this one is like the crappiest

The boys trying on thier S.O’s clothes and then getting caught, por favor?

This ask could’ve gone in so many different directions. I hope you enjoy it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • You walk into your room to go get your scarf because man it is cold out
  • You stop when you see Shinguuji standing in front of your mirror
  • He freezes and you can see him look at you through the mirror
  • You notice that rather than the usual bandages on his hands, he’s wearing your gloves
  • When you question him, he goes into a great long speech about how the frigid weather would have a chance to render his hands utterly-
  • He just needs your gloves, basically.
  • You question why he’s wearing your gloves though
  • …He only has the bandages.
  • He lost his gloves.
  • He needed something because he really hates the cold-
  • You kiss him on the cheek
  • It’s fine, you tell him
  • After you two go out and he gives you the gloves back
  • He notes that it felt like you were holding his hands the whole time
  • You let him keep them.

Rantarou Amami

  • You walk in and your room is a mess
  • Your clothes are spread out everywhere
  • There are some shirts you haven’t seen in years out in the open
  • And there’s your boyfriend standing in the middle of this tornado of clothes
  • Wearing your favorite shirt and jeans
  • You ask him what he’s doing
  • He tells you in the most subtly annoyed voice you’ve ever heard from him
  • “I’ve seen you wear the same eight shirts since we’ve met when I know you have more”
  • You ask him why he’s wearing your shirt, though
  • He said that he was trying to organize your closet with the best outfits possible
  • But why is he wearing your shirt though
  • He needed to see how they looked on a person
  • And he’s decided: You two are going shopping
  • He drags you out the door while still wearing your clothes

Kokichi Ouma

  • You work very hard and often come home late
  • You’re absolutely exhausted
  • But you became very much awake very quickly when you see Ouma sleepily welcome you home
  • In one of your button up shirts
  • It’s a little big on him so the sleeves nearly end at his fingertips
  • And you can barely see the edge of his bright red underwear under the hem
  • You ask him what he’s doing in your shirt
  • He tells you, while he’s still only half-conscious, that he wears your clothes when he can’t sleep next to you
  • Of course, that’s a lie, he adds
  • But from the way he curls up next to you that night, you can tell he was telling the truth

Shuuichi Saihara

  • You come home from getting groceries one day to see your boyfriend wearing your school uniform
  • He even took your kneesocks
  • He’s blushing as he tells you that he just wanted to know what wearing a skirt felt like
  • And you come to the realization
  • He looks great in your uniform
  • Maybe even better than you
  • His voice and his stupid beautiful eyelashes don’t help matters
  • He notices the grin you have on your face and the blush fades
  • Because he is now very much regretting trying on your uniform
  • You take him by the hand and start dragging him to your room
  • He’s trying on all the clothes

Kaito Momota

  • He has a good excuse for wearing your jacket, he swears
  • You put on his all the time so why not try on yours for a change?
  • You giggle at the uncomfortable look on his face because the sleeves are too short on him and he can’t close it
  • Then he looks you in the eye and bluntly tells you:
  • This is the crappiest thing he’s ever worn.
  • His t-shirt is sturdier than this thing.
  • You give him a shrug that tells him “They’re all like that”
  • He sighs and tries to shove his hands in the pockets
  • He can only get up to his knuckles into them
  • He looks at you with such pity at the realization that girl pockets suck
  • No wonder you keep taking his jacket!
  • He comes home the next day with good jackets
  • That will keep you warm
  • With actual pockets


  • You find him wearing that one over-sized hoodie you own
  • You know, the one you wear when comfort is the absolute priority
  • It’s just big enough to cover his body armor and he looks really huggable right now
  • His face is blushing bright red over the fact that he’s been caught
  • Before you could even ask him what he’s doing in your hoodie, he blurts out his explanation
  • He just wanted to know what it was like to wear clothes
  • Once he finishes, he looks even more embarrassed
  • So embarrassed that he tries to hide his face with your hoodie
  • You can’t help but hug him
  • If he wanted to wear clothes so badly, he could have just asked!
  • He says that he was too ashamed to buy clothes while not owning any…
  • You give him the hoodie

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta found that one really cute shirt with the bee on it
  • He loves it but, by god, is it small on him
  • How did he even get his arms through the sleeves?
  • You can’t help but laugh
  • He starts laughing too
  • But the second he does, your shirt kind of explodes
  • Gonta is very sorry

Ryouma Hoshi

  • It kind of started with a comment about his height
  • At the time he had just rolled his eyes and said “I’m not that short”
  • But a few days later, you came into your room to see him standing in front of your mirror
  • For a second you think that he’s wearing a dress
  • Then you realize that he’s wearing one of your shirts
  • He looks over to you with a straight face
  • “Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m short.”
  • And you tell him that it looks good on him?
  • He appreciates the thought
  • But he still has to shop in the kid’s section
  • Now occasionally he’ll walk around the house wearing nothing but one of your shirts

sometime I just think about how easy it would be to market superheroes toward little girls and I am filled with rage

like do these people not realize how fucking easy this shit would be

there’s the dazzler she’s like a popstar and a superhero do you know how many 4-12 year old girls would dig that shit

there’s the wasp and her superpowers are seriously like zapping jerks, flying, and being cuter than everybody else. also she’s a famous fashion designer. and she’s better than you. (like she shrinks and stuff too but mainly her power is being better than you)

she-hulk is like this nerdy chick with the power to get bigger and greener and be spontaneously tougher than everybody in the vicinity like I don’t even know a little girl who wouldn’t slit someone’s throat for the ability to be stronger than all the boys when they pissed her off

little girl likes magic? scarlet witch

little girl likes science? invisible woman

little girl likes spies? black widow

little girl likes aliens? karolina dean

little girl likes bionic arms? misty knight

little girl likes flying horses? wow. guess who has one of those? valkyrie. valkyrie does.

My point is that’s it’s so fucking easy so chop-chop, Marvel, get on it. Seriously, I went ten years of my life thinking superheroes were boys. That’s ten years of you not profiting off of my inability to refrain from buying even the crappiest merchandise you offer if it has a character I love on it. Little girls are an enormous market; they will buy all your shit if you just suggest to them that maybe they’d like to.

or you could just keep on not profiting when you could be making money selling literally any object that has enough space to plaster a female superhero’s face on it. that’s cool too.

Nothing Like Us

The huge fight between you and Jungkook started off as a simple argument about how he never seemed to be home, and how he treated all your concerns for him as a joke. It began escalating when he, again, brushed off all your worries as overprotectiveness and clinginess.

It was infuriating to the point where you couldn’t stand to be breathing in the same room as him anymore, but damn was that boy slow. You increased the volume of your voice multiple times, before you finally lost it and proceeded to bellow on the top of your lungs. This wasn’t a game you wanted to play any longer.

It was when your throat started burning that you got some of your common sense back, and restrained from choosing the brash approach to handling the situation. You could tell Jungkook was utterly appalled by your unusual behavior; he’d always known you to be one of the most soft-spoken and calm figures in his life, and always thanked you for being so understanding with him.

You knew where this fight was heading, yet ignored the guilt gnawing away at your abdomen. How long could a sane person deal with the constant suspicion of being cast aside?

Jungkook quickly took note of the ceramic mug you were tightly grasping in your quivering right hand, sighed, and plopped down on one of the nearby chairs. He made himself comfortable on the velvet cushion, and placed a hand over his forehead.

He was pondering about something.

Your grip on the mug hardened.

The clock ticked by minute by minute, and your lover finally groaned, breaking the painful silence. He stood up from the chair and walked away from you, muttering the exact words you were bracing yourself to hear under his breath:

“Y/N… I’m sick and tired of you not trusting me. Let’s end this, okay? I can’t…”

He knew your hearing was spectacular.


This was no surprise.

Of course he wouldn’t stay, not after you told him about your constant paranoia of him leaving you. Your paranoia was rooted from the emotional abuse you received frequently from your ruthless aunt when you were a child, and you reminded him of it everyday when he sought after your attention.

Weren’t you deemed crazy by your last ex?

The main problem with this situation was that you thought he was different. You thought he was able to comprehend your feelings, that he understood whatever you didn’t wish to say aloud.

Your childhood was coming back to haunt you.

With tears brimming in your eyes, you nodded your head twice before rushing out the front door; not once, but twice, after you came to the realization that Jungkook would be gone from your side forever. There would be no more cuddle fests, no more picnic or movie dates, and no more seemingly endless video game sessions.

Your feet brought you to the nearest convenience store you could find, and with the three crinkled dollar bills you had in your jeans pocket, you bought yourself a Sprite, a bag of chips, and one steaming bowl of instant noodles. How much food would it take to fill up the empty void in your stomach?

You touched your throat.

How long had you been screaming?

How long ago did you lose your voice?

How long has it been ever since you left the only place you could call home, behind?

How could Jungkook do this to you? How could he be so cruel to mercilessly stomp on your heart? 

How could he leave you when you needed him the most?

🎵 lately i’ve been thinking, thinking ‘bout what we had 🎵

You’re scrolling through your phone a few months later, and your eyes drop down to a certain starred contact.

You haven’t deleted his number yet.

Despite everything books and movies had warned you about, despite the danger! red signals going off inside your brain, you knew you deeply missed Jeon Jungkook. You missed his bunny-toothed smiles, his loving caresses, and most of all, you missed his presence. You missed the feeling of safety when you passed through a dark alleyway, the feeling of him wrapping his arms around you to keep you warm, and most importantly, the feeling of being happy. You had lost everything.

Your everything.

Why did breaking up with him have to be so heartwrenching?

🎵 i know it was hard,  it was all that we knew, yeah 🎵

🎵 have you been drinkin’, to take all the pain away? 🎵

If your friends hadn’t forcibly dragged you out to meet the world weeks after to incident, to remind you that the grim reaper wasn’t ready to fetch you yet, the spark inside of you would’ve died completely. When you and Jungkook had broken it off, it was like you had lost a piece of yourself. You weren’t Y/N anymore, you were somebody else. Something else. You yearned for him to come back to you, to cry out for his loss, and to make you his one and only again.

It was a foolish, wistful dream.

🎵 i wish that i could give you what you deserve 🎵

Going out shopping alone had been a really bad idea.

A really, really bad one.

What were the chances of bumping into your ex, with another girl hanging off his arm? What were the chances of her being the most perfect person you’ve ever met? What were the chances of her actually making him happy?

It’s not like you’ve never made him smile. It’s not like you never made him laugh. It’s not like he’s never called you funny, or charming.

But this girl, this ethereal being standing next to him, must be a descandant from the goddess of jokes herself, because Jungkook wouldn’t stop letting out guffaws, and clutching his stomach in unbearable pain from the laughter. You’ve never seen him this happy before.

He deserved this kind of happiness, you thought.

But did you believe?

🎵 cause nothing could ever, ever replace you 🎵

🎵 nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah 🎵

🎵 you know there’s no one i can relate to 🎵

You’ve certainly met your fair share of cute and quirky guys after Jungkook left your life. A large portion of them were irresistibly handsome, all of them charismatic, and some of them highly intelligent. A few developed into serious crushes.

But that’s all they’ll ever be. A crush, a person whom you look forward to seeing everyday, but could survive without. You hated the idea of leading someone on, especially when you knew that another took up the majority of the space in your heart.

Dating was easy to you, but loving wasn’t.

Love reminded you of him.

It was absolute hell when you had to reject each and every one of your potential lovers because you knew you would compare them to Jungkook. The Jungkook who only had eyes for you. The Jungkook who was flawless in your book. The Jungkook that used to call you his love.

Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook. His name was like a chant- a spell casted specifically to bewitch you, a curse that would always hold your heart captive.

🎵 i know we won’t find a love that’s so true 🎵

Your days with him were the brightest moments in your life.

They were unforgettable memories, experiences, and you cherished them so much that you might as well be obsessing over the past.

You hated yourself for continuing to grasp onto that tiny strand of hope that he would come back for you.

🎵 there’s nothing like us 🎵

🎵 there’s nothing like you and me 🎵

🎵 together through the storm 🎵

hello everyone!

i’m the author of this short, song-based jungkook scenario that i wrote specifically for my darling mutual and best friend on tumblr…


hello sweetie, i’m so sorry for the late birthday present!! this is probably one of the crappiest works you will ever set your sights upon but i did pour a lot of my effort into it; don’t be too harsh on me haha~

i hope you had a wonderful birthday, and spent it wisely with your loved ones~ thank you for being so kind and patient with me, and for gifting that pirate!jeonghan imagine for me! it was lovely, like every other one of your works and i enjoyed reading it very much <33 we need to collab sometime soon!~

for anyone wondering, this is a song by Justin Bieber that our golden maknae did a cover of. the song title, well, is the title of this story!

~word count: 1296

~time it took to write this: 4 days and a week to edit

Justice League: some thoughts

*sighs* lets just get this over with.

The good:

- Diana is as badass as always. My jaw dropped at her introduction fight sequence. It was AMAZING.

- Barry was a good source of comic relief, but that’s about it.

- Cyborg’s character development was just 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💯💯💯

- the chemistry of the teammates were very convincing.

- the fights scenes, the color, the visuals, all of them were just simply beautiful.

- Superman’s revival was AMAZING, albeit very rushed.

- Bruce’s development as a character was also very striking.


And now, the bad. Oh god, the bad.

- The pacing was fucking TERRIBLE. This is NOT the kind of story you would pack into a two hour film. I doubt two and a half hours would even barely do it justice. But NOOOO. WB just HAD to cut it to LESS THAN TWO HOURS. MAKING THE PACING FUCKING UNWATCHABLE. This scene doesn’t lead to that scene, but wait, where did that scene come from? And also, why are you suddenly here? And why does that thing suddenly lead to that thing? Those are questions I asked myself throughout the whole damn film. I kept trying to tell myself, “oh, SURELY it would get better towards the end, right?” NO. IT DOESNT. AT ALL.

- and because of those cuts, a lot of the character development was also cut out, too. We barely have enough information about each character as an individual before they were smashed together as a team. There’s a fine line between leaving the audience wanting for more and making the audience clueless about their character, and this movie not only stepped over that line, it fucking soared over it like a dozen Boeing jets. All of the characters were just smushed into being a general character trait (especially for non-dc fans), like the broody computer dude, the fast comic relief, the beautiful warrior goddess and the alcoholic fish man.

- I knew it would be a problem to involve two directors in a huge film like this, and it fucking shows, man. Some scenes are distinctly Zack Snyder, and some scenes are distinctly Joss Whedon. And lo and behold, the styles of these two directors doesn’t fit. At all. It’s like trying to hammer a square block into a round hole. Sure, you might get it in somehow, but both the square block and the round hole are going to be severely damaged. The best of Zack Snyder doesn’t show, and the best of Joss Whedon doesn’t as well. The quips and shit from Joss Whedon severely clashes with the tone and story Zack is tying to set up, and it just takes you out of the moment in an instant.

- Steppenwolf. Fucking. SUCKED. As a villain. I get it. You’re trying to make the heroes step into the spotlight. I totally get that. Steppenwolf can take a backseat. But can you at least put SOME effort into making him a convincing villain. All he did was smash his hammer into some floors. That was it.

- have you ever heard of the term “uncanny valley”? Good. Did you know that the term was invented specifically to describe Superman’s upper lip? The stories about CGI-ing Henry Cavill’s moustache off from the movie may seem hilarious when reading about it, but when you actually see the result, it’s just terribly, terribly sad. I forced myself to look at Henry’s chest for half of the film just to spare myself from the secondhand embarrassment. Cyborg’s CGI was also a problem, but it can’t be helped, considering he’s a walking computer robot man. But when you think about how the moustache problem can be solved by just a razor and some shaving cream, you can’t help but to be filled with uncontrollable petty rage.

- the music doesn’t fit the movie. Danny Elfman can go shove his one and only batman theme up his pompous arse. At least it fits there.

- Batwonder. Apparently it’s a thing now, and it’s honestly close to being as forced as Brutasha.


- Superman’s revival shouldn’t be occurring at the time that it occurred into the movie. It interrupted the already disastrous flow of the movie, and his revival was covered only for like what, five minutes? Then it’s on to the next thing. Plus, the impacts of his revival on society itself wasn’t shown, which was an incredible waste of potential, and ultimately reduced the impact of his revival by a LOT.

Ultimately, Justice League was just a messy, poorly-put-together film that has a story with a lot of wasted potential. I still have a lot of things left unsaid about the film, but they’re honestly very petty issues that I personally found horrible, so I’m not gonna include them here. All in all, Justice League was the ultimate proof that I will never be able to agree with movie critics ever

It wasn’t her

@starswirlblitz requested this baby: Ok so it’s kinda angsty and I don’t know if you’d feel comfortable doing it but Would you be able to do a request where the reader is sam and deans little sister (Mary’s daughter too) and sort of based off last night episode where she is taken along with Sam when the British lady comes and takes them. And like when both of them are in the torture room, sammy is all protective of his little sis despite them being tied up? And both kinda have to bear to watch each other get hurt. Nothing graphic at all.

A/N: It’s angsty & I’m not sorry for it. Sam’s point of view is labeled, otherwise it’s the readers. I’m posting this then editing it. I just needed to get this out because I wanted to see the pain it was going to inflict.

It wasn’t her masterlist

Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by charlie-bradcherry

You let out a groan and tried to open your eyes; everything hurt, especially your head. You tried to move your hand up to your head, only to realize that your hands were tied behind your back. You forced your eyes open and saw Sam sitting across from you, also tied up.

“Ah, look who’s finally woken up.” A British voice said.

You attempted to turn your head which resulted in you letting out a wince from the pain shooting from your head.

“Sorry about that love, I hit you a tad too hard but I couldn’t have you helping your brother.” She said to you while walking in circles around you and Sam.

“You okay Y/N?” Sam asked you quietly.

Deciding to speak instead of causing more pain you replied, “Yeah Sammy, you? Wait, why are you wet?”

“He’s alright, just a bit of a wound on his leg but it’s been all patched up. He was just about to tell me what I wanted to know, weren’t you Sam?” The woman interrupted.

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that sweet sweet nmtd nostalgia

wow, i’m all back there. it just takes one single video for me to go into full on feels mode. it’s like suddenly it’s 2016 again and I’m sitting on the roof of an Auckland hostel, writing Pedrazar fic. Or 2015 in the crappiest living situation, reading my own Balth/Hero friendship fluff, knowing it’s going to be less than two weeks before I’m on a plane to New Zealand. Or 2016 and I’m at one of the lowest points in my life, but the ocean is close and I got my Hersula uni AU which i never finished or published. and stalking that pedrazar tag, desperately hoping for some good fic because nothing was canon yet, and making theories, and hoping that the cool people in the fandom would notice me. Being deeply in love with Beatrice and therefore heavily identifying with Ben. Listening to every single Reuben Hudson song out there on repeat. Buying a ukulele and naming it Ursula. desperately waiting for every update. finding friends in the fandom. writing that huge ass Pedrazar fic that never made it on AO3 and that still only a few people have ever read despite the fact that I even managed to finish it. Suddenly wanting to be like Hero and deciding to bake more. Suddenly realizing I’m actually Balthazar and keeping that name. Meeting the candle wasters and shouting at Jake McGregor at the BSN auditions. Being at a New Year’s party in Wellington in an area that looks a lot like where The Flat is, which makes me feel kind of surreal, but also more at peace. finding a kind of family. realizing what webseries could be. being so inspired.

in conclusion: i’m suddenly very emo about nmtd and everything connected to it; send help


Ok so first of all, there are two versions cause I was drawing the coffee bean hair before Jack said he just tied it back but anYWAYS, I drew this in celebration of @therealjacksepticeye ’s channel reaching 17 million, that’s a crazy number! I remember finding him about 3 years ago when he had 800k. Im so proud of how far he’s gotten and he’s made my life so much brighter ever since I started watching his videos, granted I wasnt a very avid watcher of his until 2016 came around and that’s when I really started getting back into his channel however not so much in the community. I only started being an active member in the community this year, yeah, it took me THAT long haha. I remember my excuse for not drawing him was that I couldnt draw guys pffft. Im so glad to be a part of this community and to have met some amazing people that I can rant to about him haha. Seán just has this bubbly and energetic personality that’s just so contagious. Like I could be having the crappiest day ever and just one video of his can make my mood flip entirely. Every time I see him just pop up on my notifications either when he’s uploaded a new video or when he rEBLOGS MY POSTS my heart just skips a beat, he takes so much time out of his busy work schedule to just interact with us and I value that so much about him, he cares about us all very much. This is only a fraction of why I appreciate him and watch his videos, I cant put all of my words into a short little paragraph :P

kastle ship meme

their ringtones for each other:

karen and frank both hacked into one another’s phones and changed their ringtones to tunes that would provide maximum embarrassment. frank thought he’d won by changing karen’s to the magic mike song, but then he was getting some info from micro in a diner when they both had to sit through this

their FB relationship status:

oddly enough not something they’d put on facebook, even if they both had it. frank has a strong aversion to all things social media and karen has three facebook friends (matt, foggy and ellison). every so often she does post vaguely cryptic shots of shit like his arm in front of some national monument when they go on road trips, but that’s the closet they get.

whether they’re addicted to couples selfies:

you think frank castle isn’t OBSESSED with pictures of him and karen? he has a phone from 2008 the size of a small brick with the crappiest camera function imaginable and he’s contemplating buying another one just to fill with more pictures. he never does anything with them (see previously mentioned social media aversion), he just likes having them. (he doesn’t mention the one in his wallet, one of those cringy strip-set of photos they’d taken at the mall. karen had pinned them up on the corkboard in their pokey kitchen but he’d torn the last one off; the one where she’d leaned over, quick as a whip, and pressed a kiss to his cheek and he’d been so surprised that he hadn’t had time to hide his blush, grin splitting his face in two, staring down at his knees just as the flash had went off)

which of their friends is the over-joyed shipper trash that they are together:


who overshares intimate relationship details:

karen once made foggy and matt simultaneously spit-take their beer with an offhand comment she hadn’t quite meant to make (but seeing matt turn bright red the next time he’d seen frank because he may or may not have been thinking about the dick joke karen had made was somewhat satisfying)

who steals the other’s clothes:

karen, literally all of the time. it drives frank nuts, even if she does look adorable bundled up in his sweaters (“i don’t care if you look cute, that’s not the point, karen!”)

who’s the PDA fan:

frank, which karen had not seen coming at all. he doesn’t do it in a gross way, just a hand tucked around her waist when they’re in the queue at starbucks, or a little kiss pressed to the top of her head at the library and she digs out the book he’s been looking for for hours (she doesn’t usually initiate pda apart from the one time she’d started play-wrestling with him at the mall and the security guard had to come over and check frank was okay after she ended up rugby tackling him and winding him in the process)

who proposes:


later on down the road they have an engagement party which only foggy, matt, micro and the guy who works down the road at the pet shop attend and it’s the single most awkward thing on the planet

18. Fog

Words: 1386

Warnings: Angsty thoughts, choking

You feel like you’re in a bad horror movie, with the way the weather is. The fog is thick enough to cover up the crappiest of special effects and, unfortunately, the thing you’re currently hunting. You’re still not sure of that either– what it is. Last you spoke with Sam and Dean you couldn’t agree on whether it was a ghost or shapeshifter. Or, as Sam suggested, a shapeshifting ghost, because it wasn’t like those two things were fucking terrifying enough.

Shapeshifting ghost, ghost of a shapeshifter, or one or the other, this leaves you in the unenviable position of trying to balance a rock-salt loaded shotgun in one arm while still keeping a hand free to go for the gun with silver bullets. It’s kind of a mess, but you haven’t yet tried to see how many things the angel blade can kill, and honestly that’s not something you’re really willing to test in the heat of the moment. Alone. With super low visibility and backup combing the other acres of the farm. Seriously; has Dean never seen a horror movie? At least it isn’t a graveyard. If you die you don’t want to tick all the boxes.

A branch snaps behind you and you turn, lifting the shotgun to hurt whatever is there. But Cas tilts his head curiously and you sigh and lower the gun. “Geeze, Cas; you gave me a heart attack,” you sigh and turn back around.

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dancingactress24  asked:

Can you send me some Reylo or Rebelcaptain fic recs? I've had one of the crappiest days yet and I need new long fics to read.

Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear you’re not doing so well. :( Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, and you are more than welcome to send me a PM and we can talk, any time you like. If I don’t reply right away, it usually means I’ve conked out face-down. But if so, I’ll reply as soon as I can. ❤️Otherwise, my thoughts are with you, m'dear.

(I’m on my phone so can’t link properly - I’ll fix it sometime later, maybe - thus I’ll just copy the links after the names and titles.)

As far as RebelCaptain goes, I actually haven’t read much of any at all! But @tiaraofsapphires has, and she also writes some! I’m sure she’ll reply and tag you at some point! For now, here’s her AO3: (she also writes Reylo!)

As far as Reylo goes, below are what I recommend! Of course there are my fics, but I’m sure you’ve read them already since you’re sending me an ask. ;)


He Knows He Needs to Stop and Thwarted and Still by Perry_Downing @perrydowning - - -

Psychedelic Inebriation and Home by Annaelle @cuthian - -

The Escort by grliegirl @grlie-girl -

Never Tell Me The Odds by AquaWolfGirl (and many other of her fics!) -

Forms and Ja'ak by Trebia @avenrue - -

Opus No.4 by BebeUnit -

Commemoration by CharlotteCAgain @charlottecagain -

Behind the Storm by inthegrayworld @inthegrayworld -

In My Bloodstream and Stripped [Down to the Bones] by EllieCarina @jackpotgirl - -

The Stormtrooper’s Hanguide On How To Handle An Insufferable Boss by cazzy @xcazzy -

Backwater Girls From Backwater Worlds and RY-4209 by SophiaDreith @sophiascribbling - -

Now is the Time of Monsters by Elwyngirlie @hauscrashburn -

Kylo Ren Needs to Chill by darknessandrageandkittens @darknessandterrorandkittens (this is total crack but makes me laugh and crack a huge grin at almost every single line) -


I asked @perrydowning for some more recs since I haven’t read any fics in quite some time and the ones I suggested above are all ones I read in the past and/or had on old rec lists I made before. Here are hers!

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What the Hell is Wrong With Kylo Ren? by Tuli_Azzameen @tuli-azzameen -

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She Who Would Be Queen by sasstasticmad -

Parka/Captain Cold

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Thank you to @lgbtfangirl for the request!!

(Y/N) had been at sitting at the bar of some restaurant, drinking beer for the past hour or so. (Y/N) ordered another beer before a man in a blue parka, sat down next to (Y/N). “Here is a beer.” The bartender said to (Y/N) before asking the man in the park was he wanted.

“Beer.” The man said as the bartender. “Hey, sweetheart, what to join me back at my place.” A drunk man said to (Y/N). “Back off.” (Y/N) said pushing the man away. “Come on baby.” The man said grabbing (Y/N)’s butt. “What the hell.” (Y/N) said getting up.

Before (Y/N) knew it, the man in the parka, punched the drunk man, causing him to back down. “Why don’t you leave before I make you.” Parka man said before the drunk man nodded and left.

“Thank you. Can I please buy you a beer.” (Y/N) said as the man in the parka. “Thanks.” He said as (Y/N) ordered two more beers.

“I’m (Y/N).” (Y/N) said before shaking hands with the man. “Leonard.” The man said.

“Thank you, Leonard.” (Y/N) said before the beers came as (Y/N) paid Leonard’s beer and the ones (Y/N) got. “Your welcome.” Leonard said.

“Why do you wear a parka.”  (Y/N) asked looking at Leonard. “I like it.” Leonard replied before  (Y/N) nodded and looked at the floor.

“Why is a beautiful person like you, here all alone.” Leonard asked as (Y/N) let a small laugh out. “Well before you showed up I was having the crappiest day of my life.” (Y/N) said. “What happened.” Leonard said. “I don’t want to bother you.” (Y/N) said. “You’re not, I did just punch a guy for you.” Leonard said making (Y/N) laugh.

“So my day started out me being late to work, boss yelling at me, getting coffee split on me before I find out my grandmother passed away.” (Y/N) said as Leonard nodded. “Sorry to hear that.” Leonard said placing a hand on (Y/N)’s back.

“It’s okay, I should get going I have to plan a funeral.” (Y/N) said getting up before Leonard stopping (Y/N) and handing (Y/N) a napkin. “Call me or text me sometime.” Leonard said as (Y/N) nodded before leaving the bar.

Two weeks later

(Y/N) grabbed the phone before calling Leonard. “Hello.” (Y/N) heard Leonard say. “Hey, you might not remember me but it’s (Y/N).” (Y/N) said into the phone.

“I remember.” Leonard said as (Y/N) sighed. “I know I didn’t call or text you for two weeks but I was wondering if you would like to meet at the bar again and hang out.” (Y/N) said hoping Leonard would say ‘yes’.

“Sure, I can be there in 5 minutes.” Leonard said. “Same, see you there.” (Y/N) said before hanging up the phone before heading over to the bar/restaurant. Once (Y/N) got to bar and found Leonard, they sat down at a table that was in the counter of the restaurant. 

They got beers before Leonard looked at (Y/N). “You cut your hair.” He said as (Y/N) nodded. “Yeah, it was getting a little too long, needed to cut it.” (Y/N) said as Leonard nodded. “I like it, suits you.” He said as (Y/N) smiled. “Thank you.” (Y/N) said.

“So what have you been up too.” (Y/N) asked Leonard. “Nothing much, looking for jobs.” Leonard said as (Y/N) nodded. “So what do you do.” (Y/N) asked him. “I have different talents, I can work anything.” Leonard said not wanting to make (Y/N) scared of him. Leonard actually starting to have feelings for (Y/N).

“Nice.” (Y/N) said as Leonard smiled. The both of them talked for a couple hours about anything and everything that came to mind before they released that the bar was about to close. “Can I walk you home, since it’s so late.” Leonard asked (Y/N) as (Y/N) nodded.

“I would love that.” (Y/N) said before Leonard paid for the tab before walking to (Y/N)’s apartment. “I could have paid.” (Y/N) said looking at Leonard. “It’s okay, I wanted to.” Leonard said. They walked halfway to (Y/N)’s apartment before (Y/N) got the chills. “Here.” Leonard said giving his jacket to (Y/N).

“You are sure? You are not going to be cold.” (Y/N) said. “No, I like the cold.” Leonard said smiling before (Y/N) put on the parka. Once they started walking again, (Y/N) took Leonard’s arm and smiled. “This is the most fun, I have had in years.” (Y/N) said as Leonard agreed.

They got to (Y/N)’s apartment building as (Y/N) looked at Leonard. “It’s late, would you like to stay. I have a guest bedroom.” (Y/N) said. “Are you sure.” Leonard said as (Y/N) nodded before they made it up to (Y/N)’s floor and into her apartment.

“Guest bedroom is on the right.” (Y/N) said before turning up the heat before going to the master bedroom and changing into PJ’s. (Y/N) saw that Leonard’s parka was on the bed so (Y/N) took it for Leonard for he could have it.

(Y/N) knocked on the door before Leonard opened the door. “Hi.” (Y/N) said before giving Leonard the parka. “Thank you.” Leonard said taking the parka.

(Y/N) turned around before Leonard grabbed (Y/N)’s arm. “(Y/N).” He said as (Y/N) looked at him in the eyes. “Yes.” (Y/N) said smiling.

Leonard pulled (Y/N) closer before passionately kissing (Y/N). (Y/N) kissed back smiling. They pulled away as Leonard kissed (Y/N)’s cheek.

“Good night (Y/N).” He said. “Good night Leonard.” (Y/N) said before going back to the Master Bedroom.

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today is the crappiest day of the very few days of school i’ve had. sigh.
anyway, i’ve started a new bullet journal because the old one is practically finished and doesn’t inspire me. i’m not crazy about my september page, but i’m rather proud of my daily spreads. i think the editing on these pics is a like wanky, but at this point…

ft. my fave sweater + my messy desk

“it’s a bad day not a bad life”

St.Pete Replies

@maramaja06 replied to your post:

How lucky of you to live in such a beautiful city and that pic is just amazing ♥♥♥

Thank you so much! I think my city was the first thing in life I learned to appreciate when I was old enough to appreciate something other than my mommy xD

@neopixiesimsreplied to your post:

That picture looks like a painting! Honestly, visiting there would be like a dream!

I think the moon is heavily slightly photoshoped though xD You’re always welcome here, and also, we have snow :D

@josiesimblr replied to your post:

I’ve been to St. Petersburg…in Florida! Lol We have a city here in the USA named after your beautiful city. This picture is gorgeous, you’re so lucky to live in a city so lovely and with such a rich history.

Yeah, I heard a lot about your beautiful St.Pete in Florida! I remember when I met @treelinesandpoppyfields, she asked me where I lived and I said St.Pete, and she was so happy because she’s from Florida and was like, oh no, Mel, there are thousands of miles between us :( And thank you! I really love where I live :)

@ddsmile5 replied to your post:

Omg I have spent most of my life dreaming about visiting your city I have always wanted to see they church with the onion domes I have seen pictures of it it looks sooo beautiful

OMG, really? I’m always so happy to meet people who know about St.Pete but when a beautiful person dreams about visiting?? This is absolutely mind-blowing!! Are you talking about Church of the Savior on Blood? It’s really pretty, I’ve never been inside though, oops :)

@simmingbee replied to your post:

That picture is pretty awesome. Man everyone lives somewhere super cool and I have to live in crappy Michigan 😭😭

Don’t be sad, honey! We do have quite a lot of things to look at but we also do have the crappiest weather ever! In a year we have about 60 sunny days and two (two!!) weeks of hot weather!! Usually St.Pete looks like on this photo. Not that beautiful, huh? xD I’m also pretty sure this photo was made in June or something like that. I mean, that’s how our summer looks like :D Me personally, I like it, but most of the people, that come here to live from other cities, hate it.

@oaksim replied to your post:

oh my friend visited there a few years back and said it’s architecturally so beautiful! i really want to visit one day :)

OMG!! Your friend was here!! This is unbelievable!! I’m so happy to hear they liked the city!! You should totally come!! You’re away welcome!!

@simblrbreezycakes replied to your post:

have you heard theres a rumor in st. petersburggggggg that’s so cool!

I didn’t knew there’s musical!!!

How do the mercs comfort a friend who had a bad day/week?

Prompt: How would the mercs comfort a friend who had a bad day/week? (…This may or may not be hitting close to home. Admin Headshot knows this week wasn’t the best. And this may or may not be Undercover’s way of coping. HAHA, anyways, let’s get on with the headcanons!)

Scout - He’s not the best at quietly listening - he’d butt in too much or pipe up in the middle of the person’s rant. Don’t go to Scout expecting someone who’d sit down, be quiet, and retain a non-judgmental attitude. Do go to Scout if you need someone to validate your shitty feelings, make you feel not crazy/bad for feeling such icky emotions, and shit-talk with you whatever happened in said bad day. After the person finishes their rant and venting their feelings, Scout would immediately try to crack a joke or say something just to loosen up the tension. Then he goes off at one hundred miles per hour, talking non-stop. It’s comforting and irritating - he means well. In the end, Scout’ll make you feel it’s okay to have a shit day.

Soldier - Once a friend says the word that they’re angry/sad/generally feel like garbage, Soldier just drags them off, without a word. He’ll end up taking them to a gym or training room. Takes some boxing gloves and dumps it into your arms. He points at a punching bag and commands, “I want you to imagine the crappiest crap day you can think of, multiply it by THIRTY, and then ya punch it SMACK ON ITS BALLS!!” Cheers and screams at you to keep on punching said bag. By the time you’re done, anybody would forget their frustrations - or just too tired and winded from Soldier’s intense therapy. Looks like violence is the answer - in Soldier’s case.

Pyro - Criss cross apple sauce on the floor. They are there to listen. Gives a few muffled responses and bobs head like crazy, to show their reactions to your friend’s re-telling of the terrible week. Once the person is finished, Pyro takes them outside, to a dumpster or open field. Builds a bonfire, and runs around, chucking whatever into the flames just to watch it burn. Pyro’s enthusiasm (and the burning things is just appealing, or idk thats just me), is contagious, you can’t help but join in on the pyromania.

Heavy - Seeing a friend’s frustrated/nearly tearful expression, he’ll nod solemnly, and gesture for you to follow him into a more private area in order for you to have privacy. Once finding a secluded place, he sits down, a signal for you to talk. He’ll sit there, completely unresponsive while you talk. He makes no indication for you to stop, so you can go on for as long as you want. He doesn’t show any judgment - he keeps a neutral expression throughout the entire thing. Finally if you’re done with venting, Heavy will ask, “Do you want to hear my say on situation? Or iz silence fine?” Saying no, Heavy keeps true to his promise, and he’ll sit there with you until you catch your breath and/or stop crying. Say yes, and Heavy gives some thoughtful, simple, and helpful advice all in a few sentences. Presses the person’s head against his chest, his most gentlest of hugs.

Demoman - Friend doesn’t even need to say anything. Demo can sense it, more or less, drunk or sober. Shoves a bottle of Scrumpy into their hands - he pushes his own bottle to the side. If anything you deserve to drink it off; and he’ll stay sober. Let’s you talk on and on - you don’t even realize a few hours already passed, but you’re only halfway through the story of how shit your week has been - hell, might as well your entire life! He’ll make lots of well meaning jokes, punch lines, and comments through the entire thing - he doesn’t want to see a friend scowl/tear up for such a long time! If you’re buzzed or completely drunk off your rocker by the end of the session, either way, Demo will lead you back to bed. He’ll be there through the hangover, too.

Engineer - Leads you away to his workshop. He’ll sit you on top of a counter, while you watch him fix some broken machinery or polish some metal pieces. He’ll give you something to play around with as well - a metal trinket, a rusty gear to shine up, bendy-metal (something he created himself). He gives his two cents whether you want it or not - he’s a problem solver, and he won’t stand for it if you leave his workshop without a solution. His advice, surprisingly, is pretty blunt, logical, and nothing but the cold hard truth. The thing with Engie is, he says it in such a genuine and mellow way, you know what he says is true and can’t find a reason to be angry at his words.

Medic - He’ll listen to your problems, but won’t fully understand/resonate with your problems. He’s a dude who likes cutting open people for fun and digging through their insides. Medic knows more or less he doesn’t have ‘normal’ people problems and possess an inkling of social skills. He’d try to propose the idea of injecting some chemicals into your brain stem to alter your emotions/even out chemical imbalance (at least, that’s what you’re able to understand from his winded, over-zealous explanation for the procedure). It’s an awkwardly morbid way of trying to comfort you, and it’s nice Medic’s trying to do something - but politely decline. Medic knows, he didn’t do a great job of alleviating any of your pain, so he’d do what ‘normal’ people do - give you a hug. (Even if he’s covered in blood/dove feathers. He tried.)

Sniper - He’s be secretly touched/surprised that anyone would come to him for advice or expressing their feelings. Takes the person to his van, and hears them out. He’d be pretty quiet during the entire session, and wouldn’t say anything immediately after you’re done talking. It’s not because he doesn’t know what to say - he feels nothing needs to be said. You’re gonna have to make it clear you still don’t feel okay, or you need Sniper’s two cents. If you’re direct with your feelings, Sniper wouldn’t know what to do from that point. Give advice? He’s not the man for that. He himself will make it clear he doesn’t know what to say, but at the very least can offer his company. Revs up the van, and takes you on a long drive. Nothing needs to be said between the two of you, by the end.

Spy - He’ll be the person that would come up to you and ask, “Are you alright?” If you deny him, he’d look dead at you in the eyes and say, “Non, I do not think so.” Puts a hand on your shoulder and squeezes it, then walks away. He knows you’ll end up following him, one way or another. Closes the door behind him, and both of you are alone inside his smoking room. Offers a glass of wine or a smoke; and takes one for himself whether you accept or decline them. Talk away. He makes a good substitute for a therapist - he’s an espionage, afterall, and was trained in the arts of human psychology for his line of work. He’d counter you not with advice of judgment, but questions. (‘Why do you think you reacted that way? Are you truly upset at yourself or the situation? What do you think triggered zhese emotions?’) Whether this is effective or not, once you’re done, Spy gets up from his chair and puts his hands on your shoulders. He’ll say,“You do not deserve to feel zhis way. It displeases me to see you so troubled.” Formal and slightly cold, yes, but for someone like Spy it’s a huge gesture of affection.

I feel a lot better typing this up. Admin Headshot also made me feel better by talking it out with me. In the tags (if you wanna reblog or whatnot), which merc would you prefer to vent to based off this post? I’m excited to see your thoughts - other than that, thanks for reading!

You’re the Poison Running Through My Veins

@voltronwhumpweek2017 I rewrote my fic for Day 6: Poison because I didn’t like how it came out the first time.

(Title from the song Poison by Alice Cooper)

TG: Puking. Not very graphic, but it’s there.

“This sucks.” Pidge grumbled.

Keith couldn’t agree more, but he smirked at her. “I thought you liked the outdoors now.”

She frowned, “Just because I like it a bit more than I used to doesn’t mean that I don’t still have allergies.” she said, sniffing as if to emphasize her point.

Keith shrugged and lifted a hand to wipe the sweat from his brow for what must have been the hundredth time in the past half hour. “Fair enough.”

“Besides, you look about as miserable as I feel, and you’re the one who’s always liked the outdoors.” She said, reaching out to push her sweat drenched bangs out of her face.

This time Keith grimaced, “Yeah, when it’s not so hot and humid that I feel like I’m literally melting. And wearing the armour isn’t exactly helping.”

Pidge nodded, “Remind me to talk to Hunk and Coran about upgrading the armour’s temperature regulators. I mean sure the armour protects us from freezing to death in space, but it’s doing absolutely bupkis to keep us cool enough in this heat.”

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I firmly believe that one of the crappiest things you can experience in fandoms is when you feel so passionately about a ship or a particular universe, and nobody else is there with you to fan the heck out about it. Like, I get so consumed and excited and stoked thinking about these two peoples or this fanfiction idea or this scene and I remember I’m the only loser who feels that way lmao

anonymous asked:

I know you probably get this question a lot, but what advice would you give to people wanting to learn how to draw? I can't afford professional schooling, so I'd have to teach myself, but I really don't know where to start.

Hi there! First, I’d like to iterate that you don’t have to go to an art school to become an artist or to be interested in art. As long as you’re passionate and willing to learn and put in the time and effort, then that’s already putting you at an advantage.

There are a lot of resources online that you can utilize. Anything from youtube life drawing classes, to patreon video tutorials, and drawing reference sites. For me personally, I suggest life drawing as a great first step to learning how to draw and get comfortable drawing. I had a required figure drawing class, and I found it really helps with everything from getting comfortable drawing quickly, proportions, to how to get proper lines & form. For this I suggest doing a figure drawing video series like this. If you want things a little more specific, a figure drawing website like this is great as well. These both are super great for warm ups!

A lot of artists also post tutorials, and while I don’t recommend trying to copy their style because it’s important to find your own, it’s great to see how other artists go about their work and maybe you can utilize a few tips and tricks from them. Some artists also have a patreon, so if you have a few dollars to spare, you can check out some of their tutorials if you find one you’re interested in!

Also, don’t be afraid to make bad art and draw what you like. Nobody starts out great and nobody makes great work all the time. Allow yourself to make the crappiest art possible and don’t beat yourself up about it. Draw that old OC you made when you were 11. Redraw that once scene from that one show you love. If it’s good, great! If it’s bad, it’s whatever and you can always try again! I think it’s important to remember that art is a skill that you have to continually hone and practice, so as long as you’re drawing & pushing yourself it becomes much more natural to do :D Getting honest critiques from friends is also great!

One of my art professors told us “just fucking draw” if we want to improve and it sounds so brash & simple, but it really is true. So practice, and have fun!!