this one makes even less sense than the last one

Starting our family (Ethan)

request: (anon) Can I have an imagine where the reader is pregnant with Ethan’s baby and he finally gets to hold the baby for the first time and how their first month goes and maybe a little argument in there. thank you xx and you can decide if it’s a boy or girl. :) 


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The whole baby thing was never apart of the plan, well not the short term one anyway. I was only 20 when I fell pregnant with Ethan’s baby, it was about the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. My knee jerk reaction was ‘there is no way in hell we are raising a child together’ but I told Ethan and, after he had a mini freak out, he was over the moon. He told me to make my own choice, but that he would really like to have the baby. From there it was settled. I always wanted kids, I had just hoped it would be a little later on in life. 

Ethan I hadn’t been together very long either, just under a year before we found out. At that point I hadn’t had that moment where you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with that person. But now I can most definitely say I have that moment every damn day. That boy is so supportive, loving and hard working. Yeah we argue, sometimes small, sometimes big. I know we will be together forever, even when we have big fights there isn’t a doubt in my mind we will be able to resolve it and get back to exactly how we were. We are both quite stressed and anxious about the arrival especially since it’s so close now.

My due date was 4 days ago, I could not wait to get this baby out of me. I was huge and it has gone way past the point of being able to live a semi normal life. I spend most of the day in bed or on the couch, I can barely walk let alone do anything I used to do. I have loved being pregnant, it has been the most incredible experience but I am very ready for it to be done now. 

I had a gut feeling about this day. Every other day I have woken up feeling no different at all, but today things were happening. I knew today was the day, Ethan had already left for work by the time I woke up. I felt him place a kiss on my belly in the early hours of the morning. I called him as I got up.

“Today’s the day baby.” I said quietly into the phone. 

“WHAT? HAVE YOU GONE INTO LABOUR?!” He screamed back at me. I held the phone away from my ear and giggled. 

“No, calm down. I just feel like today’s the day, things feel different.” I replied. He sighed with relief. 

“You scared the life out of me. Okay baby call me with updates, as soon as you feel anything call me and I’ll come straight home.” He demanded. I smiled, he was so caring. 

“I will, have a good day.” I said as I rolled my giant body out of bed. 

“You too beautiful, see you later.” He ended the call and I proceeded to waddle into the kitchen. The baby definitely felt lower and I smiled with excitement thinking it could happen today. 


“You feeling okay baby?” Ethan asked me as we laid on the couch watching TV. 

“You have asked me 5 times, and again I am still okay.” I said with a smile. He smiled and shook his head. 

“Just making sure.” He winked at me. 

“I am quite thirsty though I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?” I asked him as I started trying to get up. He immediately stood up. 

“It’s okay I’ll-” he started, I cut him off with a death stare. 

“Babe we’ve talked about this, don’t make me feel like I’m incapable.” I said. He held his hands up in defeat and sat back down. I made my way into the kitchen, doubling over in pain clenching the edge of the sink as I groaned. I heard Ethan’s footsteps coming after me. I could see the panic in his eyes and it scared me. 

“It’s happening, we need to go to the hospital.” I cried. He just nodded and put an arm around me as he helped me get to the car. Luckily I was extremely organized and had everything in the car and ready to go. The car ride felt like an eternity, the pain was almost unbearable and I didn’t know how to handle it. All the books and articles I had read flew from my mind and I was clueless. 

“It’s okay baby you’re doing so well, we are pulling in you’re going to be okay.” I knew he was just trying to help but I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying. The nurses got me into a wheel chair and brought me to the birthing suite. Everything was happening so fast, I was so panicked. Could I really do this? Ethan stood by my side, holding my hand and stroking my hair, occasionally placing a long kiss on my forehead as I pushed. Here was I thinking that labour would go on for hours on end, now I’m literally pushing it out and the nurses are saying I’ll have a baby in my arms in less than an hour. I appreciated I was luckier than most in this sense but god did it hurt like a bitch. I refused all pain medication, wanting it to be as natural as possible even though I knew Ethan wanted me to take the pain away. He hated seeing me in pain, even when it was just a headache I refused to take Advil and he would get so annoyed. 

“One last push, make it a big one, deep breath now.” The doctor said as my contraction came again. I gave it all my might, pushing as hard as I could while I held my breath. Suddenly there was a strong feeling of release as I heard the baby cry. Instantly my eyes welled up with tears. 

“It’s a girl!” The nurse said. They immediately placed her on my chest. I cried and cried and cried. I had never seen anything so perfect in my life. I looked up at Ethan, he was crying too and lent down to kiss me. The doctor instructed Ethan on how to cut the cord, it was then that he was able to hold her for the first time. The doctor picked her up, cleaned her up a bit, wrapped her in a blanket and passed her to Ethan. Tears streamed down my face as I watched them bond for the first time. He seemed so happy and I knew he was going to make a great dad. 


“How has it already been a month since you were born aye?” I heard Ethan coo at her from the other room. I smiled to myself. Time was flying by, I wanted it to slow down so we could properly enjoy having this new born baby. Things were hard sometimes, we were both very tired and it was hard to have any alone time to catch up. But everything was still perfect. 

“Babe.” He called for me. I got up and walked into the living room. 

“What’s up?” I asked him as I sat down next to him. 

“I don’t think I’m going to go back to work just yet.” He started. He had agreed he would take all his time off for the first month of her being here. 

“You don’t have any more paid leave baby.” I replied, I felt bad for him. I knew if it was the other way round I couldn’t bare to leave this gorgeous baby. 

“I’ll just stop working for a while, find another job in another month or two.” He continued. I shook my head. 

“E, you know we just don’t have the money for that.” I said resting my head in my hands. 

“We can cut back, we will be fine for a while longer.” He argued with me. I just kept shaking my head. 

“You know how irresponsible that is, it wouldn’t work. This is what we agreed on, you have to go back.” My voice cracked with the last words, my hormones still at large. Tears welled up because I wanted him here, I didn’t want him to go back to work but I knew he needed to. 

“Hey don’t cry baby, I know it’s hard but one day, we will win the lottery and I can stay home every day and we can all be together.” He reassured me, I laughed a little at the lottery bit. It was always something we dreamed of, not having to worry about money. He rubbed my back and I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I love you Ethan.” I said into his chest. 

“I love you more y/n, always will.”


moar crossovers no one actually asked for, and this one makes even less sense than the last one. jus a couple of ‘Dads’ venting about their unruly ‘children’. I liked putting Shiro in a hoodie. Also nearly all of these expressions would make perfect icons, especially Daichi’s in the last panel.

I am sorry for exposing my followers to all my stupid ideas. Pray for Shiro. Pray for Daichi. Pray for all anime ‘Dads’ who have to put up with their junior’s antics.

Caged [31]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2381 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 30  Part 32

You didn’t know what Jungkook had forced down your throat, but it had slowed down the room and numbed your thoughts, and somehow day had turned into night and the world had become quiet. Your body felt heavy and like it wasn’t yours, like it wasn’t real, but then again nothing felt real anymore.

Hoseok was sitting in a chair by the bed and had been for hours while you had drifted in and out of sleep, unable to move or speak. Sometimes you had stared at the ceiling, sometimes you had stared at him, but through all of that time he had simply held your hand and refused whenever someone had come in and offered to watch over you for a while. So had Jungkook, who was seated on the foot of the bed with his legs crossed, and no matter what he did, it seemed the shadow of guilt was not going to leave his expression anytime soon.

The world outside had been dark for a few hours when you finally found the strength to sit up in bed and pull your hand from Hoseok’s grasp. Jungkook’s head perked up when he noticed you moving, but he stayed quiet. You looked around for a bit, confused, your mind blurry, and you found it hard to form a clear thought and figure out where you were and remember what had happened the last few – hours? days? You weren’t sure anymore.

“Where’s Namjoon?” you asked, but corrected yourself immediately when you saw Hoseok’s and Jungkook’s alarmed faces. “I mean Yoongi. Where is Yoongi?”

Rubbing your face, you tried to fight the feeling of sickness creeping up your esophagus. You really had meant to say Yoongi, but your own body had betrayed you.

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It’s often very hard in OP to have a sense of how tall characters are, since Oda isn’t always attentive to drawing relative heights consistently, and some characters’ heights clearly changed over time (like Enel’s). So I was wondering how tall Cora is, but it’s hard to tell because he is virtually never standing next to anyone. He’s always sitting, falling over, laying down, or it’s a dynamic panel where relative heights can’t seen. 

Still, there are just a couple panels where we can get a sense of his height 

Cora is definitely a big chunk taller than the guy in the last panel here, making him far taller than any normal humans. And even though one or both of them are slouching in the above panels, Doflamingo and Cora are about the same height when sitting down. Doflamingo looks to be a little taller in the top panel, and Cora looks to be a little taller in the second one, so I figure that they’re more or less equal and the differences in height are just due to posture here. 

So, it would seem that Cora is indeed basically same height as Doflamingo, who is exactly 10 feet tall (305 cm). Adult Law, being 191cm (6'3¼")… he wouldn’t even be able to touch Cora’s head standing on his tip toes. 


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Regardless of what happens in the next few weeks or how things play out, unless I see some undeniable evidence that true and lasting happiness for Carol and Daryl can be achieved in some other way, 
I will be CARYLING ON per usual. 

The way this Shipping affliction works with me is like this;

I want CAROL to be happy. 
I want DARYL to be HAPPY.
And neither one of them is HAPPY.

I didn’t start out shipping CARYL because Carol and Daryl looked good together to me.
Or because I liked the actors portraying them or because I wanted to achieve some kind of personal fantasy.
I also didn’t start out shipping them because I wanted to see the way things perceived about their characters to change. 
Shipping for me is emotional and centred almost completely on the characters themselves.
Who they are. What they need. 
How they make me feel when they are together. 
How the interactions they have with one another make them feel and how they change because of those interactions. 
Basic character stuff. 

I ship Carol and Daryl because I believe with my whole heart and soul that Carol and Daryl can achieve the biggest amount of HAPPY together.
I ship them because they have the biggest capacity to provide one another with lasting comfort, healing that sticks and empowering growth of their emotional health, when they are together.
I ship them because they are most authentic, most open and most affected when they are together.
Basically they are GOOD for one another.

All of my reasons for shipping CARYL come from the things I’ve seen and felt on screen.
There are canon reasons for every single one of my reasons.
And even in the middle of all this mess my reasons for shipping Carol and Daryl continue to SHINE and make perfect SENSE. 

Carol is not OKAY and the most emotionally healthy thing that’s happened to Carol this whole season, was instigated and brought out from Carol in her ONE and ONLY scene she’s had with Daryl Dixon that lasted less than a minute.
She admitted that she’s not okay and she admitted it to HIM and only HIM. 

The last emotionally healthy thing that happened to Daryl was Carol’s insistence for him to FEEL his loss, pain and his grief. 
She was the only one that was able to get through to him.

Those two things are MAJOR developments for both characters and not something that can be dismissed or ignored by anyone.
In the the middle of all this chaos Gimple managed to show that the emotional intimacy between Carol and Daryl is massive and that despite the separation they still bring out the best things in each other. 
These two were separated for 15 episodes and a brief hug with a few words managed to affirm the fact that Carol can’t hide behind a mask in Daryls presence.
That she is closest to him despite actively trying not to be.

Why would something so deep and so affecting be set up if Carol or Daryl’s happiness is meant to be somewhere else or with someone else?
Why have CAROL isolate herself, then show the audience that she can’t isolate herself with Daryl around, and then show someone completely different be the reason she comes back? 

How can I not ship CARYL when they showed Daryl as the one with the biggest capacity to help Carol through her emotional crisis?
How can I ship Carol with someone else when it’s been made crystal clear that the someone else in question hasn’t even met the REAL Carol to begin with? 

Tobin is nice. He’s fine. 
I mean he has good skills probably but we know nothing about him other than the fact that he’s completely bought an act Carol sold him in order to extend the time of her not FEELING anything.
An act she knew Daryl wouldn’t buy so she deliberately avoided HIM!
Tobin is fine but he can’t help Carol in the way she needs to be helped. 
They showed us in Consumed that Daryl CAN help CAROL and then they demonstrated just how much he CAN help her in 613.

Whatever this thing is that Carol has with Tobin is a distraction or merely a pause button for the inevitable…eventually!
It’s going to be a torture chamber for a while and I am sure our hearts will be broken again but while;
I don’t like the road they’ve chosen, I am a willing passenger because I LOVE the destination more.

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



I'ts so weird how most of the time we sort of take for granted what alex did and does with his music. this guy made 6 albums and more than 100 songs in less than 9 years. how insane is that. he’s one of the best sonwriters of the last year and he can sing and play guitar in a really high level. i don’t know  who he does it, how he can keep making new and fresh music and breaking all the records and keep being succesful no matter if he does it with am or the puppets or alone. how he’s mind even work? how he does all that and make it look so simple? its so fascinating, and he’s only 28 years old. it doens’t make sense, how can just one guy be so talented. he’s being in everyone face for ten years and still manage to surprise everyone and have the respect of everyone. no matter if you like it or not, everything always comes back to arctic monkeys and everything comesback to alex turner. he’s the artists from this generation and HE STILL HAVE SO MANY TO GIVE AND SO MANY YEARS TO MAKE MUSIC. he already got 6 number one albums, plays on all the biggest festivals in the world sold all the venues and win a ridiculous amounts of awards AND STILL HE WANTS MORE HE WANTS TO GET BETTER RATHER THAN BIGGER. his ambivious its to beautiful, he keeps wanting to make music and better records, he loves music and he’s here for the music, its such an inspiration god. i get a feeling in my chest thinking how much they have improve and how better his music its going to be. i’m in love with his talent, jfc.