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Stupid Sparks

AN: After watching supergirl I couldn’t get this out of my head. This is separate from my Supermom series.

Words: 1323

            There are super villains out there who would beg for this moment; to have Supergirl at their mercy, begging for their help. You however, you would do anything to be about a thousand miles away from her at this moment. You love Kara, you really do. She’s your best friend, and you’d do anything for her. Well… almost anything. “I don’t do blind dates.”

        “Please Y/N. Please. He’s distraught about the breakup. And he needs to get back out there, and you…”

        “What about me?”

        She winces, “Well, you haven’t been out on a date in over a year.”

        You frown, “I’ve been busy. I got that promotion at work, and you know Lew is an attention hog.”

        Kara’s face goes into a deadpan, “He’s a dog.”

        “He’s my baby,” You defend.

        You pause the conversation as the waitress brings your food. When she’s gone you ask, “What about Alex? She hasn’t dated in a while.”

        Kara just shakes her head, “Clark and Alex don’t really get along. It’s a tug of war situation.”

        “Blood vs. Nurture?”

        She just nods, “Yeah, pretty much. Anyways, please. For me.”

        Taking a deep breath, you lean back into your chair and stare at your best friend. You’d known Kara since you were eighteen. You’d been college roommates for four years, and another two after that. She knew your every secret, just like you knew hers. You’d known about her powers since she had shielded you in a car crash three months into sophomore year.

        “I won’t deal with mopey, and if he talks about how great Lois Lane is, I am out of there, and you’ll owe me breakfast for a year.”

        Kara just squeals, “Thank you, thank you so much. It’ll be fun, I promise. James and I will be there with you two, the entire time.”

        You just sigh, “A double date, a blind date, and first date all rolled up in one. You owe me big time.”

        She just smiles and says, “I really do.”

        Three days later you find yourself nervously waiting in a restaurant next to Kara. You’d never been the best at dating. You’d always found it awkward, trying to determine if you’re compatible with someone through a conversation. Looking for some sort of spark. To do so while your very in love best friend and her boyfriend made goo goo eyes at each other, was going to make it even worse.

        You’re midway through thinking up an excuse when Kara squeals. It’s high-pitched, and you’re nearly convinced she’s broken your eardrum, when she bolts out of her seat, and launches herself across the restaurant, and into the arms of a man you’d only seen in pictures.

Clark Kent was a good looking man. There was no denying that fact.

        And from what you’d heard he was a really good guy. Dedicated. Loyal. Protective. Just like your dog. Sitting up a bit straighter in your seat you watch as Kara moves from Clark to James. You can’t help but smile as they make dopey in love eyes at each other before finally kissing.

        As the kiss grows into something more you turn away, feeling as though you’d intruded on a private moment.

        “I’m torn between being incredibly happy for Kara, or ripping Jimmy’s arms off for sticking his tongue down my baby cousin’s throat.”

        Turning to face the voice, you stare at one Clark Kent. He’s taller than you thought, and as he slides into the seat across from you, you can’t help but beat back a blush.

        Clearing your throat, you ask, “Isn’t she technically older than you?”

        He smiles and shrugs, “Details.”

        Glancing back at them you wince, they’re mid make out session. “I shouldn’t turn around should I?”

        You smile at him, “Not if you want James to keep his arms.”

        Clark just smiles back at you, “I’m starting to think we should leave them alone.”

        You smile, “They haven’t seen each other in over a week, that might be smart.”

        “Is there another way out of here?”

        You just smile and say, “Follow me.”

        You end up on the street outside of the restaurant. “So, what’s good to eat around here.”

        You smile, “That depends, are you picky?”

        “Not particularly. With how much I have to eat, I like to keep my options open.”

        “Mongolian BBQ?”

        “That sounds amazing.”

        You end up at a local place you know. It’s small, and more intimate that you would have liked, but the food is simply amazing. Somewhat surprisingly, you end up having a good time.

        “So what kind of dog is he?”

        You swallow your bite of food first. “He’s a Goldendoodle. He’s three years old, and he’s my baby. Sorry, that sounds weird.”

        Clark just smiles, “Not at all. I’m the same way with Krypto.”


        “Krypton’s equivalent to a dog. Basically, he’s Superdog.”

        You smirk, “Does he go around and save the animal kingdom?”

        Clark smirks right back, “Only if he wants a treat.”

        You can’t help but laugh. After the laughter dies down, you admit, “I’m having a much better time than I thought I would.”

        Clark leans back in his chair, “Let me guess, Kara made me sound all pathetic.”

        You shrug, “Maybe, a little.”

        He smiles, “I’m going to contribute that to concern. Lois and I both knew it was ending. We’ve been off and on for years, and she ended up getting an amazing job offer, and we both agreed that it was too good to pass up.”

        Your smile fades a bit, “Why didn’t you go with her?”

        “Metropolis needs me.”

        “That’s a lonely way to live. Putting an entire city of people before yourself. Ending a relationship that you were in for so long.”

        His face goes serious for a minute. “Not exactly. I think, that if it were true love, and she was truly the one, I would have been willing to follow her. Or at the very least, ask her to stay. I loved Lois, some part of me still does. But I don’t think I’ve been in love with her for a while now.”

        After a moment of silence, he clears his throat, “Sorry. The mopey reflection of my ex is now over.”

        You smile, “No. It’s okay.”

        Clark insists on paying for the food. You insist on at least leaving the tip. You’ve just stepped onto the street when your phone starts to ring. Shooting an apologetic smile at Clark, you pick up.

        “He can’t come back to my place.”

        Your brow knits together for a minute, before you’re able to identify the voice. “Kara?”

        “Yes. Look Clark was supposed to stay at my place while he was in town, but James is here, and we’re…”

        “I don’t need details.” You glance at Clark, who’s grimacing, “And neither does your cousin.” Clark throws you a grateful smile.

        “Can he stay with you? In your guest bedroom?”

        You glance at Clark, and have to hold back a smile. His cheeks have gone a bit red, and he looks more than a little embarrassed. “Sure Kara.”

        “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll pick him up in the morning.”

        “Sure thing.”

        Pressing the end button, you simply shrug and say, “Looks like you’ll be staying with me.”

        He clears his throat, “Are you sure? I don’t want to put you out, and I could always get a hotel.”

        “It’s fine, honest. Just a warning though, Lew likes to give kisses. Especially when waking people up early in the morning.”

        Clark just laughs, and then holds out his arm. The gesture stuns you for a minute, before you hesitantly take it. The night has been more along the lines of hanging out than a date. You’d slipped into casual mode without even realizing it.

        But as you take his arm, and Clark places his hand on top of yours, you feel those stupid, wonderful, sparks.

9 hours of the 1990s// [LISTEN]

 1990: 1.Groove is in the Heart// Deee-Lite. 2. Vogue// Madonna 3. Ice Ice Baby // Vanilla Ice 4. Tom’s Diner // Suzanne Vega 5. U Can’t Touch This // MC Hammer 6. Man in the Box // Alice in  Chains 7.  Justify My Love // Madonna

 19911. Come As You Are // Nirvana 2. Losing my Religion // R.E.M. 3. Let’s Talk About Sex // Salt ‘n’ Pepa 4. Jeremy // Pearl Jam 5. It Ain’t Over 'Til It’s Over // Lenny Kravitz 6. Motownphilly // Boyz II Men 7. Everything I Do, I Do It For You // Bryan Adams 8. Good Vibrations // Marky Mark 9.Black or White // Michael Jackson 10. Gonna Make You Sweat // C+C Music Factory

  1992: 1.  November Rain // Guns N’ Roses 2. Jump Around // House of Pain 3. I’m Too Sexy // Right Said Fred 3. Life is a Highway // Tom Cochrane 4. Killing in the Name // Rage Against the Machine 5. Nothing Else Matters // Metallica 6. Baby Got Back // Sir Mix-A-Lot 7. Jump // Kris Kross 

  1993: 1. Hero // Mariah Carey 2. Creep // Radiohead 3. Heart Shaped Box // Nirvana 4. Another Sad Love Song // Toni Braxton  5. Whoomp! There It Is // Tag Team 6.  All That She Wants // Ace of Base  7. I Will Always Love You // Whitney Houston 8. Sober // Tool  9. I Like to Move It // Reel 2 Real 10. I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles // The Proclaimers 11. Whatta Man // Salt-N-Pepa 12. What Is Love?// Haddaway 13. Everybody Hurts // R.E.M. 14.  I’d Do Anything For Love // Meatloaf 15. Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang // Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

1994: 1. Hurt // Nine Inch Nails 2. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number // Aaliyah 3. Mr. Jones // Counting Crows 4. I’ll Make Love to You // Boyz II Men 5. Seether // Veruca Salt 6. The Sign // Ace of Base  7. What’s My Name?// Snoop Doggy Dogg 8. I Can See Clearly Now // Jimmy Cliff 9.  Linger // The Cranberries 10.  Basket Case // Green Day 11. Black Hole Sun // Soundgarden 12. Closer // Nine Inch Nails

1995: 1. Don’t Look Back in Anger // Oasis 2. Buddy Holly // Weezer 3. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me // U2  4. Gangsta’s Paradise // Coolio 5. You Oughta Know // Alanis Morissette 6. Waterfalls/ TLC 7. Champagne Supernova // Oasis 8. Sweet Dreams // Marilyn Manson 9. Dear Mama // 2Pac 10. Scatman // Scatman John 11. Glycerine // Bush 12. Creep // TLC 13. Beautiful Life // Ace of Base 14. Keep Their Heads Ringing’ // Dr. Dre 15. Boombastic // Shaggy 16.  Fantasy // Mariah Carey 17. Machinehead // Bush 18. This Is How We Do It // Montell Jordan

1996: 1. Killing Me Softly // The Fugees 2. I Believe I can Fly // R. Kelly 3. Ironic // Alanis Morissette 4.  Criminal // Fiona Apple 5. One in a Million // Aaliyah 6. Un-Break My Heart // Toni Braxton 

1997: 1. Anybody Seen My Baby // The Rolling Stones 2. Barbie Girl // Aqua 3. Crash Into Me // Dave Matthews Band 3. Mo Money, Mo Problems // The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy & Mase 4.  4 A.M.// Our Lady Peace 5. Stop // Spice Girls 6. Don’t Speak // No Doubt 7. Hypnotize // The Notorious B.I.G. 8. Mmm'Bop // Hanson 9. Spice Up Your Life // Spice Girls 10. Bitch // Meredith Brooks 11. I’ll Be Missing You // Puff Daddy & Faith Evans 12. Wannabe // Spice Girls 13. One Second // Nana 14. My Hero // Foo Fighters 15. That Don’t Impress Me Much // Shania Twain 16. Torn // Natalie Imbruglia 17. Song 2 // Blur 18. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) // Backstreet Boys 19. You’re Still the One // Shania Twain 20. You Make Me Wanna… // Usher 21. Lovefool // Cardigans 22. Tearin’ Up My Heart // N'Sync

1998: 1. Good Riddance // Green Day 2. Iris // Goo Goo Dolls 3. My Heart Will Go One // Celine Dion 4. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It // Will Smith 5. Du Hast // Rammstein 6. Ray of Light // Madonna 7. God Is a DJ // Faithless 8. The Boy is Mine // Brandy & Monica 9. Bittersweet Symphony // The Verve 10. C'est La Vie // B*Witched 11. Sex & Candy // Marcy Playground 12. I Don’t Want  to Miss a Thing // Aerosmith 

1999: 1. Bug a Boo // Destiny’s Child 2. All Star // Smash Mouth 3. …Baby One More Time // Britney Spears 4. Mambo #5 // Lou Bega 5. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely // Backstreet Boys 6. American Woman // Lenny Kravitz 7. Say My Name // Destiny’s Child 8. No Scrubs // TLC 9. She’s So High // Tal Bachman 10. Believe // Cher 11. Learn to Fly // Foo Fighters 12. Waiting for Tonight // Jennifer Lopez 13. Genie in a Bottle // Christina Aguilera 14. Livin’ La Vida Loca // Ricky Martin 15. Smooth // Santana ft. Rob Thomas 16. I Want It That Way // Backstreet Boys 17. If You Had My Love // Jennifer Lopez  18. Bring It All Back // S Club 7 19. Larger Than Life // Backstreet Boys

Forgive Me - Jimmy Darling x Reader

REQUESTED:  Okay so you can make Maggie a complete bitch, like full on Emma and then y/n calls her out and Jimmy gets mad at y/n but then regrets it and y/n is still mad at him and doesn’t like fully forgive him for taking her side, thanks 😊❤ - @foodisthekeytodreams


Maggie Esmerelda was a bitch. You couldn’t stand her. You were tired of watching her make goo goo eyes at Jimmy, and there he was, giving them right back. It was making you nauseous. You were all sitting around the table having breakfast, talking with Eve about what you were making for dinner, when Maggie’s annoying giggle carried across the table. Eve saw the annoyed look at flitted across your face.

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Right, so I was cleaning out my Facebook notes the other day...

… and found this, from about 2010, when I decided to assign theme songs to all the English kings and queens.

I will not deny that it still makes me laugh like an idiot.

William the Conqueror (1066-1087)– I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin)

William Rufus (1087-1100) – Strut (Adam Lambert)

Henry I (1100-1135)– Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood)

Stephen (1135-1154) – Walking Disaster (Sum 41)

Henry II (1154-1189) – Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode)

Richard the Lionheart (1189-1199) – Give ‘Em Hell, Kid (My Chemical Romance)

John (1199-1216) – Destroya (My Chemical Romance)

Henry III (1216-1272) – I Can’t Decide (Scissor Sisters)

Edward I (1272-1307) – Fame < Infamy (Fall Out Boy)

Edward II (1307-1327) – I Found a Boy (Adele)

Edward III (1327-1377) – Can’t Let It Go (Goo Goo Dolls)

Richard II (1377-1399) – Tyrant (One Republic)

Henry IV (1399-1413) – Inside Job (Don Henley)

Henry V (1413-1421) – The War (Angels & Airwaves)

Henry VI (1421-1461) – I’m Going Slightly Mad (Queen)

Edward IV (1461-1483) – The Game of Love (Santana feat. Michelle Branch)

Edward V (1483) – Dead! (My Chemical Romance)

Richard III (1483-1485) – Be Prepared (Lion King)

Henry VII (1485-1509) – We Can Work It Out (The Beatles)

Henry VIII (1509-1547) – Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts (Brandon Flowers) alternately Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)

Edward VI (1547-1553) – Already Gone (Crossfade)

Mary I (1553-1558) – Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)

Elizabeth I (1558-1603) – She’s My Man (Scissor Sisters)

James I (1603-1625) – St. Jimmy (Green Day)

Charles I (1625-1649) – The Hero Dies In This One (The Ataris)

Charles II (1660-1685) – Bling (Confession of a King) (The Killers)

James II (1685-1689) – It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Death Wish (My Chemical Romance)

Mary II and William III (1689-1694/1702) – Oh What a World (Rufus Wainwright) additionally Dear Father (Sum 41)

Anne (1702-1714) – I’m Not Dead (Pink)

George I (1714-1727) – I Don’t Care (Apocalyptica)

George II (1727-1760) – Mister Cellophane (Chicago)

George III (1760-1820) – America (Santana feat. P.O.D.)

George IV (1820-1830) – Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)

William IV (1830-1837) – Hello/Goodbye (Erin McCarley)

Victoria (1837-1901) – ‘Til I Get Over You (Michelle Branch)

Edward VII (1901-1910) – Do I Disappoint You (Rufus Wainwright)

George V (1910-1936) – Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times (Sum 41)

Edward VIII (1936) – Quitter (Carrie Underwood)

George VI (1936-1952) – The Show Must Go On (Queen)

Elizabeth II (1952-present) – Time (Chantal Kreviazuk)

lolwaitwutsrsly  asked:

Hello friend, i am new to your page and i saw your post about your hatred of misha. I am curious as to why you hate him, and why you find Castiel pointless? Long or short answer is fine! Whichever your preference is!

Hello friend.  The post you saw has been updated.

As for why I find Cas pointless, that started in season 6.  In the beginning I actually liked Cas, until he released Sam from the panic room.  Still, he wasn’t pointless and he served a purpose.  In season 5 Cas never owned his part of knowingly starting the Apocalypse (Dean was tortured into breaking the 1st seal and Sam was manipulated his entire life to break the last seal, neither one knew Lilith was the last seal) while blaming the brothers in season 5 for the Apocalypse.  But Castiel did his best to help the Winchester brothers so I was okay with the character until he beat Dean in the alley way (made 1000x worse when destiel shippers romanticized that scene).  Dean was at his lowest and he was literally nearly kicked to death when he was down.  Then season 6 happened and it’s been downhill since.  

Season 6.  Cas never told Dean for 1 year that Sam was hunting with Gramps to capture Alphas for him and Crowley.  When Dean asked in 6.03 who got Sam out of the Cage, Cas lied and said he didn’t know.  Cas did know that something was wrong with Sam but never followed up because he was making deals with Crowley to find purgatory.  By Family Matters, Cas knew that Sam was still trapped in the Cage and still never fessed up that soulless Sam was his doing.  In Caged Heat, Cas discouraged Dean from attempting to rescue Sam from Hell by saying he could go crazy and die……because that’s worse than ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL?  Sam has God’s special pass to go to heaven whenever he died topside so worse case scenario, Sam goes to heaven which is, I dunno, BETTER THAN ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL!  

I asked/begged whole bunch of Cas fans to explain Cas’ actions inCaged Heat and every single one of them said a variation of “writer negligence”.  I don’t want “shitty writing” excuse, I want reasons to why Cas thought Eternal Torture was the better option. Heck, just say he’s the dumbest angel in the garrison or something, which will be brought up later.  

In Man Who Would Be King, Cas patted himself on the back for stopping the Apocalypse, no dumbass, that was the Winchester brothers who did most of the work and suffered 180 years of Hell torture for it.  Cas referred to himself as the Winchester guardians even though he advised Dean to leave Sam in hell for ETERNAL TORTURE.  Obviously I can’t let go of Caged Heat debacle.  And then those warning he gave to Dean about Sam going crazy/dying topside (which again, according to Cas is worse than ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL) he callously attacked Sam and destroyed the only protection between him and Hell.

Sam has only been kind to Cas (while Cas called him an Abomination even though it was not his fault he was infected with demon blood, just like he called the innocent Nephillian an Abomination) and just to distract Dean, he committed a malicious, violent attack that creates a slow and cruel death on somebody he calls a friend and said he was a guardian of.

Then Cas drank all those purgatory souls, refused to heal Sam because he’s pissed at Dean (once again Sam has nothing to do with Cas’ hissy fit, it was all about Cas being mad at Dean) and go on to murder thousands of humans and angels because he didn’t like their opinions.  Heh, that sounds like our SPN fandom doesn’t it?  You have a different opinion and opposing fans send you anons hate.

Now if Cas properly made amends, maybe I could forgive him.  But Cas didn’t  apologize to Sam, he apologized to Dean.  WTF?  Then he melted into black goo and the next time he reappeared a blank slate, Dean had to use deception because knowing Cas he would run away from the consequence of his actions, which he tried to he realized Sam was dying in a mental institution.  That’s the common theme with Castiel, his sheer lack of accountability.  He knew Lilith was the last seal but blamed the Winchester brothers for the Apocalypse.  He knew something was wrong with soulless Sam and ignored it.  Lied to Dean’s face about who took Sam out of the Cage and then advised him to leave Sam in the Cage.  Threw the Winchester brothers into an alternate world without weapons or knowledge of the new world to be bait for Virgil so Cas can steal the heaven weapons.  Yeah yeah, Cas finally apologized to Sam in Born Again Identity (though Sam was crazy and didn’t hear him) and said he should never have broken his wall.  No shit Sherlock!

Now this is where we’re getting into the pointless territory.

When season 7 Cas took on Sam’s Hell damage to himself, I thought I would be okay with Cas except I wasn’t.  If Cas was still Cas, I would probably move on and either grow to like him again or be indifferent.  But Cas changed dramatically since season 4, he went from being a badass, sassy, didn’t take shit from anyone, powerful, and *gasp* smart to…..a comic relief ….. to the most socially inept angel when every single other angel characters were culturally aware and easily move through human society.  Cas’ cluelessness is exaggerated so much that most of the time he’s on screen, he’s 100% “HOW DO HUMAN WORK”, and I just cringe and groan and get mad again all over again.

Season 8.  If I wasn’t convinced before that Cas is way past his expiration date, I am now.  Castiel attacks one of the Winchester brothers, it must be Tuesday, or Friday, or Wednesday.  Castiel makes a bad decision, again.  Castiel is fooled, again, Castiel believes he is right, again.  The world is in danger of being destroyed/overrun by supernatural beings, again because Castiel fucked up.  And the Winchester brothers will be cleaning up his mess, again.  Sam and Dean may have escaped Mystery Spot, but apparently Castiel hasn’t and we have to suffer through the rerun of Castiel’s non-greatest hits.

Season 9.  Same.  Rinse.  Repeat

Season 10.  The dreaded Claire arc.  

Mini rant time: When Cas blackmailed Jimmy Novak in season 4 into taking him back by threatening to use his daughter for eternity instead, he promised Jimmy that the angels would look after Claire and her mother for the rest of their lives. He then switches sides, rebelling against the angels, which left Claire and her mother to fend for themselves.  And in all the years since he has never once showed one iota of concern for them. Not a sentence that once he took over heaven he set up a protection detail. Not a word about how with tons of angels stuck on earth blaming him for getting evicted that maybe, just maybe those angels might want to go after the Novaks and end their ability to carry a vessel line.  Nothing.  

So anyways, yeah, Claire was brought back in season 10 to give Cas something to do and be honest, does anybody remember what happened?  Does anybody actually care about Claire besides the destihellers?

Season 11.  lol!Casifer.

#Supernatural TippiTV recap: 10-7 "Girls, Girls, Girls"

Previously on Supernatural:

A witch with red tresses appeared just long enough to pin a couple of guys to her hotel room ceiling. Some guy named Cole wanted to hunt down Dean for killing his father. Castiel gave Hannah a “no romo” speech to head off any distracting relationship issues.

Currently on Supernatural:

A young woman in a faux cheetah jacket runs into a dark alley, because that’s what women always do when they’re being chased on TV shows. Screw the better lighting of the street! I’m gonna head into the dankest, most deserted alley I can find! The stiletto heel of her boot breaks off, because this is also a thing that happens when women are being chased.

She stops just long enough to grab the heel, then keeps on running… right into some guy named Raul. He’s her pimp, and he’s mad that she’s trying to escape his employ. She jams the heel into his eye, which pops and oozes like a cherry tomato. She’s feisty and resourceful! I like her. Naturally, this means Raul has to kill her. Ah, well. So long, doomed hooker!


Somewhere between Connecticut and Kansas, Sam and Dean enjoy cheap steaks at a bar. Sam notices that Dean is getting an awful lot of messages on his phone, and snatches it to reveal…

Why does Dean need a hookup app? His face is a hookup app. Those bowlegs are like an emoticon with two smiles. Also, why would he use his real name on there? Isn’t he still kind of wanted for a bunch of scary gross murders since Henriksen didn’t live long enough to clear his name? What if any number of demons used it to trap him?

Anyway, Dean has a bunch of messages from a hot brunette named Shaylene. “Oh, baby, I’m burning up just thinking about you!” Sam reads aloud. He thinks she sounds too good to be true. “She could be a Canadian trucker named Bruce!”

At this moment, Shaylene shows up, because Dean has driven eight hours out of the way to meet her. Sam is left gawking as his brother waltzes out with his hookup.

Oh, hey, Castiel and Hannah still exist! And they’re still on their boring angel-collecting road trip! Hannah takes time off to have a shower even though, as an angel, she doesn’t actually need one. It’s just an excuse to strip naked in front of Castiel. Jazzy lounge music plays as Castiel tries to look anywhere else, but ultimately fails.

She doesn’t understand he’s uncomfortable. Maybe he feels uncomfortable on your unwitting vessel’s behalf, lady. I mean, probably not, because the show doesn’t think of things like that, but still.


Dean takes Shaylene back to his no-tell motel room, where she promptly slams him into a wall before proceeding to suck the Chapstick off his lips. People sure do like shoving him up against walls, don’t they? 

Dean’s pretty thrilled with the whole thing until she reveals that this is a business transaction. Long story short: She wants him to sign over his soul in exchange for sexy times, because her pimp is a demon. Dean can tell she doesn’t really want to do this, so he starts hatching a plan.


Apres shower, Hannah goes up to the motel front desk to pay the bill when a man suddenly suddenly reaches for her arm. “Caroline,” he says. For a second, I thought it was Cole with a different haircut, but it’s Hannah’s vessel’s husband. He says he put an alert on her credit card after she suddenly disappeared a year ago. Hannah’s borrowed face can’t quite settle on an emotion.


Shaylene’s pimp walks right into a devil’s trap, courtesy of the Winchesters. Sam and Dean try to question him about the operation, but a furious Shaylene grabs Dean’s angel blade and kills the dude. Luckily, she finds a business card with Raul’s address on it.


Speaking of Raul, he’s currently sanctioning the beating of one of his “employees” for disobeying him. He’s wearing a patch over the eye that the doomed hooker poked out. Don’t demons heal? Does Crowley not offer a decent medical plan to his underlings?

The red-haired witch we met in the premier walks in and stops the proceedings. When Raul sasses her, she tosses a little bag of something mystical at him, which he makes the mistake of catching. He promptly pukes up a gallon of haggis and squid ink, then dies. His assistant knows what’s what and smokes out of his own meatsuit. The witch invites two freshly unemployed ladies of the evening to come with her. They’re both in shock, but scamper along after her as fast as their heels will allow.


Hannah tries to convince Caroline’s hubby that it’s over between them. “I left you for him,” Hannah says, grabbing Castiel’s hand. When that doesn’t work, she throws in a big smooch. Castiel makes this exact face:

The husband looks devastated, but lets them leave without further argument.

(The rest is behind this cut, because it turned out to be one long-ass recap.)

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My Thoughts on Batman v Superman

These are my thoughts.My opinion. It should not invalidate anyone else’s if you love it and think it should win Oscars. Some spoilers, so be warned.

I went in wanting to love this movie. This movie was built on a lot of hype and expectation. It was featuring Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman for the first time together on the big screen. That alone was worth going to see.

The movie I will give credit for trying to bring something big to the screen and explore real world concepts and philosophical themes about xenophobia and Gods vs men and heroism etc. Trying being the operative word. It only succeeded partially because the script byTerrio was lacking. Or maybe it was a mishmashed script of Goyer and Terrio…either way…it was lacking.  It delivered on some beautiful cinemaphotography. Yes, Zack Synder has an eye for a good frame. But there was real problems with getting solid characterization and motivation and emotion. I guess this happens when you try to cram too much into a movie. But thing is there was stuff they could have chopped from this movie easily and it would not have hurt it. There was a huge problem with pacing and editing and  some sub plots that were pointless. They just dragged the movie unnecessarily.

There were sequences that was awesome like Bruce Wayne’s witnessing the Zod and Superman battle. Very powerful, well excecuted. The Batman fighting. Fact Batman came off better than every one simply because it felt like his movie and like he got the most character development. So yes Ben Affleck was a good Batman. I won’t say the best Batman because the movie was not the best and it is way too early to even compare him to Bale. And when he battled Superman, I just thought Batman was being an asshole. It wasn’t a fight so much as it was a bully beating down on someone who doesn’t want to fight.

Henry Cavill. sigh. As a Superman fan I was disappointed. Not with Henry but with Zack. Henry looks the part. You see him and you think, yes, this is Superman but rarely Henry is allowed to display that power and charisma. There are flashes, moments of seeing Superman before you but it is fleeting  You do not get the sense that Snyder understands Superman’s core character well. I get he has a slightly different origin for this Superman but still, his Superman from Man of Steel, to now is one of the most reactive Supermen I have ever come across. Sure he does Superman stuff but it feels like the character is not being allowed to soar. He is being smothered by his own lack of a clear personality.  He is not allowed to articulate his position as Superman. He is constantly told what to do and how he should feel by others. His motivations as Clark going after Batman seemed flimsy and even when he is supposed to look as if he is an astute reporter, he never gets to.  We want to hear Superman speak…not whine how sad he is, show how burdened he is all the time. In comics Superman feels his alienness but the guy gets to show how smart and empathetic he is. Not this guy. As soon as the guy seems to be going to actually do something…he has to run off and save his girlfriend. Now I have no problem you need to save your girlfriend but it was done in such a way it was not helpful to Superman’s overall character development. 

The guy drops everything and I mean everything the moment she starts hyperventilating or screaming. Yet he he can’t save his own mother. He bails out on Wonder Woman who is struggling with Doomsday to try and save the world no less...the world from this creature…and he flies off to not only save Lois but linger to make goo goo eyes at her. I wanted to scream, get back and fight you fool. You can suck face later.  It’s like he is her personal 911. And let’s not forget that little extra piece of gold Snyder tosses in there to further suggest Lois Lane defines Superman’s morality. Yep, she not around…he might go insane or destroy humanity. What a disservice to Superman’s character. A hero is not a hero because he gets everything he wants. A hero is a hero because he chooses the high road despite life tossing crap at him. If Lois dies Superman can get sad sure…heck even mourn and go away for a while…but no way on earth should the commentary on this hero be that he relies on one person to make him stay connected and define his moral core.  That is not humanizing. That is tossing the character under the bus to try to make another character relevant. 

Amy Adams’ Lois Lane. Amy tries.very hard to create some relevance to the character but again the script lets her down. Plus she is a mismatch for Cavill’s Superman. There is very little chemistry between them. I am not sure what Superman learns by being with Lois other than he gets some bathtub sex and rescues her. They want to say these two are in love but I don’t get that impression. In fact I want to ask, why are they in love other than he saved her in Man of Steel ? They share an apartment but to me they seem disconnected, especially from Cavill’s side. They keep trying to have other characters say how she has balls and she’s so tough etc and yet we see none of that. Tell and never really show. Amy Adams comes across as a  nice and inoffensive Lois and that is the problem. She isn’t ballsy nor tough no matter what they say. She becomes giggly and simper when she gets saved as well and very quickly is willing to forget Superman saving her in Africa caused a ton load of shit to. hit the fan. He couldn’t even save Jimmy Olsen. If you’re not named Lois Lane in this movie, Superman doesn’t really seem to go the extra mile it seems.  Her subplot was not important other than them trying to desperately convince us she is such a great reporter.  Her investigation adds nothing really to the plot other than making it drag. She is the girlfiend who is there is be a plot device for the male character.  It felt like she needed saving at every pivotal moment. It was distracting and annoying not romantic. 

Jesse Eisenburg’s Lex. I did not like him. I just did not find this guy threatening. He was trying to be awkward, unstable, some mishmash of camp and schizo. Just did not work for me. I did not even quite believe in his motivation to hate Superman. 

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Yes she was a scene stealer. But it wasn’t very hard to do in a movie like this. She was a real relief when she showed up in battle, ready to kick ass and embracing it like a real hero. Was the only time my cinema reacted. Her appearance got applause and the Is she with you, I thought she was with you got the only real genuine laugh. Her unimpressed by Bruce Wayne’s playboy antics was good to see as well. It was nice to see one woman not used to further the male hero’s plot but drive her own character.. The battle with the Trinity was too short. I could have done with ten more minutes of them. Cut out other unnecessary scenes and give us more them vs Doomsday. They barely spoke to each other as a trio too and that again was disappointing. The Trinity is iconic and people love their dynamic and they barely got a chance to even have any real introdcution to each other as a trio… come Justice League Superman is not around so…Snyder takes that away from audiences again. 

Doomsday. Very poor CGI I thought. The fight with the Trinity was not clean. Too much static and explosions and you could barely see what they were doing. It did not make for a great spectacle. I have seen better battles. 

Other supporting characters were good but standouts were Lawrence Fishburne and Jeremy Irons. Diane Lane was good too in the small part where she spoke to Clark about being a hero etc but she was not used much other than to be rescued as well. 

The actual Batman v Superman fight. Visually good but they gave it all away in the trailers leaving little to surprise audiences. The fight is referenced from comics like Dark Knight Returns and Justice League Origins Vol 1 and even JL War and was nice to see it on the big screen. But again it all was very anti climatic with their mothers’ names being the thing to make Batman suddenly stop wanting to kill Superman.

Then the death of Superman. It did not feel earned. Just felt so soon for me because the death story was premised on this hero loved by the world and his JL colleagues etc dying and what that meant. The guy is barely known by Batman and Wonder Woman. The loss felt by these characters in the comics when Superman died had more emotion because they actually loved him as their friend. But as Zack Snyder says he did it to get rid of Superman so Batman could build the League and Superman is too powerful. Yes, Zack you really care for Superman, don’t you?  Superman for decades in the Justice League was never an issue for DC but for you it is. Come JL 2 wonder what you’ll do to get rid of him then. 

The Justice League cameos were kinda shoehorned in there but hey the fan inside you loves the idea the wider universe is kicking off. 

All in all, I have mixed feelings towards movie. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I am glad I saw it and urge anyone who is a DC fan to go and see it. There is stuff to geek out at because it is the first time we are seeing them that might make you forgive Snyder but I think if Snyder does not come better next time…fans won’t be as forgiving. The split will become wider.  There were  flashes of a better movie in there somewhere but it got too ambitious and tried to take itself too seriously and is still struggling to give Superman his voice. I guess I am glad we will see Wonder Woman soon. Justice League? Part of me is glad to see it but …the heart of the Justice League was always Superman and imo Snyder took away the heart. 

I give this movie a 6/10

Destined Part 1 - A Quarrel With Fate (A Khanolly/Soulmates Story)

Tumblr prompt from bademorte: Okay really bizarre prompt. Blame exhaustion on this. Molly is Captain Kirk’s cousin, but it doesn’t become well known, until she starts talking with him in front of the Bones, Spock, and the holding cell with You know Who in It. Whatever rating you think you can work with this mental goo that entered my head.

A/N: Here is part 1. Part 2 and possibly Part 3 to follow. This will be my very first T rated Khanolly story because to me the idea of soulmates is rather fluffy. :)

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