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This scene is still one of my favourites.

When Nancy saw the flurry of activity outside her home, the home she had grown up in, she realized that this went beyond slime-covered trees in a shadowy wasteland, that there were monsters here, in this world, that wanted to hurt the people she loved. And in an instant, all the hurtful things she had said to Mike, just in the last week, bounded through her mind, playing on a loop. She needed to get there, to get home. To protect the people who lived at the end of that stupid, boring cul-de-sac because it was her stupid, boring cul-de-sac. 

But that helicopter. It sent her heart hammering straight into her stomach. Mike? How was it possible that there was a helicopter looking for her dorky brother who couldn’t even kill a spider and was afraid of the birds that flocked to their mother’s backyard bird feeder. Mike wasn’t dangerous. He wasn’t a criminal. He was just her baby brother. 

As Hopper ushered her into the backseat, she wanted to break—to scream, but her fear for Mike had numbed her. She couldn’t even cry. Barb was missing and her little brother was in danger—he was being hunted. He could be hurt. Nancy’s eyes fell on Jonathan, sitting next to her looking anxious and she imagined, for a split second, her own brother’s funeral. Her lungs tightened. 

And then Hopper was asking her questions. Questions about where Mike would have gone. And Nancy, mind reeling, could think of nothing but her guilt at having pushed Mike so far away. If she found him safe—no, no. When. When she found him safe, she promised herself, she would be a better sister. She’d always be there to listen. 

So it’s pretty common knowledge that Philip means ‘lover of horses’…

…because it comes from the Ancient Greek words φίλος or phílos (meaning ‘lover’, ‘beloved’, ‘dear’ etc) and ἵππος or hippos (meaning horse)…

…but Phil on its own would just be referring to the word φίλος, which of course means ‘lover’ or ‘dear’…

…so technically whenever Dan calls him Phil rather than his full name, Philip, he is calling him ‘dear’ or ‘lover’.


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You're totally right on most of what you say. I think people just dislike how arrogant and condescending you are and are looking for more legitimate reasons to invalidate you

I don’t know that ‘arrogant’ is an accurate description. Arrogance suggests self-superiority and entitlement. I feel no need to be nice to people who talk out of both sides of their mouths, preaching the importance of respecting privacy and not making assumptions in one moment, then expecting and harassing me to publicly produce certification for my personal thoughts on demand the next. If people don’t like that, that’s their prerogative. It’s just like, my personality, yo.

“Heteronormativity and cissexism is bad and no one should be forced to disclose sensitive information to strangers,” say the same tumblr users who… make all those things into some kind of hobby.

I’m not “nice”. I’ve been pretty clear about that in the past. I think that kindness and compassion are quite distinct from “niceness”, and I value those a great deal more.

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One time my therapist and I showed up to his office at the same time, so we had to take the elevator. The ONLY thing he said to me the entire way up after I had pushed the floor button was "Oh, you know what floor we're going to" I'd been seeing him twice a week for four months by then. I did such an intense mental face palm. It still makes me laugh today 😂

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During press for her new film yesterday GA said she thinks she's played Scully for long enough and that she's not a character she misses. If I was a betting woman, I'd say it'll take a shit ton of persuading for her to do the show again. Which brings me to my next point: if she was dating DD you'd think she'd jump at the chance to spend several months with him in Canada, but nope. She'd rather be in London with a certain other Jewish man.

I’ll refrain from saying “what man” again.

But since I’ve started answering, PM is also spending time with his kids in Austria.  So he isn’t in London full-time.  

Funny, everyone is excited to say Gillian is running to PM’s side, supporting him, proud of him, spending time with him, and no one thinks that for one moment it’s hypocritical?  When anyone on the Gillovny side dared to suggest that Gillian was spending time in NY with David, the accusation was that we were calling her a bad mother and neglectful.  When we said she was proud of David - and openly so! - we were shouted down and told it’s all PR, but we’re too stupid to see that.  When anyone said anything about David spending time in London, we were immediately told there’s no proof and he has two teens here who need him, so he can’t just go be with a woman (as if teens aren’t self-reliant).  When we suggested that David and Gillian had gone off on holiday together, we were told that we were living in a laughable fantasy and that they have kids, so they would never do that.  As if going on holiday was a sin, and as if two adults spending time together required the 24 hour presence of children.

So, I don’t think she’s been in London for anything PM related.  Her kids live with her, and there’s their dad to consider.  We know nothing about Mark’s schedule and it’s quite possible that he’s not been able to have the kids as often as he had while he goes through a busy period.  Who knows.  Gillian’s also been filming in the US, had events in the US, and still has her full US team working for her. Anyone no longer interested in working in the US wouldn’t continue to keep an entire team on staff.  

I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it.  There’s absolutely nothing in Gillian’s behaviour, interaction or words that suggests PM is anything but professional (or, at the most, a friend) to her.  If you want to believe otherwise, you’re entitled.  I know what I believe and feel strongly about, and have no reason to think otherwise, especially given what we’ve seen and what logic dictates.


RTTE S4: E13 Shell Shocked Pt 2

Ok yes, it’s cliche, it’s not ideal characterization, and it’s not whatever else. But I mean come on, you cannot tell me Hiccstrid shippers loved this scene deep down. To every shipper, seeing their ship (or OTP) in a situation usually reserved for fan fiction or personal imagination brought to life through professional animation with the character’s official voice actors is exhilarating. 

This is one moment where I could care less if the situation could have been written better or if the characters were a little OOC. I was honestly surprised to see this happen because I didn’t think this ‘threatening your lover to bribe you’ situation would ever make it into the official show. I’m grateful it did because my shipper heart was and still is exploding. 

It finally does give us a chance to see Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship and dedication when it has previously been put aside or just given a moment or two to shine (which is ideal considering the movies). Others can say what they wish and I do believe the criticism holds value and truth, but in this case, I’m gonna ignore the cliche and drool over the Hiccstrid love the RTTE writers decided to graciously give us. Hiccstrid shippers asked for more official Hiccstrid moments and Dreamworks delivered. :)



In case you didn’t know, a rumour is going round saying that Class has been axed by the BBC after low ratings, which is obviously due to the lack of promotion and crap time slot that it was aired on BBC One.

At this moment in time, nobody is sure as to whether this is legitimate or just a rumour, but as far as we know, Class is still due to air on BBC America on 15th April.

Most of us are thinking that the decision depends on the ratings after it has aired in America. If you are an American Doctor Who or general sci-fi fan, I urge you to please watch Class when it airs in the US. It means a lot to many of us and is a hugely underrated show with lead queer characters and POC.

Please share with your followers and hopefully we can get a series 2!

It’s late at night, I’ve had a good supper, and I’m sitting in my nice tidy little witch den with the window open and cool night air coming in, and there is a pumpkinbutt snoozing on top of the little cat tree.

This is one of those rare moments when, despite how harrowing life is sometimes, I feel completely at peace.

Today is a good day. <3

i. i am okay. i am bruised, i am tired, i am mis-used and mistreated but i am okay. i am my own light in the overbearing darkness of your shadow- it has followed me around for 18 years and it has drained every ounce of love in my body attempting to be someone that people gawked at- but i am me and i am tired of scraping at myself begging to be of equivalent satisfaction.

ii. its 6:24 and i’m sitting in the center of an empty room heaving from the lack of tears i can’t force to the surface anymore- and you’re in the next room putting on his favorite scent.

iii. i guess blood means nothing when love is on the line but i just ask for one moment where everyone can fight the urge to bask in your light. i have so much to offer but no one looks my way with the loudness of your voice deafening my own. it’s beautiful i promise, just listen- for once.

iv. you had the blonde hair while mine was so dark it could turn a sunny day to a hailstorm. you were slim and tall and i had curves and never hit a growth spurt. just one moment is all i ask.

v. all of your work hangs on these old walls with your signature in the bottom left, even the way you carve out letters is impeccable- but my talents remain hidden, just as i am. i’ve been in the backseat too long and my heart is screaming for something to give because i am one more thread close to letting go.

vi. they all choose you. they choose your gentleness over my chaotic loud mouth that digs holes so deep, i’ve rested in them for years. they pick your long and picture perfect hair over the decision to cut mine off because i burrowed in the idea of change. they all choose you and now he’s choosing you.

vii. but today, i have decided to choose myself because i have something you don’t. i have a passion that burns so deeply in my chest that it flows through my body like electricity- one thing i’ll never fall at anyones feet for, is credit. i quietly do what brings light into this life. my problems are mine and i don’t give them away to the world. my battles are ones that i have fought in- first row {front and center} i don’t need applauses for any gesture, i don’t need approval, i don’t need attention. you thrive from the stem of what others believe you to be- but you are not that person and you share the same brokenness as i do, when you’re all alone at 3 am clenching onto your own arms because you’re scared of whats ahead and maybe ending it now is easier than facing tomorrow.

viii. it’s 6:40 and your car is kicking up gravel on your way out to love pieces of my past. my tears have dried to slow and steady breaths and i have accepted that we will never be one in the same.

// loren mclelland

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