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YOUR TAGS. I feel you girl. It irritates me when people pretend Dean hasn't found his perfect match. Even in S4 when Dean barely knew him Cas was gentle and wanted to understand Dean "you don't think you deserved to be saved", the park date, etc. He sacrifices everything for Dean, makes Dean laugh (HE HADN'T HAD FUN LIKE THAT IN YEARS), always comes back to Dean. I can boldly say Castiel is the one person Dean is the happiest around. It does help that he thinks Cas is devastatingly handsome.

Some people must be watching the show like this:

Because really? Dean hasn’t found someone who loves him fully and unconditionally?

A person who would be literally everything Dean would look for in a romantic partner if he allowed it for himself? 

Someone who sees who Dean really is and loves him for it? Who would always choose Dean? Who would give up things for Dean? Who would rebel and fall for Dean? Who would always look out for Dean? Who would always care for Dean? Who would even keep away from Dean if it would protect him? Who would care for him when he’s wounded? Who would also care deeply for Sam because he loves him like a brother? 

Someone who is his equal, a BAMF, who knows the life, who brings out his soft side, who brings him up when he’s at his lowest, who challenges him, who sometimes even frustrates him because he cares so much. Someone with no preconceptions of who a person ‘should’ be, who therefore has no comprehension of why Dean would repress certain sides of himself thanks to low self esteem and cultural norms and therefore accepts and loves him for who he is as a whole, even the sides Dean might not even like himself, helping Dean to learn to embrace them. Someone who helps him be the best him that he can be, who would always choose him and would theoretically stay at his side for centuries if need be, who, when he doesn’t stay it’s because he is trying to protect him from afar and keep him safe, but someone who always comes back to Mr Dean Abandonment Issues Winchester.

Someone who would watch over him as his mother, up on her pedestal, always said Angels would, but you know, literal Angels don’t exist so he would have to settle for a metaphorical romantic partner for this, like in all the love songs and fairy tales…


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I thought we were friends, very good friends.
So why didn’t you tell me?
Why didn’t you let me know?
Why didn’t you say something?
Why didn’t you admit it? 
I thought you understood me,
I thought you knew I would never hurt you.
I wish you had just come out with it and told me you loved me,
I wish you hadn’t kept it from me for so long that it broke you.
I do love you, but not in the same way and I am really sorry about that
but maybe we could’ve tried, maybe I could’ve somehow helped you, to move on, to let go.
I know I can’t take away your pain but I could’ve eased it a little bit. 
I am sorry I couldn’t love you in the way you wanted me to, but I definitely love you in my way.

Writing from the other side of one sided love // @justscribbledwords

Has Louis ever been this open in 1D interviews before? He mentioned already that he would always have the chance to stay in the background while being interviewed with the other boys unless he wanted to crack a joke, so I feel like we’ve never actually had Louis be this open and speak about himself so much, and it’s really incredible to see the type of amazing person he is all on his own