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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Otomedia 2016/12 (p35)

Wow, translation post! You might wonder “why did you translate this interview now??”. The answer is “because I hadn’t translated it yet!”, so for the sake of completeness. It was published when the anime only aired up to episode 6, but I’m going to post another interview after this one which was published later so I thought it was better to post this first anyway. The last question is SO random, lol…

(By the way, Otsuka is the producer but didn’t really have a big role in the creation of the story. He mainly manages MAPPA since he’s also the current representative director and I guess he’s busy enough with that)

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What troubles the man that is considered a genius?
Producer Manabu Otsuka interview

—What was your impression when you heard about this project?

First of all, I thought Mitsurou Kubo-san’s pictures were powerful. It was convincing enough to make me believe that it would be interesting to see these characters animated. At the same time, I also thought that it would be extremely difficult to animate figure skating (wry smile).

—At that time had you already decided how to animate the figure skating scenes?

Director Sayo Yamamoto had previously created a short anime about figure skating, and we had talked about the fact that we could use that know-how. We also had experience turning real life scenes of people playing music into animation in “Sakamichi no Apollon”, so we reckoned that we could both put our knowledge to good use.

—They both involve turning real life footage into animation, but what was most different between people playing instruments and figure skating?

In musical performances the camera was fixed, so there was no difficult camerawork. However, skating was filmed with a camera that followed Kenji Miyamoto-sensei during his performance, therefore it involved a lot of complex camerawork which was a pain for the digital staff to handle (wry smile).

—You also used a lot of camera angles that are not normally seen in regular live coverages.

Adding those kinds of camera angles and other elements had an interesting effect, because they emphasized the most exciting parts of the skaters’ performances and the songs. Seeing how the scenes were structured made me realize once again how much the director loves figure skating.

—How do you feel looking back on the anime up to episode 6?

I feel that the presence of Kubo-san in the anime production process made it possible to keep a steady characterization and development of the characters. It’s quite rare to use a manga storyboard as the scenario for an anime, and it makes many things more difficult, but I’m pretty satisfied because I think by now you are all able to appreciate its drawing power.

—Could you tell us what you think is especially interesting about the main three characters?

Regarding Yuuri, it’s interesting how he is influenced by Victor and gradually changes. Unlike the flow of normal hot-blooded anime, in episode 6 it looks like he gave his best performance, and then he suddenly gets anxious afterwards. He’s not constant. In response to Yuuri’s fluctuations, Victor, who is inexperienced as a coach, tries to do various things, some of which work and some don’t. I think that their relationship feels original because it’s not typical. Yurio is only 15 but fights to overcome lots of obstacles. I liked how even though he looks like an elite Kubo-san chose not to have him walk an easy path.

—What about Victor?

He’s difficult. I can never imagine what he will say next. He’s an alien, I tell you (LOL). However, the reason he chose Yuuri, the issues that trouble him because he’s a genius, the distress of always looking for something new not to disappoint his fans… I don’t know if the story will delve into these things (wry smile), but I believe they are connected to the reason he became Yuuri’s coach. I think what troubles a man that is considered a genius is something that will eventually be explained.

—What will be of the coach & student relationship between Yuuri and Victor?

In the anime it might look like Yuuri has stolen Victor from the world, but that’s actually Yuuri’s own idea. Why it was necessary for Victor to become Yuuri’s coach is something that will be depicted. They are a coach and a student, and also buddies. At first glance, sometimes it might look like Yuuri and Victor are flirting as they compete in tournaments, but I have my own idea that Yurio is the one passionately showing them that “this is a serious fight, you idiots!”.

—Lastly, the theme of this issue is “Christmas”. Until what age do you think Yuuri, Victor and Yuri used to believe in Santa Claus?

I think Yuuri might have realized quite early that his parents were Santa Claus. His father is a bit of an airhead and might have not been good at hiding it (LOL). In Yurio’s case, it looks like his family environment might have been a little peculiar… Maybe Santa Claus never came to his house, so he told his grandpa “Doesn’t Santa Claus come to my place?” and his grandpa said “I’ll buy you a present”. I can picture them having a discussion like this. Victor might begin to say that he himself is Santa Claus (LOL). Or maybe he still believes in his existence. He’d say “Yuuri, have you never seen Santa Claus?” and Yuuri would look at him like “what is this guy saying?” (LOL).

Bestest Friend Tag Analysis

- “You’re the Prince to my Anxiety” I guess we’re starting right up with the flirting ok

- Thomas’ loud opening scares Joan and they don’t wanna talk in the intro

- Joan has eyeliner on and I’m living

- Thomas looks at Joan so fondly I’m dying here

- Joan’s little “haH” sound when Thomas tells them to talk is so relatable

- Apparently Thomas likes enough of Joan’s posts for them to notice when he doesn’t like one

- JOAN SAYS THE FUCK WORD (but Thomas bleeps it because he’s a softe boy)

- The whole “our paths crossed before they met” is so soft and good and I love Thomas and Joan

- Joan recognized Thomas from somewhere before they saw him at The Producers

- The entire point system is absurd and I love it

- Everyone apparently loves Thomas shh me too

- Joan changes depending on who they’re around

- Joan wanted to fly and Thomas doesn’t like the idea of them crying

- Thomas please stop looking at Joan like they’re your whole world, it hurts my heart

- Apparently Thomas couldn’t snap when he was younger

- The complicated mess to find out Thomas’ favorite color


- “What am I thinking about right now?” “Mashed potatoes.” “No.” “Curly fries.” “No.” “Uhh… Talyn.” “Aww, now I am.” Talyn and Joan are a cute couple okay

- Does Joan regularly microwave tin foil or…?


- Why is Thomas’ element Iodine? Iodine, #53, commonly used as a disinfectant or to identify the presence of complex carbohydrates?


- Joan considers Thomas to be someone they should open up to and want to trust with a lot of stuff in their life. This is such a soft pure friendship I know I keep saying this but it just is

- Joan is Thomas’ base

- They fight a lot when writing together

- Joan is a Ravenclaw

- Thomas has three brothers. Does anyone know who the two little kids in his vines were? Were they cousins, sibling’s kids, or what

- Traffic Cone Cosplay

- “Yeah, I’ve spit gum into your mouth.”

- “For that I give you three pants-less scenes.” In these all they wear are crop tops.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- They like each others’ eyes

- There are now stars in Joan’s eyes

- Thomas likes Joan’s laugh too

- Thomas is very sensitive and Joan has a love/hate relationship with it

- Joan goes to Thomas when they’re upset 

- Joan studied Thomas for this test

- Both won the friendship test

- Joan enjoyed it thoroughly

- Thomas is thankful for Joan’s friendship. Joan wants to steal everything in Thomas’ house

- Thomas interrupted Joan to say ‘I love you’

- Thomas says ‘I love you’ a lot, especially to Joan. Don’t think about how maybe it’s because he doesn’t hear it enough.


bittersweetbren submitted: hi i saw these screenshots on twitter and was wondering if you saw them

that is 100% not okay at all, no one appreciates this kind of stuff. Brendon’s already kind enough to the fandom with all the shit he’s had done to him and this is just a whole new level of no. It’s his and Sarah’s own personal private space and no one, fan or not, should be intruding on that just bc they feel like they’re allowed to.

Some FE Fates headcanons (with very minor Revelations spoilers): 

-After getting his ass kicked by Ryoma while sparring and giving up on the sword, young Takumi turned to his mother Mikoto to teach him archery (since she’s a priestess). She taught him well until he was skilled enough to be chosen by Fujin Yumi. She was super proud. 
-Takumi let his hair grow so long and wears it in a ponytail to imitate Mikoto, but he won’t admit it. 
-Hinoka had long hair when she was younger, but cut it short when she decided to become a warrior and has kept it that way ever since. Cliche, I know, but I like it.
-F!Corrin’s spouse (in my case, Takumi) sometimes feels jealous or insecure because he’s the only one in his family to not be able to turn into a giant dragon. He’s afraid of his wife and children one day going berserk and him not being able to stop them, so he secretly has a dragonstone on him at all times should trouble arise. The same applies to M!Corrin and Azura.
-Sakura starts overcoming her social anxiety and shyness as she matures and becomes Mikoto 2.0. As an adult she’s very wise and is the one who soothes her family whenever they’re feeling down or have a fight. 
-Sometimes Takumi is haunted by nightmares in which he tries to murder his wife Corrin several times, but she stabs him with the Yato instead. He doesn’t understand these dreams, they feel real, as if these events happened in another world, and neither does Corrin, so sometimes he just cries. (oooh the angst) 
-Camilla loved babysitting Siegbert and Forrest while they were still infants before being thrown into the Deeprealms, and she would visit them very often.
-Camilla does not give a fuck about breastfeeding in public and actually offers to breastfeed children for mothers who are unable to. She loves babies and it doesn’t bother her at all. 
-Elise and Sakura enjoy having sleepovers, talking about boys and playing their music instruments tpgether. They both have great singing voices.
-Whenever they go on a family stroll and it’s too sunny or it rains, Corrin transforms into a dragon and uses their wings to shield their family. They also let all of them ride them, but Leo is afraid of heights. Hinoka and Camilla enjoy these flights the most. 
-Ryoma uses an absurd amount of gel to keep his hair the way it is. He’s very proud of his mane and gets angry whenever someone suggests he should cut it. 
-Xander and Hinoka fight over where their wedding ceremony should take place and whether they should wear a tux and dress or kimono. They decide to settle things with a sparring match, and Xander eventually wins. They marry in Nohr, but Hinoka ends up loving her wedding dress. 
-Xander loves to cuddle and his bear hugs are amazing, but reserved for his wife.
-Xander cried of happiness at his sisters’ weddings but outright denies it whenever someone brings it up.
-Camilla also cried of happiness at her sibling’s weddings and whenever anyone brings it up she starts crying again.
-Leo reads up a lot on Hoshidan culture, especially about the women, so that he can be a better husband for Sakura.
-Leo gets his ass kicked by Takumi at shogi, then has his revenge when they play chess. 
-Siegbert tries teaching Shiro a little about princely duties. He hesitantly complies but he hates the lessons. At the end of the day they arm wrestle and have lots of conversations. Siegbert enjoys Shiro’s stories about his adventures.
-Oboro and Niles marry and purchase two homes, one in Nohr and the other in Hoshido. Whenever they stay at Nohr, Oboro loves spending time with Forrest tailoring. They make dresses for each other and set up a shop together. Niles and Nina are their dress-up dolls. Nina helps around the shop because she loves seeing male customers interact with Forrest. Whenever they’re in Hoshido, they sell Nohrian attire instead, and Forrest tags along.
-Soleil, Ophelia and Selena!Caeldori are just as close as their parents are and become a crime fighting trio. Soleil often slows them down though because of cute girls. 
-Nina ships Leokumi and Ryoumarx even though all of them have wives.
-Hinata loves flexing in front of a mirror every day. He’s proud of his muscles. 
-Laslow, Odin and Selena return to Ylisse with their spouses and children and introduce them to their parents. “Mom, Dad, I’m back! And guess what: you’re grandparents!” The parents all faint. 
-Expanding on the last one, Olivia is overjoyed to know Laslow has overcome his stage fright thanks to his wife, Azura, and the trio make excellent performances loved by everyone in Ylisse.

i have so many more but this post is already long enough 
although i’d love it if you guys ask me about it and send me your own headcanons!!

2,500 followers celebration/ Ana’s Crack Challenge #2 TWSS edition!!

Do you ever take a look around to all the new challenges you signed up for and think I’ve got room for one more…

That’s why as a celebration for my new milestone I decided to come up ANA?S CRACK CHALLENGE #2 TWSS EDITION!!

*Variation: That’s what HE said 

So, you up?

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Le Rules: 

  1. You have to be following me. Follower celebration so yeah. 
  2. Pick a SPN character (yes, character, NO RPF for this one) and a prompt from the list bellow (with a second choice as backup) and send me and ASK! ASK ONLY- replies will be ignored and reblogs just for signal boost (pretty please).
  3. Please make it reader insert (female, male, gender neutral, sister/brother, etc) or maybe OC (just gimme a heads up). NO SHIPS PLEASE! 
  4. Size doesn’t matter! Do add the “keep reading” feature if your fic is 300 words or more. Or else I won’t reblog it.
  5. The main genre is CRACk, it can be paired up with fluff, smut or angst BUT, I wanna have a good time! Make me laugh!!
  6. No limit for signs up, once the prompts are gone that’s it. DUE DATE for posting your fics August 16. Need an extension or tap out for some reason, send me an ASK or IM me, I WON’T SAY NO!
  7. TAG ME @notnaturalanahi and make sure to add somewhere on the fic description that is an entry for ANA’S CRACK CHALLENGE #2 TWSS EDITION.  And also, use the tags #ANA’S CRACK CHALLENGE 2 TWSS  EDITION (I know it’s too long) among the first 5 so I can keep track.

If I haven’t liked your fic in the following… let’s say 48hs after you post your story is because I haven’t seen it, in that case please IM.

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A love letter.

Hello everyone! It’s OK if you don’t want to read this long post, but trust me, you might want to. This is a love letter! But it’s not just any love letter, it’s a love letter dedicated to those Who feel that they haven’t tried hard enough. Listen, if you run a role-play blog, or a ask blog, or any blog in general really, I’m so proud of you. Now I know what you’re thinking “Oh God it’s another one of these post that try to be motivational-” well guess what! I am simply a female freshman that is trying their best OK! What I want to say is, I’m proud of you. I know that might not mean a lot to you coming from someone as young as me, but I am proud of you. You might be confused as to why, and that’s understandable. Trust me, I was confused when someone told me they were proud of me, because I felt like my art was stupid and I was stupid, which maybe I am but still. If you are running a role-play and or ask blog, I’m very proud that you made it this far! Yes, you might get some hate, but that doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. That doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is useless, that doesn’t mean you are worthless. People might tell you these things, and try to convince that you are what they say, but you are not. Do you know what you do when you post art? Or when you post something you’ve written? You make history! You form a path for others to walk on, others of the later generations who look up to you. Yes your art may not get re-blogs, yes your art may not get likes, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try your hardest, that you are willing to post. And it’s OK if you are not, it’s OK to go even years on end without posting, because what’s most important when it comes to running a blog is happiness. If you are unhappy with your work, then find a reason to be, because I swear to you on my life that there is someone out there who loves and appreciates you and what you create. It’s OK if you want to delete your blog because you are unhappy, or what people are saying to you get to you, and that you feel your art isn’t getting enough attention, that’s OK. Just know that there are people out there who love you, people out there who would be so distraught and hurt if you left them permanently. I want to tell you I love you. That I’m proud, that everyone that follows you is proud. It doesn’t matter if you just started out, it doesn’t matter if you have only three or ten followers. Because what matters is that you were willing to try, that you were willing share your art, your creations. You are the hand of God to your work, you are the hand of God in your life, you have power. You have control. And know that you are loved.

hey uh, this might be a weird thing to ask out of nowhere but.. i have an illness that i want to recover from and it’s difficult for me to find motivation to do it so,, no one HAS to do anything ofc but if anyone feels like it, i would really appreciate some words of encouragement <33 i don’t know if it’ll help but i could come back to look at them when i’m having a hard time… sorry this is super vague since i don’t want to share any details but a simple “you can do it” would be enough :’’’))

blog rates

i’m bored so im doing blog rates lmao. i guess it can also be our celebration for 3K because that happened! thankyou so much for that im so happy that you all find me interesting enough to follow.

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i am not doing this to offend anyone so plz dont take offence 

Me: hey brain it’s getting pretty late do you think we could maybe calm down and get some sleep sometime soon?


Me: You know how the internet works right? That stuff will all still be there for us to see tomorrow. Or, indeed, on Wednesday.


Me: I do understand but I think you’re maybe forgetting that if we don’t sleep we can’t do our job properly and the job is how we pay for Doctor Who

My brain: … … … ok we can try calming down and going to sleep but I’m not making any promises

Me: well I guess that’s going to have to be good enough for now

My brain: hey but can we check Tumblr one more time just in case somebody posted something awesome just now?

Me: …fine…

Sanders Sides AU (Percy Jackson—)

Oh God, this is probably going to be so bad.. or it’s been done before.. but I’m posting it anyways. (And I’m working on art for it but I can’t articulate how to draw a human body in the poses I want—)

Ok, so this is an AU kinda similar to the Hogwarts or Human! ones.. I guess? But, I mean, hopefully you can figure it out because I’m not good at explaining these things, I can explain characters, not full stories—


Logan Ulises Parker (Yes I’m using the names I HC for the Human AU because bleh)

Logan, in this AU, is a child of Athena — the goddess of wisdom and strategy. He is about 16, but does often act older.

While, yes, Athena is known for battle strategies, Logan isn’t quick to jump to fighting. He and Patton share this ideology, though Logan is actually more comfortable with fighting than Patton — usually /only/ if it’s a last resort. Otherwise, he will do his best to come up with a logical solution.

Logan arrived at the camp when he was about 15, and is actually still getting the hang of the whole demigod thing. What got him to camp? Well, he isn’t sure if it’s something to actually worry about, but a drakon.

Logan, being the most logical, didn’t really believe all the demigod stuff at first, and still is sometimes convinced that he’s dreaming. His father wasn’t remarkable at all, not by Logan’s standards, he was just a person. /Logan/ was just a person. And yet, he found himself believing it more and more with every incredible thing he saw the others do. Not just the friends he made, but /everyone/ at this camp. He still can’t believe creatures — people.. — like Chiron exist. But they do. And it’s amazing. He didn’t meet the others — Virgil, Patton, and Roman — until a bit after.

..Well, excluding Patton. Patton was the oldest, and there before all of the other three. (The order they arrived was Patton, Virgil, Logan, and then Roman)

Logan hasn’t actually found /his/ weapon yet and he’s starting to get worried. Not that he’ll let that on.

Virgil Ann Parker (Also going with the fact that Virgil and Logan are siblings, but under different circumstances this time)

Virgil is 14, a child of Oizys, who — unsurprisingly — is the goddess of anxiety.

Virgil arrived at the camp when he was 12, and he is the youngest of them all. He’s definitely still getting used to the whole concept, and is having a hard time adjusting — he /hates/ change, and this is one of the biggest he’s met so far. He actually doesn’t remember what got him to camp, having completely blocked it out — which some people are still amazed he did. Some people slightly doubt that he did, though, as he still grows nervous whenever the topic is brought up.

Being the most anxious, Virgil is definitely having a hard time with the ‘being-a-demigod’ thing. He felt left out as it was before all this, but now it’s only more so. He hasn’t found his power.. or ability.. whatever it’ll be.. yet. I mean.. unless you count excessive anxiety. He’s starting to lose hope he ever will find it at all.

He was definitely what you’d call a ‘troubled child’, the most out of all of them. Sure, the others caused trouble or attracted monsters, but Virgil’s attitude and temper was what caused him the most problems. But, no, his parentage didn’t actually seem to help. So far, though, one of the things that’s surprised Virgil most was Logan — after he found out Virgil didn’t really have anyone to see or talk to for Christmas or similar occasions, he (Logan) convinced his father to allow Virgil to come with him, should he ever want to.

Virgil’s weapons are just a couple bronze daggers.

Patton Corwine Taylor

Patton is 17, a child of Dikē, the goddess of justice and moral order. (This might be changed later, I really am not sure. But, for the time being, I chose Dikē.)

Patton got to the camp when he was 13, and has been there the longest of the four, as well as being the oldest. He adjusted pretty quickly, as he had/has quite a bit of imagination, and was never one to completely dispute things without knowing. He actually thinks it all pretty fun, minus the whole monster-thing. He doesn’t talk about what got him to camp much, either — but he doesn’t make the excuse that he blocked it out, like Virgil, he simply states that it’s not important — he’s here now, and he’s alive. That’s all that really matters about it to him.

He, as mentioned, didn’t have too hard of a time. Of course, there /are/ things that bother him, but he tries not to let it get to him too much. He especially loves the pegasi, and jumps at the chance to be around them. He has done his best to accommodate as many new kids as possible, and is set on getting Virgil to be more optimistic, as well as Logan to stop doubting it so much. Roman doesn’t need as much persuasion, he’s always seemed the adventurous type, so this was a kinda fun thing for him.

Of course, Patton has had a few run-ins, but nothing horrible.

His weapon is a bronze shortsword. (Not that he uses it that much)

Roman Charles Augustin

Roman is 15, and a child of Apollo, the god of art, music, poetry, etc.

Roman only got there this year, not long after his birthday. He, as well, adjusted quickly, as he always was an adventurous type, and loved stories like these — so you could imagine his excitement when he found out. He finds it all great fun, including the monsters — he feels like a hero from one of his stories.

He’s actually the most open about what got him to camp — an empousai.

He hasn’t had a hard time either — quite the opposite, it seems he has had a good time with it all, even with the possible injuries — they’re all part of the experience to him. The one thing that does seem to bother him, though, is how kids from cabins like Hades or Oizys — the latter was only brought to his attention after meeting Virgil — are treated, simply because their parents are ‘dark’, and has actually spent some time trying to fix this. He tried to get kids like Virgil to be welcomed more, but sometimes becomes a bit of a hypocrite when a particularly ‘creepy’-looking kid comes around. Which, obviously, Virgil isn’t too happy about. (“Ro, you literally just did what you’ve been trying to get people to stop” “What? *Pshh* No, I’m not”) (He always owns up to it and apologizes, though) (Or he tries to, at least, he’s obviously not perfect)

His weapon is a bronze broadsword — something he was quite happy with, considering how it looks.

(Did ya notice something that set Logan apart from the others?? YEA, I DIDN’T GIVE HIM A WEAPON! I just.. *Sigh* I’m not knowledgeable enough with weapons to actually be able to figure out which would be fitting for Logan.)

( @thatsthat24 uh.. what.. do you think..?)


guess who watched fma:brotherhood twice in a row, cried for the whole thing and can’t get over these two (and certain deaths)

i can’t decide which one is better so I’m posting both

october productivity challenge

just thought i’d try something a little different for a productivity challenge. i would like to take a stab at the 100 days of productivity challenge but i’m not totally sure i’ll be able to do it, so instead i’m trying my hand at a new sort of challenge. 

i don’t have a phone right now, the few pictures i’ve posted have been taken on my roommate’s phone which she was nice enough to lend me, and i won’t have one til the end of the month or maybe even later, so i want to try something that doesn’t require pictures i guess? i might ask her to borrow it once or twice this month, 

ok shut up cat so here’s how it works:

basically this silly little october productivity challenge is similar to 100 days of productivity, and you at least try to post for every day in october. you can do pictures or not, but just post what you did for the day! it doesn’t have to be school-related all the time - did you get some work done on your writing? did you read 20 chapters of that one fanfic you’ve been meaning to binge for weeks now? did you cook something that turned out delicious? did you cook something that turned out so terrible you fell over laughing at the result? did you do nothing and watch netflix in bed all day? that’s cool too! so this is sort of similar to the 100 intentional things challenge by @maryplethora.  i can’t promise i’ll always get a lot done but i can promise i’ll always be honest with this. 

i don’t know, i’m trying to involve myself with the studyblr community and it hasn’t really been working out for me and i’m starting to feel my motivation going down the drain, so i’m trying this. i know i don’t have many followers and i understand why - the few pictures i’ve posted have been so ugly because the lighting in residence is crappy and i don’t really have lots of pretty decorations or washi tapes or beautiful bullet journals like other studyblrs so i don’t see why anyone would care haha - but please feel free to give this stupid little thing a go if you like, or not, i don’t know. let’s see how this works out i guess.

i’m just seriously considering deleting this blog and leaving it at that, the studyblr community is a really positive and lovely place but i don’t think it’s for me, and i’ve been kind of using a voice on this blog that isn’t really mine. i think i’ll try this, and if i still don’t feeling like the studyblr community is for me by the end of december i’ll delete it. sorry guys, you’re are wonderful but studyblr just doesn’t suit the sort of person i am.

(sorry if this sounded like bitching and whining by the way, since i do that a lot, i don’t know if it is or not, had a bit of a rough weekend self-esteem- wise and a lot of it’s carried over to this monday :/ it’s really confusing to tell sometimes what’s actually whining and what’s valid feelings)

The Clone Wars: The Movie!

Here we go! Time for the movie! And if I’m right, Ahsoka! Yay! Let’s hope this isn’t as long as my previous posts have been. Ah who am I kidding? This things going to be longer than the Great Wall of China! I apologize ahead of time to anyone insane enough to want to read this.

It’s still loading. Fuck our home wifi is bad. Hey, there’s something! Here we go!

Duh duh duh!!! Dramatic theme music and exposition, HEY PLO KOON!!!

Wait one didley darn minute, innocent my ass that’s Jabba the Hut’s cruise ship… Ok, I guess his son counts as an innocent. Yeah, I’d be cautious to help him as well!

Of fucking course fucking Chancellor Darth fucking Sidious wants to help that slug. I’m with you Mace, this really is a dark day indeed.

Kay, seeing Chancellor Sleazy Sith being all chummy with a dude he literally disarms and blasts out a window is fucked up. Hindsight’s 20/20 I suppose.

Sending a messenger… You’re sending AHSOKA, YOU SNEAKY OLD TROLL!! :D

Look out Artoo! Oh, Anakin and Obi-Wan are bickering like an old married couple. What else is new.

Aaaawww, look at that trooper patting Artoo! AAAHHH! Look out! No!

Come on bring that thing down! NO! …. That poor trooper…. He stood up and then BAM! …Gone… And there’s that hurt again…. I have a bad feeling about this endeavor.

Trooper, I give you A for effort, but try not to punch clankers, for your own health if nothing else.


12.28.2016 – Bungou Stray Dogs Animate Cafe

THIS CAFE WAS LIT AF. i was having too much fun just fangirling over the servers cosplaying Port Mafia Dazai and Q (they were too cute!!!) and being amazed at how much goods the people around us bought lol

my friend and i got Soukoku’s drink (Chuuya’s tasted like non-alcoholic wine hah and Dazai’s was straight up cola) and we both ordered Odasaku’s rice dish. for dessert we had Q’s sundae which was rather delicious, then I ordered Mori’s drink to finish it off. his drink actually tasted the best???

you can play this game where you go inside another room and try to solve a puzzle? but my Japanese is not good enough so i didn’t even attempt that shit lol 

the Dazai server also hosted a small game in which you hold up 1 of 4 pictures (2 of Port Mafia, Guild, and ADA) and whoever holds up the matching one to whatever Dazai randomly chooses, you receive a special bookmark. turns out Dazai picked the Guild which only like 2 people chose

the coasters we got in total were Ango, Odasaku, Fukuzawa, Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Fyodor

I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH HOW CUTE Q AND DAZAI WERE AHH – we took a pic with each of them but don’t wanna upload bc we forgot to ask their permission if it’s ok to post online ;;;

anyway we just walked around ikebukuro after and i did this BSD vending machine that sells themed drinks w/ a charm inside AND GUESS WHO LIL ‘OL ME GOT. that’s right, Kunikida!!! so i was very happy. k bye