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You act like you’re all alone out there in the world, but you’re not.
You’re not alone.


*Sigh* We can only dream that intros like these could have made the MKX cut, right?

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I really love the way you drew Lithuania, he looks exactly like I see him in my head :) I was wondering if you'd be willing to draw him again, and maybe with Latvia too?

So, I tried for him to look the same as he did on the last one, but I´m not sure if I succeeded? :( Uuuuh,anyway I hope you like it

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Favorite and least favorite things about Princess Sofia?

Favorite: I love her work with Project Playground. She’s a fantastic mother to Alexander and soon the new little one. She and Carl Philip adore each other. I also like how she doesn’t care what the haters say.
Least favorite: her evening gown style needs some work, but she’s getting there. I also hate her middle part and her hair would look better if the part was off to one side (trust me! My hair looks waaaay better now that I’m not doing the middle part)


For @mintresa (x)

day 1: 
favourite major character.

Knox Brindle: And I also gotta say that this new-found heroism is making me very attracted to you.
Syd Carton: Shut up.
Knox Brindle: No seriously. Do you wanna just try makin’ out for a sec? Just to see how it feels? (x)

Well well this isn’t a suprise right? Made this one during a livestream and it turned out waaaay better then I expected!
Also I drew a full body drawing as reference for possible cosplayers???
Idk if there are any who want to cosplay Kox but yeah why not give it a shot. 

Hope you proxy fans like it!!!

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I'm normally too nervous to request anything bc I don't want to burden u or overwhelm u or anything but I'm having a really awful day and I was wondering if u could sketch Bull with Dorian in his lap both under a blanket if u want?

Here you go, shortcake.
I hope that your day gets waaaay better… ❤

Chen Meloetta i think this one is waaaay better and more relatable. Especially if you live in Santa Ana lmao 

i hate this i hate this i was even gonna go to fullerton i hate this oh my godi  hate this

Five nights at Leonardos!!!!!
I WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE EARLIER BUT MY COMPUTER CRASHED WHEN EVERYTHING WAS ABOUT DONE AND DIDNT SAVE ANYTHIIIING SOOOO….FUUUUCK IT!!!!!! here the first one was WAAAAY better but my computer said fuck you all so have this one!!!!

Badlands Part Three

A/N: This chapter is really short compared to the others and it’s a bit dull, to be honest. It’s four am here and I decided to make this part a filler to lead up to the story. If anyone wants a part four, I promise you that it’ll be longer and waaaay better, hahaha. Enjoy :) - Ro x


You looked up with your mouth agape. You tried to speak, but nothing came out of your mouth.

“Well?” He egged on after three minutes of silence.

“Haven’t you heard of knocking?” You snapped. It wasn’t what you intended on saying, but his intrusion did snap a nerve of annoyance in you.

“If you’re trying to avoid the conversation, it’s not working very well,” he bluntly stated, making you roll your eyes.

“How did you even know I was waiting on pregnancy tests?”

“If I answer your question, will you answer mine?


He shut the door before walking towards the desk to lean against it. “Whenever Mel came to see us, she would always tell us how you never refused a drink when offered. She said you were typically the first to finish a drink out of the two of you, so when you avoided your drink earlier, I was a bit confused but I brushed it off because maybe you were waiting till later to drink. Then when I asked you about what you bought, you got defensive and tried to pry me away from the topic which got me suspicious because you’re so open, judging by the conversations we had on the way back. I didn’t piece everything together until we got to the house. Michael had lunged for your bag but you got protective and shoved it behind you before you quickly ran upstairs, went back down to make it seem like everything was normal, and then went back up to check on something.”

You took in everything Luke had said and cocked your head to the side. “You’re quite the thinker and extremely clever, aren’t you?”

He slightly smiled, “Well to be honest, I would’ve never been able to guess it if it weren’t for Ashton’s ex girlfriend. She reacted the same way you did.”

“Have you got a weird superpower or knack that allows you to know when girls are waiting on a pregnancy test or something?” 

This time, he laughed. “No. The first time was a complete accident, she accidentally walked into my room. This time it was purely on guess until you confirmed it. So are you going to tell me why you’re waiting on them?”

You stared at him for a minute before he raised his eyebrows at you, making you sigh. “Long story short, two months ago, I ran out of my pills and my doctor was out of town so he couldn’t send in the request until earlier this month. Last month I was at a party and got unbelievably pissed drunk and ended up hooking up with my ex. The next morning I woke up next to him and I asked if we used protection and he said we did, but the next day at school I overheard his conversation with his best friend saying he didn’t use a condom when we had sex so now I’m waiting on two tests and hoping my missed periods are solely because it’s still in sync with the birth control cycle.”

Luke got up from the desk and sat next to you on the bed. He brought you closer to him and pulled you into a side hug, rubbing his hands up and down your arm. “First of all, he’s a complete dickhead and if I ever meet him, I’m gonna punch the fuck out of him for lying to your face. Secondly, I’m so sorry babe. Whether you’re pregnant or not, you don’t have to face it alone. Mel is always going to be there for you, and hell I will too and so will the lads but don’t keep things to yourself. Everyone in this house will listen to you even if you barely know us.”

You smiled at Luke, “Thanks. You really are good with words and know how to make a girl safe,” you laughed.

“I’ve been told that’s my specialty.”

“Okay cocky,” you said as you pushed him away jokingly. You heard the timer go off and you got up slowly. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before opening them to check the results. Negative. You let out the breath you were holding and slightly laughed.

“Well?” Luke asked.

You turned around and looked at him, “negative.”

He got up and brought you into a hug, “That’s great! I mean if you didn’t want a baby then it’s great but if you wanted one then I’m sorry,” he quickly said, making you laugh and shake your head. “Oh okay, then yeah that’s great. I’m glad that dick didn’t get you pregnant.”

“Thanks Luke, for everything.”

“My pleasure, now come on. We’ve got a barbecue to attend where we can get drunk as fuck.”

You chuckled at his word choice and followed him out of your room and down the steps. You two made your way out onto the patio and was greeted loudly by everyone, signaling for the two of you to take a seat. You sat down next to Mel and Luke sat across from you. Ashton handed you a plate full of meat and vegetables, and Michael handed you a beer, which you drank quickly. The table was loud and there was never a dull moment. The boys shared stories of their recent jobs and favorite moments, and you and Mel shared embarrassing stories that happened at school.

“Wait so you’re telling me,” Michael said in between laughs, “that Y/N spilt her drink on the cheerleader and that caused a brawl between every group?”

“But that’s not the best part, Mikey! The cheerleader swung for Y/N but she totally missed and Y/N pushed her to back off and she fell in the fountain!” Mel said too excitedly, making you shrink in the chair.

“I didn’t mean for her to fall in the fountain!” You defended.

“She totally deserved it though!” Ashton said, “I mean she tried to punch you!”

“See! I told you she deserved it! Thank you Ash, she keeps feeling bad about it!” Mel exclaimed.

“What would you have done if she actually hit you?” Calum asked.

“Probably punch her back,” you casually said as you sipped your second beer. Everyone looked at you with wide eyes. “What? She’s partly the reason why my ex and I broke up, plus I have to defend myself anyways.”

“That’s hot,” Calum muttered and Luke looked at you when you mentioned your ex. You gave him a glare back and Michael carried on the conversation with a different topic. Fifteen minutes later, you, Mel, and Michael were cleaning up the table whereas Luke, Calum, and Ashton were setting up the bonfire. Everyone had their hands occupied, except for you since you finished your part of the system the three of you had worked out, when the bell rang.

“I’ll get it,” You shouted as Luke was about to go in. “I need to charge my phone, go help start the fire.” 

Luke nodded his head and walked down the steps while you walked in the kitchen and down the hallway to get to the front door. The doorbell never stopped ringing as you padded down the hallway. ‘I’m coming, I’m coming, Jesus calm down’ you muttered. When you finally reached the door, you unlocked both of the locks and swung it open. “Hi can I help-” you began to say before you got cut off with a hard slap across your face.


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