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aaaa could you draw some allura?

i can always draw my God Damn Daughter 

Personal Assistant


But what if you were Jeff’s PA and Harry’s always about for meeting etc and you notice him staring at you a little longer but you’ve never had much to do with him and think nothing of it, just another guy celeb looking at the secretary for longer than normal. Then one day you have to drive him somewhere cause Jeff forgot to tell you he’d need a car…

Warnings: None, smut hinted at but no actual smut | 8.2k

You’ve been in the office only an hour and a half and your hair is already tied up in a pony tail. It had been falling down in soft curls around your shoulders, styled that way after your appointment at the hairdressers the previous afternoon. However, a barrage of emails and a non-stop phone line meant it was quite simply annoying within thirty minutes of being at your desk. Normally by this time you’d have filtered through all the emails, sorting them into things that need dealing with before your second coffee and things that can wait. This morning your first coffee, from the place down the road, is untouched and probably cold in it’s takeaway container.

‘Come on Y/L/N in here.’ The voice of your boss pulls you from the email you’re halfway through reading and you turn in your chair to see him entering the office from the door behind you, not alone. You sigh grabbing your conference pad from one of the trays on your desk, your pen and the pile of paperwork that he has actually got to deal with himself. You’re not completely surprised Harry’s here on Jeff’s first day back in LA after a business trip to New York, but you half wish Jeff was alone so you could make a start on some paperwork with him.

Harry holds the door open for you and you smile a thanks as you walk past him taking your usual chair opposite Jeff at his desk. Harry sits in the chair next to you and you don’t miss his stare that lingers over you for a little longer than you’d think acceptable. You cross your legs laying your notepad on your lap and relax a little in the chair. You’ve been working for Jeff for over a year now so you’ve met Harry several times, but each time the lingering stare catches you out and you feel your heartbeat speed up a little inside your chest.

After two years of working your butt off in London to get as much experience under your belt as you could, you finally decided to take the leap and head off to sunny LA to try and bag your dream career. You were there, working in a juice bar for two months before you got the call from Jeff’s office for an interview. You never thought you’d get it, you knew you were exactly what Jeff was looking for, you had the experience and you two hit it off straight away so you knew you could work not just for him but with him, but there were always people better than you. Jeff didn’t think so, within an hour of leaving the interview room you had a call from him telling you the job was yours if you wanted it. As if you’d turn it down.

A year later and you were still there. The pay was good, the perks were good and Jeff was a good boss, and actually hadn’t turned out to be much less than a friend. Though you rarely socialised outside of work, your working relationship was ideal. You both knew how to work hard and play hard and though you shared plenty of banter you knew when it was time to get to work and you both knew the line.

‘You can keep your eyes off her Styles, she’s my pretty assistant, not a chance you’re stealing her off me.’ Jeff joked as he waited for his computer to load both you and Harry chuckling though admittedly slightly uncomfortable but not from Jeff’s words. He often called you his pretty assistant, and some might think that demeaning, but you both knew you were much more to him than that. You both knew he wouldn’t last a day on his own in the office without you. However, Jeff catching Harry staring at you, the same way you had, though you’d decided not to address it,not to even return the gaze, made the situation feel awkward.

‘How was New York?’ You asked, quickly changing the subject, flashing Jeff a smile.

‘It was good, you’ll be coming next time.’ Jeff told you and you snorted a laugh.

‘You say that every time.’ You reminded him and he did. Jeff laughed and you heard Harry let out a noise that sounded a little like laughter but was too quiet and almost under his breath for you too really tell.

‘How’s it been here?’ He asked and you could see he was in business mode now and genuinely wanted to know.

‘All fine,’ You told him with a smile. You stood and placed the mountain of paperwork on his desk, you didn’t miss the eye roll. ‘They all need signing, the top ones by tomorrow, the rest by the end of next week latest.’ You knew he didn’t miss the warning in your voice as he nodded having a quick flick through the paperwork. ‘Davey’s called literally everyday, I can’t fob him off much more Jeff.’ You said sitting back down, he nodded again and you could literally see him thinking.

‘You can see the cogs turning can’t you.’ Harry joked, this time the laughter in his voice more obvious. You turned to look at him and smiled, giggling. You and Harry never really spoke just the odd comment here and there, it wasn’t just Harry, you didn’t converse with many of the clients or people Jeff dealt with. Just enough to be polite and for them to feel comfortable if they had to wait outside Jeff’s office where your desk was, on it’s own.

‘Oi.’ Jeff said looking to Harry and you laughed again. ‘Send him an email for now, tell him I’m back from New York I’m thinking it over and I’ll call him next week.’ You nodded making a note on your pad. ‘Anything else I need to know urgently.’ You shook your head. ‘Great, what time’s Harry’s car coming?’ You raised your eyebrows looking directly at Jeff who shrugged. ‘Why are you looking at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about?’ He asked and you shook your head.

‘Cause I don’t know what you’re talking about Jeff.’ You told him honestly. And Jeff sighed.

‘I told you before I left Harry needed a car after our meeting-’

‘Nope, I didn’t even know Harry was going to be here this morning.’ You told him butting in. For the first few months if you knew Jeff was in the wrong you’d let him get away with it, he was the boss that’s how it worked, but he told you not to. He’d told you it wasn’t your fault if he’d made a mistake and you had to let him know because it wasn’t fair for you to get the blame. It took a little while for you to get your head around it, you’d never challenged a boss over something before, they were your boss after all but eventually you got used to it.

‘Oh shit.’ Jeff said scraping his hands through his black hair. You looked to Harry who was staring at Jeff a slightly amused grin on his face. He caught your eye and winked, you simply and quickly looking away. ‘Ok you’re going to have to take him Y/N.’ You looked at Jeff eyebrows raised. ‘Don’t look at me like that, I know it’s my fault but I can’t take him I’ve got that other meeting.’ You sighed. Jeff rarely forgot things but you never did and you knew this wasn’t your mistake but you also knew you couldn’t say no. There was a line.

‘What time?’ You asked looking at the clock. You still had emails to get through sorting yet, you hadn’t even started replying to them and it was already 10.30.

‘The meeting is at 11.30, leave here about quarter past.’ Jeff told you and you nodded. ‘To make it up to you I’ll have these done by the time you get back.’ Jeff said pointing at the pile of paperwork in front of him. You chuckled and shook your head.

‘No you won’t.’ You told him knowing well enough that Jeff wouldn’t start signing the paperwork until at least an hour before you needed them done. Jeff tried to challenge you, but you turned to Harry and interrupted. ‘Harry I bet you a year’s salary that Jeff won’t have that paper work done by the time I get back.’ Harry chuckled and looked back to Jeff who also had a smile on his face.

‘Fine, well thanks for that, you can go now.’ Jeff said to you an amused tone in his voice. You stood and left the room your smile instantly dropping. Driving Harry anywhere was not on your to do list ever, let alone today when it was the busiest day of your week. You just wanted to get everything finished and tied up so you could go home on time and enjoy your weekend without worrying about what you’d left behind.

You slumped into your chair at your desk and peered through the window between yours and Jeff’s office. The blinds were slightly open meaning you could just about see into Jeff and Harry’s meeting. Harry was relaxed back in his chair, you couldn’t see much of him but you could see his side profile and the index finger of his left hand that he had resting on his lips. He nodded his head every now and again as Jeff spoke. It was when Jeff turned his head to his computer screen that Harry turned his to the window and saw you staring. You quickly looked away to your own screen, feeling your cheeks reddening, but not missing Harry’s smug grin. You dropped your head into your hand so if he was still staring all he could see was the back of your head and you pretended to busy yourself with emails whilst you waited for the embarrassment from being caught staring to fade.

It would be a lie to say you didn’t find him attractive. How could you not? He had eyes you could drown in and a bone structure that could cut you. He was darkly intriguing but kind and warm. You couldn’t help yourself but look at him from time to time. It wasn’t a crush it was just an admiration of a good looking man.

You ploughed through your emails for the next hour, replying to as many as you could and making a note of the most important ones to get around to when you got back. You answered the phone every three minutes only to tell the caller that Jeff was in meetings all day but you’d take a message and get him to call them back. And you would try but you’d ultimately fail. Anyone who Jeff really needed to talk to would call his mobile if it was urgent, anyone else could call the office and try again at a later time. Five past eleven didn’t take long to roll around and you hadn’t got nearly as much done as you wanted and you knew it was highly unlikely you’d get out of the office by quitting time.

You took yourself off to the bathroom for a freshen up, grabbing your bag from under your desk as you went. Checking yourself in the mirror you took your hair out of the tie holding it in its ponytail and letting it fall down around your shoulders however it wanted to. You moved it around a little so it didn’t look so much like you’d just woken up until you were happy. You were pleased to see the small amount of makeup you chose to wear to work was still in place. You quickly added a swipe of your new favourite lipgloss before spritzing your neck and wrists with your perfume and leaving the bathroom.

As you made your way through the office back to yours you could see Jeff and Harry already standing in your part of the office talking. You opened the door with your smile holding your bag down by your ankles and moving a little closer to Harry and Jeff. They both looked at you as you approached them and you knew they could tell something was different than when you were in Jeff’s office earlier but you weren’t sure they could tell what.

‘Here take the Rover.’ Jeff said dangling a set of keys on his finger. You recognised them from the few times Jeff had left them on your desk for the mechanic or the valet to come and collect the car. You took them from him and held them in your hand a little nervous at driving something that probably cost more than your apartment. ‘And treat yourself to lunch.’ He added flicking some plastic towards you - the company credit card. You took it from between his index and middle finger.

‘Thanks.’ You said with a slight smile. ‘And if you get a chance that paperwork really does need doing by tomorrow.’ Jeff nodded knowing you were being serious about it now. He said goodbye to you before turning to Harry to wish him goodbye also, although you didn’t hear their parting conversation as you headed for the door. You stood with your back to the door holding it open, waiting for Harry to join you.

‘Alright love?’ He asked and you nodded as you turned walking out of the office space toward the lift. Harry following you and the rest of the walk there silent. Harry pressed the button to summon the lift and you both stood staring at the closed doors waiting for them to open. They finally did and Harry outstretched his hand motioning for you to go first you thanked him with a smile and stepped into the lift turning back to the door, Harry joining you seconds later and standing next to you. The small space of the lift meant you could feel the heat radiating from his bare arms onto yours, a feeling which quickly spread through you.

‘I prefer your hair down.’ Harry said his voice taking you slightly by surprise despite his soft, slow, drawling voice. You looked up at him from your height disadvantage despite the slightly heeled boots you were wearing and he was already looking down at you to meet his eyes, a coy smile on his face.

‘Thanks.’ You said creasing your eyebrows. ‘I think.’ You added slightly unsure how to take it

‘It’s definitely a compliment.’ He assured you to which you simply nodded looking back away from him towards the door and the buttons of the lift which were blinking out as you lowered down the floors too slowly for your liking. ‘You can talk to me y’know.’

‘I know, I’m just not exactly sure what to say.’ You admitted as cooly as you could. The doors of the lift opening and you making your way out into the main lobby  ‘This way.’ You instructed walking towards the car park of the building rather than the main entrance that Harry was obviously used to entering through judging by the way he went to leave the building.

‘Well whatever you’d say to anyone else, I am a normal person.’ You simply nodded in response to his statement as you pushed the door open into the dark car park, lit by dim orange lights. ‘Come on you can talk to Jeff the way you did back then you can talk to me, he’s way more scary than me.’ Harry challenged walking behind you, following you towards the Range Rover parked in the same space it always was.

‘Maybe but I know Jeff a lot better than you.’ You reminded him hitting the button on the key fob to unlock the car. You walked around to the driver’s side and hopped in, Harry already in with his door shut by the time you did so. He was looking at you as you closed your own door, pulled your seatbelt on, started the car and chucked it in drive.

‘What do you know about Jeff that you don’t know about me?’ Harry questioned. You realised he’d simply been waiting for you to be in a position to concentrate on the conversation once again as now you were driving out of the car park his eyes were on the road rather than you.

‘Your birthday, your coffee order, your girlfriend’s name, basically everything.’ You told him as you pulled out into the stream of traffic. ‘Can you grab my sunglasses from my bag?’ You asked, the LA sunshine blinding you slightly. Harry reached behind your seat pulling your bag onto his lap and rummaging around until he found the Ray Ban case and pulled the sunglasses out handing them to you. You put the tortoise shell framed, pink polarised lenses on quickly checking yourself in the rear view before focusing completely on the road. Only realising afterwards that considering you were having an argument about not being able to talk to him to because you didn’t know him well enough, that you’d just asked him to do something quite forward. You shrugged it off concentrating on driving and listening to Harry’s response who seemed to think nothing of your request.

‘Ok so first of February, americano iced or hot depends on the weather, with milk if I’m feeling crap, no girlfriend.’ Harry reeled the list of like it was second nature and you nodded along taking it in. ‘So now we can talk normally?’ He questioned, looking at you again, you smirked slightly before responding.

‘I guess cause I mean there’s like literally nothing we don’t know about each other now.’ Your voice was dripping with sarcasm and you were glad Harry saw the humour in it, chortling to the side of you and looking out of his window.  ‘Sorry, so nervous for your meeting?’ You asked changing the subject not wanting him to think you were a complete narcissistic bitch.

‘Not particularly just finalising some things.’ He told you nonchalantly, scrunching up his nose to add to the offhand-ness of the comment.  ‘Let’s not talk about work hey?’ He asked and you agreed with a bow of your head. ‘So what about you birthday, coffee order, boyfriends name?’

‘Twenty first of June, large cappuccino, no boyfriend.’ You told him well aware you were both flirting with the idea of flirting with one another and now you’d both affirmed the pair of you were equally single you felt the atmosphere change slightly.

‘Get out of town no boyfriends, what are you talking about?’ The exaggerated shock in Harry’s voice made you giggle and you shook your head.

‘Are you flirting with me Harry?’ You asked calling him out but he didn’t blush or sink back.

‘Maybe a little, would it be such a bad thing?’ He asked suavely. You shook your head this time flicking your eyes in his direction, away from the road just for a second. ‘That’s good.’ He smiled confidently. ‘I saw you staring earlier.’ He said cockily and you glanced at him again. He was staring at you now, his tongue resting on his left canine tooth.

‘I saw you staring earlier.’ You quipped and he let out a throaty chuckle.

‘Fair enough.’ You felt a coy smile taking over and you chewed on your mouth to prevent it being seen.  ‘So maybe I could take you for dinner?’ He proposed with confidence.

‘I’m not sure that would be appropriate.’ You told him any sort of smile leaving your face. It was a bit of fun in the car but you knew that’s all it could be.

‘What do you mean?’ Harry was clearly a little taken aback, the slight drunkenness in his voice having now disappeared.

‘Well I work for Jeff and you’re Jeff’s client, I think that might be overstepping some boundaries.’ You explained regretting the admission but knowing it was right.

‘Oh come on Jeff wouldn’t mind.’ He implored, begging with you almost without actually begging. ‘We wouldn’t have to tell him if that would make you feel better.’ Harry suggested raising his eyebrows, you saw out of the corner of your eye.

‘I can’t Harry, sorry.’ You ascertained finally.

‘Oh come on, we’re having a good time, you don’t want to carry on?’ He flirted with conviction clearly trying to win you back around. You could hear the lustful playfulness in his voice and the way he let his words draw out even more than normal. You ignored the way it made you feel and shook your head. ‘It’s only dinner.’ He added less flirtatiously and slightly more agitated.  

‘We’re here.’ You said bringing an end to the pointless back and forth. ‘I’ll sort a car out to come and get you.’ You informed him as he unclipped his seatbelt.

‘You mean you’re not picking me up?’ He asked turning to you and letting his hand fall on your mid thigh. It almost burned but you didn’t flinch away, just swallowed and shook your head. ‘Well that’s a shame, I’ll talk to you later.’ You nodded, at least letting him belief he would as he squeezed your thigh clearly enjoying watching the effect he was having on you take over before he opened the car door drawing his hand back of your thigh and closing the door behind him. Disappearing away.

‘Shit.’ You hissed checking your wing mirror before driving off down the road not even looking to check Harry had gone into the building.

You grabbed a salad and an iced latte to take back to the office and ate it at your desk in between replying to emails. Jeff didn’t leave the office to welcome you back, or for the majority of the afternoon apart from to grab himself some food and a coffee. He took the car keys and credit card back off you when you returned but that was the most interaction you had. You could see into his office that he was working through the pile of paperwork in between phone calls and you smiled gratefully even though he couldn’t see you. Your company phone buzzing on your desk distracted you from the five minutes you were taking to enjoy the last of your salad.

Wishing you’d just said yes? Harry

You rolled your eyes as you read the message not even needing to get to the signature to know who it was from. You dropped your fork back into the plastic bowl and leant over the device so you could reply without Jeff seeing you using the phone. He’d only question it, he knew as well as you did that you rarely used it. You hated Jeff for a second for giving Harry the card that detailed your work mobile number as well as his own but you knew this wasn’t really his fault.

This is a work phone Harry

Let’s hope Jeff doesn’t tap your messages then

Harry seriously

Well give me your number so we can organise dinner

No Harry I told you

Fine I’ll just keep bugging you here then

Did you like my hand on your thigh earlier?

Ok that’s enough

I thought you were meant to be a nice guy,

I am

You’re blackmailing me into this

Only cause I know deep down you want to

Fine one dinner that’s it

Great I’ll pick you up from the office after work

I need to get changed

Ok text me your address and I’ll pick you up at 8


If you don’t I’ll be outside the office

You are blackmailing me

You love it

You smiled despite yourself, Jeff’s office door opening distracting you. You locked the phone as discreetly as you could, beaming a smile at Jeff to divert his attention.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ He asked and you shook your head as he handed a pile of paperwork over the desk to you. ‘Half way through’s pretty good hey?’ You nodded and giggled.

‘Thanks, that’s great I’ll get them sent off.’ Jeff nodded thanking you as you put them in the appropriate tray in your desk organiser. ‘You off?’ You asked him noticing the keys in his hand, the same ones you’d held onto earlier.

‘Yeah, feeling it a little after the flight.’ You chuckled rolling your eyes mockingly at Jeff. You didn’t miss the humoured smile he flashed. ‘Don’t hang around here too late tonight, if you’re still here at 5.30 I’m docking pay.’ He winked and you shook your head.

‘Have a nice weekend, I’ll see you Monday.’ He nodded wishing you the same before walking out of your office. Once he’d gone you quickly texted Harry your address from your own mobile and deleted his texts from the work one. You ignored his reply, determined to get through the rest of your emails in the last half an hour or your day.

Five thirty came around and you decided for once you’d take Jeff’s advice and leave on time with a few things still left to do but nothing that couldn’t wait. There were a couple of people still in the main office as you left and you wished them goodbye with a slight wave heading down the same way you and Harry had gone earlier to your own, far less glamorous, car. You couldn’t help but notice how much less entertaining the walk was as well as the car journey back to your apartment.

By the time you got home the sun had long set and the air had chilled to something that would have been comfortable back home in London but now, you were accustomed to LA weather, felt chilly. You headed into the apartment of your building choosing to take the stairs the guilt of the gym membership that hadn’t been used for two weeks now weighing heavy on you.Your apartment was dark when you got in, the blinds for the only window in the open plan living-kitchen-diner, shut. You turned the light on and headed for the fridge cracking open the bottle of white wine in the door deciding a glass of dutch courage was just what you needed ahead of your ‘date’.

You showered quickly trying your best not let your hair get even a drop of water on it. You had it secured on top your head and wore a shower cap as well that you’d received as a joke and only used a couple of times previous. Your hair still looked reasonable from the hairdressers and you knew not having to do anything to it would take a good percentage of time off how long it would take you get ready. Following your shower you laid on your bed for some time in only your towel scrolling through social media and enjoying your glass of wine. It wasn’t until a text from Harry flashed up telling you he was on his way that you decided it was about time you got up and got dressed. You knew what you wearing and it didn’t take you long to find the black jeans and white off the shoulder, silk blouse. It was simple but fail-safe. You went for simple makeup as always, a thin layer of foundation, a little concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes, some bronzer to help you look less tired, a few coats of mascara and eyebrow pencil just to fill in the gaps.You swiped a nude lip paint on just as your door bell rang. You smiled happy with the timing, never having been someone who liked to wait around. You spritzed on some perfume before heading to the door. You left your apartment with a bag containing your keys, phone and purse and that was it.

Harry was stood at the door of the apartment complex, you didn’t catch his eye but noticed his all black outfit. Black skinny jeans, the same as every time you’d seen him, a black shirt and a black silk scarf underneath probably tied lower down underneath the shirt where you couldn’t see. You smiled from the other side of the door before opening it. Harry smiled sweetly back as you joined him on his side of the door leaning down and politely kissing both your cheeks, the door closing by itself behind you.

‘You look incredible.’ He told you confidently and honestly you smiled bashfully thanking him.

‘You don’t look to bad yourself.’ He led you towards the car that was still running and waiting for you both. ‘Where are we going?’ You asked, Harry holding the car door open for you so you could slide in. He slid in beside you closing the door before the driver pulled away.

‘Just a quiet little place I know.’ He told you and you believed him. You could imagine dining in the busy restaurants in the city only got annoying when people recognised you all the time. You were interested to see where you’d end up but relaxed back in the seat just going with it and not prying anymore into the location of the restaurant. The drive was fairly quiet asking about each other’s afternoon that you both could have guessed the answers to but not wanting to really talk when the driver could so blatantly hear your conversation.

‘Here we are Mr Styles.’ The driver said turning the interior lights of the car on. Harry opened the door thanking the driver as he slid out, you followed him and joined him on the pavement. Harry stuck his head back in the car talking to the driver and you took the time to take in the restaurant. You could tell it was an Italian but it wasn’t one you’d noticed before and you knew it wasn’t going to be super fancy. It looked dark and quiet and you wondered how Harry had found it. When he joined you again he laid his hand on your lower back, pushing the silk of your top against the bare skin there.

‘Ok love?’ You nodded as you had earlier when he asked the same question back in the office but with less anxiety in your stomach. He directed you towards the entrance of the restaurant as expected pulling the door open for you and letting you enter first. The restaurant was warm and a fair few of the tables were full but they were too engrossed in their own food to notice you and Harry enter. The dim lights cast shadows around the place that made it feel more traditional than other, chain Italian restaurants you’d been in.

‘Ah Harry how are you?’ A loud Italian voice bellowed and you turned to it. A young Italian man was approaching you, his black hair slicked back and dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. You looked up at Harry who had a cheerful grin spread across his face, his cheeks dimpled and his perfect teeth on show. ‘Ah a lady friend tonight, you have come to the perfect place for romance young Mr Styles.’ Harry chuckled at the man who was now stood in front of you looking from you to Harry.

‘You got the normal table Tony?’ Harry asked and the man you now knew the name of nodded telling you both to follow him. Harry touched your back again and you followed Tony around the restaurant to a much quieter spot, no one else on any of the tables around. Tony stood next to a small booth, raised slightly and designed for two diners. You smiled and slid in Harry doing the same opposite you.

‘Your menus.’ Tony said placing menus down on the table and looking at Harry. ‘Your normal wine Mr Styles?’ Harry nodded muttering a thanks before Tony gave a slight bow and left you to it.

‘You come here a lot huh?’ You commented with a cheeky grin. Harry chuckled and nodded.

‘One of the only places I can eat around here without getting papped.’ He admitted grabbing a menu and handing the other to you. You thanked him glancing at it quickly. You had to wonder how many other girls he’d bought here but you tried not to think about the ones you knew he’d been associated with and the potential others you knew nothing about and instead decided to focus on enjoying an evening out with who was, essentially, a stranger.

‘You do like Italian right?’ Harry asked a slight concern in his voice. You nodded quickly reassuring him.

‘Yeah love it.’ You told him emphatically and he smiled glancing back at the menu. ‘What’s good?’ You questioned him, doing the same and scanning the items on the menu. Of course some of it you recognised but others you didn’t.

‘Well what do you fancy, pizza, pasta, meat, fish?’ He asked you dropping his menu slightly so he could look you. You thought about it, pursing your lips in as you did so.

‘I’ll tell you what, you order for me.’ You challenged with a cocky smile. Harry raised his eyebrows and grinned.

‘Ok fine, you’re not allergic to anything are you?’ He asked and you shook your head. He smiled dropping his menu completely and sliding it back to the end just as Tony returned with the bottle of red. He poured a little in Harry’s glass for him to taste which Harry did, you stifling a giggle as he imitated someone who knew what they were doing. Harry chuckled and told Tony it was fine allowing Tony to fill both your glasses.

‘Are you ready to order?’ Tony asked and Harry nodded lifting the menu.

‘Can we just get two of those please?’ Harry pointed to something on the menu you couldn’t see, Tony nodded with a grin before walking away again. Harry looked back to you with a smile. ‘It’s my favourite I think you’ll love it.’ You smiled back and took a sip of the wine.

You continued to quiz each other until the food arrived. Harry entertaining you with stories that you couldn’t match, he’d lived a far more exciting life than you have but even so he asked you about it and seemed genuinely interested when you talked about yourself, laughing in all the right places and nodding along, looking at you as you talk, dropping your eyes to the glass of wine you’re holding onto lightly. You almost feel slightly sad when you see Tony rounding the corner towards you with your food. That doesn’t stop him though he continues to ask you a last couple of questions and talk like you’ve got hours until you’re interrupted.

‘Two beef and red wine ravioli.’ Tony said making it sound beautiful when he says it with his un-effected Italian accent. He places one plate down in front of you both, you smile thanks shaking your head when he asks if he can get you anything else before he disappears again.

‘It looks lovely’ You comment still wearing a smile looking at the plate of pasta parcels coated in a rich red sauce. Harry nods picking up his fork and tucking in. You doing the same taking the first bite, the taste on your tongue incredible. You nod to Harry’s questioning look, swallowing so you can tell him how good it is. ‘It’s delicious.’ He smiles proudly and continues to eat.

It wasn’t until Harry interrupted you both half way through your meal to ask for another bottle wine that you realised between you, you’d already finished the first. You allowed him to fill your glass again as you continued to talk and finish your plates. It wasn’t until halfway through the second bottle that you felt Harry’s foot find your leg, intertwining them and grazing his booted foot and up and down your calf. It wasn’t until you finished eating you noticed the effect the wine was having on you. Your head was light, not spinning but not completely normal, you were sure you’d have to stand slowly when it finally came to it.

‘Good?’ Harry asked moving both your plates to the end of the table, both empty. You nodded wiping the corners of your mouth with your napkin and taking the final mouthful of the wine in your glass. Harry moved to refill it again, the second bottle on its last legs and nearly ready to join the first, but you prevented him putting your hand over the glass and shaking your head.

‘That’s enough for me thank you.’ You told him and he chuckled placing the bottle on the table again and finishing his own glass, watching you darkly over the rim. Suddenly you had an inkling you were looking at more than dinner, maybe it was the wine talking but you didn’t mind as much as you thought you might have done earlier on. You certainly made no move to push him away, the simple gesture making your whole leg tingle.

‘Well maybe I should call the car?’ Harry’s suggestive tone matched the look on his face, you simply nodded to which he grinned, pulling his phone from his pocket and not taking his eyes from you as he lifted it to his ear and arranged for his car to collect you and take you both to his house. You could have stopped him several times but you didn’t, you both knew where this was going now and you didn’t want it to stop. Despite your earlier doubts you found yourself succumbing to him, but he was doing the same and maybe it was the wine clouding your mind but even as you looked ahead to the next morning you couldn’t see yourself regretting it.

An hour or so later and you were exactly where you thought you’d be. Pushed up against Harry’s front door, his hands either side of your head and his lips attacking your neck with kisses and playful nips. Your hands were working on his belt, tugging it at it to release it before making light work of the buttons securing his jeans over his ever hardening crotch. He let out a deep, guttural moan as your hand slipped in between his tight boxers and his jeans, palming him gently at first but upping the anti with the sound that left his mouth. His hands made their way down the door, slipping under your thighs and lifting you with ease from the floor. You wrapped your legs around his waist and let him carry you wherever he thought best, hoping he knew his house well as you attached your lips to his as he walked, his fingers gripping your thighs tightly as your tongue flicked into his mouth. He dropped you onto a couch not letting your lips go as he crawled on top of you attacking the button of your jeans.

‘You sure?’ He questioned, talking against your lips. You nodded letting out a quiet moan as his hand dipped into the front of your jeans.


You felt unreasonably anxious as you walked into the office on Monday morning. You’d tried not to dress any smarter or any less casual, your hair was in a high, long ponytail, the same make up as always on your face. You didn’t want to draw attention to yourself. There was no reason Harry would have told Jeff about your evening together but there was also a lot of reasons he would. Jeff was Harry’s friend, you hoped he’d realise why it wouldn’t be a good idea and you were sure he would but even the tiniest amount of doubt in your mind was too much.

You’d woken up in Harry’s bed, his Kiss T-Shirt covering your body as well as his duvet. You’re memory was completely intact, you knew exactly where you were and who should be lying next to you and as anticipated you didn’t regret a second of it. You’d shared an incredible evening and even though you knew you probably shouldn’t have done it, your body craved him from the minute you saw him stood at your door the previous evening. As you got to know him better and you conversed with one another through the evening you soon realised it was a little more than lust. You spent that whole day in his Kiss T-Shirt. He made you pancakes and you ordered pizza to eat together in front of the TV with a movie on. You spent that night with him and enjoyed each other’s bodies all over again, discovering new things about one another and learning new ways to relish in one another. You were fully aware, even if this never happened again, it was more than a hook up, more than a one night stand.

Jeff was already in his office that morning. He had a tight white shirt on, only the top button undone and he looked as well put together as always. You smiled when he looked up at you and you went straight through, the open office door the only invitation you needed. You placed one of the takeaway coffee’s down on his desk as you greeted him.

‘Good weekend?’ You asked him with a smile hoping he’d simply nod and ask you the same as he always did. He did nod.

‘Yes thanks, need to go over a couple of things with you this morning.’ He said. You nodded trying not to show any hesitancy in complying with his request. You were sure it was just about the paperwork he had in front of him, if it was about you and Harry he would have worded it differently, there would have been more of a warning tone but even so you felt anxious about what was sure to be a normal Monday meeting. You took your jacket off and hung it with Jeff’s before putting your bag by your desk and grabbing your conference pad.

Jeff smiled at you as you re-entered and you felt a little easier for it. You sat at your normal seat and for some reason wished Harry was sitting down in the one next to you as he had done on Friday morning.

‘I’m heading off to New York again in a couple of weeks.’ Jeff started and you made a note of it on your pad.

‘Do I get to come this time?’ You quipped as you wrote, making sure to smile to ensure Jeff knew it was a joke. You didn’t expect to go. You knew he could say you’d be going with him the next time every time until the end of your employment and he’d still never take you. He preferred to keep you in LA where you could keep everything under control for him.

‘You’ll be going to London.’ You looked up at him quickly. You sure you looked shocked and confused because that’s how you felt.

‘What?’ You asked. ‘Why?’ For a second you thought he was getting rid of you but really you knew what this was about and you swallowed when you remembered. You’d been sat on Harry’s bed cross legged facing him, your hands cradling a mug of coffee his doing the same though he only needed one of his large hands to grip onto the mug fully. He’d come out with it from nowhere and all of a sudden.

‘I want you to come to London with me.’ You nearly spat your coffee out, assuming he was messing around but one look at his face told you he wasn’t. His eyes were narrowed slightly and his lips pursed. ‘I’m serious, I want you to be my assistant.’ He told you and you shook your head. There was no way you could do that, especially in London. You’d left London to come out and do exactly what you were doing. You were living your dream. You wanted to work with someone in the music and entertainment business and you were working with one of the biggest there was. You had no desire, at all, to change that. ‘Oh come on Y/N think how much fun we’d have.’ He winked at you and you felt disgusted at both yourself and him.

‘Oh my god no.’ You said moving quickly from the bed. You put your coffee on the side and started hunting for your jeans and your other clothes that had remained on the floor after your first night with Harry that now made you feel sick.

‘I didn’t mean it like that Y/N stop.’ He tried to convince you to get back on his bed but you couldn’t even look at him as you pulled your jeans on.

‘I’m not some sex worker who’s going to follow you around London so you can get your kicks.’ You spat angrily at him grabbing your bag that you hadn’t taken anything from for the whole time you’d been with Harry. You didn’t take his t-shirt off but stormed through the large penthouse suite away from him. He was following you quickly and you heard him put down his mug before he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back towards him just before you reached the door.

‘I know you’re not, that’s not what I meant, I was joking.’ He tried to reassure you and you listened but you weren’t taking any of it to heart. His drown-worthy eyes and sharp bone structure wasn’t going to pull you in again. ‘You’re incredible at what you do and I want you to work for me, in London, I’m not asking you, not even a little bit, because I want to keep sleeping with you.’ He told you, you could see the sincerity in his eyes but you didn’t care for it. You pulled your hand from his grip and turned away from him leaving his apartment without another word.

‘Harry wants you as his assistant while he’s back in London for a while.’ Jeff told you and you were back in the moment. You shook your head not sure what to say or do.

‘I like working for you, I want to work for you.’ You told him, feeling a little hurt but more concerned about the fact you didn’t want to go to London with Harry but not sure how you could get out of it without finding yourself jobless.

‘Y/N I’m telling you to, you’ll be working for Harry but really you’ll be working for me.’ He told you and you knew that made sense but you’d still be Harry’s assistant. ‘Go to London, take some holiday and see your family, you haven’t been back since you’ve been with me.’ He reminded you and you and that did sound appealing. The only downside of living your dream was that your family where so far away and in a different time zone.

‘How long’s it for?’ You asked tentatively.

‘Two months at the moment it might be longer yet.’ He told you and you nodded biting your lip, mulling it over.

‘I’m not going to force you to go if you really, really don’t want to, but I think when it actually comes to it you do want to go.’ Jeff said and suddenly you hated that he was just as much your friend as your boss, why had you let him get to know you so well? He was catching you out left, right and centre. ‘It’ll be good for your career, give you some new experiences and the chance to do something a bit different, you won’t be tied to an office for a start.’ Jeff told you and you nodded appreciating what he was saying. ‘So shall I book your ticket?’ He asked cautiously. You sighed and looked up at the ceiling. You knew Harry didn’t mean what he’d said, you knew you’d overreacted and the opportunity that was being handed to you on a plate, because you’d been requested because of how good you were at your job, was too good to pass up. You knew that and you nodded to Jeff who smiled.

‘Good, now go get to work.’ He said playfully and you chuckled lightly looking at your notepad and tapping it, before standing and making for the door. ‘Oh and if you’re into Italian restaurants there’s a really good one just outside London, I’ll have to give one of you the number.’ You turned your head back to him quickly and he was sat reclining in his seat a knowing and cocky look on his face. You could feel your cheeks reddening and Jeff just laughed. ‘I find out everything Y/N you know that, it’s a good job I like you.’ You smiled despite yourself and the scarlet tone you were sure your cheeks were sporting. ‘I need to make a call now so if you shut the door please?’ You nodded and left the room glad Jeff didn’t make any more of the situation. You sat down at the desk and turned your computer on, grabbing your phone from your bag whilst you waited for it to load.

Alright boss? ;)

HA knew you wouldn’t be able to resist

So I’ll just pack the shirt you left at mine in my case for London

I guess so

Do you want to meet for lunch? I think I owe you an apology for how I reacted the other day

You really don’t owe me an apology but I’m definitely up for lunch

Meet you outside the office at 1?

Perfect, see you then.

Hide & Seek

Anon Requested:  can you do a drabble with tae and 52 + 56? thank you and i love your blog!

I tried being funny but I fail when I try so I apologize for my stupidity in this.

Originally posted by yxxxnmingxxls

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 664

“She’s hiding behind the sofa.”

“Did you just hiss at me?” 

As Taehyung scanned the house he realized that maybe this game wasn’t the best idea to play, especially at this time of night. He suddenly realized he could see no sign of you, not in his bedroom, not in the bathroom not even in the kitchen. He started to move amongst the other members, his eyes darting more wildly with each passing second, noticing any movement in the dorm hoping that it was you giving away your hiding spot. Then he began to call your name, getting ever louder, until many heads were turned in his direction, he was glad that all of the other boys were up too because trying to whisper your name to find you wouldn’t have worked. Taehyung had their attention so he might as well use it. “Have you seen (Y/N)?” he asked, his eyes began darting from each boy but while the boys who were downstairs shook their heads Taehyung could only sigh and make his way upstairs. He went through his room one more time before groaning at where you could’ve been hiding all this time. He left his room and began walking down the hall, Yoongi left his room a moment after Taehyung did and saw that he was still looking for you, Yoongi couldn’t help but give a small chuckle at your boyfriend’s attempts of finding you after all this time.

“She’s hiding behind the couch.” He said simply as he looked at the blonde boy who now snapped his head to Yoongi.

“What?” Taehyung’s eyes widened before he let out another groan. “Are you kidding me? All this time?” Taehyung shook his head before darting down the stairs, he thanked his friend before kneeling on the couch and popping his head behind the couch. The minute his head came into view your head popped up and a cat like sound left your lips. Taehyung’s eyes widened once again before his head tilted to the side. “Did you just hiss at me?” The confusion left his face before the smile you knew so well appeared on his face again. He propped his head in both his hands and just smiled at you while you stood up now, back propped up against the wall. “I think it’s time for bed.” Taehyung said looking at you, your eyes were tired and you were holding back a yawn that you so desperately wanted to let out.

“No.” You said immediately, arms crossing over your chest. Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh at you, your word came out slow and in a sigh which showed your obvious exhaustion. He stood up, one knee still on the couch while he straightened his other, his arms reached out for you and before you knew it you were being lifted from behind the couch and soon in your boyfriend’s arms. “No!” You yelled, trying to grab onto anything that would slow down Taehyung’s movements of him dragging you up the stairs and pulling you into his bedroom.

As soon as he was walking into his bedroom your hands clasped hold onto the doorframe, your grip was strong but not strong enough to fight off his pulling of your body. You let out a small groan and felt his grip on you completely be let go and your body soon plopped onto his bed. You sat up once again but had no intention on trying to run away again, the exhaustion was now taking a toll on you and you gave in. You sighed and began crawling to the head of the bed now, you heard a light chuckle come from Taehyung and you couldn’t help but utter a “Shut up.” The light was turned off and Taehyung soon crawled into bed with you, his arms immediately snaked around you and pulled you closer to him. It didn’t take long before you found yourself falling asleep in his arms, head nuzzled up in his chest while his arms held you in a strong hold.


Request: there was none lol i just wanted to write a chanyeol fluff fluffy scenario when chanyeol’s s/o is on her period and he helps out however he can :))

admin k: this may or may not have been inspired by real life struggles :’)

Originally posted by yeolhighness

genre: fluff

word count: 2427

pairing: chanyeol x reader

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cutie-bug  asked:

For the number prompts, 44 with with our friendly neighborhood RebelCaptain? Thank you!

#44“if you die, i’m going to kill you.” 


The sound of the captain’s name startled him as he walked down the corridor of the rebel base. Plenty of passerbyers shoved him, some letting out annoyed huffs, as he stood still, his breath stuck in his throat.

He already knew who it was once he turned around.

“Jyn,” he softly breathed. Even half-awake, in her pajamas, her hair messy and tangled, she still looked beautiful. Bystanders stared as she walked closer to him, each step closing the distance between them. Knowing her, she didn’t care.

Another thing he loved about her.

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

  Request: So a tall girl, around Tom’s height is dating/engaged/married to Tom, and she hasn’t had the best day at work, her boss is being an arse. And she is cooking dinner when he comes home, he notices she isn’t in a great mood and starts to sing “Can’t take my eyes off of you” by Frankie Valli while dancing around the kitchen with her.

Summary: See above ;P

Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 754

A/N: I hope this is okay! I wasn’t quite sure how to really push the tall girl thing (seeing as how I am not one), but hopefully the language indicates she is his height or there about.  Hope you enjoy!

             Comfy pajamas, comfy pajamas, comfy pajamas, you repeated to yourself as you trudged up the steps to your flat.  Swinging the door open, you tossed your bag onto the chair by the entrance and made your way to the bedroom where your comfy clothes resided.  Checking the time, you decided that you should go ahead and get dinner started.  The comfy clothes would have to wait.

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Ice Cream and Wizards

From this request: A one-shot with dean where you’re sammy’s daughter (aged 11 or so?) and he’s on a hunt and asked dean to take care of u?


Ever since you’d come into Sam’s life, things around the bunker changed. It was child-proofed, the living room was cluttered with an array of toys, the cupboards were filled with baby and toddler-friendly snacks (which Sam often found Dean munching on). Sam and Dean loved you with all their hearts and would stop at nothing to keep you safe. For a while, that meant that Sam abstained from all hunts, period. Then, with news that things were getting worse out there, he would occasionally leave you at home with Cas or, in very rare cases, Chuck.

But as you grew older, Sam knew that typical babysitters wouldn’t do it. Yes, Cas was surprisingly good with you and you loved him; yes, Chuck was God and could easily care for you. But they weren’t the same as flesh and blood relatives. Family was incredibly important in these years; Sam feared that if he didn’t give you a solid family now, you would head down a dangerous path in the future.

He carefully approached the subject with Dean, who agreed that he shared some of Sam’s worry.

“So, what do you propose we do?” he asked. “You going to give up hunting forever?”

“No. You know that we can’t do that.”

“Give up hunting until she’s old enough to join us?”

“I don’t want her hunting.”

“Yeah, good luck with that.”

Sam sighed. “Listen… I know she’s my responsibility and I appreciate everything you’ve done for her. But do you think we could possibly… set up a schedule where we… I don’t know, alternate hunts? Go out with Cas or Crowley, leaving the other one here to take care of Y/N? That way one of us is always around for her?”

The stare Dean was pegging Sam with made him feel that the offer (and Sam and you and all your belongings) was going to be thrown in the trash. “Y’know, for someone who went to college, you sure can be a dumbass sometimes.”

“I… what?”

“She’s not just your responsibility, Sam. She’s ours. That’s what family means. Everyone chips in to take care of their own.”

“So… you’re saying… what are you saying?”

“I’d be happy to watch the little monster while you go fight the big ones.”

Sam felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders. He stood and wrapped Dean in a giant hug, nearly crushing his brother.

At that moment, the brothers heard you snuffling over the baby monitor, signaling that you were waking up from your nap.

“You’re up, Uncle De,” Sam said, clapping his hand on Dean’s shoulder.


The arrangement actually worked really well. Cas was willing to go along on the hunts, helping whichever Winchester was out that day. Of course, there were still a few hunts that needed both brothers, but the number was less than before.

Years passed and you continued to grow, happy and healthy with your family. Sam did his best to explain things to you, making sure not to scare you. You understood that Daddy and Uncle De went out to ‘save the world’ and while you still had fits of sadness, you would try to put on a happy face and wave goodbye as one of the Winchesters left.

You were sitting on your father’s bed, watching him pack his bag. “Are you gonna go kill some bad guys?”

Sam smiled. “Yes, sweetheart.”

You nodded. “One day, I’m gonna join you. I want to help save the world.”

This gave Sam pause; he always said he didn’t want you to get into hunting. But he supposed there was nothing he could do to stop you… and if he could help you prepare…

He zipped up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. “That day is a long way away, sweetie.” He held his hand out to you and led you out the hall.

Dean was sitting in the living room, watching football. “You all packed?”

“Yeah. I’m going to get going.” Sam crouched down in front of you, smoothing his hand through your hair. “All right, sugar bug. Daddy has to leave. You going to be a good girl for Uncle De?”

You nodded before flinging yourself into Sam’s shoulder, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Be safe, Daddy.”

“I will. And Uncle Cas will be there, too. Everything’s going to be fine.” Sam pulled out of the hug, pressing a kiss to your forehead, before walking off to the garage.

You stood and watched, listened, as he disappeared. Once the door shut behind him, you crawled up onto the couch next to Dean. He turned his attention from the tv to you; your teeth were worrying your bottom lip. Dean couldn’t help but laugh at the strong, self-assured way you tried to carry yourself, even at your young age.

“You want some ice cream, Y/N?”

You turned, your expression conveying your surprise. Daddy never let you have ice cream in the middle of the afternoon; that was an evening treat on rare occasions.

Dean stood and headed to the kitchen, soon hearing you pattering behind him. He felt your eyes on him as he pulled the ice cream from the freezer, the toppings from the cabinet, the dishes from the cupboard.

Your eyes grew as large as the sundae he sat before you. “Thank you, Uncle De,” you said in awe.

“You’re welcome, Monster. Now, you know what would make this ice cream even better?”

You shook your head.

“A movie. I’m thinking… The Little Mermaid?”



Later that night, as Dean was tucking you into bed, he saw that sadness returning. Sam had called a few hours ago, saying that he’d made it safely. You’d been excited when he’d called but Dean could see that you were wishing he was back.

Thankfully, Sam had left something behind for this.

Dean opened your bedside table and pulled out a package wrapped in shiny paper. “Y/N, your daddy left this for you.” He watched as you opened it, finding a large, leather-bound book inside. “You know what that says?”

“The W…Won…Wonderful W… Wee…”


“Wizard,” you repeated. “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

“You want me to read it to you?”

You nodded, holding the book out to Dean. He took it and situated himself next to you, immediately feeling you lean against him. He opened the book, finding the map of Oz. He couldn’t help but remember the day Charlie had gone off with Dorothy, much to the surprise of him and Sam. Dean was glad that Sam was instilling in you the same love of knowledge that Sam had, and Dean knew that it had been a very deliberate choice to leave this book behind.

Dean cracked open the book, flipping to the first page. “Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies with Uncle Henry, who was a farmer, and Aunt Em, who was the farmer’s wife.”

Word Count: 770

Triggers: Suicide mention

Requested by @tygermama

It was just one drink after another. The bartender kept feeding them to you, and you kept drinking them. You thought maybe you’d give yourself alcohol poisoning, end it all just like that. But then you realized that the bartender might be copable, and you decided to overdose at home. You asked for the bottle, paid for it, and then got up to leave. You were stopped by a tall woman with a pained expression on her face.

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Crush - Niall Horan

*Request for Anon: Niall has a crush on you and has for awhile. Boys joke about it until he finally asks you out????*

My other writing

“He’s probably thinking about y/n, give him a few moments,” followed by a few snickers from the other boys was all Niall heard after he had zoned back in. 

“Sorry, what was that?” He mumbled looking up from his phone, even though he knew exactly what was going on. Niall had been the victim of constant teasing and jokes ever since he opened his mouth about you. You had met a little over a year ago, when the boys first went on break, and instantly hit it off. You both bonded over the love of music and guitar, among other things and any chance he could get to see you, he would take it. He was casually mentioning you to the other lads as they were catching up, finally all in one place again, and he was a little more enthusiastic about you than he tried to let on. The boys certainly made it clear that was the case whenever they could.  

“Come on Niall, it’s so obvious your absolutely smitten about the girl,” Louis cried out, throwing his hands above his head, “Just ask her out already, you’ve known her long enough.” Niall shrugged casually turning back to his phone, and ignored the comments as always. He wasn’t going to deny he liked the teasing, annoying as it was. Every time they brought you up, his heart fluttered at the very thought of a chance with you. 

“We’re just friends, I don’t want to ruin that.” he mumbled, aimlessly scrolling through twitter.  

“Oh come on, that’s the oldest excuse in the book. I’ve seen the way she looks at you the rare moments you aren’t looking at her. She’s just as smitten about you as you are about her.” Niall’s heart beat heavier at Liam’s words, they could tell you liked him?

“Seriously, we all know how charming and funny you are but I don’t think anyone would laugh that much at your jokes, or blush so profusely when they saw you if they didn’t have some sort of crush on you.” Harry reassured him, almost taken aback Niall didn’t see it himself. Niall chewed his lip nervously as his focus turned completely on the boys.

“You guys really think she would say yes?” His voice grew hopeful, wanting it all to be true more than anything. His smile grew as they all nodded in agreement, so certain they were right. 

“Okay, okay I’ll ask your out, but I’m blaming all of you if I get rejected,” he let out a small laugh as they all cheered making his smile only grow.

Niall had invited you over, like he often did, to simply hangout. You never planned anything too specific, just time to chill and talk. With the boys conversation still fresh in his mind he let you in, giving you one of the hugs he always does. He let out a small chuckle as you immediately made your way into the kitchen, rummaging around for something to eat. 

“Don’t judge me Horan, I’m hungry!” You shouted out in reply to his small laugh.

“No judgement here, I’m hurt you would label me so quickly,” he gasped out playfully, a hand clutching at his heart. You rolled your eyes, giggling as you found yourself something small and made your way to the living room couch. You were about to let out another joke, when you noticed the seriousness that fell over Niall.

“You okay?” You asked, slightly confused by his nervous state as you both sat down.

“I want to talk to you,” Niall stated quietly, looking everywhere but at you.

“Yeah, of course anything, what’s up?” You were met with a long pause, Niall wringing his hands together, tapping his foot ever so slightly. 

“I really like you a lot, like more than friends. I didn’t realize it fully until a few days ago but I know how true it is now, and it’s taken me everything just to tell you this and-” Niall’s words were spoken in one long breath, only pausing to meet you gaze and see your reaction. You took in a sharp breath, in shock at his confession. not knowing how to respond. Niall’s heart fell when you said nothing, screaming to himself that he ruined everything.

“I really like you to,” you whispered, your eyes beginning to gleam, simply amazed that he felt the same way about you. You giggled once more as Niall visibly relaxed, beaming brightly at your words. 

“I want to take you out on a proper date, see where this will take us.”