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  • Male Scifi and Fantasy writers: Look at this !Strong! female character! She can fight and solve puzzles, and ends up with the sidekick not the hero! Isn't she a great character?
  • Everyone: No, she's one-dimensional and still only exists to please the hero's ego
  • Male scifi and fantasy writers: You're never happy! This is how characters are written! Besides, it's much harder for us to write women because we are men!
  • Terry Pratchett: *creates a female character who is literally the embodyment of a dog, sets her up to be the love interest of Protagonist Hero Man.* *writes her as clever, emotionally tortured, lonely and powerful* *uses her to explore difficulties of bisexuality and masculine dominated workforces*
  • Terry Pratchett: *Creates a pair of old witches, one of whom is a virgin and the other who has slept with lots of men.* *makes them best friends, never dismisses one lifestyle of the other, explains lifestyle choices based on characters history and personality, uses this to develop each character as the books progress*
  • Terry Pratchett: *Writes Sybil Rankin* *makes the powerful rich lady heavy set but beautiful, never plays her by her looks, develops her as she ages, acknowledges the way society views such people and then spits on their attitudes* *does it again with Agnes*
  • Terry Pratchett: *Writes a book about an entire army secretly being women, creates complex female relationships, introduces same sex relationships completely naturally*
  • Terry Pratchett: *takes old joke about female dwarves and uses it to explore gender identity without making it seem forced or unnatural, carefully discusses some of the issues and complextities whilst still making funny and witty observasions and maintaining genuine fantasy tropes*

“Do you think it’s possible to love two people at the same time?”
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, dir. Angela Robinson (2017)


“Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


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“Do you always understand everything you feel?” Cas asked, one day.

He thought, obscurely, that Spring was the right time for a question like this; or at least this Spring was - a Spring that felt fresh and light and hazy, still dazed by the wonder of Winter’s passing. Dean, sitting in the car beside him, looked washed out by it - or rather, washed clean, Cas supposed he meant. Softened, in any case.

“How d’you mean?” Dean said. He turned to Cas, the bright sun shrinking out the darkness in his eyes - turning them green. Green like go-lights, green like mazes - no, gentler than both of those; green like the water-full leaves of succulent plants. Green like book covers, like peppermint-flavour candies.

“I mean… do you ever feel something that you can’t explain? Something… ineffable?”

Dean pressed his lips together. Cas wondered if he needed to explain the word ‘ineffable’.

“Nah?” he said. “I guess most of what I feel, I know what to call it. I don’t always like it, but at least I know what it is.”

Cas nodded seriously. Dean let the silence rest for a while as they cruised down the Spring-morning road.

“What about you?” he said eventually.

Cas lifted a shoulder.

“I… have a thousand words for how things feel,” he said, “and a thousand things to feel within me. But I… I cannot make them match.”

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Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer


Does anyone else notice that in the Iron Man Trilogy you can tell how much character development Tony Stark has in each movie just by the way he looks?For example, in the first movie, when you see him, you can tell by the way he looks that he’s that rich, snarky, arrogant guy. You can tell that his character doesn’t have any development whatsoever, which is understandable because it’s the first movie. 

In the second movie, by the way he looks, you can tell that he’s still pretty snarky and arrogant, but his character had some character development. He now realizes the corruption in his company, thus becoming Iron Man. He isn’t as arrogant in the second, but still his character needed that extra character development.

By the third movie, you could tell that his character had matured a lot. His arrogance, while still there, wasn’t to the same extent as the first. Obviously he was still snarky, but that’s just Tony.  

Literally Tony Stark is one of my favorite characters when it comes to character development because you literally see his character maturing by the way he looks in each movie. Also, in the movies when you see his character develop it’s also great. Honestly, in the beginning of the first movie, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Tony because of how arrogant he was, but halfway through the movie he literally became my favorite. 

Now, for those who haven’t seen Spider-man Homecoming, beware of a kind of minor spoiler from here on.

In Spider-man Homecoming, I want to point out how great it was for Tony Stark to be Peter’s mentor, because Tony Stark went through a lot with his company, and everything that made him become Iron Man, and I don’t think there could have been a better mentor for Peter. I love how the movie shows that Tony actually does care about Peter because of the way he didn’t want Peter to do something dangerous as Spider-man. He put a parachute, and heater in this boy’s costume. Like how could someone not like Tony Stark?