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Please Stay

First and foremost, can we just talk about ‘Sign Of The Times’?! I’m telling you guys, this song is going to get Harry his Grammy. It’s ICONIC and a CLASSIC. His gorgeous, majestic, enchanting and mesmerizing voice is a gift to us. I just love them so much! I’m so proud of everything our boys have achieved!   

 Now hope you guys enjoy this part 2 of ‘Only If’. Hope you like it as much as ya’ll liked part 1 :) xx 

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You're art is soo good im crying!! i just wanna know how long does it normally take you to animate something short?

Thanks a lot! Things that are very short and sketchy (like the gif above!) actually only take a few minutes! Just because its not a lot of work to produce like 7 panels at medium.

now this is a short gif but it has a lot more panels and smoothness and stuff to just generally move around! I think this one took about an hour and a half! Which is what I’d say is what you’re normally looking at when doing small animations with details! About 1 and a half hours up to 3 hours. Most of my homestuck music videos I did 


All took around two hours to do! Hope this helps! My message system is always open if u ever wanna hit me up and talk about animation!

So I am pretty hungover today and the only thing that was on my mind this evening was carbs. But I still managed to keep it pretty healthy! This took about half an hour but was incredibly simple to make. I had also been really missing spaghetti bolognese recently and wanted to try and make something with a similar texture and this did the trick! Also the great thing about this is that any veggie will work so if you have anything that needs using up in the fridge don’t be afraid to whack it in!

Vegan Ragu 

1. Finely chop one red onion and two cloves of garlic. In a deep pan pour in a glug of olive oil and pop it on a low - medium heat add the garlic, onion and one teaspoon of dried oregano and stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn. 

2. Now this next step is a bit of an arm workout but totally worth it, besides you can add extra parmesan if you’ve had to work for your dinner! So you need to grate half an aubergine, one carrot and half a portobello mushroom (you can also add this to a food processor if you have one and pulse it briefly). Add to the pan and keep stirring for about ten minutes. Whilst this is happening start to cook your pasta.

3. Pour over half a tin of vegan tomato soup, a squeeze of tomato puree and stir. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Keep stirring until the pasta is cooked, then add half a cup of the pasta water and the pasta, give it a stir and serve with lashings of (vegan) parmesan


I’m so duummmbbb

I was like ‘I’ll go to bed at one and wake up at half 6, and get about 6 hours of sleep.“

Me at 1 am: wait i fucked up the maths.

Then it took an hour and a half to fall asleep.

So ive had a grand total of 4 hrs sleep.

My break got fudged up so now im only having 15 minutes instead of half an hour.

Also shark week is here draining my iron count.

So im like 8’D i’m probably going to pass out…. and need to avoid this some how.

Slowly falling in love chapter 14- Yoongi

Y/N - your name,    Y/F/N- your friend name

Genere: Romance, Angst, Smut (in next parts)

chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, kiss scene- Yoongi pov, chapter 4,chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7,chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13

WC: 2021

Summary:  He’s the worst guy in school, everyone is scared of him, he don’t give a shit about his grades or classes, still all the girls are in love with him. That’s how you would describe him- MIN YOONGI. You’re the only one that’s not into him, you are more scared of him then in love. And after that one stupid thing you did it was only worse… well that’s what you thought at first.

Part: 14/15

She does. But anyways here’s my plan on how to get her back to you…- Jimin started.

After 4 hours of sitting, drinking and talking Jimin and Yoongi fell alseep. Jimin explained his plan to his hyung with every detail. Yoongi wasn’t sure if it will work but he stil wanted to try. Now he just had to wait until prom night. It was still almost a month away but Yoongi was already feeling uneasy about it. 

On Saturday morning you woke up pretty early. It was 9 am and you were ready to start your day.  You decided to call yoongi and ask him if you can meet and work on your project. You hardly believed he would pick up because he’s not a morning person. 

He’s probably still sleeping.- You thought to yourself before clicking “call”.

Hello?- You heard Yoongi’s voice.

Hi Yoongi. Did I wake you up?- You asked concerned.

No no you didn’t.- He answered.

Oh okay. i just wanted to ask if we can meet today and work on our project?- You informed.

Yeah of course we can. I’ll be at your place in 15 minutes, if it’s cool with you?- Yoongi stated.

Ok no problem. See you- You informed and hung up.

You were surprised. Yoongi never wakes up tihs early and he’s never so eager to work on school stuff. You smiled to yourself thinking how hard he’s working on this. Just like he said he was at your place after 15 minutes.

Hi.- Yoongi said when he came inside.

Hi. Do you want someting to drink or eat?- You asked right after he sat down on the sofa.

You know I actually didn’t eat breakfast yet and I’m kinda hungry.- He started.

Okay what do you want to eat? Sandwich or eggs or maybe something else. I actually didn’t eat too so I’m starving.- You said after asking him.

You know maybe we can go out and eat something and then come back and work on the project. It will take less time and you won’t have to prepar anything. Of course only if you want to.- He suggested.

That sounds perfect. Let me just go get change and we can go.- You said smiling while going to your room.

After 5 minutes you were ready and you and Yoongi could go out to eat. After next 15 minutex of driving Yoongi stopped in front of small coffe shop that you used to go to when you were dating. This place was perfect. It’s located away from all the noise and cars and it has really good coffe and amzing breakfasts. When you sat down Yoongi went to order for both of you. He came back with black coffe for him and with Cappuchino for you.

I ordered French Toasts with cinnamon and apples for you and grilled sandwich with chesse and ham for me.- He informed you with slight smile.

Thanks.- You returned the smile and took a sip from your coffe.

You still remember?- You laughed slightly.

Huh?- He asked.

Cappuchino and French Toasts.- He said.

Ohhh this. Of course I do. You always orderd the same thing everytime we came here. And I mean excatly the same thing. French Toasts with cinnamon and apples and Cappuchino.- He laughed.

Hey and you? You ordered the same thing too. Each time we were here.- You both started laughing..

After you both finished eating Yoongi paid even thoug you told him you can split and you will pay your half. As soon as you came home you started working on the project. Yoongi was working really hard. He was looking for all the information that you guys needed and when he founf them he gave them to you so you can put it all togethet for your presentation. You guys spent like all day working on the project and also just laughing and talking.

Ughhh I’m so tired. - Yoongi said as he stretched.

Uhhh me too. We spent all day working on this project and I’m really tired and my butt hurts from sitting for so long.- You laughed.

At least we are done with our project.- You added.

Yeah, I think we did a really good job.Okay it’s alredy 6 pm. time really went by fast- He said.

Yeah it did.- You agreed with him and you heared your phine ringing.

Sorry I will just answer.- You said and went to another room.

After 5 minutes you came backe to the living room.

Sorry it was my mom. She just called to…- You didn’t finish because you saw that Yoong felli asleep on the sofa.

You went to get a blanket and a pillow. You covered Yoongi and put his head on the pillow.

You look cute when you’re sleeping. You look so peaceful.- you said to yourself as you werew stroking his black hair gently.

You gave him soft kiss on the forehead and stood up but you felt his hand on you arm. He was holding it and didn’t wanted to let go. You decided to stay little longer but ended up fall asleep on the floor with your head on the sofa and your hand holding Yoongi’s.

When you woke up you saw Yoongi staring at you. You quickly stood up and relised that you were in your bed. You were wondering how you got there because it wasn’t the position you fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw you sleeping on the floor so I decided to just lay you down in your bed. And then I went back to sleep. - Yoongi explained.

Oh thank you.- You said.

What time is it?- You asked.

It’s 10 am- Yoongi answered.

I’ll get going. See you tomorrow- Min said as he went out of your room.

Bye.- You said as you went downstairs after him.

You spent the rest of the day looking for a dress for the prom. As you were in one of the shops you noticed Namjoon and Jungkook. You figured that they were looking for a suit. You heared them talking.

Don’t you think it’s great that Yoongi and Jimin finlally made up hyung?- Jungkook asked.

Yeah it’s great. Now it finally feels like before.- Namjoon smiled and they went out.

It was little surprising to you when you heard that. Neither Jimin or Yoongi told you about this. You wanted to call Jimin and ask him about it but you just decided to wait till tomorrow.

Next day when you met Jimin in school you asked him right away.

Why didn’t you tell me huh?- You were acting like you’re mad.

Didn’t tell you what?- Jimin asked.

That you and Yoongi made up.- You answered him.

Ohhh this. I don’t know I just didn’t know it’s that important.- He laughed.

Whatever. So did you find you mask for prom?- You asked him changing the subject.

No and how about you? Did you find you dress and mask?- He asked you the same question.

Nope still looking.- You answered sadly.

No worries I’m sure you’ll find it soon.- Jimin smiled as you two went inside the classroom.

It’s been almost two weeks and you still didn’t find the dress or the mask. But it wasn’t important right now. It was Thursday and it was the day of the presentation. You were nervous and so was Yoongi but he told you not to worry and that everything will be okay. You watched how other groups were talking and presenting their projects. It was time for you and Yoongi. You went to the center of the classroom and looked at Yoongi.

It’s gonna be fine.- He said and smiled at you.

Told you we’re gonna do great.- After you two finished Yoongi looked at you and whispered.

After couple of minutes Ms. Kim told us the results. 

There was one group that did amzing job, and their presentation was really good. And this group is Yoongi and Y/N. You guys did really good and both of you are getting A+.- Ma. Kim inforemd.

After the class was finished you went to  Yoongi and hugged him tightly.

Hey see I was right.- He hugghed you back.

Yeah yeah you were.- You laughed and looked at him.

Thank you Y/N.- Yoongi looked into your eyes.

For what?- You asked.

Just… Thank you.- He said and went to the door.

Hey Yoongi… Thank you too.- You said and looked at him.

He smiled and went out. It was happening agian. To you heart. Whebn you saw him smile and when he hugged you. There was this feeling in your heart, this warmth you feel when he’s around. You smiled to yourself and went out. 

You decided to go shopping after school. You wanted to fing the dress and the mask for prom. After 3 hours of looking you finally found the perfect dress and perfect mask. 

You bought black heels and you had everything you needed for your prom night. You were excited for the prom night. It was less than two weeks away. Yo and your classmates were already rehearsing the half-time dance. Your partner was Jimin. So far it was going all good. There was still 8 more rehearsals to do. And only 2 weeks left. 

1 week until prom night. each day you were getting more excited. Prom is the best thing and it willbe your last one because you are graduating. Everyone was super happy about prom especially girls but so was Yoongi.

Hyung, come on we need to talk.- Jimin took Yoongi at the rooftop.

Okay Yoongi do you remember the plan?- Jimin aksed.

Yeah I do.- Yoongi answered.

Good. I called guys so that we will tell them about our plan.- Park informed.

Okay.- Yoongi said.

After 5 minutes they were all there.

Okay guyts listen, me and Yoongi hyung have a plan how to get hyun and Y/n back together. It’s all gonna happen at prom night of course.- Jimin started.

So wht’s the plan?- Hoseok asked curiously.

It will all start at the half-time dance. Me and Yoongi will have same masks on and when it’s time for the dance we’ll switch partners and so Yoongi hyung will be dancing with Y/N and not me. And then you Jungkook will go in amd dance with my partner. So that Y/N won’t suspect anything weird. The dance is easy after going back to your original partner we are doing normal ballroom dance with our partners and then Y/N is dancing with hyung and you Jungkook will change places with me agian so I’m gonna be dancing. As the dancing goes on hyung will be charminjust do what he will need to do, what his heart will tell him to. And then when it’s time to take off our mask Y/N’s find out that she’s dancing with Yoongi. Easy isn’t it?- Jimin finished explaning their plan to the guys.

But don’t you think that Y/N noona will think she’s dancing with Jimin and she will think that you are trying to hit on her?- Jungkook asked confused.

No.- Jimin answered confidently.

How do you know that?- Jungkook kep on asking.

I just do. Trust me- Jimin asured him.

Okay.- They all said.

After they all knew the plan they decided to go to Yoongi’s place and just drink and play games. 

By the way how aare you so sure Y/N’ not going to mistake Yoongi as you?- Taehyung asked Jimin on their way to Yoongi’s place

Come on Tae, she loves him. And she knows him, he can wear any mask he wants and Y/N will still recogise him. By his lips, by his moves, by his touch, and by his eyes.- Jimin explained.

Hah you’re right. Sometimes you’re a genius Jimin.- They both laughed.

Of course I am.- Jimin added.

Oh but does hyung know?- Tae asked.

Nope and it will stay this way. Now let’s go have fun with guys.- Jimin grabbed Taehyung and went inside.

They spent all night playing games and drinking. And also talking about the plan, they were talking about every detail. Prom was only 3 days away. 

Two things to know: (1) My Mom took an AARP magazine from her work for me because the cover is Ted Danson. (2) I only have 14 episodes of Cheers left to watch.

So there I am, reading about what Ted Danson is up to when fucking AARP puts in a fucking Cheers spoiler for the fucking last 14 episodes I have to watch!!! I watched 11 seasons in less than a monththat’s over 250 episodes, btw!!!–with only one half-spoiler, and now, in the final, home stretch here, I have had an entire episode ruined for me!!!

Fuck you, AARP magazine!

Weekday Dinners: Vegetable Miso Broth (Vegan, GF)

I am not not a delicate chef. I have never been one for these fine recipes, delicately adding ingredients in a particular manner. Measuring the width of finely sliced aubergines was never my style.

Turns out finely sliced ingredients have their place and aren’t actually hard to do.

I have never had knife skills training, or even found a tutorial on it. It might take marginally longer to slice ingredients a little thinner than usual but for this broth, that tiny bit of effort really pays off.

Broths haven’t ever appealed to me either before I made this. Turns out they’re really tasty. I haven’t eaten too healthily recently due to many excuses I gave myself, so I took myself shopping and got some fresh ingredients to perk myself up.

The vegetables in this dish are filling enough on their own, but when they sit in your bowl under the salty miso, the flavour from the broth infuses with the vegetables while they flavour the broth. It works both ways to make something your friends would think came from a restaurant.

Just as one more bonus, this dish is healthy and only takes 15 minutes.

Weekday Dinners: Vegetable Miso Broth (Vegan, Gf)

1 large red onion
1 large handful of sliced cabbage (about half a head)
3 spring onions
3 cloves of garlic
½ red bell pepper
1 thumb-sized piece of ginger
1 t. Miso paste (heaped)
1-2. T. Chili paste
1 t. Coconut oil
2-4 T. Light soy sauce
Half a lime
Salt and pepper to taste
Sesame seeds to garnish (optional)


1. Heat a wok on a medium to high heat and melt the coconut oil. If you don’t have a wok don’t worry, I used a saucepan and I’m pretty sure it will taste the same.

2. While the pan is heating up, finely slice the bell pepper, the onions, garlic and finely grate the ginger using a box grater. Slice the spring onions further up than you think. The thicker parts will go in the pan and the thinner, hollow parts will be used later.

3. Get the bell pepper into the wok first as these will take the longest to cook through. Toss them in the oil and keep them moving. Once they are coated in the oil, add the garlic. (Pro tip: Never put garlic straight into and pan with just hot oil, they will burn quickly! Adding them in with another ingredient gives them something to sit on and makes the pan slightly cooler)

4. Add in the red onions, giner, and season with soy sauce - about 2 tablespoons for now.

5. Move the ingredients around in the pan for 1-2 minutes before throwing in the sliced greens.

6. Mix the miso paste with 1 tablespoon of soy sauce in a small bowl or glass before pouring it into the pan.

7. Give it a quick stir and cover with water. Add the thick parts of the spring onions and chili paste. If you don’t have chili paste use freshly minced chilies and add them in at step 4. It’s your choice, I just prefer the paste for this recipe!

8. Bring to a simmer before tasting. Season with salt, pepper and/or soy sauce to taste.

9. Serve in a bowl and squeeze over the juice of half half a lime. Garnish with the thin parts of the spring onion and some sesame seeds.

It tastes amazing. Asian cooking really isn’t difficult. This recipe is quick, healthy, only uses one pan and is full of flavour. There’s no excuse not to try it yourself!

Use any greens you like; bok choy, kale, cabbage, chard, anything that will still have a little bite!

If you need something a little more filling, throw in a pack of dried noodles of choice or some silken tofu in at step 7.

This is one of my favourite dishes to feature on #whatheatetoday so please send in a photo of your own vegetable miso!

Selective Amnesia, or Five Times Finn Said I Love You and One Time Rae Heard Him

Hello, my lovelies! It’s been forever since I posted a fic, it seems. It also seems like I’ve been working on this fic forever. The idea came to me quite soon after the Voldemort of Series (we don’t mention it, bc it doesn’t exist). I agonized over it for months, and then wrote the last couple parts pretty quick (maybe too quick, who knows.) But it finally feels like it’s finished, so I’m posting it quick before I agonize some more.

The formatting gave me hell, too. I tried pasting from three different places, but it kept being a giant chunk of text with no separation. I think I managed to put in all the correct paragraph breaks, but if anything seems weird, let me know. 

Okay, so. One thing that drove me crazy about the Rae/Finn relationship in The Series That Shall Not Be Named was the utterly preposterous assertion that it took Finn a year and a half to say the words “I love you” -_- Just … no. So, this is me doing my first 5 Times/1 Time fic to try and figure out that puzzle. It may be the only fic I ever write that this explicitly alludes to … y’know … The Unfortunateness That Is S3.

There is a sprinkling of smut in here, fair warning. I don’t think it’s anything too salacious, but fair warning. 

Now, without further ado … here’s this thing.

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He’s no good with words.

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(i talked to an angel and i still have eyes)

7. all of heaven
including those who fell
strive to be like you.“

3. there is nothing biblical or tragic
about not being adored by you
you were designed to be loved by someone
with enough of it to spare,
and my heart was not build for that much

1. you took your orders from the Most High
but for one night without the stars
you said you were mine
and you took me to a place where heaven
wasn’t watching

2. i only counted for less than twelve hours,
a half-moon’s reign,
a camel’s eye inside the subatomic particle
of one of your forevers,
but i stil did
a feat no one has ever managed
for as long as you’ve lived

4. you laughed – a small country shook
and believed in the lord again –
and said
"your heart is an atomic bomb
a firearm aimed at the open palm of a saint
when we were together
did you think
my wings came out unharmed?
you cannot be more explosive if you tried

5. "you are made of brimstone and god’s breath
the apocalypse is just you
splitting the atom again

6. "duty and purpose and divinity
will not sustain eternity
it is sentiment that keeps us here

Who Is Felicity Smoak?

That is not just a reference to the publicity for Season 3 Episode 5, but rather sums up the difficulties I’ve had with writing Felicity in my fanfic. The first thing I have to say is that Emily Bett Rickards deserves a lot of credit for what she has done - that is, to make a character her own person in a world where everyone else has considerably more background to work on (except maybe for David Ramsey’s John Diggle, which is probably why I find him the second hardest character to write). The second thing is that people who write Felicity well in their fanfics also deserve a prize because I took three re-writes and more than 48 hours of mulling over a mere 2000 words from her point of view to come up with something I dared to publish.

Originally posted by miss-killianjones

It’s never easy to transition established characters to an AU while being true to them and I especially struggled with was the paucity of material from Season 1. I found that I had to rely on Season 3′s Felicity to flesh out the voice even though I was writing a Season 1 scene, if that makes sense. Season 3 gave us a more complex view of Felicity Smoak, and having spent the whole weekend thinking about Felicity I thought I had better set my thoughts down on her key attributes so I can come back to it when lost. I hope it helps anyone who is having the same problem I had!

1. Felicity does not give up easily

Remember that scene from Season 2 Episode 22 where Felicity tells Oliver that he honours the dead by fighting? Or when she was working under life-threatening conditions with a bomb around her neck (Season 1 Episode 15)? Perhaps I should just reference the whole of Arrow because she is under that sort of pressure a lot. The first thing we should know about Felicity is that she is no quitter and will not accept the status quo as it is, which is most obvious in her speech to Oliver in Season 2 Episode 21 about how she would be a cocktail waitress if she had just accepted things. Felicity largely manages to remain optimistic regardless, occasionally injecting her sense of humour to face situations, but it has always been consistent that she’s not content to accept circumstances, curl up into a ball and cry when faced with mere adversity. That response requires a very different trigger, which will be addressed later.

Felicity is not afraid of threats to herself, and will do anything it takes to protect her own. We see this when she tried everything to locate Oliver after he went off the grid following Moira’s death (Season Two Episode 21). This trait is sometimes handled badly where she does something that seems completely asinine, but it’s consistent with her characterisation as someone who simply refuses to accept things. The odds are not an issue for her, no matter what they are, she will buckle down and get the job done, even if it means rebuilding the entire foundry system after it self-destructed.

Originally posted by damnturtle1

Bomb around neck is not an impediment when it comes to super-hacking

2. Felicity knows her worth

So she refuses to fetch coffee except for when Oliver was really in the doldrums. Felicity is very aware of what she can and cannot do, which is why she allowed herself to feel left out when Sara first became part of Team Arrow and they had a bit of a manpower deployment conflict in Season 2 Episode 14. This can probably be linked to the fact that life gave her a less than ideal hand for her current position, which meant that she had to decide fairly early in life what she would be willing to do to take her where she is now (a journey, if I may add, that Oliver is going through only now). Felicity has shown that she is not likely to budge on these questions of value one she’s made her mind up - thus her adamant line against working with Malcolm Merlyn throughout Season 3′s back half, as well as her trying to create some semblance of normalcy in her life after Oliver rejected her in Season 3 Episode 1.

Originally posted by smoakgifs

3. Felicity is selfless

Yes, even despite what you might think about her technically leading Ray on. In Season 1 Felicity took time out to help Oliver, and then by Season 2 you learn that she’s in the Foundry spending most nights with him, albeit only in a professional capacity. With regard to Ray, we know that Felicity is a terrible liar (though not on Oliver’s levels of creative bad lying), given her propensity to just blurt out whatever is on her mind. I’m inclined to take her at face value when she tells Ray that she never intended to hurt him, and the Raylicity scenes we’ve seen on Arrow as well as The Flash are more than indicative that it was a relationship she was taking as seriously as she could. We’ve learnt that Felicity is someone that always tries, and is self-aware about what she can, and what she cannot do, as well as her own fundamental values. In Season 3 Episode 2 Felicity shows that having love and family is something that she wants as part of her life. Since she could not have that with Oliver, him having rejected her after dangling a maybe in her face, she does not spend her time pining away for him but honestly tries to have a happy ending with someone else. The timing of it may be awful, but she cared about Ray and was genuinely trying to be with him - why else would she have gone public with it by bringing him to events and Central City? The ‘make Oliver jealous’ argument is invalid because she sprang away from Ray when he visited the office, and that does not explain why she was openly addressing Ray as her boyfriend in Central City. Felicity knew what she wanted, and she tried her best to go for it. The fact that she couldn’t deny her love for Oliver in spite of it all was not anyone’s fault.

When Felicity has decided to help someone, she goes all the way, and her dedication to the mission of helping save Starling City, while shaken by the events of Season 3, rarely wavers. Felicity does not often engage in navel-gazing monologues on the show about why she does things, but a woman who knows their value wouldn’t be spending so much time on working in the Arrowcave or travelling all the way to Central City to see Barry if she was not anything other than selfless and generous with her time and expertise. She has absolutely no reason to upgrade Oliver’s software in Season 1 (other than the fact that it made the computer expert in her bleed to see it running), or to give Team Flash her face-recognition software. Felicity is generous, and selfless, to the point that she’s willing to be bait for a homicidal doll-maker.

Originally posted by ifyouweredracula

She even buys Oliver a bed because he was sleeping on the floor (definitely 100% from the generousity of her heart there)

4. Felicity cares so deeply about the ones she loves that it’s a double-edged sword

Felicity is loyal. “I keep your secret”, her unwillingness to betray Oliver to Quentin when under question, and her decision to tell Oliver about Thea’s real parentage despite what it might cost her is testament to that. This can also be said about her willingness to trust him in the Season 2 finale. Her capacity to love is so great that the attachments she forms may sometimes impede her effectiveness. She can take all sorts of pressure directed against her, but Felicity’s breaking point is when something or someone threatens to take away the ones she loves. It is the only form of duress that affects her so much she will break down and cry and be compelled to do what on the surface seems completely irrational such that she seems out of character (except she isn’t, because the point is that she can’t be logical when pressured that way). The scene in Season 2 Episode 13 when she’s in tears about possibly losing Oliver as a friend and talks about her parents is key to our understanding this aspect of her character.

She appears to have slight abandonment issues. It may or may not be a vestige of her father’s leaving, which is definitely an event that impacted the Smoak household (evinced by Season 3 Episode 5, given how often his absence becomes all the more palpable during mother-daughter conflicts), but given that her ex-boyfriend Cooper knew to concoct an elaborate plan just so he could threaten Donna to get Felicity to act rather than just threaten Felicity directly, it is clear that her greatest weakness is also what makes her so valuable to her friends: her capacity to love absolutely and loyally.

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Of course, Cooper also learnt that she could kick his ass even without a computer

This trigger point sums up most of her Season 3 arc, which is the reason why our happy bubbly Felicity was crying and upset for a good part of it. It wasn’t simply because she needs to be a human being and therefore cries when the person she loves is possibly gone forever from her side. Season 3 was consistent in presenting her with her worst nightmare as reality and therefore we saw her crack and fall to pieces. Note, however, that Felicity pulled herself back together to work when it was time to do so. I would go as far to say she grew in Season 3, because when presented with her worst nightmare over months, she proved that she could still function. Yes, she fell apart sometimes. But she was still behind her keyboard providing the surveillance backup to Team Arrow.


Felicity has more quirks than any other character on the show, but she’s more than a quipping, pop-culture aware plot device that Oliver can’t do without, professionally and personally.

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Who else is going to convince Oliver to play nice with the other kids and translate what he means when he gets growly?

EBR has made Felicity Smoak a whole character of her own, and the paucity of material in the comic books only makes that a more amazing feat. I fell in love the moment I saw her in Season 1 Episode 3 (I was all, “WHO IS THIS GIRL I LOVE HER”) and three seasons on I still love her and hope you do too <3

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i don't want to get too excited just yet but two words: solo harry

solo harry. a full album of harry singing songs that he wrote, songs that he loves and understands or songs that he loves and doesn’t understand but always songs that came from within that he wrote late at night after too many drinks or early in the morning while he waited for his chamomile tea to cool down a bit. harry’s album booklet full of pictures he took himself all in black and white and all so very harry. harry’s voice being the only one you hear during interviews; interviews where he’ll get to talk about his music and his projects and his passions and himself the whole time. solo harry photoshoots. solo harry attending award shows. solo harry being interviewed by radio 1. an hour-and-a-half-long concert consisting only of harry harry harry nothing but harry no one but harry. harry dancing harry prancing harry romancing. harry grinding against the mic and telling jokes and wearing sheer shirts and moaning in front of an audience knowing that every pair of eyes is focused on him. that every deafening scream is for him that every hungry mouth is calling his name that every extended arm is hoping to reach him. solo harry. solo harry. solo harry. it rolls off the tongue.

Stuck on level one - forever

This one happened quite a few years ago, possibly 8 or 9, so some details might be blurry. But, the point of the story still lives vividly in my memory. 

There was 4 players plus me, the DM. Since this was to be our first game I really wanted to make a good story. It all started by making the caracters for about 7, 8 hours and starting the game the next day. The story is set in a fantasy D&D world.

I really put myself into the story, made a personalized beginning for each character, their backstories and found a way how to unite them as a group, since they all came from different places. I made a story which would spread over at least a couple of levels. Their meeting point was a small, unimportant, regular, everyday fantasy village. The only point of being in that village is for the players to group up and take their first quest at a usual place in a common, usual, everyday inn. What could possibly go wrong?

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Just Tired

I’m late. Also, water is wet.

Day 1 of Marichat May. Chat Noir does the cat blink, and Marinette knows shit about cats.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

* * *

“You’re doing it again,” Marinette said. “Are you tired or something?”

It wouldn’t surprise her if he was. After all, Ladybug and Chat Noir had fought an Akuma just two hours before. Although it hadn’t been a particularly dangerous one, it still took nearly half an hour of continuous fighting before the butterfly could be purified.

Marinette’s limbs had felt like lead as she landed on her bedroom balcony. The only reason she hadn’t gone straight to bed was that she needed to finish a new dress design before finally turning in. It was for another one of Gabriel Agreste’s competitions, and even though Adrien wouldn’t be modeling the winning piece this time, she still wanted to impress her fashion idol (and maybe get another compliment from her crush).

Chat had made an appearance shortly after, not to her surprise. That cat had a habit of showing up on her balcony randomly. At first, she’d been confused and a little annoyed, but he was her partner (even if he had no knowledge of that fact), so it wasn’t long before they fell into a comfortable pattern. Sure, their friendship was a little…unconventional, but this was Chat she was talking about. Everything was unconventional with him.

Sitting next to her on her chaise, Chat frowned. “Doing what?”

“That blinking thing.” Marinette set her pencil down. “There! You just did it!”

“Last I knew, Princess, blinking isn’t a sign of tiredness.” He drawled.

Marinette huffed. “Okay, one, we’ve talked about this before: don’t call me ‘princess’. And two, it is a sign of tiredness when you blink that slowly. It’s like you can’t keep your eyes open.”

It wasn’t the first time she’d noticed it, either. The last few times he had visited, the same thing happened. His eyelids would lazily drift shut only to open a second later. She’d just thought that maybe he wasn’t getting enough sleep. Their visits did last a while sometimes, and from what she figured, his civilian life was pretty busy on top of being a superhero. That all cut into precious hours of sleep. It was no wonder to her that he needed some shut eye.

Before she could convince the cat to head home for the night, Chat spoke up. “I don’t need a catnap. I’m paw-sitive!”

Marinette groaned, her concern forgotten. She closed her sketchbook with a snap. “Well, obviously you’re awake enough to make stupid jokes.”

“I bread your pardon! You loaf my jokes.”

“Please don’t start with the bakery puns. I already get them enough from my dad.” Marinette pleaded.

Chat leaned in close to her face, a smirk inching it’s way on his lips. Marinette braced for the worst.

Mew’re right. Cat puns are far su-purr-ior. They are hiss-terical!”

Marinette shoved him off the chaise. She covered her face with her hands, trying to hold in a scream.

Chat dissolved into a fit of laughter on the floor. “Sorry to make you suf-fur, Princess.”

With her head still buried in her hands, Marinette missed how Chat’s smile brightened as he gazed at her. She also missed how his eyes closed slowly. Deliberately. Affectionately. As if he was basking in the warmth that shone through Marinette’s very being. Like she was the sun, slowly melting the icy loneliness in his heart.

Or maybe he was just tired.

Yeah, that was probably it.

Eh... why not?

To start this off, I’m saying this: I’m a guy. You’ll most likely find this info irrelevant until it gets later in what I’m about to say… then you’ll get it.

I met him online, some chat room. Felt stupid for even being there. I met him on August 3rd, 2013, one day before my Grandma’s birthday (and fun fact: a day before Obama’s birthday as well). I live in Green Bay, WI and he lives in Texas (he doesn’t know I’m posting this, and he’s not a fan of his info being shared, so I won’t give out the city). But his name is Sam. The day we met, we were both loners in the chat room, which was filled with a bunch of perverts making requests toward other perverts for sex (yeah, over 18 chat room, but I didn’t give a damn, just felt like talking to some people). You know how some people say stop looking for love and let it find you? That works. Believe me… it works very well… to a point. My friend Audrey was really helpful during this time, she’s the one who gave me that advice. But I digress… We started to chat, and find info about each other. I told him I was 17, and a Taurus. He said he was 24 and a Taurus as well (he was born in May, I in April). I figured “Eh… why not?” and gave it a shot. He seemed so… I wouldn’t even know what to call it. Sad, but not depressed. Like he hadn’t given up, but has been let down more than a person should be. Like he knew he didn’t belong there. He said that he hated sleeping alone… and something in me just ticked. I told him that even though we’re far apart, I’d be happy to be his boyfriend for the night (and maybe longer) if he wouldn’t mind, that way he wouldn’t have to sleep alone. He said yes, and I feel as if I made him happy with that.

The next day was fast approaching, it was already 2:45 AM, and he told me good night, and that he loved me (I was never someone to believe that you can say that too quick). On the next day, around 6:20 AM, I was on my brother’s patio (I was staying at his apartment the night), just looking at the sunrise. It was so beautiful… so amazing. I said to myself “I won’t mess this one up”. The next day, I tried to stay up as long as possible, which failed me, and I crashed about 11:30 AM (we were texting at the time, and I told him that I needed to get some sleep). I woke back up at about 1:30 PM, and we started talking again. We chatted every day, about just anything. And around two or three weeks later, he decided he wanted to hear my voice. I had only photos of him, never heard his voice. But I knew somehow that it was going to be beautiful. I still remember the first phone call from him… August 18th. It lasted approx. 19 minutes and 42 seconds. The way he sounded… it was as if I was talking to an angel. His voice was so beautiful, and the way he talked to me… heavenly. A few more weeks past… and I gave him my Skype name. We were both extremely nervous to see each other, and I set my eyes on him… and I noticed something: his photo he had sent me was an older one. Not that he looked bad, he looked AMAZING! I think I spent about 20 minutes complimenting him and telling him how beautiful he was in every way imaginable.

Weeks went by, school started, we kinda started drifting apart a little. And I won’t lie: I was unfaithful to him. I had two other online relationships, but they were rather odd… I had one because the person needed help and that’s basically all I was doing. The other… wasn’t even a relationship. It wasn’t anything. So technically one other person. But it was still wrong. And I told him… and I suggested that we break apart because we weren’t talking much. That was a complete load of bull, it was because I didn’t want to hurt him any more. Just hearing the sadness in his voice… we were talking on Skype at the time. He gave me an ultimatum: he still wanted to be with me, and he promised that we’d talk more, but I couldn’t be doing that any more. Crying because I realized what I was doing, I agreed. And he calmed me down, and told me to think if I still wanted to be with him. It took all of about 1 second to know that he was the only person I ever wanted to be with. But he wanted me to think about it. I didn’t, because I knew my answer.

So about an hour and a half later, I called him, and I told him he was my one and only. Told him that I know he doesn’t trust me, and asked if I’d ever earn his trust back… he told me that I would in time. To be honest, if he still doesn’t trust me fully, I don’t blame him. I made a mistake, I messed up. But we moved past this mistake, and we eventually went back to the way things were. We had our fights, here and there, but in the end, we both know that we love each other to the end. I still remember when he asked this question… “Would you want to marry me someday?” The biggest smile just came across my way, because I had already known the answer: yes.

When Christmas came around, he told me a secret of his: he had never celebrated Christmas with his family. I can’t explain just how hurt I was by that… and I told him that I’d get him a gift. Of course, he knew what it was, a game… but he wasn’t expecting what else I gave him. I sent him a romantic letter, the game, and… my class ring. Before I sent the ring, I kissed the front of it… I still remember doing that. I sent it to him because it’s a sign of him and I. It’s a sign that I trust him, that I love him, that one day, I’ll give him a different ring when we’re together.

January 3rd marked six months of us being together, and soon enough, we plan to see each other. I’ve come up with different plans here and there, seeing him without him having to get a place (like staying in a hotel), but I know he wants everything to be perfect with us, and that includes him having his own place.

I’m sure by now, you’ve asked yourself “Why is he typing all of this?”. I’m typing this to show people, gay or straight, that long distance relationships are hard, but if both people are truly in love and care about each other, it’ll work out. I’m typing this while he’s asleep, as he wasn’t feeling good today and fell asleep early today. To be honest… I miss him like crazy. And I can’t wait for the day I see him. He’s the love of my life, the one person I’d give everything and more to be with.

(Yeah, I know this is stupid, just sharing my long distance relationship story. There’s a lot more to this, but a lot of it is stuff to be left in the past (like some fights we had), and some of it is a little too mature to be posted here (no example).

Kidney Donation Recovery Days 2 and 3

Although I was interrupted by nurses every few hours, I slept well and felt good when I woke up the day after surgery (Toradol will do that for you).  I showered, shaved, ate a good breakfast and put on street clothes and then went on a little stroll with Beth in Mayo’s underground ‘street’ system.

My surgeon, Dr. Prietto, stopped by and was pleased with my recovery and supported my desire to go home.  The process of checking out of the hospital takes a while though so I dove into work email and conference calls.  I got a lot done, but the work was counterproductive as it raised my blood pressure and further delayed my departure.  By 7 pm Beth and I were on the road and after a quick stop by Culver’s for a salad we were home by 9.

I decided to sleep in the guest bedroom so the dog wouldn’t bother me and I slept well.  The only discomfort comes from rolling from one side to the other, but once I’m situated I’m pain free.  Now that I’m home I’ve switched to Tylenol and Oxycodone.  I have other medications to bring down my blood pressure and a stool softener.  

I spent about the half day on work phone calls and in email and took a long nap in the afternoon.  Post surgery pain is lot like DOMS.  All the local anesthesia wore off today and my pain has moved from 0 or 1 to 4 - 6, depending on where I am in my painkiller timing.  It’s mostly just uncomfortable, very much like the general soreness after an Ironman.

Surgery and general anesthesia shuts down your colon - demonstrating that my colon is functioning again is my next big milestone.  (Do you like how I eloquently avoided saying that I"m waiting to poop?)  Until then my abdomen feels tight and sore.  So even though the instinct is to roll up in a ball in bed, Beth and I went to the Plymouth Fieldhouse and walked a little over a mile (forgot to wear my Garmin!).  The walking helped, but I’m still waiting for the prize.  

I’m going to give my guess when Homestuck will update.

On October 17, the gigapause began. Easy enough.

On Jan 24 (about 3 months later), we got word from Hussie saying he needed another month to WRITE all the dialogue and narration.

Rounding Jan 24 date up for simplicity, we’ll say this quote was posted on February 1.

We’ll be generous, and say it took him 2 months to finish writing all of the dialogue and such.

That puts the end of writing at April 1. (6 months of writing since he started in October.) There’s no doubt Hussie’s FINISHED WRITING by now. Now we need to think about how long it will take to draw and make animation!

Let’s say it takes longer  to make the panels, since drawing takes more time than writing. With 6 months to write, let’s be generous and say 7 months to draw all static panels and gifs.

January 1 of 2015 is when this rough estimate ends, and Hussie would have all the panels made. NOW, we need to think about ANIMATION.

Let’s take cascade. Now, he said homestuck will have a big ending animation like cascade, which took a month-and-a-half to make. Let’s guess only 1 last big flash animation will be made, Cascade Junior, which will take a month-and-a-half to make. When Cascade Junior is finished, that puts us in the middle of February

Now the final thing we need to worry about is regular animations, smaller ones, like Make her Pay, Seer Ascend, and such. Those take considerably less time, and there will likely be several. Let’s say, when the last crop of [s] files are finished, it will have taken another month-and-a-half to finish.

Putting us in April. April 13 of 2015, to be exact.  4/13. 4/13 of 2015

We’ll have to wait until next year.

Maybe, if by some miracle he is posting it this year, the closest date we can EVEN HOPE FOR it October 25, cascade’s birthday and the 10/25 date that is the combination of 4/13 and 6/12. But I won’t count on it.