this one is less dumb

thought i was alone upstairs talkin to the dogs but my mom texted me to b quiet cuz my dads tryna sleep

which means they were both in their room in silence listenin to me tell our dog how these 2 other dogs are her crew now because they all look the same

and then laughing a lot and mocking her. “you idiots,” i said. “youre all short n tan w black markings and youre all stupid!” i chided, as it was true and dogs do not understand insults. “the 3 small idiots crew!” i called them

the real fool was me all along

I finished BBS the other day for the first time and I just want my blue-haired daughter to be happy


BONUS: Mika did not sleep at all:

Art trade with the amazing @naaibi!! (Just in time for Christmas– Happy Holidays, everyone!!)

It started out as a simple idea to draw Mika and Yuu in modern clothes, but we elaborately expanded it into an AU where Mika and Yuu accidentally fall asleep on the bus on the way home (after such a wonderful day hanging out), and ultimately get super lost……..

Jonsa Season Finale

Greetings my fellow shipmates!!!
So most of us know (and dread) the fact that bo@ts€x is coming, and as a Fandom veteran survivor of multiple ship wars I know how ugly it can get on both sides, and maybe is inevitable but I’ve always been a hopeless optimist, so how about at least we as a community try to keep on out lanes and be as respectful as possible? I know for a fact some J0n€r¥§ shippers will mock us and send rude anons our way, and yes it is very tempting and it will even feel fair to answer them and engage them, and well really that’s up to you, but I have seen what a clusterfuck those situations cause, so how about we do something more positive for a change?

-Delete any rude anon/blog that comes into your askbox to gloat about their ship.
-Don’t answer/reblog any post about ‘us dirty jonsas’
-Don’t crosstag, really that is just plain rude j0n€r¥$ shippers and also multishippers don’t deserve that when they are enjoying their ship, we don’t like it when they do so why should we do it?
-Don’t send anon or any other kind of hate to their blogs please, it is known that ship wars are dumb and no one ever wins much less when you lose your basic courtesy.

What I propose instead?

- If you really *NEED* to vent (believe me I now the feeling) use the anti-j0n€r¥§ Tag, go to your favorite mutual to hate it together (friends who salt together are 4ever) or go to your favorite jonsa blogger askbox to vent with them I have seen lots of posts in the Tag of bloggers saying you can go and vent with them anytime (mine included).

-“The opposite of war isn’t peace, It’s CREATION”-Jonathan Larssen, “La vie Boheme”, RENT.
Let’s turn this ugly ass ship war into a jonsa creative festival!!!!
Guys our community is creative as fuck, why don’t we turn this disheartening moment into a kind of support group, we can talk about how we came to ship Jonsa, our fancasts (show be damned) for them, write mini fics,find songs and quotes that remind us of them, moodboards, aesthetics,art… Possibilities are endless!!!

What am I gonna do?

-My askbox is always OPEN for y'all, you need someone to vent and salt with?I’m your girl. Or better yet we can talk about anything you want, ask me whatever you want.

-I’ll publish some prompts I already had so there’s that.

-I’ll take 5 word prompts to do drabbles.

-I’ll take requests to do moodboards for you!

-I’ll do some AU! Ideas (if any one wants to take'em and run with them I’ll give you my blessing, just Tag me so I can read it!!)

-I’ll publish some quotes/song lyrics that remind me of Jonsa.

I hope you guys join me! And thanks for reading my long ass post.

hey yall i just wanna say that you should never feel dumb or less than for studying. one of my “friends” always scores at least one percent below me on tests and she would try to make me feel bad by saying it was because i had spent time studying and she never studied snd that studying was only for idiots. never feel bad for studying and trying to better yourself/your knowledge.


I don’t have the energy to paint like this anymore……indefinitely, but big difference between the brushes I used. Not sure which I like more yet!!!!! Which one did my hand hurt less after painting?? Trick question…NONE. I’m dumb, so I sit in the same position for 5 hours painting.

incasiren  asked:

okay so im basically brand new to tumblr and i dont know if this is where i should do the fanfic request asking, but im giving it a shot..... thanks and if this is the wrong place pls tell me.. my fic request is destiel where destiel isnt canon yet but sam is so tired of their shit that he plots to get them together, my favorite type of dean is flustered and blushing while when castiel gets flustered his wings appear and/or he disappears.. i know its a typical fic but i need a new one thank you!

Hello and welcome in that case! No. That is a great prompt and usually makes for a great read. I hope I was remotely helpful.

Sam was done. That was the bluntest way to put it. It had been about eight years since Castiel first pulled Dean from hell, and ever since then they had been pining and losing themselves in the other’s eyes, and a lot of times, Sam was stuck in the middle. He couldn’t take it. Eight years of tension was too much to handle. He had to do something, and he had to do it fast because otherwise the tension would drive him insane.

Figuring out exactly how he was supposed to get them together was difficult, seeing as their lives were not exactly normal, most normal kind of situations would not work. Although, Sam had to do something - anything. He was desperate, so he did the first thing that came to mind.

“Hey, Cas.” Sam spoke smoothly, covering up his intentions and motives. “Do you think you could go and get the rocksalt from the closet? The stock in the Impala is running low.”

“Of course, Sam. I am glad to be of assistance.” The angel agreed as he moved towards the closet and examined the practically empty interior. “I see no signs of rocksalt.”

“Dean! Could you help Cas find the rocksalt!” Sam called for his brother, doing his best to hide a growing satisfactory grin.

“Why can’t you just do it?” Dean grumbled as he made his way into the room and towards the closet.

“I’m researching. You know, that thing that you refuse to do.” Sam shot back, his grin now not too suspicious because of his comment.

“Whatever.” Dean stepped beside Cas, his eyes scanning the closet before widening a fraction. “I could have sworn we had some just yesterday.” He muttered, before he and Cas both felt a push before they were shut in the closet together, empty and dark.

“I believe Sam has shoved us in a closet.” Castiel deadpanned, his voice even.

“Thanks, Captain obvious, but I think I want to know what he thinks he’s doing?!” Dean raised his voice towards the end so that Sam would be able to hear, the door locking behind them.

“I’ll be back later.” Was the only response he got from Sam.

Dean groaned, the back of his head leaning against the wall as he cursed Sam under his breath.

“I do not understand why Sam would benefit from locking us in a closet.” Castiel’s confused tone came, and even though it was pitch black, Dean knew that he was doing that stupidly adorable head tilt.

“Just… don’t talk about it.” Dean muttered out of embarrassment, already grateful that it was dark and Cas could not see the blush creeping to his cheeks.

“Why not? It would appear to be of importance to Sam.” Castiel observed.

“Just…” Dean groaned. “Zap us out of here, okay?”

Castiel was silent for a moment, wanting to know why Sam would want to lock them in a closet but also wanting to leave because Dean sounded annoyed and uncomfortable. “Did we do something wrong? What did you do, Dean?”

Dean could hear the accusation in his voice. “I didn’t do anything!” He protested, his voice angry and flustered.

“Clearly Sam does not think so.” Castiel snapped right back.

“Sam’s just an idiot.” Dean grumbled, internally glad that Cas could not see how nervous he was becoming.

“I am fairly certain that this was no act of idiocracy. Sam appears perfectly competent to me. This was intentional, which means one of us must have done something to initiate it, or there is something you are not telling me.”

“He’s just being like a stupid middle schooler who likes to play matchmaker, so just get us out of here before I lose my mind!” Dean finally snapped, his face most definitely darkening as he realized what he had said.

“Cas?” He asked after he got no response.

A moment later, he heard the flutter of wings, and he mentally cursed himself.

The angel appeared outside of the closet, too flustered to face Dean at the moment, so he instead unlocked the door with the key Sam had left on the table and then disappeared before Dean could emerge.


So that time didn’t work, but Sam was determined to try again. It was a bit too juvenile to really work, but then again, so was the mutual pining that had been going on for too long that both his brother and the angel refused to acknowledge.

Christmas was around the corner, and of course there was not much celebration for Sam or Dean, but it did give Sam an excuse for his second trick.

He hung mistletoe above a few certain spots just in case one didn’t work out, and he made sure that when he and Dean were in the kitchen, Sam with his laptop in hand, and Dean lazily eating pie while waiting for news on the case.

“I can’t find anything.” Sam sighed over his pretend case. “Maybe we should call Cas on this one.”

Dean grunted his agreement around a mouthful of pie.

“You should call him. He’ll answer to you.” Sam suggested.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean played his embarrassment off as indignation.

“Nothing. He just answers to you more.” Sam lied, watching as Dean stood up and walked closer to the mistletoe that dangled too far above his head for him to see.

“Hey, Cas, we’re kind of stuck a case right now, and we could use your help, so if you want to-”

The angel appeared in a flash, right underneath the mistletoe, and Sam had to fight to suppress his grin.

“What do you need?” The angel inquired.

“I think it’s more like what does Dean need?” Sam muttered sarcastically under his breath.

“What? Sam, tell him about the case.” Dean decided after a frazzled silence.

“The only case around here is the serious case of tension the two of you have, but uh,” Sam laughed to himself, shutting his laptop and preparing to leave. “Look up.”

The deep blue eyes and the emerald green ones both shot upwards until they saw the mistletoe.

Dean felt all of the blood rush to his face, his heart pounding in his chest. “Sam…” He growled out.

“I am very confused.” Castiel tilted his head to the side, his eyes narrowing down into slits.

“It’s mistletoe.” Sam explained as he made his way towards the exit. “If you get trapped under it with someone, you have to kiss. It’s customary.”

“Oh.” Castiel realized, suddenly finding the floor very interesting. “Is it… mandatory?” His wings began to creep out, a rare occurrence that only happened when an angel was either very angry or very embarrassed. The dropped and seemed to want to wrap himself up in them as if he could disappear.

“No.” Dean immediately interjected, his eyes watching Castiel’s wings with wonder. “It’s just a stupid tradition.”

“Don’t be a baby about it.” Sam teased before leaving the two of them alone.

There was a heavy silence in the room that neither Dean nor Cas knew how to break.

“This is pointless.” Dean scoffed, turning away to leave.

“But it is a tradition, Dean.” Castiel pointed out, his wings slightly less curled in towards himself.

“A dumb one.” Dean snorted.

“I would not wish to break the tradition.” Castiel deadpanned.

“W-what?” Dean barely fumbled the words out.

“I said, I do not wish to-”

“No. I heard what you said. It’s just…” Dean shuffled about, flustered and blushing and completely unsure how to handle the situation. Why am I acting like a stupid school girl? He mentally berated himself.

“Are you uncomfortable with it?” Castiel asked, his wings beginning to retract as if he were regaining his confidence.

“No. I’m just… surprised is all.” Dean admitted, trying to hide the fact that he was far more than surprised.

“Good.” Castiel decided before crashing his lips together with Dean’s, clumsily but fiercely as if making up for lost time.

“You know what, forget this. Forget Sam and his stupid pranks. I just want more of that.” Dean did not even hesitate to bring the angel back to his lips.

Perhaps Sam was not watching because he did not actually want to be around to see the outcome of his setup, but he was still content the next day when Dean and Cas came down smiling at each other and even holding hands underneath the table as Cas watched Dean eat breakfast.

Mission Accomplished

honestly though, the only reason the obnoxious oedipal reading of harry/ginny gets any attention is because red is a slightly unusual hair color. can you imagine someone saying harry must be dating ginny as a substitute for his mother since they both have brown hair? because i can’t. especially if it was totally different shades like ginny and lily’s are.

  • y'all: hey guys! That weird looking music video being sent to everyone's inboxes isn't actually a virus or screamer!! you can watch it if you want
  • people who send Bad Videos to others: *rubs their grimy hands together, an idea forming*

doctor-intraining  asked:

So I've just startet medical school (pre-clinical studies). I've only just had classes for a month but I feel like I can't follow all the material in classes! For each class we have there's dozens of pages to read in several books, not to forget writing summaries. Also there are assignments each week. Every week I try to get a hold of all the work but it just seems to be piling up more and more! I feel so overwhelmed and I don't think I can do this! :(( How did you know this was right for you?

Hello there, doctor-intraining!

Oh man, your words take me STRAIGHT back to first year. We all felt this way. I don’t know how many times I felt as you did! It is universally experienced. I was really only reminded of my reasons for doing this when I started seeing patients and really amazing residents and attendings at work. Patients reminded me to step up my game for their sake. Residents and attendings reminded me that there are people still left willing to fight. 

I felt frustrated and disappointed with myself all through the first and second year of med school. Looking back, I would’ve told myself (and if any of these resonate with you, please go ahead and do them!):

  • TALK TO SOMEONE. I still regret not seeing a psychologist sooner. But the fact that I did at all is one of the better decisions I’ve made in med school
  • be less afraid that I am the only one who feels dumb.  If I had embraced my lack of knowledge, I think I would have been happier (and better informed!)
  • Stop using television, games, tumblr, and other pasttimes to hide from the fact that I really needed to just SIT DOWN and figure out the hard concepts. 
  • One thing I did do right until Step 1: EXERCISE. It really helps!
  • Don’t ask shitty classmates out on dates because of some sense of loneliness or daddy issues. 
  • Utilize good reference resources and study aids: BRS Physiology, Goljan podcasts, microbiology made ridiculously simple. Hell, the best is when you make your OWN resource! 

Regarding your frustration about reading several books, writing summaries, and completing assignments, prioritize them and (this is super painful, but true) find ways to do things cleverly or sacrifice them in the name of sanity and true learning.

If assignments are worth points, get those out of the way first because you want to pass your first year of school. Perfection is not the goal here, passing is. Then, if summaries are required to prove you are reading, don’t read every single word on every page. Hit the chapter objectives on the first page, and then the final summary points on the last page. Use these to organize and prioritize what you should be taking away from each selection and what your summaries should include. Use tables and charts, they are often the most succinct version of what you absolutely must take away!

Best of luck! You’re going to get through this!