this one mutes the colors quite a bit


My idea for a redesign of Manic the Hedgehog to have him fit into the current style of the franchise! (Plus within my iteration of the Sonic Forces world but that explanation will come eventually)

I muted his previously bright (and clashing imo) color palette quite a bit to make him easier on the eyes (specifically my eyes cuz holy shit his colors hurt to look at) as well as ditching the frontal quills for the look of a messy mohawk. I borrowed the scarf idea from Sonic Boom and decided he should only have his pierced ear while he lost his other one due to an injury.

Read more about this design+my ideas for Manic under the cut!

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general hc for maria?

boss’ memo : ive got several, yes ! and, a disclaimer–these are just my headcanons !! its fine if you disagree <3

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  • maria used to do ballet ! as a result, she has lots of strength in her core and legs, and you can tell she’s a dancer by the way she moves. there’s a certain elegance to her gait, and she has a knack for losing anyone tailing her in a crowd with how easily she glides between people.
    • also she has the most powerful thighs, ever.
  • she has borderline personality disorder (bpd)
    • (modern au) maria is also selectively mute–this is something recent for her, so she’s still learning how to sign
  • in terms of body differences from peggy, she’s shorter and curver, in addition to being a tad bit lighter than peggy (in skin color)
    • she eventually cuts her hair !
  • she’s really into writing,,
    • (modern au) definitely owns a studyblr and posts pictures of her plants
      • she has two side blogs, one for writing and the other for venting / mental health
    • for the most part, she’s self-taught ! maria has a habit of being v proud of herself for anything she writes,,
  • one of those people who comes off as quite confident, but is rather self conscious
    • by that i mean she seems aloof but this is actually due to the fact that she’s just too anxious / nervous
    • smiles often, laughs rarely
  • you should ask her what make-up she uses, she likes giving people self-care tips !
  • she likes to kiss people on the forehead (difficult with her height, but when she’s able to, you can hear her mumble, “boop…” under her breath as she does it!)
  • she loves to pass people notes with compliments on them–if you find a paper in your pocket that says, “you have a really cool jacket” it’s likely from her,,
  • one of her best friends is aaron burr!

Okay okay.
You know the soulmate AU when you see your soulmate the world changes from black and white to color, it’s one of the popular ones so you should. Well, I’m not a person that particularly believes in love at first sight, so what if once you meet your soulmate, you see one color vividly. It’s the color of the first thing you see about your soulmate. For example, their eye color, color of an article of clothing their wearing, hair color, etc. It’s bright and vivid, and a little bit of a shock.

Then, as you get to know them and slowly fall in love with them, colors start coming in. They are mostly muted and gain intensity as time goes on. But, they are still muted in comparison to the original color. It comes in at different times, one at a time and marks when you find out that your in love with your soulmate. So, for some people, the colors come in quickly. For others, the colors come in quite slowly with every new day. Some notice it immediately, others notice it after a long time. And once you have that moment where you know that your in love with your soulmate, all the colors become intense and burst to be the intensity of the original color.

Maybe if your away from your soulmate for a long time, the colors mute a little. The intensity of the colors just shows the intensity of love you have with your soulmate at a time. And if certain emotions are happening, certain colors are a little more intense. For example, if you and your soulmate are having a terrible fight and you just stormed out, cool colors are a little muted and colors like red and orange are more intense.

If your soulmate dies, the colors would die all at once. Maybe except for the original color because you might still be in love with them.

Sorry, if I am bothersome. I’m just bored and frankly a little tired, but I just needed to share this idea with someone.

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I'm probably (definitely) reading too far into this but have you noticed that Asami wears the same combat outfit to the poles that she does to the Si Wong Desert. I get that she's vastly better than I will ever be but how can she wear that thing without succumbing to heat stroke.

*Gonna clear out some outfit-related asks. Be prepared.*

For this one, gotta assume that undershirt is moisture wicking. We never even see the woman sweat, at least in comparison to her friends.

anon #1: Did you ever notice that sometimes Asami’s hair is shiny and sometimes it’s not? I think Studio Pierrot made her hair shiny all the time, but Studio Mir didn’t until Book 3, and then in Book 4, it goes from shiny to not shiny to shiny again. Something must be up with her conditioner tbh

Well, in lieu of making a graph that plots the sheen of her hair each episode, I’m willing to accept that in S3 when she’s traveling a lot she doesn’t always have access to Sato-approved hair products.

anon #2: Okay so this one’s a little weird and I don’t know if you’ve answered it before but… What about underwear? I mean, I think it’s fair game to assume that Asami’s got some pretty racy lingerie, but what about Korra? What about everyone else? Are bras even a thing in their timeline yet?

You know, around the holidays, someone sent me an anon saying that they head-canoned Asami as the inventor of the bra. That one is still creeping around my inbox somewhere. What was weird is that it actually made me stop and consider this, and the pragmatism of supportive undergarments for engineers in the vague 1920s era. I don’t know. I really just. Don’t know.

anon #3: I’d say Asami’s nightgown is a bit out of her usual color palette. The purple-grey robe, definitely the usual, and she does have some very muted pinkish hues in some of her clothes, but that nightgown is BRIGHT pink. Still not quite the same as some green or blue (I don’t think she would work the airbender colors quite as well, though).

Maybe she bought a packet of clips, and she really wanted some reason to don the pink one.

anon#4: Something that’s ALWAYS confused me was Asami’s casual outfit in season one and two. Why did they change it?

I think it looked more professional now that she was operating as owner/CEO than the popped collar one. The real mystery is why she settled on the turquoise clip. Is it her lucky one or something?

anon#5: what’s your favorite outfit for each member of the Krew?

Korra’s return to RC for the second half of S4. Asami’s action outfit (with goggles). I liked Mako’s suit in 1x04…not the one for the date but the one for the gala, because he used his scarf as a cummerbund. And I thought Bolin looked his best in his Kuvira uniform, but with his messy hair a la the beginning of 4x07.

anon#6: Can we all appreciate the fact that Asami probably went out of her way to find a blue helmet for Korra the first time they went racing together? She’s considerate like that.

Well god, she couldn’t have Korra clash…I wonder if she thought about that ahead of time.