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On writing
  • Me: Oh I know I'll just write a thing for this trashy pairing haha how fun I'll just make it a straightforward one-shot shippy thing that I don't need to take seriously.
  • Me: *Writes several thousand words of set-up* okay I guess that's fine...
  • Me: *Plans layers of complicated emotional subtext* okay I guess we can have some of that *Writes several more thousand words before getting past the first real shipping scene* uhhhh okay so guess it'll be chaptered...
  • Me: *Plans entire rest of story and realises it's already out of control* goddamit me why are you like this.

Steve/Tony + complementary qualities

I finally finished editing my fusionmatsu comic!! 🎉

Damn this boy is so prettyyyyy…….. I need more of him next season


I really love how Winry has a picture of Ed and Al with Nina

everything, by design.


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Jules and Bernie need more appreciation tbh
Actually, a lot of Archie Sonic characters need more respect :^)
*please do not use this art or image in any way without my given permission- thank you!*
Sorry about the inactivity lately, sometimes I just forget I have a Tumblr??

gruvia in 3C requested by my wee cutie Aleena! @erzawesome sorry this took so long college is killing me, I hope you like this anyway XD

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I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

Hello, have some crappy excuses: you won’t believe it, but I picked the wrong paper again. I’m so tired, and it doesn’t even look like Amy. But I’m posting it here anyway, because I freaking tried. Also it’s the second time ever when I worked with pastels, so… Though the first one looked much better.


Sneak Peek | The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar [x]


six of crows, @lbardugo || for one of them, revolution is something big, something he admires, something he’s part of. it’s grand and includes fires, set ablaze by sparks. for the other, just kissing another boy is enough. for him, revolution is slow, but steady, and starts by loving a sharpshooter.


So I was messing around a bit with patterns, tried out some marvel stuff. Presenting Team Red, Hawkeye and Loki Patterns. Feel free to use for your blog ( they should be tileable ).
Credit is appreciated if you use them. 

Pls dont repost ( especially without credit :( ) 

but you led them to our hideout, forced their way inside now
they want us to surrender, us to surrender
but I could go all night, right here between their crossfire
we’ll send them up a message, I’ll send a message
saying give it up, give it up

wait out the sun
fic by @agentverbivore​ | art by @eclecticmuses
Fitz and Simmons go undercover in the criminal underworld, trying to get intel on a crime family with mysterious ties to Hydra. It takes time, but eventually they get comfortable with their new identities - so much so that it gets harder and harder to remember why they should go back.


Biologically - [EXO] Chanyeol!Au

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[A/N] This hair. This color. This agony.

It’s just the way you two made faces at each other when you thought no one was looking.

And the way you both loved each other in such a relaxed manner, oblivious and adorably that your family and closest peers knew that there was definitely something that  worth ‘forever’ when described.

He was restless when you are. Affectionate, when you are. Needy, when you are.

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