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haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 


Y’all can’t convince me that Kent didn’t buy one of those glitter bomb things for Tater when they had a fight. Like Alexei opens his mail and a shit ton of glitter falls out onto his lap and he just laughs his ass off because of fucking course Kent would do that shit. and the letter says passive aggressive things like “technically this is your fault but I still love you” “look at me, apologizing, like an adult” and “forgive me, baby? (you fucking better this costed MONEY)” And they call each other and make up and it’s all fine and dandy until Alexei just buys a ton of glitter and when he goes to see Kent he just fucking dumps it on him at random times in the day. and Kent is like “Love, you’ve done it three times now, it’s lost its charm” And he just gets fucking assaulted by glitter.
Jack stops by later and he’s like “I guess you and Alexei had fun” because everything is covered in glitter. Kent. Alexei. Kit. The tables. Even the sink. 
“I’m getting a divorce.” Kent would say, bitterly, shaking more glitter out of his hair.
(Bonus: Kent sends Tater a potato with “will you be my spuddy?” on it and that’s how they become friends.)

Stuck With Me - Part 4

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Sam x Reader 

Words: 2,100

A/N: Grandma Irene is crazy and I want to be her. Hope you guys like this part! The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been so great, thank you so much!!!!

(Ok so here’s the deal, in Parts 2 & 3 I somehow forgot to give my Beka credit for the help, reading through, advice, and just in general listening to me whine, which is just pure fuckery on my part. @impala-dreamer please forgive me? You guys should all know that this wouldn’t be happening without her.)


Looking up when she heard the door slam, Y/N’s jaw dropped. Standing just inside was a tall man. Not just some guy, but like a one look at him and a girl gets all kinds of ideas m-a-n. Holy shit was he gorgeous. Just gut punch beautiful. He had walked in with someone else, but try as she might there was no tearing her eyes away.

Then she heard it. Even over all the other noise in the bar she could hear the sing-song voice of her grandma. Of course she’d taken notice, and she was already plotting. It felt like time was crawling and going at warp speed all at once.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” Y/N hadn’t stopped staring. She wasn’t even confident she had blinked, at one point she wiped her mouth just to make sure she wasn’t a drooling mess.

And of course they were now following her grandmother to the table. Why wouldn’t that be happening?


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I want to watch you tear me open
I need to feel you peel my flesh from my muscles and rip apart my bones from my body so I can hear them crack with every attempt to set my soul free
because I haven’t been able to feel anything but my heart beating in my throat since the second you told me you were done and I can’t tell if I’m choking or if my defenses for your lies are caught inside me
because there’s so many things I have to explain since your only validation in life is making me look like shit
but more than anything I need to feel my blood running down my body covering me in that warm and forgiving red because I’ve been clean for one year and I can’t do it myself
and now I can’t tell if this is real or if I’m just fucked up because I wish you had slammed my head into the wall so hard I could hear my skull shatter before you left because I don’t want to think about how this is all my fault
and all I know is that I can’t tell if I find it sad or reassuring that I find more comfort in the thought of jumping in front of a train than I ever did in your arms
—  You Never Said Goodbye, S.D.
One Year

I’m writing this on the 19th, probably one of the last days I’m going to be emotionally stable enough to think and type without my emotions and grief clouding my words.

Okay, that’s a lie, today…things started to go downhill. It’s just going to get worse  in the days leading to February 1st.

this is being posted on the 21st - the day of the last conversation I had with Monty. We were discussing Daniel and I moving down to Austin, where to look, our budget…things like that. The conversation itself was still on his computer screen on the 1st. That…was rough.

If me talking about Monty is some sort of trigger, don’t read past this.

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There’s many things I can forgive you for. Getting angry at me and slamming the door in my face. When you are rude and don’t put any effort in. When you make me feel like shit worrying that I’m never enough for you. Repeatedly I give you 3rd or 4th chances. But some things can’t be forgiven. Leading me under false pretences; that “I love you” was a phrase specially designated to me. Making me feel like I was the only one you longed for. Letting me look at you like you crafted the stars and put them in the sky, when all I was to you was another one of your “loves”.
There’s many things I can forgive you for. But playing with my heart and letting me believe you were mine; I could never forgive you for something like that.


I realized that there’s one very specific thing I want from the upcoming movie that I probably won’t get but whatever and that’s parallel stories of teen!Jean and teen!Ororo struggling to control their burgeoning omega-level powers (one under Xavier and one under Apocalypse) and then their stories converging when Jean tries to talk Ro into their side by saying that they can help her just as well, and both of them at some point being like "shit she's really hot" at each other during this exchange.

also I belatedly realize that Jean looks like Teresa Cassidy here and I can’t unsee it :( but I tried really hard on this drawing so please forgive me

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