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Okay. Let’s talk about the head pokes.

The first time this happened, we saw Viktor completely out of breath while Yuuri was still hanging in there, ready to keep going. Yuuri demonstrated here that his stamina is better than Viktor’s.

This was one of the first glimpses Yuuri had of his idol being flawed and demonstrating a weakness. He sees that Viktor is real and human instead of something out of reach and untouchable.

So that’s what Yuuri does. He touches Viktor. *poke poke* It’s like him saying, “Viktor Nikiforov is real. He’s standing right here in front of me, and … he’s just a person like me.”

It’s not meant as an insult. It’s the two of them on their way to seeing each other as equals.

I want to point this out as well. Viktor covers his own head after Yuuri pokes him because it makes him feel insecure. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Let’s jump ahead to Episode 7 (click here).

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20 Interesting Facts About Libra

1. Libra wants to be the first person you come to for anything and you never hold anything back from them.

2. Libra are the kind who freak out waiting for a text but then they realize they are the ones who didn’t reply.

3. A Libra will try to please you , even if they aren’t pleased.

4. Libra people are too direct and others just can’t take it. Better to be direct than two faced.

5. As a Libra,Your intellect, your reasoning skills and your…

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You called me a child, so I made you fall asleep at your desk.

I used to work for a large airline company with more than 35000 employees. I was also the youngest person in the building by a full decade, with the next youngest person being 34. Onward.

Enter the evil b*tch, whom I will call Michelle. Michelle was the front secretary and is the first person you see when you enter the building, so it is important that she be helpful, respectful, attentive and prompt. Michelle was never any of those things. She was unhelpful, often neglecting her duties of placing orders for various office supplies. She was profanely rude to employees, delivery men, passengers who got lost on the way to the airport. But first and foremost Michelle preferred to show up at work at noon instead of 0700 like everyone else.

One day the regional manager (RM) was visiting around noon, so Michelle arrived at work at 0900. Still two hours late but it’s better than noon. Due to the lack of extra sleep, she was still struggling to wake up. One of several fuckups by Michelle that day was allowing the entire office to run out of coffee creamer for the 586th time. I asked her if we had any more:


I am not quick to anger, so I simply walked away, over to the break room, then I swapped out all the regular coffee with decaf and made a new pot. The rest of the staff didnt notice, as we had been awake for hours and had had our morning coffee. Michelle had two cups of the now useless coffee, then fell asleep at her desk. This was the first thing the RM saw when he walked in around noon.

The RM had to wake her up, but he took the whole office to lunch, held a conference, inspected the hangar, then left. Afterward, the GM drags Michelle into his office, slams the door, then yells at her for a few minutes. Turns out she came within a hairsbreadth of being fired and was ordered to show up at work at 7AM henceforth. She never found out what I did. She is still a b*tch.

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Tao's almost perfectly symmetrical face:

The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence that measures ratio and symmetry through simple math. The mathematician, Fibonacci, derived a way to see the “golden ratio proportions of humans” by making these two lined templates through the usage of definite math. Basically, these templates show what perfect human faces should look like. The first picture is the female template, the second picture is the male template. I edited these pics to show you guys just how symmetrical Zitao is.

What intrigues me is the fact that Zitao fits BOTH SEXES OF THE SEQUENCE. To put in it a simpler way, Zitao’s face is both feminine and masculine. I was so surprised at how these two templates fit so easily. BUT, the female template fit Zitao much better than the male one. (aww, our Zitao is pretty). Zitao was legit one eyebrow away from fitting into the female template perfectly. He was raising his eyebrow so the right eyebrow of the female template was the only thing that was out of place. Other than that, he would have fit the template perfectly. Damn.

No average human can fit the Fibonacci sequence this precisely. Zitao’s face is so close to being the perfect human face. As a Zitao fan, I am still trying to digest this news. I always knew Zitao was gorgeous, but dear god, HE IS LITERALLY ONE EYEBROW AWAY FROM FITTING THE FIBONACCI SEQUENCE. Somebody hold me.

Summary: Tao is damn close to being perfect.

Let me talk to you about James Sirius Potter. I’ve been co-writing a very long fic from his perspective, and I want to share the way I see him. Because in my personal opinion, he’s too often portrayed as the dumb/asshole jock. I mean, c’mon guys. This is the first born child of Harry freaking Potter and Ginny bamf Weasley. We can do better than that, dig deeper than that. 

These are my own personal, carefully-conceived headcanons for him.

  • He is a surprisingly quiet and solitary guy- has one or two good friends in Gryffindor, is best friends with his brother and sister, and friendly with his cousins. And of course politely friendly to everyone else, because he’s just nice like that.
  • He is talented in Quidditch of course, and plays Chaser like his mom and granddad. 
  • He’s Quidditch Captain and Head Boy in his final year at school, but only because he’s actually a really good leader and legitimately earned it.
  • He is incredibly kind-hearted and compassionate, but also occasionally reckless and brutally protective of the people he loves.
  • He gets good marks in school, but he does have to actually work hard for them.  
  • He’s very stereotypically attractive, and has a popular reputation at school for being a hottie, but he’s actually a bit insecure and incredibly dorky and clumsy, so he has a hard time understanding the image people have of him.
  • He carries an immense amount of weight on his shoulders. First born Potter, first son of the Chosen One and named after another war hero. Most of the things people see about him- Gryffindor, Quidditch, Head Boy- only add to that image. But he doesn’t like that.
  • He’s expected to be a Quidditch star like his mother, or an Auror so he can be on the same path as his father and namesake. But he doesn’t want to be them. 
  • He wants to be his own person, but he has no idea what that means because he’s spent so long trying to be the kid they expected him to be. He has no idea what he wants to do after school, so he just studies hard, keeping all his options open.
  • He’s bisexual, but he watched the stress his younger brother went through coming out as gay, and is afraid to come out for a long time. 
  • When he does come out, the gay community at Hogwarts flourishes, because if their popular jock Head Boy can be queer, then they don’t need to be afraid. 
  • His very best friend is his brother. To each other, they’re Jamie and Ally. They’ve always shared beds, held hands, played together, and whispered secrets. And this doesn’t change all that much as they get older. Lily is close with them, too, but she’s more independent of her brothers, more like her mother. Of course these children are all good friends, because why would you want anything else? Harry deserves a family that loves each other completely, not bickering sibling rivalry. He wouldn’t raise his kids that way, and no child of his could turn out to be a dimwitted asshole. 

tl;dr James II is an incredible, multi-faceted character with so much potential and I love him with all my heart. 

Back in my heavy protest days, nobody I ran with voted. Some started after Bush won re-election in ‘04. Some were too young and stayed on the ideological purity train. Some of those ended up voting in ‘08, because either they understood the value of electing Obama or because they feared the idea of McCain dying and Palin becoming POTUS. Some of the ones who didn’t vote in ‘08 ended up voting in ‘12, because they saw how much better the first four years of Obama were than any part of Bush’s two terms in a very real and practical way. The rest voted for the first time this year, save one.

There were dozens of us. I was the only one who wanted to vote when we started (although I was too young until the ‘06 midterms, which were the first time I voted). Now there’s only one who didn’t vote, and I bet there will be zero in 2020. Some of these people still live in anarchist collective houses. They don’t like anything about the government. But they’ve realized how much worse things can get if we let them, and that compromise is part of doing everything you can to make things better.

There is no way to avoid complicity in the system we have. Not voting is saying, “I’ll give you money to fund your policies through my taxes, but I will choose to have no say whatsoever in what those policies are or how they’re implemented, or even who is making and implementing them.”

If you didn’t vote, you contributed to fascism taking hold in America, and you should spend the next however many years until this is fixed doing whatever you can to make up for what you’ve done.


based on this 

gotta adopt ‘em all 


taylorswift Hey babe! Guess what?! My sister and I are seeing you at Staples Center…..on MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!! (August 26th)!!!! (Floor 1. Row 14. Seat 4.) These are our outfits because you know, for us it’s always you! I’m making a sign too, but it’s not quite tumblr worthy just yet! I couldn’t imagine a better way to turn 21 than spending it with you and my sister..The two people that have been there most for me over the years. This will be my sister first time seeing you live and my sixth time! I’ve been lucky enough to see you at Staples for every single one of your tours, basically been taylor swift af since day one babes. ;) I can’t wait to see you and celebrate my birthday together! Love you more than you know T!
xoxo Kendra 


Hello, Inseparables! We here at HQ have been brainstorming a bunch of ideas to get us through the final week of the hiatus.

So we decided, “What better way than a giveaway?”

As a HUGE thank you to all of the amazing fans of the show and followers of our blog, we’ve decided to run the very first A4O HQ giveaway!

What is the prize, you ask?

The prize will be a mug very similar to the one showcased by Miss Dorothy Castlemore herself above, with a little HQ twist. Please see guidelines below:

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  • Each user gets two entries max (1 like + 1 reblog)
  • We will ship worldwide!

The giveaway will run until Friday 29th April @ 11:59pm EST. The winner will then be announced Saturday 30th April @ 4:30pm EST, one hour before the live episode!

                                    ⚔ Best of luck to you all!  ⚔

rated m for maybe a lil long
word count: 4,019
sugakookie scenario for flowerkook cause yoongi is not ur bias and good luck with finals and ur exam!! <3 

You are not good at math. Jungkook isn’t either. But maybe two brains really are better than one and well, a week before your final seems like a good time to test it out so lo and behold, you’re bowing your way into Jungkook’s house, which he tells you is empty over his shoulder, kicking his shoes off at the front door.

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The first boy who liked Sam spent two weeks working up the courage to ask him out when the time came couldn’t because he saw the way Sam was looking at Dean and how Dean was looking at Sam.

He walked away that day with his first heartbreak and the thought, “Man, they need to work on a better lie than claiming to be brothers, no one is going to believe that.” 


There are better ways to start a horse than to just throw on the saddle/rider and let them freak out until they exhaust themselves.

All of these gifs are from videos of a horse’s first time being ridden, or first time with a saddle on. See a difference between the two columns?

The concept of being ridden is an extremely foreign one to young/un-”broken” horses. Since horses are prey animals, they tend to respond to unfamiliarity with a flight response, which can be seen by the horses on the right side who have been introduced to being ridden with commonly used “breaking” styles. Just toss the saddle on and let them buck until they submit to the restrictive saddle on their back. Just get on and hold tight while the horse panics until he is too tired to fight, or until he goes into some form of learned helplessness and submits to your will.

If you want your horse to have good experiences and associations with being ridden, then you need to ensure that he is confident and understanding of everything you ask of him. Do months of groundwork beforehand. Introduce the concept of tack slowly until your horse is comfortable. Teach him that being above him is not a scary concept. Introduce him to having weight on his back before getting on. Start riding in small, bite-sized increments. Incorporate positive-reinforcement based methods into your training.

Take things slow, it’s our duty to train our horses without causing them unnecessary stress or fear.

〘 ❝ Two is better than one. ❞ 〙

My first Viktuuri/Victuri/Victuuri piece! (Sorry, it’s spelled so many ways, why not include them all?) Yuuri honestly doesn’t get drawn a lot in his performance costumes, and I finally see why. How do the animators do it? (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

I’ve been held down with lots of stress lately, and I got pretty sick over the past few days. I had a mental breakdown yesterday night and was coughing pretty badly, but I’m only slightly better now. YoI is really helping me cope with all the dumb stress and I’m consumed with ships and anime gayness so bless this magical show. (◕‿◕✿)

Better Without You

He was different. The way he acted, the distance, the bickering and arguing, the tears; he wasn’t the same Harry you’d fallen in love with. He’d grown so far from you, his kisses no longer a presence in the home you two shared.

Home. He’d first asked you to move in after your first anniversary, his excitement barely containable. Ever since then, you were the happiest girl in the world; or so you thought.

For the past couple of weeks, he’d been coming home later than usual, his entrance not as enthusiastic as they usually were. He’d usually wrap his arms around you, tell you how much he missed you and give you endless kisses. Now, you were lucky if you got a “Hi.”

He’d walk in, eat some dinner, take a quick shower and go straight to bed. You couldn’t remember the last time he touched you intimately and whenever you tried to instigate it, he’d come up with a new excuse. You’d given up on it, thinking it was now useless.

But tonight, you were going to get to the bottom of it. Whether you could fix whatever you did wrong or if it was something worse, and you prayed to God that it was something that could be worked out.

When he walked in that night, you knew it was about to go downhill, the look on his face saying it all.


“Come on, mate! It’s your birthday, we’ve got to celebrate right! No girlfriends tonight!” Louis laughed, his arm coming to drape around his best friend. Harry laughed, his eyes drifting between his friends.

“Alright, alright. Fine, we’ll go.” They’d been bugging him about it for the longest time now and they wanted to spend his 21st birthday the most fun way. His mates burst into cheers, throwing their hands into the air.

“Aye! That a boy!” The blonde Irish boy laughed, leaning back in the recliner.

“Let’s get this party started!”


“Hi, Harry,” you looked over at him, a smile on your face. He looked over at you from the foyer, kicking his boots off one by one.

“Hey.” It was quiet, his eyes not making contact for long before he pushed his hair back.

“Are you hungry?”

“No, the guys and I ordered take out.” He dropped his coat in the foyer, his keys landing in the bowl on the table.

“Oh,” was all you managed to reply, your lips pressed into a tight line. “Okay.”

He let out a breath before coming over and standing above you, his lips pressing to the top of your head.

“I’m going to go shower,” he mumbled before quickly darting up the stairs before you could reply. A sigh left your lips, your hand coming up to rub your face.

“Great conversation,” you groaned, leaning back against the couch.


“A strip club? Really? This was the best you could think of?” Harry yelled over the loud music, a laugh escaping his throat. Zayn shrugged, a grin playing on his face.

“Best we could do on short notice. Go on and enjoy yourself, kid!”

“My girlfriend isn’t going to be too happy about this!” He joked, a drink being shoved into his hand before he rolled his eyes and downing it. He looked around, his throat on fire and he felt the alcohol burn its way through his veins.

There were strippers every where he looked, barely clothed and their assets being flaunted. He looked over to his friends, already beginning to get wasted and spend the night drinking.

“Hey! It’s my mate’s birthday! Let’s get him a pretty lady!”

“Niall! That isn’t necessary,” he groaned before his hand was taken, turning him to face her. She was fit; her long hair falling down her back, her bra giving her the extra push guys enjoyed, and her bum barely covered from the piece of cloth that clung by a couple of strings.

“Hey, handsome,” she purred, her lips plump and her hands pressed to his chest.


You found him buried in the comforter on the large bed, his arm draped over his eyes and snores falling from his lips. You sighed, making your way over and climbing into the bed, your hand falling to his inked chest.

“Harry,” you whispered, your fingers tangling in his hair. You watched as he stirred, his eyes fluttering open to meet yours.

“You okay?” He groaned, sinking deeper into the bed as he turned his head to you.

“Y-Yeah, I just…Is everything okay?” You watched as his eyes focused on you, giving you a small nod before pulling you down next to him.

He had to lie; there was no way he could tell you right now, not like this.

“Of course,” his lips pressed a kissed to your hair, keeping his voice a whisper so he wouldn’t give anything away.

“You just seem so…distant.”


The screaming, the cheers; it was all flooding his ears and his eyes focused on the girl on his lap. The booze was spreading throughout his system, his head buzzing from the alcohol; the voice in his head telling him to stop, but the drinks telling him to go.

His brows were furrowed as his hands traveled down her sides, landing firmly on her wide hips. She was grinding against his lap, her hands traveling down his chest and back up to cup his cheeks.

“Are you having a good time?” Her lips grazed his, leaning down to press a kiss to his neck.

“Uh huh.”


He turned to face you, his hand landing softly on your hip. His eyes went soft and he pulled you closer, your chest pressed to his.

“I…I’m sorry, baby. I’ve just been really stressed lately.” You watched as he let out a sigh, your hand reaching up to cup his cheek.

“What’s been going on, my love?”

Oh, where did he begin?


Her hands were all over his body as she yanked his shirt off, the buttons flying everywhere and already standing naked in front of him.

“I want you,” she growled, her hands quickly reaching down to unbuckle his belt. His eyes drifted close as he felt her lips on his neck, making their way down his bare chest.

“Mm,” he let out, feeling his jeans being pulled to the ground around his ankles before he briefs quickly followed.

“I’m going to make you feel so good, baby. Happy Birthday.”


“Nothing important,” he smiled softly, his lips leaning over to press to yours as his hand roamed your back.

“Let me make you feel better,” you were quick to climb over him, pulling your shirt off in the process. He swallowed hard, his eyes grazing your bare chest as his hands pressed to your lower back. Your lips quickly pressed to his, your fingers tangling in his hair once more. “I missed you.”

He knew this was wrong, it was so wrong. But he didn’t want to stop because he knew that in no time, he wouldn’t be able to see you like this anymore; he was going to lose you. His eyes closed once he felt your lips traveling down his chest, giving extra attention to his butterfly tattoo.

“B-Babe, wait,” he breathed out and watched as you paid him no mind, beginning to pull down the band of his briefs. His hand quickly grabbed yours, your eyes looking up to meet his intense stare.

“What? What’s wrong?”


He was sitting in the house alone, waiting for you to get back from a day out with his sister when the doorbell rang.

“Coming!” He called out, quickly jogging to the door before swinging it open. His heart raced when he saw who stood in front of him. “What the hell are you doing here?”

She was quiet, a look of fear spread across her face. “H-Harry, please just listen to what I have to say…”

“You swore you wouldn’t tell anybody,” he narrowed his eyes at her. “If you’re back for more, it’s not going to happen.”

She didn’t say anything, quickly digging in her bag for a small item before handing it out to him. He looked down at it, his brows furrowing at the article placed in his hands.

“W-What the hell is this?” He brought up closer to his face and once he realized what is was, he felt his heart in his throat. He looked back up at her, watched as she wrapped her hand over the small swell beneath the loose dress she wore.

“I…I haven’t had sex with anyone but you ever since,” her eyes filled with tears, dropping to the ground at her feet.

“She’s yours.”


He couldn’t do it; the guilt was eating at him as he watched you pour your love to him. He pulled you off of him gently, quickly shuffling out of the bed and his hand running through his curls.

“Harry, talk to me, what’s happening?” He heard the worry in your voice and when he turned to face you, you quickly threw your shirt back on. He swiftly made his way towards you, getting down on his knees and taking your hands in his larger ones.

“I…I fucked up,” he shook his head, his eyes not able to meet yours. You felt your heart rate pick up and you pulled your hands away from his.

“What did you do?” You choked out, watching as his eyes filled with tears. “You’re scaring me, Harry. What did you do?!”

“My birthday,” he croaked, the tears already streaming down his face. “We went to a strip club and I got wasted,” his words beginning to speed up now.

“Oh..Oh my God,” you knew where this was headed, the tears already forming in your eyes hoping you weren’t about to hear what you knew was coming.

“She was all over me and I didn’t know what was happening. One thing led to another and a few weeks ago, she came by and she…” he looked up at you, his eyes red and tears filling them up once more. “She’s having my kid.”

You felt your heart shatter in your chest, as cliché as it sounded and your hands coming up to cover your mouth. It was your worst nightmare coming to life; the love of your life, or so you thought, was now about to become a father to a child who didn’t belong to you.

“S-Say something, please, anything…” his voice cracked, his hands reaching out for yours once more. You were quick to pull them back before he had a chance to touch you, your eyes burning holes into his.

You quickly climbed off of the bed, your legs quickly carrying you to the closet that held your belongings. You dug around the floor, the tears burning to the brim of your eyes as you reached for a duffle bag.

“Baby, please,” his voice came from behind you as he choked on his own sobs. “Please don’t leave me.” You felt your blood boil beneath your skin, trying your best to ignore his pleas as you shoved as much as you could into the bag. Dragging it out of the closet, you made your way around to grab the rest of your belongings before throwing on an old hoodie.

“I’m begging you, please.” He got down behind you, his arms wrapping around your legs.

“Let go of me,” you spat out, your eyes closing in annoyance. You squirmed out of his grip, grabbing the bag off of the floor before making a dash for the stairs.

“Please! Please!” He quickly followed behind, his hand reaching out to grab your arm. “I love you! You can’t leave me!”

He had pushed you to your breaking point and you pulled your arm back, fury running through your veins.

“You love me?! After all this time, you love me?! You lied to me, deceived me for weeks! Those words didn’t come from your mouth all that time and now when I leave you, you suddenly love me again?!” The tears threatened to fall once more, your hands balling into fists by your side.

“I’ve always loved you,” his hand reaching up to wipe his face. “I-It was a mistake.”

“The only mistake was me ever trusting you. I hate you!” You began to sob, your fists banging against his chest. “I fucking hate you!”

His hands grabbed yours as he pulled you to his chest, tears streaming down his face.

“S-Stop hitting me. Don’t say you hate me! You don’t!”

What you felt at the moment was stronger than hate; your blood was boiling with rage, anger sweeping through you.

“I hate you! You’re a worthless excuse of a man!” You pulled your hands away, slamming them against him once more. “I HATE YOU!”

One thing happened after another; your hand reaching up to collide with his cheek, a mark you knew was certain to be left. His eyes grew dark as he looked at you, his fists clenching at his sides before he dropped his head, shaking it in the process.  

“I. Hate. You.” You spat out, your teeth gritted together. The tears no longer had boundaries as you quickly made your way to your duffle bag, grabbing it and heading out of the front door.  Throwing it into the backseat, you shuffled into the car and backed out of the driveway. His eyes were focused on you backing out, continuously reaching up to wipe his face.

“Don’t look back,” you sobbed, your tears uncontrollable as you drove down the road. The cameras were already flashing, making you shield your eyes as you drove off. You fumbled for your phone as you dialed Niall’s number, hiccups escaping your lips as you heard his voice come through the speaker.

“Niall, I need you.”


“Are you going to tell me what happened, darling?” He was sitting next to you on the bed in the guest room, his hand rubbing your back. You shook your head, the words not being able to come out.

You were shocked, you were hurt, you were in disbelief; but most importantly, you were heartbroken. The man of your dreams turned out to be the man who’d haunt you for the rest of your life, his actions scarring you.

“Please,” he pleaded, climbing around and settling in front of you. “I can’t do anything if you don’t tell me what he did.”

You had to tell someone at some point. You’d been settled in his flat for hours, crying your eyes out with your knees tucked into your chest. Looking over at him, he leaned over to swipe his thumbs across your cheeks to get the tears out of the way.

“He…He cheated on me, Niall,” you choked out, your eyes falling to the duvet and your fingers picking at nothing. “She’s pregnant.”

“What?” His voice was strained as you looked up at him, his brows furrowed. “What the fuck? Who is she?!”

“I don’t know,” you sniffled, your hands coming up to push your hair back. “I just want to go to bed.”

He sighed, his arms coming around to pull you into a tight hug. He pressed a kiss to your head, his hands rubbing your back softly. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” you shook your head, pulling back from his hug and sinking into the bed. You turned over, your back facing him as you let a couple of more tears fall. “Good night.”

“I’ll be in me room, just call out if you need me.”


“She hasn’t come out of the room since she got here,” Niall sighed, running his hand over his face. He looked over at his 3 mates, all sitting on the couch.

“He really did that?” Liam asked from his seat, his voice quiet. He watched Niall nod, his fingers running through his hair. All heads turned to the door when the intercom buzzed and Niall got up, his finger pressing against the ‘talk’ button.

“Who is it?”

“Let me in,” Harry’s voice came through and Niall looked back at his mates, his eyes widening in panic. “I know she’s here, Niall.”

“I…I uh, I don’t know Harry.”

“Niall, please. Just let me see her, let me apologize.” His voice was hopeless and Niall sighed, giving in and buzzing him up. No more than a few seconds later, the knock on the door had the boys on the edges of their seats. Niall was quick to open the door, keep it adjacent to the frame before letting him in.

“I don’t know if this is okay, Harry. She doesn’t want to see anyone and I’m sure you’re the last person she wants here,” he narrowed his eyes at the curly haired boy, a twinge of anger flashing through him. “And to be quite honest, I don’t disagree.”

“Just let me see her, Niall, then I’ll leave.” Niall stared at him for a moment before he opened the door, letting him in. Harry’s eyes fell to the rest of his band mates on the couches. The looks they shot at him made him drop his head in disgust, his hands shoving into his pockets. Before he had a chance to say anything, the guest room door opened and he found you walking out, his heart sinking at the sight of you.

Your hair was a mess, piled into a bun at the top of your head and your cheeks tear stained; not to mention your eyes that were blood shot from the crying you didn’t think was humanly possible. Your shirt was soaked in different blotches, the tears evident in each section you’d managed to wipe your face with. When your eyes met his, he felt his pulse race, his hands suddenly sweaty.

“Niall, why is he here…” Your voice cracked, looking over at the blonde haired boy standing beside Harry. He opened his mouth to answer but Harry beat him to it, making his way over to you.

“Baby,” he tried to reach out for your hands before you quickly knotted them behind your back.

“Don’t touch me and stop with the names,” you looked up at him, your stare steady into his. “Why are you here?” You watched as he gulped, your eyes quickly looking over at the other boys sat not too far away.

“I just…” he cleared his throat, his eyes falling to the ground before looking back up at yours. “I’m so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen, it’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” he shook his head, blinking away the tears that formed in his eyes. “I never meant to hurt you, God, I love you too much to do that.”

You let out a chuckle, shaking your head as you looked back up at him; a look of hurt spreading across his features as you laughed. “Why are you really here, Harry?”

He took a step forward causing you to take a step back, your jaw clenching. He dropped his hands to his sides, his head dropping in the process.

“I want to be with you because I love you and I always will. I can’t picture my life with anyone else but you.”

“Well, you’re going to have to start,” you shook your head. “I’m done with you, Harry. I’m done with the bullshit you put me through after everything I sacrificed for you. You did this to yourself, Harry. There’s no one else to blame but you and you know what? I deserve better.” You watched as his eyes turned glossy, the tears roaring back to life. “You need to go. For good.”

He didn’t hesitate to let the tears go, his eyes not leaving yours as he let out a sob. “Tell me you don’t love me and I…I’ll go.”

You felt your eyes burn and you quickly looked up the ceiling, rolling your top lip over your teeth.

You didn’t want to say it. No, because you loved him and you always would. But you couldn’t, not anymore.

This was it. You were letting go of the man you gave everything to, the one you wanted to be with for the rest of your life, to have kids with, to grow old with, to share memories with; to love and be loved by every day.

You looked back at him, taking a breath before shaking your head and taking in his features for the last time.

“Goodbye, Harry.” 

There you have it, lovelies. This was so heartbreaking to write, gah, I hate heartbreak! But it was requested by two anons, so thank you for sending these in. The next one will be back to the Harry series, so no worries. If you have any feedback or anything else for me, drop by my ask. Love you, dolls.

Anna x 

Preference: When You Get Into a Heated Argument


Sam doesn’t show it at first, but he is very insecure about relationships, even more so about the relationship the two of you share. The two of you were best friends before you became something more, and that scared him. He knows how well getting attached to someone in this life goes, and he’s terrified that something is going to happen to you, just like Jess. Not to mention the fact that he thinks you can do way better than him, an ex-blood junkie with no promise of safety or security. He starts to pull away a bit, then more and more as the weeks go on. Of course you notice, and decide to question him about it. The whole thing blows up from there, that’s when the truth finally comes pouring out. You try to assure him that you love him in every way. You tell him what he calls weakness, you call strength. You defend every characteristic he hates about himself and reassure him over and over that they are just things to love about him, but he brushes it off like it’s nothing. The two of you continue arguing back and forth for what seems like hours before you can’t take it anymore, turning in for the night. And in the middle of the night, when he finally joins you in bed, thinking you’re already asleep; he kisses your cheek, whispers that he loves you, and asks you to never leave him. 



At the beginning of your relationship, it was all kisses and cuddles, but as it progresses, and you both fall hard for each other, Dean backs off. He has never been one for relationships, let alone love for that matter. Everyone around him always leaves him, whether they die, or they walk away from him. When he realizes he’s falling for you, he feels like he should dial it back. He stops giving you kisses during the day, he’ll stop holding your hand when you go out on a supply run or back in the front seat of the impala. He barely looks at you anymore. Sure he’ll kiss you good night, but he’ll pull away afterwards, turning to face the other side. What he doesn’t realize is how much it’s hurting you. You can’t stand it any longer, so you decide to question him about it one evening. You blame yourself, thinking it was you who wasn’t good enough for him. You knew that you weren’t the typical girl that Dean would go after, and you knew he would be settling for you. He lets you talk, let all of your pent up anger and frustration out before he puts his part in. He doesn’t say much, not denying that you aren’t good enough, not denying any of your accusations, only making you feel worse. He finally breaks, shouting that he can’t do this anymore. You quickly make your way to your old bedroom before he could even continue. You hear the faint sound of a bottle smashing. As soon as the door closes, sobs rack your body. The first though that crosses your mind is that you need to leave. Dean hears your muffled cries through the closed door, then realizes his huge mistake. He really hurt you, and the last thing he wanted to do was make you cry. He quickly made his way into the room, tears fill his eyes as he see’s your body curled on the bed. The only thing that came out was those three words, causing you to look up. Maybe everything would be okay if he finally let himself love with all he has.



The perks of dating an angel, well there are many perks, one being able to travel the world in an instant. Things don’t come easy for the two of you, especially when you and Cas start dating. He’s a little unsure at first, so he asks Sam and Dean what should a boyfriend do? They explain that a boyfriend should protect his girl from any kind of danger, kiss and hug here whenever he can, and flowers never hurt. Both of them had their own ideas about it. Cas takes these words and puts them into actions. First it began with hunts, jumping in front of the creature so you wouldn’t get hurt. At first, it was okay, he was saving you, but he continually did it. Then he would stand in front of you or sit really close to you at bars, following you wherever you went. You couldn’t take it any longer, and you lost it on him. He didn’t quite understand why you were so angry with him. He was only protecting you from any possible harm, he defended. You shouted that you were completely capable of protecting yourself; you were a hunter. You didn’t need to be protected from a spirt, or a vampire. You didn’t need walked to the bar counter to get another couple of drinks for you and the guys. He tried to defend his case, and that only made you more mad. You told him to stay away from you for awhile, saying you needed time to yourself, and he needed time to realize that he doesn’t need to be there with you every second of the day. When he finally comes to this realization, he picks out some flowers, and apologizes, fully understanding he was wrong to follow you around 24/7. He promises he will always protect you, but now, he will do it from afar.

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“Absolutely, and it’s going to.  I think Downey is officially signed on now to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and I think that’s what so fun about it. That’s what’s different in terms of this interpretation of Spider-Man. Two things: one, is that we cast an actor who is very close in age to a high schooler. Tom is really the first young actor to portray the part, and he has an incredible vulnerability and a certain confidence married together that create this very youthful and exciting character. Two, the other thing that’s compelling is he’s now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he can interact with the characters in that universe. I think that this mentorship, this mentor-relationship that Tony has developed with Peter Parker is probably one of the most interesting things the universe has moving forward.

– JOE RUSSO, when asked about the dynamic between Peter Parker and Tony Stark going forward.

The events of Civil War  are pretty stressful, so maybe we’ll get this–

Silver Fox old mentor Tony Stark?


Pre-production McLaren 570S that has been making it’s rounds around the US, this one spent the whole weekend around Chicago, first at the dealer for a few days, then to the two big shows over the weekend.
I absolutely love this car, I think the styling is way better than the MP4-12C or even the 650S, it’s just got a little bit more aggression to it that really makes the car stand out with some character.  Can’t wait to see more of these on the road


Author: exclamation

Summary: A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he’s stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past? And can he trust the creature known as Bookworm, who seems to know him better than he knows himself?

Word count: 73k

Notes: It’s only a first part, there are two more, but I don’t have time to read them this week and this one was awesome, so rec it is. Time traveling fic, with great plot, feels and very interesting new character, Bookworm. It was well written and original and I can’t wait to read the other parts! Also there is death in this part, hopefully it will be fixed in the sequel! - K.

Sneak Peek:

She started reading, eyes darting back and forth across the lines of words. Almost at once, the silent tears started to fall. She reached up and wiped them from her cheeks with the cuff of her sleeve, not taking the chance of them dropping onto a page and spoiling the book. Derek didn’t know what to make of it. When she reached the bottom of the page, she closed her eyes again and sniffled gently.

“Are you alright?” he asked. “What did you see?”

“Broken soul,” she whispered. “Poor little broken soul, surrounded by so much blood. He hides it all with smiles and laughter, but he’s surrounded by death and he blames himself. Poor little broken soul.”

She opened her eyes and looked directly at Derek, a fierceness behind the tears.

“Help him, Derek. You have to help him.”