this one lena

  • Lena: so maggie I hear you were quite the player before dating Alex
  • Maggie: says you little luthor i heard a rumor that you once slept with four supermodels in one day
  • Lena: that was an exageration
  • Maggie: ok so one
  • Lena: no it was three
  • Maggie: so we were both players before dating the danvers
  • Lena: oh i stopped being a player after college
  • Maggie: and now you are dating little danvers
  • Alex: we get it you are both very experienced gays

femslash february continues w/ pharmercy, Zarya/Symmetra/Sombra, and Tracer/Emily! happy valentine’s day!!

for valentine’s day I drew some of my favorite pairings (& ot3) from Overwatch! the f/f (and f/f/f) ones are in their own post for femslash february; the non-femslash ones (reaper76, mcgenji, anahardt) are here. :D