this one looks domestic so i love~

residentbunkergeek (It was too long to be just one ask so I went with this XD This is gonna be so fun, I love this idea. Domestic Michael so be warned.)

      Michael moved around the bunker kitchen, mop in hand, a bucket of soapy water place on the floor. He had gotten… Bored per say, and decided the whole bunker needed to be cleaned, or at least the kitchen. What with all the dirty dishes and the muddy footprints on the floor and stains on the counter. Honestly, you’d think the Winchesters would at least try to keep it clean Though they were as useless as ever, they didn’t even try to make Michael’s ‘job’ easier, and he had other things to do! Like sort and resort the books in the library and clean Adam’s dirty laundry!

    Now, as an angel he could easily just make everything clean at will but then he’d just end up bored again.. Well, he wasn’t doing much cleaning really. It started off cleaning, he swears, but it wasn’t that now. His steps where light and graceful as he danced around the kitchen, mop in one hand, singing happily to himself as he went about ‘cleaning’ the floors, counters, and dishes. The archangel, the oldest archangel, strongest archangel, was doing ballet and singing as he cleaned the kitchen. Quite a sight to see. Hope no one walked in.

    “At the end of the day you’re another day older.” He sang as he twirled around the kitchen with ease, hey, just because he was a warrior doesn’t mean he couldn’t dance as well. “And that’s all you can say for the life of the poor.” He dipped the mop as if it were his dance partner. “It’s a struggle, it’s a war, and there’s nothing that everyone’s giving.” 

    Setting down the mop he moved on to the counters, of course, moved one by doing a jete to get there before snatching up the clothe lying on the counter and adding in a high arabesque before continuing with cleaning the counter. “One more day, standing about, what is it for? One day less to be living.” He sang merrily as he wiped down the counters, throwing in a revele just to be classy. “At the end of the day you’re another day colder, and the shirt on your back doesn’t keep out the chill.” At ‘chill’ he snapped the cloth back and into the air as if it were a ribbon. “And the righteous hurry pass, don’t they hear the little ones crying?” Setting the cloth back down as his foot moved out in a tendu. “And the winter is coming on fast, ready to kill. One day nearer to dying!”

((Oh man that was fun to write, so glad we thought of this Leyla. Michael doing Ballet, of all this.))

08:55 // Train studying! Who doesn’t love a bit of that? Outlining the AS Level Chemistry syllabus as I finished the Biology one yesterday. So far this course looks great, so I’m really excited for September. Going to read The Domesticated Brain, for the rest of the journey, my current book was too heavy to carry! (Also, I can’t say enough good things about this pen)

Happy studying everyone and good luck! Xx

The way you dress

Summary: Just some cute domestic loving klaine. Blaine is completely stunned about how kurt always manages to look so perfect.

Title: The way you dress

Notes: I wrote this some time ago but I finished it! I know it’s very short but I’m new at this..
One of the many things I love most about Kurt is his fashion sense so I thought Blaine had to feel the same way.

Warnings: you might die of how much these two guys love each other but that’s all.

“Hey kurt!” Blaine whispered from the other side of the room. Kurt however, was still fast asleep and not planning on waking up anytime soon. “Kuuurt!” Blaine now spoke a little louder and walked closer to the bed. “Wake up honey.” He smiled when kurt turned on his side, away from him, he was already glad that at least he got a reaction. “I know you’re awake.”

Yesterday they hadn’t slept till late, for… several reasons.. and honestly Kurt had never been so tired before in his life. And even though he usually loved Blaine’s voice in the morning, at this moment he could slam his head with a pillow until he shut up. For good.

Blaine hopped on the bed, cuddled up behind him and pressed a soft kiss on his temple. “You really have to wake up baby.” He whispered in Kurt’s ear.

Kurt shivered for a second but then relaxed into blaine’s arms. “And why is that?” he yawned. “What time is it anyway?” Kurt let out a sigh, knowing that he would probably not win this fight.

Blaine lifted his head and looked at Kurt curiously “It’s almost 2 pm and your dad’s coming over remember? He’ll be here in about fifteen minutes.”

Kurt’s eyes shot open. “Why didn’t you wake me earlier?! I have to make coffee and sandwiches and I should clean the house and how could I’ve forgotten he came? I haven’t even picked out an outfit for today yet!” Kurt turned to Blaine, total panic in his eyes. Blaine just smiled at him. “How can you be so calm?” Kurt asked and raised an eyebrow.

“Kurt, I’ve already been awake for hours. I’ve taken care of everything.” Blaine’s voice was calm and comforting. “Well, except the outfit thing. I’ve tried picking something out for you before, but that didn’t end up well so I left that part for you. I hope you don’t mind.” Blaine winked and his smile turned bigger as he saw Kurt sigh from relief.

“You’re the best” Kurt’s body was now completely faced to Blaine, he leaned in for a quick kiss before he got up from the bed and walked to his closet. He picked out several items and put some back until he was satisfied with the outfit he’d picked out. Light grey skinny jeans, a light purple shirt with rolled up sleeves and of course a neckerchief to hide the hickeys Blaine had left on his neck the night before. He smiled when he looked at himself in the mirror. Simple, but classy.

“You are so beautiful.” Blaine said when Kurt was fully dressed.

“What?” Kurt asked a bit surprised. His cheeks turned pink and the corners of his mouth curled up as he looked at Blaine, who just stared at him and smiled.

“I just don’t get how you manage to always look so stunning.” He scanned Kurt’s body from head to toe.

“What do you mean?” Kurt walked over to Blaine who was still sitting on the bed.

“Everyday you wear an outfit that is so different from the one you wore the day before but at the same time they all soot you so well.” When Kurt was close enough Blaine took his hands and pulled him into his lap. “I don’t say it enough, but it’s one of the things I love most about you.” The look in Blaine’s eyes was pure and warm and full of love. “I love how crazy you get over new fashion things and how exited you get over what happens at I just…” Blaine sighed while he plaid with Kurt’s collar “I really love you, Kurt.”

“You know,” Kurt leaned forward and pressed a short kiss on Blaine’s lips. “I really love you too.” He whispered against Blaine’s mouth.

Blaine felt Kurt’s breath on his lips, a shiver traveled down his spine. With a smile he pressed his lips back on Kurt’s. This the time the kiss was more passionate than before. Their mouths moved together as one. Blaine felt a wave of happiness flow through his body. He always felt so safe when he kissed Kurt, so secure.

They both got thrown back to reality when they heard a loud nock on the door. “That’d be my dad.” Kurt breathed out and stood up from Blaine'a lap. “I love you.” He said lightly when he turned his head to blaine one last time before opening the door.

“Love you too.” Blaine smiled feeling like he was the luckiest man in the world.

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Hi admins! Do you know of any good fics where Chanyeol is possessive / territorial, like "Territorial" by oohsehun or "Got You Stuck On My Body (Like A Tattoo" by veulixs? Thanks!

Hi anon! These are probably not what you were looking for, so I’m sorry in advance, but here are the ones I found:

Title: Summer Sunshine
Pairing: BaekYeol
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count: 8.9K
Summary: Baekhyun hated summer. But that summer, there was Chanyeol.

Title:  Room 1-02
Pairing: SuYeol
Genre: Fluff, AU, Domestic!AU
Rating:  PG
Word Count: 4K
Summary: Chanyeol loves Junmyeon too much and is too possessive to even let Junmyeon out of his sight. He joins him to be a kindergarten teacher even though he despises children. To his dismay, Junmyeon was not happy about that idea, but follows through with it. The only thing that Chanyeol should know is that children are much more possessive than him.


-Admin Jae

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Omg those hugs that you've just reblogged are amazing. They look like they're like casually chatting with us and it's all normal. Imagine if this happen in a few years. They would just upload a video where they talk about their life and other domestic stuff

I think you meant gifs haha, but yes!! I hope they make more with more recent clips of them because it looks so real, I’m in love with it.

And I hope that will happen one day. It definitely won’t be soon, but at some point down the line they might feel comfortable enough to do that, and just the thought of that is so amazing.

rice-dough said: Ohhh i love domestic!au so much i wanna draw them and the pets i wanna do it in fact I WILL DO IT AHHHHH (σ≧▽≦)σ

Just as keikaku. 83

Do you have any particular dog breed in mind? I know I said cross between a wolfhound and a mastiff but really I just mentioned those breeds because they’re both massive. I’m actually thinking of the huge, shaggier variety of the German Shepherd, if you’re ever seen one–they look really gorgeous especially if their coat has more black than brown.

They shed like crazy, though. Lucky for Kuroro that Kurapika is almost obsessive with cleaning, huh.

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Um, how about Sakunami/Koganegawa headcanons? Maybe some domestic ones...?

OH my baby bricks, how I love them~ So SURe lets do this.

  • Koga has a really difficult time waking up in the morning sometimes.  It can get so bad that Sakunami has to sit on top of him and slap his cheeks to wake him up. Not too super hard, but the little pop is enough to wake up the giant baby. (He’d dump water on his head if he was running late, but there’s no point in getting their bed wet when this works 95% of the time)
  • Sakunami always makes lunches for both him and Koga to take to work/school.  if Koga was responsible for his own lunch, he’d probably take a pudding cup and a bag of chips.

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Alias: vee
Age: twenty
Where you’re from + your time zone: canada, pst 
One fact about you: double-jointed in my legs, but i can’t say it’s very handy 
Favourite kind of plot: give me repression, give me pain, and give me some more repression on top of it all. but also domestics, old married couples, and haphazard adopted parent/child/sibling relationships
Favourite pbs: middle aged ladies are my calling 
What you’re most looking forward to on the site: my very first rp site (when i was who knows how old) was a circus rp, so it’s v exciting to return to a setting i love so much. the time period makes it all the more engaging for me. i can’t wait to see what everyone does!! 

unf I feel so terrible and useless and also ugly as fuck. why do I feel so uncomfortable about myself? I don’t even want to go out because I am a monster and I don’t want to talk to people. studying is hard because I am always tired and I have strong headache every day. the only thing that kept me alive were the gazette new look photos….and this says something about how hopeless I am.
also: i want to go seeing cocorosie live but no one comes with me so I’ll go alone and well the place around the venue is not safe and quiet, its dangerous going out alone at night but well who cares it will be the right time for me to be killed
plus extra: i love game of thrones and I want a domestic dragon please
I Hate Shopping, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

Oh look, I did a one shot.

This is during canon, (sorry, no post-canon domestic fluff) and Kagome is forced to take Inuyasha shopping with her, so we’ll see what happens!

This is for everyone who loves Inuyasha (and may or may not be waiting for me to update/post my other fics)

I want my first fic to get a bit mor lovin before I update/post another fic because it helps keep me motivated, like I’m really connecting with you guys, cuz I you all so much!

Also some quick love to shinjiteflorana, artistefish, sankontesu, and all the other awesome Inuyasha bloggers out there! 

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*slides over URL*

send me your URL and i’ll tell you.

my opinion on;

character in general: Hotch is my favorite, okay. Like. Not only is he this badass agent who can scare the shit out of anybody, friend or foe, but he’s also good looking and a grade A father to Jack. Seriously, I live for Hotch/Jack moments and wish we had more of them BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE MORE DOMESTIC HOTCH.
how they play them: Your Hotch is perfect. So spot on. Sometimes I wonder if maybe you’re Thomas Gibson in disguise. I love your portrayal of the boss man, and think it is absolutely wonderful. 

the mun: The mun is one of the greatest people out there, okay. Like seriously. Such a wonderful person and always up for plotting and just Grade A excellent. 

do i:

RP with them: I currently have one thread with them, yes
want to RP with them: Yes, give me more threads!

what is my;

overall opinion: Like I said, Hotch is my favorite character and you portray him so well and you are just fantastic inside and out, and please keep up the good work and continue to be your totally fantastical awesome self!

**note: mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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Alex on chrismas!!!!


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omg =( why does he always has to be the one to push the stroller and make me cyr :( why does he always have to make domestic/family Harry so real :( i'm so :( so fucking cute

he aLWAYS DOES THIS he loves babies so much he looks so natural with them i am broken

Fun Surprises || Gabriela and Olivia

The kitchen counters and the dinner table were littered with cakes and various desserts that Olivia had spent the day making with Heather. The domestic outlook on life was one that she always rejected in her younger years and struggled to see herself becoming but somehow taking a break from her workaholic lifestyle to spend some time with her daughter was changing her. Olivia’s shirt was blue shirt was now whitewashed into a baby blue from the icing and she was pretty sure that her hair was caked with flour. “Mummy, so tasty.” Olivia couldn’t help the wide smile that graced her face as she looked over at her daughter loving the food they had made together. “I’m so proud of you baby” lifting her up in her arms and planting a kiss on her brunette head. “Can I have a taste?” Heather nodded her head and brought up the cupcake so that Olivia could have a bite and it tasted so good.

Being blessed with such good weather especially in England  seemed a crime to be spending it at home cooped up getting a sugar high. Olivia wondered what they could fill up their day and what they could get up to. She supposed she could call up Gabriela and see if she wanted to hang out with them. A colleague at work had mentioned that there was a cool art gallery close to Harbour Bay that they had wanted to check out together but Olivia had never had the time. Her last conversation with Gabriela came to her mind about how her interest didn’t lie with museums and galleries so this would be the perfect moment to get her to gain an interest in them. Grabbing her phone to send a quick text, “Hey, so since you love me and my daughter so much would you like to hang out with us today. It’s a surprise so no you can’t back out and it’s our treat. Pretty please. Liv x”


“Elastic Heart” by Sia - Lyric and Video Analysis

Sia’s “Elastic Heart” was part of the soundtrack for Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, featuring The Weeknd and Diplo, but was later remastered entirely by Sia and added to her latest album 1000 Forms of Fear

When I first listened to the lyrics in this song, I thought it was about a girl getting her heart broken, but when I researched and looked more closely, I found that it is actually about a girl’s (maybe Sia’s) relationship with her father, split personalities, and domestic abuse. Like in “Chandelier,” Sia uses this song to convey a serious message.

Some of the lyrics to “Elastic Heart”:

And another one bites the dust
Oh, why can I not conquer love?
And I might have thought that we were one
Wanted to fight this war without weapons
And I wanted it, I wanted it bad
But there were so many red flags
Now another one bites the dust
Yeah, let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one

Like many other artists, Sia compares love to war, and in this case her relationship is over. She wanted the relationship to work so badly that she ignored the signs that told her that it was a bad idea. Since this relationship has failed, she is unable to trust anyone else again.

You did not break me
I’m still fighting for peace

I’ve got a thick skin and an elastic heart
But your blade it might be too sharp

Sia is strong and she believes that love should not be a war, it should be peace. Sia will continue to try to find love. Sia is strong and cannot be broken, although this person has hurt her badly.

I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard
Yeah I may snap and I move fast
But you won’t see me fall apart
Cause I’ve got an elastic heart

However, if Sia does break, she will not let it show. She is able to escape a situation before she shows any sign of hurt. No one will see her in pain.

It is interesting that in some of this song, Sia sings about how this relationship has hurt her badly and has given her trust issues, but then in some of it she says that she is unbreakable. I think this relates to the theme of split personalities often in Sia’s work. One of the times we see split personalities is in her music video for “Chandelier.”


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I would love to internationally haha, but I doubt my parents would be down for that. Only if I had some mula of my own. lol. How much did your trips cost you? I need a job. Give me tips on finding a job Eileen haha. And give me suggestions for both international and domestic vacations! You are so lucky to be doing both. It's my dream to travel when I become rich one day! :p

Hahah well maybe you can convince them! Pick a city, do some research, look up the best deals, and maybe just maybe you can convince them to do something out of the ordinary and visit a country you’ve never been to before. If not, finding a summer job and traveling domestically is always a great option too! lol Just ask around; your friends, family members, friends of the family. See if anyone knows of any job openings. I got mine through a friend telling me about an opening at her place. It’s all luck and connections tbh.

As for the travel. It depends on where you want to go and how much you want to spend. If you like the beach, come to LA. You’ll love it here and there are so many things to see. If you like nature, maybe take a trip to AZ to see the Grand Canyon. I had a few friends go there recently and their pictures were stunning. If you want more of a city feel, you can’t really go wrong with NY, but have also heard Chicago is a must too so.. Tbh I haven’t really travel that much myself, but like you, my dream is to be rich and travel all around the world one day too:)