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You mentioned physical descriptions, but I can do you one better with some quick doodles that kinda give a rough idea of how they look in my mind. c: Plus some more detailed notes about the boys too~

The Eldest

  • He’s probably a tall kid, maybe at about 6′3″ in height. Noctis was surprised that he grew so tall, but Luna’s happy that she has such a strong and fit boy.
  • He’s got a bit more of a stocky build with a surprising amount of muscles, working out mostly on the same routine as his bodyguard. Has to stay fit and be able to defend himself as well, after all.
  • He got an issue with a cow-lick that he just can’t get rid of. He hates it, but the ladies dig it, at least.
  • He wears a necklace given to him by his childhood sweetheart. They’ve known each other for ten years now, but have been ‘dating’ for about three.
  • He’s got awful vision, so he’s required to wear glasses at all times.
  • He wears long sleeved shirts usually, mostly because of an anxiety habit of clawing at his arms when he’s stressed.

The Middle

  • He’s actually the shortest of the boys, standing roughly at about 5′9.” Maybe a little on the shorter side, but he wears a heeled boot to make himself look taller.
  • Working out? PSSH. Who the heck has time to work out? He refuses to train with the Amicitia, deciding to do other things with his time. He’d rather find ‘alternative calorie burners’ to help him get his work outs (wink wink).
  • He’s got piercings on his lip, eyebrow, ears, left nipple, and belly button. Some of them Noctis and Luna don’t know about, but he does a good job hiding them. He also has a tattoo of bahamut on his right thigh, another thing hidden.
  •  He’s got an nasty scar on his neck from a fight he got into at one point, so he usually wears a choker around it to hide it.
  • He’s a natural blonde, but dyed his hair just so he could see what he’d look like with navy hair instead. He also likes splashing in different colors for the fun of it.
  • He’s the only brother to be left-handed.

The Youngest

  • He’s taller than the middle brother, but not the eldest. He’s about 6′0″ exactly without a heel like his middle brother.
  • He’s well-toned for a kid who doesn’t train with the Amicitia. He’s got okay arm muscles, but alot of his power comes from his leg muscles from his days playing football/soccer.
  • He’s the only one of the brothers who doesn’t wear Crownsguard attire. He asked before if he could, but he was told no and to just focus on school instead. He dresses the most casually out of the other brothers, liking sweatpants, sneakers, and hoodies alot.
  • Because of the blond hair and blue eyes, he’s sometimes confused as the Argentum boy, so growing up with him, the two boys became really good friends over their similar appearance.
  • He’s got a really bad shoulder from protecting his brother in a fight, resulting in a really bad injury that never quite healed right. He doesn’t mind it, but he’s not really able to do much heavy lifting anymore.
  • He’s extremely ticklish, so that’s why he wears turtlenecks or high-collared shirts.

He’s trapped, and he’s alone


I really like the short purple garbage boys voiced by Hiro Shimono

(Fun fact: apparently Lucihara is 1cm shorter than Kokichi. I think that is very important)


my favourite of ariana’s candid and performance outfits, 2015 edition! (with some style differences) 

i’m going back in time, stay tuned for more :)

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I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

I finally finished editing my fusionmatsu comic!! 🎉


Captain Niall Horan, and his ships.

Hanahaki Disease - An illness born from one-sided love. Where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

You should know better than to fall for a Demon.

Imagine being in a secret relationship with one of your father's knights and being torn when they tell you are going to marry another man.

By the sweet breath of Aphrodite-” he breathed out hoarsely as his lips were kissing yours feverly “-how I’ve missed these lips, my princess.”

You smiled into the kiss as you fisted the fabric of his shirt and pressed him closer to your body, cursing at the dress you were wearing and kept you away from him. You bit down on his lip and you heard him let out a small groan but in the end he chuckled when he heard you giggle.

Have there been no other lips to ravish yours, my warrior?” you asked with a raised eyebrow, as you pulled a few inches away.

Not the way yours do, your majesty.” he said breathlessly as he kissed the exposed part of your neck.

What?” you exclaimed, pushing his away roughly. There were times you didn’t know whether he was being serious or not.

He looked at you for a moment before he burst into laughter, especially at your shocked expression “Oh sweet lord, you’re so cute when you’re angry.”

Hephaestion.” you grumbled, pulling away; more angry with yourself at how you had believed him even for a moment than him laughing at your expression.

My love” he breathed out, getting serious but still having a smile on his face as he took hold of your hands “It is you that my heart longs for, day and night. It is your lips, it is your eyes and it is your warm embrace that I can only dream of. Do not be mad at me, not for something that shall never happen.”

I know it won’t- I just-” you mumbled, looking down but he squeezed your hands.

My princess- Your father and I have traveled the seven seas, I have almost died and come back and yet I never found myself thinking about anything or anyone else but you. You know- and I swear to you, by the power of gods, I would give my life for you. I would rather die rather than let anything else occupy my mind.”

And you have no fear of death?” you frowned, not even wanting to think of what could happen to him if your father found out. Yes, he was his most-trusted knight and had earned his place as the general to his army but that didn’t mean that if your father found out about the two of you he wouldn’t do a thing. If anything, you dreaded to think of what could happen if your father found out his innocent and little (to him at least) daughter was not, well, as innocent as he thought.

I rather fear a lifetime without you, my princess.” he nuzzled his cheek into your palm and you bit your lip, keeping the tears in “If it is meant to be I shall fight for our love. And if it isn’t, well, I will go down for this love with pride and dignity.”

Shut up” you almost choked on a sob, shaking your head “I am not letting you die before me.” you squeezed your eyes shut for a moment “If someone is to die first then it will be me, and I will wait for you on the other side until you come- much much later.”

(Y/n) you know I would never allow-”

But you will. If it comes one day- you will have to.” you pursed your lips, trying to give him a small smile “You-” you choked on a laugh “You can be my Alexander and I will be your Hephaestion.”

If only you had known then that death didn’t necessarily mean your separating. You had expected this to come differently, maybe him in a battle or your father finding out about everything. Not like this… never like this.

“Pleasure to meet you… princess.” his green eyes were focused on you as he held your hand and kissed the top of your palm. They held such an intensity that if the circumstances were any different you would have found yourself attracted to the man grately. But your heart belonged to another and as that you couldn’t care about how handsome the man in front of you was because there was only one thing that defined him.

He was your future husband and the one that would forever keep you away from Hephaestion.


Couldn’t resist. It’s just been there for more than two effin weeks so there we go. I am between this and the other story where they are both knights. I don’t which one I should turn into a series… Lil help?

I won’t be posting anything this week but here are some Altean!Lance doodles … 

I’ll be taking the middle one and lining/coloring it digitally … Garla!Keith will be included as well ^^

Also, I’ll be posting more previews and sketches on my instagram if anyone is interested. (I just started posting on them so they are kinda new)

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do you know why yuuri wears his face mask everywhere he goes?? i know japanese people wear them a lot when they're sick and they go out but yuuri seems to wear it an awful lot. do you think he has like the worlds longest perpetual cold or something

It is definitely a cultural thing. Japanese people (and if what I’ve seen in pop culture is any indication, quite a few other Asian countries as well) LOVE face masks and wear them ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. I didn’t even notice Yuuri was wearing one bc it seemed so natural to me ^ ^;