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image sincerely three ship with “You did what?”

My first thought when I read this was Jared asking Connor this over the phone!

Like, let’s say, Jared’s at camp again, over the summer, and obviously, they still have frequent phone calls (if Jared’s cell service will allow lmfao) and they start talking y’know, casually - just bf’s being bfs

and then Connor says something about Evan’s hair

he’s like “Yeah, talk about crazy shit happening, Zoe had us all dye our hair. Mine’s got purple in it, mainly bc Zoe insisted we match”

And Jared’s like “oh cool”

Then Connor goes on. “It kind of took a while to get Evan’s hair to match his eyes, but we got there eventually”

Jared, who had been half listening while preoccupied w smthn stupid kinda freezes, frowning. Asks “Wait, you did what?”

“Dyed our hair.”

Jared just can’t???? Comprehend this???? He’s like “wtf??”

Connor ends up sending him pictures of the whole thing and Jared’s just struck by how the colors look in their hair. The color is darker in Connor’s hair, a violet that swoops down the right side of his face. But Evan’s. Evan’s is this really, really pretty blue. It’s a little faded, because the dye had trouble sticking after the first wash. But Jared’s just like in love with it, both of theirs. He’s like “I can’t believe you guys did it w/out me.”

They end up doing Jared’s hair as soon as he gets back from camp


a redraw of an omega flowey i drew sometime last year! im going to put the original under a cut cause it was a pretty big picture but,,, im rlly proud of this!! i also practiced with some cool 3d effects, im not sure if it looks better with or without them but,, i think they look cool so im posting it with them!

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so lately iโ€™ve been tagged in and have seen many of these like mutual appreciation thingies and i wanted to be a cool kid and do one too.. my momma always said if your friend jumps off a bridge are you jumping too? like hell yeah i am bc iโ€™m a ride or die beezy whatโ€™s up with it?

anywho i love yall so much !! (some of yall on here we dont speak but i still love being mutuals !!) tysm for always putting up with my shit and sticking by me even tho iโ€™m hella dumb and overdramatic n rlly annoyin and love namjoon a little too much !!!!!!! like iโ€™ve got the realest mutuals evaaaah and like irl, i keep my circle small on here too. LIKE I RLLY ILY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF U ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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I'm having trouble finding good books to read. You can recommend me books that you like a lot?

hi sorry this took a couple of hours, i was at the cinema & i tried to answer before but i didn’t have enough time ashdhsd but here r some of my all time fav books!

  • one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus. so this book is like the breakfast club meeting pretty little liars. 5 ppl goes to detention & 4 leaves. i really enjoyed this book and it one of my faves. tho it does have some flaws, but nothing is not unproblematic so i’d say give it a go
  • tiny pretty things by sona charaipotra, dhonielle clayton. this one is about an exclusive manhattan ballet school following 3 girls. i rlly love this one, mostly because the 3 main girls can be so unlikable yet i liked them. they will do anything in their power to get the role they think they deserve
  • the bone season by samantha shannon. ok this is an interesting book series. there r 3 so far (and 2 short stories) but there’s gonna be 7 so there’s a lot to look forward too. the universe the author has made is rlly cool & a bit confusing at first (sometimes i have a hard time understanding it) so i wont explain 2 much but it’s rlly cool with an kick ass main heroine who deserves a break
  • addicted series & calloway sisters by krista & becca ritchie. so the addicted series is about lily calloway & loren hale, 2 addicts (lily is sex addict & lo is alocholic) who r childhood bestfriends, start fake dating so their fams won’t know about their addictions & then end up real dating. calloway sisters is about lily’s 2 other sisters daisy & rose (there is a third one too but she doesn’t have her own book) rose is a badass independent woman who don’t need a man tho she ends up getting one and they r amazing together. daisy is a free spirit & the youngest who is a model, WHO JUST WANT’S EVERYONE TO BE SO GODDAMN HAPPY EVEN IF IT MEANS SHE’LL BE UNHAPPY. and if u don’t like addicted series because of lily & lo but like the other char then u can read calloway sisters, it’s worth it i promise
  • the secret history by donna tartt. so i read this 2?? years ago so i don’t remember much but the aesthetic of it is just amazing. the writing is amazing. the characters r amazing. it’s just amazing. bascially 6?? young adults, 5/6 r rich and they all study greek mythology. v cool
  • all for the game by nora sakavic (aka the foxhole court) DEF CHECK IT OUT IF U HAVEN’T. this is like my #1 always. it follows neil josten who is 18 & he’s alone in the world & he just want to play exy (made up game that u’ll end up loving) and then a coach from this school comes and ask him to join his exy team cause he needs a striker and neil is a striker. and even tho he knows he shouldn’t say yes he says yes cause he’s an dumbass 
  • harry potter series by j.k. rowling. the story about the boy who lived, i think everyone knows what this one is about 
  • vicious by v.e. schwab. so in this universe, if u have a near death experience, u’ll get some powers, i don’t remember quite how that works tho. but it’s a rlly cool story
  • the archived by victoria schwab. so same author was vicious. so in this book, every body got a history, which the Librarians can read, and the bodies rest in the archive. so the main in this book (mackenzie bishop) is a keeper, recently lost her brother so she & her family moves to this apartment building. it is rlly good i promise 
  • far from you by tess sharpe. crime book with a bi main character who also use the word Bisexual so worth a read (tho it is rlly sad) 
  • a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket. so i didn’t love all of the books. but it has great aesthetic and they r interesting to read, tho if u get frustrated when stuff looks like it’s gonna be happy but then something ruins that; don’t read it cause that happens a lot

that’s all i can come up with right now, tho i have other faves too that u check out in my goodreads list here

mxrksgf’s first follow forever!

ljfhrjfhrhgj ya the banner isnt that good i just made it rlly quick but hEY

hello there!!!this is jai and i just recently 1k followers so i decided to make a follow forever!!WHOOP WHOOP!!

on a more serious note,,,honestly i donโ€™t know how to thank every one of u for being there for me and for loving me.if i deserve all of this love,idek but all i know is that im v thankful for it and i know that i love u all v much!!i rlly thank God for letting me meet such wonderful people and i just lhgruhjrhg im so emotional rn

but yes!!!thank u all v much and i love u all!!!iโ€™ll put the rest under a read more~ also this is in no following order!! kfjhrhg itโ€™s not alphabetic either

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I feel like Hermes would be the one to tell Persephone stories while he guides her to Hades and she's just begging for him to leave

no,,, but hermes would have some rlly cool stories tho as the god of messengers and travelers like ,, i want to hear hermes stories

Honestly tho why isn’t Netflix making a Harry Potter Netflix series???? You could have one season for book 1 and 2 and then a season each for 3 and 4 and then like two seasons each for the rest of the books to rlly get everything in. You’d be able to see all the rlly cool magic from the triwizard tournament and the Weasley’s showing up as Harry’s family visit for the maze challenge and Ginny could be given the character development she had in the books. We’d get to see S.P.E.W and Peeves and you could even have Daniel, Emma and Rupert come back and play Harry, Ron and Hermione’s parents etc @netflixseries hit me up for ideas mate

Tally hall as teachers

Rob: history teacher, rlly dorky and cute!! Makes fun puns about lessons and puts jokes on quizzes. Has never gotten upset at anyone in his time teaching

Zubin: calculus and geometry teacher, doesn’t know what he’s doing.
he has no idea what to put on a syllabus or what anyone will need for the class, or how to get his class to behave

Joe: film and music theory teacher, puts the hottest new Memes in his slides for lectures, and tries in vain to relate to his students. u can go to him for good advice tho

Andrew: teaches drama and choir, his students are rlly pessimistic but by the end of the year he has them all thinking positively. ppl join his class just b/c he’s nice

Ross: teaches chemistry, most Relatable teacher, lets his students follow him on twitter. is trying to go to school at the same time that he teaches, leaving his brain incredibly fried

Bora: cool principal, lets kids off the hook too often. one time he needed to suspend someone and he cried

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What are your favorite romance novels? Contemporary or otherwise? I love your blog!

thank you! ok so here are some of my fav romantic books, i might have forgotten some but yeah, enjoy!!

  • addicted series by krista & becca ritchie. it follows an sex addict & alcohol addict who are childhood bestfriends & pretends to be in a relationship to hide their addiction from their families. it’s one of my all time faves tbh (mostly because of the characters) there are like 10 books but i promise it’s worth it in the end!
  • calloway sisters series by krista & becca ritchie. ok so this one belongs to addicted series too, (in addicted they r book 2.1, 2.2 & 3.1, 3.2) these focus on lilys sisters (rose & daisy) so if you don’t like addicted but i liked one or both of them, then i think you should check out this!
  • to all the boys i’ve loved before by jenny han. ok so this book is incredibly cheesy but it’s also really cute. & it got one of the best tropes in the world; fake relationship. so long story short it’s about a girl who, after having a crush, she would write love letters (more like goodbyes) to them but without sending them & then one day her letters gets send and the boys gets them. & it’s also gonna become a movie so yay!!
  • paper princess (the royals series) by erin watt. ok now, this book is problematic, cliche & can be frustrating to read but idk i liked it? like it did have a lot of drama, and it felt like it was one of those reality shows that are on tv (those u watch because it’s trash but entertaining) but it also had good moments like the royal siblings relationship & i rlly liked easton & ellas friendship after the beginning, so i’d say give it a chance if u can handle problematic stuff
  • kulti by mariana zapata. kulti is about a soccer player who had a crush on a v good soccer player, who ends up being her soccer coach. now this one got age difference so if ur not cool with that don’t read. but it’s a slow burn & i rlly enjoyed it when i read it
  • the wall of winnipeg and me by mariana zapata. this one is also a slow burner, even slow than kulit i think?? & it got fake relationship. so the main lady was assistant for an american football player who could be a dick. so she quits but then he comes to her place later & ask if she can come back. only this time to like be with him or something cause he needs to stay in the country & his visa is out (he’s canadian). tho give it a go cause it is rlly cute
  • one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus. ok now this isn’t really a romance book, bUT IT HAS SOME REALLY CUTE ROMANTIC PARTS OK. so this is one of my fave books this year. idk what to say without spoiling anything but it’s like the breakfast club meets gossip girl meets pretty little liars. or imagine tbc with murder that works too
  • the hating game by sally thorne. REALLY REALLY CUTE BOOK. enemies ish to friends to lovers. two people who works at the same office. they are competing for a new promotion. if lucy wins she’ll be joshuas boss but if she loses she’ll resign cause she cant work under him. anyway like i said it’s a really cute book & it has a paintball scene (flashback to 10 things i hate about you) 
  • everything leads to you by nina lacour. a really cute, soft & gay book. so i read this book last year so i don’t remember much but it gave me nancy drew vibes. anyway it’s rlly good just check it out plz
  • simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli. also a really cute & gay book. the main is having convos over email with a guy who goes to his school but he doesn’t know who he is (the guy doesn’t know who he is either). don’t remember much more but it got a happy ending and is rlly cute
  • the duff: designated ugly fat friend by kody keplinger. this one follows bianca who knows that she isnt the prettiest among her friends, but when wesley she throws her coke in his face. but her home life isnt the greatest either, & she needs distraction so she ends up kissing wesley. so this is more like an enemies with benefit kind of story? until they fall in love ofc. idk i just really liked it cause i’d relate to bianca, but also bianca & wesley r the cutest ok. (the book is 100% better than the movie)

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hi I just saw ur speedpaint and it was awesomee (even tho hearing be my bad boy ended my life on the spot) I was wondering if u could explain how u did ? all the lighting/shading like what kind of layers and colors etc ?? if not it's cool it's kind of asking a lot either way thanks for the speedpaint and kinda showing ur process bc ur art is super cool !!!

oh if i do another one should i?? include that?? i just thought the paintin part was all you show bUT ILL BREAK IT DOWN RLLY QUICK!! DONT WORRY IT AINT NOTHIN!!!

OK SO!! when i finish puttin down base colors/some basic coloring i like puttin a shade of SOMETHING over it all so it blends together better

thats what this part is!! i put it on multiply and INITIALLY i put this yellow thing here BECAUSE i wanted to have lighting from the bottom …. but like…when i put it all together and set it on overlay……….

it looked BAD


merged it all together with the base colors and whuop!!

THEN!! i added the background and my friend thought it’d be cool if it looked backlit

which is… this. basically. if you needed an example.


then got the colors from the sunny part of the BG,put them on the outline of wherever the multiply WASN’T nd put that shit on overlay and on a clipping group over the original blended together blueish colors just to make it easier on me.

like this.

to make this


tbh i haven’t read battle royale so i only know the gist of the story but the au looks super cool lol

miu would probably be crying the entire time in that kind of situation lmao rip she’d also probably be one of the first ones to die unless someone was there to help but really who can she trust when everyone is trying to kill each other orz

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Hello! I really really like your blog, your writing style is just GWWWAAAHHH LIKE I RLLY RLLY LIKE IT I can't explain it with words tho like UWOooo this is so good, it's so rare to find good quality writing!!! So author-chan, is it alright if I request "fight me" between cool and composed reader and bakugou? And maybe todoroki too if it's not too much of a hassle? With reader coming out victorious and they're like "well played" (cue bakagou raging lololol) thank you so much btw!!~

Man this has been in my ask box for so long (not taking these requests anymore though, only doing this one because I know how long it’s been in here) and it’s made me smile so much! Thank you for your kind words and I’m so glad that you enjoy my writing!  I’m not the greatest at writing fights though, and Bakugou’s is rather… aggressive. I also wouldn’t actually mind continuing it as something between Katsuki and the reader


Bakugou was never one to back down from a challenge. So when you had told him you thought you would be able to beat him, he thought he might as well get some practice in and make it worth his wild. What he didn’t anticipate was that he would be on the ground, with your strength rivaling his.

“What the fuck?!” his fists clenched and he swatted your hand away when you reached down to help him up. “I don’t fucking need it.” he stands on his own, his red eyes narrowing at you, scanning over you to see if he had at least done some sort damage.

“Hm, somebody is a sore loser now aren’t they?”

“No I’m fucking not!” he retaliates, his lip curling up at you. You could smell the smoke that was coming from his hands that were ready to land another blow at any second.
“Is that so?” you raise an eyebrow at the blonde and cross your arms. “Because it seems to me that you’re not use to losing-even if it is just for practice.  Seems like you also like to ride on your high horse, which I have no problem knocking you off of.”
Bakugou snarls out, “I’d like to see you try.”


Today you were split up into two groups: the Villains vs the Heroes. Todoroki was assigned the Villains while you were part of the Heroes.

He watched in awe as you effortlessly withstood heat of his flames that surrounded you and easily absorbed them. While he hadn’t been using his full power, it was still no where near weak.

But he hadn’t figured out or known what your quirk was prior to today because you were a new student and this was only your second day at U.A. 

“Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t think that’s going to be too effective on me.” you chuckle, holding your hand out to show a blazing swirl of flames that danced around it. “I absorb heat, and I have to say, that was hot. You know, the fire.”

He was stunned for a moment and before he knew it he felt your hand on his back, a red hand print where it had just been now shows that he had been captured for the exercise.

“I’ve got to say this too, the fire wasn’t the only thing that was hot.“


i realised earlier i somehow dont have a proper my hero academia oc?? so here’s one
her name is Kasumi Moto (mist origin im creative guys, tho for japanese it’s Moto Kasumi rlly), she tries to act cool but she’s actually a big softy that guys flustered easy
she can benchpress all yall too :v

college bf taehyung

might’ve died while writing this, 6/7!!

  • forgive me pLEASE 
  • but i always imagine college tae as a fuckboi 
  • like you’d find his ass on tinder 
  • lowkey swipes right bc he’s cute as hell 
  • he’d date u for fun then realize ur a keeper 
  • and like he’d rlly be whipped for u 
  • always texting you cute lil things
  • “morning babe, hope u have a good day”
  • “i miss ur face, come to my room after class”
  • “did u know that ur my fav”
  • “i love u lots”
  • “more than mcdonalds”
  • he’d be so spontaneous 
  • like you guys would be going on midnight adventures 
  • anywhere from downtown to like walmart or something
  • lowkey see you and tae hotboxing
  • majority of the time y’all spent together would be at night time
  • obvs day time dates were cute
  • but something bout night time & tae was thrilling???
  • tho he’d have a bad boy persona he’d be such a sweetheart
  • and one night y’all would meet up for ur night time dates
  • so while you guys are driving 
  • he’d look over at u while rolling the windows down
  • u totally understands what’s about to go down
  • and so u blast ur trap music sOOO loud, the citizens of like your neighbouring country could hear
  • “omg i have somewhere rlly cool to take you”
  • and he’d just park in the mcdonalds parking lot
  • “tae….this is mcdonalds????” 
  • “exactly?”
  • “are u serious”
  • “just kidding??“ 
  • but really he’d get some food then take u to some secret place that only he knows of
  • and you two spend the night just being dumb and fooling around there
  • “y/n”
  • “yes tae”
  • “tell me something about you that no one else knows”
  • and he’d have this really sentimental look in his eyes 
  • the whole night would full of confessions
  • and deeeeeeep talks
  • “ok ok, i have one final confession”
  • “what is it tae?”
  • you’d probably grab his hands, and legit look into his eyes
  • and he’d just smile at you and totally forget about everything
  • bc u were literally the only person that was worth his attention at that moment
  • “i love u”
  • you’d probably hit him like binch i know that already!
  • but u’d say it back obvs
  • you guys would DEF make out under the stars 
  • cheesy af but yOLO
  • honestly, college bf taehyung would actually be so perfect
  • bc not only are you dating your lover
  • but your best friend too


ok i was thinkin about this for a while, it was pretty funny in my head soo– (super cliche) Tattoo artists AU in which all the seniors (+tanaka) work as artists at a studio owned by Daichi, they’re pretty popular and stuff I guess?? They’re a little older in this AU (and the age difference between Noya and Asahi is abt 3-4 years hoho). So Noya being the meme he is, gets a stupid tattoo ( which he regrets like 2 weeks later) and confronts his friend tanaka for help bc he works at the studio to get it redone.

Still haven’t quite developed this but, basically Asahi is gonna do some good coverup work for Noya and they get v friendly heh. 

Honest Thoughts from an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, Cancer Rising (Aries Dom)

Aries - generally do NOT get along with me. Typically I find them tough competition for whatever we are trying to “win” so I just don’t associate with them in order to make myself seem better (ha). I’ve met a couple Aries GIRLS whom I can get along now with but they usually had soft moon signs (cancer, Taurus) as well.
The Aries I come across never like me either.

Taurus - I appreciate your slow thinking methods but I absolutely HATE it at the same time. Like can we speed things up here?? God help me if I find one of these people attractive, literally romance with them would never happen in this decade due to a delay in emotional response. Otherwise, these people typically entertain me quite well and listen to my rants, the ones I know are very generous and buy me/cook me food ALL. THE. TIME. so I keep them around. :,)

Gemini - YOU folks keep up with me so well that it’s scary. I tend to think of myself as fast paced and unpredictable but you guys are SOMEHOW always one step ahead. I like that, it’s so refreshing. Gemini’s have never been two faced to me, so I personally don’t know how that’s a thing. Very intellectual people. My favorite sign to smoke weed with. :-)

Cancer - AS a cancer ascendant myself, I can honestly say that…. Y'all care too much. Get over your emotions and get out of your comfort zone. Thankfully cancer is in my 12th house so this part of me only ever really comes out when I’m drunk (which is actually pretty helpful imo) but like…come on. Other than this, cancers share a special type of humor with me. They all know how to make me laugh so hard I cry. When you guys get angry it terrifies me.

Leo - I. LOVE. LEO. BITCHES. THIS sign is my number one hoe. Both of my best friends are Leo’s. We just go SO WELL. Y'all are the only ones that will do crazy shit with me without a second thought!!! But also you guys keep me sane cause you’re a lot more logical than I. Always have solutions to my problems. Always got everyone’s back. Such cute social butterflies I love it :,) all Leo’s are my bffs!!!

Virgo - you guys……. You guys just. Need to relax. Not everything has to be PLANNED and BLUEPRINTED okay??? but I CAN relate a little cause Im Virgo Mars so Heaven help me if I’m ever in a group project with one of you Virgo bitches…. 👀 I love roasting people with you guys though. You are always the first to have all the tea and you wait until just the right moment to spill it, I’m so envious. Would never piss you off.

there’s more to life than Netflix I SWEAR and it’s like, GOOD ??? To go outdoors?? Or like, experience life??? Every once in a while??
Other than that all my libra bitches pretty as hell, amen. Can Charm my pants off any day. A little too romantic for my taste, like, cut the shit lets just get to the point already. Clingy. But also got your back no matter what.

Scorpio - I…don’t…particularly like you people. You’re too intense and every Scorpio I’ve met gives off this energy of “get this done for me NOW or you die” and it makes me really nervous. I feel like none of you want friends unless it’s beneficial to you. Other than that you’re very hard working and clever and I admire that about you #jealous

Sagittarius - my second favorite bitches. Love talking shit with these people but… I can never be intellectually deep with y'all. Kind of superficial. Either way you are good for entertainment purposes. All seeking adventure and I like that shit!!!! So cool hiking buddies yes ah very nice. Very generous people. So gorgeous. Rlly weird obsessions tho….

Capricorn - CHILL the fuck out and SIT the hell down caps. You can’t control everyone. You can’t manipulate them when you don’t get your way. (I am very biased here I’m sorry)…. But stop doing life so hard. I mean I guess it will pay off in the long run??? But just have fun right now ??? Y'all are pretty fun when you open up and let your guard down.

Aquarius - I don’t know many aquas but the ones I do are…. So emotional lol. Too much for me. You guys…. PLEASE get therapy if you think you need it like. Seriously don’t bottle all those emotions in that giant brain of yours. Rlly good taste in music. Super nerdy about stuff and it’s so cute aw aw aw!!!!

Pisces - get out of your own head. You all seem to think the world is against you when rlly y'all the ones I personally wanna see succeed most cause you have so much POTENTIAL like ???? How. Too emotional for me, you guys get #triggered so fast omg. Ummmmm very helpful. Sweet lil angels until you piss them off then they’ll do some mad shit talking.

Astro as Haikyuu!! characters

because it came up today

Sanha: Lev. both tall babies u m hello how much better can it get. lev is a self declared ace and sanha is a self declared cutie. yes i am cutie!! befriends every. single. street cat. is late for practise because of it. safe to say the other members arent impressed when sanha walks in half an hour late with a cat in his hands, asking if they can keep it

Rocky: Nishinoya. works ridiculously hard to perfect everything. probably get very disappointed in himself when he cant get it, but only uses it as motivation to do better. completely serious in practise but outside hes the goofiest. strange 90% of the time

Moonbin: Kuroo. looks totally chic and cool when he’s not doing anything, but as soon as u talk to him u realise he’s a giant dork. probably likes befriending cats. the one to be the most annoyed when someone rocks up late for practise

Eunwoo: Oikawa. ok i thought about this a lOT and like 1. he’s mostly known for his looks, 2. oikawa rlly likes aliens and eunwoo rlly likes minions ??, oikawa can pick up patterns from other volleyball plays by “”studying them””,, eunwoo literally studies people before he goes on shows. short temper which they both try to hide

Jinjin: Any of the team moms. Probably Yaku tho. very small. very soft. might try to act intimidating sometimes but fails because he’s so small. not even a low-key mum he’s such a high key mum and takes care of all the kids. can and will cause pain if he is called short.

MJ: Hinata. he’s small,, but don’t underestimate him. he will 1v1 you any day if u call him short. constantly happy and optimistic. the one the team starts to hate after a while because his happiness gets annoying. blows the other teams away.

i was the biggest haikyuu trash before i got into astro so u can trust me

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I heard that one of junkrat's appeals was that he's a ugly character. And concept junkrat isn't ugly at all. In fact he doesn't look like he's a criminal, or even part of junkertown! He looks like a refined gentleman. He could totally be a separate hero from current junkrat.

I found art of him and he looks rlly fun, like kooky disney inventor!!!! he doesnt rlly suit junkrats batshit crazy shtick tho… still he’s super cute he’d be a funny cool uncle type

so @cassandrapntaghasts (whispers @miriaas follow 4 more cool art) drew me a thingy bc poppy n zev are literally rapunzel n eugene 

(they’ve got the whole…… cute blonde healer thats lived in a tower her whole life meets handsome, snarky n loveable rogue by chance™ thing going on)  

i am a worm that doesnt deserve it but there u go give mongo all the love n praise 

also bonus lil thing: