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Because BROTPS deserve love too.

Set after Months Later (1 | 2

Alya and Marinette discuss the events from the Winter formal. 

Rating G

Wordcount 2.300ish (Drabble at last).

It was a lovely day in Paris, and Marinette and Alya had a date. Their destination today; Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. The two girls had not spend as much time together as they usually did, and Marinette was determined on solving that. They had taken bikes, loading the basket with the makings of a picnic, courtesy of Marinette’s parents who had loaded up the girls with a considerable amount of sweets from their shop.

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Taylor Caniff Imagine for Anon

“Babe, we have to tell them at some point. I don’t want to hide you anymore I want to take you out places and kiss an hold you.” Taylor mumbled as he buried his head into my neck cradling me in his arms as we sit in the hotel room.

“I know, it’s just, what if they hate me? I don’t think I could take all the negativity and stress. Some girls get pretty harsh Tay.” I sighed as I locked my fingers with his placing a peck on his hand.

Taylor and I had been dating for almost 6 months and it’s starting to get hard to keep denying all these dating rumors. The keeping distance isn’t working for us but I don’t think I’m ready to submit myself to the fans going all ballistic on me.

“Y/N you’re strong baby, you’re so strong. I know those girls can get crazy but it’s because just like you they love me. There’s a difference though baby girl, I love you and I’m yours. Of course they’ll be upset but they’ll get over it because they’ll see you make me happy, so happy. I’ve never felt this good with someone like I feel with you. Y/N I can’t take the secrecy any more.” Taylor said as he squeezed me tighter.

It was my turn to start putting in for this relationship. If taylor was willing wanting to show me off why should I be so afraid to be proud to call him my boyfriend?

“Okay.” I said startling taylor.
“Okay? As in we can tell people we’re dating? Or?” Taylor questioned with a confused look on his face.

“Okay as in I’m ready to start calling you mine in public.” I giggled. A smile spread across his face and he began to attack me with kisses.

“TAYLOR! AHHH STOP IT! TAYLOR… STOP IM TICKLISH!” I laughed as he tickled me and covered my face in kisses.

After thirty minutes if non stop laughing and practically pissing our pants we laid there on the couch just holding eachother.

“Y/N, I don’t say it as much as I’d like to… But i love you so much. You’re beautiful, strong, crazy and honestly the most amazing girl sometimes I wonder how I got you to be my girlfriend.” He stared into my eyes brushing his thumb over my lips.

I truly had the most amazing guy to love and support me. Tomorrow once he announces our relationship to the world, there will be no going back.

-skipping to the next day- “And we’re here today with cameron dallas, taylor caniff, and carter reynolds welcome!” The hostess spoke introducing them to the huge group of screaming girls.

“Hey” “Hi” “Sup” they all said into their mics. I sat in the back room watching the interview on a little monitor screen.

they answered fan questions and tour questions and after 30 minutes or so the moment of truth came.

“So taylor we know you’re getting pretty comfy with y/n, anything new?” The reporter asked.

“Yeah…..uh” The room grew silent you could hear a pin drop.

“Y/N is my girlfriend, we’ve been together for 6 months now. I didn’t tell anyone because she wasn’t ready for the hate she might get and I respected that…….”

Taylor looked around, mouths were wide opened but no one spoke. Moments later the crowd erupted in screams and cheers.


There were some negative comments but the response was mostly positive. The rest of the interview went smooth and everyone was all smiles.

Later that night we lay in the room with the boys. “I just can’t believe you guys didn’t tell us for that long” carter said holding his heart.

Taylor looked at me, kissed my forehead and then said “well now you know…..”


Oh my gosh I’m sorry this sucked ass. This is my first imagine ever.