this one isn't that good sighs

  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*
Truth Or Consequences

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Word Count: 2.8k (One Shot)

Genre: Fluff

Summary: A simple dare has you wondering just how innocent Do Kyungsoo is 

Warnings: Light Teasing, Language

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But is it possible to put Larry rumours to rest though? How can the people behind the scenes think that one or two on camera denials are gonna put larry to rest once and for all? This 7 years worth of mess they have created by closeting two young boys isn't just gonna go away?? Too many people(maybe not as many as before bg) believe in larry. My naive heart hopes those who did this to them face the consequences. Sigh....

I read a post today saying that @freddiesmyqueen’s YouTube channel gained 5000 subscribers in the past week.


People are looking at the evidence themselves. For good or bad, people like a mystery. To resurrect a dormant mystery after seven years, just to deny it, is all sorts of suspicious.


“This DAGGER TATTOO doesn’t mean anything…”

“I found the RAINBOW BONDAGE BEARS ON TWITTER just like everyone else…”

“Some fans think that MY GIRLFRIEND IS HIRED…”

Soon enough, 2 + 2 = 4.

  • Nadir: Erik, you cannot simply resign from humanity and create your own rulebook.
  • Erik: Really?? Are you sure?? Think wisely, my friend!
  • Nadir: Despite what you think, you are, in fact, a human.
  • Erik: Prove it.
  • Nadir: Well, you were born from one. And you move, talk, eat and rest (and cry because nobody loves you)... pretty much like any of us.
  • Erik: Very good, my Daroga BUT there is something you seem to miss!
  • Nadir: Erik, no, it still isn't a valid...
  • Nadir: Actually it's not...
  • Nadir: *sigh* you have no nose
  • Nadir: How the hell is this the most intelligent person I've met?

Bi Rhett Feels Got You Tingly?

I’m just gonna leave this Double Drabble here. Y'all enjoy it. 💖💜💙

October 10th

Rhett sat staring at the tweet just waiting to be sent. This was an important milestone for him. Sure it was his 40th birthday but that’s not what was causing him trepidation.

Rhett has always known he liked girls. He was girl crazy during his adolescence. But he didn’t just like girls. In fact, throughout high school and college he had kept many of his boy crushes secret. Maybe all straight guys felt like this.

But now he was 40. The world had changed. He was surrounded by people who loved him for who he was. So why was this so hard? This one little step. He knew it wasn’t just about him anymore. It was also about all the LGBTQ Mythical Beasts who would see him as a possibility model and a representation of them. Plus, it wasn’t like some of the Mythical Beasts didn’t already suspect. Hell, he wasn’t exactly hiding it well.

He sighed and typed out his message the only way he knew how.

I’m not a practicing bisexual. Seriously I’m really good at it by now! #happycomingoutday

Having perfected the dad joke, he smiled and felt ready to celebrate the big 4-0.

Today in meh, boys: I always set up my office so that the client’s chair is directly across the table from mine, leaving me plenty of personal space. The dude who just came in here grabbed the chair, pulled it back, moved it halfway around the table, and sat right next to me throughout the entire session. He wasn’t close enough to make it inappropriate or anything. I’m just like, whyyyyyy would you do that?

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32 for bencutio (I'm in a bencutio mood apparently)

32 - “It looks good on you.” 

Benvolio yawned and stretched. For a moment he couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but then he realized there was emptiness where he was supposed to meet flesh. It was hard work, but finally he managed to open his eyes, only to confirm that, yes, he was all alone in the bedroom.

“Mercutio?” he called, feeling an edge creeping into his voice against his will. Last he had woken up to go to the bathroom Mercutio had been clinging to him with his seemingly eight arms—if Mother Nature hadn’t demanded it Benvolio wouldn’t even have imagined getting through the hassle of freeing himself—and when he lied back down it only took a few seconds for Mercutio to pull him back into the same position. The thing that made him nervous was the fact that that was the situation Benvolio always found himself in whenever he woke up, because Mercutio was the master of coming up with excuses to not get up. In all the years they had known each other Benvolio had never woken up after Mercutio—if the latter had ever gone to bed, that is. And Benvolio was very, very certain that Mercutio had, indeed, fallen asleep. Eventually.

“Mercutio?” he called again, throwing away the covers to get on his feet, already looking for his jeans. If he had to go looking for his boyfriend he refused to do it in just boxers.

“Heeeeey, y’re ‘wake.”

Benvolio’s head jerked up from where he’d been looking at the floor with such speed that his neck ached. In the doorway Mercutio stood bleary-eyed with a coffee mug in hand, dressed in nothing but a half-buttoned dress shirt that Benvolio took a moment to recognize.

“Made coffee. ‘s in kitchen,” Mercutio said and yawned hard enough that Benvolio’s own jaws hurt.

“What’re you doing up?” Benvolio asked, staring at the green garment and feeling quite lost.

“Mmmeeting,” Mercutio mumbled as he poured coffee into his mouth, rather than drinking it. Benvolio felt like he would have absorbed it straight into his veins if he could have. “With Uncle. Can’t be—” paused for huge yawn, “—late, see. He’ll kill me. Or worse. Lecture me.”

“Okay.” Benvolio nodded, his head strangely empty. He kept staring. “That’s my shirt, isn’t it?”

Mercutio made a noise of confusion and blinked several times before a light-bulb went off and he looked downwards with wide eyes. “Hey, you’re right. Was so tired I didn’t notice. Sorry, will find one of my-”

“No. No, it’s okay. You look good in it,” Benvolio said quickly, then caught up to his mouth and cursed himself for actually saying such a cheesy thing out loud.

Mercutio blinked at him some more, then beamed and winked, because even a sleep-deprived Mercutio recognized a compliment. “Thanks, babe. Just need to find some pants then, I guess. Uncle’ll get so mad if I show up without any again,” he muttered as he turned away. Benvolio could hear him continue to talk as he made his way back to the kitchen, although he wasn’t sure if Mercutio was talking to himself or not.

“So didn’t think this wasn’t mine. It fits good, doesn’t it? You’re so small, never would have thought one of your shirts fitted me. Weird.”

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THE TEA IS GOOD TODAY! C unfollowed the girls on IG, and deleted birthday posts, but I honestly think that she isn't the one doing those things. I mean, c'mon, we all know that she isn't the one managing her IG acc. And to top it all off, they knee that if they did so this would cause commotion in the fandom and eventually spark drama.🤷🏻‍♀️But whatever the reason is behind that, I still believe that Camila doesn't have the heart to initiatively inflict negativity directly to the fans or girls.

Sigh..I don’t know what is going. What hurts me the most is the fact that Camila unfollowed Dinah 😞💔

  • Vetra: What's the strategy for not losing your progress?
  • Cora: There isn't one. If you land on the snake's head, you just go to its tail. No strategy.
  • Jaal: What?! All the snakes? ANY snake? And all decided by dice roll?
  • Jaal: Humans... used to play this game with their children?
  • Jaal: Why place a child in a situation where they are powerless to affect an outcome! That's... cruel.
  • Cora: I didn't say it was a GOOD game. I just meant the analogy of—
  • Vetra: And who decided ladders would only go one way—in what world do ladders only go one way?!
  • Cora: [Sighs.]

(moodboard made by me)

Min yoongi x Mafia!reader

warnings :  violence, drug abuse, cussing

Genre: angst, fluff, romance, drama

word count: 2,992

summary: Min yoongi aka Agust D an underground rapper on the come up , finds y/n outside of a club hurt and on the verge on passing out, little did he know saving her would turn his world upside down

AN: hey guys sorry for the late update, things have been hectic lately. anyways this isn't proof read yet but it shouldn't be all too bad.-sora

Another Author note & update: i changed the whole pov back to third one cause i felt that it would suit the story the most so hope yall dont mind

@josh-the-smol-bean-dun as always ill tag you in this!

character profile


Chapter one 

Yoongi took out a cigaret and lit it up. he sighed ,lately he hasn’t been feeling his performances. he knew they were good but not that good, there was something missing and he couldn’t pin point  it. He lost his inspiration, everything seemed almost mundane, sure he could rap about money, sex and drugs but which artist didn’t rap about that. He wanted that his song inspire the listener, that it resonates with them on a deeper level .

He thought about writing love songs but every time he tried to he kept remembering his ex who was the personification of the devil and what she did to him and he’d rather not think about that. ‘’Business again?’’ He heard the security guard asking someone . ‘’As usual’’ came a monotone voice that belong to a girl.

The Security guard moved aside and open the door ,he then saw as they passed by him that it was two people. First a tall black beauty with a beanie followed by a girl of medium height with a low pony tail. As she walked she turned her head and their eyes met. Her stare was piercing, as if she could see into his soul , however they held no emotion it it.

He smirked at her and blew out the smoke. In response to that the nameless girl lifted up one eyebrow, as if to ask him if he seriously thought that would get her to come to him. And then rolled her eyes.  Before he could even say or do something, the girl and her friend already disappeared inside while the door closed behind her.

The Club was packed, hot bodies grinding at each other , drunk people laughing, some even trying to start a fight. Y/n crinkled her nose, the alcohol stench mixed with sweat was definitively not on her list of favorite things. Rukiya who was standing in front of her turned around, took her hand and and started to walk where Akiho was standing, which was hard as they had to squeeze themselfs between people to get to their destination.  

As they arrived there Y/n sat down on the bar stools while Rukiya decided to stand. ‘’Four Tequila orange shots please’’ The tall beauty screamed over the music to the blonde girl . She nodded and immediately started to pour out the shots.  

‘’They’re supposed to be here at 9.30pm-’’ Akiho said as she lined up the beverages. Meanwhile Rukiya leaned closer to her so that she could understand the short girl ‘’Apparently something happened with the boss and they had to delay it a bit.’’

 Rukiya raised her eyebrows ‘’Well i don’t care if they got stabbed or anything, it will make this night better if they’re not at a good condition’’ she said and handed Y/n ,who was scanning the club looking for any signs of Gang member from other groups , the glass.

‘’Anyone catching your eye?’’ came Rukiyas voice right next to her ear. ‘’Nah i wasn’t even looking for that.’’ She replied and rolled her eyes . ‘’C'mon boss let loose we’re at a club!’’ The dark skinned girl exclaimed , Y/n looked at her, the strobing lights accentuating her features making her look otherworldly, yet slightly bizarre, and sighed. ‘’Aight lets get this party started’’ Rukiya cheered and held up the shot

‘’To hoping this meeting will not turn into a blood bath’’ She said and clinked the shot glass together. ‘’Damn did you need to ruin this moment with that negative shit? ain’t no one wanna think about ‘em right now’’ Rukiya grimaced.

‘’Aight hoe, to us and the gang may we stay together for a long time’’ She retorted and Rukiya grinned. They both threw back the shots and bit into the orange slice that the Akiho had provided earlier. The shot burned in Y/n’s throat which led up to her scrunching up her face while Rukiya threw her head back and laughed.

‘’I’m going to look for this guy i saw that has black hair and crazy ass dance moves’’ The tall girl shouted over the music and disappeared in the crow, Y/n nodded and waved with one hand and pulled out her phone.

Y/n: Status report

Hyun-jin: hacked into their security camera and from what I’ve seen and heard he’s going to keep his word, i wouldn’t go 100% on that though, something in my gut is saying that they’re going to ambush you guys, be careful.

Y/n: Alright good, ill contact you later.

Hyun-jin: K                                                

Suddenly the music went off, while all the light was focused on the stage that was in the front of the club.

‘’Hey Hey Hey! i see you guys having a great time but the rap battle is about to begin, as ya’ll already know all types of rappers are here tonight some that are even famous so you know its going down in this bitch.’’ Said the Mc ,a bald guy who was wearing a white tank top that showed off the tattoos on his chest and arms. He continued to introduce some guy that you have never heard of.

The crowd responded by giving semi- cheering as the Artist came up to the stage.

Loud bass filled the club and he started to rap, it was okay thought Y/n but judging from how the crowd was responding she clearly weren’t the only one with that opinion. ‘’Not bad not bad!’’ said the Mc after the nameless rapper finished.

‘’Not bad ? that shit was whack’’ came Akiho’s voice who was still behind the counter. ‘’Even Hyun-jin could spit better than that and what the hell was going on with his hairline?-’’ She continued as Y/n nodded and proceeded to take a sip of the drink that Akiho had provided earlier. ‘’It’s so far back it probably  shook hands with Jesus’’ Y/n snorted almost spitting out the drink, turned around and playfully glared at the blonde girl. ‘’you tryna kill me?’’

‘’oh hush you would’ve been dead by now if i wanted to’’ she waved her off, which was a bold faced lie and they both knew that. ‘’Where’s Rukiya though? they will be here in five minutes and her ass still ain’t here yet’’ Y/n coughed. ‘’Right here beside you, its time you grow eyes on the side of your head’’

She heard the velvety voice that belonged to the tall beauty. Y/n turned around and there she was, standing in all her glory while next to her was a black haired boy.  She looked at him, then back to Rukiya and raised an eyebrow. ‘’This is the dude i was telling you, you know the one with the dance moves’’. ‘’Ah yes i remember’’ She answered and took another sip  

‘’I’m Jung Hoseok nice to meet you guys’’ He said and smiled brightly. He was cute Y/n would give him that, but she had a feeling there was more to the sunny demeanor that he’d let other’s see. They all exchanged pleasantries until Akiho nudgedY/n showing her the time.

Her eyes widened and she turned around ‘’anyways Hoseok right? nice meeting ya but its time for us to disappear’’ Y/n said. His face fell and he nodded ‘’Don’t worry lover boy give her your number and shell text you all day, literally.’’ She deadpanned while Rukiya shrugged her shoulder. ‘’cant blame me i love texting’’ ‘’more like sexting but thats for another topic’’. He laughed at the banter between the two girls and pushed his hair out of his face.

‘’I cant be with you guys i’m the only one on this shift tonight’’ Akiho sighed while shaking the cocktail mixer. Y/n waved her off ‘’Nah no problem we can handle this tonight but i’ll have you on speed dial if something is’’ ‘’Alright see you and be safe’’ Akiho replied pouring the drink into the glass.

‘’Will do, c'mon Rukiya lets go’’ She threw over her shoulder.  The tall girl typed her number into his phone and then whispered something into Hoseok’s ear ,which he replied with nodding and then continued to kiss him on the cheek leaving him flustered with a slight smirk on his face.

Y/n  laughed ‘’You totally have him hooked’’ ‘’I hope so , he’s so fine bro like i touched his stomach and  holy fuck was it hard he probably got abs . It’s like god came down and took his sweet time sculpting him’’ Rukiya sighed dreamily ‘’I wanted to propose on spot bitch he got it all , personality, body etc,  no joke i would no fuck that, i  WILL spread my legs like peanut butter for him’’the shorter girl grinned at that ‘’spreading them cheeks from Georgia to Florida huh’’ ‘’aside from the fact that we’re in South Korea and not America , yes’’ Rukiya smirked.  During the whole talk they walked to the back side of the Club where an hallway was that led to the Rooms that one could rent.

‘’Alright they’re supposed to be behind this door, Hyun-jin hacked into the security camera’s here so she’ll watch us from time to time’’ whispered Y/n ‘’I swear if we get killed tonight I’m coming back to haunt her sorry ass’’ Rukiya mumbled and secured the halter on her left thigh. ‘’Seconded’’ she replied and took a deep breath and opened the door.

Another successful performance for Yoongi, the crowd loved him and he was pretty sure that he’d win the rap battle tonight. He took the towel and the bottle of water that the staff member handed him and wiped his face. ‘’Yo yo yo suga my man you really tore it down tonight’’ said Jihoo, the mc from earlier, and wrapped an arm around yoongi. ‘’It was given’’ came his reply a faint smile on his lips.

‘’True man true’’ the guy laughed and messed up the rappers hair. ‘’How long are you going to stay bald tho you already look like a yakuza with them dragon and snake tattoos’’ Yoongi asked. Jihoo wiggled his eyebrows ‘’you don’t know that i used to be in a gang?’’ Yoongi deadpanned, he’s known Jihoo for almost ten years now and from what he’d experienced and seen from him he wouldn’t survive one day with the mafia. ’

‘’Remember how you called me at three o'clock in the morning cause of that spider in your bathroom?’’ ‘’That spider was huge Yoongi do you hear me? h u g e’’  The mint haired boy sighed and peeled off Jihoo’s arm that was still around his shoulder ‘’Stop being so dramatic it wasn’t you’re just a wuss’’ ‘’Im not’’ came back as ‘’whatever you say’’ said Yoongi and waved as he made his way out from backstage.

He walked over to the bar and sat down. He first looked at her face and then the name tag. ‘’Akiho? give me whiskey on the rocks’’ ‘’Coming right up’’ she replied and went right to work. A few minutes later she put down the drink in front of  him ‘’here you go’’ ‘’Thanks’’ he replied and took a sip. The liquor burned his throat giving him pleasantly warm feeling. ‘’He sighed  ‘’having a rough day?’’ she asked her expression indifferent ‘’More like a rough year’’ she hummed at that ‘’aren’t we all?’’  ‘’I guess so’’ he answered and shrug his shoulders. ‘’Well at least you’re not suffering alone’’ she said and continued to dry the glasses.

Yoongi threw back the remaining’s of the drink, put 20 bucks on the bar-table and hopped off the stool ‘’Keep the change’’ he said over his shoulder, not waiting for her reply as he made his way outside. He opened the door that led to the backside of the club where no one was. He wasn’t really in the mood to be with someone. The loud music mixed with the stench of the club gave him a slight headache. He took out a cigarette lit it and inhaled deeply and stared at the night sky.

A groan ripped him out of his thoughts , he looked around and didn’t find anyone. ‘’did i just imagine that’’ he thought weary . Only a few seconds later he heard the same noise again but this time he could distinguish from where it came from. He put his hand on the wall and walked slowly to where the garbage was and saw a person or thats what he thought it was, leaning against the trash bags. The lamps on the wall weren’t working making it hard for him to distinguish who or what was there

‘’Fucking hell where’s my phone’’ He muttered and checked his leather jacket. A few seconds later he found it and turned on the flashlight app. He was surprised, the object turned out to be the girl he saw earlier on the front side of the club. Bruises tattered her face , neck and he presumed they were everywhere. ‘’Fuck what i’m i supposed to do now.’’ He muttered and ran his hand through his hair. As he picked her up he noticed that on one side the fabric of her sweater was wet and kinda sticky. He lifted it up and saw an open wound.

Fuck fuck fuck he panicked , let down the material and put her arms around his neck and hold her legs so he could give her a piggy back ride to his car. Once he arrived at the parking lot, forgetting about the winner announcement , he put her into the passengers seat and put the seatbelt on. Now that the car light was on he could look at her  properly.  She had sharp features that at the same time seemed soft. Long eyelashes and plump lips. She was beautiful but to put it short she looked like a hot mess.

Moving slightly she groaned out in pain. He panicked he didn’t know if he should bring her to the hospital or to his apartment and stitch/bandage her himself up. The wound didn’t look that deep so it couldn’t be that bad right? Yoongi started up the car and drove home. 

He put on relaxing music and hummed slightly to calm himself down. Where had she come from? why was she beaten up to the point of unconsciousness, where was her friend that she came with? All these questions ran through his head but there were no definite answers, yet.

He finally arrived home , this time carrying her bridal style up the stair which was a bad decision as he now couldn’t reach for his keys in jacket. He sighed, put her down and quickly opened the door to his apartment. Putting her on his couch and went straight to the kitchen, took  out the first aid kit and returned. ‘’She better don’t kill me for this’’ he thought and started to pull off her sweater leaving  the nameless girl in her bra. He took out the antibacterial liquid and cotton and started to clean her wound.

From time to time she would move and groan and swat as his hand away when the pain got too much. After some time cleaning it he took out a cream and bandages and carefully bandaged her up, He decided not to stitch the girl up since he had no experience in it or whatsoever.

 Fifteen minutes later he was finished, stood up and sighed. Yoongi picked her up again and walked into his room and put her on his bed. Taking a shirt, he contemplated if he should give her a pair of sweatpants but he thought that he’d be pushing it so he decided not to.

He pulled the fresh shirt over her head, covered her with the blanket and went to the kitchen to get glass of water. He returned , placed it on the nightstand and also left some painkillers beside it. The mint haired boy took out another blanket and his pajamas and walked back into the living room. He quickly changed into the comfortable clothes, brushed his teeth and washed his face and laid down on the couch. It wasn’t even five minutes before he was knocked out.

Y/n opened her eyes. Well she tried to but couldn’t as one eye was swollen. The pounding coming straight back as the light hit her full force. Groaning she lifted her head and saw that on the nightstand water and a pill  she assumed to be painkillers. She reached over took the water and drowned the pill quickly. Thats when she noticed that she was in a unfamiliar room. The walls were painted white, littered with decorations , pictures and papers. Next to her was a huge kumamon plush bear ‘’ Where the hell am i’ She asked herf and jumped out of bed.

‘’Bad decision’’Y/n  muttered as she had almost collapsed from the pain on her ribcage ‘’fuck what did that fucker yesterday do’’ She continued and slowly walked down the hallway into the living room. She looked around, the living room was decorated similarly to his bedroom, just that there was also was a couch, tv and a dinning table. Speaking of couch thats where she saw the mop of unruly mint hair that belonged to the boy from yesterday night. The rest of his body was hidden underneath the blanket. It was a miracle that he hasn’t choked to death yet from not breathing fresh air.

Y/n slowly walked over and shook him. With no avail ‘’wake up’’ She shook him again. He grunted and turned the other way. She sighed deeply still clutching her side and tried to rip of the blanket as best as you could with one hand. ‘’Dude wake the fuck up’’ She said , still not answer it was like he was dead.

 Finally after a decade she ripped the blanket of and shook him hard it wouldn’t surprise her if he got a concussion from it . ‘’The hell?!’’ he grunted and quickly sat up and looking around.  Y/n lifted her eyebrow when his eyes landed and her

‘’Where the fuck am i and what the hell am i doing in your home?’’

hey hope you like this part!!, again id love to hear your criticism and opinions on this chapter!  

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i love ur writing sm im shook ,, i was wondering if you could do six & minseok ??

thank you so much!!

6.”Netflix and chill? but without the netflix part”

It was a typical Sunday evening for you and Minseok. You didn’t even get out from the bed, you were going to stay in the bed for the whole day. Well, that was the plan until Minseok started to play with his phone and completely ignored you.





“Kim Minseok!”

“What?!” He jumped a little.

“Pay attention to meee.” you tried to sound cute but failed horrendously.

He let out a sigh and put his phone away, He turned to face you with a big smile on his face.

“What does my princess want to do? Do you want to play video games?”

“Nah, I’ll pass that. My fingers hurt.”

“Watch a movie maybe?”

“We watched one yesterday, let’s do something different.”

”Netflix and chill? but without the netflix part”

“I like the way you think”

send in drabble requests!

  • Me one day: omg it's so nice out I fucking love the sun so much look at the birds they're so cute *jumps up and down and claps like a little kid*
  • Me another day: (to myself) fuck you you fucking bitch you really are good for nothing let's just punch a wall right now it doesn't matter if you get hurt who needs knuckles? Not you, you're a useless asshole who takes up space and time and money and isn't good for shit
  • Sun: *sighs while eating a banana*
  • Weiss: What's with you?
  • Sun: I just have this really annoying problem every time I take off my shirt.
  • Weiss: Oh yeah? What's that?
  • Sun: I'll show you. *takes off shirt and looks at Blake* Hey Blake!
  • Blake: *looks over and blushes brightly before looking away*
  • Sun: See?
  • Weiss: So what? She's into you, and finds you attractive, and from what I've seen, you're into her too. What's the issue?
  • Sun: This is the issue. *turns to face Neptune* Yo, dude!
  • Neptune: *glances up and flushes red, his eyes widening* H-Hey man! What's... Uh, what's up?
  • Sun: *gives Weiss a frustrated look*
  • Weiss: It's not that bad.
  • Sun: *sighs and steps up to Glynda* Hey Prof, what's good?
  • Glynda: *sees Sun and blushes before looking elsewhere* Mr. Wukong, please- that's... Rather indecent, isn't it?
  • Sun: *groans and throws his hands in the air* See? Everyone wants me!
  • Weiss: So?
  • Sun: I just hate when people get all flustered by my abs! I mean, the attentions nice, but it's like, a huge elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about!
  • Weiss: Well, I don't want you.
  • Sun: Heh, I'm glad- at least I can have an actual conversation with you. Catch you round, Weiss! *stretches and walks away*
  • Weiss: *stares at Sun as he leaves*
  • Ruby: You okay, Weiss? You're drooling.
  • Weiss: *jumps and wipes mouth* Shut up.

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Okay but like imagine for the hogwarts au Spock is still a Vulcan and somehow his name gets in the triwizard cup. What happens? (I love this au and I wanna interact with you :3)

You can interact with me any time! :) Send me asks or just hit me up in the chat box.

Check out Hogwarts pt1 and pt 2 if you’re interested.

  • Leonard would be furious when Spock’s name gets called out of the Triwizard Cup. It’s their last year in Hogwarts, they have their NEWTs, they need to plan what they’re gonna do afterwards, they have Jim to worry about, this isn’t what they agreed on. Like, Leonard is angry enough to drag Spock out of the Great Hall and he’s shoving him against the wall. “No,” he says. “You are not doing this, Spock. I thought we agreed on not doing this?!” “We agreed on thinking about it. I thought about it,” Spock says, not threatened by Leonard’s hand tightly gripping on to his collar, or the finger pointing just inches from his face. Jim rushes out of the Great Hall, too. “Hey, well done, Spocko! I’m proud of you!” He says, stopping abruptly when Leonard gives him a deathly glare. “Did I do something wrong?” Jim asks, watching Leonard let go of Spock and just stomping out of the hallway, muttering curses under his breath. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Spock sighs, smiling lightly when Jim reaches out and fixes the wrinkles in Spock’s uniform, and Jim leans in to kiss him softly. “You’re gonna do great. You got your Vulcan strength in your favor, and you’re the smartest person I know.” Jim says.
  • Leonard doesn’t speak to Spock for nearly two weeks, and Spock feels miserable. Jim even more so, because he’s torn between two boyfriends. He lets Leonard rant to him while they sit outside. Jim’s got an arm around Bones’ shoulder while the other leans against his chest. “But can’t you just talk to him,” Jim presses, running his hand through Bones’ hair. “No. He’s gonna get hurt in there, and I can’t get in and save his ass like I always do,” Leonard says, and Jim chuckles softly. “Spock is stronger than us, Bones. He’s not even human to begin with. If anyone’s gonna do fine, it’s gonna be Spock. Just talk to him. He misses you.” 
  • So it takes Leonard two weeks before he talks to Spock again. It just takes him some time to deal with this shit. But when he does, it catches Spock completely by surprise. Leonard catches him after class, in the courtyard, and Leonard leans in to kiss him. Spock looks briefly shocked, but then wraps his arms around Leonard’s waist and he pulls him in close. “I missed you, Leonard,” Spock says, and Leonard can feel Jim grinning at them. “Dragons,” Leonard says, soft like a whisper against Spock’s lips. Spock tilts his head ever so lightly in confusion. “What?” “Dragons,” Leonard repeats, “your first assignment involves dragons.” 
  • Spock does fine, of course. He battles a Swedish Short-Snout and he does okay in capturing the golden egg, Spock knows more spells by heart than the average graduated wizard, so he just has a few scratches by the end of it. Leonard sits in the stands with Jim, and Jim’s holding Leonard’s hand in his lap in an attempt to keep him calm. When it’s over, both boys rush into the tent and they hug Spock tightly. “I’m so proud of you,” Leonard sighs, and Jim kisses Spock’s cheek. “Knew you could do it.”
  • Jim goes missing on the morning of the second task. Leonard already knew he wasn’t gonna be allowed to take part because he’s there to assist in the medical tent. “You’re gonna do fine, Spock,” Leonard says as the other paces nervously over the dock near the Great Lake. “Just go get our boyfriend back safe. I’ll be in med to wait for both of you to return.”
  • Spock saves Jim from the hands of the mermaids, and Jim gasps for air when they reach the surface, coughing up water and gripping tightly on to Spock’s shoulders. Spock gets them to the docks, and Leonard’s there to check up on both of them. 
  • Jim’s the first one to be openly nervous about the maze. Spock’s such a strong wizard, sure, but the maze is where students had previously died, and Jim just can’t deal with the thought of losing Spock over a dumb game. “Please, please don’t go play hero,” Jim says, running his hand over the blue uniform Spock’s wearing. “If it gets tough, just… leave.” He adds, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “Just get out safe,” Leonard agrees, and Spock hugs them both. “I’ve done fine so far,” Spock says, smiling lightly as Leonard fixes his hair a little.
  • Leonard sits in the stand next to Jim, nervously fidgeting as they stare at the big green maze in front of them. He shivers whenever there’s a piercing scream coming from the maze, and Jim slides an arm around his shoulder. “He’s gonna do fine,” Jim says, even though he’s obviously very worried himself. “If it takes too long we’re just gonna run into the maze ourselves,” Jim continues, and Bones snorts. “No, Jim. Have you seen how big it is? Spock’s twice as prepared as us.” But the longer they have to wait, the more Leonard is inclined to agree with Jim. They keep hearing sounds, screaming, lights coming from spells in an array of color. The first time someone gives up and is dragged out of the maze by a rescue team, Leonard’s already up on his feet to run to the entrance, but it’s not Spock. Nor is it the second time someone gives up. The sun’s setting and people are getting antsy. Jim sucks at sitting still ,so by that time he’s just walking up and down the stairs of the stands, he’s already bought them a ton of candy which neither of them are in the mood to eat. Finally, Spock walks out. He’s carrying the Goblet in one hand, keeping up the other contestant with his other hand, who’s also holding the cup in his hand. Both Leonard and Jim rush down, and Spock nearly collapses when the weight of two more boys is suddenly thrown against him. He drops the Goblet, because who cares, and doesn’t let go of the other contestant until teachers take him. Then, he wraps his arms around both boys and hugs them tight. 
  • Spock gives up the cup to the other contestant. He says the guy saved his life and Spock only did the same in return towards the end, but both Leonard and Jim know that’s not true. “No eternal glory?” Jim asks, as they sit outside together, enjoying the warm evening in the late spring. “I realized halfway through I’d rather be out with you guys.” Spock says, “I was on my way back when I ran into a few monsters. The other guy helped me defeat them, but he got hurt on our way back. I thought I’d wanted the eternal glory, but I’m happier here now than I was when I saw that cup. I’m fine, honestly.” Jim leans against his shoulder, and so does Leonard. “Well, Spock,” Leonard sighs, “you’re a winner to me.”

Weekly Sifki prompt with ellariasandd — First Fight

“Why did you let me win today?”

The hour was late and she looked cross.

“Good evening to you, too,” he said, stepping aside to let her into his room. “Why would I have done that?”

“Hmm. Not an answer.”

Loki only smirked as he poured two glasses of wine. 

“Giving me an easy fight isn't the way into my bed.“

No, of course not,” he said with a scowl.

His mock-serious tone irritated her. His scowl became a smirk.

“But it might be a good way to get you in mine… And here you are.”

She glared at him, half amused. Before she could speak again, he grasped her shoulders and kissed her. Sif felt her anger evaporate into butterflies in spite of herself. Their one time together a few nights before was all she could think about.

“You know I could beat you…”

“Oh, I’m certain. As you have in the past.”

She sighed as he kissed her neck.

“Loki,” she breathed. “I don’t think anyone else should know about this.”

“They won’t unless you tell them.”

She returned his embrace and met his lips again. She’d never admit it to him, but the idea that Loki - easily the most fiercely competitive person she knew - would want to lose to her with so many others looking on made her a little bit happy. Just a little.


Abeshiya Week — Day: #3
Prompt: Celebrations - Abeshiya drabble under the cut
↳ Happy birthday to our favorite flower child! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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Words cannot describe how good it feels to be able to draw your childhood otps. okay technically this is 5 years old otp but still. By the way, Kagura shouldn’t have died, Sesshomaru and her were supposed to have a funny romance full or blushes and babies.

anonymous asked:

MERMAN HAK?? That sounds like fanservice. Gimme. XD

He looks something like this in my imagination XD Enjoy~ 
I tried to incorporate as much of his canon appearance into this as I could. 
Thanks to null-entity for the spear reference stock~

watching reflekta
  • (it has been literally seventeen years since the last one, forgive me)
  • photography dude: look-a at-a the-a camera-a
  • *in the distance*
  • adrien: *laughs*
  • marinette: thank u god for blessing me with this sunshine i am so thankful he is in my life god bless
  • marinette: and i'm even gonna be in a PHOTO WITH HIM??? this is too much
  • alya: you're in the same class
  • alya: god u need more help than i thought
  • juleka: at least you know you'll be in the photo
  • marinette: lol wut
  • juleka: *explains tragic backstory about not being able to take pictures which is super relatable like tbh*
  • marinette: don't worry fam i gotchu i'mma make sure your emo ass is in this picture
  • juleka: thnks
  • photography dude: alright-a kids-a let's-a get-a in-a place-a
  • marinette: i swear upon all that is holy-
  • *more children get in place for el pic pic*
  • photography dude: fuck-a off-a
  • adrien: *casually models*
  • marinette: god DAMN
  • photography dude: oh-a my-a goodness-a i-a almost-a forgot-a the-a emo-a child-a can-a stand-a by-a sunshine-a boy-a
  • chloe: *is a bitch and tries to fuKING CLIMB OVER JULEKA*
  • marinette: not again gdi
  • chloe: shut up marinette
  • adrien: don't talk to my girlfriend like that
  • adrien: *whispers to himself* that was a close one agreste
  • chloe: *is a bitch again*
  • adrien: *sighs*
  • marinette: *sighs*
  • the entire universe: *sighs*
  • photography dude: oh-a no-a it-a looks-a like-a my-a camera-a has-a run-a out-a film-a brb-a
  • juleka: can i go take an angsty poop?
  • mme bustier: i don't see why not
  • chloe @sabrina: make sure she doesn't come back mwahahaha
  • *in the bathroom*
  • juleka: *taking a shit in peace*
  • sabrina: *finds an extremely conveniently placed chair just chilling in the bathroom, like??? what kind of school just casually has chairs in the bathrooms? must be a french thing*
  • sabrina: *presses the chair against the handle to the stall so juleka can't get out*
  • juleka: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  • juleka: literally lol
  • *back at el photo photo thing*
  • chloe: *frikin like does some weird ass shimmy jump thing to land beside adrien*
  • marinette: get tf away from my boo
  • adrien @chloe: how did u even get here you were like quite a ways away how
  • chloe: shhh shhh speak not of the past shhhh *grabs adriens face and points it towards the camera*
  • *photo is taken*
  • marinette: wait! we have to retake it! juleka wasn't here
  • adrien&otherclassmates: o yeah wasn't she taking a shit or something
  • phography dude: okay-a lunch-a break-a so-a i-a can-a eat-a my-a feelings-a in-a pizza-a
  • *in the bathroom*
  • rose: *sees the blocked off stall* O SHIT WADDUP
  • rose: *frees emo child*
  • juleka: *gross sobbing* *flees from the bathroom*
  • rose: did u even wash your hands...ya nasty
  • *le rose tells le marinette that le juleka was locked in le bathroom and they need to redo le picture*
  • hawkmoth: hey there angsty child boy can i relate to you ahaha i have my own inner demons
  • *swaggy cool akumaaa*
  • marinette: lol time to go steal dat camera
  • tikki: first y'all were stealing phones, now y'all be stealing cameras, da fuk be next?
  • marinette: *sneakity sneak*
  • chloe: *records marinette sneakity sneaking* hah bitch
  • chloe&sabrina: *walk into the office where marinette is*
  • marinette: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  • *meanwhile reflekta be transforming people to look like her and shiz which isn't a bad look for most of them tbh, i'm looking @ u andre bourgeois*
  • hawkmoth: nICE, it won't be long now until ladybug and chat noir show up to show their face
  • hawkmoth:
  • hawkmoth:
  • hawkmoth: wait that's like the same thing fICK
  • adrien: o boi o boi time to save the day
  • *cat boy has arrived*
  • chat noir: hmm the exit is blocked
  • nino: *opens a door* OMG YOU GUYS LOOK IT'S CHAT NOIR
  • chat noir: boi u just gave away my hiding spot gdi if you weren't my only friend i'd mess u up
  • reflekta: *transforms chat noir*
  • chat noir: thIS BITCH
  • *meanwhile marinette manages to steal chloe bitchwad's phone i s2g this child need so much help she's going to prison one of these days*
  • *also a wild ladybug appears*
  • chat noir: *sees lb and reflekta fighting*
  • chat noir: i may look like lady gaga rn but i can't let my lady get hurt
  • chat noir: *tries to walk and falls down*
  • chat noir: i should just give up now
  • *more fighting with lb and reflekta*
  • chat noir: *saves ladybug from a close encounter and reflekta flees the fuK outta there*
  • chat noir: lol hi my lady
  • ladybug: chat noir?
  • chat noir: yeah hi lol it's me chat noir thank goodness you didn't recognize me as adrien bc that would have been awkward hah
  • ladybug: is that really you
  • chat noir: yeah can't you tell by my swagger
  • ladybug: #stop
  • chat noir: anyways we gotta deakumatize that emo child
  • ladybug: wut u gonna do, throw ur shoes at her?
  • chat noir: dOHNT SASS MEH
  • *so much teasing between the two and them being adorable aS FRICK*
  • ladybug: *grabs chat and yoyos the fuck outta there*
  • *reflekta transforming people elsewhere*
  • ladybug: *sends a message to paris for how she's gonna defeat reflekta, which reflekta conveniently sees*
  • ladybug: lol now reflekta will come here
  • chat noir: and fall right into my claws *kisses lb's hand*
  • ladybug: *DOESN'T WITHDRAW HER HAND* you mean your nails
  • *reflekta trolls lb and shit noir*
  • chat noir: *jumps in front of ladybug to keep her from getting hit by one of reflekta's zappy zap zaps*
  • chat noir: *with a very pained expression* it's okay, i already look like shit, so i can't get worse lol
  • ladybug: *WITH THE MOST FUCKING SINCERE VOICE* thanks m8
  • *fighting fighting and deakumatization*
  • *peeps gettin changed back to their old selves including chat noir who turns back into chat noir bUT HOW GR8 WOULD IT HAVE BEEN IF HE TURNED BACK INTO ADRIEN*
  • ladybug@chatnoir: *DAAAAAAAMN LADYBUG BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE SINCERE VOICE* you were pretty frikin swaggy today
  • chat noir: and with those shoes tho
  • juleka: where? the? hell? am? i?
  • ladybug: ayo andre can u take my homegirl back to her school
  • mayor bourgeois: yeah buddy
  • ladybug: gotta blast
  • chat noir: @god thank u so much for this beautiful opportunity i will never take my life for granted again i am so blessed so so blessed rn my prayers have finally been answered thank u
  • *back at the hellhol-i mean school*
  • marinette: lol i probably shouldn't have stolen this
  • tikki: thank god you've changed ur criminal ways i was preeeetty worried there ngl
  • photography dude: i-a don't-a know-a we-a don't-a really-a have-a time-a for-a that-a
  • marinette: yeh but i know for a fact that adrien looks really good in the lighting in the park so
  • photography dude: shit-a you're-a right-a let's-a fucking-a go-a
  • *children at the park in their spots for el picture, geddit? spots? bc ladybug? i'm hilarious*
  • adrien: *leans in rIGHT NEXT TO MARI* lol this was a good idea how did u know i look really good in this lighting
  • marinette: *sweating* ahahaha, lucky guess?
  • (geddit? lucky? bc she's ladybug? and is lucky? i am on FIRE TODAY)
  • chloe: *in the distance watching them* psshhhh like i would even want to *sniffles* be in *tears up* that photo *a single tear rolls down her cheek*
  • *and then the class takes some beautiful photos that hurt my heart every time bc they so pure and alSO ADRIEN AND MARINETTE SITTING BY EACH OTHER ON A BENCH THIS IS TOO MUCH*