice as he spoke.

“Why on Earth would you do that?” Alfred exclaimed, unintentionally raising his voice. He placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, urging Dick to look up at him.

Under the inquisitive glare of his grandfather-figure, the gymnast knew he had to come clean. “I can’t drag her into this life, Alfred,” he said sadly, his now matching eyes brimmed with unshed tears, “you know I can’t.”

“I believe that’s for her to decide, Young Master Dick.”

He knew the old man was right but oh god, how could he face you again after what he’d done?

Thinking back, he remembered feeling a sense of excitement when he felt his left eye burn without warning. He knew what it meant; he’d been waiting for this sensation for years. However, as he plummeted the asshole who dared lay his hand on you, Dick knew he was pulling you into a difficult life. He knew the moment he accepted you as his soulmate, your chances of living happily were diminished almost instantly.

That night he told the biggest lie he’d ever had to tell, “I don’t need a soulmate.”

It was soul-crushing, watching you break at his feet. The way you looked at him, your face wet with tears, it broke his heart. He’d almost succumbed to the temptation to scoop you up and kiss you like there was no tomorrow but he didn’t. He couldn’t.

He wished he did.

The sound of your footsteps as you ran away from him echoed in his head even as he left the manor. The short talk he had with Alfred was enough to convince him to find you. He had to find you.

You felt numb as you walked the streets of Gotham alone. The night was cold and unforgiving, you felt yourself shiver every few seconds. You remembered how distressed you were just half an hour ago; you were a mess with your tear-stricken face and the small trail of blood that’d seeped from the cut in your neck.

But now you felt nothing. Perhaps it was due to the physical exhaustion from the days’ events, or, more likely, the soreness from the heartbreak you’d experienced. You laughed sadly to yourself, wincing when you felt the cut in your neck sting a little; you were pathetic. No wonder you were unwanted.

You listened idly to the sound of your footsteps as you walked, mesmerised by the peaceful rhythm. You’d began to feel a little better, less heartbroken, until you heard another set of footsteps. They sounded light and familiar; like you’d heard them just a while ago. They were the footsteps of your soulmate.

You stopped moving. You didn’t know what to do so you did absolutely nothing and just stood rooted to the ground. You felt your fists clench tightly, your heart’d begun to race. Why was he here? What did he want from you now?

You jumped when a large hand laid itself on your shoulder; it was warm and comforting but you didn’t want it. You shrugged it off before turning around swiftly only to find yourself looking at Richard Grayson, the adopted son of Bruce Wayne.

Confusion washed over you; you swore for a moment it was your soulmate- and that was when you realised.

“You’re…” you said almost inaudibly, “my soulmate?”

Dick Grayson gave you a sad smile as he nodded, not expecting the sharp sting of your hand coming into contact with his face. The sound of the hit echoed throughout the streets.

“I deserved that.” He stated simply, touching his sore cheek. He’d expected you to start shouting, to vent your anger and frustration on him but instead you began to cry. Anger he could handle but when it came to tears, he was clueless as to what to do; especially since he was the source of your sadness.

“You-” you choked, two steady streams of tears flowing down your face, “you told me you don’t- don’t want me… so why are you here?” The way your voice quivered made Dick’s heart break.

“I couldn’t drag you into my life,” he said, approaching you slowly, “you know what I do now. You know how dangerous it is,” he gently took your face in between his warm hands, his thumbs wiping away your tears. “I thought I could live without you, heck, I’ve lived my whole life without you… but I- I know now that I can’t.”

“You made me feel unwanted…” you sobbed, unable to control your tears. You swore you didn’t mean to cry so much but now that he was here, you just couldn’t stop the great jumble of emotions inside of you. “I thought you didn’t want me…”

“I’m sorry,” he pulled you close to lean his forehead against yours. His breath brushed against your face. “Oh god,” Dick felt his heart ache at the sight of your dejected expression, “I lied about not wanting you, I do want you… you’re my soulmate, I’ll always want you.”

A Long Story About the Smell of Starting School

My elementary school was right next to a huge field. I forget what it grew but I remember the smell OF COW DUNG!!!! If you didn’t grow up in a small farming comunity, maybe you don’t know ehy this is. This is nature’s potent fertilizer. Like, it was just across the road from the parking lot and definitely some kind of biohazard too close for the comfort of your nose even inside close. It made your eyes water to be anywhere in the vicinity of the school property. Nowhere was safe from the stink, inside or out, on the bus or in a car.
Fat black flies the size of small grapes if grapes grew wings where everywhere. There where also pretty oil slick coloured flies that where slightly smaller but bit really hard. This was due to the dung and school garbage cans.
Since it was hot in the transition between summer and fall, this thing had heat waves coming off of it. If you looked out the classroom window, you could see the literal heat and stink waves. This is the smell I always associate the new school year with to this day.
If this wasn’t bad enough, the school board couldn’t’t afford air conditioning. This means that we had all of the windows open and one rickety old electric fan per classroom. All of the baking cow dung heat and stink waves came in along with mosquitos and both kinds of flies.
I switched schools when I was 10 to go to middle school.

Tiny Tony Overlord

Post CW: It’s a straight-forward plan. All Tony has to do is mess with the time storage, destroy an unspeakable Evil that has already defeated them once and keep everyone alive. Whilst in the body of his ten year old self and relying on incomplete memories. Sounds simple, right? Of course then SHIELD goes and declares him a super villain.

Featuring tiny!Tony, protective!Winter Soldier and lots of broken laws. Why be good when the bad guys are so much more adorable?

I’ve finally done it and posted the first chapter of a longer story!!! If you’re interested, you’re welcome to read under the cut–or just go read it on AO3. This chapter was betaed by the talented @folklejend, thank you again for your help!!

Updates will be every Sunday.

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Vanilla Twilight

A/N Based off the song by Owl City! @lampisimportant​ this was mostly written for you but like that’s sappy so I’m just gonna tag you and stop rambling okay bye.

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, AU, human AU, long-distance relationship

Word Count: 1340


Ann can’t sleep, but he can’t exactly text his boyfriend either. Instead, he chooses to miss him.

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Boss 08

genre : mafia!au, angst, smut, fluff.
warnings : mentions of death, torture, physical and mental abuse, everything related to the mafia alternate universe + graphic smut.
words : 5,8k

01 l 02 l 03 l 04 l 05 l 06 l 07 l 08

Another scream echoed against the bare walls of the large room, again. It was the sound of a piercing voice, hurt and full of pain, as weak as ever -again. It didn’t seem to bother Yoongi because he considered that he deserved this kind of treatment, especially after everything he made you go through. He was even rather pleased by the sound, a tone of revenge that sounded like music to his ears. And he didn’t care anyway, he didn’t give two shits about him.

“Please, stop.” He pleaded, one more time, as heavy tears streamed down his cheeks from the pain inflicted on his flesh. He couldn’t seem to bear the salt on his wounds anymore, nor the additional cuts dug on his already bleeding thighs. He was used to make others suffer, but he was certainly not used to the pain. And, again, Yoongi didn’t give a fuck.

“Did you stop when she asked you? Did you stop when she fainted?” Yoongi asked, chuckling devilishly at the state he plunged his enemy into. He really didn’t give a single shit about him. After all, it’s been a week that he didn’t let him live. He only allowed him to survive, granting him the bare minimum of food and water, mentally and physically torturing him to have the pleasing sound of his pain resonating in his ears. He really liked the noise of the little rat suffering under his hands.

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NCT as Demi-Gods (As Requested)

Taeyong - Zeus

- Strong leadership ability

- Can send static electricity through another person at contact (sometimes accidentally)

- Strong enough to create lightning bolts but draining

- Minor control of wind so can fly

- Resistant to electricity and lightning

Jaehyun - Poseidon

- Control water

- Breath underwater

- Can communicate with aquatic animals

- Not overly powerful

Haechan - Aphrodite

- Has the ability to attract the same sex as he walks past

-Can speak fluent French

-Can change his facial features slightly

Mark - Demeter

- Can manipulate flowers and plans

- Can make out of seasons plants grow

Doyoung - Hades

- Can kill the undead

- Can call forth the dead in the underworld

- Can shadow travel

- Minor ability to move natural objects such as rocks with his mind

Yuta - Dionysus

- Ability to create conflicts and small riots

- Can manipulate plants to a lesser degree than those from Demeter cabin

- Can create and cure madness to a small degree

Renjun - Persephone

- Can help flowers grow

- Can turn other objects into flowers, even people for a short amount of time.

- During Summer he can talk to animals/plants

- During Winter he can shadow travel

Winwin - Hermes

- Great at thieving or manipulating others to steal for him

- Super Speed

- Athletic

Taeil - Athena

- Super Intelligent

- Great at deciding strategies

- Can influence emotions

- Great at fighting when needed

Kun - Nyx

- Can manipulate darkness

- Can materialise objects from darkness

- Shadow travel

- Has perfect eyesight in the dark

- Can build paranoia in people and animals

Jeno - Hephaestus

- Expert builder and mechanic

- Can find and sense traps

- Small ability to use fire

Jaemin - Iris

- Photokinesis (Light manipulation)

- Good at art and colour coordination.

- Can summon small rainbows

Jisung - Hebe

- Ages slower than others starting age 12

- Can temporarily age mortals to point of death

- One of only few demigods to be able to affect the Gods by making them feel the affect of their age

Chenle - Apollo

- Can heal people

- Great archer

- Photokinesis

- Can create a screech loud enough to deafen people’s hearing

Ten - Hecate

- Can cast protection spells

- Can cast levitation spells

- Can see around himself at 360° degrees. Hard to sneak up on

- Can read tarot cards

Johnny - Hypnos

- Astral Projection

- Dream Manipulation

- Can induce sleep

- Capable of memory retrieval

You know if you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense that no one so much as thinks that Yusaku and Playmaker are one and the same despite appearances.

Yusaku Fujiki is basically, a nobody. He’s a fairly average 16 year old, he goes to school(sleeps in school), keeps to himself and isn’t all that remarkable(he went though Some Shit™ as a kid but who knows how well known that incident is/was). His social circle consists of the guy who runs the hotdog stand(Shoichi), an annoying classmate who keeps talking to him (Naoki), and the tiny cleaning robot at home.

Aside from maybe teachers, most people would probably go ‘who?’ if you asked them who Yusaku was or showed them his picture. His classmates probably only know him by name and nothing more, if that. He’s an asocial loner and people that might talk to him come away going ‘wow he’s kind of a dick’ (like Naoki did) and probably don’t talk to him again.

Hell, he doesn’t even duel and his duel disk is a rather out of date model to boot. Protagonist hair aside, there’s nothing about him that stands out of the ordinary for anyone to think there’s anything particularly special or remarkable about him.

But Playmaker, Playmaker is the hot new thing. A vigilante duelist who’s taking on the Knights of Hanoi hacker group and taking them out. He’s cool and aloof and ~mysterious~ and to top it off, a rather good duelist.

His appearance is just an avatar, like everyone else in Link VRAINS, and could quite easily look nothing like whoever plays him in the real world. Playmaker could be a woman for all they know.

As the audience WE know that Yusaku and Playmaker are one and the same, and it’s obvious to us. But in-universe, no one is going to look at Yusaku, regular, boring, Yusaku and think ‘yes, he must be Playmaker’ simply because of some passing similarities in their appearance. Especially since, as pointed out, Yusaku doesn’t duel, he couldn’t be Playmaker simply by virtue of that alone.

That’s just silly.

Not to mention, with such a small social circle, he isn’t actively trying to keep it a secret all the time(ala say, Spiderman). There’s no one to notice how he conveniently vanishes every time Playmaker logs on, no one to really look and see how similar they are in appearance or voice tone(which again, looks like you can alter it in VRAINS just like your avatar).

Shoichi already knows so there’s nothing to hide there, and he barely knows Naoki. Certainly doesn’t hang out with him enough that keeping this from him is hard in anyway.

Besides, if a pair of glasses and disguise Superman, then a hair colour/style change and an outfit change can sure as hell disguise Playmaker.

The Other Woman

1428 words | Jumin x MC | Gen

It’s Valentine’s Day and Jumin goes to visit another woman. AKA I attempt to fix that damned DLC because I hate it so damn much MUMBLE GRUMBLE GROAN

Throughout the course of her life, Ji-eun had been many things. She had been an artist, a business woman, a neglected wife and more. She had never been the other woman, though, and the irony of it all left her smirking into her wine glass.

“Tell me about your wife,” she said, glancing at the man sitting opposite and all of the while drinking in his stony expression as she might a flute of champagne.

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