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More from the doodle batch from the last post as well! I ended up doing some little cheebs of Prompto and a cute little Promptis on too! I’m debating about cleaning them up and turning them into stickers and possible charms if people are interested! But I should probably make some for the other boys and finish the Marlboro-Kun ones I’ve planned out too LOL Other than that, back to finding some inspiration! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

Until The Very End

This is my first Drarry fluff fanfiction/oneshot. Sorry for the grammer mistakes btw. I hope you enjoy it, if you do please reblog or like this post to let me know if I should continue writing more fanfictions. thank you so much! :D (also check out my wattpad for more upcoming fanfictions: obsessionobsessed)

“Watch out where you’re going, Potter!” Draco yelled as he and Harry bump shoulders walking down a narrow hallway. All of Harry’s quills, ink bottles, and books fell to the floor.

Harry was in a rush to get out of Potions and get to the Griffindor tower to have his weekend to relax in his room.

Ron, Neville, Dean, and Seamus where staying with Hermione and Ginny at Hogmead for a few nights so he’d have the room to himself.

There was nothing to do except stare at the map and obsess over Draco. Harry fancied the blond boy.

After making it to his room, Harry threw all his stuff in his trunk and plopped down on the bed then took the map out of his robes.

Draco was accompanied by three other guys who’s names, he did not know. The three where rather closer to Draco than Harry would have liked to admit.

Throwing the cloke over himself, Harry set off towards Draco and the three other boys.


Harry could hear the conversation before he rounded the corner to Draco and the boys. He stopped behind the wall to listen.

“…and no one cares, Malfoy. No one does. Your worthless and no one loves you. Not even your parents, your mother only gave birth to you so they could carry out the Malfoy name.”

Harry turned the corner to see Draco acrossed the hall, with his shoulders pinned to the wall by two of the boys on either side, while the third was spitting insults in his face. All three of the boys where towering over Draco, and where well built.

“You’re a discussing sight to see, Malfoy.”

The two boys released Draco while the third shoved him to the ground. The trio walked down the nearest corridor and out of sight.

Draco stood up slowly, not bothering to brush off his robes. With his head hung, he walked to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.


Harry was stunned. Draco Malfoy, was being bullied? It didn’t seem possible, yet Harry watched the whole thing play out.

Harry wasn’t thinking what he was doing, but his gut- and his heart- told him to fallow Draco into the bathrooms.

Taking off the cloak and stuffing it into his robes, Harry, once again, followed Draco.

Harry stood in the door frame, his heart sank at the sight: Draco was staring into the bathroom’s mirror with his back to Harry; crying.

His hands where gripping the side of the sink so hard his knuckles where white, and his body was shaking from the impact of his sobs. His grey eyes where bloodshot and his hair was sticking out in every direction.

Harry’s heart broke just looking at him.


Harry took a few steps forward so he was standing mearly five feet away.

Draco spun around and pointed his wand at Harry. Harry did not draw out his wand, he just stood with his arms at his sides.

“W-what do you want, P-Potter?”

Draco stuttered, desperately trying to choke down his sobs, while using his free hand do frantically wipe away his tears.

“Draco I-”

Harry didn’t know what to say. ‘I saw you getting bullied’ 'I saw you sobbing over the sink’ 'I am deeply in love with you’

“I- I saw what happened- earlier”

Harry settled with, not looking away from Draco.

Draco’s puffy red eyes widened, and gave off a hint of fear and sorrow. A few more tears slipped from his eyes, he whipped them away with his sleve then muffled a choked sob.

“O- obl- oblivia-”

Draco was trying to wipe his memory, but he started sobbing uncontrollably. Hiccups where erupting from his throat and his hands and body where once again shaking. Tears where pouring from his eyes, creating a waterfall down his cheeks onto his black robes.

Harry couldn’t think of anything to do, he walked a few steps closer to Draco. In turn, Draco took a step back.

Draco was now shaking so hard he dropped his wand. Not bothering to pick it up, Draco walked a few more steps back until he felt the corner of the bathroom against his back.

Draco was covering his tear-stained face with both of his now soaked sleeves. He slowly sank onto the bathroom floor until his arms where wrapped around his legs and his face was buried in his knees.

Draco doesn’t care to notice when Harry crosses the room and sits next to him, their shoulders and legs pressing against each other.

“J- just go- go a-away P-Potter.”

Draco was stuttering so quietly it was almost hard to hear.

“I’m not leaving you.”

Harry said sternly yet softly.

Draco didn’t respond, or even look up at Harry, he stayed seated there, with his body pressed against Harry’s; still sobbing.

It was silent except for Draco’s sobbing and hiccups echoing around the bathroom.

Harry felt horrible, just sitting there while Draco was crying next to him. So he took a chance-

Harry took both of Draco’s wrists in his hands and pried them apart from around his legs. Draco jerked his wrists away and looked over at Harry, but didn’t protest.

Harry hooked both of his arms around Draco’s torso and rested his head in Draco’s chest. Draco was shocked for a second, but after the slight hesitation, he also linked his arms around Harry’s back, and laid his head in the crook between Harry’s head and shoulder, wetting Harry’s robes with tears that where still streaming down his face.


At first, the hug was a little awkward from the position both of the boys where in, but none less comfortable and calming. It seemed to last forever. Draco’s sobbing stopped completely, all that you could hear was the shallow breathing and Draco’s sniffing every so often.

After what seemed like an eternity, Harry slowly pulled away from Draco’s grasp.


Harry whispered


Draco looked down at his lap in an attempt to hide the blush burning bright across his face.

“What happened back there?”

“You saw what happened.”

Draco replied, lowering his voice so Harry had to lean in to hear better.

“No, I mean why where those guys talking to you like that?”

Draco was silent, burying his face deeper into his knees.

“Draco; why where those guys talking to you like that?”

Harry repeated, turning his body towards Draco so he was now on his knees.


Draco speeds through, covering his head with his arms as if someone where about to hit him.


Draco removes his hands to his sides and is silent for another moment before taking in a big breath and exhaling; he looked directly at Harry and said slowly and steadily-

“They know it gets on my nerves and I break down like this, they enjoy it.”

Ruby red blush runs creeps across Draco’s cheeks as he looks down again.

Harry, once again, has no words. All he could think of to do, was to place his fingers under Draco’s jaw, and tilt his head up so they where gazing into each other’s eyes.

Emerald green crashed into icy gray for no more than two second, before Harry closed his eyes, tilted his head slightly to the right, and pressed his lips against Draco’s.

Unlike the hug, Draco didn’t hesitate to kiss Harry back. Draco’s eyes fluttered shut, and their lips moved in sync. They fit perfectly together, like they where two puzzle pieces.

The kiss was short, but passionate, Harry was the one to pull away. Draco’s eyes where still shut ad his mouth agape.

“S- sorry, I didn’t know what came over me.”

This time it was Harry’s turn to blush red hot. He looked away quickly and stood up. Draco stood up with him.

“Nothing to apologize for.”

Draco smiled and pulled Harry in by his Griffindor tie, and in for another kiss.

Their bodys where flush; chest against chest. Draco’s left hand ran up Harry’s shoulder and into his messy brown hair, while the other slid down to rest on his hip; pulling him as close as they could get. Harry’s hands snaked around and linked at the back of Draco’s neck.

When the two where kissing, it made Draco forget everything, his sadness, fear, depression.. everything except love, for The Boy Who Lived.

Nothing was ever lust at that moment, not even when Harry slid his toung across Draco’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. Draco parted his lips and let Harry explore his mouth.

The two where French kissing, and it was the most wonderful sensation to Draco, letting all of his worry flow out of him like a stream in the woods. It was pure bliss.

A long while later, Harry was again, the one to pull away, giving Draco one last passionate kiss.

“We should get going, people will start to wonder where you are.”

Harry was no more than an inch away from Draco, whispering his words in a sad tone, looking down at his and Draco’s shoes.

“I can’t go back,”

Draco pulled carefully away from Harry, only enough to take in his appearance- even messier hair, slightly crooked glasses and tie, and his vibrant green eyes still staring at their feet.

“I can’t let anyone see me like this.”

Draco gestured to his still bloodshot eyes, and tear-soaked robes.

Harry looked up and thought for a moment, his eyes lighted up.

Harry beamed. He reached into his robes and pulled out the invisibility cloke.

Draco smiled a toothy grin and took Harry’s hand.

They intertwined their fingers together while Harry pulled the cloke over the both of them.


The hallways where empty, it must have been past curfew. Most of the lights where out, but there was enough light to see where they where going without using their wands.

“You passed the Slytherin common room, Harry.”

“I know.”

Harry gave him a small smile even though he couldn’t see it.

They stopped in front of the sleeping Fat Lady’s frame.


Harry says from under the cloke. The Fat Lady doesn’t bother to open her eyes, just swings open her frame.

The Griffindor commen room is empty. Both the boys walk up the stairs into Harry’s room.

“What are we doing here?”

Draco asks as Harry pulls off the cloke along with his robes.

“We’re going to sleep, no offense but it looks like you need it.”

Ignoring the comment, Draco stiffens as Harry strips down to his boxers and crawls atop of what Draco can only assume is his bed.

“You coming then?”

Harry pulls the covers aside and motions to the left side of him so Draco can lay down.

“Uh, y-yeah.”

Draco peals off his robes and throws them into a pile in the corner of the room along with the rest of his clothes and slips in bed aside Harry.

Harry’s stomach dropped at the sight of the scars on Draco’s wrists. He pretended not to notice, be he couldn’t look away, sadness and worry filled Harry’s heart and mind.

Draco seemed to notice Harry staring because he quickly jumped in bed and pulled the blankets over himself.

The bed was quite small, but big enough so only the boy’s arms touched.

Draco and Harry laid awkwardly for a while before Harry thankfully spoke up.

“Draco, why does what those guys say make you break down like that?”

Draco now wished for the awkward silence.

“I- I don’t know.”

Draco answered, looking anywhere except Harry.

“Well surly you don’t believe what they say is true, do you?”

Draco didn’t answer.

Harry turned on his side to face Draco.

“Draco, they’re just trying to get to you, what they say isn’t true.”

Draco stays quiet. He to flips on his side, facing the room’s red walls, refusing to look at Harry. Harry wraps his arms around Draco’s chest and pulls his so his back is pressed against his chest.

Harry takes one of Draco’s wrists and places small kisses to his scars, repeating the same to the other. Draco doesn’t move, enjoying the moment of Harry’s warm body pressed against his and the sweet kisses, he just closes his eyes.

“You’re beautiful, Draco.”

Harry whispers, pulling his arms around and resting his head at the base of the blond’s neck.

“Don’t lie to me, Harry.”

“I’m not lying, I’m telling you the truth, Draco. You’re beautiful, and smart, and funny, unique and brave…”

Harry was still whispering, kissing the back of Draco’s neck after every word he said.

“…your skin is so smooth and beautiful, and your smell is indescribably wonderful- I just want to lay like this forever, and make your scent the only thing I know. You’re hair is so soft I just want to run my fingers through it…”

Harry moved one of his hands up to Draco’s head, running his fingers through it until it got even messier than before, then smoothing it out with his fingers until it laid flat, and running his fingers through it again, never stopping the repeat of his actions.

“…you look absolutely adorable when your flustered, and don’t even get me started when you bite your lip while you’re concentrating.”

Harry let out a small laugh, his breath on Draco’s neck sent shivers up his spine.

Harry continued on, whispering sweet nothings into Draco’s ear until both of their eyes felt heavy.

“… you’re just so- perfect, Draco; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if anyone where to hurt you again.”

Draco was at loss of words, his eyes where glassed over, tears threatening to spill. Draco turned to he was now facing Harry.

Harry’s eyes where closed; he looked so peaceful. Draco shifted so his head was lying on Harry’s chest, listing to the steady beat of his heart.

Harry took his arm and wrapped it around Draco, holding him close, and took Draco’s hand and rested them on the other side of his chest.

“Harry, did you really mean all of those things you said?”

Draco looked up at Harry’s closed eyes.

“Only every word.”

And smile tugged at Harry’s mouth. Draco couldn’t stop himself from smiling either, pink blush spread across his face. It was quiet for a few moments.



Harry lazily mumbled.

“If those guys come back again, will you-”

Draco paused

“-will you stay with me?”

Draco closed his eyes and both of the lovers fell asleep in each others arms after Harry spoke his words-

“Until the very end.”

The note

Word count: 1781

(D/N) = Daughter’s name (Little spoiler there)

You had gotten home late that night, almost midnight. Work had always been a pain since… Let’s just say he said five minutes. A gap like that didn’t exactly keep your job, and finding a new one was bad enough. But when the new one got you home ten minutes before midnight? Horrible. Sometimes you wished he would come back to you. Your wonderful Doctor. But he never came. And you’d never quite figured out why he’d left you.

You sighed tiredly, rubbing at your eyes as you closed the door to your flat and dropped your keys on the table beside it. You quickly locked and bolted the door before heading to the kitchen. You had been working for a long time and your shift started late tomorrow, so you may as well eat before you went to bed. You flicked on the lights and pursued the cupboards to find nothing much. It was when you turned to the fridge you found the note. It had been written on one of your notebooks with one of your pens and the torn out page was stuck to the fridge with a magnet. Your eyes widened, immediately recognising the neat handwriting. You tried your best to remain calm, removing the magnet and placing back on the fridge as you began to read, sitting down on a kitchen chair.


I know you haven’t seen me for a while, and I should’ve known this would have happened when I left. I hope you don’t mind, I took a look around your apartment. It’s a bit messier than last I saw you, never thought it possible if I’m honest, you were never the one to allow it. But it also looks very… you. And it also looks very much like you’ve gotten on with your life. I know you, and if you’ve managed such a thing, I dread to think how long I’ve been gone. I’m so sorry (Y/N). With both of my hearts I’m sorry. I never meant to leave you like that.

I came by to see you because, I’ll just admit, I’ve found I can barely function without you. I can’t believe it took leaving you to realise how much you’ve done for me. How many times you’ve saved my life almost at the cost of your own, how many times you’ve pulled me out of danger when even I was too stupid to live. And most of all how many times you’ve saved me from myself. Nothing feels right without you here and I’ve found myself talking only to realise there was no one to listen. I make jokes only to realise I won’t be repaid by your laughter.

I suppose you still wonder why I’ve left you behind. I must admit, it’s the same reason I came back. It’s because of something I have never told you and never planned to. Because I know it wouldn’t work, but also because I was scared. (Y/N), it’s time you knew. I love you. I have loved you ever since I remember hearing you laugh for the first time down at your favourite café. (Even though I told you the next month that I’d never seen you before) And I can’t imagine ever not loving you. I was scared to tell you if maybe you didn’t love me back. Simply put (Y/N), I was too afraid you’d break my heart. Or hearts. You know what I mean.

I realised now, what would be the difference if you didn’t love me back if I told you now. Not much I’m afraid. I’d go back to travelling alone, talking to someone who wasn’t there and wishing I could hear you laugh just one more time. I might even pop by to watch your life unfold, as, I will admit, I’ve already done before. So I have one last simple request. If you love me back, come to the TARDIS, and we will go back to travelling. Time and space, just like the good old days. The Old Girl misses you. If, however, you find you don’t… reciprocate these feelings. Simply don’t. Leave me and my TARDIS and keep going with your own life. You can pretend I never came back, or even that you never met me in the first place. I will wait in our usual meeting place until midnight. I really hope to see you there.

Love, of course,

Your mad man and his box.

You blinked back tears as you finished the letter before looking down at your watch. You gasped. Three minutes to midnight. You stood quickly, running for the door with no thoughts on how loud you were being at midnight. Letter clutched in your hand, you unlocked the door as fast as you could, barely remembering to shut it behind you as you ran for the stairs, being the quicker route.  You ran fasten than you ever had in your life, faster than any time you had run with the Doctor, as you ran to him. You burst from the doors of the estate and didn’t hesitate to continue to the park.

Your usual meeting place.

You rounded the corner and there it was. Under that tree where you had first officially met. The TARDIS lights glowed in the dark of the night and you kept running. You ignored the burn in your legs as you pushed yourself even harder. You were still so far away when you heard the sound you had been dreaming of all your life, and it hit you like a bullet. He was leaving. With a final push, you kept on running as you heard the engines start up. You had been expecting to fall on grass when you reached it. You closed your eyes as you held out your hands for the final few paces. You didn’t expect the metal grating beneath you and you grunted as the air rushed out of you.

You heard the doors close behind you but hadn’t yet opened your eyes, still somehow afraid it was some trick of your imagination and that you’d be faced with wet grass in an empty park. There was silence except for the blood pumping in your ears, the sound of your heart beat and your heavy breathing as you tried desperately to catch your breath. Then there were footsteps. Running footsteps and it was only a moment until there was a clang on the metal floor in front of you and hands were on your shoulders, trying to lift you up. You let them, keeping your eyes firmly closed as you rose to your knees, your breathing only just becoming controllable.


Your eyes snapped open at the voice and were met immediately with wide brown eyes in return. You let out a half-laugh half-sob that came out rather choked. The eyes were filled with concern as they moved over you, seemingly checking for any damage.

“(Y/N) are you alright?!” The panicked voice asked. You nodded feverishly. Your hands waved about seemingly on their own as you tried to convey you had something important to tell him. He grabbed your wrists suddenly, making you stop, and that’s when his eyes found the letter still clutched tightly in your hand. His mouth dropped open as he turned to you, eyes wide and hopeful. You took another couple gasping breaths before you spoke, making sure you’d be able to make it through the sentence.

“I love you too” Your voice almost seemed to drop off at the end but you knew he understood your breathy speech easily when he pulled you in for a tight hug, laughing in delight. You found yourself doing the same.

*********************************** 5 years later ***********************************

You smiled as the little boy in your arms opened his eyes, yawning silently.

“Good morning” You whispered.

“Is he awake?” The small voice reached your ears. You looked up, smile a little softer as you nodded.

“Come on over” You told your young daughter. The girl moved closer slowly, as if afraid she’d startle the baby boy. She leaned over the arm of the wooden rocking chair of the nursery, her face hovering over her baby brother’s.

“Good morning” She said softly. The baby cooed happily, reaching out a hand and the girl was more than happy to oblige, holding out her own for him to grasp. You smiled as you watched the two, the tiny fingers grasping best they could on to the hand not much bigger than their own. The girl looked up at you then.

“Have you shown it to him yet?” She asked excitedly. You laughed at her enthusiasm.

“No, not yet, although I doubt he’d understand at his age (D/N)”

“He doesn’t have to understand yet Mummy. He’ll know it’s special without needing to understand why. I always did” She told you sweetly. You smiled back at her and nodded.

“Alright then” You conceded. You stood, careful of the barely woken baby in your hands, following your young daughter to the closest sitting room. She bounded over to one corner in particular, climbing up on a chair to peek closer at the frame hanging on the wall.

“Can you read my favourite part?” The girl asked hopefully. You smiled down at her, remembering the same hopeful look in the same big brown eyes. Your eyes returned to the worn letter in the frame, down to the bottom of the page, the P.S you had not noticed in your rush to board the TARDIS.

Whatever your choice, I will continue to love you forever. Because you wormed your way into my hearts before I had the choice, and you will never leave now. If there’s one thing you should know, once you’re in the hearts of a Time Lord,”

“You can never be forgotten” The words were spoken from behind you, making both children and you smile as you recognised it.

“Daddy!” The girl cried, jumping off her chair to the man standing in the doorway. He picked up his little girl with a smiled and a hug before grinning at you. You smiled in return as you met in the middle of the room and exchanged a kiss before he leaned down to kiss the baby boy on the head.

“It’s my favourite part too” You told them both.

“And mine” The Doctor agreed. You returned to the corner beside the fireplace, all four of your little family embracing that notebook page and ink from your apartment. The words that made all of it possible. The words that, despite coming years after you’d met the man, had been the ones to really change your life forever.


Genji/McCree with an S/O with absolutely downright terrible insomnia? How would they go about helping their S/O?

Heya!! I’m alive again everyone, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with my schedule again now that finals have finally ended and I survived. I actually loved this prompt because while I don’t have insomnia, I usually end up staying up very late because I’m too anxious too fall asleep. Turns out all I needed to do was get off my butt and make some tea to chill out, but insomnia obviously isn’t that easy.

Hope you enjoy these scenarios my friend! And I also hope the s/o likes tea, because that’s what I’m making them drink ahaaa <3

*If I get anything about the prompt incorrect or you find that it wasn’t what you were looking for, then please let me know and I’ll try my best to fix any mistakes in writing! 

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anonymous asked:

[FFXV SPOILERS AHEAD] I saw the final fantasy xv cutscenes on youtube luna dies very early on the game and she gave up her life when noctis was dieing by healing him. You were sooo right about her being useless,damsel in distress and being a white mage healer,


I so knew this was going to happen.

Actually I was asked several times about this game and why it was a failure in my opinion and everything I said turned out to be true [1 2 3 4].

And it’s not like that I’m a an ~Oracle~ (I’m actually a magical girl) (and if I was, I can tell you I’d totally be a better one than Lunafreya given her role in the game LMAO). It’s just I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan since forever and I’ve been expecting and keeping up with Final Fantasy XV since day one when it was first conceived as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

As you all already know by now, the game started to go downhill when former director Tetsuya Nomura left the project to work on FFVII Remake; then Hajime Tabata took over and finished the game as we know it today (yuck!).

Once Tabata took over, with every new trailer showing off the game there was always new backlash because of how different (and shittier) the story was getting and, of course, because of the never ending technical issues (ffs a brand new PS4 broke down trying to run a beta version of the game in a main event).

So now that the game is out I can officially say now why Final Fantasy XV is a failure (actually I’m one of those who attended the full gameplay with ending included of that sis whom streamed the whole game one week before release date but I wanted to wait once the game was out to reclaim my throne say it).

💥 Bugs, glitches and technical issues.

The game was getting messier and messier with each new demo. 

The last demo ~Judgment Disc~ was so full of this crap that players decided to go find the issues and post them on the internet rather than actually playing and enjoying the demo lol.

Not only that but also the game itself it’s so flawed (technically wise) that they had to release a day 1 patch (size: 7 GBs) to fix it.

All this comes from they don’t really knowing which direction to take.

They held several events showing the game progress so far and to get feedback from fans, they changed the mechanics so much because of this I think this really backfired and confused the staff even more (also they ignored the fans’ most important petitions so why even bother?).

💥 Lies, fairytales and fallacies.

(Rare picture of Tabata in drag).

Now that they game is out we can say that we’ve been lied to the face several times. Just to expose a few lies:

#1 On August 15 Tabata announced that the game would be delayed (again) setting the new release date two months later than the already set release date because they wanted to perfectly finish the game to avoid day 1 patches. Now the game is out and there is a HUGE 7 Gbs day one patch.

#2 The eternal Stella VS Luna issue / having strong female characters in the game. Although we’ll get to that in the next point, I just wanted to call out Tabata for saying how strong and powerful Luna is in the game and how a big important part of the story she is yet she barely gets 6 minutes of screen time and of course, miserably dies when you first meet her.

💥 The different and messy story, the flat characters and more.

(This false advertisement right here, there’s no female lead characters in this game #misogyny).

As we all already know, when Tetsuya left the project they shat all over his ideas and completely altered the story.

We went from the epic story of two houses / kingdoms at war and their respective heir and heiress (Noctis and Stella) who have to fight each other despite of obviously being ~in love~ to some ~bros before hoes~ nonsense.

Stella was back then the female lead and antagonist (?), basically Noctis’ female counterpart who also had the same gift as Noctis (she also could summon weapons out of thin air).

Then they altered the main plot (along with Stella and many more elements) because of lies (saying they wanted FFXV to stay a one installment game yet we got a movie, an anime series, some android games, and a long etc) and Stella was removed and instead they gave us Lunafreya (Luna for short) a different character whom was given Stella’s design. Your average damsel in distress / white mage healer (Kingsglaive already foreshadowed that) whom is the worst at it as well because I’ve never seen a worse written and powerless damsel in distress / white mage healer kind of character.

They made us believe she was still a big part of the story and the poor sis basically dies when you first meet her and barely gets 6 minutes of screen time. Basically a plot device as I guessed since she was revealed.

She’s basically a reason for Noctis to get a new weapon LOL.

Also her death is random, sudden and not even sad, I feel like they tried to make the next generation Aerith out of her but they failed miserably. Also, Noctis gets over his fiancée’s death pretty soon and neat so I guess everything is ok lmao (remember that he gets to own her trident once she dies so everything is cool amirite).

So long sis, we barely knew you.

So there are no powerful/empowering female characters in the game as Tabata said, actually there aren’t female characters in this game at all.

But who needs women in a game that’s all about male bonding?. As Tabata himself said, men don’t act naturally around women so they ditched having women in the party because you know he wanted to show a true and genuine male friendship which apparently can’t happen if women are around. You know, just emo frat boys that are all about ~BROS BEFORE HOES~ *FIST PUMP* that drive around hunting for beasts in a open world.

An open world that is not so ~open~, you spend the first half of the game randomly driving around wherever you desire to and then the game gets linear as fuck and you’re placed in one direction corridor hurrying to finish the events.


First of all:

And second, that game is flawless, the characters are flawless, the story is flawless and the OST is epicly flawless.

Unlike FFXV where every character is flat and shallow and you don’t even bother when someone dies because you barely get to know them, not even your ~bros~ (the hunk, the average utterly annoying and childish one and the one with the accent).

And yes, everyone dies

Tabata pulled a Final Fantasy Type-0 ending (which he also directed) and kills off everyone at the end.

If the story is crap the ending is even crappier.

I have a lot more to say but since this rant thesis has gone too long now (I think you get my point by now) I’ll just end up saying that this game is a disappointment, a failure and didn’t live up to FF Versus XIII or fans’ expectations.

Of course some people will love it because it has the important stuff!11!!!.

Over 100 recipes for you and your bros!11!

And fishing!11!!.

And before you call me a huge hater bitch negative, I’m gonna list the actual good things about Final Fantasy XV.

#1 The OST.

#2 Hot Daddy Noctis.

That’s it.

However, these two (equally important) reasons are not enough for me to spend money on this flawed as fuck game.

I’ll just wait for the FFVII Remake (which, again, is being directed by the original Final Fantasy XV director) and count the days until I can see the best moment of that game in full HD 4K which we are all waiting for: Cloud in drag.


Summary: You are in charge of JB’s photoshoot, and when he can’t seem to relax, you help him out.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1663

Ship + Scenario

“Okay, tilt your chin a little higher. A little higher. Good, good. Now freeze.” Snap. You took a picture while JB looked longingly into the distance. You were in charge of taking GOT7’s individual photos for their next comeback, and right now you were doing JB’s. The rest of the members had already left, since they were finished, but JB’s was taking extra-long, since he was having a hard time relaxing.

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this is self-indulgent lirry proposal fluff. liam is very much in love and harry is very much the one liam wants to spend his life with. featuring a ring hidden in athletic socks. 

Liam is sitting at the kitchen table, typing up reports. He’s been typing for hours and his whole face is starting to feel a bit numb, but he needs to get these done tonight, or his boss will have his head.

Harry is sitting across from him, reading some Bukowski novel, because Harry refuses to go to bed if Liam is still up working. He’s shirtless in his maroon boxers, swallows stark against his collarbones in the dim light of the kitchen. His hair is just barely brushing his shoulders, tangled around his face, and his lips are bitten red. Harry always picks at them when he’s reading. Liam can see that Harry’s eyes are starting to droop, and he keeps snuffling like he always does when he’s tired. The kitchen is quiet except for the constant drip of their leaky faucet, the click of Liam’s keyboard, and Harry’s breathing. Harry hasn’t turned the page of his book for at least five minutes.

“Go to bed, Haz,” Liam says softly, his fingers stopping on the keyboard. Harry looks up from his book, unfocused, and Liam can tell that he had been staring at the page without seeing the words.

Harry shakes his head and runs his fingers through his hair. Liam’s eyes track the thick, silver rings on Harry’s fingers. “No,” Harry says quietly, voice rough with exhaustion. “Waiting for you.”

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it’s not that i don’t love you

Summary: Basically, Jimin is your brother’s childhood friend, neighbor, something like a family friend and he helps you to get your crush’s attention (*cough* yoongi *cough*) and you MIGHT end up falling in love with each other instead.

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it’s been ages since i uploaded, i’m sorry!! i didn’t have time or inspiration that’s why this part probably sucks and it’s short af. 

Words: 1.985 

Warnings: None

Genre: fluff, angst

prologue| part1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 part 7/epilogue

Part 4

His heart nearly stopped beating when you fell unconscious on the floor; he wrapped his hands around you immediately and tried to help you back on your feet but it was pointless. A couple cusses left his mouth as he picked you up in his arms bridal style and passed through the people who were too drunk to notice your state or they just didn’t care. His eyes moved frantically around the room, searching for your brother or any familiar face.

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The Hair and the Spare

The first time Severus Snape heard of James Potter, he was happily eating his dinner, sorted into Slytherin, and ready to live the life his mother loved before she went and married Tobias.

The Bellatrix Black had to ruin that one moment of heady freedom when she whispered, “Looks like our Mudblood friend scouted out the best catch of the lot. How could she have known that James Potter was the guy to be with?”

“Bella, stop being so mean. James Potter is a perfectly handsome boy and I think Lily is just appreciating that. Also, he’s been very nice to her, talking to her when nobody else would.”

His ears perked up at the name, but Lily was a fairly common name. There must have been a hundred other Lily’s in a castle this big.

“Andy, please, you’ve always been so pathetically warm to these mudbloods. Trust me, that Evans girl knows a treasure when she sees one. Look at her sinking her claws into little wee Prince Potter.”

Severus raised his head and looked sharply across the Slytherin table, all the way to the other side of the room where Lily was laughing at something the messy haired boy next to her was saying. He was, Severus had to admit, a tad bit goodlooking. Someone like the fairytale princes Lily adored, and the blush on her cheeks indicated that she knew it too.

“Who is that?”

The girl called Bellatrix Black looked over at him and grinned maniacally. “Why, does the wee firstie have a crush on the mudblood?”

“N-no! I mean, she’s just my friend, I mean, I had to be her friend, she lives near me and it got boring without someone to show my magic to. I don’t like that… that mudblood.”

The one called Andromeda frowned at him for using the world whilst Bellatrix grinned at him. “We can make something out of you yet, Snape. But know this. Your little mudblood? She’s Prince Potter’s now. Nothing you do will ever change that.”

So Severus began to dislike Potter, that one who impressed Lily on the train, and now is apparently making her laugh. What did he care, she was just a mudblood.

“We have royalty amongst us, my friends, I’m sure you all know James here. My boy, James, his dad is non other than Fleamont Potter, inventor of the Sleekeazy!”

Some people’s eyes widened at the information, even Lily, he could see, who was vibrating in the seat next to him.

She was focused on James who was now flushing and looking down at his shiny new shoes.

“Er, Professor, see, I’m not as good as my dad, I mean, he did teach me but I’m just not… a potioneer.”

“Nonsense m’boy! It’s the talent in you, it’s the Potter in you. I’m sure you know how to brew a good Cure for Boils?”

“Erm, maybe, Professor? But I swear I am not that good, I mean…”

“Stop being so humble m’boy! I know talent when I see it.”


“Well then now, off you go, chop chop. And for your first day, maybe you’ll get our Muggle friend Ms. Evans, she’s new you can show her the ropes.”

Lily eagerly grabbed her things and made her way to James who waved awkwardly at her. He pointedly sat beside the blonde boy behind Potter so he could be close to Lily.

“Did your dad really show you how to make the potions? I’ve always wanted to do one, but well… no one in my family knows how.”

James ruffled his hair and turned to her with a grimace.

“I meant what I said though, Evans. I am really not good at Potions. I’m pretty sure one day you’d be better than me, I mean… you’re so smart.”

“You think so?” Lily asked with a blush on her cheeks. Severus hated seeing that blush. It wasn’t right on her. She looked too red. Too much of that Gryffindor scarlet he was starting to hate.

“Yes! I really mean it Evans. You’re brilliant!”

“I think you’re brilliant too.”

They both simply smiled at each other shyly, and Snape gripped his book hard in his fists.

“So, show me, what do we do with these toadstools, and are they really what they sound like?”

“Actually, toadstools are just called that because they come from these magic creatures that live by enchanted waters called swamp snakes but they look like toads…”

Lily kept laughing and marvelling at the entire time at James, and at the end of the class, Slughorn, of course lavished praise on their perfect potion, even though his was just as good.

He’ll show James Potter. He’ll be better than him at Potions!

“Are you still reading that potions book Lily?”

“We have potions next, I really want to get this down. I have to help Potter. I can’t be a bother to him!”

“I can be your partner if you want, we can study together.”


He stepped back abruptly at the vehemence in her tone.

“I mean, sorry Sev, but Potter was going to show me his dad’s potion for…”

He stalked away from her. He didn’t need to hear just how great James Potter is.

After that incident, Lily stopped befriending James Potter.

Whenever he would ask her about him she would say she didn’t like him, he was an arrogant bullying toe rag, but he could see her smiling at him, laughing at his jokes.

And now here he was, dirty underpants exposed for all of the world to see, just because he Bella and Rodolphus decided to hang Simon Bell by his tie upside down and Potter was here to defend the weak, as always, Prince Potter saves the day.

And she was laughing at him, with James Potter. He can see it, how her lips twitched, as she asked James to let him down.

After all this years, after all this time, and she would laugh at him on the most humiliating day of his life.

“I need no help from a mudblood like you.”

He saw the hurt and the shock register on her face, and the hurt that remained as she called him Snivellus and walked away. The same hurt that was on her face when he begged her forgiveness and she drove him away.

But here she was, standing under the moonlight, her hands caught in James Potter’s hair as they lay down on the grassy field by the courtyard.

“I’m sorry Lily, I shouldn’t have pushed him.”

“You were such a bully to him.”

“You couldn’t be my friend because of him. ‘Course I was angry.”

His head was cushioned on her stomach and she had one hand on his hair the other under her head, they were both watching the stars.

“You saved his life though.”

James gave out a loud snort.

“I saved Remus the guilt.”

“No, you saved his life because you knew it was the right thing to do.”


“I noticed you even without the Quidditch and the hair tossling. Which leads me, for the boy who is inheriting the Sleekeazy fortune, you would think you’d have better hair James.”

“Shut up, you like my hair and you know it. Just as you know how turned on I get when you call me arrogant toerag.”

“Stop it you’re disgusting!”

She gave his hair a harsh tug which caused him to yelp.

She appeased him by rubbing the spot tenderly.

“How else were you going to notice me James? You had a harem. I had to stand out somehow.”

“You always stood out for me.”

He grabbed her hand and held it tightly in his own.

They were then silent, laying there, holding each other’s hands.

He walked away realizing that every, he’s a bully, he’s an arrogant toe rag, I would never like him was all a lie to him.

The knowledge burned his guts.

It was sixth year and without him in the picture Lily and the git had been more open about their blossoming friendship. She was at every Quidditch match, screaming at the top of her lungs, as she always was. The difference is, this year, she started wearing his Captain’s scarf, declaring herself as Potter’s. 

He started participating in the Slug Club. Bringing his dad sometime to the meetings, knowing how important it was for Lily. Slughorn was happy that he finally collected the Potter Prince to his side.

But not today. Today it was him that was going to be the Prince in Slughorn’s eyes. He studied very well what to do with this potion. He knows the nooks and crannies of it better than everyone, and no one, not even Saint Potter was going to beat him. 

Surely enough James ruined his Draught of the Living Death, because Lily Evans decided that brewing the potion was a waste of perfectly good time she could have spent snogging her boyfriend. 

So she threw away his ladle when he was still four stirs short and pressed her lips to his, apparently admiring his potions skills to the exuberant joy of Slughorn who claimed to have caused this joyous union.

His perfect potion, a potion that can kill with a tiny drop was not even noticed.

On the last day he saw Lily Evans, she was radiant. She was wearing a white dress and barefoot, with a simple golden band adorning her finger. She had one hand on her belly, slightly swollen with the child she carried. 

She was dancing, with her husband, whose hair was messier than ever. Rumor had it, and wasn’t it funny how it was things like this that they discussed around the table while waiting for the Dark Lord to arrive, that she banned the use of Sleekeazy from their home. It was Pettigrew who shared that information, in one meeting where the tense silence punctuated by the Lestrange manor’s mistress’ screams of pained ecstasy followed by the grunts of maniacal laughter while her husband sat pale and still amongst them,  was killing everyone. 

Pettigrew blurted out that one fact, that had everyone smiling, some wistfully, some with disgust at the Pureblood who dared to soil his impeccable lineage. But it stuck with him, something as mundane as that, Lily liked James’ hair without Sleekeazy.

And he confirmed it for himself tonight. Dancing with no care about the war, her feet bare, their child cradled between them, he saw her for the last time.

She named him Harry James. James, obviously after his father, who, according to the photograph Dumbledore sent him, looked exactly like him.

Harry after James’ grandfather who fought for muggles in the Wizengamot. 

Rumor had it she wanted to name him Fleamont James, after she and the late Fleamont Potter got so close, she was almost the daughter he never had.

Fleamont made her promise on his deathbed not to subject his grandson to the humiliation and when he died, his son was crying and laughing at the same time.

He was born on the 30th of July, 11:59 PM.

The Potters were safe, but Dumbledore, for his own conscience, did not allow the young parents to rejoin the Order. So Lily trained to be a healer and James took up his dad’s old practice and began brewing potions for all those who fight in the war. Potter manor was open to all those who needed shelter and sanctuary, and they only require that they not be disturbed by a crying and teething infant. 

He lifted the second photo Dumbledore sent, of Lily in the hospital bed with the crying infant in her arms and her husband pressing a kiss to her forehead.

He tucked the picture in his pocket and entered the dark Lestrange mansion. It was something light that kept him from drowning in the dark.

Fandom manipulation

This is what my Industry Anon submitted about fandom manipulation as promised and as a lot of people asked. It’s all under the cut, I ecourage you to read it, because as there are things we know, you need to read it to actually realize they are there. It’s, again, brilliantly explained and will help you understand what’s going on. Be careful, though, I’ve been asked to think about what I am going to post so that’s why it is nder the cut, as people can be affected by this. Be careful. To me, it’s definitely worth the read, though. You can read other asks from this anon here, where is almost slightly explained where they have the info from etc. (again I can’t confirm who this person is, and they mention to take everything with grain of salt as well, but it goes with what I know, definitely.)

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Messier Monday: Orion’s Second Nebula, M43

“A closer inspection reveals that there are actually a great many young stars that have formed inside, but it’s only the most massive, most luminous ones that dominate. Deep within the dust, here, it’s probable that there are at least hundreds of additional stars simply beyond our power to view them.

Furthermore, what’s incredibly interesting is that the bright, central star would have passed within just 109 light-years of us some 9 million years ago based on its current orbit, making it one of the brightest stars in our sky. But it *probably didn’t exist* that long ago, having formed much more recently than that!”

It’s the last object in our 110-object tour of the Messier catalogue, and trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

I miss you.
Lately all I’ve been thinking about is you.
Every brief moment we had is replaying itself over and over again.

I crave your touch. 
The rough yet gentle way you grabbed my butt.
I remember every single kiss we shared.
The way your soft lips brushed against mine.
I remember how intense everything became as soon as our mouths became one and how hard it was to stop ourselves.
I remember we were both out of breath the moment we broke off our last kiss.
I remember the way we were walking hand in hand surrounded by nature, away from everything. Just the two of us.
I remember the way you looked the last time I saw you. Careless. Your hair a beautiful mess and all I wanted was to make it even more messier
I remember the way you looked at me with so much love and lust for me in your eves.

Even though I’m the one who ended things before they even had a fair chance of becoming something, I now am the one who would do anything to get that back. 
There’s nothing I want more than to feel your lips brushing against my cheek while I’m in your arms and feel the warmth of your chest as it touches mine.

I’m not going to lie, I was afraid.
Afraid to go any further. Afraid to fall in love with you.
But now months later I realize it all doesn’t matter because I’ve fallen for you anyway.

Our timing could not have been any worse.
You had already made up your mind while I was still at war with mine.
I was still in the process of trying to figure out who I would choose.
I chose wrong.
I listened to my mind instead of following my heart.
I chose the empty promises and the black heart over your promise to love me forever and built a future together. 
You were all in and a hundred percent sure of your choice.
Your heart was filled with love for me and I was too blinded by another to realize,
You only wanted me.

I was the girl of your dreams that made you feel complete.
And now after all these months I finally realize you were that boy for me.
You made me feel safe.
You made me feel complete.

But it’s too late now because you have moved on while I’m here dreaming of what could have been, wishing for something that’ll never happen and regretting that I let you.

—  Your girl
Flip My Way Into Your Heart

Annabeth was surprised, intrigued, and amazed all at the same time. Maybe it was the fact that Percy Jackson, a guy who is teased for doing gymnastics, would be that good at it.

 So, Annabeth is one of the most popular girls at her school, has rich parents, and is very pretty. Percy, well… He’s not popular. At all. He’s a loser, a guy who is constantly teased and has an obsession over Panic! At The Disco. (He’s hot, but Annabeth will never admit that.)

She’d gone to a gymnastics gym to book a birthday party for Bobby and Mathew, who were both turning 8 next week and they had asked a party here, because apparently a couple other people celebrated their birthday here it from what they said, it was amazing. Bobby and Matthew had also rambled on and on about their instructor, a guy who could do awesome tricks and was about Annabeth’s age.

 She watched out the window in the gym, awed and incredulous. Percy just did what looked like a triple flip or something, but didn’t land it very well. He jogged over to the trampoline, jumping and flipping, as if it were the easiest thing in the world. 

“Ma'am.” The owner of the gym was sitting in front of her, grinning. He was around his thirties and what looked like a proud smile was plastered on his face. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked like a surfer. “He’s great isn’t he?” The owner asked. Annabeth nodded. “He could be one of the party instructors, if you would like. Kids love him.”

“Sure.” Annabeth thankfully kept her voice confident.

“Alright,” The owner flashed her a charming smile. He had a slight Californian accent. “I’ll ask Percy if he’s available on Saturday, and if he isn’t, then we’ll get Piper to instruct.”

Annabeth had now clue who Piper was, but nodded anyways. “Thanks.” She stood up from her chair and started to leave, but not before casting another glance at Percy, who was running around and doing flips and doing cartwheels. 

It was Bobby and Matthew’s birthday, and Annabeth was impressed. They were in the lobby and over 20 kids had come, all of them talking about how they were going to learn how to do flips and who was going push Bobby and Matthew’s face into the cake. 

But the hot topic was actually Percy, who apparently, had been the instructor in everyone’s birthday and everyone was excited to meet him again. And some girls were a bit too excited. Since when did they speak about guys that way? They’re 8 years old!

Once everyone was ready, Percy and girl who had brown hair with an eagle feather in it and kaleidoscope with the same figure as Percy, (tall, lean, and muscular) walked in and started speaking.

“Hey guys! Good to see you again!” Percy greeted. “Who’s birthday is it today?”

“Ours!” Bobby and Matthew exclaimed simultaneously.

Percy’s grin was crooked and it screamed that he was a trouble maker. It was, in it’s own way, charming and it showed his pearly white teeth. It took Annabeth quite some time to realize that she was staring.

“Well, if it isn’t the Chase brothers?” Annabeth noticed that Percy had a dimple, which made his grin all the more charming (if possible.) 

Percy looked at Piper, who was also grinning, Annabeth noticed. They appeared more like best friends rather than a couple. “We better be careful, Piper. They’re out to get revenge for last time.”

Annabeth vaguely remembered Bobby and Matthew mentioning a fight between the kids verse Percy and Piper, saying how they were going to kick their butts the next time.

“Then we’ll just have to fight back, isn’t that right, Percy?” Piper smirked, and looked around, as the kids exploded into retorts ranging from, “We’ll kick your butts this time!” to “You don’t stand a chance!”

Percy chuckled, “I guess we could fight.” Seeing the kids opening their mouths ready to shout comebacks, Percy quickly continued, “If they finish all the exercises.”

The kids groaned. This time Piper calmed them down, “I know the first thing you want to do is fight, but now, we have to focus on the exercises if you want to learn how to do all of the cool stuff, like flips.”

While the kids cheered, rejuvenated, Percy caught Annabeth’s eye. His blueish green eyes widened in shock, before raised his eyebrows. He quickly whispered something to Piper, who nodded and started to lead the kids inside the gym.

He quickly walked over to Annabeth, his head tilted in confusion. “What are you doing here?” He asked once he reached me.

He was wearing a light grey gym shirt, the word APOLLO written in blue on his shirt. He was wearing black basketball shorts and didn’t have any shoes on. His hair was as messy as always, which made Annabeth guess that he probably didn’t comb it.

“I’m here for the birthday party.” She told him, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She wished the would’ve brought an elastic so she could’ve done her hair in a bun or a ponytail.

Seeing his still confused face (which was adorable), she quickly explained, “Bobby and Matthew are my brothers.”

“Oh,” Percy said. “that’s why they looked familiar.”

“Are you going to join us?” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“What? No!” Annabeth laughed, “I’m the ‘supervisor’ since my parents couldn’t make it.” Annabeth’s tone suggested that she didn’t care if her parent’s didn’t go to her brothers’ birthday party, but it also had an underlying tone that was barely noticable, it suggested that she in fact did care.

Percy winced, apparently catching the tone. “Ouch. I didn’t know parents’ could stoop that low.”

She shrugged, not knowing what to say. “Anyways,” Percy spoke before the silence became awkward. “I don’t exactly understand why you wanted me as an instructor.”

She tried to hide her blush, even though she could’ve easily said that Bobby and Matthew had wanted him as an instructor. “I saw you doing gymnastics when I came, and you were pretty good. So I asked the owner, Apollo, if you could be the instructor.” She silently gave her self a mental highfive for saying that with confidence and not stuttering once.

Percy grinned and opened his mouth but before he could say something, Piper opened the door and smiled sheepishly at Annabeth before turning to Percy. “Perce, I need your help. The kids are trying to form a conspiracy, I think.”

Percy grinned at her sheepishly, rubbing his neck. “Wanna talk when they’re eating cake? Piper’s gonna be on a date with her boyfriend so she has to leave early, and I don’t exactly want to see you on the other side of the room not being able to talk to you because it would be awkward.”

“Sure.” She swiftly accepted his invite to converse.

“Great.” Percy declared and clapped his hands. “I’ll just go now.” He started walking backwards and waved at her awkwardly, before turning around and crashing into a chair. 

The chair clanked to the floor and her hastily put it back where it was before blushing. “Um, sorry.” He mumbled and rubbed his neck again. “Bye.” He waved again and went inside the gym.                                                       

The kids practically kicked open the door, startling Annabeth, who was readin one of her favorite books, Looking For Alaska. They were screaming for cake an were all crazy, cheering and whooping.

Percy was the last to enter and he wasn’t whooping like the kids. He was grinning and his hair was messier than before. He was also sweating a bit, but it wasn’t very noticable.

Percy looked around for Annabeth, until he found her sitting down on one of the extra chairs, reading a book that looked like it was very old.

He plopped down next to her, tired and but still grinning. “They asked me to do a lot of tricks.” He flexed, and Anabeth watched, awed as she saw his bicep muscles tense and she saw saw a bit of his stomach and oh my god is that a v-line-

“They won the war.” Percy spoke and interrupted Annabeth’s train of thought. It took a second for her to remember about the war and smirked.

“What did Bobby and Matthew do?” She inquired mishievously

Percy chuckled. “They were the ones that made the last move. Pretty much, whoever pushes the other’s whole team into the foam pit first wins.” He looked at her to see if she was following. She nodded and he continued,

“So it was down to just me, Piper had already been pushed into the pit. There were 5 kids left to push into the pit, when all of a sudden I get pushed into the pit. I look behind me just in time to see that it was Bobby and Matthew who had pushed me. Now I owe them 5 dollars the next time they come over.”

He chuckled again. “It was actually quite fun, since we could run all over the gym.”

There was a moment of silence again before Annabeth broke it this time. “How long have you been doing gymnastics?” 

“Oh, around 14 years. Apollo knew my mother because he was a daily customer in her candy shop, and one day he saw me and asked my mom if he could teach me how to do gymnastics. Soon enough, he brings me to his gym and we start practicing.”

“That’s a long time.” She commented. She grinned slyly. “And you still got pushed into a pit by my brothers? Yeesh, didn’t know that you were that bad.”

“I am so hurt now. I am crying in agony, oh please lord help me.” 

Annabeth laughed. “How many competitions have you competed in?”

Percy whistled, “Far more than I can count.”

“Enough questions about me. What about you, I heard that you’re in the school’s new architecture elective.” 

“Yeah, it’s amazing.” Annabeth tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear again.

“What’s your reason?” 

Annabeth glanced at him confused, “What do you mean?”

Percy leaned back into his chair. “Everyone one has a reason when they want something. What is it?”

“Well, I’ve always had this fascination with building something permanent. You know, like building the coliseum, which has lasted for centuries? I want to build something like that, something worth to remember.” Annabeth felt like she could confide in Percy, even though she never told anyone this before. It was kind of strange, Percy felt so reliable and natural.

“I understand.” Percy spoke after a moment. Before they could continue their conversation, Bobby and Matthew ran up to Annabeth and pulled on her arms.

“We want cake!” They exclaimed, pulling her over to the bag where she had the cake. She didn’t know how exactly they knew that the cake was there, as it was hidden in an Abercrombie bag and they hated Abercrombie and wouldn’t dare opening a bag, let alone look at it.

Annabeth grabbed the cake, took the lid off, and lit the candles quickly. Percy saw what she was doing and quickly stood up. “Alright guys, time for cake!” He exclaimed and the kids gasped and all scrambled to the table.

The table was already set up, plates, cups, and chairs ready for the kids. They all sat down and waited.

Annabeth finished igniting the candles and started walking over to Bobby and Matthew. She gave them the cake and pulled out her phone. 

Percy started singing immediately, the kids joining him soon, and at the very end, Percy and a couple other kids pushed Bobby’s and Matthew’s heads into the cake.

Everyone laughed once they came back up, their faces covered in frosting. Percy laughed particularly loud, and Annabeth teased once he walked over to her, “You’ve gone a bit deaf, haven’t you?”

“I think blind is the correct term because I don’t think I can possibly handle your beauty.”

Annabeth froze while Percy grinned. Did he just flirt with me? Annabeth thought.

“Maybe.” Annabeth was glad that she didn’t say something stupid.

“So, um, can I get your, you know, number?” Percy timidly asked. He looked so adorable, his eyes questioning, rubbing his neck and grin sheepish.

Annabeth laughed, “You sure are smooth with your words.” She teased.

Seeing his face fall as she hadn’t given him her number, she rolled her eyes and smiled. “Of course I’ll give you my number.”

“Really?” He asked hopefully. She rolled her eyes again. “Yes, really. Here,” She recited her number, which made Percy scramble to take his out of his pocket. 

“Um, could you repeat that, please?” Annabeth smiled and repeated it. He saved her number and put his phone back in his pocket.

(And maybe, when the birthday party finished and she had to leave with Bobby and Matthew because it was late and everyone had already left, she might’ve kissed Percy’s cheek.)

Welcome to Messy Mondays

As some of you might know, I have gotten a new activity book called ‘’ Mess’’ by Keri Smith. Every page includes an assignment where you have to make that page a little bit ( or a lot) messier than before. I will do a new series every monday showing you guys the pages I have done and the assignments that were on those pages. Last Saturday I did two pages, only one had an assignment and the other one was plain white, not meant to be messed with ( Haha I’m so funny! (not!!). I decided to be a rebel and make something ( like art if you even consider it art) on the white page. I used oil paint and to be honest I don’t recommend using oil paint while working in an activity book because the drying time takes too long. Like I said, I made this Saturday and it still is not fully dry. When I touch it ( the painting) it leaves  a residue   of the paint on my finger.  This is what I made with the oil paint, remember this was not an assignment. I made it up myself: 

The assignment was to put something sticky like honey or glue on the page and then throw something powdery like cacao on it. This is my final result: 

I used white acrylic paint for the sticky part and I used eye shadows for the powder part. I also threw some little colored dots that we use to decorate cookies with. I painted a messy black border around the big mess. I like both results. I love this book because it’s about making a mess rather than something beautiful and that is exactly  what I tried to do. Next time I will make a picture of the assignments so that you really can see the before and after part of this all. I hope you liked this post. Let me know if I shall continue this series by either liking or reblogging this post. It would mean a lot!

-xo Alley