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Think Before I Talk pt.2

So this isn’t that much based on the song anymore, as there wasn’t any more to use or any lyric that fit heh. And this is also complete shit. Sorry

Part 1

Richie was currently sitting outside his house, not wanting to enter. All he really wanted to, was to find Y/N and apologize, but he was not going to let himself do that. He has fucked up too much already. He knew that he didn’t really have a reason to go off on her like that. It wasn’t like they were together. If she wanted Bill, he couldn’t stop her.

Richie was too deep in his own thoughts to see the person currently standing in front of him. “Hi”. He snapped his head up, meeting the eyes of someone he thought would never want to talk to him. Not finding the words, Richie just nodded in her direction before settling his eyes on the ground again. Mentally kicking himself for being such a coward. “Can we talk” Y/N asked, fiddling with the ends of her hair. Richie knew this was something she always did when she was nervous. “Okay” Richie scooted over, making place for Y/N to sit down. She walked slowly up the stairs placing herself beside him. Not too close, terrified he would scoot away from her. But also, not too far, so he would think she was angry at him. Because she wasn’t angry. Not at all. Sure, she was taken back by his previous behavior, but could she blame him? After all, she had frozen him out without giving him an explanation. Of course he was hurt.

“I think I owe you an apology, Richie” Richie snapped his head up, looking at her with confused eyes. “What do you have to apologies for? I´m the one that went all crazy on you for no reason. If you like Bill, that’s completely fine, nothing I can do about that, and-” Richie babbled on for what seemed like forever, and Y/N couldn’t help but smile at him. “Beep, beep Richie” Y/N pressed a finger to his mouth, letting out a small giggle. Richie quickly shut his mouth, glasses slowly sliding down the bridge of his nose. A small blush crept upon his cheeks, embarrassed by letting his mouth run. He couldn’t really remember everything he was rambling on about, as his brain kind of shut off, while his mouth kept on. But seeing as Y/N was smiling, it couldn’t have been that bad.

The smile on Y/N slowly faded away, as she removed her hand from Richie´s face. Looking down on her hands for a second, she looked at him with sad eyes. “I do have to apologize.” Richie still had a confused face. “Look, I get that you are angry at me. I completely shut you out. Without even giving you a reason. And I´m sorry. I was being a complete bitch.” Y/N suddenly stopped talking, grabbing Richie´s hands in her own. Richie´s heart felt like it skipped a beat at the sudden touch, though he didn’t complain. “The only reason I acted that way, is because I like you. A lot actually. And I didn’t know how to control those feelings, so I decided that the easiest way was to just ignore you. Try to let those feelings pass.” Richie felt his own face burn up, and he would normally feel embarrassed by turning into a tomato. But seeing Y/N´s face equally as red, helped a bit. Richie was going to say something, but Y/N cut him off. “But is it true? You like me?” Richie had forgot he told her that. He mentally slapped himself. How could he confess to his best friend that he liked her, in the same sentence as he called her stupid.

“Well, yeah. But I always thought you liked Bill, seeing as you started to spend so much time with him. So I kind of pushed it to the side. But then you spent all your time with him, and I guess I just got jealous and sad that I lost my best friend.” Richie looked down on their intertwined hands. He started fiddling with her hands, not knowing any other way to express what he wants to tell her. He felt Y/N´s eyes on him, but he couldn’t dare to look her in the eyes. Feeling too embarrassed. He hated showing his feelings, and Y/N knew that. “Richie, could you look at me for a sec” Richie lifted his head, expecting her to continue talking. Instead she smashed her lips against his. Richie was surprised by the sudden contact, but kissed back instantly.

The kiss was awkward and sloppy, but also sweet and tender. Neither had ever kissed anyone before, and sharing their first kiss together was more than perfect.

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How about Robbie and Sportacus getting lost in a corn maze? (Could be Sportarobbie or not) - Sportscandycollective

@sportscandycollective thanks for the prompt! :D

“How did you talk me into this?”

“I think we go right next.”

“We’ve passed that shriveled up corn stalk three times already.”

“Then straight through here…”

“I told you this was a horrible idea.”

“Or maybe it was left-”


Sportacus jumped and turned to look at Robbie, surprised, “I always listen to you, Robbie!”

“We are going to die in here, Sprotaflop!” Robbie insisted. He sat on the ground and groaned into his hands. The pair had been wondering around the corn maze for around 45 minutes. Looking at Robbie’s exasperation, you would think it had been 45 years.

“Even if we were lost in here, which we are not,” Sportacus spoke quickly, “we would not die. We have all this corn to survive on!” He pulled up a cob and held it out to Robbie with a cheery smile.

“I am going to die surrounded by sports candy,” Robbie said, flopping onto his back and glaring at the corn around them, “I always knew it would kill me one day.”

Sportacus rolled his eyes at the man’s dramatics, “This maze is meant for children. We can find our way out.”

“Nope. Too tired. The last thing I ate was cotton candy and that was an hour ago. I have no energy left. You’ll have to carry me.”

Sportacus was about to point out that cotton candy had hardly any energy in it at all when an idea popped into his head. “Okay, Robbie,” he said, tossing the corn away, “I’ll carry you.”

Then he grabbed Robbie and placed the taller man on his shoulders. Robbie squeaked and held onto the top of Sportacus’ head to steady himself, “What are you doing?!”

“Now you can see the maze!” Sportacus explained, “And you don’t have to walk! Just tell me where to go to get to the exit!” 

Robbie muttered a few curses and Sportacus distinctly heard him say “hyper active show off” before finally craning his head to look around. “Oh,” Robbie said after a moment, “Turn left up here.”

The two continued on like that for a while, Robbie calling out turns and Sportacus walking them through the maze. They finally reached the end where the kids were waiting.

“I can put you down now if you want,” Sportacus said, looking up at Robbie.

“You’re not putting me down until I’ve had more cotton candy,” he crossed his arms with a pout, “It’s the least you can do after putting me through that.

Laughing, Sportacus, with the kids trailing behind him, carried Robbie to the cotton candy stand.

One Shot 7

One Shot 7

“I want that woman out of my house!”

Chicago is never one to shout at anyone never the less his wife but right now it feels like he doesn’t have another option. “It’s not your house, it’s our house. She’s my best friend, what’s your problem with her anyway?” Chloe asks angrily. She will not stoop to his level and shout back. “My deal is that she is trying to steal my family away from me.” Chloe snorts. “Why would she do that? And honestly if it wasn’t for her I would have gone crazy by now.” Chicago takes a step forward and towers over Chloe. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that when you’re overseas I’m all alone and when you finally do come back you’re drunk half of the time.” Chloe spits back at him. “You married me knowing what my job consisted off.” Chloe laughs. “I did, and that’s not the problem.” Chicago crosses his arms and gives the redhead a stare down. “What is the problem?” His voice isn’t supposed to sound so venomous but it does which scares Chloe but she won’t show it.

“I got used to you not being here but you being drunk when you are… that’s where I draw a line. You’re scaring our daughter, Chicago. Haven’t you noticed that she will barely come to you?” That drew the line for Chicago and he explodes. “It’s because your stupid best friend brainwashed her. Maybe you should reevaluate what’s more important… her or me!” Chloe throws up her hands. “Are you serious right now? Are you asking me to choose between you and her?”

“Yes, yes I do.” Chloe lets out a frustrated groan. “I am not choosing between you two.” Chicago narrows his eyes dangerously and it frightens Chloe even more. “You’ll regret that decision.” Chicago walks past Chloe back into the house. The redhead follows him with a terrified heart. “You… get out! If I ever see you close to my family again I’ll get you arrested.”

“NO!” Chloe shrieks and runs to the brunette who’s shocked from the soldiers behavior. “Dude, what’s wrong with you?” She asks calmly. “I want you to stay away from my wife and my daughter.” Beca gets up from the floor where she was playing with Bella. The little girl hides behind the brunette’s legs. “And why should I do that?” Beca is never one back down from a fight and she’s not going to start now. “Because you say so?” Beca crosses her arms with a grin.

“Don’t temp me, I will call the cops on you and I doubt you would want that… seeing that you have a name to uphold and a career?” Chloe gasps loudly. ‘Chicago don’t, you can’t…” The man cuts her off swiftly. “I can and I will if she doesn’t leave this instant.” Beca wants to keep eye contact but a light tug at her jeans catches her attention so she looks down. “Don’t leave.” The six year old’s pout always makes Beca’s heart melt. “Bella come here.”

The redheaded girl hesitates a moment but decides to listen to her father. Beca watches her walk away with slumped shoulders. Chicago picks her up when she’s close enough. “Leave, and I never want to see you or hear that you were near y family again.” Beca looks at Chloe who is really trying to hold in her tears. “Don’t you think that you scare me Chicago, you have not won dude. I’ll always fight for Chloe and Bella for that matter.”

Without any other glance at the soldier Beca hugs Chloe. “I’ll figure something out.” She whispers just loud enough for Chloe to hear. “Aunty Bec don’t go.” The two friends break apart at the loud cry. They see Bella wiggle out of her father’s grasp and run towards the brunette. “Be strong princess, this isn’t goodbye.” The small redhead wraps her tiny arms around Beca and holds on for dear life. The brunette gives the girl a squeeze and then looks up to Chloe who takes the hint and pulls her daughter away.

“I’ll walk you out.” The grumpy voice of Chicago breaks their bubble. “Whatever.” Beca heads towards the door trying to ignore the cries of the little girl in Chloe’s arms. It takes all willpower for Beca not to run back and take both Chloe and Bella with her. Home… a safe place without Chicago. Before she knows it the door slams behind her leaving her alone with her thoughts.


It’s been a week since Beca left the house. Her manager tried to reach her but to no avail. “I tried calling her, I wrote mails and texted I don’t know what else to do.” The talks vividly while driving to Beca’s house. “Thank you for calling me, I will try and talk to Beca.” Aubrey tries to soothe the stressed out manager. “I would have tried asking Chloe but I can’t reach her number. It’s been disconnected.” Aubrey nods. She remembers the redhead calling her from a new number telling her that she lost her phone and got a new number. That same week Chloe had removed her facebook, instagram and twitter account.

“Are you sure I don’t need to come pick you up?” Aubrey smiles politely. “No need I will take a cab back to the hotel if necessary.” Aubrey steps out of the car and walks up to Beca’s door. She rings the doorbell three times and waits for the brunette to open the door. “Sarah I told you I’m fine I just need some days off to…” Beca freezes when she sees the blonde in front of her door. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to get your head out of your ass.” Aubrey pushes past Beca so she can’t be locked outside. “How nice of you but why?” Aubrey turns around to look at the tiny DJ. “You haven’t been at the studio in a week and can you explain to me why Chloe has disconnected any form of social media?” Beca rolls her eyes. “What did you do Mitchell?” Beca groans loudly. “I didn’t do anything, that psycho of a soldier kicked me out of their house and forbade Chloe to talk to me.”

Aubrey sees the defeated look on Beca’s face. For the first time she sees the bags underneath the brunettes eyes. She looked like she hadn’t slept in days which probably was a fact. “I tried to find a way to help her but I can’t do anything. I lost her Bree, I lost her for good.” The brunette falls back on the couch with a loud sigh. “I can’t lose her.” The despair in Beca’s voice breaks Aubrey’s heart.

“Do you want to call her?” Beca shoots up, sitting upright staring at Aubrey. “I mean we could call her from my number and if Chicago picks up it’s just going to be me?” Aubrey take out her phone from her purse. “Why are you helping me? You’ve hated my guts for years.” Aubrey lets out a light laugh. “I never hated you Beca. We had our differences, yes. But I never hated you.” Aubrey sits down next to Beca with a small smile. “And I’m helping you because I know you love Chloe. And not in a friend kind of way.”

“I-I how uhm how did you know?” Aubrey lets out a giggle. “Everyone knew but somehow both you and Chloe were too clueless to actually see it.” Beca raises her brow. “You two flirted all the time. You fought like a married couple and to top it off you were called the mom and dad of the Bellas.” Beca scrunches her nose. “Wait, if you all knew why didn’t you tell me? Or Chloe?” Aubrey takes a breath. “We did, we really did but somehow you still managed to not get it.”

Beca scratches the back of her neck. “Thank you.” She slowly looks up to meet Aubrey’s green eyes. “Don’t thank me just yet, let’s call Chloe first.” Beca nods so fast that Aubrey thinks her neck might snap. “Don’t say anything until we’re sure that Chloe is alone.”

*Phone Call*

Chloe: “Hello?” Chloe’s voice sounds tired.

Aubrey: “Chloe, are you alone?”

Chloe: “Aubrey? I am, why are you asking?”

Aubrey: “Where is Chicago?”

Chloe: “He went to the supermarket, he should be back in 20 minutes. Why are you asking Bree?”

Aubrey: “Because I have someone that wants to talk to you.”

Beca: “Hey.”

Chloe: …

Beca: “Chlo? Are you there? Shit Aubrey I think we lost her.” Beca’s voice sounds panicky.

Chloe: “Beca? Is-is that really you?”

Beca: Lets out a relieved breath. “Yes Chlo, it really is me.”

Chloe: “I’m so sorry about everything, I should have stood up to him and…”

Beca: “Stop that Chlo, it’s not your fault. We will make this work… I promise.”

Chloe: “I missed your voice.” Beca hears a soft sob on the other line.

Beca: “Me too Chloe… How has he been?”

Chloe: “Angry… drunk…”

Beca: “Has he… did he hurt you? Or Bella?”


Beca: “Chlo? What did he do?”

Chloe: “N-nothing he did nothing.”

Beca: “Chloe I swear to god if he hurt you I’ll…”

Chloe: “I need to, he’s home.”

*End Phone Call*

Aubrey sees the angry look on Beca’s face and imagines nothing good. “I need to get her out of there.” The brunette jumps up but gets pulled back on the couch by Aubrey. “You can’t do anything Beca. Except if she…” Aubrey pauses with a thoughtful look. “If she what Aubrey?” Beca nudges the blonde. “We can only help her if she… if she leaves him.” Beca slams her hand against the couch. “She will never do that Aubrey! She’s terrified of him!” Beca takes a deep breath. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

“It’s ok Beca, I understand.” Aubrey gently takes her phone back from Beca. “Is there anything you would like to give her?” Beca flashes the blonde a confused  look. “I’m going to go to their house to ‘surprise’ her. I can try and give her something from you?” Beca gets up and runs up the stairs leaving Aubrey confused this time. A few minutes later Beca returns with a flash drive. “Could you … please?” Aubrey takes it. “Of course, that’s what friends are for.”


Two weeks have gone by and Beca hasn’t heard from Chloe ever since they talked on the phone. Aubrey visited the brunette a few times trying to cheer her up. Aubrey had talked to Chloe about leaving Chicago but the redhead immediately brushed away the idea. Chicago was playing nice towards Aubrey but she could smell the alcohol from miles away. And the fear in her best friend’s eyes killed her inside. Of course she hadn’t told Beca about that. It would only result in Beca going over there trying to beat the crap out of Chicago and end up in the hospital herself.

Beca has been going back to the studio to keep herself busy. The people around her noticed the sudden change of mood and decided not to ask her about it. The last time someone tried Beca had scowled at them for 3 days. And that was just because of something her father had said. But now they could see this was something more severe and no one wanted to be at the receiving end of that anger.

Aubrey had filled in the Bellas who in turn tried to cheer up their ex-captain but nothing seemed to work. Beca had just politely smiled and rolled her eyes at the failed attempts. She knows they mean well but right now the only thing that could cheer her up is Chloe’s voice, her smile… hell even her hugs. That’s how she finds herself on a Thursday at 3 in the morning looking at old Bellas videos. Listening to every giggle and laugh Chloe let escape. The angelic voice when she would sing.

Around 4 am Beca hears a loud knock at the door. Who could be at the door at this time at night? Better yet who the hell would knock on the door instead of ringing the doorbell. With low growl Beca gets up from the couch and places her laptop on the table. She shuffles to the door and prepares herself to shout at the imbecile standing on the other side. But stops herself just in time when she sees Chloe standing there.

“Chloe?” Beca lets her eyes scan the redhead. With each passing second she gets more shocked. “C-can I come in?” Beca quickly jumps to side but first takes the sleeping girl from Chloe’s arms. “Mommy?” Beca shushes the sweet girl while rocking her back to sleep. “Don’t worry princess, everything will be fine.” Beca closes the door and locks it just in case Chicago decides to show up.

She makes her way to the couch but decides to sit in the armchair instead. Chloe needs space to collect her thoughts so it seems like the only logical thing to do. For the first time Beca gets a really good look at Chloe’s face and sees a big bruise right underneath Chloe’s left eye and right jaw. Beca can feel her anger boiling inside her. “What happened?” It comes out as a whisper but Chloe hears it. “He was drunk it isn’t… I…”

Chloe shakes her head choking back her tears. “Chlo, I’m going to put Bella down in my bed so she can sleep. When I come back we can talk… if you want of course.” The light nod from the redhead sets Beca in motion. She gets up and walks up the stairs carefully trying not to wake the little girl.

When she finally sets her down she feels small finger wrap around her hand. “Go back to sleep sweetie. Your mommy and I are downstairs, we’re not going anywhere.” The grip seems to lessen and the little girl lets go slowly. Beca places a soft kiss on the girl’s forehead and cover her with the cover. She lets the door open slightly so some light can still enter in case the young girl wakes up.

Beca makes her way back down and sees that Chloe hasn’t left her position at all. She clears her voice when she enters the living room. “Bella is sleeping, I left the door open in case she wakes up.” Chloe nods and goes back to looking at her hands. “Please talk to me?” Beca kneels down in front of the redhead. “What happened?” Chloe leaps forward and wraps her arms around the brunette and bursts out crying. Beca slowly gets up to sit next to Chloe on the couch, pulling her closer letting her cry.

When Chloe calms down she curls up into Beca’s side. “He got really drunk…” Beca tenses at the words. “… Bella wanted to show him her good grade. He got angry and hit her. I jumped in to stop him before he could do it again… he hit me instead. He walked out without a word…” Who could hurt someone like Chloe or Bella? “… I tried to settle her down but she wouldn’t stop crying. I took her and drove her to the one place she’ll always be safe…”

It’s the first time all night that Chloe looks Beca in the eyes. “You both will always be safe here.” Beca keeps looking into the once brightly shining blue eyes which now seem dull. Knowing that this isn’t the time to do this Beca takes up the courage to tell Chloe what she feels deep inside. “I will protect you for as long as I live. I love you.” A small smile starts to form on Chloe’s face. “I know you do Becs, I love you too.” Beca shakes her head softly. “You don’t know Chlo because I’m in love with you.”

“What took you so long?” Chloe leans in and kisses Beca softly on the lips. As good as it feels Beca pulls away. She sees the hurt look in Chloe’s eyes when she does. “I really want to but you just walked out of a marriage. You’re still married Chlo… I don’t want to take advantage of your emotional state.” Chloe hugs Beca tighter than she ever has. “That’s why I love you so much Bec, you always think of others before you think about yourself.”


The loud banging on the door makes the two women jump apart. “I know you’re in there Chloe!” Beca sees Chloe cower from the loud voice. Beca gets up and walks to the door. “Go away Chicago, you’re not welcome here!” She shouts back. “I will break down this door!” Beca takes a step back just in case. “I will call the police for harassment!” She can hear him laugh on the other side. “You’re the one that will get in trouble, my wife is in there without my consent!”

“Yes the wife that left you because you’re an alcoholic husbands that beats her and your child!” It stays quiet for a moment on the other side. “That… that was a mistake.” Beca sees Chloe look at the door from the living room door opening. “Chlo, baby I know you’re there. Please forgive me and let’s go home?” Chloe snorts. “You can expect divorce papers Chicago, I never want to see you again.”

“You will lose this battle Chloe, I will get custody of Bella and you will never see her again even if you tried.” Beca sees Chloe flinch at those words. “I have been providing for our family ever since we got married, you have nothing without me.” Beca runs to Chloe and wraps an arm around her before shouting at the door. “That’s not true you jackass, she has me supporting her financially. The court will take Bella’s choice into consideration. Bella will always choose for her mommy because she knows she’ll always be safe with her!”

Chloe looks at Beca full disbelieve. “We also have the best lawyer at our side.” Beca whispers to the redhead with a warm smile. “You will not get away with this Mitchell!” They hear loud footsteps disappearing into the night. When the coast finally seems clear the two women let out a breath they didn’t know they were holding. “Is he gone?” They look up and see Bella standing at the top of the stairs. “Oh sweetie, he is.” Chloe leaves Beca’s side and runs up pto her daughter.

Beca follows her with a small smile. “How about we all take a nap and call aunty Aubrey in the morning?” Beca asks the 6 year old. The smile on the girl’s face does all the speaking. “Why don’t you go lay in bed? Mommy and I will join you in a minute.” Bella rushes of to Beca’s bedroom. “I have some extra clothes for you to sleep in. They’re in the closet.” Beca kisses Chloe on her cheek. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Before Beca can walk back down the stairs Chloe pulls her back. “We have slept together before Becs.”

“I know but…” Chloe cuts her off with a giggle. “The only thing that changed is a 6 year old will be sleeping in the middle… and I love you.” Beca breathes in deeply. “I guess that’s not such a big change.”

They make their way to the bedroom and see Bella half asleep. Chloe quickly changes into one of Beca’s sweatpants and a shirt. “Good night mommy.” Chloe kisses her daughter on her forehead before whispering her own goodnight. “Good night momma.” Chloe’s eyes widen in shock. from all the things Bella could have said this one was the last on the list. “Goodnight princess, mommy and I will see you in the morning.”

When Chloe is sure Bella is fast asleep she props herself up on her left arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know she would say that.” She whispers loud enough for Beca to hear. “Don’t worry about it Chlo. Maybe one day we can make that name official for us.” It’s not much of a question and it leaves Chloe smiling like an idiot before falling asleep with Beca’s arms wrapped around her and her daughter.


Chloe can’t believe it, she won… she won full custody over her daughter and got officially divorced from Chicago. She almost leaps in Beca’s arms. The brunette had been there all the way since day one. She would pick up Bella from school and take her to her ballet or singing classes. She was there at every court date and made sure that Chloe felt at ease the entire time. Three months, it took them three months to finalize everything.  

“We did it.” Beca laughs. “No babe, you did it.” Chloe nuzzles her nose into Beca’s neck. “I couldn’t have done it without you.” The clearing of someone’s throat makes Chloe jump up. “Maybe you should find another lawyer then?” Chloe lets go of Beca completely and throws herself at Aubrey. “Of course I couldn’t have done it without you Bree.” Beca smiles at the sight while picking up Bella. “Can we eat pizza today momma?”

Aubrey’s eyes widen at the words leaving the 6 year old. “Of course princess, we can have anything you want.” Aubrey gives Chloe a look. “When did that happen?” The blonde asks. “The night we left Chicago, she said it while we were laying in bed. Beca has been completely cool with it.” Aubrey shakes her head with a smile. “I’m happy for you Chlo, everything you wished for is right there.” Aubrey points at a laughing Beca and a giggling 6 year old.

“You guys, this little princess wants pizza. What about we go celebrate?” The two women quickly agree. Aubrey calls Jesse over to join them with his and Aubrey’s 3 year old boy. “Mommy are you happy now?” Chloe looks at her daughter. “Yes baby girl I am.”

They make it to the pizza place Bella loves a little over 30 minutes later and occupy a booth. They all talk and remember old memories and tell Bella all the crazy adventures they had. When the pizza is finished Chloe notices that Bella is not sitting next to Beca anymore. “Uhm Becs where’s Bella?” The brunette doesn’t have to answer the question because the little redhead pulls Chloe’s sleeve.

“Mommy can I ask you something?” Chloe nods. “Do you love Beca?” The question is a bit weird coming from a 6 year old but simple enough to answer. “Yes, I do.” A big smile forms on the girls face. “Can I ask you something else?” Once again Chloe nods. “Will you marry Beca?” The small gasp coming from Aubrey makes Chloe turn around. “Aren’t you going to answer the question?”

Chloe is in shock. Beca is kneeling in front of her with a diamond ring in a black box. “Chloe Anne Beale, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Chloe’s eyes fill with tears. “Yes, yes of course I’ll marry you.” Beca takes the ring out of the box and places it on Chloe’s left ring finger. “I have one more thing to do.” Beca announces. She get up and walks around the table and kneels in front of Bella taking out another box from her back pocket.

“Bella, will you give me the honor of making your mommy the happiest woman in the world and becoming you momma?” The little girl shrieks and throws herself at her new momma. “I guess that’s a yes.” Beca chuckles. She pushes the girl off of her so she can open the little box to reveal a golden necklace. It’s a golden B on a golden chain. She turns the girl around so she can put the necklace around her.

When Beca gets back up her feet she’s met with a round of applause and a crying redhead. “I love you Beca Mitchell.”

“I love you too Chloe Beale.” Chloe shakes her head. “No, it’s soon to be Chloe Mitchell.” People would have called Beca crazy if she would smile even harder. But it’s worth it, her whole world is standing right there in her arms and tugging at her jeans to be lifted up. Yes, this is everything she ever wanted. Chloe as her (soon to be) wife and a beautiful daughter to take care off.



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Always in My Head: A London Calling Series: Saturday Night Live Opening Theme (Howard Shore)

So I’ve had this idea in my head for months. Finally, after the world’s worst case of writer’s block, I decided I needed to write something different. So, I wrote this. Getting back inside the world of London Calling and Annie’s mind has been weird but refreshing. This is the longest short story tied to London Calling because I couldn’t bring myself to cut it into two parts. So, I hope you enjoy it!

“Good morning, Sugar.” Harry’s raspy sleep-filled voice spoke directly into my ear. It wasn’t really morning. The pain of traveling all the time was you slept when you could and sometimes that was in the middle of the day. We’d landed early this morning from London and both crashed immediately upon reaching our apartment.

“It’s…” I glanced down at my watch. “1:37 in the afternoon.”

“Fine, good afternoon, Sugar.” He kissed just below my ear.

“I think we are supposed to get up,” I said as I turned to my side and buried myself into his chest. “I vaguely remember a text from Jeff and Tommy saying we were supposed to do lunch.”

“We clearly have missed lunch.”

“I know. I told them both to fuck off and that I was sleeping. So I think they said that they were coming over at like 2:00. Evidently you’re supposed to work this week.” I laughed a bit.

“But it’s Sunday and I just want to snuggle my girl and stay in bed.”

“Tell your managers that. I wonder if it will fly.” I knew it wouldn’t. They weren’t just his managers, they were two of his best friends. And the week ahead of us would be one of the biggest of his life. That didn’t mean he wanted to be worried about it today but I knew he needed to be. He reached for his phone on the nightstand and clicked to open it and make a call.

“Hey man.” I heard Jeff answer because Harry had the volume turned up loud.

“I’m not doing anything today.”

“Funny story, buddy. The car is dropping me off right now. Tommy and I will be up in like 2 minutes.”

“Go away. My girl is naked and I’m going to keep it that way.”

“I am not naked! I’ll let you in,” I said loudly as I climbed out of bed.

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holy shit I 100% agree with ur post abt d+p cutting people off !! so many people are so mad about them not doing that but !! it's not that simple omg

yeah reality is really not that easy. my parents say some vaguely racist things sometimes but i can’t just cut them off?? i also have some decently conservative friends but i can’t cut them off just because they have different views than me. that’s just what gives you a broader perspective of the world.

like yes, what f*lix has done is terrible and absolutely repulsive. those comments should never be made. however, we don’t know the extent of his relationship with dnp. they were visiting brighton for marzia’s birthday, as dan said in his liveshow. just because they’re there for her, doesn’t mean that they love f*lix. and dan said that he was going to talk to him, probably to gain an understanding of why it happened and help f*lix to understand that he really fucked up this time.

i just don’t think that dnp are confrontational publicly. but people are making these accusations as if they know dnp’s lives. for all we know, they could have addressed it when it happened and this is the first time they’ve seen him in person lately. i just think some people need to realize that we can’t make judgements on dnp’s character by who they associate with because that doesn’t mean anything.

Guess who bought an extra copy of Animal Crossing to make a town based around the Sanders Sides? 

It was me

Please give me town name suggestion

OK my thoughts on new team tardis?? 

honestly.. i’m just feeling a bit OVERWHELMED. like i’m super excited but, i feel like there’s 3 things on my waiting list right now; twelve’s departure, thirteen coming in and then now added to all that 3 WHOLE NEW COMPANIONS. 

and i just feel like it’s A LOT TO PROCESS ???? it just seems like a bit much?? and i don’t know  how to handle the hype (not really hype for twelve’s departure uhh, more like how it will play out?? i will be sad ah) for these 3 things bc they’re all fucking big and important. 

i’m happy w the three companions that could be cool (adjssjsd bradley walsh?/??/ what the fuck?? ok?? let’s see what’s gonna happen,,)…just…don’t make graham a love interest for thirteen i will literally scream.
serenas place.pdf

Back to work tomorrow. This means my manic updating pace will slow down. Sorry about that, chums. I am working on chapter 10 though. It will partially take place in Serena’s flat. I obviously trawled through property sites before starting this fic so I could choose places for them to live, because I am mad. Here is Serena’s place. She sleeps in the bedroom next to the living room and Adrienne has the back room. This is so that Adrienne would have to walk past Serena’s room to leave the flat, if she woke up confused in the night. Serena sleeps lightly with her bedroom door open.


Josh Horowitz: We’ve seen dozens and hundreds of hetero love stories, well told over the years. And the fact that this one isn’t that. You can count on one hand, I feel like, films of this… that tell this story in this way. That’s gotta feel gratifying that you guys are making something that transcends and works with every audience.

Timothée: That’s exactly it.