this one is so old but i never uploaded it

I never uploaded the other entries I made for the rickmorty zine so here is one of them ! Good old Miami sinning.

Im soon gonna be working on a lil comic for the new zine coming next year ohhh weeeee


Summary: Despite his youth, Eren Jaeger is one of the best and most popular doctors of the Kingdom. Among those interested on his services is included a recognized criminal clan, which does not hesitate to use the youngest of the Ackerman as bait. Eren never imagined that this “harmless” girl in red dress would get him into so much trouble, turning his world upside down.

N/A: since I deleted my blog back in March, the “read more” of my old posts is not working anymore, so I decided to re-upload chapters 1 and 2 together to make things easier for anyone who’s interested.

Art by Dani ♥ the full version of Lawless’ cover is here and there’s more related fanart here - I still have to reblog everything again, so the tag will collect more beautiful things done by Dani soon. You can also read the rest of the chapters on

Chapter 1. Crimson

Mikasa hit the wall hard. In spite of it, the coldness of the bricks did little against her accumulated body heat. Today’s training had been tough, since she had to battle against the stockiest and tallest man at Kenny’s service.

Will, who was practically a beast of a man lay face down on the floor, blood dripping from his broken nose.

“Is he dead?”

The girl shook her head slightly, without even looking at the man approaching the scene. She needed to catch her breath and calm her heart rate. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her forearm while she thought that yeah, she could have killed him. The idiot would have deserved it only for trying to be too clever.

“He should be dead, huh?” murmured the man in an expressionless tone, but Mikasa knew him well enough to perceive his simmering anger.

“The fucking pig”. Levi turned Will over easily with a foot, without any care at all, so he could check his face. Mikasa had done a good job wrecking that stupid face, the guy was going to look uglier than before. Usually when a training session ended like this, it was because the practice puppets had said something disgusting to her or tried something they shouldn’t have.

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It’s not fair. I wanted to write some Supernatural series I started a while ago and then get to imagines and one shots. I also wanted to upload today and answer stuff but no! I can never have it my way, because I had so much energy I was brainstormed and now…

I have at least 11 Bill imagines/one shots in my computer. And the shortest I ever managed is 2,000 words. Well, not that short but well, I could just as well start and finish a series with him in a week with this pace.How did this happen?! I hate myself because I still can’t hate him.

Yeah, Roman I know. But you know what’s worse? The fact that I consider making a Bill week! Oh that will be so much fun, open requests for him and probably never close them again cause… yeah, it’s Bill. Oh but I’d like to add Alexander too cause he’s amazing! I think I might go for it cause finally SPN requests are gonna be opening in a couple days too and I am so happy to finally go for that as well!

So I feel the need to ask: Do you want me to open requests for Bill, and Alexander, most probably this upcoming week and make it all about them?

I must note that like during my Jurassic World week there will be posts of SPN and my loves cause it runs in my blood and I can’t stop it! 


On the 12th july 2016 I uploaded my first picture of my OCs Breaden and Nemo Lavellan. I never look at old pictures and I could swear that I began drawing years ago! But it’s only one. What a strange feeling. I learned so much and there is still so much more to learn! I LOVE it.

We look back on an adventurous year, boys! Thank you for being stuck in my head. <3 I hope we will never stop being creative together. 

1 Year Anniversary (+competition!)

Everyone! Today (May 15th) the blog is celebrating its 1 year birthday! So much has happened over the past year and I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support and love you have shown for my writing; it truly means a lot. When I look back at myself a year ago, I thought this blog was something that would slowly fizzle away because no one would care about my writing. Yet I look at myself now doing daily uploads and starting to write a full length book!! It’s just insane so thank you all for allowing me to have the drive to keep this thing going. You’ve all inspired me in ways you’ll never know.

Since the blog is now a year old, I’d like to thank you all for your wonderful support by holding a little competition! Because I am a broke ass student with no way of affording to host a giveaway, I’ve got to make do with the skills I’ve got: writing. 

So, all you need to do is like and/or reblog this post and you will be entered for this little competition (must be following me ofc since it’s a special little thing for just you guys but don’t just follow and then unfollow bc that’s not fair on people who are being genuine)
1st Place: personalised imagine, moodboard and I’ll edit a video compilation of moments of any member of your choice (or possibly ship)
2nd Place: personalised imagine and moodboard
3rd Place: personalised imagine
If any of the winners are from the UK, it’s likely I’ll buy a little something kpop related to gift to you on itunes (unfortunately can only do this for the UK)

Again, thank you all for being so lovely over this past year, whether you’ve been following the blog since the beginning or you only started following me a few weeks ago. Good luck to all of you and the competition ends on July 15th at 6pm GMT. I’ll message the winners shortly after selecting and they’ll have 2 days to respond before I choose someone else.

Got a couple asks! First one, Thank you so much and I’m actually not sure how it shows up on other screens but sometimes the preview is really pixelated I noticed, try clicking on it to see if it looks better in full, especially with my gif posts it happens! But I also do use an art program on my ds that only allows me to export to the computer in jpg or mpo form, my computer doesn’t recognize mpo so I have to use the jpg, but I am hoping to start up a redbubble that requires a larger art size than my ds can make anyway, so I am trying to learn to draw on a tablet and once I do I will upload those in png form, hopefully they will be better!

second one, I really really sucked at anatomy at first– looking back at my old art makes my cringe but over time I think I just studied by looking at examples, sometimes I make the pose myself, and look in the mirror for reference! I never looked into those stiff heads-tall models because they looked a bit rigid, I’m still not the best at anatomy but I’m glad I’m a lot better than I used to be!

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Okay so this date is very suspicious to me and i did some digging in Jack’s channel.

Pax east was:

And Jack’s video “Come Meet Me” was uploaded same day as “ALWAYS WATCHING”

So I’m thinking that everything was recorded and edited 7 th of march?

Also I checked tags, but couldn’t find anything new or suspicious, except that old one “never forget’ in “ALWAYS WATCHING” video.

anonymous asked:

Tv anon. Beautiful fun fact: for years rumors said Lucy Hale didn't get along with her PPL castmates cause she barely was in picture with the girls and she spent more time promoting her music and uploading photos with old friends (sounds familiar right?) They never clear this up and just said Lucy was busy with her music career. After all this years, the girls hate her so much that they even got matching tattoos lol... One more day in the office, kids.

I’ve missed you!!! I don’t follow the PLL cast tbh so I had no idea about that (I only knew about the tattoos), what surprise. Certainly a lovely fun fact, too familiar lol. I did a small research after reading this, here it is:

Lucy Hale x PLL cast feud rumours

Ashley Benson (castmate) put rumours to rest

The situation slightly more detailed…

This is them getting matching tattoos

A recent interview where they talk about the tattoos & Lucy says: “We actually like each other enough to get tattoos together” lol

Speaking about feud rumours between women, LM was a victim too a little ago but Jesy spoke on them immediately.

While all this, I found a brilliant article that everyone needs to read.

What celebrity feuds tells about how women are perceived

Here are some of my favourite parts (NOTE: is not the full article)

Susan Sarandon took to Twitter over the weekend to quash an old rumour that she’d already debunked nearly two decades ago. When she co-starred with Julia Roberts in the weepy 1998 drama Stepmom, there was chatter that the two women hated each other. So ahead of the movie’s release, the actresses addressed the rumours in Entertainment Weekly.

Now Sarandon is revisiting the rumours because they echo her FX series Feud. In the show, she plays Bette Davis to Jessica Lange’s Joan Crawford. The story takes place during the contentious filming of 1962’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. The actresses didn’t hide their antipathy for one another, but Ryan Murphy’s series shows that the people around them fuelled the animosity, trying to gin up controversy to get moviegoers to buy tickets. It worked.

According to Sarandon, her allegedly sour relationship with Roberts came from a similar place.

“Found out it was my PR person creating rumours,” Sarandon tweeted.

Some publicists are only bolstering the stereotypes about how women work together. Sarandon also mentioned that the No. 1 question she gets from the media is whether she and Lange get along, which is pretty shocking. Do journalists really think that female co-stars are inclined to fight?

Apparently. That sounds a lot like a recent interview with Jessica Chastain, who had a similar grievance. When she was filming The Help, she told Vanity Fair, “so many of the questions I was getting from the press was about fighting on set - ‘Was it tough to be on set with all those girls?' “

If women cat-fighting on set sells tickets, it apparently doesn’t work that way with men and women. 

The stars are strenuously trying to prove there’s no bad blood between them - and who would doubt them? But if they were both women, could they get away with that so easily?

With male co-stars, the media tends to play up the bromance to a ridiculous degree.

Catfight on the Set! Why a Juicy Feud Among Women Remains an Irresistible Hollywood Story

Some of my fav parts (NOTE: It’s not the full article either)

But what hasn’t changed a whit is the unmistakable tendency to pit women against each other—however loosely based in fact.

However, we’re not going to say that women don’t feud or that they don’t feud more than men—although the interest in lady feuds is so out-sized, who knows how many man feuds we’ve missed out on? And with regard to how much men don’t get along with each other, women tend to spar more emotionally, purposefully and/or ostentatiously—therefore word might get around more when it does happen.

Every Hollywood set, every office, every classroom, every business opportunity, every voting booth is a place that had to evolve from its beginnings as being the domain of men. Women worked their way into places of power eventually but painstakingly, so the idea that there were fewer opportunities for women and therefore a greater need to elbow each other out of the way was an unfortunate mythos that took hold eons ago.

As Ryan Murphy pointed out to E! News just last month, when asked about the infamous feud rumors regarding Lea Michele and Naya Rivera on Glee: "There were many boys on our show that didn’t get along. And you never hear about that. You never hear about that in our culture.”

But nothing burns hot for years at a time like the idea of a couple of famous women seething and furiously glancing over their shoulders behind the scenes.

So there it is kids… points that I remarked on my last post about sexism in the industry & media.

Thanks for coming through with the fun fact, TV anon. Hope to hear more from you soon.

P.S. I’m going to sleep, I’ll try to check my inbox tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.


I haven’t been able to draw lately so I’m just uploading some of my old wips/scribbles i never finished mostly from iscribble, and SAI or pchat @_@ its mostly a gio x mista log ( I really like mista x gio too but really to me they are reversible at this point..) I try to draw one everyday and accumulate but most of them I really end up hating … and most i never finish due to that… LOL I wil try to finish the SAI one @_@ but i keep putting that one off… laugh at that hand that I never finished (i cropped out like half the pic cuz its like nothing there oops!;

i also really love caesar with joseph! I was really obsessed with them and always wanted to do a more cartoonish style for the fun of it (never got to colour it though since no time;;) Ah Thanks for looking and I will try to upload when I can.. ^p^!!! 

If anyone has giomis stuff please show me or talk to me. I’m seriously obsessed with them so hard LOL;; save me;;;


More warm up Bus ride Sketches! I realized I haven’t uploaded in awhile so…Here! These are a few days old and/or Ill never finish xD

@everybery A-98! Such an interesting character! I kept trying to draw his hair longer then it is lol. I promise later Ill draw him better!

@cicada44 Cicada! ❤❤❤ kinda just reference for myself x3

Evil Rick and Squanchys

Bottom row is C-886 Rick. If I dont draw a Rick a day he starts looking wonky lol (like the last one)

I love the look of broad shoulders cough-turnon-cougg so that is why I always draw him with rediculus shoulder pads. /confession

Fun fact: My C-886 Squanchy an Birdman are albino as well. (because albinism is beautiful ❤)


these are old , but I think I never uploaded or talked about this character so :

  • A living TV (?) named Kevin by Rafastar (he likes to be called “ Great Sir Nightmare Somnum K. “ , but everybody calls him Kevin ) 
  • Rafastar’s Familiar , created by accident
  • Very anxious and stressed
  • Bipolar
  • stab stab stab
  • Knows to do any chores even if he really dont like it
  • what does he likes after all?
Utaite Quotes Round 3

un:c at 8:03 AM : Going to sleep ( ՞ٹ՞)
un:c at 7:57 PM : Wait. It’s night?

KK: I’ve learned not to fear the crows around dumpsters, and their sounds don’t bother me anymore.
Eve: Can you talk to them?
KK: Caw~
Eve: hahahah…… (dammit, I gotta do something about this bastard fast)
(* parody of Light’s line in Death Note)

Mafumafu: Soraru san resembles a snowman for some reason.
Soraru: I don’t know….
Mafumauf: You know, with the muffler and all!

Mafumafu: I’ve lost interest in women after I met Soraru san.

Interveiwer: What do you think about Touyu san?
Amatsuki: Going out to eat with him makes me happy. We can stroke our bellies and be happy.

Fan: What do you want to do if you can become a magical boy(mahoushounen)?
Kogeinu: I want to fight with my followers.

Samuraiman: It’s okay….. I practiced handle steering for one hour yesterday in the bathroom with my bowl, today’s driving will be fine!

Itou Kashitarou: I can’t forgive you… Amatsuki-!! Buy me ramen!!
Itou Kashitarou: I know now. My attacks are meaningless to you, Amatsuki. I’ll act more mature.
Amatsuki: Eh wat

(At three in the morning on twitter)
Han: Haa….. I want your ass so hard….
TMDC: No… not that…..
Han: Ha….. no… accept me…
TMDC: Ah hyung….. (=neesan in japanese, kinda means brother)

Amatsuki: Kogeinu san, your name can also be read as Kogeken, so why don’t you write your name as コゲ犬(kanji)-こげいぬ(kana)- too?
(* Amatsuki writes his name as Amatsuki(kanji)-amatsuki(kana)-, because his name can also be read in many other ways such as tengetsu. the kana between the hyphens dictate how to read the kanji.)
Kogeinu: Somebody take him to the hospital

Fan: Work lol
Glutamine: No lol

Amatsuki: This is our first collab!
un:c: I like health and sex ed.
Amatsuki: I liked how we shouted together at the end!
un:c : I like health and sex ed.
Amatsuki: Please enjoy!
un:c: health and sex ed
Amatsuki: I don’t care anymore….
(Lost one’s weeping upload comment)

Soraru: Amatsuki offered to bath together and I refused, and I think he got grumpy.
Amatsuki: This is not what it sounds like
(* In asia it’s okay for same-sex people to bath together, See the Conan show korean spa clip for an idea…)

Soraru: Anyone who is cute, kind, good with kids, committed, hard-working and good at cooking and cute is good, so will said person go out with me

Yuuto: A 31 year old man sings the song of an 18 year old boy w
(Lost Time Memory upload comment)

Itou Kashitarou: I thought the only reason I would appear on the news would be when I do something illegal and become a convict, but then I realized that I would never have the guts to do so.
(After the info for his one man live came up on yahoo news)

DC: My followers are decreasing, but I’m hoping that all the people that are left are pretty girls. One can dream.
Fan: I’m a guy.
DC: Uh, sorry…

S!N: Hashiyan san, I’m not familiar with baseball, so maybe I could go watch a game with a high school girl.
Hashiyan: Police officer, come get this guy.

Underbar: For some reason Animal Crossing is getting popular. I’ve gotten it a while ago. I paid off my debts and played a little while, but nobody visited me so I got lonely and sold it off.

Akatin: While I was asking Mafumafu to work on my songs, I touched his bu- no, it’s nothing.

Fan: Dasoku san! I left my house keys at my house by mistake! What do I do?
Dasoku: Move

Itou Kashitarou: Hashiyan san, did you have a good night? I didn’t, because Amatsuki was talking in his sleep all night.
Amatsuki: Idiiiooot Idiiiioooooot! I’m hungry, let’s go eat
Aho no Sakata: I'mhungryI'mhungryI'mhungryI'mhungry
(Saint Smiley 2GS members on their trip together, via twitter)

Itou Kashitarou: The world is much more kinder than I thought! I’ve been hiding my eyes and crouching, but the world is nothing to be afraid of….? Wait…. I’m Mary? (Kagerou Project reference)

Soraru: Can I pay my delusion tax and become a pretty girl with big boobs
(Delusion Tax upload comment)

Fan: Can I go to your live performance alone?
Itou Kashitarou: I was alone most of my life anyways! Please come!

Michan: Like this, goodbyes always come suddenly…….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Help meeeeeeeee
(Tweet after he dropped his phone into water)

Fan: Have you ever been hurt because of love?
Itou Kashitarou: Never. I’ve never fallen in love in the first place.
Itou Kashitarou: Kekekeke.

luz: When I met up with Mafu kun and Uratan, they had the same hats and I went Eh (lets imagination go wild).
Mafumafu: Not only hats, but our shoes were the same color too.

Amatsuki: I had some time so I went to Mafu kun’s house with Kony to give him a birthday cake! It’s not his birthday or anything by the way!
Mafumafu: Seriously what the heck, the bell was ringing so I got the door and I got my birthday celebrated.

Itou Kashitarou: I read that putting salt in your bath helps you relax. So I put in this. (picture of “Magic salt Spice&herb) The basil clogged my pipes.
Itou Kashitarou: Oh well, happy lunar new year for the chinese people out there! Everyone, have a year full of happiness! Even though my bath is full of basil…
Itou Kashitarou: I’m staring closely at the floating basil…. They won’t flow!!
Itou kashitarou: Well, at least I could tell everyone not to use magic salt in your bath….
Hashiyan: Everyone is telling me not to put edible salt in my bath, but nobody does that, not even in comedy shows.

Itou Kashitarou: I just updated my blog about the relation between pancakes and ramen.

Honey Blossom Days, Kraglin/Yondu Explicit PWP with sex!pollen, Part 1 of 2

Have an old fic that I never put on AO3. The original unedited version of the first chapter has been uploaded here before, but it’s lost to the dusty shelves of my tumblr archive. The second chapter has so far only been seen by one person, who requested access to my fic vault (they know who they are!)

Anyway, this features drink spiking, dildos, and drugged sex that is nevertheless relatively safe, by Yondu and Kraglin’s standards.

It’s called Janadva, which means something fruity in a language that ain’t compatible with standard translators. Honey blossom, Kraglin thinks? All he knows is the following: it’s one of the most effective aphrodisiac-depressants around, a favorite date-rape drug that’ll make anyone horny for anyone else, and that some bastard tried to slip a coupla crushed pills in Zqo’s drink.

Which Yondu, assuming it was your average spiking attempt, had snatched, glared at the guy, and pointedly downed.

Really, thinks Kraglin as the Centaurian curls in his lap, rubbing down in a way that’s entirely distracting when Kraglin’s trying to pilot, and making weird kittenish noises that have no goddamn business coming out of Yondu fucking Udonta’s mouth, he got himself into this. But as always, if captain flounders into a mess, it’s first mate’s duty to get him out of it. Even if it means chaperoning a very horny and non-verbal Yondu who he cannot, by any means, fuck.

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Back in 2012 when I was first getting into hs fandom, those big lyricstucks were starting to get super popular and I tried to make one too, for erifef. I never finished it, but I still really like some of the panels, so I thought i should at least upload for completion. 

fanfic: said i wasn’t gonna lose my head [brooklyn nine nine, jake x amy]

this fic is now basically old enough to buy its own beer but I never uploaded it here, so here it is in the interests of continuity.

a dialogue-only fic where everything’s made up and the timelines don’t matter (set at some vague and frankly irrelevant point during season one)

said i wasn’t gonna lose my head
five scenes from a fake marriage (+ one from a real one)

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