this one reminded me of you

  • they are a sign that you’re learning
  • people forget mistakes; ask your friends if they remember 5 mistakes that you made in class, they won’t remember, only you remember your mistakes
  • they make you laugh after you don’t feel embarrassed anymore
  • they remind me what to not do again
  • you know on what to focus more 
  • they enourage you to try again and be better
  • your mistakes are the equivalent of how much you learned/learn
  • they make you humble

No one judges your mistakes. Only you do that and you need to remember that you always need them as long as you learn a new skill, like speaking a foreign language, because they help you.

Say what you will about JL but you can’t deny that that opening title sequence was a masterpiece and Zack Snyder’s is a god. it reminded me a lot of not only the opening to BvS but also to Watchmen.

It was amazing and honestly one of the main reasons I returned for a second viewing of the movie.

What can I say I’m a sucker for opening credits.

my sister’s reactions to the broadway performances during the macy’s parade

spongebob -“those are the weirdest costumes ive ever seen” -”the dances remind me of newsies but only a little“ -“what the heck”

dear evan hansen -puzzled expression when she doesnt see ben platt -”at least i know the song” -(about jennifer laura thompson) “shes pretty. she looks like you, mom” -lots of hugging my mom and dancing and singing -(about kristolyn lloyd) ”who’s she play” (“alana”) “oh”

anastasia -shes been looking forward to this one all day -stunned silence -big grin and happy gasp when all the ghost people come out -lots of humming and petting my dog during once upon a december -“i think [the little girl] is little anastasia”

once on this island -she was playing roblox the whole time and i was the only one paying attention which sucked because it was so good

Ya Allaah, ease the affairs of the ones who are broken insides yet never fail to smile and remain positive; as they are patient with what You have Decreed.

The one thing that makes me extremely roll my eyes is the fact Karamel haters (but it suits every anti ship fandom) wants this ship to be perfect, spotless, 100% healthy. And you know what?

Ding dong motherhuggers - ships like that DON’T exist. Unfriendly reminder that the ship that is seeing as a perfect example for everyone – Mary and Joseph - never had sex, the guy raised not his kid and she got pregnant by some ancient in vitro program.

But joking aside, perfect couples don’t exist. That doesn’t mean they are unhealthy or toxic. People argue in relationships. And that’s good. Because it means people in a relationship are not indifferent, that they care, they are committed. Yes, maybe they should talk, but sometimes shit simply pisses you off and that’s it. There is a difference between arguing when you want to make the other miserable or bash someone and when your emotions take control. When you argue you are honest. When you argue and solve your problems, your relationship can get stronger. Even if you still disagree but the other person sticks with you after that, it strengthen your relationship.

 “Couples who are able to go through conflict into harmony end up having productive fights, which leads to greater intimacy,”

“Fighting means you care about the relationship. When fighting goes away completely, sometimes one or both people have checked out.”

As for Karamel – yep, they fought a lot in the beginning, before they got together. But they were from different planet, prejudices were eating their asses – of course they fought. He didn’t back off, she didn’t back off. They were brutally honest with each other. When they were fighting they were always equal. And their fights were not left open. There was always a conclusion.

Haters usually say that in the DEO fight, Mon humiliated Kara in front of her co-workers, in her work place. First of all, this was his work place too. Secondly, no one from the agents gave a flying fuck about them arguing, no one was listening. Thirdly, they didn’t give a flying fuck about the surroundings, they were focused 100% on themselves. Fourthly, they were yelling at each other equally. Fifthly, I don’t think we can say that “you are a little full of yourself” and “you didn’t change and are the same Daximite” are verbal abuse. And these are the worst things they threw at each other. Sixthly, he was arguing because he was concerned, jealous and frustrated because she didn’t want to listen to him. She was arguing because she didn’t want him to be concerned, wanted to deal with shit alone, basically thought she knew better and was frustrated because he didn’t listen to her. Lastly… they were not even in a relationship on that point. Did they solve the problem with that argument? Nope. But they made things clear at the end of the ep. I have heard the make up sex is blows peoples’ minds, but that’s not important here.

Should they have talked and tried to solve it with another way? Probably. But they didn’t. Because oh boy, dealing with emotions is not always an easy way, huh?

What I want to say is that Karamel was made in fire. They have learnt the hard way. Yes, they gave each other hard times and that’s why they were strong in the end. Probably, they were the first people who were so brutally honest with each other. It was good for Mon and it was good for Kara. We all need criticism, living in some bubble where everyone say they love you and you are awesome is not good. It’s fake.  A lot of couples start with the perfect relationships from the first second they meet and then the problems are growing and suddenly “loves of their lives” become shit. In Karamel case we have totally different situation. They saw each other at their worst. They fought about basic stuff and way of life. They went through the biggest crap you can imagine and at the end, they decided that they want to be together and screw the rest. In the end they worked amazingly together. In the end they were strong. I seriously don’t know what kind of normal or typical stuff could break them apart (minus lead in air, time travel and new wife, of course *sarcasm*).

This ship is far from being perfect or spotless. That’s why it’s so good. It’s a ship of two aliens, from dead planets, that miraculously met on Earth and I haven’t seen such human, natural and real ship for a long time. When (not if, when) they will be back together, they will still fight, they will still disagree about a lot of things. And that’s good, because flawless couples don’t exist.

Rant over.    


A War Storm Playlist: Fight Together. Stand Alone. (X)

This playlist is a celebration! The last book of the Red Queen series will be out next year and I wanted to make a playlist about it. Of course I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I tried to choose songs that remind me of the series and possible closures of it.

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talk more about wine!

uhm i’m in no way an expert and i’ve actually just recently started truly appreciating wine, when i was younger i would just chug a bottle without really giving a crap or i’d order the cheapest glass (still guilty of that to this day i have to admit) but my ranking would be 

  1. blanc (Riesling or Chardonney if I have the money, Sauvignon if not)
  2. rosé (Côte de Provence, very fresh always, nothing worse than a mild temperature rosé)
  3. rouge (Chianti or Dauvergne & Ranvier -this one is quite strong-)

always stay clear of unscrewable bottles (i mean ones that open without a corkscrew) I used to buy those for parties when I didn’t have any money, but the wine is generally terrible. that reminds me, you want to put in around five to six bucks (in euros) minimum for a decent bottle! (idk what are the wine prices in other countries)

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talking about johnlock songs, have you heard Happier by Ed Sheeran??? johnlock.

Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody love you like I do
Promise that I will not take it personal, baby
If you’re moving on with someone new

‘Cause baby you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too
And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you

Sat on the corner of the room
Everything’s reminding me of you
Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you’re happier
Aren’t you?

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you

But I guess you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’d feel it too
I could try to smile to hide the truth
I know I was happier with you

Baby, you look happier, you do
I knew one day you’d fall for someone new
But if breaks your heart like lovers do
Just know that I’ll be waiting here for you

(Lyrics from Google Play Music)

Hey wow, Nonny no. You’re evil. Jesus fuck if this isn’t Sherlock’s TSo3 song.

Wow, you guys seriously, do y’all not have “happy relationship” songs?!?! I think we all just like dying LOL

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Hiiii~ Love your blog. 💞 I was wondering if you could write how domestic life with Bae Jinyoung would look like. I mean something really fluffy 😊😅😅 Btw keep up the great work and have a nice day~ 🌷

here’s a sneak peek:

  • it’s going to be hard to wake him up since he’s a cuddle monster 
  • “baby don’t gooooo~”
  • did I mention morning voice?
  • he chuckles at your bedhead, saying how you two match then smoothes it out before kissing the top of your head
  • it’s cute though cause he pours your milk for your cereal and if you two aren’t rushing, he will probably cook eggs and toasts as well 
  • will race you to the train station where the losers are supposed to buy the winner canned coffee at the convenience store
  • but it doesn’t matter who wins since he always loses to you on purpose so he can see your content smile after having your daily caffeine 
  • nuzzles into the crook of your neck during the train ride and you two share earphones, listening to the playlist he specially made 
  • jinyoung we are in public, don’t you dare fall asleep on me.”

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Hello! Do you have any information on ancient jellyfish? many thanks (:

Hey! Yes I do, although I had kinda forgotten about them up until now (so thanks for reminding me). 

Jellyfish first appear back in the fossil record back in the Mid-Cambrian, 505 million years ago. On one hand, this is to be expected, as most major animal groups appear at this time. But on the other hand, jellyfish are soft and squiggy - soft and squiggy things don’t tend to get preserved in the fossil record. For ease, I am going to take “jellyfish” to mean all members of the Medusozoa clade, which includes true jellyfish, box jellyfish, blue bottles, stalked jellyfish - even though most people probably would associate all members as “jellyfish”, e.g. hydra

Cartwright et al. (2007), wrote a cool paper describing the oldest known jellyfish fossils. The fossils have a lot in common with modern jellyfish, suggesting that he Medusozoa clade diversified in the Cambrian, and then remained relatively the same ever since. 

Scale bar = 5mm. The tentacles around the hood/bell/“jelly” bit is a trait common in Hydrozoa (e.g. Portuguese man o’ war). 

Scale bar = 5mm. The square shape of this jellyfish suggests it may have been an early Cubozoa (i.e. box jellyfish), further supported by the thickening at the tops of the tentacles (lebelled “ped”), which are interpreted to be early pedalia

Scale bar = 5mm. This fossil is just the top of the jellyfish (i.e. the hood/bell/“jelly” bit), and shows the muscles that enable the jellyfish to swim around and are characteristic of Scyphozoa (i.e. true jellyfish). 

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HELLO HI IM HERE WITH SOME LOWKEY ANGST So uh you should listen to I'll Be Good by Jaymes Young cuz it honestly kinda reminds me of Percy and I feel like he'd relate to it, especially after that whole underwater scene with Jason (u know the one, the one with Kym)

I’ll be good, I’ll be good / For all of the light that I shut out / For all of the innocent things that I’ve doubt / For all of the bruises that I’ve caused and the tears / For all of the things that I’ve done all these years / Yeah, for all of the sparks that I’ve stomped out / For all of the perfect things that I doubt // I’ll be good, I’ll be good / And I’ll love the world, like I should / Yeah, I’ll be good, I’ll be good / For all of the times I never could.

oh well now i’m upset :’( can someone please just let percy know that he’s done so well and he deserves all the love and support in the world my god

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I hope youre feeling better. If not maybe this will cheer you up. You mentioned that you like magical realism including "that one guy from juniors" and it reminded me of the fic that I won't write but want to read. In it theres literally only one guy from juniors and hes had just about every tropey thing you can imagine happen to him. Time travel, deaging, animal transformation, cant lie, only speaks in song, wingfic, cursed, dimension travel where hes a baker/barista/whatever, and etc. 1/4

If it’s a trope, it happened to him. The plot of the fic would revolve around him living his life post-juniors/hockey and trying to forget the trauma and weird shit that made up his teen years but he can’t because he keeps getting calls from former teammates who are now in the NHL and shenanigans are happening and they need advice. It’d feature a rotating cast of cameos of different players who call him up to get help with the latest crisis. Crosby got turned into a penguin so he gets a call 2/4

asking if he knows how to turn him back or what they should do in the meantime. Or Seguin is now not a cis male and wants advice on how to deal until he is one again. Or Subban was cursed to confess his love to anyone he makes eye contact with and after telling the team he loves them he’s spent the last 30 min gushing at Pricey and they need a way to make him stop so he can play that night. Another call is “Oh shit Malkin is a child what do we do what do we do how do we make it better? ¾

Or “my linemate is now a wolf and I dont know what to do but hey hes stopped growling.” Shit like that with [insert your fave teams/players here]. Itd be all the magical tropey bullshit thats so much fun to read but from an outside perspective of someone who has been there done that and is desperately trying to repress the memories, live a normal life and raise the child he accidentally wished into existence. Again I hope youre feeling better and that you enjoyed this. Sorry its so many asks 4/4

First of all, Nonny, headcanon asks are my FAVORITE, please don’t even worry about it. Thank you for them. 

And yeah, I still feel gross but it’s manageable (colds like this set off my asthma badly and i’m a wheezing wreck hacking up a lung for a week or two, but thank heaven for nebulizers and medicine etc).  

And oh poor, poor Guy From Juniors. Bless his heart. I love this. It makes a great narrative framing device. Each chapter could be a different pairing. 

I could see this as a fun fic challenge where people get assigned randomized pairings and a trope and write short fics that all get collected as chapters to the overarching fic. Gosh, If I thought I’d get enough writers behind it, it would be so fun. Poor Guy Johnson, trying to live his life. One minute it’s a call from Ovechkin yelling about how his Nicke has been turned to stone, the next it’s a rambling, emoji laden text from some Leafs rookie he doesn’t even know because he tries not to follow hockey, asking him what to do if the guy he’s kinda sorta maaaybe bros-with-benefits-and-DEF-no-feels with suddenly just physically can’t be more than 10 feet away from him….

for sake of love

i smirk, never smile

because i can see you

aligned with all my intuitions

i know you, i guess

youve lived in my worries for a while

i never tell you kisses

never tell you my wishes

stagnant for your sake

reminding me of memories i buried

we dont feel each other

and i thought i didnt know you, i wish

holding you is like

holding my anxiety

my depression

i watch you move funny

miscalculate my vibes

assume my lies

protect yo heart like that?

this game of russian roulette

where our feelings are the glass

we polish up for suckers

as you test and fit me inside

i am losing again

like were holding guns to each others foreheads

screaming “YOU LOVE ME FIRST!!”

i hate these games

i want you to be apart of my pictures

one that i havent finished in the slightest

youd love me incomplete

and youd love me better naive

i wish i didnt know you so well

professionalfobtrash said: Wouldn’t that technically also mean that Death/Black Parade could also come to you as something not so epic? Like, one specific person, who might not even be dead yet, or idk somone’s childhood pet? Imagine if it’s just one little bunny hopping slowly towards you after you die…?

Lol technically yes?? If your happiest memory was playing with your pet bunny, then, instead of a Black Parade, you could have a Black Rabbit lol Why does that remind me of AFI?

Yooo that should be an ask game: fuck your Patronus or your MBTI type. I want to know the form in which your death would appear to you. 

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Billy Joel's Vienna is such a deckerstar song 🖤

We all have this lists of songs that remind us of Deckerstar and you are right that it is a Deckerstar song and a great one to be added in the series in a slow moment… Hopefully, it will… Perhaps as a tribute to Miranda ;)

My list is a bit weird and absurd. I mostly use it for my WIP as well for my future fanfics and fanvids… PS Do not judge me too harshly…  AGN Playlist

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yo ok so i got a problem, and i think u can help me solve it. so there are barely any robin! jason todd fics/one shots/headcanoms??? i was thinking you could be a dear and support our bby robin by writing something,, it could be as basic as a dating headcanon or wild af but pleaaasseeeeee !!

Ohohoho yes yes yes
Maybe I should do something with batboys being younger like you mentioned 🤔
I’m planning on posting what I plan to write so I’ll keep that in mind 💕
(And if I forget P L E A S E remind me! I tend to forget things I want to write 😅)

Let me

Let me describe to you,

The way the sky blurs and bends,

Mixing with tears at 4 am,

And the ease of which one falls victim to the night

When the mind screams louder than the storm outside.

Allow me to guide you through the steps,

That it takes to slice your skin open

And share your story in a book someone will read without looking away.

Let me show you

That scars are not beautiful,

They are ugly reminders of a war we were not strong enough to win,

And of times too dark to see the light,

When the night sky blurred with our pain,

And the only friend we had was ourselves,

But like everyone else,

They ran away and left us with a shell of what they wanted.

Allow me to demonstrate,



You have to feel to cry at school

And not give a fuck.

And how the battlegrounds of home

Are so much better than the ones at school,

Because at home no one forces your presence,

Counts on attendance,

But what if attendance was based on emotions rather than physical presence?

I would be counted absent time after time,

Because what used to be a happy girl who loved life,

Became her demons,

Dancing the tango with her insecurities,

And teasing death like a drunk girl in a tiny black dress,

I would be absent time after time

And everyone around me would succeed.

You do not understand

What it is like to barely be a teen,

And to have suffered more than any adult.

And yes I know,

I am young,

I have not suffered,

I am privileged,

So I should not complain.

However I do not remember anyone telling me,

When I was 6,

And my mother beat me black and blue because she was drunk and bored,

That I was lucky.

I do not remember what it was like before my half brother,

Who I had trusted,

Held me in such contempt,

When he slammed me against a wall and screamed,

And then locked me in a closet because I was scared of the dark and the closed space,

That was the day the dark became my friend,

And I had cried to god,

Because he was the only one listening.

I do not remember being lucky,

However I could have it worst.

Let me tell you what pain is to me,

And share your pain with me.

I cannot heal myself.

I cannot heal you,

But I want to help.

Tell me your story, Stranger.

Tangle your words with mine,

Reach out to me,

Let me be a lantern,

Because I wish I had one that day I sat on my bathroom floor praying to god to let me live, because I was in pain and the taste of bleach overwhelmed my lust for death and I realized I did not WANT death.

Let me help,

Share your story,

Fall in love,

And be happy.

Let me show you how to be okay when the sky crashes,

I can be atlas,

I will take the weight off of anyone who asks and take it upon myself.