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Pedicures Are Good For The Sole || [Eren/Armin]

Summary: Eren is a manicurist at Maria-Rose Spa and Armin is his artistic, regular client. After seeing each other for so long, the two start to grow feelings for one another until Armin finds ways to see Eren more than just for his weekly fingernail tidying. If it wasn’t for Eren, he’d never be getting a pedicure in the first place.

Word Count: 2548

(A/N): Thank you for the prompt, Worm QAQ <33
I’m literally so glad this idea was created a few hours ago and that you wanted me to write this like aaAA ;w;
And the world needs more Eremin tickles so yeah, here ya go
You all better like that title pun, u hear me


Is he in today? Pushing the door of Maria-Rose Spa open, Armin Arlert hesitantly sauntered in. Azure hues flickered from each station as his incisors clamped athis lower lip. He did schedule this arrangement a few days in advance—what if he got sick? The thought horrified the petite blond and an involuntary shiver rippled through his spine.

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Hi! I like your comic a lot, and I REALLY don't want to come off as rude, but I'm sort of curious about your recent lateness updating- as someone who wants to run a webcomic some day, advice i see EVERYWHERE is "have a buffer!!!!! The bigger the better!" So given how long Vincent had been in the works before launch I was surprised to find you don't have one. I'm curious, is that a deliberate choice on your part? Are there benefits for you in working on a page immediately before upload?

I did have a buffer, I just ended up running out b/c of the holidays, setting up for cons, and because of my very recent promotion to storyboard artist. I just wrapped up my first episode and it took more out of me than I anticipated.

Basically, Life got in the way and ate up the two week buffer I had previously when launching. I’m working on rebuilding it over my weekends. So no, not deliberate, but what can you do? I hope you understand that it’s hard to keep up while working a creative job full-time on top of other art commitments on top of spending time with family/friends. You feel me?

If you want advice, here it is: Yes have a buffer, but if you don’t it’s okay, there’s no webcomic police that will hunt you down. 

Shout out to people who DO have buffers and keep a great schedule (looking at you Unsounded and Namesake, you crazy beasts) 

A guy called me a hoe today after he tried to give me advice about my own life, that I for one didn’t ask for, and two didn’t need or want. He was trying to tell me that he knows me and my life better than myself and the way I am handling my sadness and heartbreak isn’t the right way (me being sad and staying home isn’t the right way) When I told him I know myself better than anyone else, and that this isn’t the first time I have gone through this and I have pulled myself out of it before and I will do it again… own way, he responds by saying…

"Just another hoe who bites the dust cause she thinks she knows it all"

This is degrading in so many ways, first off… the term hoe has NOTHING to do with the situation. And even if it was some sort of a sexual discussion, hoe should never be used. Secondly, “she thinks she knows it all” referring to me thinking I know myself more than anyone else. Excuse me? You’re telling me you think you know me more than I know myself? Nice fucking try. And thirdly, the whole sentence was said because I made him feel inferior when I told him I didn’t need his advice. 

A female cannot stand up for herself without a guy feeling inferior, and thus making him respond with a sexist degrading comment. 

This is why we need feminism.

FF: Two ways to spread light

Hey kids, as promised - part one of Two ways to spread light. Third and final story in my Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness verse. The easiest way to find the first two parts is on AO3.

Post season two, canon compliant.

OB, Punky monkey, cophine

This part rated T with sexy themes and language like fuck. Literally.

Sarah doesn’t look at Cosima like a sister.

In a way, it takes her weeks - weeks - after she returns from Frankfurt, to see it. It takes that long to see that the way Sarah regards Cosima, the way she ducks her head to her whiskey glass and her cheeks colour so slightly, the way she sways between her feet when Delphine is around. It takes that long to see that her glances, her way of steadying Cosima with her hand on her hip, the way she unconsciously admires the low cut of Cosima’s overly gauzy tank tops, are not sisterly.

In another way, it took only seconds of being in the room with them both for the skin on the back of her neck to rise. It took only Sarah’s quick look, as Cosima flung herself joyfully into Delphine’s arms, for some repressed animal instinct of hers to come burning to life and identify Sarah as a competitor, a threat to her and hers.

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blastflight asked:

Just a question : what if I think all bisexual mods are the same? Same as in: why are you messing with the original desires of the game designers? I have no problem with the Cass, blackwall, and Solas ones just for reference.

I noted shortly after my first post that I’m not interested in arguing this as this argument has been going around ad nauseam for the last two months.  I would much rather folks who don’t agree unfollow me if they’re following or ignore me.

If you’re actually interested in an answer/reading about the issue, this person sums it all up way better than I ever could, so please read their post instead.

Okay, so I might be artistically rusty here, but… I want to celebrate Valentine’s day in my own way (Besides going to stores the day after and taking advantage of chocolate sales <_<;; ) and I thought what better than to try and draw?! Couples, likely OC and rpland couples in one way or another, but…

Yeah anyway, so I guess until I get tired of it I’mma try to post a drawing a day of couplies doing things and stuff! 

First up is two that’s nicknamed the foodies, they’re all happily married in rpland… And if I can say so without sounding conceited or something they’re super cute and sometimes (usually) really funny together, it’s ridiculous. I love all my characters and their friends/family/enemies/relationships/whatever, but I won’t lie these two are really close to my heart for several reasons. >__>;; This doodle’s in tribute to them, uh… Pretend that she’s stirring something that actually looks like food…! 


Today I had some what of a deep conversation with my mother. I was quiet on my way to school and she asked what wrong I told her nothing Bc it’s true nothing was wrong. She asked if Mykael and I argued, I started to smile and laugh a little. I said no we haven’t but we’re pretty excited to 😂 she said you’re crazy, you two are something. The she began to tell me see I told you, that when you least expect it better comes your way. I never saw you with the other one with Mykael yes. I smiled. An she kept telling me how she likes him and how he has an idea of where he’s going, she feels she can trust she doesn’t know about me 😅 she trusts him more than me 😷 but I wouldn’t blame her lol. After she was talking about first loves and I believe that was my father. How they are credited way too much. What about the second. I had to agree with her Bc I honestly gave up on the whole idea of it, I had doubts I’d ever really fall for someone as hard as I did or them falling for me. Of course I then met Mykael 😌 here was this great guy who intrigued me. I caught myself smiling at the thought if him, always looking forward to talking to him, and I wanted him in my life. Our timing was off tho 😅 either I was taken or he basically was. An honestly I gave up on the idea of even having a chance with him so I thought I’m okay with being best friends. Until I found out my dear had a crush on me so I had to let him know no matter the outcome he would know. It all worked out pretty amazingly. I was talking to Derian today asking why he never told me you wanted to talk to me in the beginning 😒 an he said idk you wanted to know. An we were talking about it and our relationship. He told me something that made me so happy to hear ☺️ He said he really loves you, you know. I’ve never seen him this happy, I’m glad you two got together I want a relationship like what you have. Basically that we’re goals 😭 who doesn’t like hearing that ❤️ It made my day! I want you happy ! All the time, genuine happiness Bc you deserve it an so much more ! So thank you for giving something to believe in again and giving me a chance to be your girl 💖 I love you 💗 Sn: Take a chance on me ? 💘

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Hello lovies! I want to start my very first indie RP but I don't know how to start or what to put on my page or what theme would be best etc. I want a multimuse but the muses connect to each other. Are there tips you could give me? Or maybe even someone who could help me set up my blog?

Hey doll. Now I’m just assuming you mean just regular indie rping, but if you mean starting a group/indie verse, then just message me and I can give you more info on that, instead. I’ve put it under the cut because this was way longer than I had originally thought, haha. Hope you enjoy, babe! And message me if you have any questions or if you want me to explain things better.

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What happen with Injustice: God Among Us?

I’m really really disappointed with this story. It had started so good, but now suck.

When I started reading it I thought that it was the most interesting series (in that moment) from DC Comics.

A bad Superman vs a crazy Batman, metahumans vs humans, villains who were transforming in heroes and heroes in villains…

During Year One and Two the characters were important. They were more real, and in their way, you started to get fond of them. When someone died it was terrible and sad.

But now it’s becoming in a parade of DC’s character (some better known than others), who came in the story, say something, do something extremely stupid and die (or disappear in a lot of numbers).

And what about the art? I remember the first chapters and the art was good.

But now, look at this:

Batman and Nightwing faces are really funny, but I don’t think it’s the intention.

I want more stories like The Flash and that kid, or why Harley Quinn is helping “Batman-Team” and had had a friendship with Black Canary.

I hate criticism for the sake of criticism, but I feel that nothing have happened in Year Three.

What do you think?

comfort playlist for mano lotapani

so i started making you a comfort playlist and i realized comfort playlist can go more than one way. the two most common ways are 1) sad but getting stronger comfort and 2) dancing around your room comfort, so i made 2 playlists to attend to those types of comfort

1) this first one is bittersweet songs that will help you become stronger so yOU CAN RULE THE WORLD (also im sorry im indie trash and the songs are very varied so ???)

you have to be so much better than you ever thought - empire! empire! (I was a lonely estate)
in the army now - Joyce manor
fightboat - the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die
oil and water - lights
muscle memory - lights
miss missing you - fall out boy
lissoms - toro y moi
the end - Silverstein feat. lights
good morning fire eater - copeland
kingdom dance - Alan menken (tangled soundtrack)


uptown funk - mark ronson feat. Bruno Mars
favorite record - fall out boy
running with the boys - lights
speeding - lights
3005 - childish gambino
7/11 - Beyoncé
flawless - Beyoncé (both the remix and original are 💯)
double bubble trouble - M.I.A
super rich kids - frank ocean
thanks vision - toro y moi

also: find some comfort songs for urself too!!! comfort songs can be exclusive to a person so they’ll come
and also: remember my music taste is trash and if you don’t like it that a okay

Chapters: 1/1

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe RPFActor RPF

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Chris Evans/Sebastian Stan

Additional Tags: New Year’s Eve, Fondue, Smut, Fluff, Established Relationship

Series: Part 3 of Where We Want To Be


It’s the first New Year’s Eve for Chris and Sebastian as a couple. What better way to spend it than at home together with a delicious meal of fondue and something even sweeter for dessert?

Just gonna share the link to this fic of narya86's and mine again because, while many people read the first two instalments of the series, not many read this one (probably too busy with New Year's when we published it, eh? ^^)

Should we expose our ignorance or our excellence?
Perhaps, it’d be best if we did neither.*

You said I was a man
But I deem myself a coward.**
Frightened by a flock and a bird,
I’d quickly forget the simple plan.

How much is it to be a man? Three pence?
Do I steal it from the others using the ether?

Maybe I was not fit to be here?
She was right not to look this way
So that I could hope that, one day,
I’m a man without fear.

Perhaps I’ve exposed my ignorance and excellence;
I think it’s better than having done neither.

I had been, once, a pawn;***
I’ll work to make this otherwise.
Being a coward, I despise,
And, being a man, I am named Shawn.****

*These first two lines were written several months ago.
**This line and the one preceding it were written shortly before writing the other two lines, but were meant to be part of another poem. However, after months of being unable to make two separate poems, I was able to come up with this.
***Reference to this poem I wrote a while back.
****There are two very specific reasons that I am placing this line. One: the fact that I’ve been listening to The Grey Album by Danger Mouse; Two: It ties in very well to the post that I will make once I realize that I’m hit with writer’s block.

I confessed about my little flash episode of madness to you this afternoon and I am so glad we talked about it. Many times we don’t talk about our feelings enough and I guess that’s why misunderstandings or quarrels may arise.

I finally settled my heart and understood that things between us now would never be easy, at least for the next one to two years. But after I am through with my commitments here, believe me, I am going to close this distance for us. I don’t know when, and I don’t how, I just know that this is the first time I am feeling this way. And I like that I am actually more fond of you than I think I am.

You said you would do anything to make things better for me. Even if that meant getting a plane ticket tomorrow to come see me. That tugged something inside me and I realised how real, how beautiful this is - what only the both of us truly know.

You drive me wild in a good kind of way, baby. And you are my kind of perfect.

Mine. All mine.

I’m so upset.

My mom just posted an old picture of me on fb where my hair was super long and curly and she and other people are saying they want me to grow it back.

When I had long hair, I was insecure as heck and I constantly hated the way I look and had to force myself to move on. I’d look in the mirror every two seconds and get really happy about how I looked for a second before getting super disappointed and more often than not, crying.

My first pixie cut didn’t quite do it for me, but this second one makes me feel so much better about myself. I don’t feel the need to look in the mirror all the time for reassurance that isn’t there. I feel like I’m not out to impress anyone and I’m so much happier this way.

Plus having ridiculously long curly frizzy hair is impossible to manage and straightening it was killing both me and my hair

I wish they knew how happy I am with short hair. I wish they knew how much better I feel about it and it especially hurts coming from my own family and they don’t get it.


So today (yesterday in Korea—the 17th) is VIXX’s 1000th day since their debut. Congratulations!!! I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for them. I wasn’t a fan from day one, but I did know them since 2012. Looking back I don’t entirely understand how I didn’t fall for them at first sight. In some ways it may be better that I fell for them later because they had already matured and gotten into some darker concepts than the first two. Although it does make me regret not fully appreciating the first time I got to see them live.

Honestly I’ve had some weird luck with them. I got to see them perform live twice, but I missed seeing them up close and going to their showcase and concerts. I can only believe that I’m building up karma/points/whatever you want to call it so that when.I finally do get to meet them, it will all have been worth it. That’s what I choose to believe lest I fall into despair.

I really love VIXX and I think they’re amazing and underrated. I suppose most everyone thinks their favorite group is underrated (if they’re not from one of the Big 3), but I’m going to say it anyway. The six members of VIXX are so dedicated, genuine, hardworking, lovely, funny, tall, and the list goes on. I hope that all their efforts bring them even more recognition from a wider audience (although it is a little cool feeling exclusive as a Starlight).

I don’t have any tragic story about me giving up on everything and VIXX saving me from myself, but they’ve become an integral part of my life. I feel like they and their music support me in little ways everyday. I almost wonder if that’s more beautiful than some giant life change. I like the idea of a gentle, constant, loving presence as opposed to a fast-burning, intense one, which isn’t to say that my feelings are not intense!

I’m a little surprised by how much I wrote because I don’t usually write much in general. I feel like I haven’t even adequately described how precious VIXX is, but I think the general idea is there. I’m so excited for the upcoming comeback! Congrats once again for 1000 days!!! Soon it will be 3 years, and before we know it it will be 10,000 days! Good luck, fighting, and I love you!

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

The First Three Habits surround moving from dependence to independence (i.e., self-mastery):

1 - Be Proactive
roles and relationships in life.
2 - Begin with the End in Mind
envision what you want in the future so that you know concretely what to make a reality.
3 - Put First Things First
A manager must manage his own person. Personally. And managers should implement activities that aim to reach the second habit. Covey says that rule two is the mental creation; rule three is the physical creation.

The next three habits talk about Interdependence (e.g. working with others):

4 - Think Win-Win
Genuine feelings for mutually beneficial solutions or agreements in your relationships. Value and respect people by understanding a “win” for all is ultimately a better long-term resolution than if only one person in the situation had gotten his way.
5 - Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
Use empathic listening to be genuinely influenced by a person, which compels them to reciprocate the listening and take an open mind to being influenced by you. This creates an atmosphere of caring, and positive problem solving.
6 - Synergize
Combine the strengths of people through positive teamwork, so as to achieve goals that no one could have done alone.

Continuous Improvements
The final habit is that of continuous improvement in both the personal and interpersonal spheres of influence.

7 - Sharpen the Saw
Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle. It primarily emphasizes exercise for physical renewal, prayer (meditation, yoga, etc.) and good reading for mental renewal. It also mentions service to society for spiritual renewal.

Higher than a motherfucker, dreamin of it, it’s my lovin. Flying like a screamin falcon, on our ways to do each other. Pull out the incisor, give me two weeks, you won’t recognize her. Mouth open, you’re high. I know it hurts. 
You know I’d put you first. I can fuck you better than her. You say you want me. I say you’ll live without it unless you’re the only one who instigates. Get your mouth, open your heart.

There are several posts going around about how being talented at one thing or another isn’t a gift that is just bestowed on someone or just naturally present, but something they’ve had to work for. And while I’ll be the first to admit that that’s true, there are some people who have to do considerably less to become talented. If two people with the same amount of practice and learning create the same thing, one will probably be better just because it comes easier to one person over another and I think we should keep that in mind.