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Did you know Britain and France almost got married during WW2 with "the Declaration of Union"? (And that Britain was the one who proposed it? ❤) It would've put the two in a similar position as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and everyone was for it, but while France's boss liked it his government didn't and thus it was rejected. Could you draw Iggy proposing and France accepting only for them to dishearteningly get turned down later? I'd prefer it sad, but you can do whatever ya want with this. :)

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Things the signs would say(all quotes from things my friends and I have said);
  • Aries: We should go bomb an orphanage.
  • Taurus: I'm not stubborn... I'm right.
  • Gemini: You can't make lemonade from just lemons though.
  • Cancer: I'm not alone this Valentines day... I got Ben and Jerry with me.
  • Leo: My eyelashes are longer than his dick.
  • Virgo: This is the crappiest map to ever crap a crap.
  • Libra: Guys can we just be serious for one second?
  • Scorpio: It's not really stalking... It's more like research for our future together.
  • Sagittarius: I mean, I'm hot. He's hot. We should just fuck already.
  • Capricorn: Does this make me look like I know what I'm doing? *Writes random words down in notebook*
  • Aquarius: *In response to Libra* I really like grasshoppers.
  • Pisces: Wait? Are Sea Bears an actual thing? Or?
Calculations That Don't Add Up

Couple comes in asking about dog’s skin allergies. They say no medication has worked so far. They are clearly invested in the dog’s wellbeing and care about making him feel better.

I ask and find out dog is eating Ol’ Roy, one of the lowest quality crappiest dog food brands on the market. Basically a sack of corn and food dye.

I explain the probable cause of the dog itching so much that his fur is falling out is likely the food dye, corn, wheat, and soy in the food.

I show them a food we sell that is devoid of corn, wheat, soy, or dye. This food is less than a dollar per pound. I explain that the dog will have to eat less on this food since it’s denser, better, nutrition. This means the cost will probably even out and not be too much more expensive than what they are currently feeding.

I explain that changing the food will probably keep them from having to buy any more medication.

They exclaim it is too expensive.

They proceed to spend $80 on more medication.

Why ask for help and advice if you’re going to ignore it and keep doing the same thing to the detriment of your pet (and your finances)?

This isn’t just about believing and being all high-vibe when the sun is out and the bunnies are hopping around, either. This is about believing, even when things are at their most uncertain or absolute crappiest, that there is a bright and shiny flipside within your reach.

As French author and fearless truth-seeker, Andre Gide, so aptly put it, ‘One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.’ This is about believing that we live in a loving, kind and abundant Universe instead of one that’s petty, mean, and likes other people more than it likes you.

This is about your faith being greater than your fear.

—  Jen Sincero

HideHaise week day 3 : Sharing silly puns.

Haise enjoyed having someone who appreciated the art of puns as much as he did.

*kicks down door*


I missed days one and two but I really wanted to contribute to HideHaise week so I hope it’s okay if I jump in nowww


There’s a post going around about whose to blame re: Person of Interest’s falling ratings, while I feel like the writers dropped the ball in season 4 I feel like the larger part of the problem is CBS. 

We can’t overlook the factor that CBS shifted Person of Interest from a schedule where it was succeeding and then hampered it some more by giving the show one of the crappiest broadcast schedules I know. There were so many hiatuses in between episodes that even hardcore viewers are often confused when an original episode will air. 

Also, the number 1 reason why people are angrier at CBS is, if you look at the numbers Person of Interest still had strong ratings. The issue is that Person of Interest is not produced by CBS. If you look at the veteran shows that were given a full season they were all produced by CBS.

Elementary, a show I love and admire has even worst ratings (I can’t speak to the demo though) than Person of Interest. Season 3 premiered at 7.57 and the last episode had 6.92. 

The Good Wife started at  11.06 and and ended at 9.35, with a season low of 7.83.

Person of Interest season 4 premiered with 10.58 and ended with 8.18, its season low was the season finale, which in terms of numbers are still better than Elementary (no offense to Elementary, I love you show!). 

Person of Interest isn’t that far off from The Good Wife. It’s doing loads better in ratings than my other favorite shows. So the larger problem IS CBS.

It’s not the ‘sudden’ shift to the AI tone, its not the addition of awesome female characters. 

In the bigger context of things: its the schedule, its CBS being an ass, and yes, the writers too for flubbing some of the things that happened in season 4 (particularly 4B when the numbers started going down). 

CBS wanted to keep the shows it was producing and seemed less interested in a show that, while doing well, is not something they can really profit from. If you look at the syndication and Netflix deal, this shouldn’t even be happening but since ultimately WB is the one getting the chunk of the money, they feel less interested in committing to the show.