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Sooo I started writing this Sterek fic ~5 months ago as a drabble on my phone, and then it unexpectedly became like 4000 words long?! Anyway, then college happened (again) and things stalled… until now. My first act upon graduating has been to finish this, so here it is at last!

Sterek, 4k, Rated T

(DISCLAIMER: I may have taken a few liberties with the mythology in this fic because I didn’t feel like doing much research beyond Wikipedia. Just go with it. Creative license, whoo!)

Of course the one time Stiles needs a werewolf, Scott is stuck Christmas shopping with his grandma, Boyd and Erica are touring colleges in New York, and Isaac is housebound with some kind of werewolf flu. 

And that just leaves Derek. Of course. Because Stiles’ luck is shitty like that.

He’s pretty sure asking his ex-whatever to help him find Lydia’s cat would be breaking some kind of unstated rule, and he’s definitely sure Derek doesn’t want to see him or talk to him or in any other way be reminded of his existence. But on the other hand, Buttercup’s safety—and more importantly, Stiles’ safety, because if Stiles loses Lydia’s cat then he’s probably going to die a very painful death—definitely trumps Derek’s delicate feelings, so.

It’s not even like Stiles did anything that terrible. He thought Derek was dying, okay. Derek had just fought off six hunters by himself, because he still refused to acknowledge that he didn’t have to do everything by himself all the time like some kind of Batman. By the time Stiles got there, Derek was bleeding out on the concrete, doing a stellar impression of a wolfsbane-arrow pincushion, and what the hell else was Stiles supposed to think? So yeah, Stiles kissed him. Once. 

And for the record, Derek totally kissed him back—for several long, heart-stopping seconds, his hand coming up to brush Stiles’ jaw—before he fainted and the pack showed up and Stiles got shoved unceremoniously out of the way and Derek didn’t end up dead after all.

Also, for the record, Stiles had apologized. It was one kiss, and he’s said sorry, and it was three fucking weeks ago, and he doesn’t know what the fuck else he’s supposed to do to get Derek to stop avoiding him.

So basically, Derek is overreacting, and he should answer his damn door.

When he finally does, he looks wary, standing back like he has to keep the door between them or else Stiles is going to jump him. 

Stiles sighs. “Look, I’m not even here about that, so you don’t have to worry, okay? Also, you look like shit,” he adds, because Derek does. Well, it’s Derek, so he still looks gorgeous enough to be on a magazine cover, but he also doesn’t look like he’s shaved in a while, and he’s got deep shadows under his eyes like he hasn’t been sleeping that well, either. 

Derek crosses his arms. “Why are you here, Stiles?”

“So I kind of told Lydia I’d cat-sit Buttercup? Except her cat is literally evil and some kind of mastermind—”

“You lost her,” Derek summarizes flatly.

No,” Stiles corrects, “she escaped. There were claws involved, Derek. And fangs. It was very traumatic.”

“I’m sure,” Derek says.

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Normal Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Guys can’t blow up on Instagram for male fitness unless they essentially light use to at least heavy use because what’s normal is boring right? Any guy can get a six pack, decent shape, whatever fuck that. Normal is just too boring cause it’s achievable, it’s something people feel they can reach. They want that kind of unrealistic expectation and so a majority of the fitness models are on steroids because its the business and no one talks about it. there’s no transparency because one, people simply don’t want to admit they’re on it cause no one else is talking about it so then maybe they feel inferior. Two, there’s negative stigma towards steroids and three if people actually knew what it took to achieve that physique then that shitty supplement they sell or whatever programs that don’t actually work, they wouldn’t make any money off of it cause the whole industry would crumble. It’s built on false expectations and realities.

- Omar Isuf


“One of the things that I love about The 1975 is now I’ve realized that we’re kind of this gateway band,” he goes on. “Gateway bands used to exist, but they were normally shitty — you know, bands that straddled between the truly alternative scene and the mainstream market. A soft, easy band for the kids to transition from the Backstreet Boys to fuckin’ Cannibal Corpse or whatever it may be. With us, of course we’re gonna get a lot of kids who were into, I don’t know, 5 Seconds of Summer. And then they get inside and they realize: I can stay here. I can grow with this band. This isn’t a faddy thing. This isn’t the Backstreet Boys. You’re not being told to like us.  *

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What's the deal with Todd? I know he's like Johnny's bf but what's his personality like? Sry I just found him interesting

todd definitely is a character i need to focus on more as his own character than just his relationship to johnny.

todd is, as best as i can describe in one word, a poet. he’s a romanticist, he looks for good in everything and everyone and he knows the world is kind of a shitty place but he wants to do whatever he can to make it better. he’s a very sentimental dude and he opens himself up to other people probably a little too eagerly. he’s always looking for meaning and inspiration everywhere and anywhere and tends to read way deeper into things than seems sensible. kinda philosophical. a little pretentious at times without really meaning to be, but gets really embarrassed and shuts up if anyone points it out.

when he was younger, he was incredibly hotheaded. but kind of in that anime protagonist sort of way where it’s because he’s pissed off at all the shitty things he sees people doing in the world and wants justice. it’s really easy for people to get him really worked up and allows him to be taken advantage of in that way. super emotional and lets his feelings influence his actions a little too easily. when he was at this age he was really quick to fight with people (verbally OR physically) over even just disagreements and didn’t really know how to pick his battles. defensive and not very composed; his anger is shaky and you can tell he’s not very confident during those times, even if he has strong resolve. if he’s even the slightest bit tense, it REALLY shows - at his best he’s all zen and ‘now let’s think this through’ but it’s really easy for something to bring him down from there.

but by the time he’s present again in the story, he’s in his late forties and he’s calmed down significantly. he still gets that shakiness to him when he’s upset, but he’s much less impulsive and is a lot friendlier and more approachable. its a lot easier for him to keep himself operating at his best - calm, thoughtful, easygoing, you can tell he’s worked a lot on anger management. he’s an artist and the mindset leaks into how he approaches all sorts of everyday non-art things as well. (he makes abstract sculptures out of scrap metal and they don’t look like anything but if you ask him whats up with them he’ll give you a fucking essay on their symbolic meaning)

“Everyone I’ve ever loved has died because of me,” Peter murmurs, holding Deadpool’s hand to his cheek.

“-Everyone’s a little fucked up, but hey that’s life. No one’s perfect. No one’s life is sparkles and rainbows. I mean look at me, I’m a giant pile of fucked up with a side of crazy." 

In which Peter is hurting and Deadpool trys to comfort him. One-Shot

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- hey! i’m georgia! this is my yoi anime sideblog !
- main blog @gladial, so that’s where i follow from

this blog:
- is staunchly anti-otayuri ! i will unfollow and block any one posting this content/defending it ! it’s fucking gross !
- will try it’s best not to rb from shitty sources/reposters/ect ! howmever please let me know if i rb from anyone shitty. you will not hurt my feelings, and i would much rather know ! that being said please provide some kind of receipt rather than coming into my inbox and making allegations. my submit should be open, even to anons (you have to log out) so screenshots or whatever can be sent there !

i will block you if:
- you post/ship any underage content (otayuri included!)
- you post killing stalking

Cologne Kind Of Gave It Away

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Plot: George Weasley × gryffindor reader Smelling George in the love potion (I 4got the name srry)

Warning: None, a bit shitty that’s all :)

Y/N pulled George and Fred by their robes and pulled them to their next class.

“Come on you two. Next class is Slughorn and I really want to be on his good side. I heard his Christmas parties are awesome.”

“Whatever you say, love?” Fred said with an exaggerated wink. Y/N snorted when George elbowed him and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

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the thing about bob zimmermann is that u would think he expects a lot of his son and it takes a lot for him to be proud or whatever but like. the fact of the matter is that bad bob is the kind of dad who two years ago bought a magnetic fridge even tho a ~classy stainless steel one would better fit in with the kitchen aesthetic just so he can keep up this really shitty stick figure drawing jack made for him when he was five because he’s still so genuinely proud of him

One-Nighter (Niall Horan)

AN: Hey guys! Just whipped this one up for y’all. Kind of an outlet for the feelings I’ve been having leading up to last night (my concert was last night and it fucking rocked) and all through last night and today. If it’s shitty, let me know. If there are any mistakes that don’t look like a style choice, let me know. I’m super drained from last night. If you wanna tell me what you think or whatever, don’t be afraid to message me! Thanks!

You awoke the next morning with a consistent pounding in your head. You groaned and rolled onto your back, squeezing your eyes closed and placing your arm across your face. You took a deep breath and kicked your legs out of the covers becoming hot in the enormous, heavy hotel duvet. When you finally settled your legs back down, you realized that you were not the only one in the king size bed. Lifting your arm off of your eyes, you turned your head and looked in the general direction of the person laying beside you. You gasped, however, when you didn’t recognized the sleeping form as that of the good friend you had been sharing the room with. Come to think of it you noticed, as you practically jumped into a sitting position, that the room you were in was not the one you had checked in to.

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Soooo, I’ve been thinking of doing this for a little while… And I think after this shitty day, it’s the perfect moment.

A list of amazing artists this fandom gave us. It’s kind of a follow forever, I guess? Of course it’s non exhaustive, I know I still have a lot of fabulous artists to discover and I’ve mostly listed less-known artists! If you draw HL art and I didn’t link you please tell me, I know I’ll be happy to see your art! 

There’s isn’t any ranking or whatever, it’s just the order I find you in my art tag 

@stagnacht. Amazing HL art, amazing HP art, multiple beautiful styles!

@urnotmystyles, really want to see more from you!

@deeeemks, beautiful colors, beautiful patterns.

@veramalanova Harry in space buns?!? Cute pink noses!

@applesart, really beautiful colors, great realistic style too!

@doushk, beautiful realistic drawings and really great monochromes

@stormella-and-art The softest! Like, all Storm does is so soft. (And she’s the kindest, too!)

@doodle-my-direction, lots of soft louis in soft colors, awesome realistic things too!

@louis-louisboyfriend, I want to see more, you improved so much since your first 1d fanart!

@kendrawcandraw amazing gril direction, amazing everything!

@grimshawlowe just like, five lines? And it’s enough to make some really expressive drawings!

@amyrkat soft colors, super cute!

@lying-here-i-counting-hours really beautiful realistic things and really cute little doodles!

@harryflowerchild really cute little things!

@salingen style! Colors!!

@audiesstar So cute and soft and cute

@scrabblekink flowers and butterflies and soft colors!

@rhymeswithmonth, great colors/lighting, great ideas!

@lowiy, just so precious!

@dark-fluff, really great style!

@wolvesouls beautiful realistic drawings!

@chavking great great traditional art!

@chamawag really unique style with cute colors!

@claudiyah breathtaking digital art!

@otp-hedgefrog cute round pink cheeks!

@atrsketch, amazing both with digital and traditional art!

@breadcrumbzz just super cute!

@lou-the-hedgehog Really soft and cute louis!

@nwalmaerx unique style!

@daisied-dream, great realistic art!

Thak you so much to all the wonderful artists who keep this fandom happy!

[[ Seriously, if you ever see people taking someone’s artwork and using it without permission or proper credit or straight up stealing it, like, you should be allowed to say “hey, don’t do that” or ask if they have permission. Like… it’s a really shitty feeling, as an artist or any kind of creator, when you put a lot of work into something and someone completely disrespects you and your work like that. When someone just strolls along and goes “Oh I like this so that means I’m entitled to it and can do whatever I want with it.”

No. People shouldn’t be allowed to do that and the artist shouldn’t be the one to blame when it does happen. We already have to jump through enough hoops to protect our work and get stolen content removed. It’s not our fault it happens, people will do it no matter what we do. So why should we have to fend for ourselves alone against so many people that do this? Why isn’t it common knowledge NOT to snatch and edit someone’s art just because you like it?

I don’t get what the purpose of that anonymous message was, aside from ruffling my feathers. Are you suggesting I should sign and watermark every drawing I post, anon? Because I shouldn’t have to. I really shouldn’t.

I don’t expect everyone that loves OFF to know me, hell, I barely post half of the content of my blog in the OFF tags because I still think of this blog as an ‘under the radar’ thing sometimes… despite all the attention it’s gotten. Regardless of popularity, or how high in search results someone is, NO ONE should have to put up with someone stealing their hard work and taking the credit. ]]

When will people realize that movements are always going to have shitty people supporting them? Like there’s literally no way to “chase someone out” short of mind control– you can say you don’t consider someone one of your kind all you want but that’s not suddenly going to make them leave. Support whatever fucking movement you want but acknowledge that bad people will be involved and be prepared to call them out because that’s all you can do.

ayyy guess whA t fRIENDS i HiT 5k wHat??? liKe??? pl s lov em e i don’t even know how i’ve managed to have 5 thOUSAND PPL follow me on my shitty blog but yknow what ily and i’m rlly rlly happy that this many ppl tolerate all my bullshit ngl - in all seriousness, i’m happy that i get to connect with so many of you guys here and can be a part of a community bc i’m missing one irl so!!! u r all wonderful and intelligent and kind, thank you! (thanks nicole for the gif!)  

faves r bolded (no e/f/i/j/m/q/r/t/w/x/z)

✄ a/b/c/d

adorablehowell amazinqphil  areyoutherelarry  ☯ beware-phangirl  ☯ cuddlephan  ☯ danhowcll 

✄ g/h/k/l

galaxyphan goindanswinginhovvellskaleidanscope kogamilestearsleviaphanlondonhowell lotuswhiskeylsters

✄ n/o/p/s

nebulalester northerndanpournotanotherphanfictionblogotphanphannanaphanrotic phansomniac ☯ sarcastichowellsolarphan

✄ u/w/y

unfyoutubers ☯ wllstrachan ☯ yeezydan 

So Saturday I got terminated from my job at the bookstore. No reason given, and they refused every way possible to give me one. Even saying that I can make whatever I want in my next job interview about my termination. Also the fact that upper management seems to have the entire store on a tight leash after all of it says that something shitty was going on in upper management, and that my termination was not a fault on my end. To keep some kind of money going into my bank account and with the next semester around the corner I’m opening up commissions till I get another job.

If you can’t buy then please spread the word. I’m in one major hole right now and really need the help.


Furry, Ratchet and Clank, Pokemon, Sly Cooper, Fluff, Moderate Violence 


Fetish, Gore, Hate art


Bust - $5 USD
Half Body - $8 USD
Full Body - $12 USD


Bust - $6 USD
Half body - $9 USD
Full body - $13 USD

Flat Color

Bust - $11 USD
Half Body - $14 USD
Full Body - $18 USD


Bust - $12 USD
Half Body - $15 USD
Full Body -$20 USD

Fully Shaded and Background

Bust - $22 USD
Half Body - $25 USD
Full Body - $30 USD

Each additional character is $5 USD

Contact and Paypal:

ian jq seems like one of those people who think there’s some kind of inherent merit in neutrality, what with his weak “technically people can draw whatever they want, no matter what we say or do” stance. it’s literally the same concept as using freedom of speech to excuse people being assholes. like, yeah, there’s nothing really standing in people’s ways when it comes to them saying or doing shitty things but that doesn’t make it beyond condemnation. especially when you’re speaking in the context of a children’s show and really should take at least some responsibility for protecting its real demographic (no, teenagers on the internet are not steven universe’s intended audience)


so i was looking at my art tag and i found this fenris drawing, at first i was like whatever, but when i compared it to my most recent(2014) drawing of him i was so shocked!  i’m so amazed by how much i’ve improved in little over a year!! i was feeling kind of shitty about my art and its so so sooooo nice to see that i’m actually getting better ; u ;