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image sincerely three ship with “You did what?”

My first thought when I read this was Jared asking Connor this over the phone!

Like, let’s say, Jared’s at camp again, over the summer, and obviously, they still have frequent phone calls (if Jared’s cell service will allow lmfao) and they start talking y’know, casually - just bf’s being bfs

and then Connor says something about Evan’s hair

he’s like “Yeah, talk about crazy shit happening, Zoe had us all dye our hair. Mine’s got purple in it, mainly bc Zoe insisted we match”

And Jared’s like “oh cool”

Then Connor goes on. “It kind of took a while to get Evan’s hair to match his eyes, but we got there eventually”

Jared, who had been half listening while preoccupied w smthn stupid kinda freezes, frowning. Asks “Wait, you did what?”

“Dyed our hair.”

Jared just can’t???? Comprehend this???? He’s like “wtf??”

Connor ends up sending him pictures of the whole thing and Jared’s just struck by how the colors look in their hair. The color is darker in Connor’s hair, a violet that swoops down the right side of his face. But Evan’s. Evan’s is this really, really pretty blue. It’s a little faded, because the dye had trouble sticking after the first wash. But Jared’s just like in love with it, both of theirs. He’s like “I can’t believe you guys did it w/out me.”

They end up doing Jared’s hair as soon as he gets back from camp


a redraw of an omega flowey i drew sometime last year! im going to put the original under a cut cause it was a pretty big picture but,,, im rlly proud of this!! i also practiced with some cool 3d effects, im not sure if it looks better with or without them but,, i think they look cool so im posting it with them!

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mxrksgf’s first follow forever!

ljfhrjfhrhgj ya the banner isnt that good i just made it rlly quick but hEY

hello there!!!this is jai and i just recently 1k followers so i decided to make a follow forever!!WHOOP WHOOP!!

on a more serious note,,,honestly i donโ€™t know how to thank every one of u for being there for me and for loving me.if i deserve all of this love,idek but all i know is that im v thankful for it and i know that i love u all v much!!i rlly thank God for letting me meet such wonderful people and i just lhgruhjrhg im so emotional rn

but yes!!!thank u all v much and i love u all!!!iโ€™ll put the rest under a read more~ also this is in no following order!! kfjhrhg itโ€™s not alphabetic either

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I feel like Hermes would be the one to tell Persephone stories while he guides her to Hades and she's just begging for him to leave

no,,, but hermes would have some rlly cool stories tho as the god of messengers and travelers like ,, i want to hear hermes stories

Honestly tho why isn’t Netflix making a Harry Potter Netflix series???? You could have one season for book 1 and 2 and then a season each for 3 and 4 and then like two seasons each for the rest of the books to rlly get everything in. You’d be able to see all the rlly cool magic from the triwizard tournament and the Weasley’s showing up as Harry’s family visit for the maze challenge and Ginny could be given the character development she had in the books. We’d get to see S.P.E.W and Peeves and you could even have Daniel, Emma and Rupert come back and play Harry, Ron and Hermione’s parents etc @netflixseries hit me up for ideas mate

tbh i haven’t read battle royale so i only know the gist of the story but the au looks super cool lol

miu would probably be crying the entire time in that kind of situation lmao rip she’d also probably be one of the first ones to die unless someone was there to help but really who can she trust when everyone is trying to kill each other orz

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I JUST DISCOVERED UR ACC AND ITS SO PERFECT ?? I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IT HAS INSPIRED ME TO DO SOME COOL MODERN IG/SC AU ARTS AS WELL !! btw what kind of brush do u use !! i rlly like the lineart for the josokus art u did !!

aww thank you kindly!!! totally go for it and show us if you’d like! B^)

there’s actually two of us running this blog and we both did individual drawings for that post (tho i’m pretty sure you’re inquiring about áine’s piece bc her lineart is *kisses fingers*)

nonetheless, áine used this brush for that post and here’s the one kat usually uses! we both work in photoshop.

Astro as Haikyuu!! characters

because it came up today

Sanha: Lev. both tall babies u m hello how much better can it get. lev is a self declared ace and sanha is a self declared cutie. yes i am cutie!! befriends every. single. street cat. is late for practise because of it. safe to say the other members arent impressed when sanha walks in half an hour late with a cat in his hands, asking if they can keep it

Rocky: Nishinoya. works ridiculously hard to perfect everything. probably get very disappointed in himself when he cant get it, but only uses it as motivation to do better. completely serious in practise but outside hes the goofiest. strange 90% of the time

Moonbin: Kuroo. looks totally chic and cool when he’s not doing anything, but as soon as u talk to him u realise he’s a giant dork. probably likes befriending cats. the one to be the most annoyed when someone rocks up late for practise

Eunwoo: Oikawa. ok i thought about this a lOT and like 1. he’s mostly known for his looks, 2. oikawa rlly likes aliens and eunwoo rlly likes minions ??, oikawa can pick up patterns from other volleyball plays by “”studying them””,, eunwoo literally studies people before he goes on shows. short temper which they both try to hide

Jinjin: Any of the team moms. Probably Yaku tho. very small. very soft. might try to act intimidating sometimes but fails because he’s so small. not even a low-key mum he’s such a high key mum and takes care of all the kids. can and will cause pain if he is called short.

MJ: Hinata. he’s small,, but don’t underestimate him. he will 1v1 you any day if u call him short. constantly happy and optimistic. the one the team starts to hate after a while because his happiness gets annoying. blows the other teams away.

i was the biggest haikyuu trash before i got into astro so u can trust me



ok i was thinkin about this for a while, it was pretty funny in my head soo– (super cliche) Tattoo artists AU in which all the seniors (+tanaka) work as artists at a studio owned by Daichi, they’re pretty popular and stuff I guess?? They’re a little older in this AU (and the age difference between Noya and Asahi is abt 3-4 years hoho). So Noya being the meme he is, gets a stupid tattoo ( which he regrets like 2 weeks later) and confronts his friend tanaka for help bc he works at the studio to get it redone.

Still haven’t quite developed this but, basically Asahi is gonna do some good coverup work for Noya and they get v friendly heh. 

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Please tell me Hearts Revolution is just as overpowered as every other important Stand. I need the deets



I wanted it to be

realistic for me i guess??

But Jack helped me make her and mentioned once i think she’d be p powerful i guess

Id like to imagine throughout the journey and shit she gets more powerful and whatever ya kno!!

She’s not OP.

But shes not stand that u wanna fuck with i think

college bf taehyung

might’ve died while writing this, 6/7!!

  • forgive me pLEASE 
  • but i always imagine college tae as a fuckboi 
  • like you’d find his ass on tinder 
  • lowkey swipes right bc he’s cute as hell 
  • he’d date u for fun then realize ur a keeper 
  • and like he’d rlly be whipped for u 
  • always texting you cute lil things
  • “morning babe, hope u have a good day”
  • “i miss ur face, come to my room after class”
  • “did u know that ur my fav”
  • “i love u lots”
  • “more than mcdonalds”
  • he’d be so spontaneous 
  • like you guys would be going on midnight adventures 
  • anywhere from downtown to like walmart or something
  • lowkey see you and tae hotboxing
  • majority of the time y’all spent together would be at night time
  • obvs day time dates were cute
  • but something bout night time & tae was thrilling???
  • tho he’d have a bad boy persona he’d be such a sweetheart
  • and one night y’all would meet up for ur night time dates
  • so while you guys are driving 
  • he’d look over at u while rolling the windows down
  • u totally understands what’s about to go down
  • and so u blast ur trap music sOOO loud, the citizens of like your neighbouring country could hear
  • “omg i have somewhere rlly cool to take you”
  • and he’d just park in the mcdonalds parking lot
  • “tae….this is mcdonalds????” 
  • “exactly?”
  • “are u serious”
  • “just kidding??“ 
  • but really he’d get some food then take u to some secret place that only he knows of
  • and you two spend the night just being dumb and fooling around there
  • “y/n”
  • “yes tae”
  • “tell me something about you that no one else knows”
  • and he’d have this really sentimental look in his eyes 
  • the whole night would full of confessions
  • and deeeeeeep talks
  • “ok ok, i have one final confession”
  • “what is it tae?”
  • you’d probably grab his hands, and legit look into his eyes
  • and he’d just smile at you and totally forget about everything
  • bc u were literally the only person that was worth his attention at that moment
  • “i love u”
  • you’d probably hit him like binch i know that already!
  • but u’d say it back obvs
  • you guys would DEF make out under the stars 
  • cheesy af but yOLO
  • honestly, college bf taehyung would actually be so perfect
  • bc not only are you dating your lover
  • but your best friend too

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yami--can i ask, for your EX cosplay, what material do you use for your chestplate/shoulderpads/heartbeltthingy? I'm working on my own mettaton cosplay and I'm not rlly sure where to /start/ and yours is by far one of my favorite cosplays of him ever

Ah, it’s cool! You may ask whatever you like regarding my cosplays!

As for your question, I used EVA/craft foam to do all those three items! All I did after I cut the foam itself, was shaping the pieces into the desired form using a blow drier (’cuz I’m poor af and can’t afford a heat gun that is GOOD. But if you have one of those, I greatly advise you to use it instead!), applied a few layers of white glue on top of the material to make it hard and sturdy, and in the end I spray painted it all! : )

Thank you so much, Felix, it feels amazing to read something like that klabfgilgbalkfaf ;______;

P.S: Good luck with your cosplay! Just give me a poke if you need help, alright?

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@histia, @wasninski, @equinocts, @stormybisexual, @pembelay <3

@histia is gr8 mei is one of my fave blogs ever i think she’s hella cool

@wasninski syeda is my education daddy she’s great even tho she secretly wants to fuck a tree and causes hella trc discourse

@/equinocts has a rlly cool url !! i don’t follow her but her theme is rlly nice & clean !!

@stormybisexual nanny mcphee(nix) !!!! apparently she reblogs skam conspiracy theories which is interesting but uhhh she’s real cool i rlly like her blog

@pembelay um thea is incredible ?? we haven’t talked in a while but she’s so so so great !!! so friendly and nice ??? she’s a Good

send me a tumblr user and i’ll tell you my opinion of them

it makes me rlly sad when i see ppl talking like ‘wow this zine is a cool idea, im not good enough for it tho.’ 

Originally posted by gifsme

you havent even submitted yet!! just do it! im not gonna scream at you if you arent accepted. tons of good stuff wont be in it because itll only have like ten works in it anyway. you get rejected, youre in good company. there will be more zines to try out for.

whos to say youll be rejected anyway? just. submit pls. pls stop putting urself down. pls. put urself out there, do the thing, be a little adventurous. i believe in u.

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You’re my: one of my newest mutuals!!

How I met you: i followed u a few days ago (during eurovision i think?)

Why I follow you: u stan bts and ur really cool.. also your aesthetic is amazing 🙏

Your blog is: amazing, organized imo and balanced !!

Your URL is: short and simple i love it, i thought it said hyyh first i think that’s what it’s suppose to mean tho fkdjg

Your icon is: i can’t see it well?? but it looks rlly cute

A random fact I know about you: u love ur mutuals, as do i

General opinion: overall you’re really cool & u seem pretty chill we should talk sometime!!

A random thought I have: namjoon looks good in yellow ⭐️

@spooky-apostate replied to your post “could i really be anything BUT a bard tho rlly like what Else would i…”

Warlock??? Siren??? An ocean cleric

i can really see like

ocean cleric. my deity is the ocean. just the ocean.

siren… my race…tbh….High Persuasion and charming abilities TBH

if i was a warlock itd be an archfey pact with a familiar 100%

or with a great old one so i could get cool living tentacle tattoos and a tiny cuttlefish familiar

good yt channels for completely senseless destruction

bc sometimes ur just in a mood to see some shit get busted

  • hydraulic press channel. finnish dude crushes shit with a giant crushing machine. shit explodes with some regularity when smushed with a giant crushing machine. things that dont explode get very satisfyingly flat
    • bonus: VAT DE FACK
  • carsandwater. dude from new york heats a ball of nickel till its red hot and drops it on random things. shit melts into gross sticky goo like half the time and other times it just fuckin breaks. does some occasional other shit, like supercooling a nickel ball and dropping it into stuff, or crushing random things
    • bonus: noise the blowtorch makes when it cuts off
  • crazyrussianhacker. russian science nerd who does random experiments purely for the #aesthetic. sometimes shit blows up but sometimes it just looks neat or does a cool thing. also he likes to show you #lifehacks and also test out gadgets he acquires. general nice guy, has 2 huskies who sometimes feature
    • bonus: WELCOME to laboratory where safety is number one priority
    • bonus 2: BOOM.
  • gizmoslip. some dudes who have a hobby of wrapping iphones/ipads/macbooks in random shit to see if the random shit will protect the delicate hardware from a 100ft drop onto concrete. they are rlly overly excitable tho and imo take way too long to introduce the vids + show the process of wrapping the things in the random junk so honestly just skip to the bit where they drop it 
    • bonus: 99% of the time they have a slowmo cam capture the drop as well so you can see shit get wrecked s l o w l y

have fun, enjoy the senseless destruction of expensive shit

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (You don't have to, but positivity is pretty cool!) :D

thank you sweetheart jhkj <3

1. i like my creativity

2. i like my taste in music

3. i like my sense of humor

4. i like my determination

5. and i guess i like the loyality i show to my loved ones?

wow this was rlly hard.. i think it did me good tho!! thank you again jhj i love you <3

so @cassandrapntaghasts (whispers @miriaas follow 4 more cool art) drew me a thingy bc poppy n zev are literally rapunzel n eugene 

(they’ve got the whole…… cute blonde healer thats lived in a tower her whole life meets handsome, snarky n loveable rogue by chance™ thing going on)  

i am a worm that doesnt deserve it but there u go give mongo all the love n praise 

also bonus lil thing: