this one is really simple

Unpopular opinion: the concept of ‘bathroom passes’ in schools is dehumanizing in itself, but making kids move around the halls carrying large flamboyant objects just to use the bathroom is especially humiliating.

quick fun tumblr lesson:

if you don’t want someone to see a post in which you type their URL, put a slash in the middle of the name. all you need is one slash.

if you were typing my URL and didn’t want me to be able to search for it, for example, you could just type slime/course, instead of sl//imec/o///urs//e

because there’s no difference between the two, neither will show up in my tag, but the second one is a whole lot harder for people to read (especially dyslexic people)



  • No nsfw or complicated mechanical parts
  • Im kinda bad at furries but by god i’ll try lmao
  • Paypal and USD only!
  • Please specify if you want Type A or Type B style! If no specification, I’ll do whichever I feel like doing
  • Couple art is fine, but I’d like to avoid it on fullbody but that’s because i’m a weenie so if u really want it…
  • Visual references preferred, though i can work with descriptive with some visuals/examples! I might reject description only for the sake of my sanity if its too much. :c
  • Complexity may alter the price depending on how much work it becomes
  • I can’t do backgrounds except really simple ones which will be free basically, just let me know if you want it
  • If you want painted/not flat colors, that will alter the price! Usually five dollars across the board unless its a really detailed piece.


  1. Message me through discord (Tiny Novas #7493) or through tumblr messaging @airbun!
  2. Let me know what it is you want, poses, expressions, etc, feel free to give refs on that too, and your paypal email!
  3. I’ll send an invoice, then send you a sketch draft, you let me know what changes/etc you want, then you complete the payment once everything’s hashed out.
  4. Commission gets finished, and i’ll send you the finished product!

Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

Here’s the ryuji & yusuke roommates au literally no one asked for but you’re getting it anyway

>So how the hell does a starving artist end up rooming with an athelete-turned-punk
>The answer is right there in the question
>Yusuke is absolutely incapable of taking care of himself
>Ryuji can’t stand it
>Basically, once they all graduate, Ryuji & Yusuke are the only ones who choose not to go to college
>Well, it’s more like Ryuji hasn’t figured out what to do with his life so he’s taking a year off (he’s gonna go to college eventually he’s gotta do his momma proud) while Yusuke is taking a few courses at a nearby university, just like Futaba is (tho she’s only going as mandatory [read: Makoto] socializing practice)
>Except while Sojiro is covering Futaba’s expenses, Yusuke can barely manage to cover art AND school expenses. He forgoes eating most days.
>And it’s pretty pitiful, you know. Sojiro offered Akira’s old space when Yusuke moved out of the school dorms, but Yusuke kept burning the curry and weirding out customers, so it pretty quickly became “as soon as you find another place, please leave”
>Ryuji took pity. Say what you will about him, but Ryuji ain’t the type to not lend a helping hand. Besides, he’s been (surprise!) saving up for a place of his own for a few years already, so he’s down to have a roommate.
>Do you know how bad of an idea this turns out to be.
>Futaba bugs their apartment so she can keep track of this disaster
>She runs a blog about it
>It’s famous. And has spawned like 3 memes
>The first month isn’t too bad. Ryuji works 2 jobs so he’s gone most of the time, & Yusuke somehow manages to keep his artistic endeavors to his side of the apartment (they share a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with as much living space as you’d expect from a Tokyo apartment)
>Ryuji also does all the cooking. He figured out how early on, since his mom was usually out at work until dusk. Ryuji can’t cook anything fancy, & they usually just end up with veggie hotpot or ramen, but Yusuke is quick to compliment Ryuji’s skill (“And here I thought running was your only talent.” “…Thanks?????”)
>But then rent comes up
>And dividing up chores
>Things self-destruct from there
>Neither of them are the cleanlinest of people. They both prefer letting their stuff clutter in a corner or spread out on the floor. But when Yusuke’s clutter gets on Ryuji’s side or vice versa. Bitch it’s on.
>Also Yusuke almost never pays rent. He gets paid pretty well whenever his art is sold, but that’s rare & Yusuke refuses to get a job. Yusuke also does work on commission, but that requires /a lot/ of string-pulling from their friends.
>Please help these boys
>Their throats are sore from all the fighting
>They do get along sometimes tho. Ryuji gets Yusuke into video games (Yusuke loves visual novels & plays an unhealthy amount of otome). Yusuke gets Ryuji hooked on documentaries, tho Ryuji has an obvious preference for animal docs over the art docs Yusuke watches.
>Also whenever Ryuji has time off, Yusuke can sometimes drag him out of bed to go have some fun at places they both like, such as the planetarium or the monja shop

I just found out about this and it got to me. Wow. Is this real? Yes, I’ve actually checked. It is horrifying. I don’t even know what to say.

Being bored during school, having access to a pretty good computer with Adobe After Effects, with 20 minutes of break, and being a MAJOR fan of the Galra Keith theory…

Well…I just wanted to mess around. Please ignore the really bad fade at the end.


Sweet Like Caramel pt. 2 - Delitoonz

Part 1

by Faith (just-delitoonz-things)

Luke picked up his phone for the twentieth time in one minute. He was getting scattered glares of disapproval from his co-workers, but he ignored them, staring blankly at his last sent message.

 -Do you need anything? Food? Medicine?

The little ‘read’ beneath the message only made him worry more, which was irrational, but Luke couldn’t bring himself to care. Jonathan made him feel a lot of things which were irrational and now was not the time to have a crisis because of it. Instead, Luke was having a crisis because Jonathan was sick enough that he didn’t go to work, despite needing the money, and he wasn’t texting Luke back.

 Luke’s fingers hovered over the letters on the screen, considering whether he should say something else to maybe prompt a reply. He hesitated, chewing his lip anxiously, wondering if he should just call.

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anonymous asked:

I know you're taking a bit of break, but I thought I'd ask my question anyway. Let's say Louis has to terrify about these charges, and questions come up where he would have to answer and break his NDA. Would negative consequences arise if he spoke the truth so as to not perjure himself, but in the process broke the NDA he is bound to re : closeting and/or stunts?

I would assume there is an exception to the NDA to respond to legal inquiries if necessary (later they might fight over whether it was necessary), but he’d have to take effort to keep that information limited to only those who would need to know, like investigating officers and the lawyers involved. When we have a case involving information subject to a protective order, for example, we have to designate sections of a deposition as highly confidential and they (and relevant documents) must be filed under seal with the court. (But only those parts; we file a redacted document in the court’s online filing system, which is publicly accessible, and send the unredacted version to judge’s chambers). During a trial, a similar thing happens, and if there’s anyone in the courtroom not already party to the protective order, they have to leave or agree to be bound to its terms. 

Louis is unlikely to ever say much of anything here, though. If he’s been advised at all by his team, the first thing he did upon being arrested was ask for his attorney. And then he kept his mouth shut until the attorney arrived. And his attorney would have handled things. This isn’t something where the police really need any more evidence than a basic explanation of what occurred. They don’t need to know the background or why or everyone’s relationships, other than superficially. All that’s irrelevant. Being released on 20,000 bail is nothing. No one thinks this is particularly a big deal, really, other that a press that wants to sensationalize everything. He has no prior record. No one really got hurt or it wouldn’t be this simple of a charge. His lawyer will deal with it. Good chance the charges are dropped before his next court date or they reach an easy plea where he has to apologize and do some public service. They could push forward to make an example of him, but that seems unlikely considering the sympathies here (man who just lost his mother pushed to brink defending his girlfriend – whether that’s what happened, that’s how you spin it) and that he has no priors.


A Look™


these are some games that i’ve played and loved !! (as shown):

  1. Tap Tap Fish: a click click click game sort of like cookie cutter where you gain points and build up a huge + beautiful aquarium! its very soothing and gentle to look at! a huge visual-stim for sure
  2. Two-Dots: a puzzle game! like connect-the-dots but trickier. i found this really stimulating mentally! (make sure you read the instructions of each level because i forgot to a couple of times and was SO baffled)
  3. Oxenfree: this was recommended to me last week + i love it! it’s a point + click game where you explore a spooky island and unlock a mystery (ive only just started it but i looove it, it’s very attention consuming because your really get sucked into the story!! it makes me feel like im in scooby doo or something 10/10
  4. Toca Nature: you use your finger to drag and push across the screen and mould a landscape/environment! you can drop it plants and animals + then watch how they thrive + you collect food or plants that grow to feed them! it has really beautiful soothing background music too
  5. Toca Boo: one of my fave really simple games- you drag your lil ghost character around the house in the dark + hide them + then pop out and scare people!
  6. Lumino City: so so so pretty- another point + click adventure/explore game! you have to solve really tricky puzzles to try and rescue the characters grandather! it’s definitely mentally stimulating.

good luck my love + take care !!!

does anyone else have any favourite stimming apps/any recommendations?


Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)