this one is worth posting alone xd


Not playing tonight because back injury.  But have these!: ten postcards with some needlessly happy, often times inappropriately happy, sims.  xD

Since there are Emperors of Evil in Isla Paradiso and Moonlight Falls who are not the sims in my household, I’ve changed the way sims who like EoEs will react to EoEs, thus in these two locations they tend to be over-awed.

Andrei loves his baby sister Larisa so much that the changed action is worth it there alone.

It’s ALL a game to me.

Took a thousand years, but Tanya’s finally done! I have 13 files for this one image alone saved, and I honestly don’t know why but it’s oddly comforting…

I have effectively ruined my sleep schedule for this. But Tanya… she’s worth it. Totally.

Process gif: