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we’re in this together ~ soulmate series

prepare yourselves for pure fluff 

“We need to talk, Y/N.” he said, folding his arms over his chest. His expression was dark, he was furious. You’ve never seen him this angry before and you weren’t sure what he was capable of when he’s angry.

You knew it was a mistake to lie about the eviction in the first place, he was bound to find out somehow, but this wasn’t how you wanted it to happen. Eventually you were going to tell him what was going on in your life, but not until you knew you could trust him 100% and that he wasn’t going to leave you for something like this.

Ever since what happened with Ava’s father you’ve gained some real trust issues, and unfortunately they weren’t going to go away because he was your soulmate.

“What about Ava?” you asked, trying to distract him. Hopefully he’ll realise it’s not the best idea to leave a 4 year old unattended in a room for very long and decide to put this dreaded conversation on hold.

“She said she wanted to take a nap and I left the door open a crack so we can hear in case anything goes wrong.” he said, motioning to the door that was open just a tiny bit, he wedged a shoe in between the door so it wouldn’t close. “Now, would you like to explain yourself?”

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Stranger things season 3 concept:

an episode in which nobody cries

anonymous asked:

I heard from somewhere that your relationship with the Balkans was slowly getting better, is this true?

//Turk “Well, seeing as there’s so many balkans, it’s hard to say. Sure, there have been attempts on my part to reach out to my old territories.. some have gone well! Like with Croatia, Romania, and Bosnia.. and some have gone bad! like Serbia and Bulgaria.. but anyways, each one is pretty unique, really, so it’s hard to answer this one.”


PS: I hope it’s okay @ask-aph-albania @ottomanliest & @ask-aph–croatia that I borrowed your designs for Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia! <3 I love them a lot and I didn’t have designs of my own! 

i know you wanna be loved ~ a mushy playlist


walcott - vampire weekend • home - one direction • some boys - death cab for cutie • hologram girl - miniature tigers • diplomat’s son - vampire weekend • hazey jane ii - nick drake • 18 - one direction • little fool - miniature tigers • just like honey - the jesus and mary chain • american eyes - promises ltd. • loving someone - the 1975 • loved - julia brown • falling - julee cruise • down by the water - the drums

ladymage  asked:

what's your fave horror movie hiyoko?

I don’t really have one I prefer. I’m not a big fan, I just find them funny to watch…But maybe The Amityville Horror. The characters were dumb enough to stay somewhere that was obviously haunted. 

just saw someone on Facebook post a picture of their child who had just baked something yummy and her mom posted a caption with the tag “#wifeyskills.”

your child is TEN. stop doing this. stop telling girls that when they do something typically feminine (i.e. baking, cooking, cleaning, laundry) that they have “wife skills” or will “make a good wife one day.”

congratulate her on her amazing cooking or baking skills, or her talent and creativity, or her brilliance. stop telling young girls that they’re going to make good wives one day. we do not exist to please men.