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40 Study Tips & Tricks

I thought to write down the “script” to one of my most viewed videos, with 40 study tips & tricks. It’s easier to read them and pass on the word!

Organization Tips:

1. Incorporate homework and classes in you daily planner – that will give you an overall glimpse of how your week will be about and how much time you need to spend in your studying sessions!

2. Color coordinate classes – be it notes, your planner, your textbooks or binders, pick a unique color for each class and work around the hues of that color to get more organized!

3. Make your own syllabus – if your professor doesn’t provide a syllabus for your class, try to make one before the school year working around your given textbooks or other given material.

4. Make study guides – make a study guide from your syllabus and draw before each topic two boxes: one for a midtest and one for the final test. When you have one of these tests, check the boxes when you’ve finished studying the chapter so you won’t miss anything!

5. Reference your material throughout – most of the times, we students work with in-class notes, textbooks and a syllabus. Since we get small bits of information here and there it’s important to reference every page throughout all your material so you can quickly access your information without having to flip endlessly through pages!

6. Keep a dashboard nearby – Whenever you use a notebook or a binder, make a dashboard on the first page with post it notes so you can quickly scribble any questions, homework or page numbers. When you get home, you just need to open your dashboard and attend those notes.

7. Print any tests, exercises and exams you can find – keep those in the end of your binder. These are perfect to practice before exams and tests because they really reflect what you will be tested about. Set an alarm clock for the deadline and start working on those!

8. Condense – organization disappears when you have too many of everything. Working with more than one planner in your life will make everything chaotic. If you think you need a second planner because you don’t have enough space to write in the first one, it’s because you don’t have available time as well. Don’t fool yourself and set achievable goals!

9. Customize your textbooks – most of the times, textbooks are formal books where information is hard to come by. Make your own tabs and write every chapter on them so they stick out – flag any charts, tables or graphics. Everything needs to be incredibly accessible!

10 Print a special planning sheet before finals: Organizing your studying by chapters and/or topics before finals is tremendously important since it lets you organize the amount of time you dedicate to each subject,

Study Sessions and Time Management

11. Save at least one afternoon or one morning a week for intensive studying. These is your “life-saver” – when you get so full of homework and projects that you can’t incorporate them into your daily academic routine, one free afternoon to organize your school life will really come in handy! Make an appointment with yourself!

12. Prepare in advance – although most professors may not ask you to prepare a class in advance, if you have the means to, go ahead. Grab a sheet and make a summary of the chapter your class will be about. Write the major topics and key information and take that guide to class. When your professor repeats previously studied information, you will be able to understand everything much better!

13. Never leave something behind – Even if you have a more light class, where professors don’t request homework or any side projects, don’t let that fool you! Be disciplined and be your own professors! Make your own projects and learn everything you can so you can nail those finals when they arrive.

14. Write your questions – most of the time, in a heavy study session, we come up with tons of questions and sometimes we just leave them behind. Write them down in your dashboard or a small notebook and ask your professors (personally or via e-mail). You can also ask your schoolmates in a facebook group created for that purpose!

15. Set an alarm clock and reward yourself – even if you study during an entire afternoon your studying will be pointless if you don’t take regular breaks. Set an alarm clock for one hour/one hour and a half and then take a 15 minute break. Never study for more than 2 hours straight! Even if you don’t notice, you’ll get less and less focused.

16. . Make a list – before each study session I like to grab my notepad and write down everything that I need to do before my session ends: the chapters I need to read, the pages I need to go through and the homework I need to complete. Sometimes I even write theses lists when I’m in college so I’ll have more determination to complete those tasks once I get home.

17 Work on the least interesting thing first. There are always classes or projects that we like the least – and those are the ones that we need to tackle first. You will start your studying session concentrated, which will let you go through the worst tasks faster.

18 Print, print, print. try to print everything you can and never study from your computer. Having your PDF files printed at hand will let you concentrate better, highlight and write some notes in the margins. You can take these everywhere with you and even turn them into small guides for future classes!

19. If you finish ahead, don’t quit. Perhaps the time you’ve saved for your study session has come to an end way before you have planned. That doesn’t mean you should stop right now – Take that time to review what you’ve learned so far or prepare other classes ahead of time!

20. Study in an organized space – make your own studying corner – bring everything you will need, from textbooks, binders and notebooks, to a cup of coffee and your computer. Keep them neatily organized on your desk so everything is at hand and on sight. Put on some soft background music (links down below) and adjust the lightning.

In class notes

21. If your professor provides PowerPoint slides before each class, print them (six or four per page) and bring them to class. Write in the margins and more throughout information in the back so it’s all condensed and tight. This is where you’ll take your notes. If you prefer to write on lined paper, think about copying some ruled paper to the back of your printed slides.

22. If your professor asks you to prepare your class in advance, try to make a small guide for each class. Open the comments column in MSWord and print the pages with that column. When you go to class, incorporate the in-class notes in that column, next to the relevant information so everything is nice and condensed.

23 If you are in a information-heavy class, try to adopt the Cornell method, which is the best, in my opinion, when you need to be a fast writer. There’s a video right here on how to use this method.

24. If you are in a bits-and-pieces class, which is that kind of class where the professor just gives a few key points and then gives practical examples or makes you work in group, try to adopt the box method – you can draw these boxes yourself or make them with post it notes – these are way more visual and perfect to memorize information.

25. Write in-class flashcards – if you don’t have flashcards around, make tiny flashcards on the top of your notes, where you cover the definitions you’ve written with the name of the definition. Each time you open your notes, try to remember the hidden definition. Automatic studying, every time!

26. Participate in class – nothing better than to be actively involved in your class discussion. For most of us, shy creatures, participating can be dreadful – but once you get out of your box, you’ll see how participating really makes you understand the subject!

27. If you have any questions during class, raise your hand and ask them. If your professor doesn’t like being interrupted, write them down and approach them in the end of the class. Sometimes, the little things we don’t understand are exactly the ones that come up on the final exam!

28. Ask for examples. Examples are probably the thing that makes your brain connect the information faster. If your professor isn’t keen on providing examples, suggest your own and see if your answer comes up right. Sometimes, examples are the thing that really makes us understand our material and our definitions, since they transform formal information into relatable events.

29. Sit at the front. It sounds too straightforward but sitting at the front really makes wonders. You won’t get distracted by what you classmates are doing, you will focus on the professor, who is right in front of you and you will resist the temptation of going to Facebook and Instagram during a boring presentation.

30. Write a brief summary at the end of the class. During those five minutes where everyone is dismissed and leaving the room, write a brief summary of that classes’ key points in the back of a page – this is fundamental in the Cornell method but can be used in any other method as well.

Finals Guide

31 Skim through your material two times: at first, you should start by studying your material starting from the end. The last lessons will be fresh in your memory and it’s very important to reinforce your knowledge on these while you can. In the second reading, you should start from the beginning, as usual. It’s important to make these two readings so you can go through the information in a much more flexible way.

 32. Make a mindmap of each chapter. A mindmap is a chart that relates key words and important information, making it easy to understand the relationship and hierarchy between such key words. Use colors and images to memorize your material better. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my video on how to make mindmaps!

33. Read each of the titles and try to say out loud its contents, explaining each concept and the relationship between them. Imagine you are the teacher and are lecturing that subject to a crowd. If you skip any of the subjects, do it all over again. The more you repeat, the better you will memorize.

34. It’s time for some flash cards!  Write the topic or the title on one side and the meaning or the explanation on the other. Try to cover as many topics or titles as you can and go through your cards while memorizing as best as you can each of the concepts. Try to do it backwards if you have time to do so!

35. On the day before the exam, skim through your mindmaps and flash cards again and always try to study while talking. Saying your content out loud will force your brain to relate information in a much more cohesive way and you’ll memorize everything much better.

36. Read the entire exam from top to bottom. Underline or circle any important words that you think will be crucial in you answer. After that, calculate how much time you should spend answering each question: this simple calculation will take only twenty seconds and will help you organize your time. Try to save five minutes at the end for revisions.

37. If you are solving a written exam and not multiple choice, try as much as possible to organize each answer in a structured way, saving two lines just to present your line of thought and writing each different argument in a different paragraph. Draft a conclusion at the end to underline the centre of your answer. Sometimes softly underlining some keywords is important to make your professor notice that you’ve correctly given importance to certain concepts.

38. Use these symbols for each question: one dot if you aren’t sure of the answer, two dots if you are sure of your answer and a circle if you are completely unaware of your answer. Start by answering any question with two dots; after those are all answered, go on through the two dots question. Leave the circle questions to the end – and ALWAYS answer them! Even if you don’t know what they’re about, who knows if you will be able to come up with something right?

39. Review your test one final time – many times, we make a lot of mistakes under stress and now is when you should spot them and amend them. This can be the difference between a B and an A!

40. Don’t take this too seriously – school is an important aspect of our lives but it isn’t everything. Failure comes many times and these failures can even drive you away from something that was simply not meant to be. Don’t stress out because everyone goes through the same!

vegabonk  asked:

Ten times Yuuri adorably fell asleep in inappropriate places.

Ten Times Yuuri Adorably Fell Asleep In Inappropriate Places

10) One during a visit to Viktor he fell asleep in the rink in St Petersburg while waiting for Viktor to show up and no-one had the heart to wake him up even when Viktor arrived

9) On a long-haul flight that he and Viktor were on, which Viktor was kind of envious of because he couldn’t sleep and had to stay awake for like 15 hours being extremely bored with no-one to talk to and Yuuri slept the entire way there

8) In the dance studio in Detroit after a late-night practice. The owners found him curled up fast asleep on the floor when they came in the next day to open the studio again.

7) On a train on a random person’s shoulder. Phichit never let him live it down

6) On Phichit’s bed on top of Phichit after a party when he was very drunk. Phichit has never let him live this one down either

5) On top of Viktor when they were lying on the sofa watching a film together and Viktor was trapped on the sofa the whole night because Yuuri looked so peaceful and he didn’t want to wake him up

4) In Yakov’s house during a gathering with all the Russian skaters. He was mortified when he woke up, especially because his relationship with Yakov is always a bit tense due to the doping thing, but someone had draped a blanket over him and let him be so he assumed no-one was too angry at him (it was Yakov)

3) During a competition when he only woke up a really soon before he had to skate. He was usually very good at keeping up with assignments for college as well as skating but during this particular competition he forgot about one and had to frantically do it the night before and got practically no sleep. The competition wasn’t massively important but he should have been getting ready and warming up but instead he was napping

2) On the ice in Detroit. It was during the exam period and Yuuri was stress skating a lot and not eating or sleeping well. Absolutely no-one knows how it happened but Phichit and Celestino came in to find him literally asleep on the ice of the rink. They woke him up very concerned that he might get hypothermia but not before Phichit had taken a photo and put it on his Instagram because it was hilarious

1) On Viktor’s shoulder on live TV during a competition. He wasn’t competing as it was the Euros but he’d been on a very long flight just hours before and Viktor was still waiting to skate and he just couldn’t keep his eyes open. He looked adorable and the video and pictures went viral very quickly. Viktor spent the entire time glaring at everyone who came close with an unspoken promise that if anyone woke Yuuri up no-one would ever find their body.

why did i spend time on this  a word cloud of every key word the twelfth doctor has said - from ‘the time of the doctor’ to ‘the return of doctor mysterio’ (including class because how could i not). long story short, his catchphrase is clara (the larger the word the more it was said)

long story in its entirety:

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A long time ago my mother taught me this old song about two lovers dancing and enjoying each others company, the main line is, “If you love me honey dear, wont you dance with me under the moonlight?” I was humming it today, and given that we’ve seen Pearl and Amethyst be so comfortable casually dancing with each other, i decided to draw a pic of them inspired by the song. ^_^

Rose Glow

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Character(s): Reader X Wonho, Minhyuk

Genre: soulmate!au, cheesy floof, smut

Warning(s): possessive!wonho, praise!kink, edging, kindof!exhibitionism(?)

Length: 5.5 k

Summary: Wonho doesn’t like Minhyuk. Never has, never will.

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Your mother tells you stories when you’re young, of spring blossoms and fluttering hearts and ticking clocks on your wrists. Of soulmates and the parts of you they complete.

When you first meet your soulmate, your wrist will show a clock that counts down to your first kiss.

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ONLY Jensen’s speech from sunday’s panel.

So, a woman was at Jensen’s autograph session. She told him she’s one of the thousands who have been trained to answer a suicide prevention number (financed by Jensen and Misha’s fundraiser / the fans), and that once she had been on the phone with one suicidal person for 15 hours straight. Therefore Jensen decided to give some thank yous.  

i’m in front of you, i’m right here

tell me with your lips, say yes, say yes

without knowing, i’m going to you

i wanna tell you my heart with the blowing wind, love is true


My 👏🏼mental 👏🏼illness 👏🏼does 👏🏼not 👏🏼define 👏🏼me 👏🏼

I discovered the absolute godsend that is UfYH last night, and lemme tell you, I am STOKED with what I’ve managed to achieve.

I’ve been meaning to sort this space since we moved in nearly 20 months ago and I never have, despite being unemployed for the better part of a year. I decided last night to celebrate finding full-time work at a pet store (!!!!) with sorting my shit out.

Top two photos are befores, number three is one (ONE!) hour in and bottom is after my second 45/15 session.

Not pictured: all the cat piss I had to clean off of fucking everything, me breaking my back mopping the floor for the first time this year and the Prodigy keeping me motivated and my energy levels up.

All in all, in two 20/10s and one 45/15 session I managed to clear all my shit, put that new rug down, rearrange the furniture into a configuration that I like and is practical AND get through that pile of alterations I needed to get through, all before noon today. Habitat: Unfucked.


Seven for Sunday

1. I’d like to offer up my standard apology for not being around. 😏 I’ve been working crazy hours (15.5 one day), my kids are home for the summer (yay!!!!!), Nick and I are heading up the girls basketball booster club, which is a lot of work, and I haven’t been feeling well.

2. I finally went to the Electrophysiologist (specializes in cardiac electrical disorders), and they’re going to schedule an EP study soon-“a minimally invasive procedure that tests the electrical conduction system of the heart to assess the electrical activity and conduction pathways of the heart.” If it’s WPW again, they may be able to ablate extra fiber path(s) then. That would be ideal.

3. Not exercising, not sleeping well (tachycardia at night, despite all my meds) and a lot of stress eating have all added up, and I’m almost the heaviest I’ve ever been. I hardly recognize myself and feel so uncomfortable. I’m not fat shaming, but this is not healthy for me. I have to figure out how to fit better eating into my life.

4. I did get out of the house this weekend, which is good. We went to a send off party for a friend who is joining the marine corps and visited my in-laws. Yesterday, my niece played in two all-star softball games. My parents were there as well. It was good to see my mom and have a benign interaction with family. It’s important to me to support my niece. She’s been through too much trauma in her life.

5. It’s hard fighting depression without exercise-the go-to weapon in my arsenal. I’m feeling very frustrated and helpless about quite a few things, and I need to turn that around.

6. I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is giving me back and chest pain and sending shooting pains down my arm. Because of the blood thinners I’m on, I can’t take much for pain, and all I have in the house is Tylenol. Luckily my sister is something of an amateur pharmacist. She gave me some muscle relaxers and hydrocodone, which is one of the few pain medications I can take. I took one of each about an hour ago, and now my entire body is tingly, and sleep is seducing me into its depths. I’m going doooownnnn.

7. This all sounds so negative, but I’m hopeful they can zap my heart back into shape, which would end a lot of discomfort and allow me to exercise again. Please cross your fingers for me. Also, my boss is hiring me an assistant at work, which will make a huge difference. She starts tomorrow. Last, I am so happy to have my kids home!!

Miss you most of all, scarecrow. The drugs are definitely kicking in. Have a good Sunday, friends!

Can we please talk about this for a second. Even for someone without nerve/joint/whatever pain, how the FUCK does this sound healthy? “You get a break say every 2 hours, you can sit for about 15 minutes,and get a one hour lunch break”.

Let’s break this down. That’s one hour and a half for let’s say an 8 hour shift. Doing the math with percentages, this means a cashier is still on their feet (standing) with minimal movement change (no stools, or a PATHETIC “fatigue mat” that is really only a few centimeters thick) for 80% of their shift. HOW THE FUCK IS THIS HEALTHY? 

I have talked to NUMEROUS cashiers who have said they’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (a form of very painful joints), spider veins, and even nerve damage from being a cashier because their companies refuse to use proper ergonomics (the science to basically helping prevent work based injuries by taking preventative steps) to help their cashiers out. These cashiers were all in their 20s and 30s, by the way. 

This has always MYSTIFIED me. Why, oh WHY do people think that people standing with minimal movement for 80% of their shift is somehow healthy, even with minimal health problems? CEOs, I know we are just fucking numbers to you, but actually fucking talk to your cashiers. Look at the NUMEROUS studies showing how this is NOT HEALTHY AT ALL and is an anatomical time bomb for something bad to happen to us!

So Let's Talk About It: A Zombie Apocalypse

We’ve had hundreds of takes on the Zombie Apocalypse. You’ve got The Infects. Rot and Ruin. Night of The Living Dead. The Walking Dead. Fear The Walking Dead. Z-Nation. I could keep going.

Here’s what they all have in common, and what we all know as “common sense” when it comes to the nonexistent living dead:

1. Biting spreads the infection. If one of these things bites you, you’ve got two choices, depending on the genre of undead we’re going for. Choice number one: once you’re bitten you have maybe 15 minutes to an hour to amputate the limb. Here’s the catch: unless it’s on your arms or legs, something you can plausibly survive without, then there is no way out. Option two, you don’t get a way out. Once you’re bitten you might as well just let somebody shoot you in the head or do it yourself.

2. They’re slow. Mostly. Every now and again you have a few who move a bit quicker than others. When they’re all herded together, a horde as we call it now, they move quicker than usual because they’re in a frenzy. But for the most part if you can run, and not run out of breath easily, you should be set during the initial outbreak. What do I mean by that? Think of it like this: you don’t have to outrun the zombies. You just have to outrun the people you don’t know. It’s the end of the world. Those people don’t care about you. Just keep running.

3. Noise attracts them, and possibly scent. For whatever reason, the dead can still hear and smell on a very basic level. They can still smell the scent of living flesh and warm blood. They can still hear every little sound around them. This means that guns are going to be very obsolete without silencers. You’re better off using bats, hatchets, knives, a heavy pipe, any kind of Malay weaponry that you can swing fast, without a lot of extra noise. In The Walking Dead, Michonne uses this amazing katana. That’s an excellent choice. Just don’t use a gun if you can help it. And setting them on fire? Won’t really help either. Now you’ve gone from a slow moving corpse that you can take down easily with the proper caution and safety, to being chased by a Molotov Cocktail that wants to eat you. Bad idea.

4. The bigger the city, the harder they fall. Basically, the more populated the area, the more screwed you are, especially at the beginning of the Apocalypse. Places like St. Louis (I say this not sarcastically because I live here), New York, Atlanta, DC, they won’t stand a chance once the zombies hit double digits. People in bigger cities tend to fall a lot faster, because they tend to panic a lot more. Panic causes mayhem, mayhem causes confusion. All it takes is a single moment of a lapse in judgement. Running into just any old store/building/house/neighborhood with half a thought will get you killed.

5. At a certain point they stop decomposing. Based on certain genres. At a certain point the living dead will stop rotting. It will be at a point that they still smell of rot, and they will still fall rather easy. They will be decomposed slightly. But not enough. Based on other genres, they can starve to a second death, they can rot away completely, they can turn into Skeletons wrapped in a black necrotic flesh, as Warm Bodies shows.

If you have an plan of survival at all, you better be ready to hit up every store within an hour of your final living place. For the first few months of the apocalypse, you’re going to have to figure out the best place to live. Pick a house big enough and secure enough (fences to build up on, enough space to keep a few families, and far enough out into the middle of nowhere that the zoms won’t reach you before you can build said walls) to keep you alive. Before you get there, hit every store you possibly can, and gas station. A fantastic idea would be to load up on gardening tools (indoor and outdoor) to begin growing your own food. Use spotters and protect each other. Once you have enough food, water, gas, and medicine to last, head out. People are going to be a lot less trust worthy. Don’t just accept whatever anybody tells you. Someone tells you that they need help, and they need you to go with them? Don’t take their word for it. Somebody offers to help you with something as long as they get to stay with your family? Leave them behind. Take whatever family you’ve got and get as deep into the middle of nowhere as you can. The more secluded the better. The easier to build walls up on, the better. When you finally get to where you’re going, make sure you clear the area as thoroughly as possible. Pack every thing in. Put all your food away, put all the drinking water up, store all the gas you have safely. Then build. Build your walls. As thick and as sturdy as possible. Use whatever you have too. This is the safest, smartest way for survival. Compiled from countless books, video games, and TV shows. This has been the first of many So Let’s Talk About It discussions. See you next week!

I love how Noctis basically does what us regular people do when it starts to rain. Sticks his hand out as it begins to rain and is basically like, “What the fuck is this?”

I'm actually glad the movies failed now.

I was one of the few who actually liked the movie, but I do think it could have been HEAPS better than it was.

I’m a Kevin Zegers fan, and I thought he did a good job as Alec, but yeah, he was/is too old to play him. I was blinded before by my love for KZ. xD

Godfrey (movie!Magnus) looks like a GOD and he had the visual part of Magnus down for me, but would he have made a good Magnus in all the other areas? I don’t know, and I guess I never will, because we never got to see too much of that.

Harry hooks me from the word “GO!” How he moves, how he speaks, his facial expressions - there is NO OTHER that can play Magnus. Harry IS Magnus Bane. No one can tell me otherwise. This man is BRILLIANT as the character, and if the movies had been more successful, I would have never come to know that and that would be a tragedy.

Same with Matt as Alec. He looks so tortured, serious and yes, indeed, “grumpy” a lot of the time, and just how I pictured him in the books (though of course, my visual had blue eyes, and as much as I am a sucker for blue eyes, that no longer matters to me. Matt’s eyes could be fuchsia and I wouldn’t care because everything else about him and his portrayal of the character is FLAWLESS!!) 

Oh, and don’t even get me started on Malec as a couple. The chemistry those two have is beautiful, and it makes me sooo happy seeing this now because —as a book reader— I know what is yet to come and if they are this amazing to watch now…. oh gawd, someone save me. (I’m sooo looking forward to them falling in love on screen before my very eyes.)

Another reason I’m happy the movies fell through, is that we get soooo much more of the Shadowhunter world because of it. The movie was like 2 hours, but with the show we have 1-hour-episodes (more like 45 minutes because of commercials, but still), so about 9+ hours of footage in one season - and with 20 episodes for Season 2, we have like 15+ hours more of our wonderful characters still to experience.

I remember being super upset when I heard of the fate of the movies. I was happy to hear we would get another shot with a TV show instead, but the idea of all new people playing my favourite characters was still upsetting. But I couldn’t be happier to see now that I had nothing to worry about because this new cast is great!

So excited for Season 2!!