this one is mostly for the straw thing

Imagine you tried to rob a wizard's tower

The cold stone walls close in on you. There’s fresh, clean straw under you and an empty bucket in one corner. A torch burns resolutely in the hallway. You knew this was a stupid idea. One of the boys in your village convinced you that the wizard is a fraud, that his potions are sugar water and his magical talismans are useless bits of junk. The boy dared you to sneak into the wizard’s tower, steal something, and bring it back. You agreed, but mostly to shut him up. You’re not afraid of the wizard or his alleged power. There’s no such thing as magic, after all.

The wizard’s tower was just outside of the village, at the edge of the forest. If it had any kind of guards or defenders, you’d never seen them. You snuck in through a crack in the wall and looked through shelves of bones and crystals and things you couldn’t even identify, searching for something small enough to slip into your pocket. You were startled by a noise behind you, and even more startled when you turned to look at the source. A little humanlike figure, about the size of a pigeon, sat perched on a shelf and grinned at you. It spread out its batlike wings and said something in a language you’d never heard, a few syllables that echoed strangely in the small room. Everything went black, and when you woke up, you were in a cell.

So here you are, imprisoned. There’s a man looking at you through the barred door. He’s a short and slight, with a neatly trimmed beard. You’ve seen him before, hawking the wizard’s wares in the village market, all smiles and lofty promises as he peddled healing potions and fertility charms. He is not smiling now.

“Why did you invade my tower?” he asks. “Go on, let’s hear it.”

You’ve always assumed that he was actually the wizard’s assistant, or just a hireling. He looks nothing like you’ve always pictured wizards. He’s wearing a look of extreme annoyance and the kind of tunic and trousers that wouldn’t look out of place on the village innkeeper. You don’t know what you expected. Elaborate robes and a long gray beard. For some unknowable reason, you’re unwise enough to say so.

“The robes are only for ceremonial use,” he says. “They are dreadfully uncomfortable. I can’t be bothered to wear them all the time. You break into my home, and now you expect me to walk around draped in all that nonsense just to meet your expectations?”

Lost for words, you can only shake your head.

“And what about you?” he asks, crossing his arms. “Why are you here? I warn you, I won’t take pity on you no matter how heartrending your story is. Your mother’s dying from some horrible disease the healers have never seen before? Is it your sister? Are your crops failing? I rather liked the thief who said he needed a lucky charm so he could win enough gold to pay off his gambling debts. I can imagine how he got into trouble in the first place.”

“A boy in the village dared me,” you admit, and your voice comes out as little more than a whisper. It sounds pathetic even to you. Your heart is pounding and if you weren’t still on the ground, you’d probably collapse anyway. “I only said yes so he’d shut up. I didn’t even take anything. I swear, I’ll never come here again-” You trail off as the words die in your throat.

The wizard closes his eyes and sighs deeply. “Those charms I sell in the market? Those are mere trinkets,” he says. “Little things to keep the villagers happy. You have no idea what I can really do. If you ran off with something really dangerous, you could unleash horrors you can’t even imagine. I mean hellfire raining from the skies, cattle transforming into ravenous beasts. And that would be the least of it. You could end the world.”

“I’m sorry,” you try to say, but it just comes out as a squeaking noise.

He’s still glaring at you, but something in his expression actually seems to soften a little. “Still, you’re honest,” he says. “That’s a rare trait.”

“Are you going to let me go?” you ask.

The little winged creature is sitting on his shoulder. It chitters at you and draws one slender finger across its throat.

The wizard smiles coldly. “Eventually,” he says. “I can’t let intruders just run off on their merry way. You might decide to pay me a return visit. Or tell someone that I’m soft on thievery.” He pulls a bottle out of his pocket and holds it up to the bars. It’s clear glass, with a cork trapping some clear reddish liquid inside. “Here’s the deal. Drink this, endure what’s going to happen to you, and then you can go. Don’t drink it, and you’ll stay locked in this cell forever or until I find another use for you and all those delightful organs of yours. You would not believe what you can do with a human spleen.”

You hesitate. “Endure” is a very scary word, considering your current situation. But he did promise to let you go, and whatever that potion does can’t be worse than staying locked up forever. At least, you hope not.

The potion bottle clinks against cold iron as you pull it through the bars.. It’s heavier than it looks. “What is it?” you ask, studying the contents. “What’s going to happen to me if I drink this?”

“And ruin the surprise? It will hurt,” he says. “It won’t kill you. If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have bothered with the cell or dangling the thought of freedom out in front of you. I’m not that sadistic. Well, I am. But only sometimes.”

It’s still not very reassuring, but what he’s saying makes sense. He hasn’t hurt you so far, besides locking you up. And to be honest, taking his offer is the best option you have available. “Okay,” you say. “I’ll drink it. And then do you swear by the Light that you’ll let me go?”

The wizard is quiet for a moment. “The Light and I are not on particularly good terms,” he says. “But if it puts you more at ease, I swear by the Light that I’ll release you alive and unharmed.”

Somehow, it doesn’t put you at ease at all. But you believe him.

You try to open the potion bottle. The cork’s wedged in tightly and your hands are shaking too hard to pull it out. The little winged creature flutters off the wizard’s shoulder, flies right through the door, and lands beside you. Its agile fingers work the cork out easily, and the creature holds the bottle out to you expectantly. The potion smells like herbs and something you can’t quite identify.

“My familiar will have to stay here to keep you company,” says the wizard. “I can see through its eyes, and it is rather stronger than it appears. I’d advise against trying anything. Now, drink that so I can get back to work.”

Closing your eyes, you swallow the bottle’s contents. It tastes overly sweet and your throat tingles afterwards. You’re tingling all over, actually, and you can feel something shifting deep inside of you. There’s a twinge of pain deep in your belly. “What did I just drink?” you ask, trying to fight off a feeling of impending doom. “What’s happening to me?”

The wizard’s already setting off down the hallway. “You’ll see,” is all he says.


The familiar can’t seem to sit still. It paces up and down the length of your cell, occasionally flying out through the walls and back again. Whenever you try the walls they’re solid rock; the familiar must be able to pass through them magically. Once, you get up to try the door but the familiar just chitters at you menacingly. You sit back down and try to ignore the growing ache in your belly.

It started out as a mild annoyance, so slight you thought you were imagining it. Now it feels like someone’s punched you in the belly; not hard, but it hurts enough to be distracting. It feels like hours have passed but aside from the stomachache, nothing else seems to be happening to you. Maybe the potion really was sugar water after all. Or maybe it just didn’t work. You hope it didn’t work. Then the wizard’ll have to let you go just like he promised, right?

Your clothes are getting tighter around your middle. That’s odd. As you reach down to put a hand on your stomach, an icy rush of panic fills you. Your belly’s growing. It’s slow at first, but it soon starts growing faster. Eventually you have to strip out of your clothes just to make room for your new bulk. Once, a woman in the village gave birth to twins, and you’re bigger now than she ever was. You sit with your back against the cold stone wall and watch as you grow bigger and bigger, pinned beneath your own growing belly. Whatever’s inside you, it’s so heavy that you’re not sure you could stand up if you tried to. You run your hands over your belly, oddly fascinated by the feeling of it under your fingers. Your curiosity almost overcomes the fear.

Something slick is running out of you and down your legs to pool in the straw bedding. You wonder what’s inside you, and if it’s close to being born. Some kind of creature? You’ve heard that pregnant women can feel their babies moving, but you don’t feel anything besides a steadily growing weight. So maybe it’s not a creature.

That’s almost comforting. You’ve been imagining all kinds of horrible scenarios. Now you don’t need to worry that there’s some sort of demon beast about to claw its way out of you. Well, you weren’t worried about that before. You’re a little worried now.

All at once you feel a rush of fluid and some immense weight slipping into your passage. All your other thoughts vanish. There’s something inside you and you need to get it out, that’s all you know. You push, but you feel like the thing inside you is barely moving at all. You whimper in pain as you push harder, and you think you can feel it just barely inching its way down your passage.

You can feel your skin bulge outwards as the thing moves downwards one agonizing push at a time. The wizard said it would hurt, but this is so much worse than you feared. You feel tears streaming down your face as you try to force the thing out. You can feel it straining for release at your entrance. It’s barely half out and it’s already stretching you impossibly wide. By the Light, it feels like you’re going to split open. But you don’t, and you watch dumbfounded as an egg slides out of you.

An egg. You’re being held prisoner by a sadistic wizard, and he’s forcing you to lay eggs. It would be almost funny if you weren’t in so much pain right now. You let out a groan as another one enters your passage, begging you to squeeze it out. Again, you start to push, and again, you feel like the egg is barely moving at all. You scream, but it dissolves into helpless sobbing.

This is impossible. That first egg felt bigger than anything you could possibly squeeze out, and who knows how many more you have inside you? The wizard said he’d release you “eventually”. What does that even mean? How long does he expect to keep you here? Hours? Days? Weeks?

The familiar picks up your egg and flies out of the cell with it, apparently having no trouble carrying an object bigger than itself. You wonder where they’re going, what the wizard intends for these eggs. But then you need to push again and the effort drives everything else out of your mind.

The second doesn’t come much easier, but after another exhausting ordeal an egg drops out of you and onto the straw below. And, again, the familiar scoops it up and flies off with it to who knows where. You feel a third egg enter your passage. Then a fourth, a fifth. You’re losing count. All you can do is keep laying eggs and pray that there’s an end in sight.

They start coming faster and faster. After you birth each egg you barely have time to catch your breath before the next one starts working its way out. You barely noticed it through the haze of pain but now you realize that your belly hasn’t been shrinking. In fact, it’s growing. New eggs are forming inside you faster than you can push them out.

A horrible thought occurs to you.

“When I lay them all, that’s it?” you ask the familiar, between gasps. “He’ll let me go?”

The familiar nods excitedly.

“But-” You thought you were out of tears but now you can feel more welling up. You just keep growing more. You’ve been tricked. The wizard lied. He’s never going to let you go. You’ll just stay here in this cell forever, spewing out eggs until you die, wondering when the tide will finally stop. Your throat’s already hoarse, but you scream as another egg starts to slide down your passage.


You cry in relief when you notice that your belly is finally shrinking. By the end, the eggs just slide out of you with no resistance; you couldn’t stop them even if you wanted to. Your hole is stretched beyond recognition and every part of you hurts. You lie there in the straw, too spent to move. “Please, let it be over,” you whisper. You’ll never steal anything ever again. You’ll go to the Chapel of the Light every Sun’s Day and pray for forgiveness. You’ll kill the bastard who dared you to come here in the first place.

The wizard steps into view in the hallway as his familiar carries the last egg away. “Normally I give my guests a second or third dose of the ovigenesis potion,” he says, by way of greeting. “But, well, you were honest with me. If you like, you can have this instead.”

The potion in his hands now is one you recognize. It’s one of the milky-pink healing potions he sells in the marketplace. He offers it to you and you drink it down without an argument. It takes effect almost instantly. Your pain fades and you can feel your poor, abused muscles repairing themselves. In a few minutes you feel almost as good as new. Almost.

You were too exhausted to realize that you’re still naked. Naked in front of a strange man who has you locked in a cell. Reflexively, you cover yourself.

The wizard chuckles a little. “I can see through my familiar’s eyes, remember? I’ve seen all you have to offer and I have no prurient interest in your body. To me, you’re just a source of raw materials.”

You really don’t like the way he says that. Your hands stay where they are and you look over at your discarded clothing. Your discarded, wet clothing. Ugh.

“I can clean the…assorted fluids out of your clothes. You know, with magic.” He mutters something and waves his hands. The familiar neatly folds your clothes and lays them on a dry patch of straw. “There we go. Do you have any other pressing needs? A glass of water, perhaps?”

You answer no. Actually, you’d love a cold drink of water right now but besides the healing potion, you’re not sure you’d feel safe drinking anything he might offer you.

The wizard shrugs. “As I promised, you’re alive and unharmed. Mostly unharmed, at least. My healing potion will take care of that. I’m sure you can feel it working already. When you’ve recovered, you can leave.” He turns and walks off into the darkened hallways.

Strength returns to your body and your poor, abused hole even starts to close up. When you feel confident that you can stand without falling over, you dress yourself and follow the chittering familiar out through the wizard’s dungeons. You head out through the tower’s front doors and into the night. Outside, the breeze smells sweeter than the finest perfume. You stagger home and collapse into your bed, sleeping soundly until well into the afternoon.


You never go near the tower again. The village boy shows up at your house the next day and asks what happened. You’re tempted to punch him, but you don’t have the strength. Instead, you tell him to fuck off as viciously as you can manage. He doesn’t bother you again.

But it doesn’t quite end there. You try to avoid the wizard’s stall on market days but somehow he’s always right in your path, and he always greets you with a wide smile and a cheerful “Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer!” Sometimes, he tries to offer you a very familiar red potion. Your heart stops when you see it, but then he gives you a wink and slips the bottle back into some hidden pocket.

Lately he’s been selling “dragon’s egg” potions and carved amulets. Whenever you see them set out and glinting in the sunlight, you ache somewhere deep inside. You’re sure those eggs didn’t come out of any dragon, but you can never work up the nerve to ask.

You develop a profound sense of appreciation for chickens and egg-laying creatures of all kinds. You can never look at an omelette the same way again.

And it turns out that the potion never truly wore off. Once every few months, you’re awakened in the middle of the night by a sharp pain in your abdomen. The wizard’s familiar swoops in as you push a giant egg out of yourself, cackling to itself as it watches you strain. Laying the egg is always worse than you remember; every push feels useless, like the egg’s trying to cling to your insides out of sheer spite. Eventually it crowns and then slides out, leaving a void where your insides were stretched around it.

Every time, you wonder if this egg will really be the last one. Every time, you ask the familiar to tell the wizard you’re sorry, you never meant any harm, and can he fix what the potion did to you?

The familiar just grins at you and flies off into the night, holding your newborn egg in its arms.

(Hi! I’m deepoceanblue and when I sat down at my computer, this happened. Thanks for reading <3)

Prompt List: One-liners

Single sentence prompts for various topics. Mostly angsty cuz I guess I’m an angsty person? Sorry

  • “I don’t know how to look you in the eye after the things I’ve done.”
  • “I can’t trust you alone right now.”
  • “I hate watching you do this to yourself.”
  • “Bullying is really just a type of abuse.”
  • “I wonder what the final straw was.”
  • “Your hands are just as dirty.”
  • “I haven’t been okay for a long time.”
  • “The government didn’t give me a choice.”
  • “You can’t run from time.”
  • “I’m trying really hard not to blame you for this.”
  • “I want to believe there is still some good in you.”
  • “My best wasn’t good enough.”
  • “I’m going to ask you something and you have to answer me honestly.”
  • “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me.”
  • “You know what we’re doing is wrong.”
  • “I keep seeing his face.”
  • “I’m so tired of the pain.”
  • “I’m so done with this life.”
  • “Life is a curse, not a gift.”
  • “I’m tired of living.”
  • ”Did you do this to yourself?”
  • “I didn’t want to make you do this.”
  • “I made a bet. I lost. It’s simple as that.”

gresthegreat  asked:

Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can I have a scenario of hoshi? When his gf(y/n) and him got a serious argument and one day some of his/her friend called him because she pass out. Make it super angst but fluffy in the end ☺ TYSM! 😊

Hi bb and sorry for the long wait of this being written 💕 ;u; I don’t think this is anywhere near super angsty but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

Some months into your relationship with Soonyoung, you had started noticing something about him that you didn’t like; something that made you feel very uneasy.

He was possessive - overly so.

At first you didn’t think much of it, as it only felt natural that he wanted to spend time with you and didn’t necessarily want you to dress too revealingly and so on, but when he started getting upset whenever you couldn’t see him because you were seeing someone else - on a friendly occasion - and trying to limit who you could see and when as well as how you should be dressed, alarm bells went on in your mind.

That Tuesday, you and Soonyoung were out for coffee after taking a nice walk by the beach, and it had all been nice. You had talked and joked as per usual, holding hands and making plans for the near future, and even at the café you were caressing each other’s hands on the table.

“I was thinking we could go see a movie on Saturday,” Soonyoung smiled while rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. The smile on your lips faltered.

“I’ve already promised to go look for a birthday present to my friend’s boyfriend with her,” you said as softly as you could, only hoping that he would be understanding. There was nothing wrong with making plans with someone else and you knew that, yet you couldn’t shake the anxiety off your shoulders.

Soonyoung’s expression darkened a little. “Aren’t you seeing her a lot?”

“She’s my best friend,” you defended yourself and pulled your hand away from Soonyoung’s, the anxiety inside of you growing before slowly mixing with annoyance. “I have every right to see my friends, Soonyoung.”

“I’m just saying,” he grumbled and ran his fingers through his hair, recently dyed bright orange, which you loved to tease him about, and frowned. “You should spend more time with me.”

You stared him dead in the eye. “I see you every other day at least, isn’t that enough?”

There was a quick hint of something in Soonyoung’s eyes that you couldn’t quite identify yet sent chills down your spine, and he let out a heavy sigh as he sat better in his chair and stirred his drink with the straw in it.

“Is it that wrong to want you all for myself?” he asked in a mumble.

You were fuming. “Uh, yes?” You sat back on your chair and crossed your arms by your chest. “You don’t own me.”

Soonyoung’s eyebrows knitted, and his face seemed to turn sour altogether, as if his mind immediately went to “I wish I did.” Your heart was racing in your chest as feelings of anger and upset mixed together.

The man in front of you was barely a shadow of the loving, friendly one you had fallen in love with, the one who wished you had a good time with your friends whenever you went out with them and didn’t check up on you every hour and get upset if you were too busy to answer within a few minutes.

Silence hung over you for a moment, only broken when you grabbed your bag from the floor and stood up. “If you really think you’re entitled to tell me what I can or can’t do, I don’t want to see you again.”

Soonyoung remained silent as you left the café, and only continued moving the clear straw in his iced coffee while biting down on his lower lip.

How had he ended up there?

After the date that had turned into a disaster, you didn’t talk with Soonyoung. You refused to contact him until he apologized, and since he wasn’t contacting you, either, you decided to just let it be. If he loved you and realized that there was something wrong with the way he acted, he’d contact you sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Soonyoung was too ashamed to send you a message, much less call you, and instead spent time repenting on his actions and feelings, using dance as therapy of some sort.

It wasn’t easy on you, however, as much as one might think it’s only nice to not have someone as possessive around you. After all, he was your boyfriend, and the uncertainty of where you stood as well as having been hurt by him yet not receiving an apology pained you.

As much as you loved him, you could recognize an unhealthy relationship, and didn’t want to be a part of one.

You didn’t want to break up with him, but you also didn’t want to be with someone who was as possessive and controlling over you as he seemed to be, yet you had no idea where your relationship was going with the silence between the two of you.

And so, you lived with constant anxiety.

It was difficult for you to focus on anything, as your mind kept going back to what had happened - the date and the days before it - as well as the fact that Soonyoung didn’t seem to want to apologize, which you thought meant he had yet to realize the errors of his ways, which in turn only made you more anxious and upset.

The anxiety was eating at you fast, and as it made it difficult for you to sleep or eat anywhere near enough, it only grew, and so the vicious cycle was born. You were overly tense and alert throughout the day, whether it was 12pm or 3am, and did your best to do everything you possibly could to get your thoughts elsewhere, as long as it meant you didn’t have to focus on the root of the problem.

Whenever your phone buzzed, your heart jumped to your throat. You were nervous it would be Soonyoung, and whenever it turned out that it wasn’t, you frowned as a mix of feelings wallowed inside of you. On one hand you were happy you didn’t have to deal with the situation, but on the other hand you were sad that he still didn’t have it in him to contact you and apologize and talk things out.

As days passed, you felt weaker and weaker and the bags under your eyes only reached lower, and somewhere deep down, you knew you missed Soonyoung, a lot.

Some days over a week after your last meeting with Soonyoung, the concept of sleeping a full 8 hours or eating 3 meals a day felt oddly foreign to you, as you could barely sleep for two hours without interruptions or stomach much of anything.

The week after your argument, you had spent days looking forward to an outing with your best friend on the weekend in hopes of it helping you relax and think about more pleasant things. And frankly, it did work, if for a moment at a time, and you had a good time, although you had felt weak and even a bit dizzy every now and then.

You were on your way from a clothing store to one of the restaurants in the floor above, but when you reached the top of the escalator, you stopped and got your hand to the side of your head, your eyes falling shut and your legs feeling wobbly as everything started to look and feel blurry and surreal.

“Y/F/N, wait, I need a mo–”

Suddenly everything blacked out, and by the time your friend was kneeling down next to you, trying to get a response from you, you were already unconscious.

Soonyoung had been dancing a lot more than usual after your argument, and had more or less only left the dancing studio to eat and sleep during the past two weeks. He was mid-dancing when his phone started ringing, and he sighed while turning the music off and reaching for his phone. His heart jumped to his throat when he saw that the call was coming from your number, and hesitated a little before answering the call.

“Y/N?” he asked, voice a bit shaky, but his eyes widened when the voice didn’t belong to you.

“No, it’s Y/F/N, and I have something to say to you.”

“…Go on,” Soonyoung mumbled and sat down on the floor, ready for whatever was going to come at him.

”How much of a jerk can you be?! When you began dating, I was so happy for Y/N because they were so bubbly and so in love and I really thought you were a good guy, but based on the past few weeks, I’m not so sure. Do you realize what you did wrong the last time you saw Y/N?”

“Yes,” Soonyoung said quietly, remorse clearly audible in his voice, and fiddled a little with the hem of his top. He could hear your friend taking her breath.

”Then why on earth have you not called them? They’ve been feeling terrible and I’m so damn mad at you for making them feel that way when you’re supposed to make them happy! I didn’t want to meddle in this too much, but Y/N passed out when we were out, and that’s just… that’s the last straw. Man up, Soonyoung. Y/N needs you, and if you really know what you did wrong and feel remorse, I think you need them, too.”

Soonyoung processed your friend’s words for a moment, but there was mostly one thing that clung to his mind, which had his heart racing in anxiety, his eyebrows furrowing and breath nearly hitching in his throat. “Y/N passed out?”

”Yes, and if you want to make things right, you better drag your ass to their place soon.”

He only had time to mumble something before your friend hung up on him, and he had quite likely never been as fast to leave the studio as he was then.

An hour or so later, your friend opened your apartment’s door to Soonyoung, who smiled sheepishly at her, carrying a simple bouquet of your favorite flowers as well as a self-made card that said “Sorry for being an idiot” on the front of it. Your friend laughed at it and shook her head.

“Great choice of words,” she noted, and Soonyoung nodded with a quiet chuckle.

“Can’t disagree,” he admitted, and pursed his lips when he had closed the door behind himself. “Is Y/N okay? Where are they?”

Your friend pointed at your bedroom door that was almost shut, and then lifted her forefinger before her lips. “I got them to drink some chamomile tea, and now they’re sleeping. I don’t think Y/N’s gotten to sleep that well in a while.”

Soonyoung’s smile got a sad hint to it. “I’m so sorry…”

“Save the apologies,” your friend whispered and patted Soonyoung’s back before pointing at the living room area. “Let’s go sit there.”

They sat down on your couch and talked quietly: Soonyoung asked about how you had been doing, and your friend told him the full miserable story of it, and by the end of it Soonyoung felt like he was being suffocated.

“I’ve really got a lot to improve, don’t I?” he asked rhetorically and ran his fingers through his hair, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment and his eyes nearly watering. Your friend smiled a little, but gave him an honest nod.

“I’m sure you can do it. The fact that you realize you need to change is a good start,” she said and chuckled softly. “If you hurt Y/N, I’ll kick your ass.”

Soonyoung snickered, but regained his seriousness fast as he thought about you, his chest feeling pleasantly warm at the memory of your good times together. “I’ll do my best.”

“Good,” your friend hummed, and perked up when your voice could be heard from your bedroom.

Soonyoung stood up quickly, the flowers and card in his hands, and was about to bolt to your room before realizing that it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. He turned to look at your friend. “…Could you ask Y/N if they want to see me?”

Your friend smiled warmly at him and nodded, patting his shoulder as she came to your room. Soonyoung tapped the flowers with his fingers anxiously while he waited, and looked hopefully at your bedroom door when your friend came back out.

“You can go.”

Soonyoung nodded in understanding and walked to your room when your friend had come out.

“Hey,” he said softly from the door, and you looked at him blankly with a hint of sadness on your face.

“Why haven’t you called?” you asked, your voice breaking a little as tears began falling from your eyes. Soonyoung’s lips formed an automatic pout as his eyes welled up with tears, too, and he made his way to your bed to sit down next to you. You were half-sitting against the wall, and wiped your eyes with the backs of your hands, too tired and exhausted to fight the emotions that desperately wanted to be shown.

“I’m sorry,” Soonyoung said softly, placing his hand on top of you on the blanket once he had put the flowers and card next to you. “I should’ve called, I just… I was so ashamed…”

“Still,” you mumbled and looked at him, your eyes a bit puffy and your lips quivering.

“I can’t change the past, but I want you to know that I regret it,” Soonyoung said, his voice as steady as he could keep it, and looked into your eyes. “I regret behaving the way I did, feeling the way I did, not calling and apologizing when I really should have…”

You nodded as he apologized, and dried your tears again. The anxiety inside of you was slowly easing down, and the feeling of relief was starting to take over - you were infinitely grateful.

“Do you think you can forgive me?”

Looking into Soonyoung’s eyes, as candid and warm as ever, you nodded slowly. “But you need to change. We can’t… We can’t go on if you act like you own me. I need a life of my own, too.”

He nodded determinedly and took your hand into his when you had placed it on your lap. He caressed it gently. “I’ll change. I know it’s not right, and I don’t want to be like that. You deserve so much better.”

You let out a relieved sigh. “I’ll call you out if you cross the line again.”

“Please do,” Soonyoung said with a soft chuckle, and raised his eyebrows when you pulled your hand out of his and stretched your arms out.

“Come on and hug me, you dummy,” you pouted, your lips stretching into a happy smile when Soonyoung snickered and leaned down to hug you.

As you inhaled his familiar scent and felt yourself be embraced in his steady arms, you could finally feel yourself relax.

You finally had your loving, bubbly Soonyoung back.

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How I Stopped Biting My Nails After 20 Years Of Non-Stop Gnawing

Please hold the obvious joke, but for most of my life the rule has been “if it fits in my mouth, it’s going in.”My oral fixation makes it a true miracle that I’ve never taken up smoking. I chewed up pen caps, straws, lids, sleeves, and — worst of all — my fingernails.

Seriously, for 20 years those things were so gnawed-up and bleedy, they looked like tiny sea creatures that’d lost their shells. It was an ugly, gross habit that I just resigned myself to after 20-plus years of biting. Save for the odd pair of acrylics, my nails were always unvarnished, ragged and out of place on an otherwise semi-put-together, mostly-functioning adult woman. And then one day, I stopped. Seriously, it’s just over.

Here’s the before and after:

They’re still not the longest (see above), but I’m still floored every time I look at the difference. For those of you (us?) who have all but totally given up hope at a life with a Pinterest nail board and something called mani/pedis, here’s how I kicked my habit and grew out my nubs once and for all:

Paint them, no matter how short and gross

Something bright or intricate, too! This was probably the biggest deterrent for me. Like a magpie, I’m transfixed by bright and shiny things so the thought of fucking up something pretty I just spent time on was totally off-putting. The above picture of my red nails (the one with the rings) was only about a month ago — they grew fast once I backed off and let them. That picture was the first day I stopped biting. Once the polish came on, it never went off.

Replace your habit with something else

I got one of those little plastic water tumblers so I could sit there with the straw in my mouth all day (not chewing, just drinking) to distract me from biting. One of the weirdest things I did — and I’m sure my coworkers all hated me for it — was actually saying “NO!” to myself out loud every time I went in for a bite. The verbal and low-key shameful self-scolding was enough to get me to trap my hand under my leg so I couldn’t get to it.

Treat yourself regularly

Rather than punishing myself with that gross-tasting varnish or smacking myself in the wrist with a rubber band (which some people swear by, but it never worked for me), I worked on a reward system instead. I treated myself to nice, at-home nail care for little while before upgrading to (my fist!) salon manicure on natural nails. I started wearing a lot of rings to being attention to my newly feminized hands and buying the fun nail polish I could never wear before a incentive. Soon enough, my nails were long enough to peek out over my finger tips, tap against a phone screen and dig into my palm. Every time I get the urge to bite, I admire them all shiny and painted and think about how upset I’d be if I had to go back to square one. The visualization is key until you start to see physical results. From there, it’s all downhill.

you: zoro is vice-captain

me, an intellectual:

Ghosts Are Real

Ghosts exist.

I know a large portion of you will be scoffing at the notion, eager to disagree with me. Another large portion likely agree and would be prepared to back me up. Then there is the small portion of you who are unsure of what to believe. I used to be one of you: One of the undecided, one of the ‘well I can’t prove nor disprove it so I don’t know’ crowd.

Not any more.

My acceptance of ghosts doesn’t come from a visit to some old manor or plantation or castle supposedly riddled with the spirits of the dead. Nor does it come from some night in a house where monstrous tragedy struck. No, nothing so cliché and predictable. nothing fuelled by the desire to believe and eagerness to witness something happening in a location rumoured to have such happenings.

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scriddler? :3

•who hogs the duvet: Eddie
•who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Both
•who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Jon, one year he made Eddie a pillow out of straw and the same material from his mask. So he could always feel close to him.
•who gets up first in the morning: Jon because he barley sleeps
•who suggests new things in bed: Both, but mostly Eddie
•who cries at movies: Eddie
•who gives unprompted massages: Jon
•who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Both
•who gets jealous easiest: Eddie
•who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Eddie
•who collects something unusual: Idk what he would collect but I feel like it’s Jon.
•who takes the longest to get ready: Both, they’re always late
•who is the most tidy and organised: Jon
•who gets most excited about the holidays: Eddie
•who is the big spoon/little spoon: Most of the time Jon, but sometimes they switch
•who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: Eddie
•who starts the most arguments: Eddie but there always about small stuff and there short
•who suggests that they buy a pet: Jon, but Eddie thinks they don’t have time for one
•what couple traditions they have: Scary movies on Wednesday and dinner dates every Saturday
•what tv shows they watch together: They don’t watch very much tv but once in a while they’ll turn in something like Parks & Recs
•what other couple they hang out with: Harley & Ivy
•how they spend time together as a couple: They take walks together all the time ( mostly at night ), and stay up late playing video games
•who made the first move: Jon actually, Eddie had never liked someone the way he liked Jon, so he was too shy.
•who brings flowers home: Eddie mostly, but Jon does for special occasions.
•who is the best cook: Jon

market update

itz been a uh - while? - most ppl dont even know that i do this - or that my blog wuz once upon a time totally stock market oriented - it used to have the sub title “markets and music and anything else i feel like posting” or sum thing like 

the election was the last straw man standing - the night of futures were down almost 900 points at one point - then wtf happened - fuck if i know - i wuz reddy whip for a mini crash - shock and awwwwful 

i still trade a bit - small change - partially have to conserve cash - to fund the unpoets biz when its time - and there have been insulting injuries to this old as fuck framework wetware main frame - i dont start a trade when im in pain 

but trade i do - on 2 premises mostly - dont try this at home - it could be costly - theres a few stocks i have traded profitably over the years like lather rinse repeat - i could almost do it in my sleep - aamof i prob have - they predictably and un - go up up up then crash and burn - thats when i buy them - usually too early before they stop falling - if im brave i buy some more (i used 2 be braver) - and watch the money outlow bleeding - when they go back up i sell - again too soon before they finish their ascension - i sometimes trade the options on these as well - ALWAYS covered ( this means i actually own the underlying stock so if it doesnt go as planned its not a disaster) public nudity is not my thing for which im sure ur eyes are grateful  - the other trades i have on are companies that very well could go bankrupt - i buy a bit as that fear hits the market - and as much as i dare ALL THE WAY DOWN - then i hold on fearfully until they either do go bankrupt or turn their biz around and recover - usually i have a reason for my belief that the company will survive - a new ceo or a major buyer who sees value - the good thing is i only have to be right less than half the time in aggregate to be profitable - but i know ppl who try this and lose money EVERY time - it could happen to me someday - maybe soon 

so wats the market gonna do u ask?

it will fluctuate

Phil’s Livestream // 1.12.17

He’s wearing his pugs not drugs jumper

“Seeing you guys has just perked me right up”

They’re experiencing thundersnow in London right now

He ate loads of food over the holiday

His mum makes the best food

He wants to see his family more this year

“Great Phil. Great work.” 

Explanation of Christmas puddings

The sides of his hair are short again (not quite shaved by nice and short)


His hairdresser comes to his house to cut his hair now

There was hair all over the floor when the gas men came

Dan says 1 year Phil says 4 what is the truth

New AmazingPhil video tonight after the liveshow 

Hair swish

2 busy 4 a dog (but he wants a dog one day)

“Pugs not allergy drugs”

Self-shampooing hair 

They went to Manchester for New Years

He’s showing one gift Dan got him in the video and another one which is a game called Codenames

He’s going to make his friends play the boardgames with him

He got donut sprinkles handwash but it smells mostly of sugar

He got some straw pig plant growing things idk what it is but it cute

Their publishers got him TATINOF vans 

His mum got him fake candles because she’s scared he’s going to burn the house down

The gas leak was on the bottom floor entrance and they never burn candles there which is why they didn’t explode

The gas leak is fixed btw

He’s got loads of ideas for a certain creative project?? 

He misses when he was a bit more fit and could run up all of the stairs in their house

Top fans got scented candles

The queen recovered from her cold faster than he did rip

He loves having Sherlock back and he may go to a party to watch the last one

They actually did the entirety of Gamingmas

He misses Papyrus 


He sucked at the Undertale battles thankfully Dan was good at them

Dad? Dab? Dan? is having a new year sale use the code “HAPPY2017″

Rip yoi

He’s been watching a show called Humans which he really likes

He watched Age of Ultron again and liked it way more the second time

They’ve watched the first 4 episodes of Steven Universe 

He had a weird dream that he was in Scotland being chased around a hotel and he couldn’t find Dan and then Dan’s mum texted him and said that she had the same dream 

“Sometimes I drive past Big Ben and go oh yeah I live in London”

His mum is obsessed with snow and she facetimed him so she could see it

He wants to see La La Land (possibly tonight or tomorrow)

He doesn’t know what he’s doing for his birthday yet but he may either visit his family or hang out with friends and go to an escape room again

“Stick around”

Collective dab


They cleaned the entire house while listening to the Undertale soundtrack

He’s going to put the next liveshows on LessAmazingPhil

“I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you very soon” 


Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||

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Hi, I just want to say that I really love your blog. I recently discovered it & I think it's so neat how you built this little world that so neatly fits into canon it just blows my mind!!! I don't know if you read manga but I think I might have one you might like (or could draw from for this blog if that's a thing) it's the called Flying Witch & is deals with many traditional aspects of witchcraft & straws away from the more modern view. Idk I just wanted to pop express my thanks & whatnot :) ❤️

Y’know this is the second anime/manga recommendation I’ve recieved in the past two days? I do watch some anime, sometimes (Hellsing. Mostly Hellsing. Eldritch Alucard is amazing and I love it) but I don’t really read Manga I’m afraid. It’s a very kind thought, though, and I appreciate it very much. I’m very glad you enjoy the blog so much, and thank you.

some thoughts on not being an asshole when talking to young people

So I was thinking recently, what if someone who had no idea ageism or adult privilege was a problem or even a thing that existed read through one of those tags, took what they saw seriously instead of responding with the world’s worst straw man arguments as is sadly the norm, and realized how badly the average young person is treated by adult-dominated society? What would they get out of it? At the moment, like most social justice tags on tumblr, the adult privilege and ageism tags are mostly full of complaints - there’s a dearth of constructive material on what the average person can do. Frankly, I’ve been part of that, so I thought I’d try to do something about it.

So, here’s tip #1 for not being part of the age discrimination problem:

Try to remember that older does not mean wiser. (And even when it does, being wiser doesn’t mean you get to be a jackass.)

Being several decades older than a young person does, theoretically, give you more life experience, yes. Some of that life experience may be quite valuable in offering that young person advice. You may even have gone through some of the same things they’re going through - there’s no denying that the teenage years are a time of searching for identity for most people, for example - and you may be in a wonderful position to offer guidance and support. All of that is true.


The fact that you’ve been around for more years than someone else does not mean you have more experience, or any experience at all, that’s relevant to their life or context. A 40-year-old who’s been healthy all their life does not have the experience of the healthcare system that a chronically ill 7-year-old has. A 70-year-old who’s never been outside their home state does not have the travel experience to offer advice to a 17-year-old leaving on a backpacking trip.

Experience is individually contextual. You may have more experience of “the world” in general than a person a third of your age, but you do not have more experience of their world - in fact, by definition (ie, their world is not your world), you have less. Experience is also culturally and socially situated. How much life experience does a 40-year-old who was born into an old money family have to offer a 14-year-old who’s working a minimum wage job to support their family? How relevant to a girl born in Tibet or Haiti is the life experience of a man born in middle America?

You also - especially with the world changing as rapidly as it is these days - have not spent any more time in today’s world than that young person has. Face it: a lot of your experience is completely out of date. Hell, I’m 27, and a lot of my experience is completely out of date. That doesn’t mean your experiences of a pre-digital, pre-always-connected, pre-crushing-student-loans, pre-stranger-danger-paranoia world are valueless, but it does mean they don’t offer you a whole lot of wisdom to impart to anyone, young or old, living in the here and now. The America of 1972 and the America of 2014 are at least as different from each other as are the aforementioned America, Tibet, and Haiti.

Then we come to the matter of what it means even if you do have significantly greater contextually, socially, culturally, and temporally relevant experience than a young person. Let’s assume for the moment that you are, in fact, “wiser” - whatever that means - than the young person you’re speaking to. Does that give you a resource with which to give advice? Of course it does. Does it give them a reason to listen to you? Probably. Does it give you the right to expect them to make the decision you would make in their place, or to force your point of view on them? Hell no it doesn’t.

The important thing to remember is that just because their life experience is different from yours (as any person’s is from any other’s), or even if their life experience is, in fact, lesser than yours in some objective, meaningful way, that doesn’t mean you have the right to treat them as if their experience has no merit, or as if they do not have the same right to respect and self-determination you have. You don’t have the right to speak over them, silence them, or treat their thoughts, feelings, opinions, or decisions as if they’re any less valid than your own. Let’s say you’re 40 years old, and you meet an 80-year-old whose life experience and wisdom astound you and whose advice you hold in very high regard. Chances are, you still expect that person to treat you as though you, not they, are the ultimate agent of your own life. Extend that same courtesy to young people, even if you think your experience and wisdom put you in a position to advise and guide them.

Society has spent your entire life teaching you that age=experience, experience=wisdom, and wisdom (if the person you’re speaking to is young enough)=the right to treat someone like they’re ignorant, stupid, or in dire need of not just advice, but control. But when you really think about it, this chain breaks down at every single step.

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so i'm confused over something about the trio fight before ron leaves. fandom makes it seem like it was cause Ron thought H/Hr had a thing (i get it u chose him) but it's weird cause why would ron think that if ginny liked harry & harry knows ron likes Hermione why would harry do that then? i thought it was more about Ron being fed up with they not making progress, & hermione decided to stay was last straw? not him thinking H/Hr were secretly together cause harry is not shitty friend? thoughts?

Well, it’s mostly the side of fandom that either hates Ron or romione that think that. They’re also the ones who say Ron left because it was too hard. But if you go back and read the actual fight, Harry is the one to bring that part into it.

Ron was mad because they weren’t making any progress–they were just going in circles. Then when they learn about the sword, Harry and Hermione sort of downplay what his family is going through, even if it is partially meant to assure him that things are fine. But to Ron, nothing is getting done, and even knowing about the sword doesn’t do them any good, since it’s gone. Meanwhile, his family (especially Ginny), could be in danger of being killed or tortured. And honestly, who wants to sit around when that’s happening when they could go and do some actual good by helping? By the time Ron asked Hermione to go with him, the fight was already over, and didn’t have anything to do with it.

It wasn’t that he thought that the two of them had something secret going on, but there was always the chance that Harry would get over Ginny and fall for Hermione. After all, it’s not uncommon or impossible for someone’s feelings to change. In Ron’s mind, both of his friends are so amazing that it’s only natural they’d be drawn to each other (which shows the toxicity of thinking that ‘pretty should be with pretty, smart with smart, etc,’ instead of being with someone because you love them). A lot of it was heightened by the locket, but it was a fear, and fears don’t always have very strong roots in reality.

@the-defected-one from here

“Finally built up a tolerance, have you?” Barty inquired dryly. They weren’t students any more, policed ( or not, as most of their sixth year had proven ) by the teachers, and as such the fun ( ? ) of getting drunk had mostly worn off since it wasn’t an illicit activity. 

“I hardly think the cabinet will hold us both if we dance, Regulus. It’s an antique.”

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Top 5 Onepiece fanfics?

I am so sorry but I can’t keep this at just 5.  I’m going to cheat.  But they’re not really in order at this point.  Although Memories is my forever top because of plenty of reasons.  It’s not fair for me not to mention some really noteworthy authors.  So I guess that I’ll talk about my favorite fic of theirs and put some honorable mention fics that they’ve done as well.  I’m sorry that there’s a huge Zosan/yaoi trend.  I’m obsessed.  I can make a more non yaoi friendly list in the future if you guys would like.

1. Memories by stark_black.  I think that it’s safe to say that this is the Zosan bible.  Proper initiation into the fandom would be to read this.  Saying that it’s life-changing is a little much but it did for me.  I cried reading this fanfic, I laughed, I felt and I thought about how I myself would handle that situation.  And there’s one line that I will always remember.  ”A pretty smart asshole once said to me, ‘love isn’t worth it if it isn’t hard’”  Just read everything she’s ever done.  It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life.

Honorable Mentions: The Nature of Things, Loved in Return, The Roronoa FruitSecrets

2. Through Children’s Eyes by factorielle.  This would by my favorite fic where a number of the straw hats are turned into kiddies.  Mostly because of those male bonding moments between Zoro and Sanji that occur all throughout the fic.  And she captures Sanji’s character so well.  Those little nuances are perfection.

Honorable Mention: Down the Line

3. A Dance for Two by reiki-piratical.  This was one of my third or fourth Kid/Law pieces that I’ve ever read and it has probably lodged itself into my heart as my favorite.  She’s got a thing for making Law completely dirt poor and then Kid comes along with more money than a person could ever need.  She captures their characterizations really well.  Another author you just need to read everything from.  This is the author for all of those Kid/Law fans out there.  Along with Marco/Ace.

Honorable Mentions: Caprice, Forbidden FruitsFelony’s Insatiable Hunger, Squirreling Up the Room

4. Love Me Dead by undanewneon.  So let’s talk.  Our Straw Hats as a rock band, Sanji is the lead singer, Zoro the lead guitarist, Luffy on the drums, and so much more.  What more could you ask for?  A very realistic love story happens between Sanji and Zoro along with a fantastic depiction of relationship abuse and how it doesn’t just go away with words.  Fantastical writer.  Please read everything that she’s ever written.

Honorable Mentions: Blacksmith, Property of Sanji, 500, Comfort Food, Food is For Sharing

5. Enlighten Me by Aevium.  It’s not a finished fic but it’s one of my all-time favorites.  Sanji and Zoro have a thing where angsty fics work so well with them.  They’re complex characters and she captures that so well within this.  Perhaps it’s because I can connect to her Sanji so well that I love this fic but it’s also because of all the emotions I’ve found in myself that I never thought even existed.  I really can’t count the amount of times that I’ve found myself having to reread lines because they’re so meaningful and they touch the heart.  She’s really grown as a writer and I would recommend her work.  

Honorable Mentions: Engraved, Don’t Stare, Dark Dusk Dawn

6. Like Steel For Chocolate by maldoror_gw.  I discovered this fic somewhere along the road of my Zosan obsession and it’s one that seems to always stick around in my mind when people ask about favs.  This author’s stuff is awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Cold DishHamon, Do Over, Forty If We’re Lucky (Who would have known that you could rip my heart out, step on it and then ship it back to me with 297 words?)

7. Alongside All the Way by sabershadowkat. Lovely characterization, sex and straw hat antics.  It’s been a while since I’ve read this fic but after doing a quick reread I knew that I had to add it to the list.

Honorable Mentions: More Important Than Dreams, Not Just About You, Playing Mermaid, Rules of Love

8. Offence Mechanism by salmon_pink.  This was a sex pollen story and a lovely one at that.  That sex was beautiful.

Honorable Mentions: Burned, Shredded, Yule

9. Every single thing that scuttlebuttinc has ever written.  Their fics are dirty, awesomely characterized and they would certainly be categorized as my guilty pleasures.  Apparently all of their fics are gone from their livejournal so this is the post where people are compiling what they have saved.

10. Worth by doctor_cyance. I’m rereading this right now and I’m completely overwhelmed by how well written it is.  I’ll just summarize the first chapter of it for you guys.  Kid buys Law for a large sum of money at an auction.  The two have a little chat, Law is in fact not a virgin and they have enviable sex.

Honorable Mentions: Delirium, A Remedial Education

11. The Wedding Night by cuethe_pulse.  Yet another fic where my heart was fucking ripped out of my body, run over by an 18-wheeler, thrown into the ocean and then given back to me as my dying body takes it’s last breaths.  This is intended to be a compliment because stories that move me to that extent are the best stories.  I tend to avoid deathfics like the plague but I love cuethe_pulse’s work so I had to check it out.  It felt so real which is what got to me.  Read the author’s works because they are very well done.

Honorable Mentions: This Plant Means You Kiss Menever judge a book by its pink couch and mermaid paintingExclusiveLove Smells

12. Full Disclosure by pennysparkle (bunansa). It’s an interesting concept.  Sanji has a secret that he has no intention of revealing to us and I’m extremely curious to find out what it is.  I’m personally a huge fan of AU stories and she nails it with this one.  I knew that I was forgetting something extremely important on the list yesterday.

Honorable Mention: let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweatersThat’s Just My Battle ScarI’d Rather Dance With YouConvenience Store BluesSweet Talk

The thing that killed me about the dinner scene was how much Lukas didn’t have to tell them that Philip tried to convince him to sell his dad’s watch to buy drugs. Lying about the gun and the cabin was mostly to save his own ass. Lying about the drugs which no one but Philip knew about? That was Lukas trying to get back at Philip for not helping him get them in the first place. And between Lukas betraying him that way and Helen flat out distrusting him, that was the final straw for Philip. He’s been through so much and tries so hard to look out for people (his mom, Lukas). But there are people willing to believe the worst of him just because of his difficult background. I just love Philip so much and he deserves more people like Gabe in his life.

Just A Dream (Part 6)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

to the anon who complimented me in Romanian: that was kinda hot

(more notes on why i won’t singularly post that anon asks/why i won’t publicly post many asks at all at the bottom)

Word Count: 966

Warnings: lil nsfw at the end, like a millisecond (literally ends as fast as it starts)

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May I say that I deeply appreciate your objective view of the Marines? It seems like too many in this fandom oftentimes characterize the Marines as inherently evil just for opposing the Strawhats, despite the fact that the Strawhats are not opposed to doing extremely immoral acts (which is why I love them.) 90% of the time, most Marines are simply protecting innocents. So much so that even Marine fodder are willing to go up against people like Zoro and Luffy to protect them, knowing they'd lose.

Thank you! And yeah, I feel you about that. The Marines and the WG are almost always portrayed negatively in the fandom, with the obvious exceptions of certain individuals Marines (like Smoker and Tashigi). It’s kinda of like we think of corrupt Marines as the default, and good Marines as the exception, rather than good Marines as the default and corrupt ones and the exception. Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but I believe that there are more Marines that are willing to throw themselves into harm’s way to protect the innocent than there are who would turn tail to save their own skin at the innocents’ expense.

One Marine who I like who I don’t think gets enough love is Capt. T-Bone

He may be a little bit overzealous and uncompromising, but I really like and respect who he is and what he stands for. He can’t stand to see people get hurt, and all he wants is for people to be able to live orderly and peaceful lives. But he has no mercy for those who would willingly bring harm to others for their own ends, and to protect the people of the world from those who would hurt them, he’d gladly throw his limbs and life away.

Like you said, even the grunts of the Marines, men and women with no real power themselves, put themselves at death’s door every day to try to defeat vicious criminals far more powerful than themselves.

The top brass of the Marines and the World Gov. are riddled with corruption, but I believe it exists far less within the bulk of the soldiers. And even among the top brass—people like Sengoku, Akainu, Kong, the Gorosei, and more, I think they’re mostly trying to do what they believe is the right thing. I’ve gone into a lot of detail in this subject in posts like this and this (spoilers in this one), and I talk about it so much because I really like these ideas about conflicting versions of morality. The Straw Hats are people who are okay with hurting people and putting bystanders in danger for the sake of their own freedom and the lives and freedom of the people they care about. On the other hand, the Marines are people who are willing to accept a corrupt social order/government in order to protect the lives of as many people as possible. The debate of what is more important, safety or freedom is one that is very real in our own world, and that’s what makes this dynamic so interesting.

I just saw someone use Taeyeon’s depression to “prove” she hated Jessica, and honestly this is the last straw. 

All these pictures people pick where Taeyeon isn’t looking at Jessica and Jessica is clearly looking lovingly at her prove only ONE thing. That Jessica admires Taeyeon, a lot. (Besides, if you actually look into these things you can see any of the members “ignoring” each other at some points because A LOT is going on - seen that this happens in concerts mostly)

It’s clear Taeyeon is quite a closed off person, we’ve seen that over and over again, and that she’s clearly more open with Tiffany. And just because her relationship with the other members isn’t on the same level as Tiffany’s, that doesn’t prove Taeyeon hates Jessica. Like do you realise that while Taeyeon and Jessica were slightly drifting apart - over the years - Taeyeon and Tiffany were getting closer? People seem to forget that Taeyeon is a human being and her relationships with other people will slightly change over the course of time. (Like it literally happens to everyone????)

Do you really think that if Taeyeon was in ANY way bullying Jessica:

1- the other girls wouldn’t do anything about it?

2- it wouldn’t show? (as in, you would also see the other girls drifting from her etc)

3- Jessica herself wouldn’t do anything about it?

And now, I see someone say that because Taeyeon seems to be feeling better regarding her depression, she for sure had something to do with Jessica’s departure. This is so???????????????????? Like honestly, how low do you have to reach to try to make a point. 

It’s sickening how people love to blame Taeyeon for literally everything that goes wrong with SNSD.

One Piece #792. 「土下座」 (”Kneeling Down”)

“Exploiting the system of the Ouka Shichibukai, that vile pirate… made himself the king of a country, and in its lands, subjugated none other than the World Government itself. People of Dressrosa, members of the royal family, in place of the World Government… I humbly beg for your forgiveness! It kills me just to know that we were the ones who put you through all this..!”


Amidst the celebratory cries of the citizens of Dressrosa, Sabo wraps up his fight with Jesus Burgess. The all but defeated Blackbeard Pirate uses his last resort, provoking Sabo with a story about Ace’s last words before being sent to the Marines for his inevitable execution and striking him with a dagger presumably made of kairouseki. However, with his fingers already planted on Burgess’s face, Sabo relentlessly unleashes Ace’s signature attack, Fire Fist, on Burgess before he can make his move. Immediately after, Sabo receives a call from Koala on his Den Den Mushi, in which she reports that they’ve found the list they’ve been looking for and tells Sabo to meet them underground. Meanwhile, the Marines are binding the unconscious members of the Donquixote Pirates in kairouseki chains, King Riku is confronted by his past subjects to re-claim his title, and Admiral Fujitora has made orders to his subordinates to broadcast a transmission to Dressrosa’s three closest neighboring countries. Riku receives the support of his people, the support of old friend King Elizabello II of Prodence, and then finally the support of Fujitora himself, who kneels before the King and begs for his forgiveness in place of the World Government, thereby claiming all responsibility for what Doflamingo, a World Government-inducted member of the Shichibukai, has done to the country of Dressrosa. The entire incident is broadcasted live to the three countries, allowing them not only to publicize before the World Government the actions of Fujitora but also the reality that it was none other than the pirate alliance between Trafalgar D. Water Law and Monkey D. Luffy that saved the country of Dressrosa from this World Government-involved evil.


After last week’s chapter of celebratory expression one after another, we finally reach a point of dénouement, full of diplomacy and ideologies—and coincidentally enough, with not a single Straw Hat in sight save for Luffy’s oh-so-candid wanted poster profile. A good number of points I tried to predict upon last week show up this week, so I guess it’s worth delving into how I now feel about being wrong and right (mostly wrong) about those things. 

When we switch back to the exciting face-off between Burgess and Sabo, it’s a tad bit disappointing to find out that the confrontation has already come to a decisive end (though comforting is the notion that Sabo easily owns one of the Blackbeard Pirates—the purported number two strongest at that, given his status as captain of the crew’s first ship), as Sabo looks up towards the sky in hearty approval of the distant cheers. Unsurprisingly but perhaps just as enraging as always, we see members of the Blackbeard Pirates resort to underhanded tactics to compensate for their lack of strength, as Burgess provokes Sabo with snubs about Ace’s pitiful state before his death, all the while concealing a dagger apparently made of kairouseki behind his back. Whether or not Sabo was ever actually aware of the dagger in Burgess’s hand before he blasted the guy’s ass away isn’t explicitly depicted; but it really didn’t matter. At the heart of the trial was whether or not Burgess’s taunt could faze Sabo enough to lead to his downfall, and sure enough Sabo passes the test with a brimming display of his maturity (in regard to coping with Ace’s death, in contrast to Luffy overcoming a mental state of madness, Sabo seems to suffer more guilt-based symptoms and is tortured about “if” he could have saved Ace as opposed to the pure “couldn’t" in Luffy’s case—in that sense, it’s not a relatively simple solution of “training to become stronger and able to protect the ones important to him now” for Sabo as it was and still currently is for Luffy). 

In being on the topic of Burgess’s pussy-footed tactics, I’m compelled to express how I am only feeling more and more desperate that the Blackbeard Pirates do not end up being the big bad final bosses that the Straw Hat Pirates go against by series’s end. It’s my opinion that Blackbeard himself was most interesting as an antagonist when he was first revealed to be such; his capture of Ace and betrayal of Thatch effectively transformed him from the bumbling, cherry pie-loving drunk on the side of the road back at Jaya to a dark and manipulative player in the game of (thrones) Pirate King who is among the few characters in the entire series universe who have murdered another prominent character on-screen in cold blood. However, the first impression only seemed to regress (and eventually reverse) as the story progressed and continued to depict Teach as an antagonist viable of that final boss status. His mixture of both intellect and stupidity, of both courage and cowardice made him out to be a baffling character that, while interesting in some respects, definitely is not fearsome enough or conceptually foil to Luffy enough to live up to that position. (Notable examples: how he led his entire crew to being outright demolished by Magellan at Impel Down, how he subsequently suffered a more-than-crushing defeat at the hands of Whitebeard at Marineford after challenging the legend himself, only to end up crawling to his crew’s arms, literally). At this point, despite how insulting it feels to say, he pretty much serves better as a mirror to Luffy, given the fact that they both have lost to the same Magellan and were then again defeated thereafter due to their own degree of impetuousness. 

So, with Burgess down, the leading figures of the Donquixote Family being chained in kairouseki, and Ciper Pol-0 apparently not making a move, the people of Dressrosa are free to decide for themselves what to do in this one-hell-of-an aftermath; and sure enough, in high One Piece fashion, they elect to return power to the previous ruler whose reign had been interrupted by the invasion of pirates. Beyond this typical outcome is Admiral Fujitora’s take on the matter, who, after a long period of remaining a rather neutral force throughout the arc, finally dispels that nonpartisan, going so far as to preventing the immediate report back to Marine headquarters about the defeat of Doflamingo and prostrating before King Riku himself, begging for forgiveness in the name of the World Government (Did someone say, “new favorite admiral”?). Of course, the immediate effect this has is convincing Riku to re-claim the throne to Dressrosa, a matter of course, really; but in the larger scheme of things, its ultimate effect is letting the media of the masses reveal to the world that is was in fact the alliance between the Heart Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates that brought a downfall to Doflamingo’s tyranny before the World Government could decide how to conspire and mitigate how such news would bolster Law and Luffy’s reputations. 

All in all, after a lengthy arc that has had its own considerable share of distinct moments, the story-telling takes a step back to interweave things with the grand narrative of the series, properly continuing the motif of the eleven members of The Worst Generation who ring in the New Age of Pirates. 

Rating: B+

Additional Note(s):

*Sabo’s Dragon Claw is definitely one of the most effective ways to hold an opponent at point-blank danger. Raise your hand if you tried adjusting your fingers across your own head like that see how they could possibly fit like that.

*Seeing Doffy’s motionless out-of-control body is still surreal at this point. Oda did a really great job depicting his dominance, definitely one of his greatest villains.

*I really hope Sabo’s “softness” isn’t going to end up with Burgess just waking up a few moments later before the Marines can find him and fleeing safely back to his crew, there’s just got to be some repercussions there.

*As far as we know, Burgess isn’t a Devil Fruit user, so it’s a wonder why he didn’t embed kairouseki into his gloves or arm-guard instead of making a dagger out of it—or why everyone else doesn’t do that for that matter.

*Koala’s stressed-out babysitter status is hilarious and makes her that much more lovable.

*Looking at the series of panels of unconscious Doflamingo Pirates and in retrospect, it’s a bit mystifying as to why Señor Pink was the only one who got a proper lifestyle-defining backstory.

*This week’s cover-page was nice, but I hope we get a bit more coverage of Mansherry; she’s a sweetheart and doesn’t deserved to be reduced to nothing other than this arc’s deus ex machina plot device.

*Looks like Maynard is back in top-form. Do you think things are just outright awkward between him and Bartolomeo now?

*Why do I feel like Issho bowing is still taller than most people in the One Piece universe?

*Oda giving us a glimpse at various islands (that we’ll probably never really visit canonically) in the Grand Line is always interesting. One of Dressrosa’s neighboring countries is Applenine Island (The roofs to the buildings are shaped like apples!), do you think they’re the kind of neighbors you could go next door to and ask for some apples, or say, some help from the tyranny of a mad king?