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“Is this 03 or Brotherhood?”, the definitive guide

I know a lot of people have trouble telling the two FMA anime apart, and I’ve noticed an increase in confusion lately, so I thought I’d make a post to help clear it up! I’ll go over some telltale differences between the two styles, in order of ease. For images, Brotherhood will be on the left, and 03 on the right.

1. Al’s armor

If Al is present in an image, he’s the quickest way to tell the difference between the two series. 03 Al is fairly greenish in hue, and his face looks similar to the early stages of the manga, with a very rectangular chin. Brotherhood Al is much greyer, a little shinier, perhaps a bit bulkier, and his face is more angular with a curvier chin, giving him something of a permanent >:( face. His toes curve up in Brotherhood, but not in 03. Also, since the fight with Buccaneer never happened in 03, if Al’s ponytail is short, it’s definitely Brotherhood!

2. Characters who appear in one series but not the other

This is something of a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. Look at what characters are present in the image. Anyone who appears after the Dublith arc in the manga/Brotherhood would not be in 03. Conversely, characters such as Dante, Lujon, Archer, the Tringham brothers, and Leo don’t appear in Brotherhood.

3. The women

While this doesn’t necessarily apply to every screencap, women in 03 tend to have somewhat defined lips, while they don’t usually in Brotherhood (with the exception of Olivier, who wouldn’t be in 03 anyway). This is especially true of promotional art, as opposed to screencaps.

4. The chain

(Running in the shadooooows~)

On every Amestrian military uniform, there’s a rope chain on the right shoulder, which also attaches to the front of the breast. In 03, the bit connecting the chain to the front of the uniform is braided, while in Brotherhood, that portion is a single cord.

5. Colors + general vague feeling

Colors can sometimes be used to tell the difference, if the lighting is standard. Colors in Brotherhood are fairly muted, but not too dark, and generally stick to shades of red, blue, yellow, black, white, and brown. They might almost be described as pastel, at least compared to 03. While colors in 03 are usually more saturated than Brotherhood, they’re also a lot darker, and not nearly as coordinated in hue. Also, 03 characters in general tend to have something of a youthful look to them, compared to Brotherhood, and noses are usually longer and pointier than in Brotherhood.

6. Specific character differences

Certain characters have notably different looks between series. If these characters appear in a screencap, you can look to them for clues. Some examples:

  • Ed: His hair is darker and more orange in 03. He also wears the same outfit throughout most of it, while his alternate outfits from Brotherhood don’t appear. His face shape also pretty much stays the same in 03, while in Brotherhood he matures physically towards the end of the series.
  • Al: His human form in 03 has noticeably darker, more brown hair than Ed, whereas in Brotherhood there’s really very little difference between the two. Shamballa Al is also very distinct: Long hair in a ponytail, basically dresses like Ed. Post-Promised Day Brotherhood Al looks older than Shamballa Al, and has short hair.
  • Winry: Her “work outfit” in 03 had a pink bandana and light purple pants. In Brotherhood, the bandana is green, and her pants are tan.
  • Rose: Had dark skin and pink bangs in 03, while in Brotherhood, her skin is light and her bangs are more of an auburn color. She also appeared much more in 03.
  • Scar: 03 Scar looked way younger, and had no cheekbones. Brotherhood Scar has cheekbones and could crush 03 Scar’s teen vogue looking ass with his bare hands.
  • Bradley: Brotherhood Bradley has wrinkles on his forehead, and a very defined nose. 03 Bradley has a more empty face, and also usually a darker skin tone. Brotherhood Bradley also looks a lot more pissed off compared to 03 Bradley, most of the time.
  • Greed: In 03, Greed’s shield form is dark blue with red eyes. In Brotherhood, it’s grey with black eyes. His undershirt is also dark blue in 03, while it’s dark red in Brotherhood. Also, obviously, Greeling does not appear in 03.
  • Kimblee: Brotherhood Kimblee is a suave ass motherfucker with the best fashion sense in the entire series. 03 Kimblee has this absolutely terrible circa 1980s Rachel Summers-esque braid/buzz cut combo that makes me want to cry every time I look at it.
HeroAca on Ice [Figure Skating AU]

Listen, in order to stop myself from starting a novel length fic, have my AU ideas. Liberally inspired by the madness of the 2016-17 FS season. Relevant picture.

  • In which it’s the year before the Olympics and Todoroki who was supposedly a top candidate tanks nationals because of his inconsistent jumps and artistic stagnation
  • His father doesn’t approve of figure skating wanting him to pursued a more ‘masculine’ activity and to inherit his company (fuck u Endeavor)
  • Todoroki picked up skating from his mom
  • In a desperate attempt to prove himself as he has this wager with his father which is the moment he stops winning at the international levels he will retire and such, he switches coaches to the former legendary men’s skater, All Might, and moves to America to train.
  • (Btw Bakugo who is known for like no artistic expression but like a gazillion jumps is the one that wants to take gold from Todoroki)
  • In America, he notices this injured skater who is always at the rink muttering to himself and turns out this is the former us men’s champion who was supposed to represent the US. But Midoriya fucking broke himself trying to do quads during his exhibition  (durrrhurrr Nathan Chen)
  • Midoriya still comes to the rink often to cheer on his rink mates and to work on his own programs off ice and he ends up getting up in Todoroki’s face about the kind of programs Todoroki is doing
  • “You’re playing safe and everyone will outstrip you that way! Don’t you want to win? Your skating is plenty beautiful but you lack passion!” 
  • They go to New York dance studios together and Todoroki helps him with PT. But halfway through the season, Midoriya gets cleared to start skating and transforms into Todoroki’s biggest competitor
  • Todoroki who was struggling all this time to enjoy his skating again and Midoriya who skates like he only has one shot, one opportunity
  • (Also Bakugo is there causing problems hahahah
  • Saying shit like "I’m going to steal your Olympic spot by getting gold”
  • And Todoroki going “….there are three Olympic spots”
  • “That’s not the fucking point dumbass!!!!!)
  • But yeah Todoroki lands a quad Lutz for Midoriya and Midoriya breaks away from his quads or bust lifestyle and learns how to do beautiful spins??? And Todoroki decides at the end that he’s not going to retire and flips his old man the bird.
  • And he wears a sheer backside shirt and Midoriya works up the courage with that shiny gold medal to touch those quad making core muscles yes
  • Also All Might as a coach, I love him. He’s definitely the kind to lovingly smack down the criticism at the kiss and cry. When Todoroki fucking trips out of the gate he is the embodiment of the SHRUG emoji
  • Also Iida and Ochako being power pair skaters. He throws her like fucking 15 feet in the air.
  • Yaomomo being the darling of Japan but she has trouble landing her 3a consistently and always does classical routines but one year her gf choreographed her exhibition to rock and Japan collectively lost their mind
  • Also Tsuyu as a rising ladies skater who skates to no classical whatsoever, has landed a 4salchow in practice, and always gets called on her edges
  • Aoyama being the most extra of extra
  • He pops his fucking triple Axel regularly
  • Tokoyami: Only wears black, is an ice dancer with Dark Shadow, face always constipated or grimacing 
  • He fucking danced firebird and it was simultaneously refreshing because not a bright red costume and awful because he had a choreographic sequence reminiscent of laying an egg
  • The villains are the sports commentators:
  • Shiragaki is the one that always talks in points and tec scores
  • What is pcs? He doesn’t give a shit. He’s condescending to every skater
  • Stain is always talking about the good old days before one million quads. Says every skater after lysachek is a hack and wants to bring back the ice carving figures
  • Himiko Toga is that inappropo commentator that is making lewd comments at her favorites
  • Kirishima can’t jump to save his life but has massive crowd appeal. Everyone has prayer circles for his jumps. Many people think he should switch to ice dancing already because all the women love him for his pure and goodness.
  • Mina is another ice dancer. She does the WEIRD costumes and programs but they’re a great break from the super saturated romance
  • Kaminari is the kind of skater who can take gold at one event and then place 11th in another. If he does well in his sp, he flunks his fp
  • SHINSO Is a total pairs skater but he wants to be a singles
  • His partner doesn’t get along with him that much but they perform well
  • Inevitably does ‘edgey’ exhibition programs that people are like… uh
  • Aside from All Might, Todoroki really looks up to a ladies skater who revolutionized the field aka Shimura Nana
  • Nana was the one that combined power and grace but she never won much because back then she was ROBBED
  • Midoriya on the other hand aside from All Might looked up to this old dude named Gran Torino haha known for his incredible skating speed and rotation. A kind of electric power and skating that catches the eye
  • BONUS:
  • One of Todoroki’s most famous programs is a Phantom of the Opera program but he hates that one. His coach at the time suggested he actually wear a half mask and he was like
  • fUCK no

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i would really like to see the domestic side to college spideychelle,, like where they have to sniff the suspicious looking thai takeout cuz they have nooo idea how long it's been sitting out for, board game nights and inviting ned over but ned sorta just settles back because the two get highly competitive with one another when it comes to jenga and sorry. just stuff like that yannooooo???

fluff is NOT my forte, fam. but i love you all so I will try for you precious people. don’t hate me if its not any good. 


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9 Perfect Summertime Reads

Whether your beach/poolside reads tend to be fluffy romances, hot romances, or thrilling adventures, we’ve got the perfect summertime read for you!

1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo
Because who doesn’t want to read a cute, laugh-out-loud romance while sitting by the pool? 😂💕

2. The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia
Hot guys + serious swoons = Perfect summertime read, TBH. 🚗❤️ 

3. Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller
Summer is definitely the right time to set sail with a bunch of pirates — adventure awaits! 🌊⚓️

4. The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood
With the word “summer” in the title, this one’s kind of a no-brainer. ☀️😎

5. Internet Famous by Danika Stone
Pack this one in your beach bag and daydream about internet fame in between dips in the ocean. 💻💕

6. The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich
In case you’re the kind of person who likes to read fast-paced thrillers (with plenty of romance!) while at the beach. 🔥👨‍❤️‍👨

7. Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios
The anti-romance to keep you on your toes as those bad romances try to sneak their way into your summer plans. 💔🌼

8. Romeo, Juliet & Jim by Larry Schwarz & Iva-Marie Palmer
Secret relationships? High Fashion? Yeah, count us in. 👗👀

9. The Truth About Happily Ever After by Karole Cozzo
This book takes place in the summer, features an amusement park princess, and is all about heartbreak and new love. (ie: best. summer. read. ever.) 👸🏻🎢

Trying not to spend too much time on these and just have fun instead! I decided to kick this off with some menstrual cup love since a post I made last week garnered a lot of questions about them. Let’s normalize menstruation, it’s not something to be grossed out or embarrassed by.

1. No Harsh chemicals! Menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone and they are hypoallergenic! None of those chemicals you can find in pads and tampons, and they don’t throw off your pH balance! You can die from keeping a tampon in too long, but you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours.

2. Doesn’t dry you out. Cups collect menstrual flow instead of absorbing and drying you out, meaning your natural lubrication stays put.

3. Save money! One cup can last you up to 4 years! Imagine how many pads and/or tampons you buy in a year alone.

4. Be one with your body. Most people don’t know how much they flow a month. A cup helps you be more in tune with your body and learn about yourself. No more guessing games with your cycle.

5. Help the environment! It’s a no-brainer!

There are so many additional benefits (Like no leaks! [when inserted correctly]). The only way to know if a menstrual cup is for you is to do your own research and get one to try out! If you find that the cup isn’t for you, there are other alternatives like absorbent panties, reusable pads or organic pads/tampons.

Cold Hearted Part 3

Third and Final Part

1160 Words

Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: After sacrificing herself for Dean, the Reader is in for a surprise.

Read Part 1 Here

Read Part 2 Here

You had been ready to die for the ones you loved. It had been a no brainer, a quick decision that you didn’t regret one bit. Dean was off to do great things, to save the world time and time again. He wasn’t meant to become the slave of some revenge driven Demon. While you, on the other hand, you always seemed to be the tag along, helping on hunts when needed. Stitching Sam or Dean up when they got hurt on a hunt. Your life wasn’t near as important in the long run as his was. You accepted that, and you were grateful that you had gotten to be a part of it. To love him, and feel that love returned.

If you had to say you regretted one thing, it would be the chance to grow old with Dean. To marry him, to maybe even have a kid, who knows. It wouldn’t have had to be special. A simple wedding, with Sam, and maybe even Cas in attendance, living at the bunker, continuing on with your lives. You would have accepted all of that if it had meant living with the man you loved. Seeing the freckles on his nose each morning when you woke up, feeling his arms wrap around you each night when you went to sleep.

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Callout Post for Murray Gold

Murray Gold, you guys, does not get enough love. So I am here, armed with a list of my favorite pieces from each series of Doctor Who. It was meant to be an orderly list, with one favorite per series, but it kind of devolved into a shouty mess about music. (Which should be expected. Last year I got an email from Spotify detailing my listening habits over the past year and apparently I’m in the top 1% of Murray Gold fans. THE MAN IS AWESOME OKAY.)

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I was watching my husband walk around the apartment and had one of those “oh… duh” moments when I realized one of the big reasons I like the Tron Uprising style so much… I’ve got a 6′3″ spouse who has a passing resemblance to a young Jeff Bridges…  so it’s kind of a no-brainer that I’d love watching a show with a bunch of tall lanky men running around, LOL.

Back when Legacy came out, we were already big Tron fans, so when Disneyland had their (temporary) Tron land in California Adventure, I took some time, and our leather jackets, and outfitted them with led lights.  I definitely got all geeky about it because, minus his slight beard, my hubby totally reminded me of a young Flynn… You know you’re a nerd when that’s the kind of thing that makes you go “ooh-la-la”  XD  and he got quite a few compliments near Flynn’s Arcade where we hung out.  

And of course I had to add a little something to my own jacket as well, lol  We made a pretty good matching pair!

I miss ElecTRONica at Disneyland… something really fun about being in that lightshow when you yourself also light up, haha.

Solo Summer Road Trip | Babes Ride Out East Coast

With days becoming longer and the weather warming up, there’s no better way to celebrate summer’s arrival than to pack up your Vans and hit the road. This month we joined the all-women’s motorcycle collective, Babes Ride Out once again for their second East Coast campout, and it was quite the adventure. This time our blogger, Brittany hit the open road solo, and let’s just say… she got lost about 4 hours out of the way. Follow along all week as we join two other female riders who share their solo traveling tips, tricks, and favorite stops along the way to Babes Ride Out East Coast.

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The Blacklist Appreciation Week - Day 3 - Favourite Character

Um. Yeah. I think this one is a no brainer!! Love him to pieces! Our Ress is such a beautiful, tortured soul. He’s loyal, honest, and really is a boy scout. So yes, without a shadow of any doubt, Donald Ressler is my hero! 😍

Freshie (or anyone really) Advice

To future high school freshman (or anyone really),here’s some advice and tips to survive the upcoming year.
I feel like this is common knowledge but you can never say it enough. Be stingy with your pencils/ pens. You’re the one that paid for them & that person who said they’d give it back are usually lying.
Again a no brainer, but it’s literally so important to stay organized and tidy. Some ways to do that is
-color coordinate notes
-post it’s
-folder/notebook for each subject.
Something that i did was at the end of each week/ during the weekend when i had down time i would go through all the papers from the past couple of days and organize them just to release some stress and know i was ready for the next week.
I didn’t learn this till my sophomore/junior year. In my book bag i carried a little pouch with things i knew i’d need at some point. I got most of the stuff from the travel section of Target. The “Emergency pouch” included
-compact mirror
-pack of tissues
-Tide To-Go stain remover pen
-mints (can’t have bad breath y'know.)
-oil absorbing towelettes
-hand sanitizer
-lent removing sheets
-safety pen
-lip balm
-feminine products
-and some bobby pens and hair tie
(Yes they all fit in a little pouch, crazy I know.)
Now, i only let a few people use stuff from this, but i was the go-to girl if you needed anything and i kinda take pride in it because it saved me and some of my friends quite a few time.
My first two years of high school i didn’t eat. like at all. I went through 8 hours of school only drinking coffee in the morning and water till i got home. I always felt super drained, but i didn’t want anyone to judge me or what i ate. Eventually i learned that it doesn’t matter what others think and what i was doing wasn’t heathy. So, i started making my lunches the night before & I ate things like sweet snap peas with turkey and cheese pin wheels or even leftovers from dinner just to spice things up a little and not eat a sandwich everyday.
If you have one great! I wish the best for you two. If not, don’t stress, it’s ok. Not having a significant other is ok and in my opinion much easier. people in high school tend to be immature, girls and boys alike. I personally didn’t even start talking (non platonically) to guys till my junior year just because i wanted to focus on making good grades since freshman and sophomore year do matter.
So, those are my 5 little tips & if you have any questions or need someone to talk to i’m always available:) Have an AMAZING YEAR!!

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Yo yo yo. I got a real question. Of the thousands of AUs we both construct daily (excluding Monster AU cause that's a no brainer and any canon but everyone lives AUs) what are your top 3 AUs? (This is Chris obvs.)

lol why’d you go on anon silly XD?? anyways good thing your excluding the monster au cause thats our citizen kane. Our empire and my personal favorite of all time (i’d still like to write it one day, not in fan fic form, like a legit thing, but idk we’ll see).

  • Okay, i think one of my favs is the business ChrisxMike au. For those who don’t know cause we never talked about it on here. the au is one where chris was hired as a computer guy at Mike’s dad’s business. Mike runs that branch but his dad is the CEO and guy in charge. Chris’s only friends are his ex-girlfriend Ashley, and the guy she cheated on him with in college (cause he was gay but didn’t know it) josh. Mike is married to jess but the love or the basically arranged marriage has faded and they resent each other a bit. Jess is constantly sleeping with fellow rich woman, emily, and their sexy pool boy, matt. Anyways the business is doing poorly, and so Mike and Chris team up to do illegal shit to get the company money and ruin their competition. Chris does it only cause he’s crushing hard on the boss, and Mike is oblivious for Chris’s feelings. But yes, eventually they do fuck.
  • Super chicks au. the girls all as superheros, Chris being their guy in the chair, josh being a clueless fanboy/blog runner, mike being a shitty superhero with no powers, and matt being a good cop trying to help the girls. Whats not to love? also a ashley and jess friendship and the hannah/emily/matt love triangle. Plus fucking BOB!!! who doesn’t love Bob!! (Chris: SHUT THE FUCK UP JOSH, HES NOT YOUR FRIEND HE KIDNAPPED YOU LAST WEEK)
  • … im not sure what to do with the last spot tbh, so many amazing au’s we have come up with. I wanna say the step-siblings au, but thats canon soooo XP. I guess i’m gonna say the zoolander au with Mike as zoolander and Josh as hansel, and sam as the chick hows name i always forget. those pretty boys being idiots and sam being the only sane person is my shit and i love it.

reusable water bottles are a good idea for a few reasons. #1, environmentally friendly; this one’s a no-brainer. #2, hydration made easy! and you KNOW i love that sweet hydration… #3 you gotta think outside the box a bit for this one but bear with me. lets say youre out and about on a pleasant nature walk and you see, say, a cool bug, and you wanna show your friends. if you have an empty reusable water bottle, bam! instant container. just make sure to let some air in. and dont get bitten by anything poisonous


If you enjoy Disneyland or hate Disneyland then you will like Dismaland. That probably doesn’t make any sense, but neither does wearing socks and sandals.

Dismaland is one hell hole of art and experience, once you have defeated the 2 hour queue in the rain you are greeted by the not so friendly staff that question why you are smiling. This only made me laugh more tbh. After the ‘Security’ you are in Dismaland and your whole field of view is full. You’re lost before it has even begun and end up going into a building because it is the nearest thing to you. It turns out to be an art gallery.

All of the artists Banksy selected were amazing. The biggest name being Damien Hirst although it really shouldn’t, some of the other artist such as Zaria Forman, Paco Pomet and Laura Lancaster’s pieces were technically way beyond Hirst’s balloon hovering over knifes piece.

Despite all the great art, design and attractions, I found that the most impressive part were the dismal staff members who stayed in character for the whole event. Like being miserable for the whole day seems like an ideal day but to stay in character in a place like this must take some effort. However not naming any names (because I don’t actually know her name), but one dismal staff member did smile for half a second after she knocked her own Mickey Mouse ears off her head.

Located in Weston Super-Mare, which is just a large scale retirement home that looks like something out of The Shining.

If you get the chance to check out this place do it. It’s £3 entry which is a no brainer. Either way you will end up maxing out your credit card at the gift shop.

#SepticArt Day 4

I’m going to post not just 1, not 2, but 3 of my favorite Music Edits I’ve done (I’m bad at making choices, hahaha) 

Originally posted by glitchociate

3. SMILE (I just love Jack’s smile, and it always cheers me up every time when I need cheering up :) 

Originally posted by floralcrownjack

2. BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT (I just feel relaxed after watching this :) 

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Originally posted by commanding-officer

1. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP (It’s one of my favorite songs in the whole world, and Jack is one of my favorite Youtubers, so this one was a no brainer  :) 

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While watching chuggaaconroy’s let’s play of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, I discovered Koopeleons, which are basically Koopas with chameleon-like traits (no brainer XD)

So I thought, why not hoomanize one? It couldn’t hurt :3

“Leon” here is probably either a bookworm or knows his way around machines. Or both. X3
Considering the fact that Koopeleons are found in Toadwood Forest, I figure Leon found the Vim Factory in his old home and somehow developed an interest in technology in the process (despite being horrified at what the factory was doing to innocent Toads).
Keep in mind that the VF was left alone to rot for years. There’s no telling what he actually found in there…

@coffeelover-engineer tagged me to list 5 things that make me happy.
This is what I come up with:
1. E. She’s growing up so fast, though. It seems like yesterday that having a conversation was difficult, but, she’s a tiny person now! She has her own ideas, and talks to me about them. Life. Her interests. It’s really great.
2. J. She’s stuck with me through so much. As open as some people on tumblr might think I am, I’m really not. So, most of the struggles she and I have been through, are private, and will remain so. That being said, our experiences, good or bad, have shaped us into the couple we are, and, we’ve grown together pretty well.
3. Coffee. I mean, come on. This one is a no brainer.
4. My friends. My sister, as well as @coffeeandmuscles and @runsforredvelvet are at the top of this list. If there are any people I have been able to open up to, these 3 ladies have been there for me. I 💖 them all.
5. Music. It’s been a constant source of release. I have something for every mood, so, it’s always there for me when I need it.

@b-randonfit @grandenoirceur @squatever @rachelhanke @labrat-to-gymrat @vernalkettlebell

Tips on Auditioning for A Choir

I was asked by a friend for some tips on auditioning for a choir, and I decided to make a post about it, so without further ado, I give you my two cents on auditioning:

1. PRACTICE SIGHT READING AT HOME. sight read choral music, sight read rhythms… You need to be a strong sight singer and more often than not, you will be asked to do some sight singing at an audition. That’s how it’s always been for me, at least. It never hurts to practice sight reading!

2. KNOW YOUR RANGE! sometimes you will be asked if you are soprano ½ or alto ½, etc, or they’ll ask for your range straight out. If you don’t already know your section and/or your range, sit down at a piano or keyboard and figure it out- here’s how!

-On a Piano: Start at middle C, and sing down from there. Stop at your lowest comfortable note, and write it down. Then, back up to middle C and do the same thing, but going up. Again, stop at your highest comfortable note and there’s your range.

-If you don’t have a piano, there are many youtube videos that will help you determine your vocal range!

 to determine your section from your range, here is a handy chart: 

3. If you are auditioning in a group setting, get used to BLENDING! Choir is not a group of soloists. Adjust your voice so that you are not louder than the people around you or too powerful. 

4. GO IN WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE! Go in to your audition with confidence, but don’t be that one person who thinks they’re better than everyone else either. Nobody wants that person in a choir. 

5. WARM UP BEFOREHAND. Kind of a no brainer. Go in well warmed up and ready to sing. 

These were just the basics- if you need more info or advice, on what to wear, or anything audition related, shoot us an inbox and one of us will be happy to answer! 

As always, keep singing!

Prima Donna

Best in Five (Vol. 1)

I challenged myself this morning to pick the best season for each episode we’ve seen so far this year. That means, when looking at, say, episode 5, which season had the best 5th episode? Some of these were easy. Some were… not as easy. 

Best Episode 1: 

3x01: The Calm

Originally posted by yet-i-remain-quiet

4x01 was in close contention but when I take the flirting + the date (”It was red.”) and then that first kiss… I realized that 3x01 was easily the best premiere episode Arrow has had in five seasons. Sure there was angst, but angst isn’t always a bad thing. This gave them the thrust for the entire season, and it was this episode that told me that season 3 would be a game changer for Oliver and Felicity’s relationship. And it was.

Best Episode 2: 

5x02: The Recruits

Originally posted by yet-i-remain-quiet

This one was harder. I was tempted to put 2x02 because I love the bickering Oliver and Felicity did in that episode over him making her his secretary and that grey dress and that one cup of coffee…. but then I remembered how 5x02 made me feel. How that “green light” scene made me feel. Olicity is in a bad spot right now. 5x02 told me “it’s going to be okay” and showed me why. 

Best Episode 3:

1x03: The Lone Gunman

Originally posted by oliversmoaked

This was a no-brainer. There would be no “It was red” without 1x03. This was the episode that saved Arrow and launched the most epic ship now on television. What could have and should have been a simple, throw-away scene became a beautiful meet-cute and a moment that would be called back to again and again throughout the series. This is the moment that changed it all. That alone means it deserves our respect and affection.

Best Episode 4: 

4x04: Beyond Redemption

Originally posted by jazeee1214

This was more difficult, because the 4th episode is rarely a very good episode, apparently. But 4x04 offers us the best of the bunch. We had Felicity openly ogling Oliver on the salmon ladder, we had Thea searching for the ring that should have been on Felicity’s finger, we had Oliver and Felicity revealing the new bunker to the team… it wasn’t without it’s moments. 

Best Episode 5:

3x05: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

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Look no further, folks, we have a winner! How could I not pick the long-awaited Felicity Smoak-focused episode? We got to see her apartment! We got to meet her mother! We got to see her FLASHBACKS. Fans who came to the fandom after this episode aired have no idea how much this was yearned for, coveted and requested before we finally got it. How much this was anticipated. And it was beautiful. Here’s to hoping we get another Felicity focused episode like this before too long but in the meantime, let us bask in the beautiful memories. 

Best Episode 6: 

4x06: Lost Souls

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While 4a was good for Olicity, we didn’t get a lot of Olicity focus during that time. Which was fine. As long as they were together, we didn’t need the focus, right? But this episode was beautiful while also shining a bit of a light on the problems that were lingering and hiding in this epic pair’s relationship. This was actually the first sign we had that maybe everything wasn’t so great, that there were weaknesses in their bond. But this episode also gave us hope that they would be okay, in the end. 

Best Episode 7: 

2x07: State vs Queen

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Season 2 hasn’t had a lot of play on this list so far. They’ve been close on a few… namely 2x02 but 2x01 was also good and so was 2x06. But it’s no surprise that I selected 2x07 to shine. It’s the episode that launched Olicity to OTP status for me. If 2x06 was the episode that told fans “hey, Olicity is actually going to be a thing”, then 2x07 was the episode that doubled down on that: “not just a THING but THE THING!” After all, there was no choice to make. 

Best Episode 8: 

5x08: Invasion!

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This was really hard. Because I love 2x08. But this was also Arrow’s 100th episode and they did an amazing job of it. 3x08 and 4x08 just… weren’t as good. The Flash side of the crossover has always been, historically, the better crossover episode. But this year, Arrow stole the crossover show. Getting to see Oliver’s parents again, all the hints and nods and tributes to this show that I love so much and YES the subtle nods to Olicity and how important Felicity truly is to Oliver and the man he is today were what pushed this episode over the top for me. 

Best Episode 9:

4x09: Dark Waters

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I would love to say this was a difficult choice but it wasn’t. 4x09 is one of my favorite episodes ever. 2x09 is another fave. 3x09 was also very good. But 4x09 steals the show. Talk about Olicity focused! This episode had so many goodies. Felicity in danger. Oliver proposing. Limo kisses. FELICITY NEARLY DYING. And Christmas, which I always enjoy. One of those few, rare, perfect episodes that Arrow has done. I can’t find fault with it, I won’t hear any fault. It was a delight, start to finish. 

Best Episode 10: 

5x10: Who Are You

Isn’t this a surprise! Or maybe it would have been a week ago. Before last week, 2x10 would have been in this spot. Easily. But 5x10 gave us all what we wanted and needed. Reassurance that the spark is still very much there for Olicity (and they know it!). We got the epic punch, we got Felicity training herself and Oliver giving her tips, we got Oliver being protective, we got Olicity arguing which is always straight up flammable. I know rough times are coming, but this might just be enough to get us all through. 

So what do you think? What are your best in five? I’ll be back after the finale for the rest of the episodes. Unless 5x20 is pure fire, then let’s just go ahead and assume season 3 is gonna win Best Episode 20. 😉

hidan, i fuckign guess?

I am of the firm opinion that Hidan is fucking ANCIENT and definitely older than Kakuzu, I mean 

1) the dude is LITERALLY immortal 

2) why has no one EVER heard of Jashin??? you’d think it’d be a pretty popular religion if it gives immortality? unless it’s so old that the reason no one’s heard of it is because it’s gone extinct 

3) why doesn’t orochimaru just convert then? (i mean he is a Science Man he probably believes in no deity, but honestly for him it would be a no brainer - but he doesn’t do that - so it’s probably because he can’t because the religion is extinct) 

4) what EXACTLY is the timeline of Yugakure - WHEN did it have time to become a tourist destination when there is Literally Always Some Type of War going on in the Naruto universe????? It  can easily be a place much older than Konoha? Especially since no one else seems to be from there (correct me if I’m wrong)

5) I just like to think of Hidan being old as FUCK because it would explain his atittude of not giving a single SHIT about anything 

6) oh god consider Kakuzu’s reaction to realizing Hidan is so much fucking older than him