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Somewhere Only We Know (bard/thranduil)
set in middle-earth, memories, kind of fix-it, not as sad as it sounds ▪ read on ao3
art by @diamond-skeleton, art by @queenstardust & edit by @northerntrash

When the eighteenth month since Bard's death comes, Thranduil wakes on a strange feeling. He follows a mysterious blue orb through the ill trees of his forest, where he is shown precious memories of his ephemeral time with Bard. But is it a trick of his mind, a dream, or reality?

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we can even touch the stars

Summary: Of fate, names written inside book covers, and the space between fairy tale and reality. A Whisper of the Heart AU.

For the lovely anon who asked me for headcanons for this AU (sorry I went a bit overboard), and for @witchymomo because I love her and hope this helps her spirits lift!

Nico makes the connection for the first time the summer of his senior year, on an afternoon that’s sloppy with the kind of heat that makes breathing a chore.

The name is a simple one. Unassuming. Will Solace, written in the scrawling, fanciful letters of the head librarian. It’s not the kind of name that’s made to be noticed.

Nico notices it anyway.

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Owari no Shipping Week: Day 1: Holding hands / Cuddles / Hugs

concept: yuu is “””injured””” and desperately needs carried because he cant possibly walk. mika 100% knows whats up but plays along bc he doesnt mind At All

um// this doesnt really fit the prompt much sorry but… i mean carrying could count as holding AND a hug right??? the others ive done do actually fit the prompts lmao just not so much this one unless you squint

although i have drawn mikayuu cuddles in the past!! which is.. part of the reason it was hard to follow the prompt properly, it kept being too similar to that one rip


Taron Egerton and Tori Kelly at Young Hollywood Studios - December 4th


20 years of Tomb Raider ► [21/11/1998] Millions of years ago, a meteorite collided with the once warm Antarctic climate. There was an abnormal abundance of life around the crater of the meteorite, so the Polynesians, discoverers of the place, settled on the lands. Generations later, terrified after a series of strange catastrophic events, they leave the place. Nowadays, the same area is being excavated by research company RX Tech. They discover the frozen body of a sailor of the HMS Beagle, along with his diary. In it it’s said that they visited other places in the world, such as India, where Lara Croft is looking for the legendary artifact Infada, unconscious of its true history. Soon she will discover that this is just the beginning.