this one was fun to draw


I made some Steven fan art before (and a bit during) my lessons with my art students today haha! There’s one girl who absolutely adores Peridot and Jasper so I basically learned how to draw them just so I could draw them on her arm as per her request. She always has drawings all over her arms haha! And I also took the opportunity to draw my favourites on the whiteboard too (although no Pearl)! The Blue Diamond is mostly drawn by one of my students. Ahah, it’s fun to have something in common with my students who are 10 years younger than me!

after a lot of goofing around i finally got the screen cap i wanted

some bonus screen caps 

he really oes make the best faces haha

i hope no one pats you on the back  ever when you are making faces like that marineete

that is some MASTERFULLY flippy hair ok?? so flippy. 

anyway probs the most USEFUL screencap of Chat Noir ever….

you can see the details for EVERYTHING. what a useful drawing reference. so useful. 

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Phil reblog one of your draws again! Congratulations 🎉

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Thank you to everyone who notified me and congratulated me :’)!!

I decided to take a shot at drawing asshole cat Omega digitally (and try to stay as true the original design as I could with everything outside of the television screen as much as possible in the process). I’m pretty pleased with how well it’s coming so far.


Hey guys!

I recently had the pleasure of working with OkCupid on creating some weird illustrations about courtship traditions in human history. OkCupid just launched a new blog called The Deep End. You should definitely go check out the article because some of these traditions are really bizarre (particularly the first one). Follow the link below to read about all the courting rituals:

Shout out to Shane Zucker for giving me this opportunity! This was a lot of fun to work on! :) And happy pre-valentine’s day! If you’re single like me, make sure to draw couples barfing on each other in honor of this horrible holiday. 

FINALLY I’ve finished this… I’ve been working on it on and off for a few weeks now (mainly because it took me forever to settle on a background).

No one ever seems to draw the normal card girls from the game, but I love a lot of their designs a lot, so I decided to draw my favorite disciplinary committee girls!! Mikoto’s actually one of my favorite normal card girls in general, but playing with all of their designs was really fun!! *v*

(I also kinda want to make this a print and/or make stickers of them, would you guys be Into That….)


So @redbubble is having an art party on instagram where people post images of things that make them happy and then people draw them and it is a super amount of fun. Here are the ones I drew next to the photo inspirations. I honestly could do this all day, but then I wouldn’t get anything done. Unless drawing silly cartoons all day is productive– oh wait, it is, I don’t know what I was thinking.

If you wanna follow me over there, btw, I’m nickelcurry. Just, um, it’s a lot of pictures of cats and hamsters and nonsense, and then also doodles.

Photo credits from top to bottom: kineticspectrum, 892swl.waldo_tuba, kody_thecorgi.

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Wenn is your Steven Universe Art finish Stevens birthday party

As much as I love drawing fanart such as Steven Universe, that is NOT my top priority. True, I want to finish the illustration pieces I’ve planned to do in honor of the latest Steven Bomb, but I have works that come first because my fanarts are something I’m doing for free and fun. No one is paying/donating for me to do these arts, it’s something I do only when I have free time. When you struggle to make a living of what you like sometimes you have to make choices of either drawing what you want and receiving nothing, or drawing what you need to do to get you somewhere and get some money to pay expenses. Unfortunately that’s the way it is…

I apologize if you’re disappointed by my answer but you’ll have to wait, just like everyone else. Right now I’m trying to finish a standalone comic project (which I’m not even sure if I can finish on time) for a contest in hopes of getting some feedback from real comic pros or even getting a chance of being published, so you’ll have to wait a few weeks in the least for “Steven’s Birthday” illustration.



Next one of my modern earth au looks ~
I had an idea of making one of the looks very close Finn’s stormtrooper outfit: (actually posted a marker sketch of this back in January)
Kind of a look you could see on any young guy, their uniform, blend into each other and all that. Baseball jacket is actually partly inspired from stormtrooper hoodie. First order logo on the jacket and cap which also has his number and a little hint of blood. Finn bit pouty with all this First Order shit….
Also thumbs up resistance Finn with Poe’s jacket, looks pretty close to his actual look with little edits (mainly on the jacket). Last but not least happy summer Finn taking some quality shots (only for pun im sorry) and the sunglasses inspired from stormtrooper helmet :’)

[big view] [REY]


I’m sending my friends some stuff so I drew their faves from Haikyuu to send the originals to ‘em!! `v´
They’re great people and we watch the anime together so it’s a nice gif ♡
One friend of mone absolutely loves Kageyama so obviously that was the choice! I can’t draw his actual crown for shit tho so that will have to do ;v;
My other friend gets her fav ship, they’re so absurdly fun to draw ♡ AsaNoya for her it is!!
Man highlighter arts are fun to work on! I’m hoping they’ll like it `v´


@waitingformybucky said, “If you’re still doing ships could I have a marvel, OUAT and supernatural one? My name is Harmony. I am 5'5 and kinda curvy and have blonde hair and grey-blue eyes I am pansexual, introverted, very sarcastic, I like drawing, reading and watching TV shows and movies. I especially enjoy things like Star Wars and obviously marvel stuff. I am almost always on my phone and I love listening to music especially pop punk. My friends say I am like a female pre-serum Steve Rogers.”

Hey babe! First off, You sound fun and we should be friends. Also since your pansexual, I’ll be giving you both genders.

Avengers boy: I ship you with Bucky. With you being shorter than him he will love to lay his chin on your head. You will always tell him a sarcastic remark which he will reply too with twice as much sarcasm. He would love to dance with you, just be able to have his hands on you. He loves your touch, your soft skin against his rough skin. He would joke around with you and ask you to draw him, or put how you feel into art.

Avengers girl: black widow and you are like lightning. She will always have ahold of you cause she doesn’t want to lose you. She will read books with you and always wonder what their about, but you end up having to explain. You guys would also dance in the rain to your favorite music, she would take you out to fancy dinner dates and try to keep you romantically interested. She would play with your hair to get you to sleep, and kiss your nose to get you off of your phone

Supernatural boy: holy shit. You and Cas though. He wouldn’t understand your sarcasm, so you’d have to explain it to him constantly. Cas would bring you flowers, or new books that he found interesting, most are nonfiction but you still read them. Cas would come up behind you and wrap you in his trench coat, you would always make a remark about it, but he would just giggle. He would also sit and watch movies with you for hours, despite his questions, it was fun. He’d attempt to draw for you at times, but the best he could do was stick figures.

Supernatural girl: Charlie and you are now one of my favorites. But she would take you to play video games, and try live action role play, she would take you to your favorite movie premieres. Her sarcastic manor and yours would hit it off really well, she would treat you like a queen. Taking you everywhere, buying you everything you want, and trying to make you as happy as possible. She would introduce you to Sam and Dean, and try to get you to draw the demons or beasts they see.

OUAT boy: Peter Pan. My baby. You and Peter would be a fiery relationship, lots of cute flirting or endless talking. You would kiss him to get him to pay attention to you. Once he was looking at you, you’d smile and make some sort of sarcastic remark. He would reply by cutting you off with a meaningful kiss that will end with fun things. He’d take you to the prettiest places he knows on Neverland so your able to draw and read in peace away from the lost boys. He would protect you and make sure the lost boys know your his.

OUAT girl: (I had to think about this one) You and Wendy both love ready and like to draw. Wendy would tell you stories of marvelous adventures, always telling you it’s nothing compared to what she has with you. Her smile could light up your day, she would kiss you as much as she could. Wendy would make you drawings and try to get you to read books that were unique in her mind. She loves your sarcasm, cause with each remark you become closer. She soon introduces you to her brothers, they start to love you and use your own sarcasm against you.

Disney boy: Flynn Ryder, you and Flynn are both sarcastic people. You guys don’t take things seriously and you love it that way. You could both sit back and watch the world fade away to nothing. Watch movies and read random books to him, although he doesn’t like reading. He loves it when you draw him, cause you always get his nose right. He will play with your hair, trying to braid it or fish tail it’s but it never works. But you end up falling asleep and walking up to him kissing your jaw line and wanting to go do something.

Disney Girl: Merida. You both crave freedom, wanting to do nothing but ride or read in your case. She was instantly interested in you, she really likes the way your hair looked, the way you smiled when reading a book. The way you placed your hands on your hips when trying to prove a point, you were what she desired. She was a bit nervous meeting you at first, but once you started hanging out, you were inseparable. You guys would be sarcastic together, draw random things on the castle walls, torment her little brothers and such.

I’m sorry it was late babe, I hope you liked it!!!!


Topi’s Daily Card #535:  Skyscribing

When people think of hug based card draw, Prosperity is one that comes to mind.  Skyscribing is generally the other, and to me has a lot more use out of it. Being able to forecast it while using up mana on your turn, is nearly uncounterable spare for a stifle or anything like that.  Forecast is potent for that very reason, helping you get through countermagic that you know is on the other side of the battlefield, for a bit of an elevated price.  When the coast is clear of course, you can cast this spell for whatever X you can muster, potentially with the right cards eliminating or vastly reducing your opponent’s chances of winning.  In the right deck it can be a game ender, and in other builds it can just be a fun way to get everyone to draw cards.  It has tons of uses for different decks, and personally I see this new art as superior to the old one.  Whenever I build a hug styled deck, this card is sure to find a spot.