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Timothée Chalamet Says Contract Blocked Him From Criticizing Woody Allen, Supporting Dylan Farrow. It Didn't. | HuffPost

This article was published today, and they accuse Timothée of lying about his legal obligations for speaking about Allen.
They accuse Timothée of being shady because even if he donated his money, he didn’t speak against Allen.
They accuse Timothée of trying to sway the voters of both the SAG awards and The Oscars in his favor.
They accuse Timothée of doing it before both members of said awards vote.

The Huffington Post publishes this article the last day members of the Sag Awards vote, and the last week the members of the Academy vote. And the one doing the swaying and the manipulation is Timmy?

“Two prominent actors who have won SAG awards in the past but aren’t in contention for this year’s awards, who spoke to HuffPost on the condition of anonymity, have accused Chalamet of attempting to play both sides of the game.”

So, 2 PROMINENT ACTORS who have won SAG awards, choose to criticize, ANONYMOUSLY, a YOUNG actor who stated his position PUBLICLY.

Aren’t they ashamed of themselves?

Someone doesn’t want Timothée to succeed, or simply, by putting the spotlight on him, they are hiding in plain sight. How awful you have to be to do something this disgusting?

And never forget what the Guardian wrote:
“Chalamet is the most high profile male actor to disavow Woody Allen”.
Chalamet, 22 years old, only 3 big movies, breakthrough actor of the year. The MOST HIGH PROFILE MALE ACTOR.

So this is how your social justice works?

Ahh same I love deer haha and that sounds like a lovely story because yes for princesses and deer and woods and adventures. Humm I haven’t really thought about making stuff related to that since I did that piece at least two years ago  but if I ever did maybe it’d be a repaint? we’ll see but there will always be deer lurking around on this tumblr haha.

I’m pretty normal/boring haha but ahhh I’m glad my art makes you happy : )

if you understand the lesson in your math class but keep forgetting certain aspects to do, thus messing up your answers:

  • write them (reminders of what you keep forgetting) down in your notes
  • try to write under 3 reminders for each section of your current unit (for maximum efficiency)
  • for example, if your math test is over 3 sections of a unit, then you’ll have under 9 reminders for the entire test
  • memorize them before the test as well as which section of the unit they correspond to
  • as soon as you get your test, quickly write them down of the paper at the top of each section before you forget them
  • now all you have to remember during the test is to look at the top of the page! almost like an open note test :0

disclaimer: i only know this works for math classes algebra 2 and under, but this has helped me get straight a’s in math since i’ve started doing it!

another disclaimer: obviously long term studying and reviewing is better but if you livin that crammer life…

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newsies songs summarized

overture: Emotional Chest Feeling: the song

santa fe (prologue): jack going “i wanna be a coowwwboy baby”

carrying the banner: there will always be one more chorus than you think

the bottom line: this song is a banger i dont care what anyone says (feat. evil planning and a bouncy chorus)

that’s rich: We Are All Love Medda

i never planned on you/ don’t come a-knocking: jack has no use for poetry or moonlight but still manages to be one corny sappy bitch

the world will know: ANGRY STOMPING AND Y E L L I N G

watch what happens: a banger but also deceptively hard to sing

seize the day: We Are All Love Davey

santa fe: jack wants to be a cowboy, cont’d

king of new york: a bop, also SPOON FIGHT

watch what happens (reprise): go and look it up the poor GUYS head is spinning (you knew it was coming also this song bangs)

the bottom line (reprise): the one everyone forgets about

brooklyn’s here: arguably the biggest jam on the whole album feat. them tiny boys

something to believe in: Jatherine Is Canon Shut Up

once and for all: DETERMINATION + that daym key change

finale: hey here’s some more flips n shit fuck you


Meeting in Silithus Part One


~ Qunari & Their Horns ~

Most Qunari have horns. The horn itself has no nerve endings and can be removed, however, they can still become irritated, thus the Qunari have developed balm. Most Qunari have one pair of horns, though some Qunari can have two pairs of horns - one big and one small one; the Arishok is the only one to date to have eight horns in total; it is unknown what determines the number of horns or their size. It should be noted that Salit has six horns in total.

Once upon a time, I was studying abroad in Japan.

As part of my program, we spent one weekend in the countryside in Okayama. I was assigned to basically the cutest family in the entire world and I instantly loved each and every one of them. I could tell many stories about the fun time I had in Okayama with this family, but instead, here’s the one that haunts me.

One night the mother was driving me home from an event she’d wanted me to attend and we were making small talk. After a little while, she starts talking about this mushroom. Now, by this point I’d kind of gotten used to Japanese people telling me all about special Japanese foods, or Japanese natural phenomena, or cultural tidbits. I got that a lot as an American. So when she started telling me about this super amazing mushroom, the matsutake mushroom, I just kind of nodded my head. Frankly, I was tired and I don’t like mushrooms, so I was more interested in how excited she was than the mushroom itself. She told me about how expensive it was, how sought-after, how rare. She told me she’d never had it before, but she’d always wanted to try it.

I somehow did not see where this was going.

So we get home, the whole family is there. Like even grandma has come to visit? Why? Because… to celebrate the huge event of a foreign exchange student coming to their house, they have bought matsutake mushrooms to go with dinner.

Well, shit.

So I was sitting there, staring at Adorable Beaming Grandma, as they put these, like, ridiculously expensive mushrooms in front of me. As far as I could see, I had very few options. I could eat the mushrooms and pretend to love them so they’d be happy. I could admit that I hate mushrooms so they could all have more themselves. Or, as I eventually opted for, I could pretend that I was motherfucking dainty. I ate a very small amount of these diamond mushrooms or whatever (I wish I could tell you that I enjoyed them, but they were mushrooms, they were gross, I’m sorry), but also a very small amount of everything else.

“Oh no,” I said. “I couldn’t eat another bite. I wish I could. It’s all so delicious. I’m really, really grateful. What an amazing opportunity; you’re all so kind. It’s just that I’m still full from those treats you gave to me at the event.”

I lied like a fucking rug.

So they bought it, they got to have more of those marvelous mushrooms they’d always wanted to try, and I got to not eat them. Or much of anything else. I was very hungry, but I was not going to insult this delightful family.

And that’s the story of how I got to try one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world and it was hell. lmao

A story about a group of friends interested in science (optionally) with the protagonist pretending to be a mad scientist fighting an Evil Organization and wishing to bring chaos in this world, forming a ‘laboratory’, making ‘future gadgets’ (useless practically) and spoiling food for experiments (its for science ©), accidentally creating a working time machine, getting involved in a confrontation with a real Evil Organization, changing time lines and nearly bringing real chaos in this world? HELL YES, give me more.

In my case, ‘more’ was the original novel which I finally played and loved. The extended narration from Okabe’s POV (see: tons of absurd stories about mad scientists and conspiracy theory) and text messages made it increadible. Now I need a time machine to go to the past and made myself study instead of drowning in feels but i guess it’s impossible to change the result.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ