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A Semester in Retrospect.

It’s been quite some time hasn’t it?
Almost half a year with hardly a peep out of me. Yes, I was busy with school and work and family, but honestly, I’m just extremely boring. I figured no one would really care what I do in my free time so I ended up scrapping post after post. I wish I was more interesting or better at giving advice and weaving people together, but frankly, I’m just a regular guy. This photoset is just a sort of summary of the past few months for me. I do plan on posting more, gradually. I’m just kind of lost right now. Hopefully I can find more drive to make new interesting content. Hope everybody is still doing well and is keeping frosty.


Boys want love if it’s torture, but real men want you to text them back. Honestly. The way you can tell the boys from the men is how they react when you don’t play games with them. A boy will become bored. A man will want to get to know you more. Everyone wants a challenge, but you shouldn’t have to completely manipulate your communication style in order to seem like one. Your conversation, your outlook, your wit, your accomplishments, your charisma, those things should challenge him. Any man knows that if you’re showing him all of those qualities, you could just as easily show them to someone else if he plays games. You know what they say, play games with a girl, she’ll chase you. Play games with a woman, she will replace you.

The first of 2017′s two rare pairs weeks is going to start in about 12 days on Sunday February 12th! This year we have an AO3 collection so if you post on AO3 make sure to add your work there! And also a prompt meme for everyone to share ideas! Anyone is free to join/sign up and leave/take as many ideas as you want.

What’s considered a rare pair?

Anything but the top 11 pairings. (The Spreadsheet™ for your number checking–now with some updated numbers.)

*12-21 is the grey (technically purple) area but they’re allowed this round since there’s only ~20 new works (in the past ~6months) for them at most (with Jehan/Montparnasse being the only one that stands out with 60 new works). If you think they’re a rare pair, go for it, but if you think ehh, I actually see this on my dash pretty frequently, then don’t! 

Do I have to write fic?

Absolutely not. Anything is welcome, art, headcanons, photosets, cosplay, fanmixes–as long as it’s focused on a rare pair go wild.

Does it have to be ship related?

Platonic pairings are welcome as well! They don’t have to follow the same rules as above. Just think about who you never really see interacting and go for it.

What tags should I use?

#lesmisrarepairsweek and/or #lesmisrarepairs