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The Domestic Garden Witch: Making Pets Happy

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Gardening for Your Familiar

This past weekend, I went to one of my coven sisters’ place to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons. This in itself isn’t that unusual - I usually play about a game a week, and every other week is held at her place. However, she is definitely a witch who spends plenty of time both in the garden and in the kitchen! A fellow animal lover, with three cats and a couple of dogs, it’s always enjoyable to visit. What surprised me, though was an addition to her home’s normal features: a little garden close to the ground meant for her cats!

Whether a college witch or a witch who’d been practicing for a long time, it’s fair to say that many of us - dare I say that perhaps most of us - have dogs, cats, or some other kind of pet. And while there are plenty of spells out there for familiars and pets, it’s rare that I see spells focusing on gardens for them. So of course, my sister’s garden is featured this week, because it is absolutely brilliant!

A simple project, done in the same way you would any container garden, consider growing plants that your furry friends can safely consume. Where the magic comes in is the intent with which you grow your plants and with which you pot them. The example above makes use of cat grass, catnip, mint (which the kitties love to rub up against), cilantro, and parsley.

But let’s take it a step further, as there are plenty of other animals out there!

Aquatic Gardens: Just like with terrestrial pets and plants, live plants can be added to an aquarium with care. Not only do they breathe new life into your fishes’ home, but they help oxygenate the water and depending on the species of plant and fish in the environment, could provide a food source. Sometimes the plant itself is the pet, as in the case of marimo moss balls!

Terrarium Gardens: In the past, I’ve mentioned bottled gardens and terrarium gardens. Whether reptile or amphibian, plants can help provide a more natural surface for climbing, can provide a food source for herbivorous friends, and - as before - help bring more life to the terrarium!

Formicarium Gardens?: Admittedly, not everyone has a colony of ants as a domestic pet. But as with any animal, ants require care and maintenance, and a proper formicarium usually has a larger area for foraging. Though the ants will be healthy with a steady supply of feeder insects and sugars, adding plants will not only make the “outworld” a more aesthetically pleasing environment, but a more diverse one for the colony as well. In addition, ants have been known to tend to plants, harvesting sap and nectars while also keeping the plant nourished and maintained. Take it a step further by adding pitcher plants - a plant that could easily be a pet itself - which not only help control the colony population, but also promote a mutual relationship with ants (the plant offers nectar to the ants from its inactive pitchers, and while it does “eat” ants, the ants will still take care of the pitcher for the sake of the nectar).

Bringing it Outside: Some of us count horses and other outdoor animals as pets. The same principle applies - set aside a box garden specifically to help nourish your friends and bring some joy to the stable. Similarly, if you don’t have any pets, you could set up a garden to encourage wildlife. It’s not uncommon to see beautiful flower gardens for hummingbirds, fruit trees and berry bushes to encourage wild birds to visit, and gardens set off to the side specifically for deer.

What This Brings to a Witch

Part of being a witch or of being pagan is nurturing a relationship with nature. There are many ways of doing this, from adopting an organic lifestyle to assisting in conservation efforts, to even learning how to forage and to recognize various plants. But it goes without saying that pets, plants, and animals can all do much to help us learn about our role in the world. They teach us how to be ourselves, how to live in the moment. Even the ants in a formicarium can teach us about how to naturally be efficient and productive.

This in itself is magical. It’s a natural spell that is meant to enliven the spirit and while it does do quite a bit to make the animals in our lives happy and healthy (even more so when planted and grown with intent), it also turns around and gives us the very same blessing.

Grow your garden, and tend to it and your animal friends with love, and they will teach you far more than you may realize!

May all your harvests be bountiful! )O( 


Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: Y/N broke up with Seth four months ago, but that doesn’t stop her from coming back around every time she’s craving a little fix. 

Song Inspiration: Relapse by Carrie Underwood

Warnings: Smut, Language, Angst

Word Count: 4,778

“I know I said, I said it was over, but it’s hard when I miss you to stay sober. So if I show up here at your door again oh, it’s just me falling off of the wagon.”


Under the dark hue of a night sky, it seems as though a person’s feelings are stripped raw until all that is left is the painful truth that hides under layers and layers of protective skin. 

It’s science really; a proven fact that humans are more susceptible at night to succumb to the desires they had not even known they had. 

She wanted to blame the moon and all the stars for why she was standing at his door step for what felt like the thousandth time. Even after telling herself that the previous time was the last, here she was again, nervously cracking her knuckles one by one while bouncing on the balls of her feet for warmth. 

Just like any other night, this one had started just the same. 

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to the beautiful, gorgeous, amazing @markired,

it’s hard to believe it’s been a little over a year since we’ve been friends. we’ve come such a long way from being too shy to talk to each other and write with one another, to idiots who snapchat each other pointless things and who scream over boys who have too many egos. you push me endlessly to be a better person, to be happy when i’m sad, and to be true to myself no matter what. you’re there on my bad days when i feel like everything is spiraling out of control, and you’ve been there when i was convinced i was going crazy to hold my hand and tell me that i was fine and get my mind off of everything. you’re constantly this positive light that i’m a moth to a flame to, and it’s crazy to think that i let someone in after i swore to myself that i wouldn’t let another person close again. you managed to slip through my walls, and i’m thankful every day for it. you’re truly my best friend, someone who i love immensely, and who i can’t imagine being without. 

you’ve pushed me to be better with writing, with editing, with gifs, and you’re always so encouraging even when i’m down and out about something. you’re there to scream with me when someone reblogs my things, and i seriously love our friend dates where we play along with the team when it comes to livestreams. how many times have we absolutely failed at jacksbox already? you’re a wonderful person, from he inside out, and you have such a beautiful, precious soul. you care so much about being happy and beating demons when they start creeping up. you make such amazing art (because lets face it, every thing you do is art), and you’re such a little nerd deep down. 

i love you from the bottom of my heart, and i’m so glad you broke through the nervousness and messaged me.

i hope you have the happiest of happy birthdays, i hope you eat cake, get some yummy dinner, and that you have all the most brilliant days <3 i love you immensely, i hope you get everything that you want and love, and i send you the bestest of wishes <3

you are truly the warf to my dark, and i wouldn’t have it any other way <3

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Little one: Do I look pretty in my new sparkly dress daddy?
Daddy: Yes you do pumpkin you are my pretty little princess.
Little one: No daddy I am not wittle I am a big girl in a big girl dress!!!!
Daddy: O really if my little princess is so big then show daddy what my big girl is wearing under her dress?
Little one: *blushes hard* no daddy!
Daddy: *turns little one around and lifts up her dress* hmmm what is that I don’t think those are big girl panties are they princess?
Little one: no dada *blushes harder*
Daddy: No then what is it that you are wearing underneath your dress pumpkin?
Little one: Its uhh umm uhhh a diapy daddy.
Daddy: A diapy! And why are you wearing a diapy pumpkin?
Little one: Cuz I have accidents.
Daddy: That’s right my love *turns little one around and kisses her on the forehead* your my little princess and don’t you ever forget it baby. Daddy loves you!💜❤️ Now come one little one lets get those shoes on so daddy can take you shopping for more toys! @violettefemme

give me a couple that met through youtube ( maybe one of them mentioned the other on their channel, through mutual friends, at an event/meet-up ? how they actually connected is up to you ! oh – and they could have polar opposite channels or similar channels ! ) who started off as friends doing trendy collab videos, but everyone fell in love with their dynamic and pointed out how natural their chemistry was or how one looked at the other and vice versa ––- the little things ! what the viewers didn’t know was that muse a was crushing hard on muse b and muse b was crushing equally hard on muse a, but obviously neither one of them were going to risk ruining their great friendship. soon enough, the two spilled their woes and became an item, however they kept it a secret for a few months. finally, after much debate they decided to go public and their subscribers went wild some saying ‘they knew all along’ or ‘they’re so happy’ while others said it ’wouldn’t last’ or ‘they’re doing it for the views’. fast forward to a few years later: now they’re living together in ( california, england, anywhere ! ), documenting their daily shenanigans for their shared vlogging channel, attending events, and keeping their separate channels fresh and exciting with occasional or frequent collabs ! 

loosely based on zoella x alfie, jenna x julien, rob x corinne, just a yOUTUBE COUPLE ! this could take place at any time too: right when they met, when they confessed, when they went public, or when they’re living together !


(at 1:00)

[Narr: Hanyu’s smile creates such a strong excitement for the photographer]

Photographer: Let’s stand up one more time, aaaa wait, that’s good too! Please be still a little bit, this is also good!

Photographer: Wait, wait! I’m REALLY sorry, it’s really good right now (Yuzuru laughed like there’s no tomorrow) I don’t want to stop here!

I: How was the photoshoot?
Y: Well, I was nervous! (there was a camera “click” sound, he froze for a moment and laughed so hard once he realized his reaction)

The photographer was hilarious, his voice and how he apologized why keep taking photos XD


Shy shownu is approaching fast. He`d find it super cute that you`d take her to their fan sign. While signing her album he would steal small glances in your direction wanting to say something, compliment you but It just wouldn`t come out so he would settle with one of his adorable smiles and a 

“Thank you for coming to our fan sign.”


The moment he saw you he`d act extra cute to catch you attention. When you finally arrive infront of him together with the little girl you are babysitting he`d ask her lots of questions giving round about compliments to you.

“Does your cute babysitter take good care of you?” 


So confused. He knows he needs to focus on the little exited girl infront of him, but then again there you are and its making it hard for him to think. In his head he`d have a monologue going something along the lines of:

“Oh no, she`s cute. What to do? Do I act sexy? But there`s a little girl, I can`t do that then.” 


He`d try to be cheeky asking if you came as well because you absolutely wanted to meet him or something in that lane. Would probably make you blush. 

“More people should bring pretty babysitters with them to these fan signs.”


Would try to act silly so the little girl but also you would smile. When it works he`d probably be shy as hell but proud as well as he managed to make you smile. He wouldn`t hide his interest in you though and would openly give small flirty looks. 


Jooheon in the beautiful M/V is gorgeous

Cue confident rapper jooheon. His flirty side would come out. Unfortunatly the little girl you`re babysitting would ask for some aeygo and how could he refuse. Right after however he`d try to act tough again, which would just end up making you smile. 


I think Hyungwon might be the most confident and mature in his approach. He`d sweetly sign the little girls album and poster, answering any questions she may have before telling you that he likes how you take care of her and smootly sliding in a few compliments on your looks as well, ending with a flirty:

“I`ll see you again, right?”

Note: Oh my alright, I don`t know but I wasn`t feeling this one a lot. I`m sorry if it`s bad or not what you had expected!

you’re the one

Based on the song Indigo Puff (LAYLA rework) by Sundara Karma… I loved this song in episode 1x03 but I really feel like it’s such a Malec song, so I wrote a little fic to go along with it.

The sun was just starting to rise, blanketing the rooftop in pastel pinks and oranges.

Alec and Magnus were standing in crouches, breathing hard. Alec had his seraph blade in hand that was drooling ichor and blood. Magnus’ hands were raw and his dark orange magic was slowly fading away in his palms. They had been on a chase most of the night following a group of Circle members wreaking havoc in the city by summoning packs of demons.

Alec dropped his blade with a clatter and leaned weakly on the railing. Magnus dropped down to his knees and tilted his face up to the sun, reveling in the warmth that caressed his skin.

Just looking at him made Alec’s breath catch in his chest. He was beautiful, bathed in soft light that made his jawline, cheekbones, and nose stand out sharply from the shadows cast across his features. He had blood and ichor spattered on his face and his cat eyes were pulsing yellow, but to Alec, he had never looked more angelic than he did now.

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therock Who’s your fav actor? YOU.
It’s called - using my charm to get compliments from 8yr old boys who stare up at me and point like I’m a gigantic beast.
On my breaks from shooting Rampage, my producers and I head over to Atlanta Zoo to meet with animal experts for my research and luckily for me, I run into these brilliant little humans who will one day grow up and do great things in life.
You lil’ dudes stay cool/study hard ~ Uncle Rock 🤙🏾#AtlantaZoo #Research #Rampage


Salespitch: This was my dad’s idea, after I started really getting into traveling sales and had a few unpleasant run-ins. It took them a while, but between Dad, Pitch Black, and my magic tutor Mr. Buckington, they developed these “Escape Cards” that I can activate for a one-time short-range teleportation. Thankfully, I’ve only had to use them a few times, because they’re kind of hard to make, and running for my life is exhausting and completely screws up my schedule.


(A/N: This seemed like a good follow-up for the last one. I’m pleased with how it came out, and I think I’ve uncovered a handy cheat for backgrounds, which are my greatest bane and so, trust me, you WANT me to find faster ways to do the unimportant ones. XD Basically I took a stock photo of a street and fudged it over with the base colors. Didn’t turn out half bad! Also I think I’m getting marginally better at coming up with pony color schemes?! I really like Ms. Police Pony, might have to keep her around. :D

Lots of questions in the queue, and lots of new followers! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! <3 I shall do my best to keep ‘em coming for you, guys! Stay frosty,

~Riverfox237/TheRIU/River Babble)

anonymous asked:

Underwear AU! What are we even thinking!? I love it! So, which is it? Is Jyn a student who's working as model to make meets end or just a gal who models? Is Cassian modeling for as long as he can remember or is he new at this?

Anon 2: Cassian would totally check Jyn out in her underwear. She’d do the same too.

Let’s make them both professionals–but Cassian is a bit older. They’re both booked to be in an ad together, posing with one another, but Cassian has a set way of doing things while Jyn likes to improvise a little more, which leads to a bit of contention, but the chemistry is undeniable, and when the ad agency demands a certain presentation, they go rogue and work with the photography team to come up with something better. 

And Jyn, I think, would be the one checking out Cassian unapologetically, leveling him with her hard gaze. Cassian would do it too of course, but more inadvertently, which would make him unable to hide his heart eyes when he sees the spark in her eyes (which is what makes her a rising star in the industry–a beautiful face and body will sell almost anything, but the fire is what makes you a star).

related to that last reblog: there’s a part in My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness where the author is going job hunting and doing interviews, and in one of them she admits that she likes to draw manga, and the people who’re interviewing her encourage her to pursue what she enjoys… and then, as she’s leaving, one of the guys peeks out the door and says “good luck with manga!” and gives her a little ‘you can do it!’ fist pump and that part made me wanna cryyyyyy

like tbh just THINKING about that part makes me wanna cry

idk something about just like, ahh, like genuine encouragement from strangers, like, simple kindness… stuff that can sometimes be so hard to get from people you know and want respect and approval from (in the author’s case, her parents). being given so freely by someone you just met… but there’s the sense that they DO want you to succeed in what your endeavors… what a pure and simple gift ;w;

- Your movie debut was in the ‘Blomsterfangen’ where you played Jens Okking’s son. But the big breakthrough came with 'Pusher’ and then with the 'Rejseholdet ’ ('Unit One’), and you formed the figure that you started to associated with: a bit anarchist and choppy guy who can be a bit raw but also quite sensitive, the type you also continue a little in 'Flickering Lights’?

MADS: These roles are very different! 'Rejseholdet ’, like TV show, has to have a certain “round” edge. It should be seen by both the 90-year-old and the 7-year-old. I was a little hard at first because I used to be used to more radical projects. The movies does not have the same limitation. There I could play a completely different characters, one could say with a higher degree of stubbornness (laugh). You can find parallels in what I do, but I go from extremes like homosexual in 'Shake It All About’ to the root like 'Pusher’ movies. I always try to find something likable in the role, something that makes the role identifiable to me. You have always tried to put me in a frames. At first I was identified with the cruel guy in 'Pusher’, and you thought I could only make raw roles. After 'Shake It All About’ you thought that I could only play gay. And after 'The Green Butchers’ you thought that I should always play butchers (laughs). That’s why I’ve never relied on whether it fits or not -  I’ve always relied only on whether I thought the role was interesting. Fortunately, the directors do not have a specific picture of me. I think that as an actor I have already played the whole spectrum. But there is always something new - always a new little edge on the spectrum, someone has something else they want to do it their project.

anonymous asked:

in the annie au, how would finn set jyn and cassian up? I NEED THIS

Anon 2: Hi! Didn’t know that you had an Annie plot! Do the head of security and the billionaire socialite realize that they like each other?

Anon 3: What were some tactics Finn and company used to get Cassian and Jyn together?

First, tell me the truth: Is this just one anon who loves the Annie AU or are there are bunch of you who are into this idea? lol.

Finn notices things, and he notices how Cassian smiles when Jyn’s around and she’s not looking. He notices how Jyn watches Cassian leave when usually her interests drops away completely when a conversation is done. And Finn is an optimist. Despite his hard life, he believes that if you just do something about your own fate you can change the trajectory of your lives. He sees how Jyn and Cassian have changed his life, so why not give them something in return? In this case, a little push toward one another.

The first time Finn “sets them up,” it’s not on purpose. Mr. Ren at the First Order Orphanage notices how billionaire Ms. Erso has taken a shine to him and thinks that maybe he can use Finn as leverage or as a trump card for himself. Snatching Finn off the street and dragging him back to the orphanage, Finn is able to escape again–this time with the help of a new kid there–one Poe Dameron. They “borrow” a moped and go for a crazy escape ride down the city streets and are picked up by the police. Detective Organa gives them both a side eye, but when Finn says his “parents” are Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, the savvy detective, who knows exactly who Jyn Erso is, calls his bluff and makes a call to both. But to her surprise, not only does Jyn show up, so does Cassian, but separately. They fuss over Finn who thinks, well, wouldn’t it be nice if they were actually my parents one day?


Helix: dead memes are cool right?..right?

(sorry its not a great post but its been hard to draw the past week, just one thin after another pretty much. on the plus side i have a couple asks i can answer, the story im workin on, and a pic that im workin on for the art blog ReaCreations that i think is goin pretty awesome so far. in the mean time i guess i can play nice with starlight gear…for now)

cancer0798  asked:

Can you do one where it's Ali first day alone with the baby and she freaks out

Okay so in this prompt the baby is a little boy ad his nickname is Monkey!

The thing with being a mother was that every day was full of surprises.  One day the baby would be the happiest little ball of sunshine and then the next he would be more grumpy than Alison before her morning coffee.  But they made it work.  It had been 7 months since Alison and Emily and welcome the newest member of their little family.  The beginning was hard, they has to adjust to the fact that they couldn’t put themselves first anymore, they had to take care of a little human.  Alison was the one that found the adjustment a little more difficult but she had Emily and the brunette was the most amazing mother in the world. She didn’t mind waking up at 5h30 in the morning to feed the baby and she had a real gift with him.  When he was in a grumpy phase, she would always find a way to make their little Money laugh.  She was the one that gave him that nickname when she saw that the newborn would give his mothers big smiles that made him look like a monkey.  Anyway, Emily was the best mother Alison could have ever asked for.

In those 7 months, Emily has never left Alison’s side.  She knew that the blonde was a little nervous at first around the baby because she was afraid that for some reason he wouldn’t like her.  Of course, it wasn’t the case at all,  but Alison was always a little bit nervous in the beginning.  Now, she was a natural but she has never left her alone with the baby.  It’s not that she didn’t trust her, in the contrary, she trusted Alison with her life, but it just never came up.  Until now.  The brunette had to go to a dentist appointment and then she was going to the bank to open a saving account for their son.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay today?  Because I can cancel, it’s not to late.”  Emily was putting on a jacket while Ali was holding the baby.

“Em, it’s going to be fine,” she said for the millionth time this morning.  “Monkey and I are going to have a lot of fun.  Won’t we baby?”  She started tickling the baby boy who  started giggling.  Emily smiled at the sight of the two person she loved the most in the world being so adorable together.

“Okay then, I’ll see you in two or three hours.”  She gave Ali a sweet kiss on the lips and then a peck on the cheek of her son.

Once she was out the door, Ali looked at the baby and then she realized something.  She had no idea what she was suppose to do.  Yes, she had been taking care of him for 7 months but she never had to do it alone.  Emily was always there to help.  She looked at the little boy in her arms and she started thinking about all of the things that could go wrong.  What if she feed him something to big and he choked?  What if he hit his head on something while playing?  What if, what if…  Alison could feel herself getting more panicked by the second.  She put her little Monkey down in his crib and she called the only person that could make sense of a situation like this.


“Hi, Spence?”

The girl must have sensed Ali’s panic. “Hey Ali, what’s wrong?  Did something happen to the baby?” Spencer asked her voice full of worry.

“No, well, not yet.”

“What do you mean?”

“Em left me with the baby for the first time and now I am freaking out!  I have never been alone with him before!  What if something bad happens?”

“Ali, where is the baby right now?”

“In his crib, he’s playing with his teddy bears.”

“And he’s okay?”

“Um, yeah.”

“What would you be doing if Emily was here?”

“I don’t know.  I would probably be playing with him, maybe reading him stories and then I would put him to bed but not before giving him his bottle.”

“Then why don’t you do just that?  He is your son Ali, you know him better than me.  I am sure everything will be fine.”

“Thanks Spence, I really needed to here that.”

“No problem.  Call me if you need anything else.”

Alison hung up and then she turned to face her sun.  She took him out of his bed and they spent the afternoon reading stories and playing hide and seek.  When Emily came back later that day, she found Alison and the baby sleeping soundly in their bed.  She smiled at the sight and made her way to the two sleeping forms and she kissed both of their foreheads.  This woke up the blonde.

“Hey,” she said sleepily.

“Hey love.”  She kissed her on the lips and she pulled back smiling.  ‘Everything went okay today?”

Alison thought of every emotion she went through today and she smiled.  “Yeah, today was perfect.”

I hope this was what you were looking for!  again keep sending prompt.  Till next time!

“Zero fucks given.  Next please.”

((Anonymous request for Kraglin.  Rather fluffy.  Enjoy, ya’ll.))

The rats of hunger gnawed at your stomach, waking you up in the dead of night.  Not many hours before you were out celebrating a little too hard with the crew.  As your feet touch the floor it becomes evident that a hang over is already setting upon your frame, producing a raging headache tinged with nausea for good measure.  Eating might not be the best course of action, but if you were to lose your stomach at least it wouldn’t be empty.

Shuffling your way to the kitchens it soon becomes apparent that you were not the only one searching for a late meal.  


The sound of your voice gives him a start, nearly dropping whatever he was currently holding.  With a nervous laugh, he gives you a slight wave.

“Hey, Y/n.  What uh, what are you doing here so late?”

“Same as you I imagine. Find anything good?”

“Not really.”

You groan and lay yourself across the nearest cold surface.

“Ughh…shouldn’t have drank so much.”

“Well…I tried stopping you but every time you’d ‘woo’ and yell-”

“I know.  ‘Zero fucks given, next please!’”  You moan, pantomiming taking a shot.

Chuckling he pours you a glass of water and sets it near your hand.  Gulping it down you realize the first mate observing you with a quizzical eye.  To be honest your antics were rather embarrassing, even more so given the long-standing crush you had on him.  Setting the cup down Kraglin comes up and wipes the excess water away from your chin. His touch left a blaze of heat where his hand once was, making you feel self-conscious.

“Listen, Kraglin, sorry for being a handful tonight.”

“I don’t mind babysitting,” he smiles and extends his hand.

“C’mon, there’s a cache of snacks the captain hides from everyone.”

“The captain?  Won’t he be upset?”

“Not if we don’t tell.”

Your stomach growls, answering for you.  Taking his hand, he gently squeezes it, leading you to the spot.  Sitting in the bridge he recalls the few times Yondu was entirely shitfaced, making you feel slightly better.  Sleep refuses to come as the sounds of your laughter echo in the ship far into the night.

Cars Ink Drawing! I loved this movie so much when I was little; it was one of the first animated films that I ever fell in love with. :) I finally get to see the third one tomorrow and I am PUMPED. 

Don’t Wanna Walk Alone

Pairing: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen

Rated: Teen and Up

Word Count: 2180

Summary: I’m gonna get right for you honey/ I’ll take all of my medicine, spend you all my money, yeah/ And I know it’s hard enough to love me/ But woke up in a safe house singing, “Honey, let’s get married


“I will, you know,” Isak says.

“Will what?” Even asks, confused.

“Marry you.”

In which Even and Isak are a little bit tipsy but also very much in love.

this is dedicated to my lovely pal @whenispeakicrossmyfingers bc she gave me the idea and ily her 💜💜