this one is my favorite of all time

percy blowing his action surge to run out of the mansion, grab vex, and try pulling her into safety during the pit fiend battle (which, although he didn’t get her all the way through, did allow vax and keyleth to get to her in time to heal her of poison and unconsciousness) is always going to be one of my favorite underrated perc'ahlia moments tbh

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Do you know any good LONG Han/Leia fics? I love long ones (I know you get asked these questions a lot so sorry if it bothers you lmao)

Sorry this took so long! I don’t mind doing fic recs but they take some time to be done. These fics are some of my favorites ever:

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I swear this is probably one of my favorite fanfics of all time! It´s so good! <3 Also I´m simultaneously excited for the companion fic and dreading it because the level of angst from Victor´s perspective is going to kill me (in a good way ofc), especially after the end of this chapter. He must have been devastated :(

There’s a scene that takes place immediately after Yuuri leaves in the companion fic that is probably going to be, from a writer’s perspective trying to do deep emotions justice, the hardest thing I have ever written 

so like. i love the falsettos folks’ anxious fidgets. marvin jiggling his leg and not being able to sit still in marvin at the psychiatrist? yes. trina jiggling her leg in the baseball game? yes. whizzer picking at his nails in the games i play? yes!! (there are probably a bunch more but those are the ones i remember offhand). i get flack for doing that sort of stuff all the time so it’s nice to see my favorite characters doing it as well, and im happy that the smaller parts of anxiety are represented in the actors’ portrayals. 

I think I have some Gentlemen Bastards fans following me so I got a question for you (or any GB fans out there)!

I intended to draw a Lies of Locke Lamora comic way back, but then my comic career jumped a couple years ahead of schedule and so I simply didn’t have time left for that idea, SO INSTEAD:

Tell me your favorite scene in Lies of Locke Lamora

I’d like to draw one great scene from the book (lessay ~5 pages), but I have too many favorites to choose from so I’m hoping to crowdsource this bitch. It’ll be completely free for all of course, so this is more about what would fans of this great book most like to see.

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I love hanxleia fics that happen between ANH and ESB do you have a few favorites for me?

Hope you like these!


La brume dans mes Lunettes

Location:  378 Rue Saint-Zotique E

Metro station: Beaubien

Hello friends ♡ It’s certainly been a while since I’ve written on this blog… I apologize for that - I’ve been caught up with school and midterms, but I tried my best to update my Instagram at least (IG: legendoftamar). 

I come back to talk about one of my all time favorite coffee shops in Montreal. I’ve been saving this one because it’s not only one of the best I’ve gone to, but it also holds a special place in my heart. 

Let’s take ourselves back about a few months ago. On a cold November morning. Fall had just given in to an overwhelming snow storm, introducing winter to Montreal. When the first snowfall hits Montreal, a lot changes in the city. People get angrier, drivers forget how to drive, students arrive to school an hour into their lecture, the bus system gets suspended; basically, everyone loses their mind. Including me. 

I woke up that morning in a bad mood. I was in a bad mood not because of the snow. I was in a bad mood every morning. To understand why, we have to take ourselves back to many other moments of my life and frankly we don’t have time to relive so much of the past. Long story short, I have anxiety. And at that point of my life, it was taking over. I couldn’t deal with it and I didn’t want to deal with it and instead I woke up every morning in a miserable mood. I put on my makeup and put on my smile and went on with my day. But this morning, something in me changed. Maybe it was the snow that made me go insane. 

I was determined to go to a cafe before school. To leave the stress behind for a few hours. To runaway to a place I felt comfortable and at ease. I decided to take an earlier bus to the metro and make it to a cafe I had been wanting to go for so long. And where does the insanity come into play? The coffee shop was a good 10 minute walk away from the metro station. A 10 minute walk in a snow storm. In Montreal. Not Vancouver - where their snowstorm is basically 3 snowflakes per hour. It was pouring and the wind was insane but I still did it. The snow made me lose my rational thinking, but sometimes it’s good to be illogical and just go for it. I was the only one walking on the streets. My motivation impressed me. However, I should mention that I also forgot to save the route to the shop since I didn’t have cellphone data. I walked up and down streets like a lost little pigeon.. in a  middle of a snowstorm… but I found the place eventually. You couldn’t imagine my happiness when I saw “La Brume” through my snow-covered glasses.

As I was going in, I thought how lucky I was going to be to have the whole place to myself since no one else is as crazy as me to go out on a day like this. But when I opened the door, I realized the cafe was packed. To almost its limit. I could hear laughter, coffee brewing, milk being steamed, keyboard typing. I could smell freshly made pastries and fresh coffee. And the coffee shop scene I was witnessing - of baristas running around, students working and friends talking - was beautiful. Coming in from an almost deserted winter storm, where only the snowflakes dared to dance in the wind, I was greeted with warmth and people. The barista spotted me in the crowd of people and said hello from behind his counter. Sitting down in a little corner on the bar by the window, I looked around and all I could feel was happiness. Coffee lovers’ passion for coffee and company is contagious. I caught myself smiling and it wasn’t part of the make up this time. This was better than having the place to myself. 

This shop really does live up to its name. “La Brume dans mes Lunettes” means “fog in my glasses” in French. All their windows were fogged up, which gave the shop a gorgeous feel and isolated the cafe from the cold scene of the winter storm. My actual glasses did fog up also when I came in, so bonus points for that! I also realized the cafe had a little corner for an individual seating by two windows which was probably their best seat. Maybe I’ll get it next time. The walls were covered with interest art and decorations. Their main aesthetic was wooden. It was an overall beautiful cafe.

I spent an hour pretending to read my Differential Equations notes, but really all I was doing was taking pictures of my latte. But it made me happy. And sometimes, that’s all that matters. Sometimes you have to treat yourself to a beautiful moment - outside of school, outside of routine, or just outside, in a snowstorm.. It’s important to take some time to regenerate. If you’ve been going through a tough time - may it be for a few years or a few days - and you suddenly get the urge to spoil yourself by running away from reality for a little bit, do it. If you’ve been working hard to try to figure out life and doing your best to be your best, then you deserve having moments that make you happy. Getting out of your usual cycle can make you see life in a different way and put a lot in perspective. In my case, it allowed me to stop. Take a breath. Freeze in the cold. Rethink. Regenerate. And decide. Decide that I wanted to be happy. Decide that I wanted to stop being a slave to my anxiety and start learning to deal with it.

tbh I’m just….. completely sold any design that has some full face helmet thing….. there’s a guy in…. watchdogs???? that has that emoji helmet….. there’s…….. purple helmet????? mass effect?????? no wonder I love sentai

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heeeeeeey i dont wanna bother u so u dont need to answer if you're not in the mood, but if so- could you please recommend me some comic books? everything u love, whether its the batfam or other superheroes- i need more comic books to read and your hcs are so funny and good and aaaaaa (also dont "go easy" on me, tell about e v e r y single comic book ud like to recommend, im all ears)!!! just tell me which characters it focuses pls, so i can pick up more easily. thank you ♥♥♥♥

Ooh, my friend, I could rant for days about my favorite comics!

Red Robin: Hands down my favorite comic series of all time. It’s about Tim Drake and his search for Bruce after he “died”, but Tim is the only one who knows he’s alive while all his friends and family write him off as insane. It’s really really good and features Tim just being an amazing hero and taking on the Council or Spiders and even Ra’s Al Ghul himself in an epic showdown. I recommend this series with every fiber of my being.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: This one is about Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire as their own team of outlaws who fight crime in their own cool way and are just awesome in general. I love it because of the great friendship the trio has, and it really shows Jason bonding with his friends which is good, and it’s just really great in general.

Red Hood and Arsenal: Kind of a continuation of RHATO, but it’s just Jason and Roy, who start a business where people hire them to take down bad guys for them. It’s really funny, has Joker’s Daughter in it, and shows so many great moments of Jaybird and Roy bonding. 

Young Justice (based off the tv show): If you watch the Young Justice animated series then I highly recommend this. It has a bunch of great storylines that happened between episodes, and it’s honestly just so cool to read.

Young Justice: This is the original Young Justice comic series, and it’s super good. It has Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, Secret, and other young heroes forming their own team and fighting crime while getting into funny hijinks together. And it’s super funny and adorable, like in one storyline they spent a few issues playing baseball with aliens in space, I kid you not.

Teen Titans Go: These comics are based off the original Teen Titans show, and they’re pretty much just funny stories about the team if you want to make you laugh. It does have its serious moments, and I liked having some more Teen Titans after its cancellation.

Grayson: At one point Dick Grayson got his identity as Nightwing blown and had to take his death, so while he was legally dead he went undercover as a Spyral agent. It’s really good, and Dick was so cool and funny as a secret agent. (Also at some point he carried a baby across the desert and saved its life and I cried, and at another part he spent like five pages singing a song about himself as a spy and it’s still one of my favorite comic moments to this day)

Teen Titans volumes 4-5: I’m only like halfway through this one, but already I love it and highly recommend it. It has cool heroes like Red Robin, Kid Flash, Solstice, Bunker, Wonder Girl, and others. The perfect balance of humor and drama, plus the artwork is incredible. (Wonder Girl’s outfit is so sparkly 😍) 

Li'l Gotham: This is the ultimate Batfamily comic. It’s pretty much a fluffy Batfamily fanfiction and it’s just adorable in general.  

Robin: This series features Tim during his time as Robin, and I can honestly tell you it’s amazing. As you know I’m a Tim Drake fanatic, and this series is exactly what you need if you’re a Tim fan. It includes his early days as Robin, all the struggles he goes through with both his hero and civilian identities, super great storylines, and the cute time and Steph dated, which was adorable. Highly recommend. 

Batman and Robin: There are two volumes for this one. The first is Dick and Damian during their stint as Batman and Robin, and it was really nice to see them grow as brothers and partners. The second one is after Bruce came back and he and Damian started working together. It also contains the aftermath of Damian’s death and how Bruce practically went crazy with grief and tried every conceivable method to bring him back, which he did. Just lots and lots of Damian Wayne.  

Super Sons: This series just started days ago, and already I love it. It’s about Damian Wayne and Jon Kent as two teeny crimefighting friends. Totally adorable, and especially good because it just started so it’s easy to get into.   

I’m pretty sure there are a couple more but I just can’t remember right now, so yeah, try some of these out and if you do tell me what you think! Happy reading! <33

Shadowhunters S02E08: Love is a Devil

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

I don’t even care that Raphael is only helping Izzy because she’s in withdrawal. I. am. so. into. this.

  • “No one’s seen an angel in hundreds of years” who else is disappointed the angel was just a mangy old man. I see them on the street all the time
  • Alec *is* the Ceremonial Party Master … until he immediately asks Magnus to do it which is kinda disappointing because i actually want to know what kind of party Alec would have thrown it probably would have involved archery or hot dogs and then we could have heard him say ‘I read that children enjoy hot dogs’
  • when you describe the kiss between you and your best friend as ‘weird in the best way possible’ and you just know it’s going to last 4ever

Jace reads one book and immediately becomes a cat lady

this cat

~ stop thinking about boning your sister dude that’s not cool ~

  • Magnus magically creating bowls of milk for the cats so he can befriend them is legit my favorite thing that has ever happened on this show

Jace saying he knows Alec and Magus slept together because they’re parabatai so he can sense that Alec is ‘happier’ and Magnus has the only acceptable reaction

  • “Do you think anyone’s going to notice that we’re dating?” Simon said while giggling weirdly at Clary and holding her hand and staring into her eyes and making kissy noises and and and
  • you know what 10 year old shadowhunter children just love? salsa dancing apparently

i kinda want these two to fuck

  • OK who drugged Simon into thinking maybe he doesn’t want to get into Clary’s pants anymore, i’m pretty sure that has been his only goal since puberty
  • it’s not a party until your adoptive mother tries to murder your with a hatchet


  • I knew that orange cat was an untrustworthy a-hole

“Valentine is coming for me, isn’t he?” ”Which is why I’m never letting you out of my sight”


how long until we get the scene where Clary has to change her clothes real quick and she pretends like Jace can’t see her but she knows he definitely can and I AM HERE FOR IT

“I’m not an easy person to shop for. John knows I’m not a musician, so he never gave me instruments or anything like that. My all time favorite band is "Yes”. One time for my birthday, John gave me every single CD in the Yes catalog. It was this big bag of CDs. I loved it.

Another time (this was pretty funny), it was Christmas time. This was the year John released like 6 solo albums in six months. We worked a lot. A few days before Christmas, John asked me to find a nice Strat for him to give to his girlfriend for Christmas. Well, I found one. She loved it. Christmas came and went. I remember feeling selfish and a little resentful that he hadn’t given me anything (big baby). About two weeks later, I happened to look at my bank account. I was shocked to see A LOT more money in there than I expected. I called the accountant to see if a mistake had been made. She said John had given me a $10,000 Christmas bonus. Yes, I did feel like an A-hole.“
Dave Lee.

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That Emily Dickinson quote of "if I have touched one life, eased one heartbreak, I have not lived in vain" and Ayn Rand of "the question is not who is going to let me, it's who is going to stop me?" and then the Niko Kazantzakis one of "the only thing I know is this, I am full of wounds and I am still standing" they all make me think of Kurama !!! the reblogged quotes you have, they all feel very Kurama

Aren’t they? Quotes tend to be my inspiration a lot of the time, and those are some of my favorites! Especially the Ayn Rand one. ^-^

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Ummm hi! I'm kind of new to shipping Kidge and I was just wondering if you have any fic recs? I hope this doesn't bother you!! Feel free to ignore if it does!

Hi Nonnie! And nope, you’re not bothering me at all! So here are my personal favorites:  

  • (Don’t) Catch Me by @narycanary. Rating: M. MY FAVORITE KIDGE FIC OF ALL TIME. It’s a whopping 14k one-shot but it’s sooo well written I can’t even begin to express how much I love it. Bitter pining Pidge + slow burn gives me life. (In fact just read all of Nary’s Kidge fics, they all give me life.) 
  • Sword & Shield by @sandyclaws68. Rating: T. Another one-shot involving Keith and Pidge being the most stubborn dorks in the universe. Short and sweet. 
  • Love Potion No. 5 by @k-lionheart-writes / @k-lionheart-art . Rating: T. You obligatory aphrodisiac AU involving flirty! Keith and just about done with everything Pidge. It also just recently updated! 
  • You Smell Like Trash by @boxwineconfession. Rating: T. The ‘What If Keith and Pidge Met Before Shiro Crashed’ scenario fic all Kidge shippers need.   
  • Worst Laid Plans by @rayisokay. Rating: T. Your mandatory fake dating fic. Awkwardness ensues. 
  • Into the Skid by proleptic_fancy on AO3. Rating: G. Much angst and slow burn but also a worthwhile read. 
  • Greased by @planced (madgrace on AO3). Rating: T. Set in the 1950s where Keith is a bad boy with a bike and Katie is a good girl too curious for her own good. (I am trash for Grease the Musical and this gave me life ok.)

And these are the most I can remember off the top of my head. If you need more, just check out @kidgeweek‘s page for entries during Kidge Week 2016 or just the Keith/Pidge tag on AO3. There are A LOT of quality fics I just plainly forgot to mention here. 

(And I’ll just shamelessly slide in my own fics here X X )

Happy reading! 

thank you @1daehyun and @02gguk for tagging me!!

a. age: 20

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c. current time: 7:40 pm

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f. favorite song: currently its Fancy - Paloalto (ft Dean and Sway D)

g. ghosts, are they real: yES 

h. hometown: Van Nuys hmu my local tumblr users

i. in love with: Dean

j. jealous of: people with nice skin nothing!

k. killed someone: yes, my hopes and dreams

l. last time you cried: don’t remember

m. middle name: it’s ugly

n. number of siblings: two brothers

o. one wish: I want to meet all my bias’

p. person I last called/texted: last call: mom last text: @jinyonce

q. question you’re always asked: how are you doing in your classes

r. reason to smile: d e a n

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t. time you woke up: 8:30 am

u. underwear color: burgundy

v. vacation destination: Japan!!!!

w. worst habit: I'm lazy and procrastinate EVERYTHING

x. x-rays you’ve had: um… my teeth?? u know when u go to the dentist..

y. your favorite food: Chinese

z. zodiac: spicyscorpio


  • nickname: paloma
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Do you know that..

That feeling when you’re listening to your favorite music and it feels like coming home?
Wherever you are you just feel this fuzzy, calming feeling and it’s like sinking into a soft ball of fluffiness.
At least that’s what I feel like everytime.

The first time I watched a proper Jacksepticeye video, I honestly didn’t know what to think. I can’t even really remember what video really got me into him. The one thing that really solidified my love for the channel is Anti’s October though.
October and November are really tough for me. Those were the last months we had with my mom back in 2009. Last October, the whole Anti hype kept me distracted from that and all the other bullshit that was going on. During this time, I also binge-watched a bunch of his other videos and series. My favorite, bar-none, is Undertale. I also enjoyed his more serious vids. I feel like they helped me get to know him more, and touched on subjects that are relevant to me and those videos have helped me so much.
Now that I’m separated and have a job, I come home and watch his vids from the day and just laugh and laugh. He’s one of the few things that help get me through each day. This community has helped me a lot too, and you guys are the kindest, most amazing people I’ve ever met. Like:
@jacksepticeyegifs @jacksepticfly @jack-isms @jacksepticeyeeia @magicmadiplier @martziplier98 @lum1natrix @anti-support-group plus many others I can’t recall of the top of my head.
All the bullshit that’s been going on is just that; bullshit. We love you, @therealjacksepticeye, and we are with you ALL THE WAY!

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I've been following you for awhile now but I just had to say I love your blog, The Office is one of my all time favorites, and you have a very cute face (:

Aw wow how sweet! 💖 THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! & for following me 😁😁😁