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If the requests are still up, how about a small langst where lance is captured and lotor turns him his concubine ?

“You know they saw that the harder to crack the gem makes the gem all that more beautiful.” Lotor smirked as he ran his hand over lance’s bare chest nipping at his ear playfully.
Lance wasn’t meant to be in danger, he was providing cover distance while the others took out supposed Glara super weapon.
Everything went smoothly until Lance went quiet on the coms.
No one had payed much attention to his sudden silence, in fact Pidge joked that me may be taking something seriously for once.
However after Lance failed to meet up with them again, the team began to worry.
Keith was sent to check his look out point, to see if Lance had just lost track of time.
So Keith marched over to the trees ready to start an argument. “Lance wh-” he cut off when he saw the carnage.
Some trees had deep slash marks in them while others had blast marks similar to what Lance’s bayard makes.
There were dead Gara littering the floor, with a pool of crimson blood next to where Lance’s broken helmet lay.
“Keith what’s Lance’s situation?” Shiro asked.
“L-Lance is gone.”
Lance didn’t know what had happened. One moment he had been fighting a Gara squadron, the next he was waking up chained dangling from his wrists wearing only his pants with no armour.
“Ah your finally awake, my blue gem.”
Lance gulped trying to hide his fear as Lotor approached. Ever since they had first met the Gara prince he had a strange fascination with Lance.
At first he had been flattered, but now as he stroked his bare skin Lance only felt disgusted.
“My team will come for me!”
“Will they?” Lotor asked as he placed a necklace around his neck filled with deep blue gems. “After all you are the weak link, why would they ever miss you?”
‘It’s not true’ Lance told himself, they would come he knew they would.
“Though if they come or not, or change the fun we’re to have.” Lotor chuckled as he forcibly kissed Lance, holding his head in place so hat he couldn’t flinch away.
Lance tried to struggle as Lotor slipped his tongue down his throat.
It one impulsive moment Lance bit down filling his and Lotor’s mouth with blood.
Lotor stepped back.
Lance expected him to be mad, for him to hurt him.
However all he did was laugh as he wiped the blood away from his chin. “Oh my dear blue gem. You know they saw that the harder to crack the shell makes the gem all that more beautiful.”


Gotta tell you, one of my favorite parts of being married is being able to shut down idiots who say this to me with two words and a sardonic smile. Granted, I did that before, but “I’m married” carries more weight than “Not interested.” Which, I think, says something about the kind of guys who use this pickup line.

One day, maybe- when we have the money for the wedding it’ll happen. 

At work I have more problems with meddling moms and aunts. I took my ring off ONCE because my hands were swelling and this woman literally grabbed my hand to see if I had a ring because ‘you’re so nice and my nephew- he’s a sweet boy but he needs to meet a nice girl like you.’ One woman literally tried to set me up with one of the framers (the one who makes Nazi jokes) while looking at my ring and asking if it was a marriage band. 


Quit it. 

Advice to people who know or meet famous people.

Please be aware of their right to decide who their friends are and what their interaction with you ‘means.’


My mother is a reasonably well known radio DJ in my hometown (well known enough that a new waitress at our usual lunch spot was starstruck, well known enough that I get ‘Oh my GOD, she’s your MOM????’ from total strangers). Once at a road show, a fan of hers brought her a diet Coke. She took it and said thanks. Later on his Facebook, he tagged her bragging about how he ‘had a drink with her.’

Also have witnessed well known friends (people who said to me ‘I consider you a friend’ so I feel all right in saying that) being referred to as ‘My friend so-and-so’ by both near strangers and people who, while my friends are nice to them, are most assuredly not friends for one reason or another.

Please, please, I know a lot of people think this is harmless, but there are a lot of people who used closeness to celebrities as a way to move through social and business circles or as ‘bragging rights.’ Please do not misrepresent interactions with people this way, even if you’re not trying to gain anything from it, because it perpetuates that subconscious attitude that celebrities are ‘fan property’ and are whatever we want them to be.

ACOWAR Chapters 1-8 PDF

Ok I know that @abookandacoffee made a PDF of the chapters, but she currently is not sending it out right now so I went through the chapters on the link and saved them in a PDF as well.

Originally Leslie was kind enough to send me a copy early on, but I decided to make one myself so it included the title pages, chapter index and etc. 

And I also would feel bad if I just sent out her PDF since she worked hard to make it herself so I extended the same courtesy by also putting forth the time and effort to save the pages. (AND OH MY STARS IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO SAVE THE PAGES, GET THEM TO REMAIN HORIZONTAL AND BE NON-BLURRY!)

But I am pleased with the result! So if you all want you can send me an ask with your email and I will send out the PDF!

A Memory

It has been years since I have actually stepped foot in the movie theatre, the last time I went to see a movie was in 2010 to see the Black Swan with my Grams. I found an English theatre in a neighboring town on the coast so I decided to catch the last showing of La La Land yesterday night.

I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy movie theaters. It is something that hauntingly reminds me of Grams. I kept self consciously glancing over my shoulder, trying to imagine the expression on Grams’ face.

I was always very close with my grandmother. She was such a creative & expressive soul. I always used to love watching her read or watch films while I was growing up because the entire story would radiate through her face, I always liked her interoperation of story lines better.

My mum is a very practical person, she always thought spending money on movie tickets was a waste so the theatre was a special treat since Grams was the only one that ever took me as a kid. She took me to so many film showings, it seemed like every week there was a new movie my Grams wanted us to see. We used to pour over the Sunday paper with the theatre showing times & circle movies that interested us. She never told me no to anything I wanted to see. Grams was a patient woman because I definitely dragged her to some stupid movies as a kid.

Something I never really understood until I got older was Grams told me the last happy memory she ever had was going to the movie theatre, I think she always wanted to go to the theatre as an escape mechanism to try to capture that same feeling of unconditional happiness.

One of my Grams’ stories she always used to tell me was this final happy memory, it was also her first date.

She was 15 in 1939, she always said she could turn the head of every lad in Southern Germany. She was a pretty girl, but her vivaciousness & her laughter are what really made her standout. However, she had a strict religious father that scared away any boy that dare request a date… Except one. A gorgeous, blonde boy with ice eyes named Rudolph would not give up on asking Grams out. The cult classic The Wizard of Oz was just premiering in German theaters. Grams was expecting everything to be sold out so she told Rudolph the only way she would ever go out on a date with him is if he bought her tickets to Oz.

Rudolph got them tickets for a Saturday night at the nicest theatre in Munich. She would go on about the grandeur of the theatre. The carpet, the food, the fancy seats. A few months later the massive deportations began.

Time for Tee

So after @ofskinandbones posted this fun idea about Regis teeing off on the top of the citadel and aiming golf balls at Cor, I asked if I could include it in a little fanfic, and got a yes. I didn’t have anything in mind (perhaps it shows because it’s all fluff and very little plot) but I just wanted to play with the idea of Regis being a child and relaxing while the chocobros chilled out on the rooftop one summer. Here’s the result. Thanks for letting me play with it, it was fun. 

It’s up on AO3 too.

Noct’s phone buzzed in his hand and he cracked an eye open. Sunlight washed over his face and put him in a daze, but he managed to bash out a reply. On the roof terrace. Come up?

A short while later, Prompto crept through the doors and looked around for Noctis. He took one buoyant step onto the sun-drenched terrace before he froze. Regis was there. King Regis. Prompto could count on one hand the number of times he’d been in the king’s presence. This made the third.

Drawn by the interruption, Regis turned his grey-green eyes on the sixteen year old, and smiled. “Welcome, Prompto,” he said. “Good to see you. Are you well?”

Words wouldn’t come. His throat dried up like some dusty corner of Leide, and as he tried to reply, his tongue prickled and he was sure a cactaur had taken up residence there.

Noct snorted something from his sun-lounger and Prompto’s eyes darted to him in a silent plea for a rescue. The prince yawned and sat up slowly, clad in his trademark black t-shirt and baggy black cargo pants despite the heat. “Relax, dad, you’re freaking him out.”

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an old man at the grocery saw me buying cat stuff and asked how many cats i have and i told him three and he said i was brave cus he can only handle one at a time and while i waited in line he told me about his two old rescue cats that he took care of and i loved it

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Iron Tarkus or Joshua Graham - which do you reckon is more unkillable

This would be an easy match at first glance, considering Crispy Josh fell down the grand canyon and then immediately did like a Proclaimer and walked his burnt ass 500 miles to Utah while Tarkus fell from a church rafter and died.

But if you’re like me and like to pretend he just took off his armour and left it on some random corpse on the bottom of a lethal drop, to give everybody else a fighting chance, it becomes a more complex question.

Legate Baconator did get sniped five times, had a whole city explode around him, got set on fire, got thrown into a canyon and has to dodge assassins every week or so, which we don’t know if Tarkus had to go through or not, but Lordran has harder stuff to lead an army into than Mojave so it might even out? But I imagine J Ghrams in a souls setting would be on par with the CU when it comes to not hollowing after dying, considering just how much he refuses to do it while alive, so he would be essentially immortal.

But, and this is 100% just my headcanon based on in game heights which were already stated to be just there for intimidation, Tarkus’s model is human sized while his soldiers are about twice that size, meaning he might be a single human leading an army of giants who think he’s just the hardest dude to ever live and that’s way more badass than leading an army of evil cosplayers wearing football pads.

I think the best way to decide, would be to make them fight.
They’re both living legends and military commanders who failed the fuck out of a crucial mission and got their squads killed, if those hollowed Berenikes are any indication, so they’re probably on par strategically.
Burned Graham Cracker has the most broken pistol in the game and 50dt like the absolute beast he is, but average health, so low to medium dph does nothing, but big hits can still fuck him up eventually while Tarkus has armor, lots of health, a big sword and can solo a boss but has no ranged damage.

So it’s kinda like if Nevada Fried Mormon fought Lanius, which somebody already simulated and it ended in a tie

From my journal, April 2014:

…instead I decided to give myself a little break and check out an episode of this show Sherlock that I’d been hearing/reading about.  tbh, I kind of knew what I was getting into – it was possible I would watch one episode and then forget about it, but in fact I was kind of looking for something that would distract me for a while.  it worked… a little too well.  my original goal was to watch the whole series and get it out of my system by the weekend.  

So I came home after work every day all week and watched ALL the episodes (took a bit longer than it might have, since I spent a lot of time rewatching certain scenes), but I finished late thursday night.

but by then the obsession was too deeply set in, and I started reading reviews and recaps and critical analyses and then fan analyses and then finally, embarrassingly, fanfiction and fanvids.  And when I got back I decided I needed to watch the whole series AGAIN.  because, you know, it’s a mystery, and I wanted to see how the clues had been laid out, now that I knew all the endings.  right.  anyway, I just finished that second watch last night, so MAYBE I CAN MOVE ON NOW?

ohhhhhhhhh but it is so good.  I’m so in love with it.  and I mean, it is in fact an excellent television programme, which is dellightful, but also – guh, those cheekbones, those lips, those curls!  I am so predictable, haha. 

it would probably be good for me to go out for a drink and re-enter the actual world of human beings – mortals with ordinary cheek bones, sigh…  

Happy fanniversary to me!

TalesFromYourServer: Customer accused me of stealing money from him while cashing him out, even though he never handed me any money.

Last year I worked as a server for a few months at a diner-esque restaurant. I live in a smaller town, so most of the customers were regulars who we saw most every other day, if not every day.

I took a table for one of these regulars one afternoon, and servicing them passed without incident. I was polite and courteous, and they (an old man and his wife who would come in practically twice a day) were the same…until it came time to cash them out.

Since I worked swing shift, we didn’t have a host, so it was up to the servers (or the manager, if they were at the front) to keep an eye on the register/cash customers out if we had a free moment. So I’m cleaning their table and notice they’re waiting at the front, so I stop and go to cash them out.

Here’s where the fun begins. Their bill was around $21. The man went to give me his credit card, before realizing he forgot to give me his senior discount card. He put his credit card back and gave me his discount card. I swiped it and it brought his total down to around $19 and some change. He pulled out exact coins from his wallet and handed them to me, but he still owed me the $19. I stared at him, confused, and waited for him to hand me a bill or a card, but he just stared right back and then asked what I was waiting for.

Slowly, I started, “Sir…you still owe $19. You only gave me (however much the remainder change was),” and then I held the coins out to show him. He gave me an odd look and replied, “Yeah, I gave you a $20 bill and that’s the change for the remainder so I can get even change.”

He never handed me a $20, and I told him so. That seemed to set him off because he suddenly got very angry and raised his voice, “Yes, I DID hand you a $20, and now you owe me the change! Check your register, it’s in there! You’re just trying to steal my money!”……I hadn’t even OPENED the register at all because I COULDN’T due to not having any money to PUT INTO the register for it to calculate change, and therefore open. I tried calmly explaining that to him but he wasn’t having any of it, he just continued causing a scene and asking me “how stupid” I thought he was that I could steal money right out from under his nose in public like this.

By this point I was completely dumfounded, just standing at the register holding the few leftover cents he gave me at the start so that he could get exact change back from the $20. Except he never gave me the $20, but insisted he did and that it was in the register, which was impossible because I had never opened the register at any point during this interaction.

His wife (who was quiet and seemingly as embarrassed as I was over the negative attention being brought to us), then spoke up, “Honey, perhaps you thought you gave her the $20 because you moved it in your wallet while trying to find your discount card?” Which seemed totally plausible to me, and could be the only reason why he thought he gave me a $20 in the first place. He suddenly turned on her though, and began yelling at her to “Shut the hell up and stay out of his business.” That alone was what upset me most, what right did he have yelling at his wife who was just trying to be calm and help us solve the situation??!

She clammed up and shot me an apologetic look (he was still making a scene and being disruptive, insisting me “stealing” his money would be on camera and he would get me fired) and I began to say I would go grab the manager, who at this point seemed to have realized there was an issue happening and already had made his way over.

I got the heck out of dodge and let him deal with it, and went to the back room to gather myself together. I’m one of those people who can’t handle confrontation/negative attention very well, and it took my all not to burst into frustrated tears (like I said I had only worked this job for about a month/2 months before this happened, and this was my first customer service job). This whole ordeal happened in the span of maybe like 2 minutes, but it felt like an eternity.

The manager found me afterwards and got my side of the story, and said he believed me. Apparently after explaining the exact same thing I had already said (about the register not having been opened) the customer handed over the $20 and left in a huff, declaring he would never come back again. OF COURSE he would be back the very next day though, because he was a regular and where else in this small town was he going to go, but I absolutely refused to take his table whenever he came in, and when no one was looking I shot him dirty glares at the back of his head.

I guess the silver lining of it all was a lot of the customers who saw the confrontation apologized to me and said they knew I wasn’t lying or trying to take the guy’s money, and felt sorry for me that the customer attacked me so harshly. They even left me rather generous tips, and one guy who wasn’t even one of my tables came up to me and slipped me a $20 and said I didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

It’s just so off-putting seeing regulars who have always been kind, suddenly turn on a whim and viciously attack you over a misunderstanding.

tl;dr: customer thought he gave me $20 to pay for his meal, but he never did. Insisted I was trying to swindle money out of him and caused a huge scene.

By: chisaki-

“Rad Anon” I just want to say that I’m sorry for how long it took me to get this done, and I’m also sorry that it’s not the passionate kiss you asked for…  That one is coming, but a sappy love song came on while I was searching for references and I couldn’t help myself.  

Thank you for your patience!  I hope this is alright in the interim.  Big love, you fabulous person. 

Image © Brennan “Bonez” Strong 2017 | @lovelybonezproductions 

To the anon in my inbox saying that my pieces are Photoshop and wanting proof that they aren’t: Firstly, thank you for saying the long hours I put into those pieces where just me putting a filter on them. Thanks for that. While you say you don’t mean to be negative, that ask really is you accusing me of lying about the hard work and long hours I put into my pieces. Which in itself is negative. Secondly, now I have to figure out how to record myself painting and then I have to figure out a program I can use to compress those long hours (the minimum one piece took me was 12 hours!) as well as editing out my breaks which will be hard enough since I don’t have a laptop or computer. So thanks for that. Also, thank you for triggering my anxiety over the fact that now I have to record myself doing this. That’s awesome of you. If this comes across rude, that is because I am very mad right now.

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I have no problem wearing my matsu hoodie in public but for a while I couldn't wear it to work because I didn't know how to explain it to them. Now when I do they just call it "cloud"

Oh gosh when I was I asked I just said, “It’s a Japanese pine symbol. Apparently it looks like this??” Flustered shrugs and blushes for eternity while making a swift ex i t

rules: answer the questions & ask 11 of your own. 

i was tagged by @lsaks thank you, dear!! 💕  sorry it took a while!

1. what’s one beauty/skincare product you can’t live without? - lipstick because of aesthetic reasons… makeup remover because of practical reasons
2. what was the last movie you saw in theaters? - i literally can’t remember the last time i went to the cinema (look, i’m such a fun person) but it was probably “fantastic beasts and where to find them”
3. who did you look up to as a child? - my older brother! i used to think he was the coolest person on earth and i even pretended to like the same music and movies as him because that would make me equally cool, right
4. what’s your favorite type of weather? - i love this summer evening-like type of weather when the air is a little chilly and quiet and the world feels like a better place
5. what was the first meal you learned how to cook? - scrambled eggs, i was so proud of myself
6. what is one tv show, movie, or book that you would love to be a character in? - harry potter!!!
7. what time period is the most interesting to you? - i used to love the victorian era, but now i think that the most fascinating time period is the one right now! it does have some disadvantages but it’s the coolest, too
8. if you could choose three albums to listen to for the rest of your life, which ones would they be? - “solipsism” by joep beving (because it’s so good when i’m writing), “pure heroine” (extended) by lorde and “young the giant” by young the giant
9. are there any tv shows you regret binge watching? - supernatural… i never really finished watching it and i admit it was cool up to a certain point but then it just went downhill and was not worth it at all so i stopped around season 7
10. what’s your favorite restaurant or type of food? - pizza is the love of my life… and i also think chinese food is amazing
11. whats a weird or interesting dream you had recently? - recently all my dreams have been about uni because of how stressed out i am so i guess that’s weird enough :)))

my questions:

  1. what is the very first memory you have?
  2. is there a book/movie/tv show everyone likes but you don’t?
  3. what’s your favorite dessert?
  4. what is the last thing you googled?
  5. do you have a crush on someone right now?
  6. what school subjects are you good at?
  7. if you could become a superhero, what superpowers would you like to have?
  8. how many languages can you speak? are there any you want to learn?
  9.  has any of your birthday wishes ever come true?
  10. if you were to make a playlist that would describe you, what songs would be on it?
  11. your first and current fandom?

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Okay so this is probably a really stupid Question.... but how do you reply to replies to your own post? Like @xxxxx responded to.... (what they said) (what you say)? Because i have all these sweet people responding to my Stuff and i cant thank them and I feel really bad about that....😖

Hi Anon =)

That is absolutely not a stupid question! It took me a while to figure it out when I first started getting replies to things, and congrats on people saying lovely things about your stuff, whatever that stuff is =)

To make those reply posts, you need the xKit browser extension for tumblr (and it’s super useful for many other things too, so I highly recommend it anyway) (and the one that you should get is the New xKit for firefox or chrome)

And from there it’s part of the one-click reply function, which I believe is default and you don’t have to add it to your xkit functions, but you can go in and tweak the setting, and when you hover over a reply on your activity feed, you see a reply arrow off to the right, and you click that and it opens a new post with the reply formatting already in place, and you can write your response =)

One thing to note, however, is that such reply posts do not notify the person you’re responding to. There is a setting to use the @ mention function, I haven’t tried it because it says it’s still experimental, so I usually start my responses by @ mentioning the person in question so I’m sure they’ll notice 

I hope this helped =)


yggdrasil’s nine worlds

//edit: asgard is listed twice, this is a mistake. midgard is the realm of man