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“There are days when I’m just kind of overwhelmed by all of it. And I think that that’s okay.”

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And after nearly a month’s worth of work, the longest Shovel Knight comic that I’ve done up to this date… is DONE.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along for this ride… and was patient with me while I worked on this instead of my actual webcomic. 

So I was reading up on Japanese mythology for anything about centipedes and found out that centipedes were the messengers of Bishamonten, the God of War, and are a sign of oncoming war.

I no longer think the centipede is an omen of torture or anything bad for Touka or Kaneki specifically. Since this chapter was quite peaceful, I think this is a sign that these peaceful days are coming to an end and the humans and ghouls are preparing for battle; the fact that the next chapter narration is “goat moves” leaves me to further believe this fact.

The centipede being a sign of war still makes sense from when we last saw it in part one given that there was a conclusive battle between humans and ghouls not long after.

never gonna give wah up
rick astley ft. waluigi
never gonna give wah up

guess who’s back, back again (with another crappy waluigi audio)

i made an audio with ‘never gonna give you up’ and waluigi :))) enjoy 

pls don’t steal!!! 

just little things

  • sana i remember that you called my friend a slut in october 2015 and if there’s one thing i cannot stand, it’s when people fuck over their friends knows about what happened (at least between even and mikael), and she doesn’t seem to harbor any type of grudge at all against anyone in this case
  • judging by look on even’s face in this clip, he still cares about his former friends
  • judging by the looks on the boys’ faces in their last youtube video, they still care about their former friend
  • in the trailer, isak is 100% by even’s side. a close and reassuring presence. supportive
  • i mean, this is skam so
  • it’s not going to be an easy journey, but it’ll be one at the end of which everyone will gain something positive and will get closure
  • it’ll be alright
  • actually, it’ll be more than alright. i think things will be good, really good 💝

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I'm new to your blog and I am madly in love with it! Also, I wanted to ask what would Bucky's reaction be if his girlfriend dressed up as a pinup girl to tease him?

So, as a pin-up girl, imagine yourself something like this, but along with the long black stockings, held up by garter belts.

You’d be dressed to the nines, cherry-red lips and neatly quaffed hair, pinned down to a side, hair in perfect ringlets, bouncing down your shoulders. The blouse tied down, just enough to accentuate your best assets and that mini shirt would leave very little to his imagination.

Your look would what be describe as the one the brings your man down to his knees.

You’d give yourself a final look, making sure everything is just as described by your boyfriend, only then you’d be satisfied with your look. Bucky had once disclosed to you about one of his fantasies, that being seeing you in a pin-up dress.

And just the thought of him seeing you like this would make you jittery.

You’d be sitting by the dresser, fluffing up your curls when he’d walk in. Your eyes would meet looking at each other through the mirror watching him give you a double check with his blue eyes. He’d be surprised for sure. Then slowly, a smirk would pull at his lips, as he’d take his steps forward, practically strutting towards you.

“I see someone’s been busy,” he’d mummer as you stand up to face him. “God, who told you it’d be fine to wear this without giving me a warning?”

You’d capture your bottom lip between your teeth, eyes feigning innocence, as you’d casually slide your arms around his shoulders locking yours wrists behind his neck.

“Oh, no. You don’t get to act all innocent, doll. Not after wearing this,” he’d chuckle lowly, the blue of his eyes disappearing as they’d land on your half exposed breasts, his hands would travel down to sneak under your skirt, grabbing a fistful of your plump flesh in his hands. You’d squirm and squeal, the scarlet color of your lips matching with your cheeks, in part embarrassment when Bucky would give one of your ass-cheek a sharp spank.

“Now, I tell you what, we know this little number won’t last longer than one night,” he’d start to back up and leave you standing right in the middle of the room. “So we’ll take a picture or two, with you posing for each of them as I desire. Okay, sweetness?”

“Okay, Sarge.” You’d smirk, watching his eyes turn darker at using his rank.

also welcome to my mess of an account!!! 

Royalty AU - Prince Kim of Lê Chiến Kingdom

Read the fic here (Kim is the main character so it was about time I drew him! :P)

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (more classmates coming soon)

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Got any good Sterek fic suggestions? (I'd prefer action to smut, if it isn't too much to ask. I really liked Home by typewriter-girl on ao3)

Well, there’s my fic recs on my blog, first of all, but here are a few new Sterek fics I’ve read since it was last updated. (I can’t promise there won’t be smut in some of these, though, or that they’ll be action packed, sorry.)


Five Days in Detention by alisvolatpropiis (3,408 words | Not Rated | One-Shot)

It’s still preseason, sure, but he needs to be practicing. He led the team to the State semifinals last year, and he’s determined to not only make it to the finals this year, but to win the title. He should be on the field right now, practicing his play calls and prepping for next week’s season opener against Saint Pius.

And he can’t do that if he’s wasting his time in detention with these losers. There are a couple of burnouts lazing over some seats by the window, one kid with his face on a desk, hood over his head, and a few Goth kids are sitting in the back corner, looking surly and morose. Maybe you wouldn’t be so miserable if you didn’t listen to such shitty music, he thinks, turning towards his usual seat in the back of the room.

He pauses for the briefest of moments when he sees who’s already sitting there, in the second-to-last row, black-clad limbs spread out, acoustic guitar in his lap, long fingers casually plucking at the strings.

Stiles Stilinski.

* Not a Promise by eeyore9990 (1,574 | Rated T | One-Shot) 

Promises can be broken. Stiles’ love for Derek cannot.

That’s a fact.

But maybe Derek needs to hear it anyway.

* Five Times Derek and Stiles Touched ‘Platonically’ and the First Time They Didn’t by 42hrb (2103 words | Rated T | One-Shot)

It didn’t start off as anything other than friendship, werewolves are naturally touchy creatures and after everything that Stiles went through sometimes he needed physical contact to come back to himself. It really didn’t start as anything other than two guys who saved each other’s lives a lot, but it turned into… something.

* 36 Questions by Leslie_Knope (8,071 words | Rated T | One-Shot) 

“So I’m doing my senior psych thesis on friendships,” Erica says, not-so-accidentally elbowing Derek in the ribs as she turns to face Stiles. “How they develop, how intimacy is fostered, stuff like that.”

“That’s cool,” Stiles says agreeably. “What’s our part?”

“Well, I can’t really tell you the point because that would influence the results. But it’s a set of 36 questions that you have to ask each other.”

“Just the two of us?” Derek chimes in, finally, and Stiles sighs.

“Okay, dude,” he says, making a face, “could you try not to look quite so offended? Like, my ego’s pretty strong, but come on, man.”

* The Price by theroguesgambit (18,452 words | Rated M | 5/5 chapters) 

Stiles must surrender the most important thing in his life to protect the town… and no one can figure out what it was.

* Are You Happy by theabominablesnowman (33,180 words | Rated G | One-Shot)

Stiles has been away for work for a little over two weeks, and Derek and their son are getting antsy about it. (Who wouldn’t?)

Or, a few days in the life of the Hale-Stilinski family, and a whole lot of fluff.

Lost Light Apartment Careers
  • Rodimus: Police officer. Trying to work his way up to being captain. Think's he'll never be as good as Orion Pax. Is correct.
  • Minimus: Police officer, a sergeant who doesn't stop working and won't accept a report if it isn't absolutely perfect.
  • Prowl: Police Officer, Detective, partners with Chromedome. One of the best detectives in the precinct, but not very well liked. Has gone through many partners due to everyone's hatred towards him. They usually end up requesting a new partner. Chromedome is his latest one, and everyone bets on how long he'll last.
  • Springer: Police officer, currently captain. A bit tense and doing his best to remember what Kup taught him. Makes some mistakes but is a good captain.
  • Chromedome: Police officer, transferred to a new precinct so he can be closer and live with Rewind. Only moved in with his boyfriend recently. A bit weirded out by Prowl.
  • Rewind: Data Analyst, loves his job more than anything and will analyze data out of work. Records everything, much to everyone's annoyance.
  • Whirl: Security guard/bouncer. Will fuck you up. Has gotten fired for starting bar fights, and not stopping them like she's supposed to. Lets underage people in clubs, even though she can tell when somoene has a fake ID.
  • Megatron: Used to be the leader of a gang, ex-hitman ect. Should be in jail, and thinks his gang has scattered and is no more, unfortunately, this is not the case. Now has picked up a job as an English teacher at a public school. Refuses to give up information to the cops about his gang, even though it's a case they haven't been able to solve in years.
  • Drift: What does he do? How does he get so much money? No one knows.
  • Ratchet: Head surgeon at the local hospital, also owns a clinic near the apartment block that offers free medical care to those who can't afford it. He works A LOT. Spends more time at the clinic and the hospital than he does at home.
  • Tarn: Took over as leader of the gang after Megatron left. Has much rage at Megatron's abandonment, and is looking for him everywhere. Will not stop if anyone gets in his way. Lots of white collar crime, and will plan heists and kill/torture people for money.
  • Pharma: Is almost equal to Ratchet in rank, but not quite. Is incredibly resentful about it because he thinks he is the better doctor. Scoffs at Ratchet's medical clinic, and spends most of his time at the hospital, or secretly hooking up with Tarn. And sneaking out organs and other body parts to give to the DJD.
  • Sideswipe: Translator and businessman, owns the building. Travels a lot for work, and can speak a lot of languages because of it. Usually, brings Sunstreaker with him when he travels. Dropped out of high school to pursue career, and it worked out quite well.
  • Sunstreaker: Freelance artist. Has illustrated for books and done animations, but loves paintings murals.
  • Skids: Still studying at university, has multiple majors. Gets perfect scores in them all. Could probably graduate uni early, but he enjoys learning. Has a job as a cashier to bring in cash for rent. Also roommates with Nautica, who's also studying and works as a cashier alongside him.
  • Fortress Maximus: Doesn't have a job yet, living off government compensation.
  • Perceptor: Scientist. Metallurgy and electrical engineering. Loves his job, and spends most of his time working.
  • Brainstorm: Weapons engineer. A literal Tony Stark. Wants to work with Perceptor, but gets rejected every time. Has also gotten kicked out for trying to sneak into Perceptors lab. Develops new and dangerous weapons, but keeps the most dastardly ones for himself.
  • Cosmos: Astronomer.
  • Waspinator: Unemployed. Hovers around and lives in the alley.
  • Soundwave: Used to be a part of Megatron's gang, but abandoned it as well. Now works as a computer software engineer.
  • Swerve: Works a bartender, trying to save up to open his own bar. Is failing, always ends up spending saved up money on drinks, video games or excessive amounts of junk food.
  • Rung: Psychologist. Most of his patients are also his neighbors. Likes to volunteer his time at public schools to lend proper help to struggling students
  • Cyclonus: History professor at the local university. Hates all her students. Scariest teacher ever.
  • Tailgate: Quit her job as a garbage woman, and is currently looking to either study, or find a job that doesn't involve cleaning up trash.
  • ____
  • If I missed anyone just pop them in my ask and I'll answer it : )

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So I reread Son of Batman today... And the baby Goliath scene never ceases to make me tear up. But then something occurred to me, why didn't Damian strike down Goliath as he killed his family? All his other targets and enemies have always fought back, no matter how feeble. Damian can't bring himself to kill someone that isn't hurting him back.

I love the whole “R:SOB” comic especially that issue because it shows that Damian always had some good in him, even before the Batfamliy “Tamed” him (I hate when people refer to it as that)

The way I see it that scene was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Damian has been in a year long journey doing all kind of horrible stuff for TLOS and the Goliath ordeal was the last one and it was just then that it hit him that there was absolutely no reason whatsoever beside “that’s was what I have been told to do” and I guess the realization was too much for him and he just fell and started crying. 

Also not everyone caught the parallels:

It seems to like Damian was projecting himself into Goliath, the things he’s saying here to Goliath seems like things he has most likely heard while growing up with the league so in his mind Goliath is supposed to fight back and continue this killing cycle but of course Goliath just:

Instead he showed him that sometimes even an animal could have more empathy than some humans and you can see in the last panel the mix of regret,shame,guilt and unsureness was too much for Damian that he just couldn’t go through with killing him.


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #16. Marco Del Rossi

“Even strangers know, Spin. Last night wasn’t about my shoes. Those guys, they knew… and they bashed me because they hated it, just like you do.”
Everything New - tobiohchan - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

I finally posted a fic after like…..over a year of hiatus?? Sending out love and thanks to @yafiction for being an awesome beta!! 

Pairing: Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru
Rating: General
Words: 22,557
Summary: As if on cue, the doors to the gymnasium opened with a loud sound and Kindaichi and Kunimi made their way in. Kindaichi automatically called out to them and Hajime was suddenly brought back from his momentary trance – just what was he doing, exactly? 

The earth still spun on its axis. Time ticked away in its own conceptual manner. The sun would rise tomorrow, just as it would set today. And Hajime, of all people, had just asked Oikawa Tooru – Seijou’s Prince – to be his boyfriend for the week.

[Seven Days AU - not necessary to read the manga before reading this fic!]


On Shinhwa’s celebration of 7000 days since debut, Kim Dongwan reminds fans that Shinhwa isn’t responsible for their lives & no one is responsible for Shinhwa’s lives either. And that Shinhwa Changjo are Shinhwa’s strong companions, history, & living witnesses. Such wise & mature talk that’s coming out from a veteran group to their “mature” fans. Respect! ..
Let’s always make sure we behave like the mature fandom Shinhwa believes we are. Let’s, as the longest-running fandom, always set a good example for other fandoms to follow.
Until you’re 60 & beyond, we’ll always be by ur side, Shinhwa ^_^ 


Pulling back slightly, Levi left out a soft & teasing laugh. You sure you can take care of us both that quick, blondie?

You know I can, Archer breathed, nipping gently at his lover’s lower lip. Now can we stop fucking talking about it so that I can prove it to you?

Hungrily Archer’s reached down & began to work at the singer’s pants, pushing them both back. Levi grunted when his back hit the wooden counter, stopping them. Clumsily his hand tried to find the edge to steady himself.


*gasp*!! could this mean…has the time finally almost come?

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Could you do a prompt about how heartbreak isn't just for lovers but for best friends too? Two good friends having a fall out?

1) “I am so tired of always being the one chasing. Would we even be friends if I didn’t start the conversation every time?”

2) “I feel like you haven’t got time for me anymore.”
“Well, aren’t you needy.” 
Yes. Yes, I am. I have needs too, why the fuck does that surprise you? 
They swallowed hard.
“What,” their friend snapped, looking irritated. “Are you in love in with me or something?”
It was the last straw - because of course it couldn’t just be that they were friends. That they missed their best friend.

3) The worst part was that there wasn’t even an argument. Not properly, no big blow out, no screaming words of closure. We just stopped talking and as the days turned to weeks turned the months I had no idea how to breach the chasm between us anymore even when I wanted to. I had never hated the word ‘drifting’ so much. Drifting apart. Drifting oarless. Drifting was such a helpless, powerless word.

4) The worst part was when my mother asked me why we didn’t see each other anymore, casually, with a flippant sort of curiosity. It wasn’t the way people asked you if you’d broken up with a lover. You weren’t allowed to eat a tub of hagen-daz over losing friends - that just made you even more of a pathetic loser with no friends. You weren’t allowed to demand an explanation, or tears, because every frantic ache in your heart had to be preceded with a crushing little “just”. “Just friends.” As if friends meant nothing. 

5) “Wow, sorry my needing you was so inconvenient.” 
She floundered, feeling awful. But putting so much effort in made her want to sob with the stress of it, to always be up for something, to always be there. She knew her friend would do the same for her…but her friend seemed to have boundless energy for meeting up with people. It didn’t matter that she gave everything when the everything that her affection was simply wouldn’t ever be enough, would it?