this one makes me smile whenever i see it

the signs as people i’ve known

aries: passionate verging on obsessive.  defensive of both themselves and the people they love.  few layers; what you see is more or less what you get.  good-hearted, intelligent.  always up for a challenge, but becomes stressed out very easily and handles stress very poorly.  even when they’re tired, they somehow seem so alert and two steps ahead of you.  responsible.  they prefer to lead and lead very well.  interesting, competitive, loyal.  although they like to be correct and love to prove people wrong, more than anything they just want someone to listen and expand on their point, not disagree with it. romantic but they like to pretend that they aren’t.  they seek instant gratification and hate doing things that they’re not naturally great at (but they’re naturally great at a lot).  can be very self-absorbed, but it’s not conscious.  so loving and so lovely.  the yang to my yin, the storm to my calm.  a friend who completes me.

taurus: extremely nice, and they never want to hurt anybody’s feelings, so they tend to skirt around the truth or omit their opinion.  truly, genuinely kind, the sort of person you hope will always stay in your life, the sort of person you feel like you really need.  dependable, hardworking, stable.  they have been through a lot, but looking at them, you wouldn’t know it.  will ultimately put themselves before you (which is a good thing), but is always there for you when they can be. very realistic; they know what they can achieve and expect themselves to do so.  private to a fault, and doesn’t usually express their feelings. there is something about their soul that makes me smile whenever i think of them. one of the people i love most in this world.  my equal, the friend who i hope knows how much i love them.

gemini: endlessly charming, supportive, and brave.  always wants to make everyone happy, often at the expense of their own desires, so they’ll do things they don’t want to do but be kind of grouchy about it, leading others to believe that they are picky and that they change their mind too much.  frequently changes the details of a story to either make it more interesting or get out of trouble.  wants more than anything to see and experience the good in the world but is very often a victim of the bad.  overly-trusting.  they can make any experience memorable, and they are the most fun you’ll ever have. quite self-critical but they also know that they have a certain power over people. forgetful, tolerant, warm.  often feels quite overwhelmed and may not handle this feeling wisely.  crazy but kind.  the one whom words fail to describe.  the biggest piece of my heart, my mother.

cancer: both friendly and intimidating.  difficult to read.  patient and cooperative but more often than not, they think their idea/opinion is better than yours.  very, very smart.  super dependable, so sensitive, hold grudges like it’s their life’s calling. courageous.  behave very differently around authority figures, likes being seen as innocent and cute. they will keep your secrets but they will kind of hold them over you, and they tend to taunt others by saying, “i know [x] about [y] and you don’t.”  very funny, dark, and sarcastic once you get to know them, but initially sweet and sugary.  survivalists; they protect themselves first and their loved ones second and don’t really care about everyone else. friendly. once they’re in a relationship, they become rather absorbed by it and neglect the other parts of their life.  dramatic, obsessive. rather strong-willed.  when they’re having an off day, get out of their way.  they will never forget anything you tell them.  they see life as an inside joke.  my figurative fraternal twin.  the friend who is just like me but whom i’ll never understand.

leo: impressively loving, astonishingly generous, the whole universe in one person.  soft and loud, wild and cautious.  they are full of power, grace, and energy, and they awaken within you the sense that you are good and that you can do whatever you want to do. even when they’re quiet, their presence is felt. very self-critical, constantly questioning their worth. always in need of validation, which is why they like to be the center of attention; in order to know that they’re a star, they require a standing ovation. they want to love themselves, they need to love themselves. such a romantic, wants to be wooed and adored, and they’ll gladly return the favor.  soothing.  they are so easy to trust, but they are more careful with their own secrets than they seem. they love with every bone in their body.  they want, more than anything, a best friend. loyal, inventive, go-getters. great listeners.  can somehow empathize with every situation, but are mildly obsessed with themselves. love winning. my idol, the part of myself i hope i grow into, my aunt.

virgo: hilarious, dependable, treats you like their kid.  trustworthy, sympathetic. they are fascinating and unique, but they are too attached to their own magic. more obsessive than they like to think they are.  they take criticism very well, perhaps because they dish it out even better. level-headed but aspirational. they prefer to be the less loving one in all of their relationships.  feels guilty for feeling sad or emotional. curious and interested.  can talk for hours if you let them.  kind and smart, wants to be special and different from everyone else. treats the people closest to them the worst. believes in tough love.  loves to joke and be sarcastic but usually takes it a few steps too far.  perfectionistic, which leads them to put little effort into things that they feel they can’t do flawlessly.  the one i protect who thinks they’re protecting me.  the friend whom i loved right away.

libra: angelic, enchanting, sweet.  picky. they are so afraid of offending someone that they have to know someone really likes them before they’ll be honest with them.  so many layers.  funny and diligent. treats everyone like their best friend, but when you are their best friend, there is just something so slightly different about how they treat you, something that makes you feel amazing. good at everything.  completely unable to make decisions. gossipers. they want to like everyone, but they just don’t.  absolutely hates saying no, but will do it if it’s 100% necessary.  sleepy and goofy around people they love. works hard to look good, trendy.  smart, fair.  nervous around authority figures. fearful of loss and of growing up.  secret control freaks.  they are at once youthful and wise.  crazy patient on the outside, just crazy on the inside. always somewhere on my mind, the one who i was always meant to know. my very best friend, my soul’s sister.

scorpio: the best listener. truly wants to know everything about you. extremely devoted, passionate.  knows you very, very well.  so funny, so kind.  will stick with you through thick and thin, always on your side.  gives great advice. the person across the room who you can’t stop staring at.  secretive, fearful, romantic.  both observant and judgmental. will hate you for judging them while they judge you.  their heart is bigger than anyone else’s, and all they really want is to fill it to its brim with love. very often the sidekick, but they stand out to me. they are quite obsessive and they rarely wait for explanations. they want to own the people they love.  intuitive.  loves you soooo much.  impossible to know fully. deep, powerful. the ocean flows inside them, yet all too often that ocean is stormy.  the person many people think i am, the person i sometimes i wish i was.  my confidante, my partner in crime, my heart, my friend.

sagittarius: the most supportive and dependable person on the planet.  an amazing friend, the best person to have in your corner.  honest and disorganized, friendly and capable.  very quick to anger and has a hard time admitting they’re wrong.  devotes themselves wholly and completely to their partner and puts them on a pedestal, but once they’ve moved on, they’ve really moved on.  tends to succeed, lucky.  has a hard time seeing the truth of a situation and often must be told what’s really going on.  charismatic and caring, overly generous.  can spread themselves thin.  guided chiefly by morals which they never abandon.  has a strong sense of right and wrong (specifically, they’re right, you’re wrong).  my backbone, my other mother.

capricorn: pensive and stoic.  has a brain that never stops going.  they wake up every morning in the climax of a novel they’ve written in their sleep.  loyal, just, intimidating.  cold and private.  mean to people who are mean to them.  shuts down entirely for seemingly no reason.  the wisest of all.  mature.  silently romantic. victim of their thoughts.  intense, original.  they want someone to fall really deeply in love with them, but they close themselves off to everyone. admires the beauty of the world, moved by small details that many people miss. always thinking of the future, no matter how good the present is.  judgmental. wants to be better than everyone else. exceptionally smart. often falling apart on the inside.  can think themselves into sickness, into joy, into anything. loves to be alone, hates more than anything to be lonely.  soft on the inside. the best leaders but they don’t like to lead.  kind-hearted and always doubting it. immensely fatalistic.  the dreamy head behind my eyes.  myself.

aquarius: very patient.  analytical, detached.  they have favorite people and things and they will be honest about who and what these favorites are.  they love you, they just can’t tell you.  wants to be cared for without caring in return. easy to talk to, somehow always makes you feel safe.  impressive intellect. generous with the people they love.  genuinely good, inspiring.  easily overwhelmed.  resorts to humor when offended.  doesn’t try very hard to act like they like someone they hate.  wants to be special.  artificially nice to authority figures.  can be surprisingly mean without intending to.  very good liars.  super funny.  compliments mean a lot coming from them.  the person i forget i am, the friend i should talk to more.

pisces: kind-hearted, funny.  to really know them, you kind of have to know them forever.  so easy to love.  hates to think about the difficulties of the world and prefers to just have fun.  very much in the present and tries not to think about the future.  as such, they sometimes behave without thinking and wind up messing things up for themselves.  they tend to be kind of lazy in regards to some things and extremely passionate in regards to others; there isn’t a lot of balance.  can be very mean and very angry.  won’t apologize first when you’ve made them mad. must express themselves in some way.  no matter how much they say that they love you, they always love you more than that.  quite sensitive, hates few things more than being called annoying. super generous, always wants to be there for you but hates not being able to make you happier. truly the sweetest. my favorite person, my brother.

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Love Letters

Originally posted by joeck

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: zach dempsey fluff please!! 

Words: 1.735

A/N: This is my first Zach imagine and I hope that you guys like it. This is my last post until friday night, since I’ll be going back to school tomorrow. I am still writing and I can see the feedbacks and requests if there are some. I hope that you guys bear with me and I hope that you understand. Thank you so much, guys.

- G.

Warning: Swearing

Peer Communications was one of the subjects you looked up to everyday and you loved it because you learnt how to behave with people and how to communicate with them. You sometimes asked for help whenever you were down and needed some advices. You also studied some psychological topics and it helped you to be more empathic towards other people.

One more thing you liked about it was the notes of encouragement bag. You could write some anonymous notes to people and put it in their bag. Its purpose was to encourage people so they would value their self-esteem and their existence in this world.

You thought that the idea was amazing and innovative, because it has been awhile since you’ve been secretly receiving love letters from someone from your class. You could admit that the person perfectly cheered you up, making you more confident whenever they would leave one in your bag, but it didn’t help you to kill your curiosity to find out who the person was.

“(Y/N), you look so pretty whenever you smile and it melts me every time I see your lips curving and with those perfect white teeth of yours exposing.” Alex read that little piece of paper with a smirk as you were talking about your secret admirer.

You two were in the library with Zach and Jessica while you were waiting for your next subject: Peer Communications.

“Aw, that’s so sweet.” Jessica complimented as she took the piece of paper from Alex’s hand and read it once again, with a lower tone this time.

“It is.” You bit your lip as you tried not to smile too much because of it. “I wonder who it is.” You wouldn’t sleep sometimes because of it and, being your ultimate crush, you kind of wished that it was Zach.

“Jesus Christ, that’s too damn corny!” Zach complaint and shook his head.

“Stop being jealous, Dempsey.” You winked at him as you teased him, but you were absolutely broken hearted for his reaction. You shrugged it off since you hinted that he was having a bad day, because he just gathered his things and walked away. “Zach!” You shouted as you tried to stop him.

“Zachary Dempsey!” Jessica tried to stop him too, but he just ignored you and he got out of the library, annoyed and vexed.

“Shh!” The old and stressed librarian scolded you and you just flashed her an apologetic smile. You were embarrassed, because you got some looks from your other fellow students and you heard soft giggles from Alex.

“I’m pulling your septum ring away if you don’t stop.” You threatened him and he suddenly closed his mouth, rolling his eyes. “Just kidding, Standall!” You and Jessica then giggled silently and Alex shook his head.

“(Y/N),” Alex became serious as he looked at you, straight into your eyes. “I think he’s jealous.”

“Jealous? Who?” You corrugated your forehead as you couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Jesus,” He let his face fall on his hands as he unleashed a long and deep sigh. “Zach!”

“What the fuck are you saying Alex?” You snatched a piece of paper from Alex’s hand and you started to gather your things. It was impossible that Zach was jealous, how could he? Didn’t he think that those stuffs were damn corny? “Don’t think about it that way, Mr. I jump into conclusions easily.”

“Why the fuck are these people so touchy?” Alex complaint as he looked at Jessica and pointed at you. You and Jessica both chuckled because Alex thought that you were annoyed and frustrated.

“I’m not being touchy, bro!” You defended yourself and you looked at your wrist watch for the time. “We’re going to be late if you don’t get your ass up.”

“Alright, let’s go.” They started to gather their things and you all went out of the library as you headed to your next class.

“Wait, I forgot my book!” Jessica exclaimed as she was controlling the books in her bag. “(Y/N), mind joining me?”

“Oh, sure!” You smiled at her and you were about to go away, when Alex stopped you.

“I’ll go with her, go inside the class (Y/N) and save us our seats.” Alex proposed and you just shrugged it off. They both went to Jessica’s locker and you entered your room.

“Zach?” You were surprised to see Zach and he was about to put a piece of paper inside your encouragement bag. How? You thought he never liked those stuffs.

“(Y/N)!” His eyes widened as he saw you entering the room. He didn’t expect to see you and he was frightened because you caught him. “Uhm, I- I…” He stuttered and he didn’t know what to say.

“You are my secret admirer?” You corrugated your forehead as you brought your hand to your slightly opened mouth, shocked of the revelation.

“Uhm,” He wandered around the room as he felt nervous and you could see that he was blushing. “read this.” He walked closer to you and handed you the paper, instead of putting it in your bag. He was already caught in action, why would he even escape?

“Thank you.” You shyly said as you carefully accepted the paper from his hand.
You slowly opened the folded paper and you were honestly excited to read what was written in it.

Dear (Y/N),

Hi! How are you? I know that it’s been awhile since you started receiving love letters from me and your curiosity is killing you every time, I always see you frustrated after reading my notes.
Anyway, I know that I suck at writing, but I wanted to let you know that I am liking you more and more every day. I am happy to be your friend and being just a friend is enough for me, if you don’t feel the same way. I sometimes hope that you feel or will feel the same way about me too, anyway. I am keeping my fingers crossed,

Take care always,

You silently read the short letter as the two of you stood in the middle of your classroom. You looked at Zach and you flashed him a sweet smile. Your heartbeat was getting louder and you became nervous and enthusiastically happy at the same time.

You wondered, though, why he acted strange earlier if he felt that way? Why would he be jealous, like what Alex hypothesized? Damn, look what Alex could do at you!

“Zach, you are the sweetest person ever.” He smiled at you and he pulled you into a hug.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same way about me,” You hugged him back and you were amazed by the height difference that you both had. He was surely tall and you had to admit that you felt a little bit small. “your friendship is enough.” He murmured and you could hear in his voice that he was wishing for more.

“Zach,” You broke the hug so you could see his handsome face. “you are sweet, kind and funny. It’s not impossible to not like you back.” You honestly confessed back and you quickly saw a wide smile forming on his lips, while he fidgeted with his fingers and looking at his shoes, as if they were the most interesting things in the world.

It was true that you had a crush on him for a while now and you never had the guts to admit it because you thought that it was the boy who should do the first step. Yup, old style.

“Rosie’s tonight then?” He happily asked. “So, we can talk about it.”

“Yeah, sure!” You hyperactively nodded and he let out some soft laughs.

You and Zach stared at each other for a while and you both didn’t know what to say because the awkward atmosphere. At that moment, you hated your classmates for not coming inside the classroom until the bell rang and you hated Jessica and Alex because they were taking too much time to get the freaking damn book.

“Zach!” You suddenly blurted out as you remembered that something was bothering you. “Why did you say that those stuffs were corny if you were the one who writes them?”

“The one that Alex has read wasn’t from me.” He seemed disturbed at the thought of that little letter.

“So, you were really jealous?” You smirked as you teased him and he rolled his eyes.

“Uhm, yes,” He almost whispered as he answered your question sincerely. He looked at the ground as he tried to hide his reddish face. “because I saw that you were so happy because of it and I thought that you didn’t like me and you liked that one, instead.“ He explained and you just giggled. You didn’t know that he was that possessive and you honestly loved it. A possessive and overprotective boyfriend was what you were asking for.

“Silly!” You shook your head because he thought that you didn’t like him. “I still wonder who wrote that note though.”

“My fault!” Alex entered the classroom and winked at Zach, who was already giving him a death glare. You raised an eyebrow as you asked for explanations from that vexatious friend of yours. “I knew that he liked you and I told you that he was jealous.”

“Damn it, Standall!” Zach complaint, but Alex didn’t seem to care that much. You smiled because you understood what he tried to do and you couldn’t help but to love that idiot even more, of course, as a friend.

“Congrats!” He cheerfully teased the two of you. “By the way, I really thought that you have a really nice and perfect smile, (Y/N), and I can confirm it now.” He pointed it out as he saw you smiling widely for his actions.

You shook your head together with and stopped as soon as the bell rang. You went to your seats as the other students came inside the room. You kept on getting smirks and teasing winks from Alex, but you just threw him a crumpled paper in response.

Your favourite subject was about to start and you wanted to thank your teacher for making those bags of encouragement up. It was really a useful and a pleasant idea.

At least, it helped you to be more confident and it has got you a date for that night.

you should be sleeping

Eren knows that Levi has never been one for romantic things. Never saying romantic things or taking Eren to romantic places, that was kind of Eren’s job. They’ve never had a verbal conversation about it but they didn’t have to for Eren to understand his boyfriend.

His favorite thing is whenever Levi’s had a long day and he takes to playing with Eren’s hair. Doesn’t matter if Eren is laying on Levi’s lap, sitting in front of him on the floor while Levi braids it or if he just reaches over whenever they’re studying together while he plays with his absentmindedly while reading.

So it doesn’t surprise him when they’re sharing Levi’s small, twin sized dorm bed that can barely fit both of them, but they find a way to make it work. Always do. Levi’s fingers are combing through his hair gently and he’s humming softly. He does that, Eren’s noticed but never when he thinks Eren is listening.

“God, you don’t even know what you do to me,” he murmurs and Eren tries his hardest not to crack a smile. “You’re such a little shit and a huge pain in the ass — you’re so fucking stubborn, and I thought Hange was stubborn.”

This was not going the way that Eren was expecting it to and he’s about to say something, but stops when Levi continues. “But that’s more to you that I like. I hate that I can’t say these things to your face when you’re awake and I know that you know that I really do like you and care for you, but fuck, you don’t even know the half of it, Eren.” His lips press to Eren’s forehead in a ghost of a kiss.

“You’re so amazing and charming, how you fell for some unemotional asshole like me, well, I’d like to know but I don’t want to challenge it. You make me so happy. The happiest I’ve been in my whole life. There’s no one that makes me feel the way you do. So safe and warm and loved.”

Eren swears that he could break out in tears at any moment. “There’s sometimes this ache in my chest when I look at you. When I see that determined look in your eye before a test, that shining look of astonishment and curiosity whenever we travel to the aquarium. You never cease to amaze me.” His fingers brush over Eren’s cheek and his jaw, stilling when Eren wiggles a little.

“The ache confuses me because it’s a good one. Nothing that makes me feel sad or fearful. It’s always there whenever you look at me with your dazzling smile, whenever you stare at me with that admiration that I will never understand. God, my beautiful, darling Eren,” his words drop to a softer whisper, “you deserve so much more than me but I can never let you go because I’m selfish and…”

He pauses and Eren almost wants to hold his breath as he waits. “I think I’m in love with you.”

Eren takes that as cue to open his eyes, turning his head to face Levi with a soft smile. Before the other can say anything or try to defend himself, Eren presses his lips to Levi in a kiss that says his words better than he could verbally.

And Levi melts into it, hands cradling Eren’s face as if it was the most precious thing in the world. There was nothing Levi would change, almost glad that Eren had been awake to hear everything he said and even his confession and he didn’t need Eren to say anything to know he felt the same.


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BNHA: count your blessings, not your flaws

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.


Shouto knows he isn’t good at this.

He never has been. He can’t tell whether this is just the way he is, or it’s one more thing he can blame on his father, but he knows that he isn’t good at this. People call him stoic, and cold. Some even call him mysterious. Others call him emotionless.

It’s not that he doesn’t feel. He does feel, but it all gets locked inside and none of it ever shows. Sometimes it’s because he can’t show it. Other times it’s because he’s afraid to.

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justleviningitout  asked:

Just wanted to let you know you were one of three blogs my boyfriend followed on Tumblr. He passed away last month but he LOVED foxes and sent me lots of things from your blogs. Now whenever I see you post anything it reminds me of him and makes me smile. So thank you 🦊❤️

Whoa, that was hard to read. I’m so sorry. I’m happy to bring you reminiscence of him, it brings me joy to think that I was part of something he enjoyed. Even though this blog probably had the smallest impact on his life, it will be something I’ll always remember before posting. I didn’t know him but my prayers are with his friends and family. This is never easy. Sending you lots of strength and I’m sure a lot of people following me are too. Thank you for sharing ❤

Smile - Jughead x Reader

Request — Can you do a jughead x reader where the reader is very shy but has a huge crush on jughead? Then she walks by and sees in a window Betty and jughead kissing then she runs away? Thanks, I’ve had this in my mind for so long ♡

A/N — I am so happy to write this request as I have been meaning to write something similar for a while, yet again I changed it up a bit. Also, I’m at 100 followers so thank you guys for supporting me and my writing. Also I’m down a couple tags since the buzz lately is everyone getting Bughead smut in tags like Reggie or Thornhill, shit like that, so I’m sticking to the tags that matter to Jughead. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this imagine because I have a feelings it’s going to be adorable as heck.

Words: 1310

Warnings: None

(Y/N) , (E/C) , (H/C) , (S/C) — Your name, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour.

You sat on the bleachers at the Riverdale Bulldog’s first game of the season. You held your camera in your gentle small hands, watching the intense football game as high school heart throb, Archie Andrews, got the crowd’s attention as he was a fan favourite. (Y/N) waited patiently for the half time cheerleader show to start in just a few minutes, as it was her job working for the Blue and Gold as the yearbook photographer, she took the chance to grab some photos.

That Autumn night was chilly, as the students clung onto their coats and scarves, baring the weather to come and support the game. Finally the half time show arrived, the River Vixen’s ran onto the field with their leader, Cheryl Blossom, front and centre. You sat up from your seat, squeezing through the rows of crowded people to get down to the front of the stands. The camera strap slung over (Y/N)’s shoulder as she managed to finally get down, bumping into someone. Unaware of her surroundings, she had the close call of almost dropping her beloved camera, but luckily that figure caught it in time to shatter. And that figure happened to be her ultimate crush, Jughead Jones.

“That was a close one.” Jughead chuckled as he looked down at the camera before staring straight into your (E/C), making your knees easily give in. She was so shy whenever she was around him, she didn’t know what to do or more importantly what to say whenever she had the chance.

“T-Thanks, Jug,”  was all she managed to blurt out to stop herself from rambling on with anxiety. And then the unthinkable happened, she quickly propped up her camera into her hands as she looked through the lens which aimed straight at Jughead. “Smile!” Jughead blinked a couple times, getting use to the sudden flash that caught him. (Y/N) quickly slung her camera over her shoulder, a red blush spreading brightly over her (S/C) complexion. “S-Sorry. Uh, yearbook features, y’know,” she awkwardly chuckled. “Speaking of which, I gotta go!” She flashed Jughead a quick smile before turning away, just when Jughead laid a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

I didn’t know you did photography until I saw your camera. Maybe one time you could show me whenever I’m in home room or at the Blue and Gold.” Jughead suggested, making you pause a couple seconds to just soak in what she just witnessed. ‘Jughead Jones literally just asked to see my photo’s, is this real?’ Is what she thought to herself.

Uh, s-sure. Yeah, I-I guess so. Um, I gotta go and take more p-photos… bye.” She once again awkwardly said before this time getting the chance to run away, leaving Jughead staring at her before breaking into a cheeky smile and walking off.

Later that week, (Y/N) was sitting at the computer uploading her photo’s from the game for the yearbook. One picture really captured her eye, and that was Jughead’s. Although it caught him by surprise, the photo turned out to be quite photogenic. He still managed to look perfect as always, yet half of his face was covered by his hand blocking the flash from my camera. Suddenly she heard the sound of a door opening. First reaction: hide. She had no thoughts about minimising her computer tabs and ran to hide behind the couch, as the door swung open with a very anxious Betty Cooper and concerned Jughead Jones making an entrance. (Y/N) noticed that Betty had something on her mind as she paced around in the same spot for a couple seconds.

“I don’t know what to do, Jug. There’s so much going on, my parents, the Blue and Gold, Jason’s murder. I-I don’t know what to do.” Betty closed her eyes, taking a deep exhale out. You peeked out from behind the couch from the side, watching as Jughead stood there staring at Betty. Betty opened her eyes to find Jughead staring straight at her.

“What?” He just kept staring, Betty now slightly getting a bit agitated. “..What?” Suddenly Jughead cupped Betty’s cheeks and kissed her softly. That’s how easy it is to break a heart. (Y/N) quickly yet quietly turned back sitting against the back of the couch, closing her eyes as she quietly sobbed into her sleeve as the tears started rolling down her cheeks. She heard their lips finally pull away which felt like forever, then a door once again closing. Your sniffled quietly, wiping your tears away as you finally stood up, turning around to find a speechless Jughead standing right there staring at the photo you took of him. You bit your lip to stop your tears from shedding yet again, running over to the computer as you closed the tabs, Jug placed his hand right back on your shoulder.

“(Y/N)… what’s wrong?” He asked concerned for your sake now, staring deep into your red puffy eyes.

“What’s wong? W-What’s wrong? What’s wrong is the fact that I just had my heart shatter for a boy I never had a chance with at all.” (Y/N) yelled at him, before grabbing her bag and storming out the room.

You let your grieve last your for another week. You stood at your locker in the famous Riverdale hallways, placing your books into your locker along with the rest of your belongings. All that was in your mind was that picture of Jughead kissing Betty. That’s a photo she couldn’t erase. She rested her head against the locker next to her, soon interrupting her daydream as someone cleared her throat. She closed her locker door to find a sad Jughead appear in front of her.

“Can we talk?” Jughead asked, almost in a whisper. His blue eyes pierced into yours as he watched you fiddling with the sleeve of your sweater. You just shrugged, but shortly after nodded. “About last week, and what you said… d-did you really mean it? I mean, I have no feelings for Betty whatsoever. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do to make her stop freaking out, s-so I just kissed her.” (Y/N) sighed, still not persuaded enough. “Hey um, I don’t know if you noticed, but I think you left behind last week something important.” He then dug his hand into his satchel, pulling out your camera. With all the emotions hitting you at that time, you must of not looked back to notice that you forgot your camera still hooked up to the computer. You took your camera from his hands, turning it on to make sure all your photos were still there.

“I-I saw your photos of me.” At the mention, your heart sunk once again as you looked up at them. “And I think they’re wonderful. In fact.” He paused, taking out his own camera, turning it on and turning it to face you, many photos of you taking photo’s at the Bulldog’s game that night displayed on his. You never noticed that Jughead brought a camera to the game, you thought he only went to go and judge. “I-I thought you looked beautiful that night, I just had to.” And like that, your frown turned into a smile.

“Hey, I-I was wondering if you wanted to go to Pop’s after school? On a d-date?” You asked shyly, but it earned another cheeky smirk from Jughead.

I’ll walk you there, meet me near the bus stops.” He blushed, before putting his camera back in his satchel, slowing leaning down to your height to place a kiss on your cheek before walking away. You shortly after found yourself standing against your locker, eyes closed with the biggest, goofiest, smile on your face.

A/N — I hope you enjoyed this imagine and it was hopefully like you wanted it to be in a way? Also, my laptop has decided to fuck up suddenly so I might have to wipe my whole laptop and start again because all the settings and everything is locked and I cannot access important files for school and stuff like that, so that might mean I won’t keep up to date with the requests in order for a bit until I get everything settled. Anyway, I hope all of you guys are well and are having a lovely day!


Your weekly Sunday night oneshot based on the new episode! Spoilers below. 

Jon and Dany have another goodbye besides the one we see in the show. 

She knows she shouldn’t be going to his chambers, knows that there’s nothing she can say that will change his mind…but she has to try. 

Her feet travel of their own accord, mind spinning. stomach churning. She feels slightly ill and she doesn’t know why; it’s the same sick fear that’s hovered in her chest ever since Tyrion brought up the idea of a wight hunt in the first place and doubled when Jon volunteered to lead it. 

Come now, Daenerys. You can’t say that you like him now, after all that’s happened? He’s still your enemy. 

She shakes her head, even though there’s no one around to see her. Not an enemy. A friend. 

He has to be a friend, doesn’t he? Friends are people who smile when you smile, who make your heart fill with joy when you step into a room, and can make you laugh without trying. And Jon does that. She never realized it until now, never realized how much she might grow to love him until she might never see him again. 

She knows that it’s for the best. She was never supposed to like him, to see him as anything more than a subject. But here she is, outside his closed door, with her hand raised to knock and her heart in the back of her throat. 

She’s startled when the door opens and almost hits her in the face. Jon looks surprised to find her there, though she supposes that of course he would be. She’s almost surprised to be here herself. “Your Grace.”

“May I come in?”

He looks surprised, but waves her inside. “As you wish.”

She examines the room carefully-it’s spotless, as it was when he arrived. A trunk sits at the foot of his bed, packed and locked securely; there’s no other trace that he was here at all. Nothing to remember him by. He was only ever passing through anyway. He needed you, to fight in the wars to come. “You’re packed.”

He nods. “We need to leave soon, before the waves get too rough.” 

There’s a silence between them, not companionable like most of their silences are, but fraught with unspoken tension. He knows why she’s here. He must. “Lord Snow-”

He sighs, deeply. “I have to lead them, your Grace. I’m their king. I swore an oath to protect them.” He’s so beautiful in the light filtering in from the window, shining off his dark eyes and hair. 

Not for the first time, she wonders how it would feel loose and woven around her fingers. 

“Don’t you trust me?” He throws his words back at her. 

She nods. “I trust you. But I don’t trust the dead men. You must know how dangerous it is-”

“It’s always been dangerous, your Grace. It always will be. But that won’t change until we fight them, and I can’t fight two wars at once. If this is what it takes to convince Cersei-”

“How do you know she’ll even agree to meet? How do you know she’ll agree to an armistice?” 

She can pinpoint the exact moment he snaps. “Well, it’s better than staying here and doing nothing.” 

“You’re no good to them dead.”

He’s silent for a minute as he looks at her, with something like surprise in his eyes. “I wouldn’t think that you’d care.”

“Me neither.” But maybe I do. A little bit. She looks down at the ring on her finger, twisting it around nervously. She can see her reflection in the bright silver, in the white mother of pearl inlay and the tiny three headed dragon sigil cut into the back. “You’re not what I expected.” 

“People very rarely are. You’ve certainly found ways to surprise me, your Grace.” 

“You touched Drogon. Weren’t you frightened?”

He looks taken aback. “I didn’t mean to. It just…I don’t know how to explain it. I could just feel that he wouldn’t hurt me.”

“That would be a hard thing to explain to your sister.”

His smile looks unexpected-and genuine. “You’re the Dragon Queen. I’m sure you would find a way, if you set your mind to it. Like you’ll win the war against Cersei and get your throne.” He doesn’t say what she knows he’s thinking: if you don’t die in the one against the dead. 

Come to my coronation. I’ll save you a seat.” 

“Maybe I will.” For a moment he looks almost confused…and then he looks away from her, almost embarrassed. “You asked me, earlier, about what Ser Davos said-”

She interrupts him, even though all she wants to do is listen to him talk. She’d listen to the cadence of his voice for hours and hours, if only it would make him stay. “Don’t tell me now. You can tell me when we see each other next, whenever that might be.”

A faint smile plays across his features. “Hopefully sooner rather than later.”

“I’m counting on it.” She slips the ring off her finger and places it in his palm. It’s far bigger than hers but it’s warm and soft. He looks down at her in disbelief as she curls his fingers around it, holding it tightly. “Take this, please. As a token of my favor in the battles to come.”

His expression is unreadable, but there’s a look in his eyes that makes her wonder if he’s about to kiss her. “Your Grace-”

“I insist.” The words take a bit of effort to get out, because she’s not used to saying them. “Your Grace.” 

He’s still staring at her, almost mesmerized. “I don’t have anything to give you-”

“I didn’t ask for anything in return-”

He pulls her close suddenly, but tenderly, arms holding her in a tight embrace. She closes her eyes on reflex, breathing in the smell of him-the smell of furs and wood and wide open spaces she’s never seen before. And underneath all of it, there’s just a hint of snow. When she looks up at him in curiosity, his lips brush her forehead and she can feel herself tremble under his touch. “It’s not much, but…”

“It does the job.” She disentangles herself carefully and takes a step back, her hand feeling suddenly exposed without the ring. 

The distance between them stretches like a cavern, impassable. 

Until she finds herself looping an arm through his, looking straight ahead. “May I escort you downstairs?” 

“I believe that’s my job,” he says, and he smiles at her-a real smile, one that makes her world shine a little brighter and does nothing to put her fear at ease. But he’s dead set on it and there’s nothing she can do to change his mind. 

Yes, she’ll miss him when he’s gone. She can only pretend for so long, even to herself. 

Next week is going to end me, you guys. Really. 

I write Jonerys fics-and lots of them lol! Taking requests now! 

So I’m really soft rn and here a list of what I love about Yongguk 

  1. His smile definitely has to start the list. It’s so bright and vibrant and takes up like 2/3 of his face. The corners of his lips pull up and are sharp and his eyes crinkle and his gums show and he honestly has one of the best smiles I’ve ever laid eyes on. Seeing his smile in person was blinding.
  2. His presence is so calm even when he’s excited??? He literally oozes tranquility and it’s so nice and it jsut always makes me calmer idk whenever i see him smiling or laughing or listening to his voice
  3. the fact that he’s so ready to be himself and expand his music genres but also return to what he loves. also the fact that he goes so h a r d with his music but is literally the softest man alive
  4. he loves his members???? the line from 4:44 am where he says he watches his “younger brothers run towards what they think is happiness” fks me the fk up all the time, also he just straight out told fans that the members will be number one and the fact that he’s ready to just tell us that straight out is just amazing. Also in that one heyo where they play that cute flower game and Yongguk gets caught first but at the end of the game he’s like “was I the only one who had fun” even though he literally didn’t even play cause he got caught for not knowing what naruto was, he just enjoys his members company 
  5. hes a goddamn grandpa and acts like one too, with his cute waddles, and small pockets of wisdom, and how he just has old man food taste
  6. he’s an excitable smiley child, who runs through fields and wheezes laughing sometimes and laughs at the members dumb jokes, and bothers them too like bouncing around and dancing and blowing a whistle straight into Jongpup’s ear
  7.  his voice, fk me the fk up, i literally have a playlist of just Yongguk I use to calm down and chill, because his voice is so low and raspy and the way he speaks is so slow and deliberate and how his voice forms arounds words makes me fall in love every time, even the aegyo voice he pulls out on occasion, pls watch this i love him
  8. He’s got the most gorgeous hands I have ever seen on a person, they’re so slim and well proportioned and its obv he takes so much care of his nails, it makes me just wanna interlace out fingers together. 
  9. He’s so kind??? he loves children and dogs and he just b e a m s if he sees either of them, he’s constantly doing what he can to donate to organizations and inspiring us to become better people as well and he cares so so much for this world we all share
  10. the fact that he’s honestly such an inspiration. Here he is following his dreams and living a life he’s carved out for himself and he’s gone through a lot to get here and its honestly so admirable. He’s always giving us little bits of wisdom and advice to follow what we love and follow our passions and thanks Bang Yongguk for being a huge inspiration and support (especially when I didn’t have any) for me to follow my dreams of art and try for a future where I can do what I love

I’m still laughing about this

This morning when I was in first period, making my project for it (we have to make a big poster of something). I’m gonna make an It project, so I’m getting pictures of Richie and Eddie and all them. And so I get a photo of Richie and Eddie together (the one where they’re eating ice cream) and the dude sitting next to me says “they’re gay for each other, right?” and I had no clue how to respond so I said “I really don’t know but probably”

EDIT:: So now whenever that guy sees me he smiles and says “You’ll float too” or “We all float down here” and it’s slowly killing me I swear

I wonder, when you pictured the one that you would someday love, did my description match anything you first thought about?
Did you picture a boy that was five foot five with no growth spurt in sight?
Did you picture a boy with a crooked smile, a boy that delighted more in books and sleep than sports and reality?
Did you picture a boy whose happiest moments were when he had a pen in his hand, or a drumstick of the instrumental sort, and want to be added to that list?
Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but I guess that doesn’t matter now because you still chose me.
I guess I should apologize to you.
I apologize for the cracks in my heart that I’ll be spending time mending.
I apologize for how difficult it’ll be on some days to get me to unhinge my jaw and explain my problems.
I apologize for my shortcomings, the stupid fights we’ll have and the countless ways I’ll make you question why you ever decided to be with me, but I’ll never apologize for loving you.
I will never apologize for letting you in.
I imagine that being with you will be like observing a 24 hour night sky.
There will be starlight in your skin, and your smile will be the only crescent moon I’d want to see all day long and I know that whenever I see it, my heart will jump rope just like Corbin Bleu did in Jump In, certainly better than I ever could during gym.
I hope I’m not coming off too strong.
You see, I have a tendency to painstakingly revise everything I say and do and the fact that you will be the one thing I will constantly go back to not to rethink, but to simply relive over and over again makes me feel like I have to make a good impression, even now when I don’t know who you’ll be.
Maybe we’ve already met.
Maybe you were in front of me on one of the countless Chipotle lines I joined this past summer.
Maybe you were at my college’s new student orientation, mesmerized by the way that one kid played the piano just like I was.
Regardless, I hope that by the time we meet, I’ll be deserving enough to have my name be one of your favorite songs.
I hope that my voice will be a little less quiet and a little more soothing but most of all, I hope that by the time we meet, I’ll be a better man.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, “An Honest Love Letter For Whoever You Are”
Make You Come Undone (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
»Bondage, Overstimulation, Jimin being cute but in a hot way

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

The branches grew wings, or so it seemed as such as the heavy wind ruffled what few leaves clung to their dormant twigs. It soothed your mind, allowing your thoughts to run their course until nothing filled your head but the sharp breeze stinging your exposed skin and piercing through your inappropriate autumn attire as you watched the branches attempt to fly away as their green and yellow wings flapped with fervor.

But soon, even that became a tedious task that only made you feel how hard the concrete bench felt beneath you, and you soon stood to move on to another site, another way to take your mind off of everything you weren’t actually thinking about. Too much stress always came to you like this: to the point of no feeling. What made this form of stress so shitty was that you had no idea what could get you out of your funk, something to ground you.

You found yourself close to your apartment building in your aimless walking, and you shrugged as you entered. The outside world provided you with no help at all; maybe you could find some relief in your own small home on the 12th floor. You stilled at the hands gripping at your waist, your fist tightening in balls as you turned your head only to meet the cheery face of your boyfriend. You sighed in relief as you turned to meet Jimin’s playful grin.

“I caught you,” he cooed, pulling at the strap of his brown messenger bag. “Why are you getting home from work so early?” You were about half an hour early.

You shrugged as you both headed towards the elevator to see it was just opening and both slid in with the elderly lady before you finally answered. “I told my boss I wasn’t feeling well; coming down with something.” You spoke quietly as you eyed the gray curls of the lady in front of you, pressing towards your boyfriend as the numbers ascended.

“Are you sick, really?” he asked, his tone laced in concern. You gave a small grin as you bumped shoulders. “Nah,” you answered. “I just needed to get home.”


The elevator stopped on the 6th floor finally and you chewed at the inside of your cheek as you scrutinized every step it took for the woman to step off the elevator, the doors closing on sensory detail. As the metal box jerked you down in its quick ascend, you fell to your boyfriend, burying your face in his neck and curling into the hardness of his body that you found all too comforting. “Jimin,” you whined needily as you tried impossibly to get closer and deeper into your boyfriend’s skin. As your hand slid to his neck, pulling him into you, the thought flew and tumbled off your lips as they pressed close to his ear. “Let me tie you up tonight.”

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Preference "How they react when you flirt with them"

(WOOOO TWD PREFERENCE 😍😍I made this short and sweet :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be a little surprised at first and think to himself if that really just happened, his eyes shifting around in wonder before coming onto you as well. “Wait…You..Are you telling me all these things because you want to “fuck” ME?! Goddamn! Well you’re in luck…I wouldn’t mind it at all!”

Daryl-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be weirded out and feel so out of place to know that you see him like that, he wouldn’t know what he should be saying or doing in response to be appropriate. “Y-you think I have nice arms? R-really? I-I never…really noticed it before…I-I don’t stare at them that long enough…”

Rick-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get bashful and would let out a small laugh and smile, shaking his head as he tries to give you and worthy response. “I think you’re making me out better than I really am…If anything you’re the one who looks good leading all of us…”

Merle-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get honestly so turned on by the idea of him being desired that way that he wouldn’t hesitate to flirt back all while smirking and licking/biting his lips. “Oh my…Sugar, you really mean it? Well I wouldn’t mind at all taking up on that offer of yours…It would be a blessing for me, when you think about it really…”

Glenn-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be stunned at first and would be somewhat so nervous about it that he’d start stuttering before slowly get his own confidence and flirt back. “Euh…Really? Y-you think so? I-I guess yeah…Wh-whatever…I-I’m cool…I’m totally fine…”

Carl-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get quiet and try to stop himself from blushing too much as he’d be actually stunned that this was happening to him. “I-I’m not blushing…Wh-what are you talking about? I mean it happens when you just compliment someone like that, god!”

The Governor-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be intrigued by your attitude and would at first act clueless just to see how serious you are about him before totally giving into your persuasiveness. “Y/N…I just want to let you know that I knew you were flirting with me this whole time…I was just trying to see how far you’d go for me, beautiful…”

Abraham-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be more than pleased and would gladly play along with you just to see how far you can both really get. “Oh really? You think so…Well I have a better idea? Wanna know? Come here, come closer, i’ll tell you about it right in your ear…”

Eugene-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be utterly clueless and would initially think you were messing with him for your own pleasure until someone would have to mention it to him about how serious you are. “What? Y/N’s flirting with me? Impossible, I don’t see her being interested in me, she’s just joking…Wait really? She said that…”

Ron-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get full of himself but would try his best to be humble about it, only to end up cutting to the chase and be blunt with you. “Ah..thanks…That’s nice of you…Actually forget about it, how about we just go out and make it official!”

Jesus-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be so amazed that it happened to him that he’d start to blush and would try to laugh it off. “Really? Oh no…I don’t think I look that great…I just kinda woke up you know! There’s really nothing special about my look today…”

Dwight-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d feel somewhat torn between flirting back and telling you off, as he’d have a hard time believing you’d ever want anything to do with him. “T-thanks Y/N…but…when you say those kinds of things…Do you mean it? Like behind all of it are you serious about liking and thinking that way about me…”

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I was really excited during the preparations for this concert even though we have had concerts before, I’m more excited this time. Our concert is called Wings but one wing wouldn’t be able to fly; so I hope everyone could be our another wing. During the rehearsals today, the seats being empty made me think that we are able to stand here because of everyone. Whenever I see from the stage your smiling faces, it becomes my source of strength. Later, I will make sure to produce better music and stages. I hope everyone’s heart has been moved and excited for us.
—  Yoongi’s ending speech 170219
Bruce Wayne x Reader - Relationship Headcanons part 1/?

Already did the goodies here :  Bruce + Batboys headcanons 

As for the rest, here it is. I’m still not sure if I’m doing the “headcanon” thing right…Hope you’ll still like it, especially you anon and you @harlequin-swan : 

My masterlist blog :



  • How do they kiss?

It always depends on his mood. It can be rough, or sweet. But it’s always the best kiss ever. Every time you think he can’t out-do himself, and yet, every time it becomes more and more amazing. His lips always taste great, the way he massages your tongue with his is always so loving even when a bit rough…His kisses are just the best. All of his kisses. 
He’s all for sweet cheeks and forehead kisses. Doesn’t mind much for small PDAs like that, and will kiss your cheeks, forehead, hands in public, to paparazzis’ great pleasure.

  • What sort of sweet nothings do they whisper?

He would NEVER admit it, but he’s one of the cheesiest person ever. So whispering sweet nothing in your ear ? Definitely. Wether you’re in public (he loves the way your cheek tints of red whenever he whispers something cute), just the two of you cuddling, or making sweet love to each others : 

 “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”
 “How do you look so beautiful all the time?”
 “You brighten up my day every time I see you. Your laugh…”
 “You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile”
 “You’re the reason my life feels so perfect.”
 “You make me believe in soul mates.”
 “You make me feel weak in the knees when I touch you.”
 “Just hearing your voice in the morning makes my day.”
 “ I love you so much I can’t explain it even if I tried.”
 “You’re the one thing I’m most thankful for having in my life.”
 “I want to kiss every inch of you.”
 “You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile.”
 “I could stare at you forever and I’d still feel like I haven’t had enough of you.”
 “Spending time with you is the highlight of my day.”
 “You could have any guy in the world, and yet you chose me.” (you always thought that one was wrong, that it was the other way around, but he wouldn’t let you say it…oh no)
 “I start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams.” (one of his cheesiest line)

Yeah you get it, so many things. He makes sure to always give you knew compliments every day, just to see your slight blush and incredible smile. And when he can make you laugh because of his cheesiness or jokes, then it’s even better. 

  • What do they like to talk about ?

With you : 

✶ You. You don’t particularly like talking about yourself, but he loves to hear your voice talk about your day, about what you think…It’s soothing to him. Holding you in his arms and you just talking, he loves it. And he always wants to make sure you feel comfortable enough to tell him everything. He hates when you withhold important things from him (if you feel sad, if you have a problem etc etc…). But you guys always say everything to each others. Best friends AND Lovers. 
Your children. It’s always an entertaining subject. Always. Chances are, one of them did something that is worth talking about.
 Surprisingly, himself. It’s not that he likes to talk about himself, just like you don’t really like to talk about yourself, in fact, it’s more…he likes to tell you how he feels, especially when he’s not alright, because you always have the right words to make him feel better. 
The future. Your future to the both of you.
Gossiping with you bring him joy. Oh you two always know everything about what’s up with the League’s members and such. Only nice gossips though, you’d never spread rumors, you only talk between the two of you, because you two already suffer enough from lies from medias and such. Damn rumors. But harmless gossiping about Green Arrow being totally dominated by Black Canary ? Hell yes. 
Your and his view of life. It’s always very insightful. 
His childhood. Your childhood. It…Helps often. And tiny Bruce was adorable. You were such a daredevil as a child that your stories are also always great. 
Naughty things. Oh the way you blush, or the way your words are the only thing that can make him blush…It send shivers down his spine. 
Each others’ fears. Because it’s nice to admit he isn’t as emotionless and invincible as everyone seem to think, but he’d admit it only to you. 

With his close friends : 

His children.  he’ll enjoy talking about you and the kids to his friends. About how great you all are. Only close friends, because he can only endure Clark and Diana’s teasing. 
Them, he also talks about their interest. It’s his friends, he likes to know about them, even if he won’t admit it, acting as if his interest is only polite, even though he genuinely care. When they need him, he’s here to talk.

With everyone else :

He doesn’t like to talk about himself or actual personal stuffs with others . And as a public figure, as the famous Bruce Wayne, he’ll act as if he likes to talk about his company, about his work, about whatever is in fashion, about politics…but really, he doesn’t enjoy any of those conversations. He mostly just like talking about you and his children (as annoying as he can be), but he doesn’t do it in public. His life is no one’s business. 

  • Can they sing?

No. Oh God he cannot. It’s quite incredible to you really, how great and soothing his voice is when he speaks to you, how much you love listening to him saying whatever…but when he tries to sing it’s just awful. He has no rhythm. He’ll always sing off beat.  But you know what ? You fucking love it. (Someone pointed out to me that he actually can sing very well, and I know. I remember him singing for Diana in “The Justice League” animated show (found the youtube video here : but…man, I just love the idea of him having such a great deep voice and not being able to sing properly…I guess it’s the point of a headcanon :D)


  • Are they fast?

For a non-meta human, yes. That guy could have run in the olympics really, with all his training and such. Usain Bolt fast yo. Damn long legs. 

  • How flexible are they?

Bruce isn’t that flexible. He’s all toughness and muscles. Dick is the flexible man in the family, because of his acrobat’s past. Bruce, just like Jason, are more…brute force. Even though they’re master at martial arts, they’re not smooth, they’re not super flexible. They can high kick someone easily, but putting their foot behind their head ? Nope. You however, are very flexible, and he loves it. Useful. 

  • Will they fart in front of an s/o?

Most people would peg it unthinkable to even imagine the always elegant Bruce Wayne farts but…Oh man. With you he knows he can be himself, and if it means farting and burping in front of you sometimes, then he’ll do it. At first, he was so shy about it, and the day you laughed your ass off because you understood he was leaving your bed, leaving the room to go fart elsewhere, he understood that you didn’t care. Farting contest are a thing between the two of you, and the best thing about it ? Only you guys know. 
You hate it though, when you’re comfortably settled against him, wrapped in the blanket, his arms around you,drawing lazy patterns on your back with his fingers, caressing you all over lovingly…only for him to let out a huge smelly fart, to trap you under the blanket so you HAVE TO smell it and for his arms to tighten around you even more, so that you can’t escape ! Damn bastard ! 

Strangers PT.7 END

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Y/N’s p.o.v

He stared at me blankly, his eyes looking directly into mine. I felt somewhat intimidated - I just told him he was the person I was missing and he doesn’t even respond. Now I feel stupid. 

“I- uh, I’m sorry.” I got onto my feet and was ready to walk off when I felt him take ahold of my hand. He pulled me back, and I landed on his lap. Embarrassed, I immediately tried to get up - but he held onto me. Placing his head in the crook of my neck and wrapped his arms securely around my waist. I felt my own breathing stop, and my heartbeat rise. 

“Don’t go.” He said so softly into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. “Don’t go Y/N, stay with me. Let me hold you for a little longer before I say what’s on my mind.” I nodded gently and stayed put.

This moment felt like it lasted forever - not because it’s a bad thing. That’s not it at all, but because I was so nervous and so anxious about sitting on his lap and waiting for what he was going to say. 

“Y/N, I want to look you in the eyes when I say this to show you my sincerity but right now I’m so nervous that I can’t even pluck up the courage to do so.” I nodded again, letting him know that I understood. “You have no idea how jealous I was when you said there was a guy you were missing. You have no idea how much I wanted that guy to be me. I wanted to be the guy you were missing.” 

“Monie.” I called as I turned to face him - our faces now only inches apart. “You know now that you are the guy, the guy that I was missing, why are you so nervous?” His eyes kept flickering from mine to the side as if he was in some sort of discomfort right now.

“Yeah - well I - uh I know that now and I just wanted to tell you that uh - I uh -” He couldn’t look me in the eyes when he was speaking, in fact he was looking down at his arms that were still tightly wrapped around me.

“I like you too.” I didn’t know if that was what he was about to confess to me but I took a chance.

“You do?” He finally averted his gaze and looked up at me, his eyes twinkling. I couldn’t help but smile.

“I know we haven’t known one another for long - but talking to you so much I learnt so much about you. I could tell you how my day went, complain and vent out my feelings to you and you’d always give me the right responses. It’s like you just understand me and you tell me the things I want to here. I’m just so drawn to you Namjoon.” I admitted. 

“I feel the exact same way. Taehyung even asks if there’s something wrong with me when he sees me smiling at your messages. Whenever you give me advice, it just makes my day and I start wearing this darn smile around - which gets me weird looks from the members.” He chuckled softly, seeing his smile made my heart race.

“Your smile Namjoon. You have no idea how much I adore your smile.” 

“You, you do?” He smiled again, his pearly whites gleaming under the sun. I nodded and smiled at him. “You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now.” He took me off guard by letting those words slip out of his mouth so easily. I paused for a few seconds and let that sink in.

“Then why don’t you make your move?” I felt a subtle smile crawl onto my lips. He smiled once more before cupping my face in his hands and planting a soft kiss on my lips. Pulling away he smiled again, as did I. I couldn’t get enough of his smile, it did things to me, made me feel so giddy, so happy and all the positive adjectives you could possibly think of.

“Will you go on a date with me? To my favourite place, as my girlfriend?”  

“I’ll go wherever you take me, and yes I’ll go as your girlfriend Namjoon.”

This is the end! Thanks for reading!!

boyfriend; ong sungwoo

a/n: requested by anons // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + stan this living meme 2k17


  • he’s a pretty crazy / wild person 
  • but when it comes to his crushes
  • ong is really really romantic
  • so, i think he’d bring you to some aquarium
  • but first he’d ask you in a smooth way while you’re around
  • “hey ___ ! what do you think about going to the aquarium that just opened.”
  • “i would love to go.”
  • “then we’re going tomorrow. get ready by 8.”
  • the next day, he’d be pretty nervous
  • so he’d begin searching online about how to treat a person on a first date and etc.
  • “this is so hard? what, i should just be myself.”
  • “yeah! sungwoo you should be yourself.”
  • “yeah, i know. wish me luck, sungwoon.”
  • “good luck.”
  • our ong was literally waiting there in front as he was making sure
  • you were safe on the way
  • i can already see him texting you for like the whole hour straight and when you arrived
  • he’d have a huge smile on his face 
  • “____ ! you’re here, finally.”
  • “hey ong.”
  • the two of you would have a wonderful time together but when night comes
  • you have to leave and that’s when he was going to confess
  • before you left, ong literally took your hand in his 
  • and it seemed like a scene from a k-drama !!
  • “hey ong? why are you holding my hand?”
  • “i need to tell you something, ____”
  • “what is it?”
  • “i like you.”
  • of course you accepted him to be yours and this guy was super super happy
  • i bet ong wouldn’t even sleep bc he’s so happy he’s able to call you, his


  • like the one in confession 
  • he’d take you to a lot of dates
  • so going on dates would be a normal thing for the two of you to do
  • you and sungwoo would go to places like a zoo, an aquarium, etc
  • i can even see the two of you renting bikes and then going on a bike date
  • “babe ! look at that view. han river is really beautiful.”
  • “i know, we should stop here to take a picture.”
  • “sure, babe.”
  • you and ong would take lots and lots of pictures throughout the date
  • and it’d be so cute
  • sometimes when you guys ask a stranger to take a picture
  • they would tell you guys that you two are a ‘very lovely couple’ & 'a perfect couple’
  • and that the two of you should get married
  • ong would even whisper something to that stranger like
  • “i will in a few years. they don’t know yet but i already have a ring.”
  • you would be confused and pull him by the arm to get back
  • “what did you say to that person?”
  • “nothing, you’ll see.”
  • you’d just shrug it off bc you love your boyfriend and you trust him
  • but when the two of you are at the zoo
  • i bet it’d be so funny
  • since ong would be wearing an headband that jaehwan gave him
  • and there are like monkey ears on it
  • i can also see ong trying to imitate some monkeys
  • and the people around him would laugh him out bc he really looks like one
  • “babe? what are you doing?”
  • “i’m a monkey, ___ !!”
  • “i don’t know you like at all.”
  • he’d keep following you around like some weird dude wearing a monkey headband
  • “baby, why are you ignoring your own boyfriend??”
  • “i’m not ignoring you. i just don’t know you.”
  • in the end of the day you and ong will be a lovely couple again 


  • uhm i just got butterflies just by thinking about kissing him oops
  • to be honest his kisses would be like long and really romantic
  • and when our ong is in the mood, he’d push you against the wall and oui je suis dead
  • “sungwoo and ____ at it again? make sure to lock the doors!!”
  • “yeah i will!”
  • when he’s just the normal boi we know
  • ong is literally gonna kiss you when it’s at places where it’s safe and less people
  • “baby, should i kiss here?”
  • “yeah, look around no one’s here.”
  • the two of you would cutely kiss each other
  • he’d say something like 'i love you’ and then kiss you again
  • sungwoo would keep saying 'i love you’ and kiss you until someone sends you two away
  • “kids, go away from here and kiss somewhere else.”
  • “yes, sorry sir.”
  • “sorry sir.”
  • i bet even the members would be used to the two of you kissing the whole time
  • and when the youngest are around ofc they’re amazed
  • bc you two kiss so much
  • “no seriously, why do you two keep kissing?”
  • “guanlin, it’s because we’re super in love.”
  • “i thought you were in love with daniel.”
  • “i did.”
  • okay so now we know our ong loves kissing and you’d too


  • his hugs !! omg 
  • y'all i bet our sungwoo is the perfect person to hug
  • even though he only hugs one side of you, he’s still so cuddly and warm
  • “____, let’s stay like this forever.”
  • “yes! good idea, babe!”
  • you’d tell all your friends and family about how perfect your boyfriend is 
  • especially when it comes to hugging
  • he is a real pro
  • “hey did you know my boyfriend is the best in hugging.”
  • “can i try?”
  • “no. only i can.”
  • like every other boyfriend
  • i think he’d love hugging you bc you’re his and he wants to show off
  • especially when the two of you are around the other members
  • “daniel, could you get me some water.”
  • “you can do it yourself, no?”
  • “i’m hugging ____ can’t you see?”
  • “okay okay”
  • or when you’re around at practice
  • “sungwoo get back here.”
  • “but i don’t want too!”
  • “you need too.”
  • our sungwoo would hug you whenever he can 
  • because he loves you a lot and he really loves your scent !!

missing each other:

  • ong would miss you a lot !!
  • he’d miss everything about you
  • especially when it comes to the sweet compliments and kisses you give him
  • “you can’t kiss me like ___ does.”
  • “i’m gonna kiss you sungwoo!”
  • “no, don’t!!”
  • “i want ____’s kisses not yours, daniel.”
  • “oh my god, this is why i miss ____.”
  • i can also see ong making a vlog every day
  • just to send to you, so that you can be happy and not worry about anything
  • “in this vlog, babe, i’ll be showing you that jihoon is not an angel.”
  • “what, i’m not an angel, i’m jeojang.”
  • “okay that’s actually the truth.”
  • his editing skills would be kind of bad, so it’d be more funny 
  • of course this boi would always make sure in the end of the video
  • there’s a part where he says 'i love you' 
  • “this is the end of today’s vlog, babe. bye bye, i love you.”
  • but sometimes when he’s feeling down, he wont show it
  • but you can see something is off and you’d normally call to let him know you’re there when there’s something
  • “babe, i’m sorry but i really miss you a lot.”
  • “i miss you too, honey. let’s cheer up, shall we? i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • his members were there as well and would cheer him up again
  • so i don’t think when he’s gone, you’d feel empty 
  • bc he’s always there for you whenever you need him


  • expect a lot of smiles
  • the moment our ong would wake up
  • he’d have a smile on face bc he knows you’re next to him 
  • and you’re literally the person he loves the most
  • “wow, i woke up next to the most beautiful prince/ss.”
  • he’d eventually kiss you, every where on your face
  • it wouldn’t matter to him if you have morning breath
  • he still loves you
  • “oh, babe. you’re already awake?”
  • “yeah, i’ve been awake for a while.”
  • “so, what are we gonna do today?”
  • “i had to tell you something.”
  • “oh, really? what is it?”
  • “i don’t know why but whenever i wake up next to you i feel as if i’m dreaming because you’re so beautiful, sweet, no you’re literally perfect.”
  • he’d always compliment you and there would be like no stop
  • only if you ask him
  • “you’re so pretty.”
  • “you look like an angel.”
  • i can also see sungwoo making lots of stupid dad jokes
  • just to make you laugh
  • “i can’t believe i’m dating you.”
  • “me either, baby.”
  • “why do you even use those jokes.”
  • “because i wanna see your beautiful smile.”


quiet. pitter patter. footsteps. 

i hide it away. the shirt, far too big for me, goes underneath the mattress, and the dolls come out. 

i set them up, quickly, as if to show i’ve been playing with them. my heart yearns for the cars that my aunt gave me, for my fifth birthday. 

my mother likes it more when i play with my dolls. 

a shadow falls past my room, and it steals my breath away. i cough. “hello, mrs. sparkles,” i say, picking up a doll and smiling at her. my mouth is stretched wide, made of lies and stars threatening to burst. 

“would you like some tea?” i continue, just as the shadow becomes a human, my mother, and steps into the room. she smiles. 

“having fun?”

“yes, amma.”

we both know it’s a lie. 

we smile, mouths wider stretched. they almost break, shattering. but they don’t. the proficiency of hiding our feelings runs through this family. 

i look back at the doll i’m holding. her eyes, glassy blue and dead, judge me, silently. she knows about what’s underneath my mattress. she knows that i’m not what i should be. 

“______?” she calls. my heart twists, my guts turn. “play with your cars.”

my eyes shoot up. “my cars?”

my mother nods. “they make you happy. i like to see you happy.”

a smile breaks out onto my face, one that supernovas could not mimic. the room lights up, sun streaming through the window, and my heart explodes. 

“thank you,” i say, almost reverently. 

my mother looks like she wants to say something, secrets of the stars at the tip of her tongue. she doesn’t. she simply nods and turns away, and says something under her breath. 

at the time, i did not hear it. i am too busy chasing after my cars, too busy unraveling the secrets at the tip of her tongue. i have forgotten about the something underneath my mattress. 

later, i realise what she said. 

“darling, you will change the world.”


i am six years old and my best friend is a boy. 

we have the same haircuts, short cropped black hair, the same laughs, music whistling through the wind, the same passion, ferocity, love. 

we climb on top of the slide and i hang upside down from it. he laughs, trying to get me to sit back up, lest i should fall. i refuse. 

“______?” he asks, and the name still twists my heart, turns my guts. “do you think we can change the world?”

i smile at him, the sunset beginning to fall. “i think we can do whatever we want to.”

silence falls. he ponders my statement. “i think,” he says, “when i grow older, i’ll marry you.”

i laugh so hard, i almost fall off. “is that so?”

“why not?” he says. “you’re like me. you like karate, you like video games and you like cricket, and you’re better than me at all of those.”

“does that make a difference?” i ask. he smiles, and the sun frames his face. 

“amma said i should always marry someone smarter than me.”

i beam. “i wouldn’t mind marrying you.”

he grins. “that’s that settled then. we’ll get married when we’re older!”

the next day, we run around, telling people of our engagement. our mothers laugh and smile, our fathers grin and muss our hair, our friends listen in awe and ask if they can be married to us too. “why not?” we say. “let’s all get married!”

the next day, we are back. my best friend and i, we sit in our respective places. he looks at me, more than usual. 

“what are you doing?” i ask. it’s hard to see him properly, especially when it’s almost dark and i’m upside down. 

“your name,” he says, and cold fear runs down my spine, like a black hole had been melted and made me shiver. “it doesn’t fit you.”

“it doesn’t,” i agree, and the black hole changes into a red hot supernova of relief, finally, someone understands. “what would you call me then?”

he thinks, and looks then at the sky. it is dark, and the stars have come out. the sky is still tinged with pink and red, and it reflects off of his face. 

“sky,” he decides, and it clicks. the stars come into formation. 

“sky,” i repeat, and it fills with me with a strange feeling that i cannot put a name to. 


he smiles at me, then jumps off the slide. “well, sky, you coming?" 

i jump off, landing with a whisper of a thud. "race you back home!”

i win. 


i am in a strange place. 

it doesn’t smell like home. home smells like spices, like my best friend spraying his mum’s perfume everywhere, like maggi noodles. 

it doesn’t smell foreign, with no furniture, no love crafted into the air. i set my suitcase down. i look around. it’s bare, but there’s room. it’s more room than the one bedroom apartment we had to live in for two months. 

i close my eyes, firmly shut, and then open them again. if i squint just enough, i can see the drawings that my sister will draw on the wall, and my heart warms with the fire of a thousand suns. 

i can start again. make myself known as sky. make myself known as whatever i like. 

i smile at my family. they smile back, holding the tears in their eyes and breathing in softly. 

we can make this home. 


i do not wear skirts anymore. 

it is summer, and it is hot outside, the sun shining down with ferocity and anger. i refuse to wear my skirt. i fold my hands over my t-shirt and smooth out my trousers. 

my mum and dad have a heated whisper argument in the kitchen. my sister sits on the sofa, chewing her lip nervously. i perch on a chair, right next to the kitchen. 

my dad gives me a thumbs up behind my mum’s back. i nod. he comes over to me. “it’s too warm to wear trousers,” he says, kneeling in front of me. i open my mouth, ready to argue, but he says, “you can wear shorts, though.”

i close my mouth again. i nod, beaming. “thanks, dad.”

“i love you,” he says, pulling me close. my sister and my mother watch. “and that will never change. i will always love you, no matter what.”

it sounds like he’s warning me of something. i don’t quite know what it is. 


at school, i make friends. 

one, a girl with the hair of gold and a soft, sweet voice to go with it. she is kind to the bone, so full of love and affection for me. i am in awe of her, every single day. 

two, a girl with enthusiasm and songs. she is always singing and drawing and dancing, at one with the arts. 

three, a girl with nothing but acceptance to the brim. she is the other indian, the one my parents approve of. she makes sure that i am okay. 

four, a boy with a snarky mouth and a snappy memory to boot. he can recite the times tables almost as fast as me, and smiles at me every day, even if we are academic rivals. 

they make me feel okay. they make me feel sane. one and four wear trousers, like me, two and three wear skirts. they have all seen me cry, they have all seen me smile. 

we are a constellation, holding each other up, making each other feel safe. 


i was getting comfortable. i was dragged away, yet again, this time to a place called germany. 

it’s unfamiliar. i can’t taste the apple pie that one had baked for me once. i can’t see the drawings that two drew for me. i can’t feel the smile that three gave me every day. i can’t hear the sarcastic comments four made every minute. 

i do not like it. my parents look uneasy. my sister looks happy, dancing in the living room that has been stripped clear of any sign of life. 

i breathe. it will be okay. i will make myself known as myself. 


i hate it here. 

the girls whisper about me in their little clusters, angry words in german rattling back and forth. the boys look at me like i am some sort of zoo attraction. 

i try to wear clothes like them, act like them so i will fit in. they crawl up my body and fester in my heart. 

i cry myself to sleep. 


the girl with hair of anger and a temper made of fire sticks up for me. 

she hisses at everyone to include me, that i’m just as good as them, that i can play with them too. 

it has been two years, but the love i have for her has not faded one bit, a raging fire inside my chest. 


they play hockey, and i see a person made of sunshine. 

they are a friend of the girl of anger and fire. they don’t talk much, preferring to keep to their drawings and sketchbook. they remind me of two, but quieter, more reserved. 

i do not mind. i talk about everything under the stars, and whenever i wheedle a response out of them, it is one of the best feelings i have ever experienced. 

slowly, i spend more time with them. i seek them out. they seek me out. they talk more, i listen more. they make me laugh, i make them smile. i stick up for them, make sure nobody talks smack about them around me. 

days blur into weeks, and they keep me afloat. 

somewhere down the line, we become friends. 


the person made of sunshine has a brother. the brother has friends, each a different colour of the rainbow. 

they gravitate towards me, teaching me new things, helping me out. they all tell me about different things, but they have one thing in common: they teach me how to live. 

slowly, i start dressing like myself again. i start speaking up and speaking out, against things i know are wrong. 

the brother takes me under his wing. he glares at everyone who threatens me in any way, he supports me. soon, his friends become mine as well. 

for the first time in my life, i feel at home. 


they talk about gender, and as soon as they mention the word nonbinary, i know. 


i tell them. sunshine smiles and supports me, like always. they ease into my pronouns, my name. 


“my name is - ” i start, unsure how to finish. 

“skylar,” says sunshine for me, and my heart bursts. 


i come back home after a long day of school, placing my backpack down carefully next to my desk. i lay back on my bed. 

stars dance across my ceiling. the constellation i created when i was younger is still there, with my four friends. now, more have been added, and my heart beats for all of them. 

i get up and look under my mattress. nobody is home. the shirt, the same one that i took from my dad’s wardrobe years ago, is still there. 

i hold it tight, i hold it close. it reminds me of my best friend, how he was the first to call me sky. it reminds me of the constellation i made (and still hold dear in my heart) with my four friends. it reminds me of sunshine and my friends now, the ones that helped me live. 

tears join together on the shirt, making a universe. i smile. my dad never realised it was gone. 

i pad out of my room, and place it back in its drawer, amongst the other clothes my father owns. i had made it mine. 

i smile again, then walk back to my room. i take out a pen, i take out my notebook and i start writing.

the shirt lays there, a reminder of all the memories i have collected through the years, all my pain. it has been a constant companion in me realising that who i am is okay, a product of late nights and salty tears. 


i do not need it anymore.