this one was fun i might do the rest of the teams


So as my apartment was slowly buried in snow I pulled out a game I haven’t played in nearly three years and after some fumbling  around in trying to remember how to play the game, I finally beat it. So many emotions for The Last Story. Its not a perfect game by any means but it was super fun for me and I did like the characters, and I love the concept art for it. that stuff is art I can only dream of one day doing. 

So I did a few sketches of Zael (who of course has the most difficult hair to draw) and Dagran because they’re my favs. Might do the rest of the team later. 

heres what sucks

- i was a quieter kid. when i rode the bus with the older kids in 4th grade, i would read my book and listen to music, which was weird to these kids who never stopped gossiping and shitting on people. so they started shitting on me too. even my neighbors, who i had thought of as friends. i was 8. and they thought it was hilarious to pick on a little kid

- i was never good at land sports. soccor was fun for a time when i was little but i was never a star player. my dad loved lacrosse and put me on a team when i was 9. i wasnt good. let me tell you, lacrosse is a cliquey sport. if you arent great at the game, you might as well not be there. adding my lack of skill to the fact that i hadnt been with that team since i was 5 like the rest of them, i was outcasted and ignored. and laughed at when i missed a catch or a goal.

- coming into freshman year, i had 3 best friends and a bunch of girls we were friendly towards. i didnt know all the girls well, but my friends considered these girls their friends as well. ive never been one to have a huge amount of friends, but it was nice to have people in each of my classes that i was familiar with. when i stopped being friends with those 3 best friends, i lost that network of girls i was friendly with, simply because im not good at making friends usually

- “usually”, but somehow i managed to make 3 new best friends. no huge group of people here. just us, which was nice, because large groups had started to make me uncomfortable. fast foreward 3 years to senior year. only 2 of us remain (well, 3 but he kinda comes and goes). she has lots of friends. i only really have her. dont get me wrong, i love my friend and the fact that there’s not 10 billion other people always around. but its very different from what i came into high school with

- then theres swim team. i used to love swimming. it was something i finally excelled at athletically. i do have friends there, 6 of them to be exact (well, 7 but wd kicked the one kid out but that’s a whole other rant), but only 2 of them live near me and we run in vastly different circles at school. now, swim just feels like a chore. and the high school team. i cant wait for the season to be over. to get away from the junior boys. they can be so mean, just for the sake of being mean. they just want people to laugh, laugh at them, laugh at the person they’re mocking. most of the time, i can brush off what people say to me, but i cant take it when people intentionally humiliate me. the laughter is what hurts the most

- i sit with my friend at lunch. just the 2 of us. but because of testing, shes been moved to a different lunch shift recently. its hard enough for me to sit there alone. i listen to music and read or pull out my laptop. and you wanna know what happened last week? this kid takes a video of me looking at my laptop screen and puts it on snapchat with the caption “love that big dick” or something. a girl in my carpool showed it to me later that day and i sobbed. im not comfortable in there anyway, and now this kid insinuates that i was watching porn at lunch (i was watching dan’s live stream because i missed it the day before) and puts it on snapchat for his friends to laugh at

i don’t care what people say about me, so long as they say it to my face. it you want to insult me, go for it. but don’t make me the butt of your joke. ive got enough social anxiety as it is, please dont intentionally make it worse