this one was 15 hours

I love how Noctis basically does what us regular people do when it starts to rain. Sticks his hand out as it begins to rain and is basically like, “What the fuck is this?”

A long time ago my mother taught me this old song about two lovers dancing and enjoying each others company, the main line is, “If you love me honey dear, wont you dance with me under the moonlight?” I was humming it today, and given that we’ve seen Pearl and Amethyst be so comfortable casually dancing with each other, i decided to draw a pic of them inspired by the song. ^_^

i’m in front of you, i’m right here

tell me with your lips, say yes, say yes

without knowing, i’m going to you

i wanna tell you my heart with the blowing wind, love is true

It’s past midnight and I’m studying for my communications final so naturally this popped in my head

Zimbits virtual coworkers au

So Bitty and Jack work for the same company, maybe a hockey magazine publisher? That’s not too important

What’s important is that the company has offices all over, in both south canada and northern US (thank u NAFTA)

So Bitty and Jack are put on the same team together, and they know eachother but they don’t KNOW eachother. Eventually through skype meetings, the company’s IM service, and emails, Jack really starts to like Bitty. He starts running things by Bitty he doesn’t need to, closing his emails with little emoticons (this is a professional environment Jack) and apparently Jack lied somewhere on his resume and has avoided learning anything in two years of work cause he keeps skyping Bittle and asking how to do things he really should be able to do on his own. He doesnt even pay attention half the time and just stares at his monitor! Bits begins to wonder if he should bring this up to Jack’s supervisor, but thwn again maybe not. Jack is always very nice and laughs at Bitty’s dumb jokes and thanks him for his help

Then once their joint project is over the company decides that the whole team should meet up to celebrate and Jack tries to talk to Bitty and is coincidentally very near him the. whole. time.

And Bits just appreciates that this boy with the really nice eyes and a bit too much colonge (he got really excited and yes he went a bit overboard. Jack this is supposed to be business casual put the bowtie back) is being so friendly when the rest of the team seems to not know how to talk to the people they’ve been working with for the past several months.

The next project Bitty is assigned to is closer to him. Jack’s not on his team anymore. He thinks he’ll miss all the IMs and little smiley faces, but his new project soon becomes the only thing on Bitty’s mind


About a week after the party, Bitty gets an IM from Jack
He didn’t expect to hear from him again
This boy must be desperate for friends
But when Bitty reads the message it’s about Jack’s new project??? And he’s asking for more advice????
And at this point our Eric is beginning to catch on
So a few weeks later, Bitty decides to see where Jack’s interest really lies
He gives Jack his cell number, “since you message me so much already”
Bitty feels like he’s barely hit send when he gets a text from a new number
In Canada

And this keeps up for another three months while Jack clumsily tries to flirt over text (ya’ll its not easy) and Bits absolutely encorages him cause he’s fallen in love with his awkward but dogged persistence until Jack gets drunk one night and confesses to Bitty in a horribly misspelled string of texts while Bits was dead asleep and in the morning through his wicked hangover Jack makes out Bittle’s succinct response
“I knew it”
And the rest is history

the babysitter au

suggested by my good bro @dudeblade! this is basically a crackfic.

  • so’s lovely. she really is, and fareeha and angela do love her dearly.
  • but she’s also a pain in the ass and they need a fucking break.
  • but unfortunately, there’s no one willing to go near the gremlin, much less babysit her for 15 hours.
  • even mei turned pale at the thought of spending an entire night with the horror.
  • eventually, mercy’s about to scream. fareeha looks at her, and then frowns.
  • ‘i have an idea.’
  • ‘what is it?’ angela asks. fareeha bites her lip.
  • ‘you’re not going to like it.’
  • ‘i’ll deal with it. what?’
  • ‘lena and widowmaker.’
  • fuck no.’
  • ‘we don’t have any other options.’
  • mercy huffs. ‘fine.’
  • she stomps off to the kitchen. ‘i’m going to complain about this later.’
  • fareeha sighs and calls lena.
  • lena is very much in the middle of something. also, she’s handcuffed, so widow picks up the phone.
  • ‘oui,’ she says smoothly.
  • fareeha blinks in confusion. ‘why do you have her- you know what, i’m not even going to ask. i need you over here in ten minutes. hurry.’
  • widow sighs, tosses the phone out the window, and yanks tracer’s wrists out of the handcuffs. lena groans, stretches. widow smirks a little, bends down over her.
  • suffice to say they get mildly distracted.
  • anyways, they get there within twenty minutes. angela shoves a screaming into tracer’s face, yells, ‘NO MCDONALD’S,’ and disappears, an apologetic-looking fareeha in tow.
  • blinks at tracer, and stops screaming for a second to ask, ‘why are you wearing a collar?’
  • lena turns red. ‘um.’
  • fortunately, starts screaming again before she has to answer.
  • widow pushes them inside, locks the door, and then sits down.
  • ‘listen here, child.’ widow says. ‘i am going to teach you how to curse in six languages. one. french. bordel de merde-’
  • ‘oh, hush, chérie. two. spanish.’
  • one hour later…
  • lena takes a Deep Breath. ‘this is an extraordinarily bad idea.’
  • widow shrugs. cackles from where she hangs next to widow, upside down from the rooftop.
  • ‘you can probably catch her if she falls.’
  • ‘yeah, and i’d die! what the fuck!’
  • widow seductively grapples down further, twisting her torso. ‘and?’
  • lena blushes. ‘fuck you.’
  • ‘gladly.’
  • and then #ruinsthemoment by falling. she lands on widow’s ass and clings. widow shifts uncomfortably.
  • ‘she’s on your arse!’ lena hisses, scandalized. ‘get her off! that’s mine!’
  • widow sighs, then backflips, pushing onto her shoulder. ‘do you want to learn how to shoot people?’ she croons. lena blinks.
  • ‘amélie, no.’
  • widow lifts the gun.
  • ‘repeat after me. hon hon hon.’
  • ‘hon hon hon!’ chirps.
  • ‘très bien. now, aim, and SMASH THAT FUCKIN TRIGGER’
  • slams her pudgy lil fist against the widow’s kiss and abruptly there is an Explosion.
  • lena stares at the decimated building. ‘…fuck.’
  • widow beams. ‘good! now, i know your mama left some rockets around here somewhere…’
  • ‘no…’ lena pleads. ‘don’t do this.’
  • widow cackles frenchily.
  • and then she loads a huge-ass rocket into the widow’s kiss, pulls the barrel off, and gives it to
  • angela sees the fireball from her seat in the restaraunt, destruction abruptly rising in the distance.
  • ‘is that your rocket?’
  • ‘ssh.’ fareeha says.
  • ‘but is that your rocket? that you left at home?’
  • ‘ssh.’
  • ‘that is now destroying the entirety of our neighborhood?’
  • ‘ssh.’
  • ‘and possibly getting us kicked out of the city?’
  • ‘ssh.’
  • angela sighs, slumps back against her seat. 
  • ‘forget i asked.’
1 month, 26 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes, 12 seconds [tyler joseph]

Originally posted by twentyonepilotssssss

warnings: near death experience and fluff

request: @castawayrejects⇻ a soulmate AU in which you have visions of your soulmate, but you can never see their face or identify their voice. Along with the visions, you have a tattoo of a timer on the inside of your wrist that counts down the time until you meet said soulmate.

word count: 3817

italics = visions

    0 Years, 1 month, 26 days, 15 hours, 43 minutes, 12 seconds.

    That was the daunting time that haunted you.

    It laid across the soft, pale flesh of your inner wrist. The dark, cursive lettering stood out against your pale skin. The letters and numbers were almost frightening, as they told you the exact moment that your life would change. Normally, you had no prior knowledge of the strange and mysterious things that were going to happen to you. In any other instance, you might have wanted a timer for those sorts of things. It would have softened the anticipation and cured the nervousness and anxiety of not knowing whether or not something would happen.

    However, this was not an instance that you wanted a timer for.

    The elegant writing made your insides turn and your head run crazy with uncomfortable and irrational thoughts. Your insides would erupt with nerves, and the timer would do nothing to quell the storm. Meanwhile, your head considered every possible situation. Some of these thoughts were encouraging and pleasant; these were the ones that detailed your happy life with your soulmate. Images of the unidentified man and him falling for you passed through your head. You saw the two of you living together in harmony, surrounded by your few children and a plethora of happiness.

    Sadly, those thoughts were demolished by horrid ones; insecurity, anxiety, and fear.

    These thoughts pushed your happiness aside, and instead, let your brain and body cave in upon themselves. Images of your soulmate not loving you, or hating how you looked flashed violently before your eyes.

    Letting tears escape your eyes, you buried your face into your bare knees. Covered only by a large shirt and a small pair of shorts, tears were allowed to fall freely onto your open skin. When you allowed yourself to fall back against the plush couch cushions, your eyes grew heavy. They fell shut for a few moments, and you attempted to reopen them, but to no avail, they closed and you were sucked into a deep sleep.

    You’re shaken out of your stupor by a hand being laid gently across the back of your shoulders. The person’s touch is electric, causing you to shudder underneath their skin. Besides the initial reaction, the feeling was something that you wanted have again. You wanted to drag your body closer to theirs and hold them as close as physically possible.

    So you let yourself.

    You cuddle yourself into the person’s shoulder, nudging your nose gently against their chest when you move your head to reach a more comfortable position. When you wrap your arms around their waist and the same small sparks flow throughout your frame, you realize that there was only one person who could make you feel this way; only one person who could make you react to their touch in this way.

    Your soulmate.

    Looking up at him, you sigh when you’re unable to make out his face. You can, however, spot significant features of his. Like the dark tattoos that were imbedded in his skin. On the arm closest to you was a few rings. There were two thin bands wrapped around the skin above his elbow, and one wrapped around skin just beneath it. Because of the flimsy tank top that adorned his torso, you could also see the tattoos that scattered across his chest. There was one of four different rectangles placed together, and some other ones that you could not quite identify. Giving into temptation, you let one of your hands trail up to his arm. Letting the rough tips of your small fingers trail across his the dark ink wrapped around his lower bicep, you sighed out in joy.

    Moments later, a giggle erupted from the mouth of the man sitting beside you. You perked up immediately at the sound. The sound was so cherubic and pure that you thought angels descended from Heaven should be jealous.

    You turn to face the man, a smile gracing your cheeks as you watch him. Continuing to trace the tattoos, you let one of your hands drop down to his side, wanting to trace the tattoos the were inked into his chest. The man sitting next to you shudders under your touch and you turn to face him with befuddlement written across your features.

    “What’s wrong?” You question.

    He looks down at your delicate face, probably not able to make out any details either. He laughs softly and speaks in a voice only slightly above a whisper, “It tickles.”

    You stare up at him for a few moments before you erupt into your own fit of giggles. Your soulmate laughs along with you before you suddenly turn to face him with a serious expression. A plan begins to formulate in your head, and you smirk as you watch it begin to play out.

    Your soulmate seems to understand the idea that ran through your head, and he began to back away slowly. You chuckle and begin to approach him like a lion would to it’s prey. He begins to laugh and he turns to run, but before he can, you pounce.

    Leaping from your spot on the couch, you land on top of him with your legs straddling either side of his. You began to dig your fingers into his sides, and he attempts to escape your clutches, squirming and giggling. His laughter causes a smile of your own to widen your cheeks. Your soulmate continued to try and escape your fingers as you mercilessly tickle his sides. Loud gasps of air and pleads for you to stop fill the room, and the laughter that escapes his mouth, fills your heart.

    He finally lets out a shriek, “I give, I give!”

    You chuckle, but let him go nonetheless. When he finally regains his breath and his wits, he looks at you.

    “That was mean, baby,” he pouts.

    You giggle wordlessly before responding, “Don’t be a sore loser, Tyler.” You do not know how you know his name; all you know is that the words slipped so seamlessly from your lips. It seemed as if you had known it all along, the name just floating around in the back of your head.

    Tyler shook his head and laughed under his breath, “Maybe I am.”

    You laughed and moved to lay back against his body. When you rested against his chest, laying in his lap, his arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled your body impossibly closer to his before laying his hands on either side of your waist, just below your ribcage. He nuzzled his soft nose into the skin of your neck.

    He speaks once before his hands delve into the skin at your waist as he tickles you, “Maybe I just have to get you back.”

        You wake later that morning in a sad haze, realizing that your soulmate was not asleep in the spot next to you. Reaching out with your fingers, you grope at the empty space beside you. Crumpling the silken sheets between your fists and stared up at the ceiling, counting the cracks.

    At least you finally got to learn his name: Tyler. The name seemed to fit him, and the acquired knowledge you obtained causes a rush of happiness and euphoria to fill your body.

    When you finally shrugged out of the bed to get ready for the day, your only thought was him.


    0 years, 1 month, 26 days, 15 hours, 43 minutes, and 12 seconds.

    Those were the letters and numbers scrawled across Tyler Joseph’s wrist. The thin, black ink made his stomach turn with nerves.. He did not know how or why, but his soul had been tied to yours in some strange way. Destiny and fate were the words that people often used in this sense. They would say that it was destiny that had tied to the two lovers together. Tyler did not think such a thing as destiny would tie two people together, but not even let them know each other’s name.

    Tyler let out a sigh of frustration when the thought arose in his head. He could not believe that he didn’t even know your name. The one girl that he was supposed to be with forever was nameless.

    Scratching his forearm and rubbing his hand along his hairline to wipe away the sweat, Tyler laid back against the couch. He scratched the scruff that was growing along his chin and jawline and thought about you.

    What did you look like? What color was your hair? Did you have freckles? What was your personality like? Were you sweet and kind? Or stubborn and strong?

    Thousands of questions ran through his head, causing Tyler to grip his skull between his hands. This was the exact reason why he did not like to be left alone. The second he was by his lonesome, his thoughts took over.

    Irrational, problematic, anxiety-filled, nervousness, and fear were just some of the few emotions and thoughts that overwhelmed him. It was often that Tyler struggled to repress these things; usually, he would just let them overtake his mind, and he would sink into a deep pit of silence and sadness.

    However, this time, he managed to block out the thoughts and laid back against the tan couch cushions. He let his heavy eyelids shut and softened his breathing, letting sleep envelop his mind and his body.

    Tyler Joseph was tired.

    After a long day of working with his best friend Josh, singing his lungs out, all he wanted to do as go home and sleep. He wanted to bury his face into the pillows on his bed, drag your body close to him, and just sleep.

    You, however, were having the time of your life at home. You had called in to work sick that day, meaning that you could spend the whole day doing whatever you wanted. For you, doing whatever you wanted meant cleaning. Your house had been a mess for the past couple of weeks; with Josh coming to spend the night every once and a while and your friends doing the same, it was a disaster.

    You had started by plugging in your headphones and clicking shuffle, letting the music take over. Getting lost in the music led to you dancing and singing while cleaning the house.

    The first thing you went to fix was your room, gathering all the useless items and throwing them away. Next you put away all yours and Tyler’s clothing and belongings; followed by vacuuming the room from top to bottom. You wiped the windows so clean that you could see your reflection in them, and you even organized your closet.

    This process was then moved to the next room in the house, then the next, and the next. By the time Tyler was to come home, you were cleaning the living room. You had a mop out and your socks on, dancing to the beat of the music. You moved your hips back and forth to the bass that thumped in your ears and sang to the tune of the music.

    While you had your eyes closed, Tyler had managed to enter the room. He watched you as you sung and danced around the living room that you shared. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips as you moved your feet in time with your hips. He let out a small laugh and watched with complete adoration in his eyes.

    Tyler had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. This one girl was the light of his life, the sun to his day, and the moon to his stars. You managed to make him happier than he had ever been in his entire life. Everything you did managed to bring a smile to his face and a pang in his heart. When you smiled, Tyler was sure that the sun would be jealous of how bright it was. When you danced, Tyler was sure that the rest of the world wanted to dance with you. When you sand, Tyler was sure that the song birds would sing along. He noticed every little thing about you, and he loved all of it; like the one dimple you had on the side of your face when you smiled, or the constellation that the freckles on your face made. Other things like the frown that you tried to hide or the emotions that you had managed to bury were things that he could see clear as day. Of course, he was the one to get that smile back on your face, with a glint of pure happiness in your eyes.

    Tyler moved forward, planning on just watching you for a few moments more, but he changed his mind. He took small steps towards your body before he reached you, facing your back so you could not see him. Tyler took one daring step forward and then lunged to grab you by the hips.

    When his large hands grasped your waist from behind, you let out a squeal of surprise. Turning your head in embarrassment, you looked at the side of Tyler’s brown hair, as he had his face buried into the back of your shirt. He picked you up by your waist and spun you around in the air for a few moments. He placed your body back on the ground and kissed every inch of you face. He delicately placed each kiss on each of his favorite features of yours, eliciting another squeal from your mouth.

    Tyler laughed and stilled so that he could stare into your eyes in silence. His eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips on occasion, but you let it pass, knowing that he just wanted to kiss you again. Although he could not identify your face in these visions, he was able to see the freckles and the smile that you gave him.

It made his heart soar.

    Pulling away from him, you let out another soft laugh before placing your head into his chest, and letting him wrap his arms around your waist once again.

    “Please tell me you did not see me dancing around the house like an idiot,” you whispered into his chest.

    Tyler let out another laugh and pressed his lips to your forehead before speaking, “Yeah, I did.”
    You groaned and attempted to bury your face further into Tyler’s chest, but he tightened his grip on your hips and laughed a bit harder.

    “C’mon, baby. I thought it was cute,” Tyler chuckled, pressing sweet kisses to the top of your head.

    “It was embarrassing,” You whined, tilting you head back up to look at him.

    “It was adorable,” Tyler corrected.

    You let out a small laugh and buried your face back into his chest. Tyler began to hum a song under his breath, rocking the two of you back and forth. Picking up on the song that was being hummed, you joined in, the two of your harmonizing sweetly. For the rest of the night, the two of you just rocked back and forth until you were tired.

    When Tyler woke up later that morning, he was disappointed to find that you were not in the bed beside him. He reached out with an open hand and felt the space beside him to make sure that he was not just hallucinating your absence. He gripped the sheets into a tight fist and rolled his head back to look at the ceiling, counting the cracks.

    At least he now knew your name, seeing as he had whispered it during the vision. The name fit you so perfectly, almost as if God had made you just to be the perfect fit.

    Tyler rolled out of bed to get ready for the day, with only one thing on his mind: you.

    His soulmate.

    26 days and 14 and a half hours later, you were in a panic.

    That morning had started out absolutely horrid; waking up late, which meant that you could not get a ride from your friend. That also meant that you had to walk to work, which was at least a thirty minute walk. However, you needed to be at work in fifteen minutes.

Lunging out of bed and rushing to the bathroom, you quickly turned the knobs on the shower, stripped off your clothing and threw open the door. Rinsing the soap of your bod as quickly as possible and not fully-drying yourself, you sprinted from the bathroom to your bedroom. Digging through your closet, you came up dry, not managing to find a single, clean outfit to wear.

You let out a small scream before moving towards your hamper and throwing on the least smelly outfit. You grabbed a pair of black converse and slipped them onto your feet and raced towards the door.

Throwing it open and rushing out, not before locking said door, you began running in the direction of your work. You pushed your feet as fast as they had ever been before, not even caring about the people you pushed out of your way. You raced in between pedestrians and bicyclers, trying to shorten the time that it took to get to your job.

When you reached the corner of a block, the crosswalk sign was red, meaning that you could not cross the street. However, it was a slow moving day and there were no cars passing through the intersection. Knowing that you only had a few minutes to get across that street and into your office, you disregard all safety and rational thought.   

Letting out a deep breath, you pushed off the sidewalk and into the street, ignoring the honks and horns of cars that were clearly unpleased by your disturbance.

You made it halfway across the crowded street before you heard a horn. You ignored the loud, blaring sound, and the obvious warning signs, and continued to sprint across the street.

It was then that you heard a familiar voice cry out. You turned to face the street, just to see a car speeding through the intersection, clearly not taking any notice of you as they went. Your eyes widened when you realized that you were about to be hit and possibly killed by that car. In those few milliseconds before the car would hit you, you felt your life actually flash before your eyes.

A lot of people sometimes do not believe in such things as your life flashing by before you die, but this was real. You were about to die and you watched as your most prized moments flew by in front of your face as if you were watching a movie inside your head.

Finding your best friend in the eighth grade.

Your eighteenth birthday.

Turning twenty one.

Having your first legal drink.

Breaking your arm for the first time.

The first time your soulmate clock had no years left.

Then it occurred to you that you would never met him. The man you would spend the rest of your life with. He would live a lonely life without you, and you would never get the chance to meet him; never get the chance to get married or have kids. You would never have the chance of happily ever after.

Realizing that there was nothing you could do, you braced yourself for the impact and the oncoming pain, but it never came.

Instead, you felt arms wrap around your waist nad your body being pushed to the side. Your body was thrown away from the car that came barreling towards your body. Before you could question what had happened or who had pushed you away, a body landed on top of yours. The care that would have hit you streaked by, continuing on their way.

When you turned to look up at the person who had saved you, you noticed something on your wrist.

Straight zeros.

0 years, 0 months, 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds.

The person who had saved you was your soulmate, and you were finally meeting him.

Raising your eyes, you found that Tyler was already looking at you.

And he was the most handsome man you had ever seen.

Gorgeous, soft brown hair cut to a short length and styled perfectly. His face was completely untarnished, with no blemishes in sight. A small bit of stubble was growing near his chin and the same tattoos you had dreamt of were decorating his arms and torso (you could see them because of his tank top). His eyes were the last thing you noticed, as they were a beautiful shade of brown.

Even though most people described brown eyes as boring and not creative, you loved them. Because while everyone was out looking for other colored eyes, no one was looking at the beauty of the brown eyed people.

And this man’s brown eyes were the most beautiful you’d ever seen. They were deep pools of chocolate brown and you sunk into them like puddy.

When you finally got the courage to speak to him, you were not able to come up with a single thought, besides the fact that you wanted to kiss the living daylights out of him.

So you did.

Kissing your soulmate in the middle of a traffic filled street after almost getting hit by a car was not something you thought you would be doing today, but fate does work in mysterious ways.

He kissed you softly, as if he was scared that he would hurt you. His lips were soft, something you never thought they would be. You were addicted by his lip, letting him suck your lower lip into his mouth so he could kiss you sweeter. You were practically drowning in him.

When he finally pulled away, you both gasped for air and he smiled softly, “I never thought that the moment I met you, I’d be saving your life.” He chuckled at the end of his statement, a happy tear falling from the corner of his eye. A similar tear fell from yours and you laughed fondly at him.


The signs as length of showering

Aries: 15 minutes
Taurus: one hour
Gemini: 5 minutes
Cancer: 3 hours bc they fall asleep in bath
Leo: no one knows
Virgo: one hour and a half
Libra: 45 minutes
Scorpio: ??? depends on their mood
Sagittarius: 30 minutes
Capricorn: 2 hours
Aquarius: 5 minutes or 5 hours. no in between
Pisces: 1 hour and 15 minutes

So sort of a story time

It was the middle of the day and Red had been up with his little bro all day and Paps was finally in bed for a nap. Therefore Red just passed out on the couch. He doesn’t have the energy to chase after paps so much,

Tiny little Pap woke up from his nap to find his brother asleep, nothin unusual he’ll just wait for him to wake up.

5 minutes passed then 15 then 30 until one hour had passed. 

Pap was REALLY bored so he decided he wanted to play doctor. He grabbed his little bag and went to wake up his brother.

“Sans I want to doctor you!” 

His brother groans and rolls over,”I’m just sleepin Pap. I don’t need a doctor, so go play outside.” 

Pap does what he is told and goes outside.

Grabs a stick.

Walks back inside.



Determination is written on the younger skeletons face as he looks his bro in the sockets and asks

“Do you need a doctor now?”

That’s probably how Boss was on a daily basis as a babybones.

Rooster Teeth said we will have LGBT characters. That means we will have them. There is no need to throw a temper tantrum. The story has quite literally only just begun. “It’s been nine hours” yeah well guess what? The final running time of the entire series is undetermined. If we were nine hours in and the entire show is only going to be 15 hours, that’s one thing. But it’s not going to be only 15 hours.

The total run time will easily surpass thirty hours if they continue making volumes longer as they go. I wouldn’t be shocked if we got to fifty hours run time by the end.

Is nine hours really that horribly long, when the end product is going to be four or more times that length? Even Arkos, the only canon relationship so far, took three whole volumes to come out into the open and then was ripped away immediately. In case you haven’t noticed, Rooster Teeth isn’t very kind to romance, in any of their shows. Don’t expect it now. If a slow burn romance is not your taste, that’s fine, but you’re in the wrong fandom.

If Bumbleby is destined to be canon, I think it’s better to have a long lead-up with lots of history and plenty of time to explore Blake and Yang and their respective feelings, rather than a forced relationship just because both of the characters happen to be LGBT. I feel the same way about all of my ships, het or not, including Arkos. It’s not realistic or fulfilling for a relationship to occur over nothing more than shared sexuality. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s boring.

Just be honest. You don’t want substance or a quality story, you want your token LGBT characters and you want them now, story-line be damned.

If I were Miles Luna, I would have half a mind to retract the statement about canon LGBT characters out of pure spite. And I’m saying that as a lesbian who has LGBT ships and headcanons. They don’t owe it to you. The artist does not owe it to the audience to cater to every demand, including demands of altering the story to forcibly include something that’s already going to be included later on. The more you complain and whine and put down the writers and the show, the more the writers will resent the idea of having LGBT characters and relationships, and the less care and love they will put into writing them.

So if you want to complain, by all means, but just know that your nasty comments have not gone unnoticed by RT, and the quality of the LGBT content is sure to suffer as they come to resent the people demanding it.

Day 18 - Inktober + DGM Challenge - The funniest moment

I’m so glad there was a light prompt like this in today’s schedule, really needed it. I enjoy DGM’s contrast between comedy and tragedy, and this small moment between Kanda and Alma is a gem. They are in shitty situation, and you know it will only get worse; but then they slip out, experience cold, and start cursing a guy named “Winter” who is causing it. And it’s both heartbreaking and funny, because these kids didn’t need to know about seasons, but their reasoning makes for a cute and funny little moment.