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haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 


Since Jason’s truck is still getting fixed up in the shop, they use Trini’s 1998 Land Cruiser as their transportation (She constantly reminds her friends that it’s two years older than them) and that they better respect it. Billy takes her seriously. The others don’t. Zack’s sure that Trini loves the car almost as much as she loves Kim.

  • First of all, it’s Trini’s car. after years of saving money from birthdays and a good paying summer job before she moved to Angel Grove, she bought it with her own money.
  • It’s missing a headlight and has a huge crack down the middle of the windshield. 
  • Trini threatens the boys every time they get in “Zack if you put a dent in the roof I’ll kill you” and “Jason if you make us crash you’re paying for the damages.” 
  • She doesn’t threaten Billy or Kim
  • Kim gets control of the AUX cord and is the only one allowed in the passenger seat (which pisses off Zack and he tries to take it from her. Trini says she’ll throw him out the window) 
  • They start to call her car Hulk because no matter how much shit they put that car through, it’s still in one piece (besides the missing headlight and crack in the windshield) and that it really does feel like it’s indestructible.
  • One day Kim decides to have Billy hotwire Hulk so she can take him to the shop to “Paint over the ugly grey”
  • Trini catches them and just stands there looking all disappointed at her girlfriend with her arms crossed as Billy goes, “KIM MADE ME DO IT, I SWEAR!!” 
  • Trini forgives Billy
  • She doesn’t forgive Kimberly 
  • Later that same week, it’s Trini’s birthday so Kim wakes Billy up at 6 in the morning to steal Hulk. Kim takes it to the shop and replaces the light and windshield. 
  • They drive back to an angry Trini which quickly grows into a happy Trini because, “Holy shit, both of the lights work again!!!” 
  • The next day Trini notices painted pink lips in the corner of her trunk, which she didn’t notice before. Kim just smiles from the passenger seat as she hears Trini, “Kimberly!” 
  • Hulk is the coolest car in the parking lot of Angel Grove. Everyone constantly asks Trini she’ll give them a ride. She tells them to fuck off. (They grumble when Trini lets Kimberly in)  
  • Billy buys Trini a power ranger sticker family (Even though Trini swore that she’d never put a sticker on Hulk, she does it anyways because it’s Billy and she didn’t know that people were making them into car stickers now but she thinks it’s pretty damn cool) 
  • Trini gives her spare key to Kimberly 
  • Zack tries to steal it
  • Sometimes the gang shows up to school late because, “Kimberly, did you take my key?” “What? No, Trini, I haven’t seen your key, I have my own.” Trini and Kim then start bickering about using Kim’s key and Billy just goes, “It’s in your hand, Trini.” 
  • Jason wants to sell his truck for a land cruiser 
  • He doesn’t because, “Jason if you get a wannabe Hulk I’ll cut your balls off.” 
  • It’s almost like Kimberly lives in that car. Her sweatshirts and various articles of clothing are everywhere
  • One day when it’s just Zack and Trini, Zack just holds up a pink bra. (Trini slams on the brakes in the middle of traffic just to punch him all while her face gets red) Zack doesn’t stop laughing. 
  • No matter how many laws they seem to break with Hulk, they never get caught

“Cheers, luv!”

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broken glass | part 2

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read part 1 here!

pairing: steve harrington x female reader

synopsis: y/n is having trouble moving on after being unexpectedly dumped by steve.

word count: 614 (really short, i’m sorry)

a/n: i was really anxious and hesitant about posting this, but here it is…feedback is always lovely:)

“Y/N, what did you do?”

As she spun around she came face to face with Steve Harrington himself, staring at her and the mess of broken glass.

The air was thick with silence as Y/N stared back at Steve. Her heart was racing a mile a minute as she tried to muster up some sort of explanation. 

Her eyes travelled down towards Steve’s hand, and she noticed that he was holding a bouquet of red roses. Suddenly her conscience felt heavy. While she was destroying all of Steve’s things, he had been buying her flowers. 

“Steve, let me explain.” Y/N’s voice came out as barely a whisper but Steve heard, shaking his head as he walked further into her bedroom. 

“You don’t have to.” He sighed, placing the roses on her dresser and taking a seat on the edge of her bed. “You’re angry, I get it.” Y/N slowly made her way over to Steve, taking a seat next to him.

Another silence filled the air, as time seemed to stand still. Y/N stared down at her lap while Steve fiddled with the sleeves of his jacket. It was almost as if both of them had so much to say, but neither of them could find the right words. 

“Look, I’m really sorry for breaking up with you like that.” Steve turned his head to look at Y/N but she avoided his gaze. “I didn’t think it through. I didn’t realize how much it would hurt you.”

“Why did you do it?” Her voice was expressionless, eyes still staring down blankly at her lap. 

“I don’t know, I guess I was-” Steve trailed off, eyebrows furrowing together as he turned away from Y/N.

“You were what?” She whispered, finally turning to look at Steve. A part of her was still angry, simply wanting to know why Steve had dumped her. But another part of her could see the pain in his eyes, understanding that something deep down was really bothering him. 

Steve took a deep breath, speaking hesitantly. “I was scared that you’d get over me. That you would leave. I was scared you didn’t love me.”

“Steve, I tell you I love you everyday.” Y/N’s lips turned down into a pout, her hand subconsciously reaching for Steve’s, intertwining their fingers. Steve turned to face Y/N as well, squeezing her hand tighter as he did.

“I know but some people say things they don’t mean.” Steve’s eyes met Y/N’s as he spoke. He didn’t have to elaborate for her to understand what he was trying say. Despite Steve’s tough exterior, he had fears and insecurities like everyone else. 

“Well, I’m not one of those people.” Y/N shook her head, her grasp on Steve’s hand not faltering “Steve, I love you. I mean it.” She smiled, looking up at him. 

“Forever and always. I mean that too.” Steve nodded. He leaned in to kiss Y/N but she placed her on his chest, slightly pushing him away.

“I forgive you, but if you randomly dump me over the phone again and put me through this shit once more I will not hesitate to-”

“-I won’t, I promise.” Steve reassured her, placing a finger beneath Y/N’s chin so that their eyes could meet. Almost instantly, the doubtful expression on her face turned into a smile as Steve pressed his lips to hers. 

And as Steve pulled away and gazed into Y/N’s eyes, another silence filled the room. But this time it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable. It was actually beautiful and spoke more words than either of them ever could. Y/N loved Steve, and he loved her back and neither of them could have asked for anything more.

Ex-Friends [Part 2]

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language
A/N: Thank you guys for over 100 notes on Part One! I’m glad you seemed to enjoy it, hope you like this part just as much :D

Part One


It went on for a few days. You would sit at lunch and feel eyes on the back of your head, and when you turn around Peter would be staring, a slightly hurt expression on his face before he quickly looked away.

How dare he make it seem like you were the one that hurt him?

“Have you talked to him?” Your friend asked as you turned back for probably the tenth time that week after catching Peter staring. “Why is he acting so weird?”

“I have no idea,” you snapped, “He tried talking to me the first time you saw him looking, but I blew him off.”

“Smart,” she replied, pointing her fork at you, “You did the right thing. He was an ass for what he did to you, and doesn’t deserve the chance to explain.”

You nodded, though it still made you uneasy. Maybe you should have let him explain. But you knew you were only thinking that because of all the looks he was giving you. So you decided to put an end to it.

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Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural s01 quotes

  • “We better stock up on some knowledge here otherwise we’re gonna get murdered by ghosts.”
  • “I just got a shiver down my spine.”
  • “This looks like Disney Land.”
  • “You are full of shit if you do not feel strange right now.”
  • “I assure you in like half of the places you’ve been, people have died there. People have probably died at the Chipotle we just ate at.”
  • “I won’t argue that your logic is flawed. I just hate it because it’s detrimental to my argument.”
  • “No one says ‘oh my knuckles feel a little funny. I’m going to build a house with 500 rooms.’“
  • “You almost scared me to death. Never gonna forgive you for that.”
  • “That’s what people usually say on their way to their death.”
  • “I’m more concerned about the spiders than the ghosts.”
  • “Everyone thinks feeling energy is bullshit, but you don’t feel strange at all? Not even a little bit?”
  • “You’re insufferable.”
  • “[name] don’t look over here, there’s a little stuffed animal.”
  • “This is an adventure! I just love seein’ ya squirm.”
  • “Okay, tell your spooky story.”
  • “[laughing] We better get out of this house, somebody knocked our little bear out of his little wicker chair.”
  • “You’re telling me you wouldn’t be unnerved by going upstairs and seeing a bunch of stuffed animals organized into a little cult circle when no one did it?”
  • “Your unrelenting skepticism is exhausting.”
  • “Are they going to sue the ghosts?”
  • “In case you’re keeping score, that’s three people that fainted.”
  • “You don’t think maybe one of them was like ‘ah, I feel sick, I gotta go home.’ and the others were like ‘uhh, yeah me too, a burning pain, I gotta go home.’“
  • “So you think this was all an elaborate hooky scheme?”
  • “Ok, well, this theory would be bullshit for you. The most reputable, logical, fact-based source.”
  • “Even if we get possessed tonight we can have a nice brewski after.”
  • “You can feel the history coming through the walls in here.”
  • “It’s not wonderful when the history fights back.”
  • “Peak ghost time. 90% of the ghosts are from that era.”
  • “You never really hear about a ghost from 2010 or so that’s wearing like a flannel and ripped jeans or some shit like that. It’s always somebody wearing a bonnet.”
  • “I’d be a pleasant ghost, I’d like pour people tea and all that or I’d do chores around the house.”
  • “Are there ghost ants?”
  • “How do you arrest a ghost? You can’t.”
  • “I guess you’d have to be a ghost cop to arrest a ghost.”
  • “It’s a bit rude to call it the creepiest boat in the world.”
  • “You don’t think the Grey Ghost is a pretty cool nickname?”
  • “See you later kitchen ghosts.”

so the other night i was rewatching the first episode of s3 of Skam and my dad was there, got really invested because I’d told him a bit about it, and now i guess we’re rewatching it together (we’re on ep2. idk how this is gonna progress but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) I sent an ask about this to @tarjeiandhenrik but the whole thing is so funny that I want to document it officially. So here we go, SKAM sesong 3, in my dad’s words.

idk what this is forgive me 

 episode one

 • “do your friends also smoke weed" was the first thing he said so gREat start 

• he laughed at Isak saying Emma looked like Eleven from Stranger Things 

 • not rlly relevant but we laughed @ the Italian subtitles cause they’re so cringeworthy but we couldn’t watch it with English ones cause he doesn’t understand shit 

 • *isak takes out the pill for emma* “oh he has all the drugs” sdfgklhg 

• *isak and emma make out* “you know what, she does look like the girl from stranger things" 

• “does he know he’s gay yet" 

 • he got mad @ isak hiding the weed at "his friend’s house" 

 • I explained to him that "his friend” was the main character of s1 (he’s seen like ten minutes of the first ep)

 • he realised isak was “the best friend” in s1 & he remembered jonas & got excited 

 • he likes jonas. jonas is cool.

 • *linn and eskild burst into the room* “who are these people" 

 • he audibly gasped when the camera focused on even for the first time at the cafeteria 

 • "honestly i want to see him try to get that weed back" 

• sana: "if there’s one thing I don’t like, is when people fuck their friends over” my dad: “she’s right you know, that was a bullshit move”

 • *even arrives at the Kosegruppa meeting* “why is he there he looks too cool for that stuff" 

 • *is confused @ even’s paper towel move* 

• "oh look they’re smoking weed again”

 • he LAUGHED @ even’s “joke” about sucking dick & then tried to hide it 

 • *emma sits down next to isak and even on the bench* “Eleven needs to learn a few things about signals”

• *end of episode* my dad: i’m really tired I think I’m gonna go to sleep

 me: okay goodnight 

 my dad: 


my dad:

me: what 

my dad: maybe we can,, like.. watch the second one tomorrow?

 me: *internally screaming* yeah sure okay

Mistakes (M) ~ T.O.P

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Pairing: T.O.P x reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,247 Words


“Wait, you what?”

“(Y/N), I swear. It didn’t mean anything. I was drunk.” Seunghyun was literally crying at his point, he was on his knees, begging for your forgiveness.

Last night, he had gone out with the rest of Big Bang and gotten wasted. It was no special occasion, they all wanted to go have a drink but it turned out to be a lot more than that.

There was a girl in her early twenties that had her eyes on him the whole night and as soon as he stepped onto the dancefloor, she was immediately grinding against him.

He was fucked up as it is and as she ground her ass against his dick, he drank even more and more. He faintly remembers what happened and most of it was her screaming.

He was so frustrated and was literally pounding into her as soon as they reached her home.

He woke up next to her that morning, they were both naked and she was cuddled against his chest. He jumped out of the bed with a loud “Fuck!” and dressed as quickly as he could.

The girl woke up and watched as he struggled to pull on his jeans, he was shaking badly and it sounded like he could barely breathe. Before she could ask what was wrong, he ran out of the door and was on his way to your house as quickly as possible.

And that’s how he ended up here, crying, and on his knees begging for your forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I really didn’t know. Just, please. P-please, give me another chance.” His voice broke as he looked up at you, he looked like shit and it was obvious he felt like it too.

“I love you, I want to marry you, and be the father of your children. I hate myself for this. I-I can’t lose you..” He cried even harder, his hands shaking as he grabbed onto one of yours.

“You’re all I’ve got…” He whispered, breaking even more.

“Baby… Come here, baby.” You sighed, pulling him up and helping him walk to your bed where he collapsed on top of you as soon as you made it over there.

He shook as his arms wrapped around you, head resting on your chest. He held onto you as if you were his lifeline and you softly ran your fingers through his hair, calming him slowly.

“I’m sorry..” He whispered, slowly meeting your eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose was running all over your shirt. His eyes were swollen and his cheeks were flushed red.

“Shh Seunghyun, I’m right here baby. Don’t worry.” You felt terrible and softly kissed his forehead.

You both stayed like that until he stopped shaking and slowly sat up. He moved to the side of you and sat up against the headboard and just stared at you.

“I love you.” He spoke, his voice was deep and raspy and he pulled you onto his lap. You slightly smiled and ran your fingers through his hair again.

“I love you too Seunghyun.” You said, slowly leaning in for a kiss. He grabbed onto your hips and slowly kissed you back. It was soft and loving, and he made sure to let you lead as he didn’t know exactly how far you wanted to go.

Your hands tangled in his hair, tugging on the soft pink locks. Seunghyun moaned and squeezed your hips. The kiss got more heated and he slowly but surely was getting hard.

You, however, were already soaking wet. His little moans, his hands on your hips, the kissing, it was all an extreme turn on for you. Breaking the kiss, you got up and undressed slowly. His eyes watched you closely as he laid down, preparing himself for you.

As you finished undressing you climbed back onto the bed and positioned yourself right above his mouth. He moaned and slowly ran a finger over your opening, your wetness soaked his finger immediately. Your hands gripped onto the headboard and he grabbed onto your thighs, spreading your legs even wider.

“Ready babygirl?”


He leaned up and slowly ran his tongue from your opening to your clit, you tasted so good and he was getting harder by the second.

You, on the other hand, were a mess already. His mouth was warm, and you shivered as his tongue circled your small nub of nerves.

“Seunghyun..!” You cried as he harshly sucked on your clit. His tongue was quickly back and he licked right on your clit.

It was about forty-five seconds into the whole ordeal that you lifted yourself up to let him breathe, only for him to quickly pull you back down and suck on your clit.

He hummed softly, letting the vibrations shoot through you. As you got closer and closer, he shook his head from side to side while his tongue was flat on your clit and that was it.

He had you right where he wanted you and with one last suck on your clit, you were orgasming. He tightened his grip on your thighs and licked up your sweet cum, also riding out your orgasm in the process. You moaned loudly and squeezed the headboard, enjoying the last few seconds of his amazing mouth.

He moved you so you were straddling his waist and slowly ran his hands over your chest. He looked so fascinated by how your nipples hardened as soon as you both made eye contact. He smirked and softly ran his finger over one. You pouted and wiped away the mess around his mouth.

“You got spit everywhere baby.” You smiled, leaning into his touch as he softly squeezed one of your breasts.

He shrugged and licked his lips, “It made you cum though, forget the mess.”

“Now don’t you think its unfair how I’m the only one undressed?” You asked, slowly sliding up his shirt.

Seunghyun was praying that there were no marks from last night, and he was relieved to see that there weren’t. He watched as your kissed down his chest to the waistband of his jeans. You quickly unbuttoned them and pulled them down along with his boxers, letting his hard cock stand up in your full view.

Quickly grabbing you, he flipped you both over and spread your legs wide open.

“Please Seunghyun.” You whined, pulling at the bedsheets.

He smirked and positioned himself with your entrance and then slowly pushed in. He held onto your hips and started thrusting into you, too needy to let you get used to him. As the pain turned into pleasure you became a moaning mess.

You dug your nails into his back and left scratches down it. The pain only added to his pleasure and he thrust faster and harder.

Your walls clenched around him as your orgasm approached.

“Cum for me baby… Come on (Y/N).” Seunghyun said, giving a few extra hard thrusts.

“Oh fuck! Seunghyun!” You cried as you reached your orgasm, him following quickly after. Your walls clenched around his throbbing cock, coating your walls in his warm seed.

“Shit (Y/N)!” He groaned while resting his head in the crook of your neck while slowly pulling out.

A few minutes after coming down from your highs you softly played with his hair.

“I’m sorry..” He sighed and looked up at you, “I really am.”

“I know.” You nodded and kissed his forehead.

“And it’s okay. We all make mistakes sometimes.”

Watching Her Move || Peter Parker NSFW

Prompt - Y/N is Tony’s daughter and she’s a dancer, and Peter has a huge crush on her. Tony tells him to go pick her up from dance practice, he’s sees her dancing and gets all flustered and then well…SMUT.

Warning - there is sin. It’s filthy sin. NSFW, teasing, swearing, biting, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), oral (reader receiving), Peter getting super confident when he’s horny, rough peter???

A/N: this is sin and I love it. got the idea while listening to Britney Spears so you already know this is about to be filthy af.

Originally posted by knfie-edge

Peter sat on his bed in the Avengers Tower, he was working on homework for school. He had a big test on Monday and he wanted to pass, the room was silent except for the sound of Peter’s pencil sliding across his paper when suddenly the door opens and Tony barges in. 

“Hey Parker, can you go pick up Y/N from dance practice? I need her for training.” Peter looks up from his paper and a noticeable blush was evident on the boy’s cheeks at the mention of Tony Stark’s daughter. 

“Umm, w-why me?” He asks nervously, stuttering his words. Tony rolls his eyes at the kid. 

“Because you two are friends, and I know you have a huge crush on her. Thanks to my genes,” Tony says, the blush on Peter’s cheeks intensifies. 

“Look, I can’t watch you staring at her with those lovey-dovey eyes any longer. Either do something about it, or I’ll do it for you,” he threatens, Peter’s eyes widen at the thought of Tony potentially telling the girl he had a crush on embarrassing details about him. 

“No! No! I’ll-I’ll ask her out! Just please don’t tell her anything!” He pleads, Tony smiles manipulatively. 

“Good. Oh and, seriously go pick her up, she needs to train.”

Peter sighs and puts his books and papers away, he leaves the tower and walks to the dance studio that was only a few blocks away. His face was still warm from the conversation he had just had with Tony, he’ll admit…he had a huge crush on Y/N.

The both of them had started hanging out ever since Spiderman began associating with the Avengers, Y/N was an Avenger herself. The two of them were close, they did almost everything together. But it was only months after their friendship began that Peter started to have feelings for her, she had been dancing in the training room. She was practicing for a competition, and Peter walked in on her. 

Her skin was sweaty and she was panting, the way her body moved enthralled him to the point of a tent forming in his pants. He had to go home to relieve himself of the tension in his boxers, he had never seen her dance but he loved it nonetheless. 

Peter was finally outside of the dance studio, he outstretched his arm and opened the glass door. He stepped inside and followed the music, the song felt familiar to him. After a few more seconds he recognized it as ‘Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)’ by Britney Spears, Y/N has been humming and singing it for the past week or so. 

He awkwardly stepped into the dance room where the music was the loudest, Y/N stood at the front watching herself and the rest of the dancers in the mirror. Her eyes flicked to Peter but she paid no attention to him, she wouldn’t let him distract her from the choreography. 

The song had stopped, and was set to play again. 

“Okay, let’s take it from the top!” She called out to her dancers. 

They started over but as the song’s pace quickened so did they. Y/N’s hips moved sensually as if to tease him more than she already had, her skin was damp with sweat but he didn’t care as he watched her skin glisten under the lights. Her legs were only covered by a thin pair of yoga shorts, leaving her legs almost completely bare. Her chest supported by a sports bra and loose fitting shirt, all Peter could think of was kissing her all over and making her squirm before him. 

He watched as she moved, the song almost over but the tension in his pants far from going away. He took his bottom lip in between his teeth as Y/N and her dancers finished the song with a teasing ass shake. The music stopped and the room was filled with the sound of Y/N complementing the dancers and bidding them goodbye. 

Y/N strutted over to Peter, wiping the sweat off of her skin with her shirt. She gave him a warm smile. 

“Hey, Pete. Ready to go?” He wasn’t focused, he couldn’t concentrate on her words. 

All he wanted to do was spread her soft legs in front of him, bury his head in between her thighs, and watch as she squirmed beneath him. His filthy thoughts were interrupted by Y/N waving her hand in front of Peter’s face. 

“Hello? Earth to Spider?” He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her. 

“S-sorry, I got distracted,” he said feeling flustered and hoping that she wouldn’t notice the more than obvious boner that he was sporting. 

“What was so distracting?” She asked, Tony’s words echoed through his head. 

Do something about it.

“You. You were distracting.”

Now it was Y/N that was blushing, her eyes flickered down to his friend and saw the huge boner that she caused. 

“I, um, I did that?” 

He nodded and slowly inched closer to her, with every passing breath her arousal grew. She had always thought Peter as attractive but wanted to keep their relationship as a friendship when she began thinking that he’d never like her. 

She placed her hands on his face and connected her soft lips to his in a rough passion, his hands wandered down and gripped her ass firmly in his hands. Her arms wrapped themselves around his neck, he looped his fingers in the waistband of her shorts but she stopped him breathlessly. 

“Wait, Wait, not here. Susan usually comes in to mop the floor right after we leave,” she breathes out, still fired up from the kiss. 

She grabs his arm and leads him out of the room, swaying her hips more than usual. She leads him down a hallway and into an immaculate office. 

“This is the owner’s office, she’s never in here so we’re safe,” she says and sits on the desk. 

He bares a grin and kisses her again, this time a bit slower but with just as much passion. 

He stood in between her separate legs, he grabs the hem of her loose shirt and pulls it over her head. She pulls off the tight sports bra and her breasts bounce out, finally being freed. His cold hands run over her sensitive warm skin, she shivered when his cold fingertips brushed her hard nipples. She bites her lip at the feeling and arches her back into his sensual touch.

Soft moans leave her lips as his fingers roll her pink nipples, he leans down and takes one in his hot mouth. He lathers it with his rough tongue and continues to kneed the other breast with his free hand. 

He trails his hands down her body leaving a trail of heat in his wake, her core ached for him. He looped his fingers into her shorts and pulls them off in one swift yank, he spreads her legs apart and mustering up enough sexual confidence to kneel down in front of her before taking her heat into his mouth. 

She moaned out, “Fuck Peter!” Her fingers entangle themselves in Peter’s brown locks. 

He’s been waiting for this moment for such a long time, he had imagined this moment going down in so many ways, he was bound to be a little rough. 

He gripped her thighs tightly in his hands, surely to leave bruises that he’d feel guilty about later. His tongue was merciless on her sensitive pink clit, he licked her juices and reveled in the sexy noises that she made. 

“Shit, Peter! I’m gonna cum!” She moaned out, he stops his tongue and lets go of her thighs. 

“No you’re not.”

She watches him with wild eyes as he takes off his shirt and pants, she’s seen him shirtless before but it had never made her feel so naughty. Now they were both nude and her eyes flickered to his member, it was bigger than she’d imagined. 

He takes himself in his hand and groans, finally being able to do something about his boner. He presses the tip to her entrance, a small whimper leaves the back of her throat. She runs her fingers over his abs as he slowly starts to push himself into her, both of them grunting in pleasure. 

He starts out slow but once he’s set a pace he’s slamming into her tight core. She’s biting into his shoulder to muffle her deafening sounds of immense pleasure, their skin covered in a thin layer of sweat adding more friction. 

Peter moaned as he felt himself getting closer, he’s grunting as his thrusts begin to get messy. Y/N is clenching her walls around Peter as she gets closer to her orgasm as well, a stream of swears leave both of their mouths.

“Peter…” she whimpered. 

“Cum with me, Y/N.” 

A few more messy thrusts of Peter’s hips and they both orgasm, their breathing heavy and uneven, their skin hot. Y/N lifts her head up and catches Peter’s eyes looking at her, they say nothing as he slips out of her. Peter softly touches Y/N’s bottom lip with his thumb before leaning in and sharing one last kiss with the girl of his dreams. 

They both slowly get dressed and meandered out of the building, just enjoying each other’s company. 

When they got back to the Tower Tony took one look at them and glared at the boy holding his daughter’s hand. 

“I meant ask her out, not screw her! You better run, Spiderboy!” Tony yelled, Peter’s eyes widened as Tony’s hand stretched out to call his suit. 

“Shit!” Peter swore before bolting out of the room, Tony ran after him in his suit. Y/N stood there shaking her head. 

“My boys…”

A/N: forgive me father for I have sinned, this was trash but like I wrote it in four hours. I’m always a slut for Tom Holland!Peter Parker, just know that. I hope you liked this.

Ok cause of all the shit I felt like writing something tonight so here goes..

First off I wanted to show you just the fucking way his eyes follow her, are like locked in on hers for most of this first conversation because man oh man..

Just take a look for a moment at this look throughout the scene, the way his eyes follow her movements perfectly, and tell me what that looks like to you in terms of how he sees her. How he FEELS at that moment. I mean he is locked in on her this whole time. 

This is just some amazing shit here.  But i especially love this one..

(gifs by  kendaspntwd)

that little look up at the end. He really dosen’t look at anyone else like this. Not that i’ve seen. Its part of that amazing chemistry that they have I know. That rare thing you can’t force or create. It’s just there, it happens organically.  And its like in the last one he tries to break the eye contact but can’t and looks back up at her. 

That slight wariness melting into and being overridden by his love for her is beautiful to me. 

He forgives her so quickly just by looking into her eyes and just seeing her, By knowing her. Because he loves her so damn much and having her front of him just.. overwhelms him and he can’t take his eyes off her. 

Tell me again he’s not fucking in love with her. Fight me. 

I think I just killed myself with feels again..

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I challenge you to a drabble of a Reylo lovechild asking mommy and daddy how they met please and thanks

And so Coupdedoop discovered then, that she had no idea how to write a three year old. For she herself, has hardly ever interacted with one. Hope you like this Nonny! It was done pretty quickly but almost too quickly… so I’m hoping it’s alright!

“And so, Cinderella and the Prince were married, and lived happily ever after. The, End.“

“Mama! Read it again!” Rey smiled and hugged the small bouncing child tight.

“Padmé that’s the second time we’ve read you that story! How about you pick another?”

Padmé pouted and shook her head, dark curls bouncing into a mess that Rey would have to brush out before Padmé fell asleep.

“But Mama, it’s my best! I want my princess story!”

Kylo laughed from behind the two-leaning in the doorway.

“Then how about a story about your mother?” Padmé stared at her mother with wide hazel eyes-mouth hanging open in shock.

“Mama? Mama’s a princess?”

Rey rolled her eyes and smirked at Kylo.

“No. Mamas not a princess, my lovely.”

“You’re absolutely right!” Kylo strode over to the bed, sitting down at the end, trying not to take up too much space on the child’s bed. “She’s a queen now. After all, she married a prince didn’t she?”

Rey snorted, giggling slightly at Kylo’s corny expression.

“Prince! Oh, that’s funny.”

Padmé lightly tugged on Rey’s shirt, demanding her full attention.

“Mama! Mama?”

Rey smiled lovingly at her daughter.

“Yes, dearest?”

“How did you and Papa meet?”

Rey raised a brow, and smirked, turning over to look at her husband, who twiddled his thumbs innocently.

“Ask Papa.”

Kylo shot a put-off look at Rey, and sighed, putting on an exaggerated dreamy smile and reaching over to push hair from Rey’s face.

“You see, Padmé, it was fate. I had been having dreams about Mama for a very long time before we met. I knew that we were meant to be together. So one day, Papa went to go find his lovely princess.”

Rey rolled her eyes, sitting back with Padmé who eagerly sat at attention, drinking in her father’s every word.

“I searched high and low for her, but to no avail.”

Padmé wilted slightly, lip trembling.


She instantly brightened up, eager once again and shaking with excitement. Rey couldn’t hold back her grin, watching Padmé bounce with joy.

“I found her. On a beautiful green planet by a large stone castle.”

Padmé gasped and looked at Rey in shock.

“Mama IS a princess!”

Rey shook her head.

“It was Maz’s castle, sweetie. Mama’s not a princess.”

Padmé didn’t seem at all discouraged by this however. In fact she seemed to ignore it in its entirety in favour of believing her mother was true royalty.

“Papa! What happened next?” She demanded, reaching out for her father.

Kylo instantly reached back, taking Padmé into his arms and holding her up above him as he flopped back onto the bed.

“One of Papa’s soldiers told Papa where the princess was, and I went to go find her in the forest. Silly thing was running away, can you believe that, pumpkin?”

Padmé giggled and waved her arms about, enjoying the airtime her father provided.

“Mama ran away? Like Cinderella!”

“Yes! Just like Cinderella!”

Rey groaned, crawling down the bed a bit to sit beside her husband, who looked up at her with a ridiculous grin.

Rey didn’t really have the heart to tell Padmé that she was running from a warlord. Not a prince. That would be a story for another day.

“Finally, I caught up to the princess, and do you know what she did?”

Padmé shook her head, but was clearly enraptured and desperate to find out.

“What? What did Mama do?”

“She shot at me!”

Padmé’s face dropped, and she turned to glare at Rey.


Rey froze, not at all expecting the story to take this turn.

“Oh- uh-”

“Papa was forced to defend himself! And fight his precious princess!” Kylo moaned on, in an over the top voice designed to entertain.

“Mama, why?! Papa must have been so sad!” Kylo sat up, placing Padmé into his lap and nodding solemnly. Expression grave as stone he was about to be buried under should he not shut the hell up.

“I was very sad Padmé. And it didn’t stop there!”

“If papa wants to live it probably should.” Rey hissed.

Padmé shot a dark look at Rey- looking far too much like a younger version of herself.

“Mama should apologise to Papa!”

Rey stared at Padmé, quiet as a mouse. She couldn’t quite comprehend what just happened. Truly she didn’t expect this story to take such a turn. She glared at Kylo.

“I’m sorry Papa.”

Kylo bit back a grin, and nodded.

“Thank you Mama, I appreciate that.” He leaned in to give Rey a kiss, and she turned, lips to his ear.

“You’re the one who will be sorry later.”

Hair Trust - ||Joe Sugg Imagine||

Requested? Yes – ‘117 and 95 with Joe? ps. your imagines are amazing love! X’


·         “Can I do your hair?”

·         “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

[[I want to apologise, like a lot a lot like so very much like im really really sorry for being gone for so so long, ive sort of been trying to deal with a break up lolol and me being me, I never talk to a soul about my feelings and shit so ive sort of been quietly trying to deal with it hence my disappearance, but I really am sorry and I hope you all can forgive me this one time]]

“Joe, we have to leave in a few minutes.” you said, looking down at Joe as he lied lazily on his couch, phone in hand as he scrolled aimlessly through Instagram.

“I know, Y/N. Don’t worry babe, I’m ready, just need to do my hair and I’m done.” He shrugged, continuing to scroll through pictures on Instagram.

“You hair looks fine.” You countered back.

“I still want to do it.”

“Can I do your hair?” You asked, your eyes brightening with excitement.

He softly laughed back, “Yeah sure, but, can I do your hair?” You looked at him with confusion. “Didn’t you say you wanted to colour your hair tomorrow?”

“Oh…” You paused; you’ve never trusted anyone besides professional hair stylist with your hair, to add a little brightness to your hair, you’d colour it at home. But to let Joe, the known Youtuber prankster, to do your hair wasn’t something you were as excited about. “I mean—”

“Come on, Y/N. You can do whatever you want with my hair, if I can do your hair.” You reluctantly nodded, being slightly excited all whilst be very nervous.

After styling Joe’s hair in a new manner, one both of you were impressed with. The both of you left for dinner, laughing and forgetting about the night’s promise you had made.


It was currently the next day. You and Joe were doing a little shopping, buying a few necessities such as toothpaste and shampoo. That’s when you remembered your promise to Joe.

You tried to grab a hair highlight kit without Joe noticing, but he was right behind you, softly chuckling. “You aren’t very stealthy, Y/N.” a sigh left your lips as your shoulders drooped down.

“Joe, I swear to god, if you mess my hair up—”

“I won’t, trust me.” However, you could not have trusted Joe any less than you did in this moment.

As you finished your shopping and the both of you headed back home, you went to throw on an unneeded shirt as you got ready for the mess Joe was about to create on your hair.

“Welcome to my hair dressing saloon, Y/N.” Joe clapped his hands together as an almost sinister smile crept upon his features. “We are going to make you look gorgeous!” Joe exclaimed in a high pitched tone as he sung out the last word.

“Joe, I will break your fingers if you—”

“No need to get violent, I assure you, I have had many years of practise. Back in my days—”

You interrupted him as you laughed. “Back in your days? That must have been, what, 1857?”

“Jesus Christ, Y/N, I’m not that old…I’m much older. I’ve had much more practise. No need to worry.” He continued to joke around, calming your nerves. But as the reality sunk in, there was no denying you were worried Joe’s playfulness would get the best of him and he’d mess with your hair.

“Joe, honestly though, please don’t—”

“Y/N…” Joe said with laughter, “you’re cute when you’re all worried. I promise you I won’t play any pranks. When it comes down to your hair, this is a very serious matter.” He smiled, reassuring you once more as you nodded with a small giggle.

After a short while passed by with Joe’s brows creased in concentration and few swear words said under his breath. Your hair was done and all dry, he had even styled your hair just so he could be that little bit more extra.

You looked towards the mirror, moving your head around to see if he had missed any spots. “Wow, Joe. You actually did a really good job. I guess those days in the 1800’s really paid off.” You giggled, a smile growing on your face.

Joe nodded, brushing his shoulders off in a cocky manner. “Joe’s hair dressing saloon never fails its customers.” You both let a small laugh slip through as he hugged you from behind, giving you a gentle kiss. “Does this mean I get to do your hair from now on?”

“No, Joe. Definitely not. This is the first and last time you’ll get to touch my hair.”

“Are you sure? Because I can recall many times in which I grabbed your hair whilst—”

“Joe!” You yelled, laughing loudly as you playfully hit Joe on the shoulder, him chuckling back at you.

promise us | reiner x reader x bertholdt

A/N: May contain spoilers. Another work I never posted on here. I’m sorry for your feels in advance. Fem! Pronouns. 

Originally posted by iamquietlydrowning

Everything seemed normal for the most part. Eren and Jean still bickering, Sasha still stealing food every chance she got, Captain Levi being…him and Hanji being… her. But you couldn’t help but to notice Reiner and Bertholdt acting strange. The two men you held dear to your heart. The usual smiles they had on their faces had disappeared and when they did, it almost seemed forced. You thought maybe it could have been stress but it felt different.

You would often find yourself in the situation of an awkward silence when you walked up to them having a conversation and they quickly shut up almost like they were hiding something from you. But that wasn’t right. You three had been inseparable since the good old days! Best friends til the end, no secrets. It broke your heart at the thought of them keeping something from you because they apparently didn’t trust you enough to tell you what’s been going on when the very thing that this bond between you three was built on trust.

Dinner was currently being served at the Survey Corps. Everyone sat enjoying each other’s company, well almost everyone. You sat in an uncomfortable silence with Reiner and Bertholdt at your table the only sounds were the silverware and the chatter from others around you. Until Bertholdt spoke up.

“So, how was your day, (Name)?” He asked with a small smile trying to make small talk. You couldn’t take it anymore.
“What the hell has been up with you two? You both have been acting strange around me and it’s really pissing me off!” Anger fueled your voice but behind it was a broken girl who just wanted her boys back.

Bertholdt averted his eyes to Reiner was had a calm exterior.
“Nothing. What are you talking about, (Name)?” Reiner said making you look at him in disbelief.
“Yeah, everything is fine. Calm down, yeah?” Bertholdt added on. You laughed bitterly and got up from where you sat feeling the tears form in your eyes.
“I have to go.” You said before quickly walking out the mess hall. You heard voices call after you but you didn’t bother to stop.

Three knocks sounded at the door making you groan and slug out of bed. You looked over at Sasha and she was still sound asleep. You swore she could sleep through an earthquake. You opened the door and rubbed your eyes to see Reiner and Bertholdt at your door.

“Do you guys know what time it is-” Reiner cut you off by taking your hand into his. You looked up at him with a slight shade of pink on your cheeks.
“Come with us.” He said simply and you agreed.

They took you to a field that you guys would always use to go to that just far enough away from HQ to get away. There was a silence but unlike the other times, this was comfortable. You smiled to yourself looking up at the moon remembering all the fun times you three have had here.
“What are you smiling about?” Bertholdt asked as you noticed you smiling.
“You remember the time when we tried to see who could do the best cartwheel and Reiner ended up busting his ass?” You asked with a tiny giggle. Bertholdt let out a laugh and it made your heart swell. You haven’t heard it in so long.
“He was in a mood the whole night.” Bertholdt recalled.
“In my defense, I’m a pretty big guy! I’m not as graceful as you (Name).” Reiner said trying to sound angry but the smile on his face said otherwise.


“I miss you guys so much… What happened? What did I do?” Your voice cracked and it absolutely broke their hearts. They loved you with every fiber in their being and the fact that they were making you feel like this made them feel like shit.

“(Name)… We haven’t been honest with you..” Bertholdt said looking down at his feet. He couldn’t bare to see the pain in your eyes.
“W-What do you mean?” You asked in a small voice. Your suspicions were confirmed that they were hiding something from you. Reiner ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. He grabbed the both of your hands and looked deep into your eyes. It almost felt like his golden eyes put you in a trance.

“You have to promise us that you will not tell anyone.” Reiner said. You could see the desperation in his eyes and you could hear it in his voice. You glanced over at Bertholdt and he looked pale.
“And please find it in your heart to forgive us..” Bertholdt added on.
“What’s going on? You guys are scaring me.” You said and Reiner sighed once more.
“(Name), I’m the armored titan and Bertholdt is the colossal titan.” Reiner said. You looked at him and laughed.
“You guys are funny. You shouldn’t be joking about that.” You said lightheartedly.

But there was a shift in atmosphere when you realized you were the only one laughing. You looked into Reiner’s eyes for any sign of a joke and saw absolutely none.
“Reiner,” You let out a breathy laugh. “Please tell me you guys are joking.” You said nervously. He kept quiet and looked away from your eyes. You snatched your hands away from him.
“Reiner. Tell me this is a fucking joke.” The pain and fear consuming your voice. More silence.
“Reiner! Tell me! Tell me!” You yelled as your dainty hands his chest but it seemed to not have any effect. You felt hot tears stream down your cheeks.

You looked over at Bertholdt to see him in still looking at he ground.
“Bertholdt,” You called for him softly. “Please tell me he’s lying.” You said.
“I-I wish I could… I’m sorry-” You cut him off.
“Look at me when I’m talking to you! You can at least owe me that!” You yelled. Bertholdt looked up at you with pained eyes. The seeing you in this state hurt him.

He loved you. No, not in the best friend type of way but as in he wanted to see your face everyday when he woke up. He wanted to be the one that made you happy, he wanted to eventually marry you and start a family. Reiner was aware of this, when he found out he was a little taken back because he actually had feels for you as well. Ever since Reiner met you he’s been head over heels for you.

“M-my family…” You fell to the floor, your arms supporting your upper body as you sobbed. “Why… why now after all these years? I thought- I thought-”
“(Name)…” Reiner tried to lift you up but you pushed him away.
“Don’t touch me!” You screamed. “I hate you! I hate the both of you!” You sobbed louder. You sat there crying for what felt like forever, the two men that were desperately in love with you standing in front of you watching the destruction they made. How could two guys that made you so happy be the ones that hurt you the most?

You sniffed and slowly pulled yourself up. You wiped your now red and puffy eyes looking at Reiner and Bertholdt. They looked like shit. Pale faces and puffy eyes.You smiled weakly and let out a breathy laugh still not wanting to believe this is true.

“Your secret is safe with me… but I’ll never forgive you two from what you did. Never talk to me again.” You said softly. Your heart panged through your chest as those words came out your mouth. You turned around to head back to HQ until someone grabbed your hand stopping you. You turned around to see a very distraught Reiner.
“B-But we love you (Name)! Please!” Reiner pleaded on the verge of tears.
“I love(d) you guys too.” You said completely emotionless. Bertholdt fell to his knees feeling completely defeated. Reiner let your hand go and stood there in shock as he watched you walk away.

She was really gone. Their girl was really gone.

Leon Draisaitl - Responsibilities Part Six

Originally posted by oscarsklefbom

Last Part !

Word Count: 1410

Warnings: Cursing / STEAM. LOTS OF IT. I figured after all this stress you needed a good part of just pure Leon

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six

You arrived back at the house and sat on the couch next to each other looking over the backyard. The tension was loose but there were still a couple of strings tied. The two of you sat with your legs hanging off the edge as you fiddled the bottom of your shirt and he played with his hands.

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Wynonna Earp aka Me Being A Part of Yet Another Gay Migration

So I finally decided to watch Wynonna a few days ago and finished it today…(SPOILERS)

- no wonder people left Supergirl for this show I mean

- the cast is amazing


- men (Dolls, Doc, Jeremy) who aren’t actual assholes???? men who are supportive? men who are not mansplaining?? men who don’t force women into being with them??? actual heroes???  … #TakeNotesMon-El

- the whole show is basically Lost Girl in Texas

- also motherfucking Tamsin showed up and got killed, AGAIN??? :(

- I wish they took a bit more time to explain things cause sometimes I get lost but I can forgive them that

- #TheEarpSisters giving me flashbacks of when we actually got to see #TheDanversSisters

- why is everyone so mean to Rosita??????? :((((( she doesn’t deserve that

- shit Wynonna says is actual gold

- #WayHaught aka #WayTooHot? sign me up for this shit, ALTHOUGH I don’t really understand how they got together like…one moment they met each other, the next Waverly jumped Nicole in sheriff’s office? #k

- also Nicole kinda looks like my ex so

- but they are absolutely adorable and I am happy no lesbian died #yet

- I love the way everyone was okay that Waverly was suddenly gay + Wynonna’s reactions were actually funny to watch and not homophobic (unlike Kara when Alex came out to her, she was being quite awful at first, let’s be honest)

- Jeremy is literally what Winn Schott was supposed to be - POC, gay and absolutely cute (+ having crushes on his friends without actually kissing them or forcing them to feel guilty about not returning his feelings :)))

- Waves and Jeremy are the cute lil gays we deserve

- also love the fact how fragile Waverly looks but how badass she actually is?? (and everyone loves her)

- them actually saying WayHaught on the show - YAS QUEEN

- Game of Thrones references

- (why doesn’t the baby’s name start with a W? is it like only those who are still under the curse have it?)


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maybe headcanons for how Bakugou would try to get the attention of his aloof and intimidating crush who doesn't have a quirk.

Surprised it took this long to get a Bakugou request! He seems to be the most popular character  on a lot of other BNHA blogs. Well, (blows party horn) welcome to my blog explosion boy!


•  God, honestly? He’s gonna get their attention by fucking fighting them. One day he’s literally probably just gonna wake up and realize he likes them a lot, and immediately decide he has to start picking fights with them. His logic is that if they’re so aloof and don’t have the time to give to others, he’ll force you to acknowledge and pay attention to him, even if it’s because he’s being a dick. Kinda like that whole all attention is good attention thing some people follow.

•  It’s so out of the blue too… like sure Bakugou in general is an asshole and when the moment arises he’ll pick at you for being quirkless, but he never searched you out to harass you before now. But now it seems like every corner you turn he’s there and ready with some shitty comment that makes your blood boil. Of course everyone else is frightened of you like this, but Bakugou has no fear, he does not give a shit.

•  You try to ignore it for awhile, brush it off as him being an asshole just to be an asshole, maybe Deku’s sudden quirk reveal left him with a hole in his heart of someone quirkless to harass. But as time goes on and Bakugou starts focusing in on you more and more, you start to fucking lose it and fight back at him. When this happens people in the nearby vicinity are VERY frightened, but Bakugou is very please he was FINALLY able to get you to respond to him.

•  There’s a really weird shift from this point on. Once you start snapping back at him, he still comes at you but… there are really back-handed compliments in there. It’s confusing. It sounds like an insult, he SAYS it like an insult, but then you’ll think about it and realize he might be saying you look nice that day. He has no idea how to actually flirt with or compliment someone, so you’re just feeling this hard mindfuck of suddenly becoming Bakugou’s punching bag that he calls pretty.

•  After dealing with this confusion for a long while, you’re gonna end up confronting him and asking what his deal is.  You’re sick of him making you feel flustered and shitty at the same time and you want some goddamn answers. You’ll have to REALLY work the truth out of him, but once he FINALLY (reluctantly) admits he likes you, it’ll start to make sense.

•  Oh but he’s in for a LONG lecture followed by a good period of the silent treatment he was trying to get rid of in the first place. If he thought you were aloof before you’re EXTRA aloof around him now. Sometimes you even get more sociable with others just to piss him off. Once the realization that he fucked up truly hits him, he’ll begrudgingly apologize and ask you to give him another chance. 

 “Even if you’re quirkless and shit… I don’t want you to hate me. Gimme a fuckin’ chance…” It still sounds a lot like an insult, but you can tell by the look in his eyes he genuinely want you to forgive him and let him try again. You forgive him after milling it over in your head a little bit. One date wouldn’t do too much damage, right?

Not a good idea|Derek x human!reader

Requested by : @fangirl-moment-x

“Hey! Could you do a Derek Hale x human!reader fluff imagine where the reader of Derek’s age and is super shy and insecure and one day the people from her new workplace ask her to go clubbing with them and she says yes, even if she doesn’t like parties, bc she wants to fit in. Derek thinks it’s a bad idea but she goes anyway. Then she gets in trouble and calls Derek for help and he comes and saves her from said trouble and then takes care of her bc she’s a drunk, crying mess. (Sorry it’s so long)”

Thank you for requesting honey xx. I messed this up a little bit sorry.

Sorry for the grammar english isn’t my first language.



Requests are open

Tell me if you wanna be tagged in the next imagine

Originally posted by monstrousmess

You enter in your office walking fast, hoping that no one notices you.
You arrive at the elevator and one of your co-workers keeps it open for you smiling.
‘Oh no’ you think trying hard to look busy.
The last think you want is starting a conversation.
You close your eyes, biting your lip.
‘Please don’t ask me anything’.
Saying 'no’ is really hard for you.
“We go to the club tonight for celebrating Steve’s birthday, do you wanna come?”
He stated at you, his eyes shining a little.
He has had a crush for you for years but don’t have the guts to say that you’re not interested.
“I have to think about it.”
In the exact moment the elevator opens you run out, trying to reach fastly your desk.

You stare at your coffee thinking about your co-worker’s invitation.
It has been a very bad morning for you, you stressed your self even more after the little “conversation” in the elevator.
Should you go?
This is the perfect occasion to fit in and finally make some friends.
But clubbing isn’t really your thing, you didn’t even like it when you were a teenager and now that you’re an adult your repulsion for them became worse.
The sound of your phone buzzing snaps you out of your thoughts.

I’m here.

Wait a minute

You drink your coffee as fast as you can and grab all of your things, running towards the exit.
“Hi” he says as you slam the door of his car.
“Hello” you answer as you continue to think about the invitation.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s just that my co-workers asked me to go clubbing with them and I think that I’’ll go but I’m not sure.”
He furrow his brows, taking a deep breath.
“I don’t it’s a good idea honestly” he turns his head to stare at you.
“Keep your eyes on the road! And too late by the way, I am saying yes right now.”
You type on your phone sending your co-worker a message as he stops in front of your house.
“We’re here”
“Look, Derek, this is the perfect occasion for me to fit in. I don’t wanna be alone any more” you stare deeply into his eyes trying to make him understand.
“You’re not alone, you have me”
“See you tomorrow Derek.”

When you step in the club the smell of alcohol and smoke hits you like a truck.
Around you people are dancing and drinking, making you feel really uncomfortable.
You’re about to turn around and go home when you hear a voice.
“Y/N, you made it”
“Yes, I’m here” you say, looking at your shoes.
“Come we’re about to make a toast”
You are pushed through the hot bodies and arrive at a small table at the end of the room.
They give you a small glass full of what looks like vodka.
You smell the transparent liquid, groaning after the strong scent hits you.
“I don’t really drink” you say trying to put the shit back on the table.
“Oh, c'mon! Don’t be so boring”
You look at the glass and sigh deeply.
'I’m gonna regret this’ you think as you swallow all the liquid.
You hear all of your co-workers scream as they pass you another glass.

You push your self into the bathroom trying to hold back the tears as you lock the door.
You sit on the toilet taking your phone.
“Y/N?” Derek’s voice feels like the one of an angel in this moment.
“I’m sorry, so sorry. I was a stupid today, I was mean to you. Please, forgive me, you’re my only friend” you mumble as you cry out all the frustration.
“I’m coming please wait there.”
He hungs up and you place your head on the wall trying to calm your self, falling in a state between sleep and wakefulness.

You shot your eyes open, looking around you.
“Where are we?” you ask confused.
“I am taking you to my loft, we are currently in the elevator”
“You can let me go, I can walk”
“Don’t even think about it”.
You sigh, testing your head on his chest, closing your eyes again and trying to hold back the tears once again.
You explode only when he  places you on his bed carefully.
You sob violently as he kneels in front of you stroking your hand.
“I’m so sorry. You always take care of me and I treated you so badly. Please forgive me.”
He looks you in the eyes, a serious expression on his face as he moves closer.

He puts his lips on yours so lightly that if you don’t have your eyes open you won’t belive it.
He pulls away slowly.
“It’s fine. Now get some sleep.”
He stands up, turning around.
“Derek, the next time don’t let me go please”.
He laughs litghly, stepping out of the room.

In honor of Christmas Eve Eve

- You’re wearing a hat with a mistletoe taped to it and you keep “accidentally”
bumping into me

- I cannot believe you convinced me to come caroling with you

- You’re one of santas helpers in the mall and you’re really cute so I keep walking by and I think the parents are starting to get concerned

- I don’t care what you say I aM NOT wearing an elf costume…
*5 minutes later*
…How long do I have to wear this stupid thing?

- You baked me Christmas cookies and they taste like shit but you look really happy and excited so I’m just gonna suffer through them