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Read It Wednesday

Week 15! I’m finally starting to catch up on series, so hopefully you’ll start seeing your own in here! Note that drabbles are no longer included due to the length of the recs. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks compilation. 

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when he gets drunk and he starts confessing;; kim taehyung / 966

From what seemed to be a chill night with a favorite rerun on track played out on the television screen, came to you facing the road in your car as you drive down to someone drunk not even in your responsibility. Putting your car on park by the sidewalk, you slam the door behind you before you can make your way up to the people who called you for help.

Oh forms on their lips at the sight of you on their doorstep. My comes in a bulldozer throwing their asses off the roof as they scramble to open the grill, holding onto their hearts (and balls) in the process because - “Fuck!”

“Y/N! That hurts!”

“Good! It was supposed to! You guys know that he can’t handle alcohol that well and you went ahead and gave him just that. Are you-”

“Y/N?!” A voice yells into the air, reaching you in a speed that ricochets your eardrums because sometimes his sneeze alone can make fifteen people get a heart attack so yes, it was that loud, someone might call the cops. Jimin and Jungkook take it as a perfect time to bounce (claiming to give you space to tend to the poor boy pressed up to the glass window like a lover waiting for his own to return). You decide to deal with them later, closing the door behind you with a quick lock before you dart over because - “Tae!”

He’s completely melted on the floor, as if he’s trying to glue himself there with a giddy chuckle. His breath reeks of alcohol but you find it isn’t that bad when Taehyung smiles like he can grow flowers with them. Sighing, you remain on your knees beside him who stays still with his eyes screwed shut. It’s a time to take a breather when he turns into stone. But you out of all people know it’s just a matter of time before he springs into action.

There are a few types of drunk people in this world that you were familiar with. Loud, obnoxious and have no sense of gauging the human’s personal bubble space, one. Soft, giggly and seemingly swaying from left to right much like a palm tree whilst murmuring to themselves, two. Clingy, very clingy, too damned clingy, koala level clingy, three. All of the above, four. Synonym: Kim Taehyung.

You’re proven right when he snaps up out of nowhere and you have to catch your heart breath. Your efforts are doubled when he lunges at you, not even towards you but right at you. Like, bullseyes motherfucker. The air in your lungs feel like its punched out, the force Taehyung exerts to hug you tight and he may be laughing but this hurts.

Of course, you try your best to put up with him. Arms coming around to steady him before you - thud - never mind.

He laughing in your ear when you land on the carpeted floors along with him. Despite the impact, it softens with his arms that act like a cushion. You don’t think too much about it, focusing on how you’re going to get this boy to his bedroom because apparently from the struggles of Jimin and Jungkook, Taehyung refuses to budge unless it was you. So now that you’re here, it’s like he’s grown roots to stay here forever (which you will leave him the way you found him if he continues).

The nasty side of you doesn’t have the chance to come out when you feel bad thinking if you really did leave him. So you try to push him up even though it’s impossible, a game lost right as it started. Calling his name again and again doesn’t seem to help and this boy better not be sleeping. With a squeeze you give him by his waist, he whines and his entire weight rests on you. Legs tangled as they stretch out and shadows intertwining past the moonlight, you can’t enjoy it even if you wanted to because - “Tae please get up, you’re hurting me,”

It elicits an instant reaction, borderline to the speed of light when he sits up at the mere thought of bringing you harm. Apologies fly out of his mouth, one after another, before he can finish the first he’s mumbling the next, then it’s to following you mindlessly when you get to stand on your feet. With his hands holding onto yours, you heave him up and only go so far to the sofa. You agree with your mind that it’s the best you could do when he’s getting comfortable, a little bit more when you adjust his head to the armrest and you know it’s only a matter of seconds before he knocks out completely.

But he refuses to let you go.

He’s hugging your arm to his chest, smiling sheepishly with sleep infusing his body. You find it amusing, sitting by his side because there’s enough space on the sofa and humoring him to let him have his way before he dozes off. However, when he starts mumbling a few words that you can’t seem to make up with your name in it, you’re ready to fight him because are you insulting me right now? After me trying to help your ungrateful ass?

When you lean in closer to get an answer, the chewed up syllables and slurred up words translates into a soft mantra of I like you. I like Y/N. I like… you, Y/N. In that second, your heart stops, along with the seconds after that but you can’t quite believe it so you - “C-Could you repeat that, Tae?”


Heavy breathing.



Silence… snoring.

Chuckling, from you.

“Goodnight, Tae.”

A smile, from him, in his sleep.

Goodnight, Y/N.

Is That a Yes?

Words: 1,607 

Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I wrote a thing.

Hanzo tilted his head, staring at the slim box McCree had shoved into his hands before he could even say hello. He found himself confused for a moment as he tried to think of a reason for the cowboy to be bringing him a gift before recalling the date. He bit the inside of his lip before looking up to meet McCree’s eyes. “I did not get you anything.”

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Dating Bang Yongguk (B.A.P)

You are so sweet thank you!!! I hope you like it!
Let’s hope Yongguk is well and happy and will get fit soon but also take his time with his recovery!

  • Y'all prolly knew each other by looks and quick greetings
  • and as Youngjae stated that Yongguk only gets close to people he is interested in I think he’d make some effort to get to know you
  • but omg he said he can’t talk to women
  • especially when it’s about dating because his confidence sinks to 0.0000000001
  • the 1 in the end being a “hi”
  • one time he said he liked your outfit and then blushed thinking about it for the rest of the day
  • but then one magical day your damn laptop broke down while you had some important stuff to do
  • and you went out to get coffee because you didn’t wanna punch a hole into your laptop out of anger
  • and he saw you and gathered his courage
  • like ALL OF IT bc again: he can’t talk to women
  • and he was like
  • ”Hey Y/N, are you okay?”
  • with one of his smiles
  • and your heart fluttered but then you were like
  • ”My laptop broke down -.-”
  • and he was like
  • ”Hey I went to Cyber University I could have a look at it..if you want to”
  • lmao he could have a look at you if he wanted to amirite?
  • So anyways you agreed and he fixed it and then you offered him a meal and you ate and talked together
  • and whoops suddenly it was 11 pm and homeboy had places to go and stuff to do
  • so he got up, ready to leave and you were like
  • ”Hey I owe you”
  • and he just smoothly was like
  • ”If you give me your number we’d be even ;)”
  • so cheesy damn Yongguk
  • but it worked
  • since the members said he has the habit of constantly thinking of rhymes I imagine this to happen:
  • ”Babe”
  • ”Yes?”
  • ”You were my damsel in distress
  • stfu yongguk
  • but other times he’d hit you with dat deep ish
  • ”In our society penalty really just depends on ones salary”
  • ”…”
  • that was you being speechless you were just trying to get a cup of water
  • you’d often ask him about his tattoos
  • or just trace them while you two lay in bed
  • I feel like he’d have trouble expressing his feelings sometimes
  • and I feel like he would write you songs
  • one just for you to hear where he’d say everything he usually couldn’t
  • and you would melt
  • also his ‘I love you’s would be seldom but when he said them he meant it
  • and you knew that
  • he gives his all into music and is very dedicated so you’d probs have to remind him to eat and sleep especially around comeback seasons
  • and you’d bring him and the members food and drinks
  • he’d be so thankful
  • when if comes to kisses he seems like the type to pull you really close
  • one hand on your neck the other on your butt waist
  • and he’d hold you like you’d be his everything
  • honestly
  • you are
  • well making out tho
  • ohohohhohoho boi put the seabelts on it’s boutta be wild
  • you on his lap
  • try to tease him
  • i dare you
  • you probaly’t walk for the next days oopsie lmao
  • sometimes when he was feeling funny as heck he would tease you in public
  • and you’d just glare at him and be like
  • ”I’m gonna pinch your dick off”
  • hickeys
  • but hidden hickeys like on your boobs so when you two change for the day or night
  • he’d see them and shitgrin to himself
  • sometimes when he feels like it
  • or you annoyed him and he wants to have his sweet revenge
  • in the middle of the act while you won’t complain he’ll give you a hickey somewhere visible
  • and it will be summer and you’ll have to wear a turtle neck when it’s 34 degrees out
  • and he’ll just pass you the deodorant grinning
  • and you’ll be out with friends sweatin like a cow and you’re friends will be like
  • … you k?
  • you are not
  • and you just smile and nod
  • sometimes he would break down and tell you all the thoughts he has and the doubts
  • and you would comfort him and probs cry with him
  • hugs with him can be summed up in two words:
  • Pops bear
  • Like he’d envelop you in his arms and pull you really close and nuzzle into you
  • when you two fight he’d remain calm most of the time
  • it’s scary for people to witness
  • it’s contains a lot of annoyed sighs and slightly too harsh movements
  • if it was your fault you’d have to say sorry
  • I feel lik he ain’t bout that 'When you get mad at a girl apologize for being mad’ thing
  • but if it was his fault he’d say sorry
  • if both of you were to blame he’d try to talk it out
  • he is a tol so if you aren’t…
  • he would tease you
  • ”okay I’m going out now”
  • and you wanna go in for a kiss
  • and he just makes himself even taller and is like
  • when you ready come and get it nananana
  • also if you ever happen to wear his shirt damn gurl
  • ”look at small you in my big Shirt”
  • ”that’s not how you use a tent Y/N??”
  • ”haha look it’s a walking shirt wow haha”
  • damn yongguk you’re so funny!
  • not!
  • and then you’d just take it off and run around in your underwear
  • cue needy Yongguk
  • one time you tried to make his favourite food for him
  • sushi
  • you failed and he came home earlier than expected and you just stood there looking at him
  • rice in your hair
  • ripped nori everywhere
  • smoked salmon sticking to the table
  • but he’d appreciate the effort
  • like so much
  • and then you’d just shower together and tbh that’s a good present too :)
  • After you move in together you know who is basically moves in with him?
  • B.A.P
  • P stands for Pabos
  • Pabo means idiot in Korean
  • so before valentines day he’d be like
  • ”anything in peticular you’d like, princess?”
  • and you just say
  • ”nah as long as it comes from heart idc”
  • he made his predictions true
  • he made you chocolate with a picture of you two and gave it to you
  • you almost cried while you two ate it
  • damn Bang Yongguk why u gotta be that cute
  • meeting his family of course
  • they seem as badass as him so you’d be like
  • ”what if they won’t like me? They are so cool and I am not really that cool?”
  • Spoiler: they love you
  • first time seeing his twin you’d be like
  • ”yongguk stay on my right so I don’t accidentally kiss your brother”
  • but it gets better with time
  • it always does
  • going to the netherlands for vacay because he likes the netherlands
  • Overall: he would treat you very good you can’t complain! He sometimes can’t tell you everything that’s on his mind so you’d need to give him that freedom. But when it comes down to it he’s know you are there for him and vice versa. Hugs with pops. Soft kisses and passionate makeout sessions. Thoughtful moments and exchanges over future goals and dreams at night.
OtaYuri Oneshot: Home

For @kaeriyue , sorry for the bad art. Here’s a Boxing Day present!

Description/Warnings: Oneshot, fluff/romance, an occasional swear word or two. 

Synopsis: Yuri’s musings after Otabek’s departure. 

(Yes. I did exactly what I told everyone not to do)


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anonymous asked:

This is something that I have been wondering about for a while, and since it is related to writing I decided to ask one of my favorite writing blogs...Is it wrong for guys to want to write romance? Not the steamy, rated R stuff, but rather the process of falling in love bit. I love action, adventure, and science fiction, but I always have romance intertwined in it. It is something my friends find hilarious and I can't help but wonder if it is really all that strange....

Okay, well here’s a representation of what happened when I read this:

*Runs down stairs in a rage, trips on bottom step and almost breaks ankle*

“Mum! You’ll never believe what someone said to my Anon!”

*Gripping phone tightly, mum stepping away a little due to my ‘minor’ freak out*

“Wh-what, Honey?”

*Reads the message and has to stop mid-way through because I’m too pissed*

*Heavy breathing*

And now, I’ve sat here and reread this ask about 8 times. Darling, Write whatever the f**k you want to write. Don’t feel bad because of your ask, that is not what I’m getting mad at. I’m mad because someone (or group of someone’s) was teasing and putting my anon down for writing romance. Write The Romance! No one has any right to tell you what to write, so don’t take it to heart. If they irritate you once more for writing romance, you let me know and I will be there asap to punch a few faces. Then we get coffee and write romance novels like total badasses, okay? I’m sorry for my anger, oh god, I hope I haven’t scared you all off… I just feel that things like this shouldn’t be stereotyped to one gender and no one should be hurt by someones words for doing something that they’re probably rather good at. And if you want to write smut, you damn-well write it. 

I love you all very much and if someone hurts any of you because of what you write or the way you write, I swear I will fly out to your hometown and start some shit. No kidding… Good luck with the romance writing and message me if you want someone to tell you good things about you and your writing. Lots and lots of love from Yasmine xox

MBTI types as my favorite Hetalia quotes

 Because why not?

ESFP : “Everything I could ever want can be found right in the depths of my own heart… except for money!”

ISFP : “I shall now show my utter disgust and anger with you through the piano”

ENTJ : “The problem is, I can’t help but punch him in the face”

INTJ : “I know my ideas are the best because otherwise I’d kill them!”

ESFJ : “I’m so hot I could kiss myself”

ISFJ : “So the ladies of Crete wore stuff that made spectacles of their breastacles?”

ENTP : “I’m only allowed to hear my own thoughts and those are the ones that I like”

INTP : “Suck my balls you damn potato eater”

ESTP : “Before I tell you, there’s something I want to say. It goes a little something like this, LICK MEIN BALLS!”

ISTP : “This weatherman is predicting a 99% chance of shitstorm and it’s coming right at ya!”

ENFJ : “Laughing off the negative as something positive is my style”

INFJ : “Aah! What the crapola happened here!?” 

ESTJ : “You can’t google stuff in 1942, you asshat”

ISTJ : “I once killed a man in his sleep with his own mustache and a grape”

ENFP : “Oh skit! What the cripes?”

INFP : “I hide dark secret no one will ever guess because of my sweet face”

anonymous asked:

hi leslie, it's me again. will calum finally know the reason why y/n has been ignoring him in part 2? i just want my bestfriend to know that when she forgot my birthday, it made me sad for days and it made me curl up and just really really sad :-( anyway, i really thank you and i hope you have a wonderful day x

I hope I did this justice, babe. I love you!



It had been a week since you’d sent the message.

And you couldn’t stop thinking about it. Calum hadn’t called, he hadn’t texted; and though that’s what you’d asked him for, it hurt. What hurt more, though, was that you’d done this to yourself. You had known he’d respect your wishes; he always had.

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Switching it Up (ReaderxSam)

Request: Okay, well I’m new to this so.. I’m pretty sure this is where you put your requests in right?? I would like to have it where the reader hangs out with Cas and Dean a lot and they’re like brothers to her but she secretly likes Sam. She’s too scared to talk to him and is always nervous around him, but one day she sees him flirting with someone and Cas accidentally spills the secret and the reader is embarrassed and runs away but leads to her and Sam having smut?? Wow I’m blabbering, sorry itsjustafandom

Warning(s): fluff, smut, shy reader

Words: 2341

Note: This was really sweet and idk <3

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Late Night Cuddling (Fred Weasley Requested)

Request: Can I just have a really fluffy imagine with Fred? Where we’re just kinda cuddling and it’s winter. It’s snowing/raining (take your pick heh).

Snow piled up; stacks upon stacks, growing to be mountain high in the London sky. The light snow flakes soared freely in the wind, twisting and twirling about with not a single care but that was until they lost all their energy and sunk mercifully to the damp ground.
The Burrow remained silent as a mouse except in one room. Lying lazily in the twin sized bed were two giggling fools. Fred chuckled, digging his head further into the crook of his girlfriend, (y/n)’s neck, placing a trail of delicate kisses downwards with a few small lovebites thrown in here and there. (y/n) squirmed restlessly, shoving the ginger to the far side of the bed but failing and giving up by leaving only an inch or two between them. Diverting her focus back to the longing thought of getting some sleep. An arm snaking around her waist caused (y/n) to groan and shove him away once more.
“Freddie I’m trying to get a bit of shut eye! Now quit it!” Laughter erupted through her words making them seem anything but convincing.
“Nope… you’re too much fun to mess with. I guess I’ll just have to keep you up all night.” The rift rat sewn curtains in the twins room had been drawn shut roughly an hour before the couple retreated upstairs. (y/n) had wanted to watch the blizzard as it morphed into one of the worst recorded storms in history. No one was allowed to go outside due to the below 30 weather and the roughly measured 5 feet of snow that had fallen over the last 8 hours. Molly had brewed tea, blistering coffee and hot coca earlier that evening. While most of the kids decided to leave for their room, the twins and (y/n) stayed down in the living room chatting away. George desperate for sleep, passed out on the comfy sofa in the family room so the two lovebirds took their opportunity and most likely only chance they’d have all break to spend some alone time with one another, and sprinted up the staircases soundlessly for a long awaited cuddle session.
“No! I’m really tired Fred and besides George will probably wake up soon.” The bed squeaked as Fred shifted so his body was snug against (y/n)’s.
“Ah who cares about old Georgie! We aren’t doing him any harm so why would he care?” Fred was right and she knew that. The wind howled on outside the windows letting out an ear screeching ripple as it passed by. All they had to be sure of was that (y/n) was back in Ginny’s room before morning. Not that it mattered much anyways. Ginny wouldn’t say anything to Molly if (y/n) wasn’t there. Ginny liked (y/n) and would risk almost anything to protect her, just as (y/n) would for her.
“I suppose you’re right but keep it down or else we’ll have to talk to a not very pleasant Molly.” Fred lost himself in a fit of laughter at her words. Molly adored them as a couple but wouldn’t take too kindly to the exact situation they were in without her knowing. (y/n) clasped her hand over his mouth trying to fight her own giggles from escaping. Fred hushed down and kept his arms locked around (y/n)’s body finally starting to drift asleep. (y/n) could feel her mind squeezing in and out of reality but a faint voice woke her up in a good way.
“Your beautiful… y’know that? (y/n) I can truthfully say you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I love you.” It was times like these, (y/n) was glad for darkness or else Fred would go into another topic of the tomato like color covering her cheeks. Fred told her everyday how he felt for her and everyday it make her glow and her insides become fuzzy. Lacing her fingers together with Fred’s she gently kissed his cheek,
“Thank you Freddie. I love you too.” He smirked lightly pulling her down and giving himself access to her bare lips. Pressing his lips onto her soft plump ones, Fred smiled. Pulling away his head fell back to the plush pillow but his grip remained on (y/n) as her hands found their way to his side. “Damn, how did I get so lucky?” His voice was absent like a man talking gibberish alone. Though (y/n) heard him and punched his ribs jokingly.
“I think it’s the other way around, darling.” She spoke closing her eyes for the last time determined to sleep. Just as her brain shut down a voice stopped her,
“Think whatever you want, love. But just know that I’m the one who got lucky, you’ve always had my heart.”

- Daizy 💗


Events Of Time

Your eyes widened when you saw his face. You noticed the sparkle in his blue eyes first and immediately smiled. For a moment you felt as if you were almost unable to move, you had never thought you’d see him again. Not after you escaped.


The room was freezing when you entered, carrying a plate of food. You had been sneaking in food for Bucky for a while now. If you hadn’t, he might’ve even been dead by now.

He sat on the cold concrete floor with his knees tightly held against his chest. Less than an hour ago, HYDRA had been experimenting on him. It frustrated you. The way that hurt him and tortured him without a care in the world.

He avoided eye contact as you slowly walked towards him and knelt down in front of him. Days like these were the hardest. You tried your best to help him, but you’d never understand the pain he was put through.

You rested the plate at his feet, giving him a small reassuring smile. He raised his head, acknowledging you. You sighed with relief, they constantly wiped his memories and you were at least glad he knew who you were.

“You need to eat something” You whispered, trying not be at all intimidating. He looked up at you; his eyes were watery as you noticed the fear in his eyes. You couldn’t help but reach out, holding his arm softly with your hand.

“Thank you” he replied quietly, still not eating. You could tell that he was exhausted.

“At least drink some water… please” you said as you held out a water bottle. He grabbed it and took a sip before placing it back on the floor.

“Just leave me alone” His voice cracked as he held back the tears. You exhaled and stood up before walking out of the room, locking the door behind you.

You turned to your right and noticed a guard coming towards you, with an angry look on his face.

“What are you doing?!” he shouted and you jumped.

“You are not permitted to see him!” He continued to yell as you stood there, hoping he’d just shut up.

“Uh, I’m sorry sir” You replied quickly and turned around, quickly walking away.

As you walked down the hallway, you noticed a group of six men heading towards you. You stared down at the ground, praying that they would just walk past you.

“Stop right there” One of the men demanded as he held his hand out in front of you.

“Shit” you whispered, apparently loud enough for them to hear since another man grabbed your shoulder. You hit his forearm with your fist and turned around, sprinting down the hallway.

You panted as you ran, heading towards Bucky’s cell. You pushed the door open and saw him lying on the floor. He stared up at you, a confused expression on his face.

“I’m gonna get you out of here!” You yelled as you grabbed his arm, pulling him up off the floor. As you turned to face the door, three men ran in and tackled you to the floor. You elbowed one of them in the face and stood up, noticing two other men hitting Bucky.

As you were about to help him, your vision went black and you fell to the floor.

You eyes flew open and darted around the room. You leaned up and noticed you were trapped in a concrete room with a metal door. You stood up quickly and attempted to open the door, not surprised that it was locked.

You turned around and began to panic. Where’s Bucky? Where are you? Where are the guards? Your heart began to pound in your chest as you grew more worried.

You heard the door open and backed up against the wall. Two guards walked in and they smirked when they noticed the fear in your eyes.

“Damn, Alexander was beginning to like you. What a pity” He laughed as your face remained serious.

One man stepped towards you and without thinking, you punched his rib. He groaned as he stepped back, trying to breathe.

“Oh honey, big mistake” The other man said before he punched you in the stomach, causing you to fall to the floor. You clutched your stomach as you panted.

His foot collided with your face as he kicked you. A burst out white light covered your vision as immense pain came over you.

The other man grabbed the collar of your shirt, forcing you to stand. You struggled to hold your head up. The man laughed before punching you in the face, causing your jaw to break. You were about to scream until he punched you again.

He pulled you forward and then smashed you back into the wall. The back of your head slammed into the concrete before you collapsed to the floor.

You lied on the ground, spitting blood onto the floor. You struggled to breathe as you heard them laugh. As one of them turned you reached out and grabbed his ankle. You pulled causing him to collapse to the floor, smashing his head onto the concrete floor.

You pulled his shoe off and leant forward, smashing it into the other man’s face as he came towards you. He stepped back, clutching his nose as it began to bleed. You stood up and grabbed his shoulders. You pulled his upper body downwards as you kneed him in the stomach, winding him.

He fell to the floor, the two men continued to lie there as they struggled to breathe. You reached down, grabbing the room key out of the man’s pocket. You quickly ran out of the room, locking the door behind you. You looked to your right, noticing an emergency exit door and you sprinted towards it.


“…Y/N” he said quietly. Steve turned towards you, raising his eyebrow. You ignored Steve and walked towards Bucky.

He came towards you and wrapped his arms around you, pushing his head into your shoulder. You sighed in relief. He made it. He got out.


“What the hell are you apologizing to me for? I’m not the one you punched!” Lexxy yelled, dropping her cup and rushing forward. She grabbed Harper’s fist, ignoring that this was the closet she’d been to the older girl in almost a month. And this was just a great way to meet up again wasn’t it? Harper’s hand in hers because she had punched a guy, while Lexxy was still silently fuming over the girl Harper had been talking to. Out of everyone at the party she had to pick Alana? Harper should’ve known she was bad news with the amount of bitching Lexxy had done about her. She had an aggravating habit of playing with hearts like they were toys, and Lexxy would be damned if Harper was going to be another one of her victims. She held them up to her eyes. “I think you might’ve broken something but I can’t tell with all the blood in the way. Come on, let’s go back inside the beach house and get it cleaned up.”

Harper glanced over at the man, who was still sitting in the sand, cupping his nose as he bled. She wasn’t sorry about that. She was still kind of proud of how much she was able to hurt him. Lexxy took her head, and Harper froze. She looked down at her swelling knuckles and bit her lip. “I.. Okay.” She said. Not really knowing what else to say. 

So… hey! I had a little time and inspiration today so here you go.
Basically, I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls on Netflix and wow, talk about getting random DP feels while watching Rory x Jess, so… this happened. Apologies for the crappy ending, I lost steam. Enjoy this little Modern AU thingy, I hope! 

The lovers that went wrong

He emerges like a character from a book, a silhouette made of paper and ink, and everything else disappears. A blur, a mist, a world shrouded in a myriad of greys and there he is, in vivid color, a splash of lavish and brutal life, a wound tearing apart the numbness.

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Everything I both felt and didn’t know about rock music was opened to me on one unreleased disc. It was The Velvet Underground and Nico.

The first track glided by innocuously enough and didn’t register. However, from that point on, with the opening, throbbing, sarcastic bass and guitar of “I’m Waiting For the Man,” the linchpin, the keystone of my ambition was driven home. This music was so savagely indifferent to my feelings. It didn’t care if I liked it or not. It could give a fuck. It was completely preoccupied with a world unseen by my suburban eyes.

Actually, though only 19, I had seen rather a lot but had accepted it quite enthusiastically as all a bit of a laugh. Apparently, the laughing was now over. I was hearing a degree of cool that I had no idea was humanly sustainable. Ravishing. One after another, tracks squirmed and slid their tentacles around my mind. Evil and sexual, the violin of “Venus in Furs,” like some pre-Christian pagan-revival music. The distant, icy, “Fuck me if you want, I really don’t give a damn” voice of Nico’s “Femme Fatale.” What an extraordinary one-two knockout punch this affair was. By the time “European Son” was done, I was so excited I couldn’t move. It was late in the evening and I couldn’t think of anyone to call, so I played it again and again and again.

—  David Bowie on The Velvet Underground and Nico
the most down-to-earth human being.

It has been 6 years to watch you grew up inside a television or a web. Your curly hair is still as curly as before. Your smiles will always be the smile that I’d always admire and melt down the floor. Your emerald eyes that sparkling under the lights whenever you’re on a stage floor. You think this is just a compliment, but it’s not.

Harry, you’re an outstanding and down-to-earth human being and I can really tell. I know you’re not as perfect as a prince charming because we all know you’re making mistakes every damn day just like us. This may be a silly thing to say to you but it’s the least I could do.

Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for making us extra special. Thank you for being you, for all those silly jokes and punch lines. Yes, you made us smile like no one else can do. You and the boys will always be in our hearts.

Congratulations to your first ever album. The song is really lovely and great. I guess I’ll start to earn money now for your album. I can’t wait for the other songs that I would listen to it every day.
Continue to be humble, Harry.
-          T.

Seventeen in Soul Eater

Pair 1- 
Meister: S.Coups  
Weapon: Woozi

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-These guys are branded as one of the best teams on the DWMA campus.
-As EAT seniors, everyone looks up to them and admires their great team work
-They’ve been partners for a long time and have amazing Soul Resonance
-On his own S.Coups is the really approachable one out of the two and makes friends like it’s nothing
-He takes care of the freshmen really well and a lot of girls swoon every time he walks by because hot damn he’s good looking
-But don’t let that dimpled smile fool you because he’s fast as hell and he could probably knock you out with one punch
-He can also utilise his wavelength offensively and it’s strong enough to crack concrete and push people away with its sheer force
-He’s super athletic and always has an audience every time he’s working out
-Like he starts off with no one around him but by the time his session’s ended, people have already fainted from seeing his muscles
-Then he tops it off with a big grin and a heart and the nurse lowkey hates him for sending so many people to the infirmary
-Everyone loves him though because he’s easy to approach and gives great advice
-He’s like the campus’ big brother
-On the other hand, people find it difficult to approach Woozi when he’s on his own because he seems really intimidating
-But when he’s with S.Coups, hearts melt because he looks like an adorable kid rather than a person capable of transforming into a rifle
-It makes sense though because he’s a perfectionist and always hits his mark A++
-He works at Death Records and it’s always jam packed with his admirers because talking to him about music is the easiest way to get to know him
-When he’s not working he’s training with Coups to perfect their close combat battles because he hates feeling like he’s useless
-But they barely have to get their hands dirty because S.Coups hates his hands getting dirty despite being an amazing fighter
-They first met in their NOT class and paired with each other because they felt an instant connection
-S.Coups is actually a stage name that Seungcheol chose and he kept begging Jihoon to make one too because he didn’t want to do it alone but Jihoon wasn’t having any of that
-So Seungcheol made him one without telling him
-The next day people were snickering at Jihoon and he was a little annoyed until one of their other friends, Jeonghan, walked up to him saying ‘Why in the world would you pick Woozi as a stage name? Tf did you drink bro?’
-Cue Woozi going apeshit at Seungcheol
-‘You call that going apeshit? He’s not even chasing him with a guitar. Woozi’s super biased’ says underclassman Mingyu
-Cue Mingyu running away and trying to hide from Woozi because he hears everything
-They’re an extremely well-balanced team and even when they have differences they’re able to look past it and make things work
-They had troubles making their combo work in the beginning though because young Coups was really impatient and hyper and ‘Rifles are for wusses’
-But Woozi impressed him after their first mission with his power like ‘you’re so tiny but you transform into this badass rifle, I don’t understand’
-Overall, they’re one of DWMA’s top performing students with a rank of Two Stars

she hit it out of the park before it even begun

a/n: bc this stupid movie generated feels that begged to be written; a 3+1 fic where judy really is a dumb bunny, and one where she’s kinda as sly as her fox. tell me what you guys think? and drop some prompts in my ask, please!

wc: 2365

[ ao3 ] 

i. [ you think you know all about it, then it seems you are wrong ]

She doesn’t know why she says it.

Maybe it’s the moment of the thing, or the timing , but once she starts, it comes spilling out like all two hundred and seventy five of her siblings from their burrow — stumbling and tripping over one another, unsteady on their feet, but so, so easy.

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d20doll  asked:

Youareoneofmy favorite writers! I hope I'm not too late... Basorexia - pearlnet Or Druxy - RosePearl

Pairing: Pearlnet

Rating: T, but could pass as a G.

Summary: Garnet wants to kiss Pearl. Written as a request with a prompt “Basorexia” – the overwhelming desire to kiss someone. Cotton Candy Garnet x Renegade Gay Pearl. College AU fluff.

Note: The keep-reading cut breaks when reblogging and viewing on mobile (it disappears) so I’ve had to remove it to make it… readable for others.


Garnet grew up having to explain to everyone about her shades. Over the years she’d grown up from being lame for wearing something so eighties, to cool, because of Cyclops, to being called Lady Gaga. She’s used to it, and all the trouble that being different brings – kids trying to shove it off her eyes during basketball, or pretending to hit it by accident.

They wanted to see her eyes. They didn’t get it when the teachers said that Garnet’s eyes were sensitive to light. She’d been asked if she was a vampire (in broad daylight) because of the light sensitivity.

“It’s just my eyes,” she’d said. It didn’t mean, to them, that the rest of her was normal.

As she grew up, her mother had them made extra hard to knock off, and she had a special pair for basketball and swimming and whatever else she got into. The rest of Garnet’s face might be bruised at a brawl in school, but not her cool wraparound shades. She ended up acquiring a reputation: she was the kind of girl that was too cool for you, too strong for you, and too perfect for you. It was a reputation she didn’t ask for. And like plenty of things she didn’t ask for, this one was an unwelcome barrier between her and the rest of the world.

It made falling in love difficult. It made thinking of Pearl difficult. Wanting to kiss someone shouldn’t be this hard, but it was. Sure, she and Pearl kissed on the cheek sometimes, as friends, but Garnet wanted a proper kiss, her way of reminding Pearl that the attraction was mutual and that maybe they could move from being friends to being a little more.

Unfortunately the grand plan of sweeping Pearl off her feet was marred by the fact that they both wore glasses. The running idea in Garnet’s head was that it would be after a nice dinner picnic, the moment would be perfect, and preferably not ruined by the fact that her glasses were practically stapled to her head by a thick strap. Contacts were not an option, because they irritated her eyes till she cried, and that would be an unromantic as well.

It also annoyed her that crying (of all things) and glasses-bumping had become her chief concerns. She wasn’t a romantic, not after being subjected to it all her life thanks to her two mothers. They never missed a chance to kiss in front of Garnet (or her friends) – they were the sort of parents that knew how embarrassing they were and were in a position not to care. Garnet eventually ended up numb and sick to the gills with it.

Romance had never been Garnet’s thing until Pearl.

Pearl was the kind of girl who twirled her fingers in the air without realizing it. She was the kind of girl who talked with every part of her: her eyes would rove all over the place, fingers would be off rattling points, she might rock on the balls of her feet or stand on her tippy toes, a holdover from her ballet days – she just had to. At every moment, she was moving, or breathing, or excited about something, or upset about something. One thing was for sure: she always had a reaction, which made her the perfect target for teasing, or exasperation, or amusement. Garnet had gone through all three and settled, at last, for affection. She was surprised she didn’t put up more of a fight against her feelings, knowing that Pearl’s last relationship had been intense and that her own feelings might not be returned. It was simply how she felt. And as for why… it was a guts thing, she once told Amethyst.

“A guts thing?”

“Is it easier to make fun of something, or to say when you’re for something?”

She knew Amethyst got the idea. Still, Amethyst chose to ignore it, saying instead, “So does this mean I can’t prank her on April Fools?”

Pearl was openly gay. Garnet was out herself, but not as flamboyant about it. Pearl was unapologetically girly, always wearing sundresses and makeup. When Dewey the -Dunce- Chairperson for Student Affairs asked her out, at a party, she looked at him in horror, turned up her nose, and said no in front of everyone, and later pointed out it was his fault for asking so publicly knowing what she was. When she’d been putting up posters with Amethyst in the Engineering building for the local gay club and told there were no gays in Engineering by some dumb kids she took the high road and ignored them until they shoved Amethyst, who punched back, and so of course Pearl had to defend her friend.

“You should see the other guy,” she said to Garnet the moment Garnet walked into the clinic. Amethyst, aware of Garnet’s feelings for Pearl, waggled her eyebrows and threw a huge thumbs up.

(Garnet was pretty sure Amethyst had taught Pearl that line. But still.)

Guts. Pearl had them. All her life, Garnet thought she had them. Now, she wasn’t so sure. Suddenly she had a stake in a thing she’d never wanted all her life, and she wanted it to be perfect. Garnet never demanded perfection of the world; she knew better. She knew how to roll with the punches. But her heart had dealt her a punch from which she couldn’t recover, damn it.

Her phone blooped.

Want to go for a drive tomorrow?

She laughed. It didn’t make sense, to be nervous over a drive.




Pearl was never good at reading signals from people. It was just her luck that lately, Garnet seemed to be – well, interested. In her.

It was, empirically, factually, a weird thing. A statistical outlier. Garnet Jones was complete in herself, did things as she pleased, weaving in and out of college activity as she liked. She was one of those people who enjoyed life – a foreign concept to someone like Pearl, who fretted over everything. It was natural for Pearl to fall in a (carefully controlled) like when it came to Garnet, because Garnet was so different from her, but she wasn’t exactly sure what Garnet could possibly get in their relationship. Pearl knew what she gave in a relationship: devotion, a nice car, the promise of stability. Garnet didn’t want any of those. So Pearl wasn’t sure if Garnet was just being friendly when they’d started sort-of-dating, and for some reason, it had fallen into this pattern of them going on actual study dates and occasionally having dinner but not really discussing what they were.

Pearl, not having anyone to talk to, had no idea whether this sort of thing was common, the reason why so many people had their status listed as ‘complicated’ on social media. She wasn’t sure whether to mark it as an outlier or within normal range. She had to rely on her feelings, and her feelings were currently telling her, against the rationale of her mind, to take Garnet out for a drive (if Garnet wanted to, of course) a few miles away to a quiet beach town where they could hang out. She would then tick off a list of signals (whether Garnet held her hand, or if Garnet wanted to go somewhere more private, for example) before asking Garnet if this constituted going steady.

It was not a very rational plan, because it was made out of her daydreams. Pearl knew that. She hoped that her injection of observation and inference-making would help. Yes, her hypothesis was biased, but surely her methodology was not.




Garnet was quiet on the drive out to Beach City, thinking about her evening conversation with Amethyst.

She shouldn’t have told Amethyst about the glasses.

“Oh wow, man, I can’t believe Pearl’s got more balls than you,” Amethyst had said at the end of Garnet’s short soul-baring explanation. At Garnet’s sulky glare (that wasn’t visible through her glasses, but Amethyst was great at reading body language), Amethyst further drove the point in: “this isn’t about glasses, you’re just looking for an excuse not to make the first move. Real lame, buddy.”

Real lame, buddy. She hated it when Amethyst understood her.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Garnet replied, looking out the window.

“You know, we don’t have to drive out,” Pearl said, “I was just thinking the weather was great for it. We can still go back.”

Oh no. No she didn’t want to go back. “Uh, no, this is fine,” Garnet said. “I mean, you want to go out right? We’re here.”

She’d made it sound like she was doing it because she had to. Like a friend-duty thing. Why did she have to talk, to begin with. She didn’t have Rose Quartz’s famous way with people. She was just Garnet, chilling at the back.

“I mean,” Garnet said, trying a third time, “I mean, I want to go too. I’ve never really seen Beach City up close.”

Pearl hummed. Garnet slunk. Then she stood up straighter, because she could hear her mother scolding her: Joneses don’t slink.



Beach City was full by the time they arrived. “I should have expected this,” Pearl muttered as they weaved in and out of the flea market that popped out on the city street. It was almost summer, though the air was still a little chilly. This didn’t stop the tourists from flocking to the beach.

“It’s fine,” Garnet said, as they separated to let a man pass between them. They occasionally brushed shoulders against other tourists as they walked down to the beach, until Garnet, somewhat worried she wouldn’t be able to find Pearl, took her hand.

“Sorry,” she said, dropping the hand just as soon as she held it. “I-I mean, we might get lost.”

“It’s fine,” Pearl said, taking Garnet’s hand. “That’s a good idea.”

They were stopped for a moment by a guy at the end of the flea market, who waved a hair dye formula for Garnet. “I guarantee you, this fixes any bad dye jobs ya got there,” he said.

Garnet waved him off. After some distance, Pearl asked, “what did happen, anyway?” she asked, referring to Garnet’s cotton-candy hair.

“My favorite accident,” Garnet replied. “I was around sixteen and thinking, well, if I’m going to look different all the time, I might as well dye my hair. I didn’t read the instructions, so I ended up with red and blue in some patches. I kinda liked it so I kept it that way. Been doing it for a while now.”

“I wish I had your guts,” Pearl said. “My hair’s just strawberry blonde. Kind of boring, I know. I’ve never really done anything with it. Or with my clothes, now that I think about it. It was always dresses and flats with my mother when I was growing up.”

“Do you want to try something else?”

“I wish I had more shorts, honestly,” Pearl said. “And some nice jeans. But dresses are nice, too.”

“I always thought dresses were your thing, to be honest. You’re always so… girly.”

“Well I enjoy it,” Pearl said. “But I think twenty years wearing mostly skirts is a long enough time.”

“Then we should get you something,” Garnet said. “While we’re here.”



They ended up on the beach. They ended up with a picnic. They ended up swimming with their clothes on; they had new ones anyway. Garnet, floating on her back, eyes perfectly shielded from the sun, should have been thinking about making things clear between them, but Pearl had splashed a powerful spray of water into her face, and Garnet was determined to punish her right for it. They gave up splashing each other when the waves got rough and instead just floated around a fair distance away from the shore, never too far apart from each other.

It was around four in the afternoon when they finally got out of the water and trudged back to the more public side of the beach, where they could take a shower (Pearl insisted on it.) There was no question about it, they were swinging their hands held fast, suspended between now and – whatever came after. Garnet’s heart was back to hammering her every which way, only momentarily relieved when it was her turn to take a shower, but it came back in full force when she saw Pearl come out of the shower stall, her glasses dangling off the collar of her shirt.

Pearl waved, not that she had to. Against the setting sun, it looked like Pearl’s eyes glowed blue green, standing out between her still-pale skin and strawberry hair, and not for the first time Garnet wished she knew what it looked like without her glasses on.

“I can never tell what you’re thinking,” Pearl said, smiling up at her. Her eyes really were glowing, against the sky’s colors. For a second, Garnet blanked out with the tingling at the tips of her fingers and the hammering at her heart, but she willed her fingers into her pockets and shrugged.

“That’s a good thing,” Garnet said. “I’m not really thinking anything, half the time.”

Pearl raised an eyebrow. “Nobody can think nothing,” she said. “Nothing itself is a concept.”

Garnet laughed. “Right.”

“I’m doing it again, aren’t I?”

“That’s what I like about you,” Garnet said, a little too open after spending an entire afternoon with Pearl with no direction but whatever they felt like doing. “I’m always picking something new up.”

Pearl blushed. She quickly ducked away and walked towards one of the concession stands, muttering something about coke. Garnet smirked a bit, both pleased and agitated, and let Pearl go ahead, giving her enough time to get that blush under control.

Dude, she could hear Amethyst say in her head. If you can’t make a move after all that you’re really not worthy.



Pearl fell asleep on the bench, just before the sunset. Not wanting to wake her, but with nothing to do, Garnet left a message on Pearl’s phone and strode off to find a place for dinner. She got as far as the pier, where market stalls were changing face, turning into modest diners. By the time Garnet returned to Pearl, the sky was a pale blue thing already dotted with stars.

“Hey,” she said, sitting next to a now-awake Pearl.

“I missed the sunset,” Pearl said, a little sullenly.

“We could just go again next week.”

Pearl was quiet for a beat.

“Yeah,” she said. “If we don’t have exams.”

Garnet watched the waves on the shore grow darker and darker as the evening deepened. Pearl watched the stars come out. Sometime during their peaceful sitting session they found their hands touching, then holding, then occasionally their thumbs would brush against the back of their palms and they’d smile at each other and then go back to looking at the beach or the skies.




Pearl’s brain had well and truly short circuited around the time Garnet’s thumb brushed against hers. Fewer and fewer stars were coming out, until they stopped popping out of the black at all. By then there was only one working signal left in Pearl’s brain: that Garnet liked her and therefore it was high time to shove her tongue down Garnet’s throat, which was such an undignified thing to think that it short circuited too along with the rest, leaving Pearl blushing at the sky with a brain that wasn’t working.

“Pearl?” Garnet asked, and Pearl slowly remembered that she had muscles to turn her head towards Garnet, and even vocal chords with which to reply, but she’d forgotten to get her blush in order, so she said Yes? with a face so red-hot it looked as though she might pass out.

“Are you okay? You don’t have a sunburn on your face, do you?”

Pearl poked her cheek. “No,” Pearl replied, and by then her brain had picked itself up from the floor and was busy trying to flood her mind with anything except Garnet Jones in a bid to get the blush under control.

Pearl’s brain was not doing a very good job.

“Could you do me a favor?”

Pearl nodded.

“Could you take off your glasses?”

Pearl took them off.

Garnet kissed her.

It was a very brief kiss. By the time Pearl closed her eyes, Garnet’s lips were already leaving hers. Pearl’s arm twitched, caught between two signals: to pull Garnet in or to let Garnet go.

It stayed put, for the rest of Pearl was trying to hold onto the sensation of Garnet kissing her.

“Um,” she said, after.

Garnet wasn’t helping. She looked frozen in place herself. Pearl’s brain picked itself up for the second time and quickly got things under control:

“Can we do that again?”

This time they met halfway. This time they didn’t stop. They went on kissing, and exploring, and touching, until they both got too hungry to ignore – and then after that, they gave up on going home and spent the night first on the beach and later at the back of Pearl’s car.









The fun thing about writing for garnet is that, if you didn’t have a peek into her head, you’d think she’s super cool tucking her fingers into her pockets and throwing compliments around like it’s nothing. But then you see her in the answer and you’re like, Garnet is a dork.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! 

Imagine – Meeting Jensen

Word Count – 1,634

Pairing – Single Jensen x Reader

A/N – Part 4 of Babysitting JJ with Jensen will be up sometime today. J


It was an early Tuesday morning when you rolled out of bed, sighing and rubbing your tired eyes. You got up and walked downstairs to look for some breakfast, sighing at the sight of nothing being there.


You got dressed and pulled on your sneakers, brushed your teeth and hair then went out to the store to buy some groceries alone, with no car which meant you had to carry everything back by yourself.

“Of course, it had to be raining.” You grumbled to yourself, looking up at the dark sky with rain drops hitting your face.

You pulled up your hood and kept walking, ignoring the honking sounds of people coming by. By the time you got to the store your shoes were soaking your socks, your jacket was damp along with your hair.

You walked around, looking through things that you needed and you didn’t.

“Do I want cookie dough? Yeah, I want cookie dough.” You thought to yourself, grabbing it after.

You also grabbed a few boxes of pizza, soda, chips, and whatever else you thought you needed. You paid for your things and walked out, frowning while struggling to hold all of the bags by yourself. While you finally almost got ahold of them, looking down at the ground and walking you accidentally walked into someone, knocking everything out of your hands.

“Fucking hell” You growled, looking at all your things laying on the damp gravel.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention and I -!” the man said nervously, helping you pick up your bags.

“Nah don’t be sorry, I was the one not looking.”

“You really like pizza” He chuckled, looking at all the pizza boxes on the ground.

“Who doesn’t like pizza?”

“Aliens, and if someone tells ya they don’t like pizza, then they’re an undercover alien.”

“Undercover alien?” You laughed, placing all the pizza back in your bags while he helped.


“You know, your voice sounds really familiar –“ you cut yourself off, looking up at the man for the first time.

“Oh! You’re Jensen Ackles! I feel so stupid now.” You laughed, shaking your head.

He looked up at you for the first time and was star struck at your beauty. He didn’t say anything and just stared in amazement with a smile. Was the Jensen Ackles really smiling at you?

“Um…Um, sorry. What did you say?” He blushed.

“You’re Jensen Ackles, right? I’ve seen some of your movies.” He nodded.

“Oh yeah, right, yes, of course!”

“You’re a really good actor, you deserve an Oscar man! Not to mention you’re adorable as hell…I mean, shit. Sorry, I’m awkward.”

“Psh, you’re the awkward one? I’m the one who just knocked a beautiful girls groceries out of her hands! In the rain!” He snorted, making you blush at the compliment.

“Hey, let’s just call it as a blessing okay?” You winked, nearly killing him from cuteness.

“Um, well my ice cream is going to melt I should get home.”

“Oh right, yeah.” He said in disappointment, not wanting your conversation to end.

“Where’s your car I can walk ya to it”

“I walked.” He looked at you like you just spoke another language.

“You walked in this weather? What the hell you’re going to get sick”

“Whelp, I’m to broke to pay for my car right now so unless you have any flying tips this was the only choice I had.”

He frowned and gave you a hug while you gave one back, smiling against his shoulder as he held tighter. He felt warm, even in this rainy weather and he felt safe.

“I can drive ya home If you want?”

“We just met, you could be an axe murderer”

“So could you, but I’m taking the chance.” You rolled your eyes with a smile.


The ride home was full of talking and getting to know each other along with classic rock on the radio. He told you about his work on Supernatural, about his family, friends, and work in movies. You were surprised at how sweet and welcoming he was. You finally arrived home, worrying at what he thought of your tiny apartment since he probably had a huge mansion.

“I know my place might seem lame, I’m sorry.” He looked at you with confusion.

“What are you talkin’ about?”

“I mean, you must live in a mansion. My apartment compared to that is like…I don’t know just dog shit.”

He placed his hand on top of yours, giving it a small squeeze and a smirk of reinsurance.

“I think your apartment is cool as fuck.”

“You’re just saying that, but thank you.”

“Why are you so hard on yourself?” he asked with concern.

“I just think you’re really popular and famous but you’re talking to a random girl like me, why?”

“Cause you’re a sweet, adorable person. I literally just met you and I already like you a lot. Just cause I’m ‘famous’ doesn’t mean I don’t like people who ‘aren’t’.” You nodded as he got out of the car, opening the door and taking your hand after.

“Always try your best to be kind to yourself, treat yourself and be your own friend. Eat all the damn pizza you want in the world and be happy with yourself, life is to short to be hard on yourself.”

He helped you carry your bags in and helped put the things away, looking around every room with a smile. He went into your living room and smiled at the picture of you and your family.

“Cute family, is that you?” he pointed to the little girl in the pic.

“Yeah, that had to be like 2004.”

“Adorable then, adorable now.”

-4 months later-

It’s been four months since you met the adorable Jensen Ackles. You both hung out any time you could, talked all day everyday other than the times he was filming of course. He’d even call you every night to say goodnight, never missing a night no matter how busy he was.

You were lying on the couch watching your favorite show on Netflix when you heard your phone vibrate with a text coming up on the screen. The contact name “Jensen” with a pizza emoji next to his name popped up, making you smile.

Jensen – Hey y/n, can I come over for a little bit?

You – Sure, everything okay?

Jensen – Yeah, we just kind of need to talk about things. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

Your heart was pounding. Was something wrong? Did you do something? Was he sick? Hurt? Upset? All these thoughts running through your head, making you panic. After about the longest 20 minutes ever you heard a knock at your door, running up to open it nearly tripping over some shoes on the way.

“Hey y/n/n (your nick name)”

“Jensen, is everything okay? What’s wrong? Are you sick? Hurt? Sad? Are the boys okay? Are YOU okay?”

He didn’t answer and just planted his lips softly on yours, catching you out of nowhere. After a few seconds of being froze and stunned you finally kissed back, feeling him smile against your lips. He pulled you in by the waist and held you as tight and long as he could while you rested your one hand on his cheek and the other on his neck.

“You worry to damn much.” He smirked, making you smirk too.

“What was that? Not that I didn’t mind, of course.”

“I like you, a lot. I’ve liked you since the day I accidentally knocked those groceries out of your arms. You made me speechless when I first saw you and you still do to this day. You’re sweet, adorable, smart, hilarious, kind, sexy and so much more that I could go on but it’d take hours! I’m not good on this mushy stuff, I kind of get that from Dean but just know I like you a lot, and I need to know you like me too, y/n. Please like me too.”

You walked up to him and kissed him again, pulling away after a minute or two.

“Of course I like you too, are you blind?”

“I could ask you the same thing, hun.” Your heart melted at the name.

“Is this what the text was about?” He nodded with a dorkyish smile.

“Damn it Jensen I was worrying the whole time, you asshole.” You joked, punching him in the shoulder playfully.

“Hey how’d you think I felt? I was the one who had to tell ya all of this. But it’s okay, I’m glad I did.”

“I’m glad you did too.”


You both were laying on the couch in each other’s arms watching Game Of Thrones while eating cookie dough. You were laying in his lap while he rested his chin on top of your head along with his arms around your waist, never letting you go.

“So made you decide to tell me?” You asked, catching his attention.

“Couldn’t wait anymore, I had to make you mine it was killing me babe.”

The way he said babe kept running through your head, making your smile never leave your face.

“That’s if, you will be mine? Be my girl?”

You leaned your head back and against his neck, kissing it softly with a small nod and quiet yes.

“Yess!” He said to himself, making you laugh slightly against his chest.

“Remember how you said “let’s just call this a blessing” that day at the store in the rain?” you nodded.

“Well, it was a blessing cause it led it to me having the best girl in the world.”